photos from mother’s day!

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i know i talk about it like, nonstop. but it’s changed me for the better and i don’t know if i’ll ever get over that. motherhood is everything to me. and i just have the fullest heart right now, with my three babies beside me as we wait to meet our two new babies any day. thankful on top of being thankful… pretty much sums it up.

sharing a few photos from yesterday. spoiled with my favorite nutella ebelskivers for breakfast (it’s been our mother’s day tradition for years), homemade cards, a dinner of all the crunchy tacos i could dream of (biggest craving right now), and josh bought me my very own pebble ice machine (because in my opinion, a girl can never have enough crushed ice…. pregnant or not pregnant. but also, i think josh was over me stealing cups of it from our local salad place. ha! best surprise ever though.)

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samson made all the ebelskiver’s with his papa. he knows his way around cooking in a kitchen better than i do, and i love seeing how happy it makes him to really get his hands into the ingredients and do all the steps.

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had to take a photo with my new best friend. debated plugging her in beside my bed on my nightstand, but felt it was overkill. going to drink all the dirty diet cokes once these babies arrive and I can have a little bit of caffeine again. (for those who haven’t had one before, it’s just a diet coke over pebble ice with coconut syrup and a little bit of lime. it’s my favorite thing ever.)

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so many of the sweetest cards.

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surprise mother’s day rose delivery that i keep carrying with me around the apartment so i can smell them at any moment.  thank you for the pretty surprise, venus fleur.

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i hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day weekend! love having the chance to celebrate all the women everywhere who are so very influential in my own life and also in my children’s life.  i also wanted to share this short video that truly had me sobbing the other day when i watched it (not sure if i can chalk that up to pregnancy hormones or not. i think i’d cry no matter what!) thankful for this chapter of life and the chance to be a mom. i mess up and am learning every day, but they are my everything, and i love them so much.

happy mother’s day!

rebecca minkoff dress (not maternity but somehow is working well with this 9 month bump of babies!), and these $12 imitation birkenstocks that are truly the comfiest shoe out there and also the only shoe that fits me right now. haha. someone please tell me that if my feet have grown almost 2 sizes this pregnancy (mostly swelling), that they WILL go back to normal after the babies arrive? surely this isn’t a permanent thing, right???

  1. Jeanne

    So… I’d never heard of an ebelskiver before, and now! Look out!! Found an easy recipe and bookmarked the pan on Amazon. These are definitely going to be in my future :) What a lovely way to celebrate Mother’s Day Naomi. All the best.

  2. Teresa

    I just love these so much. You look incredible and your kiddos for sure are blessed. Love the ice maker idea! I’m 16 weeks pregnant and crushed ice is all I want!

  3. what sweethearts! they sure do love their mama.

    xo, brittany
    breastfeeding favorites on my blog today!

  4. Joanne

    I had hobbit feet towards the end of pregnancy. They’ll go back to normal, no worries!

  5. Bethany

    Oh my gosh. Really with that video!? I’m nowhere near pregnant (my youngest is nearly ten) and in am stifling an ugly cry. Happy Mother’s Day and blessing on your new babies. XO

  6. I’m glad you got to have such an amazing day! I admire the strength and positivity you show when You must feel so so uncomfortable in these later stages of pregnancy. You totally rock it.


  7. Sheridan

    Hello. Cute pictures ;) Do you have a recipe for the ebelskiver’s? They look lovely.

  8. Teresita

    This was too darn precious!!
    I had my first Mother’s Day this year. You’ve inspired me so much over thw years 😭😘 I can’t wait to be an amazing mama just like you!!

  9. Kayleigh

    When I saw that video the other day I was also sobbing. Not pregnant. So it’s not just you (though hormones probably magnified it all!). When I was pregnant this time last year with my Birkenstocks, I would get home from work and there would be an imprint in my feet from the straps because they were so swollen. Haha. They will go back to normal! Promise!

  10. Emily

    What is coconut syrup!? That sounds amazing!

  11. Christine

    Where did you get your white undershirt from?