cooking with a tie!

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i didn’t realize before marrying josh how much it’d someday mean to me to recognize that this man is exceptional in the kitchen and that he truly loves to feed me. and i am so so very thankful. i swear, if it weren’t for him, i’d still be eating like i did back in college with lots of cold cereal and instant ramen noodles....

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bagels with my love.

josh and i have tried out the upper west side’s new h&h midtown east bagel spot a few times now over the last few months since it has opened (we think they have a yummy cinnamon raisin bagel) and ventured back over the other day for a quick lunch date together! we seriously will take a date in any shape or form, it doesn’t have to be getting dressed up and going out to something fancy after the kids are all in bed (although i do not oppose those sorts of dates!...

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we made bagels at orwashers!

a few months ago, a bakery named orwashers opened a new location on the upper west side and after one bite of croissant and another bite of homemade sourdough bread, our entire family was undoubtedly obsessed and found ourselves standing in line almost every morning in the coming weeks for the good stuff (samson often asks for a chocolate croissant for breakfast now first thing in the morning)....

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