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perhaps this says a lot about the stage of life i’m in, when walking into an apartment with a washer and dryer feels like i hit the jackpot, but in all honesty, it truly did feel like i just won the lottery when we walked through this new york city apartment for the first time and saw those beautiful machines. having not had a washer or dryer in our last apartment for the past 5 YEARS (!!!) is probably why i’m still a little bit giddy every time i start a load of laundry, or pull fresh warm sheets out of the dryer. truth be told, i still hate folding laundry, and i still struggle with how in the world you’re supposed to fold a fitted sheet (please tell me i’m not alone here), but overall, i’m very grateful.

since daily laundry is a pretty new occurrence for our family, josh and i have been diligent about trying to learn and educate ourselves about what sorts of cleaning products are best for our home and family. we’ve been trying to be better at this in all aspects of our life, from cleaning products to anything food related we bring home, and laundry products was one we didn’t know much about at all. today, we’re partnering with Grove, a service we began using before this partnership, to share more about the products we trust to bring into our home. one reason we love using Grove is their service has been incredibly helpful in discovering products and learning what is in them, since they are selective about what’s on their site, make it easier to see ingredients and telling why they like each product. i’ve also grown weary of subscription services the last year or two, as they can be difficult to use, nearly impossible to cancel, and send stuff we don’t need. but we’ve found Grove to be the opposite of these in many ways, helpfully suggesting tailored shipping schedules for each product that you can change with a couple clicks (i need this every 2 weeks, this one every 5, etc!) and by making it easy to cancel subscriptions for individual products (click the ‘x’), do returns, and even cancel a membership (something some companies seem to make a secret!).

love taza 385yk-4warm sheets! anything better?! maybe just the sound of a washing machine or dryer running in a quiet city apartment. can’t get enough of that sound now and one of these days i’m gonna learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet to show my affection for both machines!

love taza 385yk

eleanor made this little tag for our laundry basket! she’s very much into organizing and filing right now. it’s so sweet to see random little notes or descriptions taped to things around the apartment by her.

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this is my “i conquered the laundry today!” pose. :) and for choosing a laundry detergent, we chose Method free+clear, because it is free of dyes and fragrances, which has been on my mind lately as we prep for the babies. also a plus for the environment which you all know scores major points with josh!

it’s funny, a while ago we found samson trying his best to wash his favorite pants that were dirty. but we had a huge container of liquid detergent and let’s just say it was a little bit scary to find him in the middle of pouring some detergent into the washing machine. now that we have these little laundry detergent packs, it’s mess free for all of us and the kids can help and get to feel more independent and grown up while doing so. (they actually go right inside the washer instead of in the little soap drawer.)

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one of the things we discovered is this set of natural wool dryer balls that Grove makes. they help soften and get out wrinkles out of clothes, but without any chemicals and without having to spend money on new dryer sheets or fabric softeners. plus, they’re hypoallergenic for the babies’ taza 385yk-7love taza 385yk-2

i’d love to hear more about your laundry routines in your own home and also how you choose which products to bring into your home that you find safe and effective for your little ones. also! as a reader you get a special FREE gift with your first purchase of $20 or more from Grove when you use my link HERE. you will get a set of the wool dryer balls and the Method laundry detergent packs for free in your first order! if you order your favorite essential oil from Grove, you can naturally scent your clothes by adding a few drops on the wool dryer balls. hope you like it!

and thank you to Grove for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Verity

    I love this – everyday we learn more about the rubbish that companies pack into the overly fragranced and toxic chemical laden detergents that they are trying to sell us.

    We chose not to go with Method, only because they are owned by Johnson & Johnson who we don’t feel have any green credentials and we are also trying to think about the world our babies, and their babies, are going to inherit.

    Keep sharing the good products you use!

  2. JADE

    Keep an eye out, once you have the babies – the plastic on the pods irritated my baby’s skin. If you notice yours getting a rash where their clothes cover the skin, maybe try skipping to the liquid for a bit before trying creams and such that could add to the sensitivity.

  3. Emily

    I am a Canadian living in Spain and it is VERY rare for homes to have dryers! currently my living room looks like I’ve built a fort in order to dry our sheets. Nothing excites me more about going back home than the simplicity of laundry! :) #adultlife

  4. Brenda

    Love dryer balls! I switched a couple of years ago, as I became sensitive to the fragrances in dryer sheets and softeners! With the wool ones, you can add essential oils to them to help your clothes have tailored scents :)

    • TAZA

      yes! we have been adding a few drops in as well and lately everything smells so citrus-y!

  5. Katie

    Nothing like having machines after years of not. Story of my life. When we moved into a first house and had our own, my husband found me down in the basement with a beach chair and a book, happily watching the machines do their work. Congrats!

    • TAZA

      i get you. best comment ever. enjoy those machines and your laundry watching!

  6. I have followed the videos multiple times.
    I think I may almost be there in folding fitted sheets.
    But it is so hard! :)

  7. Sofia

    I use this kind of detergent. I think you’re supposed to toss the pack directly in the washer drum. It says on Groves website: “Toss pack(s) directly in washer drum—remember, packs go in first. Add clothes. Do not put in dispensing tray”. :-)

    • josh

      You are SO NICE, Sofia! Thank you for telling us! This is one of the many reasons we are lucky to have such great readers.

