love taza for lauren moffatt!

i am so so so very excited to share with you a sneak peak of my collaboration with fashion designer lauren moffatt on our new children’s line for fall 2014! this has been a dream come true and i am so proud of it. more to come, but in the meantime enjoy this tiny sneak peak by lumineux films!

our little christmas film.

hi! here are a few snippets from our christmas in new york city. it was such a special day. hope you had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones as well.  happy happy new year!

ps. all video taken with our Canon 6D. the song is christmas all over again by tom petty and the heartbreakers.

a travel film: to amsterdam!

we made a little film last month with bugaboo while traveling to amsterdam to speak at their global company conference, sharing a bit about our experiences traveling together and why we like to take our stroller with us on trips.

last year, we shared some tips and tricks we learned while traveling abroad in this post, like packing light and being flexible with your itinerary. for this trip, we tried out the new donkey travel case, which is pretty great and especially handy when airlines require you to check your stroller right away. if you can get away with wheeling your stroller all the way through the airport and wheeling it down the gate (which is so helpful for keeping the family together and carrying everyone and everything!), then another option is checking it at the plane door. for this, we just use some extra strong extra large garbage bags that can do the trick of keeping your stroller clean while stored underneath the plane.

this film is in partnership with bugaboo.  filmed by jenner brown, of luminoux.

hope you enjoy the film! happy travels!

apple picking with sweetgreen.

last week, we went apple picking up at maskers orchard with our sponsor, sweetgreen. their october salad features apples sourced locally which we are thrilled about because eleanor and samson are pretty much obsessed with apples these days.   the orchard was probably the most beautiful i’ve visited and the entire morning felt like the perfect way to usher in autumn as a family. we brought back a huge bag of apples and have big plans to finally put that juicer to work this week. wish us luck! special thanks to steven stauffer and the sweetgreen team for such a fun day.

ps. instagram your favorite fall photos with the hashtag #sgfall for a chance to win a limited edition ‘beets don’t kale my vibe’ tote.

film by steven stauffer.  sweetgreen is one of our long time sponsors.  see our other salad video collaboration HERE and apple picking from last year HERE.

fête paradiso! (and a little film…)

we had been anxious to check out fete paradiso on governors island all summer long, and finally made it out there with friends this past weekend. we all kind of split up once we arrived so we could check out the different rides and attractions with our own individual families, and i can’t even begin to tell you how much fun our little family of four had. i’ve always enjoyed a good carnival, but this one really exceeded my expectations. the little french carnival is the world’s first traveling carnival and this is its first time in the USA. all the carousels and rides are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries! this stuff was legit and i felt like we were transported back in time. it’s here for only one more weekend, so if you’re here in the city and haven’t been yet, last call and i so recommend it!

the film above is footage we took during our day together at the carnival with our canon camera. i edited it in imovie. the song is charlotte mittnacht by devotchka (gosh we love them so it isn’t even funny.)