photos from life lately…


get ready for a billion photos! recapping a few days last week when my siblings were here and also some photos in-between. we have been dealing with a lot of sickness in our family lately and just as i thought we were over the worst of it, poor conrad’s fever is back and it’s breaking my heart....

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three tips for loving your kitchen.


hi everyone! for today’s post, i’m in the kitchen and proudly showing off one of my favorite things to bake, homemade chocolate chip pumpkin cookies! i’ve shared the recipe in the past, but it’s something that gets me excited for the fall season and also excited about being in the kitchen.

wolf, who makes great cooking appliances and kitchen tools, recently did a survey for its reclaim the kitchen program and found that about one in every five adults only use their oven on occasion or for holidays....

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a pie baking lesson with friends at bubby’s!


so if you’ve read this blog since the beginning, you know how much i love eating at bubby’s here in new york city! i’ll argue with you until i’m blue in the face that there are no better pancakes in all the world, and also, there’s a photobooth in the basement, so case closed. ;) but really, we’ll find any excuse to head to tribeca so we can enjoy a meal there....

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a meatball date (and a recipe!)

LOVETAZA homemade meatballs-16

right now, eleanor’s favorite food is “spaghetti with meatballs.” she would eat it every day if we let her. :) we’ll be at a chinese restaurant and she’ll ask for it. we’ll be eating breakfast and she’ll ask for it. lol.  so the other day when she randomly grabbed josh’s hand and said, “papa, we should make meatballs together sometime”, it just made sense....

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