    • TAZA

      it’s not silly! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! i’m getting closer! slowly but surely i’ll master it soon!

  8. Sadie

    I remember after my daughter’s first few baths I desperately wanted to warm up a towel for her in the dryer… but we would have had to gather a lot of quarters and run to the laundromat!

    I’m still dreaming of having a washer/dryer! But I settled for a second bedroom and hardwood floors in our latest apartment move.

    As for folding fitted sheets, I will be watching those tutorials rn!


  9. Lily

    Just used your link to get some great stuff! :)

  10. Oneida

    HAHa! That last photo of you kissing the machine just sums up my life. I LOVE our washer and dryer!

    • TAZA

      when i went in to kiss it, josh (who was taking the pics was like, “wait, really?!” but YES! it’s how i feel. i swear i tell him like twice a day how much these machines have changed my life.

  11. Emma

    What! I just used your link and got like 2 months worth of items for $20 total! I like that you can filter it not only by brand, but by companies that are certified B-Corps… you can pretty much count on products being great if they’re filtered that way. You guys are so fun :)

    • TAZA

      so great to hear! we’ve been so pleased with how easy their site is to use, filter like you said, and navigate!

  12. Sierra

    So laundry and I do not get along, but this post made me a lot more thankful that I have the convenience to just walk downstairs and throw a load in. Thank you for that :) Grove sounds like a great resource and it’s so important to know what’s in the products we’re using. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  13. I have never heard of this before! we are moving into our apartment soon I will have to get these.

  14. Georgia

    So nice to hear you are going greener, but I would be careful with pod-type detergent packages. Tide pods have been known to catch the eye of little kids and ingesting them can be extremely dangerous. While I’m sure the colorless pods look less like candy, I think the safest thing is probably to lock whatever you’re using in a cabinet that’s either baby proofed, high enough that littles can’t reach it or both. FYI this is not a criticism, just a friendly suggestion from a pediatrician :)

  15. alicia

    hello! would you mind sharing where your canvas and leather basket is from? thanks!!

  16. Allison

    When we moved into our apartment 5 years ago and saw the hook up for the washer ad dryer, we knew we had to spend the money and it is so worth it. The laundry room in our place is on the other side downstairs and couldn’t imagine doing that while I was pregnant. i do laundry in our home, but I don’t mind it-I do it while I watch TV and then putting it away I feel somewhat complete. Oh and I have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet..beyond me.

    xo Allison

  17. Sabrina

    You did hit the jackpot! Every time my hubby and I consider moving the family back to NY all I can think about is washers/dryers! Cannot do without again. When I finally got my first set, after 20 years in NY without, I think I locked myself in and did nothing but laundry for weeks! Wash and fold might be nice, but it’s never soft! Oh the softness of your own laundry,….

  18. Mar

    But it is so easy with the fitted sheets! I always do it like this girl__just googled it

  19. Tamara

    Ooohhhh I get you kissing that machine! When I lived in Paris in a room just underneath the roofs (‘chambre de bonne’), it was the one thing that would drive me craaa-zy. Walking my laundry, seven etages down, no elevator there, it’s the old service entrances that give acces to this floor. And the to the laverie to get it aaalll back up again. And that was just me!

    Washing at home is GREAT.
    And great tip on the more ecological products. I don’t live in the US, but will defenitely check out more eco products here in the Netherlands. Funny I never thought of that before, thanks!

  20. Brooke

    So 1) I LOVE Method, and I LOVE wool dryer balls. I found mine by Norwex, a Swedish (I think) company that is all about natural, dye-free, cleaning products.

    2) With all of my boys, I have discovered two sets of stackable washers and dryers…so two washers and two dryers to clean their nasty, stinky, dirty clothes and uniforms, as well as my husband’s military uniforms and smelly PT clothes!

    3) I’ve discovered how to fold a fitted sheet! You’ll need a bed, but I’ve figured out how to fold one and how to have all of my sheets folded together to look pretty and neat and organized in the linen closet!!! I’m happy to share :)

  21. So glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks folding laundry is for the BIRDS. 🐦 🐦

    Have you seen the Foldimate?? I would lose my mind (in a good way) if I had one in my house. I’ll be saving my pennies in the meantime–not even kidding! #gamechanger

  22. Cecilia

    This is so cute. I love using a pre-wash and extra rinse for all clothes to get them extra clean and also to get the extra soap out. We have sensitive skin so the extra rinse at the end is a must.

  23. Laura

    I only figured out how to fold a fitted sheet after watching a tutorial on Youtube and practicing on a crib sheet. SO MUCH EASIER than starting with a queen!

  24. Emily

    You know you’re an adult when you can relate to your Mom being over the moon about her new red washer and dryer. So happy that she named them…. Stella and Staschel haha

  25. Aleisha

    Always looking for waste-free options for my home. The natural wool dryer balls are perfect!!!

  26. Danielle

    I love the wool ones. I found them for $4 at Ross which was a great price point so that I could try them out. I tried the hedgehog non wool dryer balls and while they are decent, I like the wool ones better. I like them for the same reasons.

    I feel ya about the W/D. That and living in a safe area were must haves. Anything else I can live with, lol.