a video from london.

this week as i finished putting together this little video from our time in england, my heart just felt so heavy and i wasn’t sure if i should even go through with sharing the video on here at all. it’s footage of our favorite and happiest moments as a family experiencing and enjoying a city that is going through a lot of hurt and heartbreak right now....

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new “let’s chat!” video!


josh and i filmed a new “let’s chat” video (see all of them on my youtube channel here.) we talk about a few things we’ve found to have really strengthened our family life together (like how to make the best of our time together, being mindful of how we engage with others and ourselves around the kids, praying together out loud or building a safe place to express gratitude, and complimenting the things one does well regularly.) there are other things we wanted to get to, but of course this video is already 16 minutes long (sorry!)....

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decorating for christmas!


the most wonderful time of the year is here! we decorated for christmas the day after thanksgiving this year and made a little video, too! it was very sweet to see how excited all three of the kids were for our little christmas trees and i just love getting a chance to create traditions together based around the season....

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a video (VLOG) from halloween!

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we had a great halloween here on the upper west side and made a little video from our night below! i love how new york city really pulls out all the stops on this night for the kiddos with every restaurant and shop handing out candy with a couple of incredibly decorated brownstone stoops in-between. it’s the best, and even with all our highs and lows from the day (lows with tears…i’m looking at you, sugar!), this was a year for the books....

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new LET’S CHAT! video!


for some reason, this latest video took A MILLION YEARS to upload and process (slight exaggeration, but a long time, and i started it last night before bed. BUT it’s finally done!) excited to share it with you today! you can see our other let’s chat videos here but we’ve been having fun making these and this topic is one josh and i especially love chatting about since we’re in the thick of it… parenting!...

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