hello! welcome to our little corner of the internet!

while attending college in new york city (him, columbia. her, juilliard), we met at 65th and broadway, became best friends, then fell in love, and were married in the summer of 2007 here in the city. we began this little blog, rockstar diaries, a few months later as a way to share bits and pieces of our little newly wed life in nyc with family and a few close friends.

in 2009, we packed up and moved to washington DC. DC will always feel extra special to us because it’s where we added kingsley, an english bulldog, to the family and where our two children, eleanor and samson, were born. after 3 1/2 years on capitol hill, we decided to give new york city another go and currently live on the upper west side where we’ve been enjoying rediscovering our favorite city in all the world with two little ones in tow.

thanks for following along! we’re happy to have you here!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the name "TAZA" come from?

it’s a nickname from my husband!

How can I get ahold of you?

you can write to me at taza@lovetaza.com.

if you are emailing with a particular question in mind, please check the FAQs below first.

your emails mean so much to me and i appreciate you taking the time to write! i apologize in advance if i am unable to respond personally to your email. i try my hardest, but it can be difficult to keep on top of them. thank you for understanding.

for all media kit, press and sponsorship inquiries, please email sponsor@lovetaza.com.

What kind of camera do you use?

we use a canon 6D as well as our smaller rebel t2i both with the kit lens and 50mm 1.8 lens. we edit photos with photoshop cs6.  we also use our iphones a lot and edit iphone photos with the vsco cam app and instagram.

Do you have any tips for making my blog more successful?

stay true to yourself and your own voice! blog about what you love, not what you *think* will make your blog successful. be original, be consistent, and have fun!

How do your advertisements and sponsorships work?

while we originally began blogging to document our newlywed life in NYC for family and friends, we feel fortunate to have gained a readership over the years. because of this, we’ve been able to support our family in a small way by working with sponsors and advertisers on this blog. while this is a for-profit blog, we are very selective about our sponsorships and only partner with those we feel work well with the aesthetic of our lifestyle and are a good fit for our readers.

please note that we always give full disclosure if we are paid or gifted to write about a product. sponsored posts and giveaways are always noted as such, per FTC guidelines. we offer paid banner advertisements on the sidebar of our blog, host paid giveaways with sponsors we feel are a good match, and collaborate on special projects with select sponsors. occasionally, we use affiliate links when linking to a specific product which means we may make a make a small commission from sales purchased through that link. LOVE TAZA | ROCKSTAR DIARIES is also a partner with SAY Media. to inquire about opportunities to partner or collaborate, please email sponsor@lovetaza.com.

Who designed and built your website?

designer breanna rose and web developer zoe rooney are the talent behind our new site design! we  can’t thank these ladies enough for their patience with us during this process.  they listened to our ideas and goals and advised us on how to fulfill our vision. we couldn’t be happier with their hard work and the outcome.

I'm coming to NYC for the weekend! What should I do?

a guide is coming soon! feel free to browse “new york” in the search tab of the blog in the meantime.

I'm going to D.C. for the weekend! What should I do?

please search “DC” on my sidebar for ideas while planning your trip. too many to suggest right here!

Can you share tips for keeping up a successful marriage?

while i’m not seasoned enough or qualified to give out any advice on this, i do believe successful marriages take a lot of work, a lot of selflessness, and a lot of great communication. josh and i have our bad days like everyone else, but i believe the emphasis which our faith puts on family and marriage plays a big role in the success of ours. i think celebrating the little things you love about your spouse, rather than focusing on the things that annoy you, can go a long way.  {here is my most favorite talk on marriage.}

Is life really that perfect?

i never said my life was perfect. it’s not. no one has a perfect life.  but i choose to look at what i am blessed with rather than what i do not have. i work hard to find the joy in my day-to-day.  regardless, i have terrible days just like anyone. while i try to be honest about the entire picture, i like to keep this blog on the positive side.  please do not ever look at my blog (or anyone’s blog) and compare your life to it. a saying i love, “comparison is the thief of joy,”  has never rung truer than in the blogging world.  i can’t choose what you’ll take away from my blog, but i hope you’ll take away a message of finding the joy in what is around you, in your family and friends, and in your surroundings over anything else.

Where is Kingsley?

kingsley is currently in virginia enjoying life with extra playtime, lots of doggy friends, plenty of treats, and days by the beach. we really miss having him with us in the city every day.

What color is that lipstick you're wearing?

i love nars schiap (bright pink!) or nars roman holiday (a more subtle pink). i also wear nars heat wave (an orangy red), nars red lizard (a little less orange), and mac’s ruby woo (bright red!)

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