casablanca, morocco!

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our family spent 24 hours in casablanca, morocco, to start off our spring break trip! originally, when we first bought our tickets for this trip, we had planned to spend a much longer time exploring more cities and areas of morocco, but we switched up our itinerary a few weeks back to have more time in the country side of england....

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easter egg hunt!

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you might have seen that we are currently traveling and away from home if you’re following along on instagram, but before we left new york, we had a little easter egg hunt for the kids in the park since we aren’t totally sure what our easter day will look like since we’ll be spending it out of the country....

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spring has sprung!


these photos are from a glorious day of sunshine last week where we were able to shed our bigger puffy coats and enjoy some of that vitamin D in central park together while we played on the rocks and visited the animals at the petting zoo. it felt and looked and smelled like spring, and i couldn’t get enough of it....

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