give us all the cookie dough!


our family has been on the very best sort of sugar high over here the past several days because we’ve had our fridge stocked with edible safe-to-eat cookie dough that none of us can get enough of!

kristen tomlan, who is the genius that created  here in nyc, invited our family into her bakery to bake cookies and make our very own edible cookie dough with her and her team last week....

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my favorite donut in new york city, and a few other things.

LOVE TAZA 38gth-5

happy halloween!!!! i don’t mean to completely skip over the holiday (we’ve been listening to thriller on repeat per eleanor’s request), but i’m desperately trying to convince my husband that decorating for christmas tomorrow (november 1), is the best idea ever. he’s of that mentality that we can go all out with the christmas spirit the day after thanksgiving, but i really feel having a few extra weeks of the holiday magic adds to that thanksgiving day spirit as well....

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cooking with a tie!

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i didn’t realize before marrying josh how much it’d someday mean to me to recognize that this man is exceptional in the kitchen and that he truly loves to feed me. and i am so so very thankful. i swear, if it weren’t for him, i’d still be eating like i did back in college with lots of cold cereal and instant ramen noodles....

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