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attempting to squeeze into these maternity overalls a few more times. i remember when i ordered them a few months ago, i sized up two additional sizes from my regular size and loved the loose fit. i was like, “finally! something i’ll be able to wear until the very end!” to which josh, who was working on his laptop nearby, looked up and said, “naomi. those aren’t going to fit you at the very end.” he’s a little bit right. they are pretty tight on this baby bump and i had to loosen them all the way to get the buckles clasped. i might have two more days left of them fitting.  it’s just so fascinating how you think there’s no way the bump could ever grow any bigger and then the next day it’s like, “yes i can! and i did! and haha!”

i’ve been making a little list of things i can’t wait to do this summer with my family once i can take a regular big deep breath again and not waddle everywhere. ;) it’s not a crazy fancy bucket list, it’s a list full of slower and simpler things, like picnics in the late afternoon in central park, or kite flying when it’s slightly windy, and homemade popsicle making when it’s hot. i want to explore the other boroughs more with my family this summer, and go berry picking at a farm nearby the city if we’re feeling up to it with the new babies in tow. mostly, i just can’t wait to run around with my three older babies once again at a playground or splash pad and not feel so restricted on the side bench watching them instead. for me, those are the moments i enjoy so much as a mama and i’ve really missed the most during the last several months. i know growing two humans is an important job and i’m not trying to diminish it. but getting back to being able to plop down on the floor with my kids, and then stand back up shortly after…. gosh. it’s just been a while since i’ve done something like that.

speaking of summer and new york city, it’s that time of year where i get lots of questions about what to do in nyc on your visit! i wrote this guide focused entirely on the city in the summer with kids! and this guide is dedicated entirely to everything worth doing in central park, with or without kids (it’s also my favorite video still from our nyc guide series)!! and here is a blog post with lots of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your visit here (answers questions about getting around, the carseat thing, the broadway show thing, etc.) i’m sorry if i’m not as on top of my email and DM’s on instagram right now answering specific city questions, but do browse the nyc guide tab at the top of my header for more ideas, and i’ll continue to tag locations and places we love when i’m sharing on social media.

okay. a few photos of the white overalls because i love documenting this big bump and also, i don’t care what people say, i will forever love overalls.

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white overalls from asos. sweater is from j.crew but several years old. shoes are available here.

  1. Cassie

    I love love love how you are owning your pregnancy. All the best to you and your family as your wait for the arrival of your twin girls.

    • TAZA

      thank you, cassie!

  2. So you just inspired me. My friends have been telling me to start blogging but I’m honestly terrible with grammar. I have a lot to say and to some a kaleidoscopial way of saying it. See I just made that last word up but you keep getting thrown in my face in such a beautiful way. I’ve never been one to read a blog but as I sit here with our newest addition in my lap swinging in our hammock I decided to swipe up and read your blog. Because hunnay I’m a sucker for some overalls my damn self. Your lack of capitalization and the way you start sentences is soooo beautiful and perfect! You e given me hope that maybe I can just write and it be something beautiful no matter what people may think of it. So thank you! Praying for your bumps and your overalls. Love yo
    u mama! P.S I’m also starting a clothing line for mamas so stay tuned 🤗✌️❤️🙏

    • TAZA

      well i am your proof you don’t need to be an english major to start a blog. grammar mistakes everywhere but i love to write and i try. ;) go for it! and congrats on your newest addition.

  3. Porsha Carr

    Naomi you look beautiful, I love your overalls. Also I love your to do list, it sounds so dreamy. So excited for all your family post this summer. I’m not pregnant but have been working hard on my blog too and I hope to slowdown and spend more time with my family this summer as well. Happy Thursday! :)

  4. okay, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

    xo, brittany
    the best toddler shoes are on my blog today!

  5. Corina

    you look amazing and i cannot wait for the baby girls to arrive.

  6. Kaitlen

    Very cute! I work in bra fittings and helping the expecting mothers find a bra, and clothes to take them as far as they can is always fun!

  7. Claudie

    you look amazing !!!!

  8. Hi Naomi! I just wanted to say that you have been my inspiration to start blogging. :) I have been following your family for about a year, and I finally decided to chase my dreams, thanks to you. I’ll include a link to my blog in case you are interested in reading it.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Jessica

    Where do you go beery picking? My kiddo would love that!

  10. Could you be any cuter?? Just wanted to say that your nyc guides were sooo helpful in planning my trip last summer!! Thanks :)