favorite pizza in midtown!

josh and i had a meeting in midtown last week and so we met our babysitter at bryant park so the kids could ride the carousel and play with her there while we were away before meeting back up afterwards for some of our favorite pizza together at lunchtime!

for a minute there, it felt like the olden days when i’d load up eleanor and samson before conrad was born and head to bryant park to meet josh for lunch back in his banking days!...

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fast and easy homemade tortilla soup!

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LOVE TAZA tortilla soup-5

i think you all probably know by now that josh takes the lead in the kitchen when it comes to cooking in our home. thank goodness for that, seriously! but i think i’ve also shared how i’ve been making attempts to get more comfortable and confident in the kitchen, too. (mostly just trying to enjoy it more, really.) i wanted to share a super quick and easy homemade chicken tortilla soup recipe that i made last week and loved so much! ...

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nyc guide: the kellogg’s cafe


over christmas break, our family took an early morning trip to kellogg’s nyc in times square to have a crazy breakfast of cereal with anything you can imagine on top.  or in other words, the kind of breakfast my kids (and me, let’s be frank) dream about. eleanor and samson were so confused as we were ordering and kept asking, “wait, i can have chocolate chips IN my cereal?!” lol....

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we made bagels at orwashers!


a few months ago, a bakery named orwashers opened a new location on the upper west side and after one bite of croissant and another bite of homemade sourdough bread, our entire family was undoubtedly obsessed and found ourselves standing in line almost every morning in the coming weeks for the good stuff (samson often asks for a chocolate croissant for breakfast now first thing in the morning)....

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