rocking the boat.

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i realized towards the end of my first trimester that i was for sure going to need to be in maternity clothing during this twin pregnancy. i always love all of the maternity clothing, but i’ve also loved the challenge with my three other pregnancies of trying to make my own regular wardrobe work for as long as i possibly could around the bump. i maybe have a distinct memory of being in line at trader joe’s with baby eleanor while pregnant with samson when my regular jeans button completely popped and flew across the aisle (embarrassing) but you know, nothing the old pony tail trick looped around a new button couldn’t fix for a few more months (do you guys know that one? a life saver!)

it’s been fun finding some maternity pieces to add to my wardrobe though!  i found this white smock dress from ASOS and wore it a few weeks ago with this outfit to church. to be honest, i’m still trying to figure out if tent dresses make my bump look even bigger during pregnancy. i’m not entirely sure.

a few fun things worth noting:

already had my first “so, any day now, right?!” comment! that was fun when i got to reply with, “…actually not until the end of may!” 3 more months! to be fair to the commenter, i really do look 40 weeks sometimes, especially after i’ve eaten a huge dinner on top of being pregnant.

feeling two babies kick and move is such an incredible feeling! one is far more active than the other, but sometimes when they get crazy together i have the entire family to come over to feel and those moments when i have a million hands on my tummy feeling them move and saying “hi, babies!” at the same time are the moments that make the rough parts of pregnancy so incredible worthwhile. i feel like it’s during this chapter where they are constantly kicking and i’m feeling this special movement that i really bond with my babies.

even though i’m not due until may, my doctor doesn’t want me flying anymore, so we are home for the next few months! a few days ago on our flight home from utah, after maybe 3 hours in where our kids were being crazy good and they were hardly even needing us, josh and i looked at each other and before either one of us even said anything, we both just started laughing so hard. we were realizing at the same time that this is it! basically our last spa day on a plane as parents. we started joking with each other because the next time we’re on an airplane with our family, we’re both going to have a baby in our arms. josh said, “ready to rock the boat?!”but yes, we are ready! let’s rock this boat!

  1. Katka


    I always love to read about your pregnancy and babies and this time around it’s even more special to me since I’m expecting my first baby and I somehow feel connected to all expecting mamas. Is it weird? :)
    Enjoy the last months as a family with big independent kids and I’m sure all of you cannot wait to welcome your baby girls in May.

    All the best!

  2. Love the dress, I am so stealing this styling for my baby bump. Bump no.2 and already so happy to be in maternity leggings again.

  3. Lina

    Please share more maternity fashion! I’m also due in May and find it really hard to find pieces that I feel comfortable yet goodlooking in.

  4. Sierra

    Such a cute outfit! I love the pop of red from your boots too. I never tried ASOS for maternity clothes but we’ll see what the future holds :) Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  5. Brooke

    I love and appreciate you sharing your family on here. I’ve followed along for years [before Eleanor was born] and briefly met Josh last year at a BYU event. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your enthusiasm and love for your family is inspiring and I love how you guys have a big family in a big city.

  6. You look darling! Two thumbs up for this outfit. :)

  7. Rachel G

    Love hearing all of the baby updates!!! Can’t wait to follow you all in this next chapter. Our babies are such blessings!!!Prayers for continued health and happiness for everyone and especially you and the new sweet baby girls!

  8. You look amazing ! I think Maternity fashion can be super cute and that ASOS dress is lovely!

  9. Becky H.

    You look fabulous! And you make pregnancy look so very appealing! (Despite the yucky symptoms you’ve mentioned in past posts. Pregnancy just suits you so well!)
    Enjoy these last months with the twins contained, while you’ve got the other three under control. I know you guys will rock the parenting thing while your family boat is being rocked! =)


  10. Ohmy! I can’t wait to see you guys with twins! It’s going to be so full but such a good, fun full. I can’t think of any other occasion where it’s a good thing to be at the hospital.

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  11. Connie

    With all the flying you do while pregnant… Did your ob ever tell you to take aspirin the day before, the day of, and the day after flight days? I trust my ob but have never heard of this and wondered if you have?

  12. Naomi you are giving me baby fever my oldest is 3 and my youngest is 4 I want a little newborn so bad. I love all your baby post. Many blessing :)

  13. Naomi you are giving me baby fever my oldest is 3 and my youngest is 2 I want a little newborn so bad. I love all your baby post. Many blessing :)

  14. Kate Howell

    I love that picture of you holding flowers so much! Can you let me know where it is from?

  15. Megan Golden

    Aw, I get so giddy when I think about those two littles in there! It’s amazing to see how a bond grows and strengthens as you get older in twinhood (and obvi your twin sisters can attest to this too!) It’s just so incredible to think about their relationship with each other and how it’s already forming :,) It’s honestly the best thing in the world, being a twin.


  16. Natalie

    Keep sharing maternity outfits – I just found out I’m expecting twins (pregnancy #2) and have to admit – I get a little worried what I’m going to wear in that third trimester! You look adorable and I love the white smock dress!! I hope the next few months are sweet and smooth for you ❤️

  17. Samantha

    This is so sweet! It always seems like your kids are so well mannered. I would love to know about your parenting styles. Do you experience the big tantrums? Do your (or did your) children ever test you? And how do you deal? Totally understand if it’s too personal, I just love the ease of which you all seem to get along and go through the day. Much love!

  18. Molly

    You look great!! Keep track of who the active twin is—for us it was B. He’s two and a half now and has ALWAYS been crazy energetic 😂 baby A has stayed true to his mellow, in utero self too, he’s my major mama’s boy.

  19. Heather

    I’ve been following you for a few years now, love your style, I have little people like you, & am also pregnant too, lol. My first time around was twins though, we had two boys. We have lots in common, 🙌🏼. Just wanted to say hit me up for any twin questions you have, & having singletons after twins was SO much easier, but you can do it, atleast you have older children that can help. Congratulations👏🏻👏🏻 #ittakesavillage#breastfedbothtwins- stay calm- & remember to breath, it gets better

  20. Claire

    I’m looking forward to read more about this very special pregnancy and how you keep your very unique sense of style in any circumstance!

    Have a very great day Naomi!

  21. Ann

    I have a daughter followed by twin boys 3 yrs later. This summer we did our first international trip to Romania from CA when the twins were 18 months!! It’s hardcore but if anyone can do it it is you guys!! Take it easy, the next few months are gonna be hard!

  22. Karen Albl


  23. Karen Albl


  24. Allison

    Yes! so looking forward to your next chapter-traveling will be a whole new adventure. Just had a baby girl of my own last September.

    xo Allison

  25. Justine

    Hello Naomi. Sorry for my English, I’m writing from France. I started following you when you were pregnant with conrad, so I was pregnant with my first baby Aaron. I love to follow your family adventures, and I love all your pregnant look or not. You inspire me a lot and convinced me to dare to fly with my two young children. Happy end of pregnancy. XOXO.

  26. Ángela

    You make this look effortless. Goodness!!! So happy for you guys.
    Also, that cute Italy print….wherever is it from? Asking for a friend….😉

  27. ROCK THE BOAT FOREVER! It’s the only way to truly live and grow. Good luck on the remainder of your pregnancy. You are glowing!

  28. That dress looks so cute on you! And I’m sure life was crazy flying with three but I’m sure it’ll be even more fun flying with five, or at least interesting! Either way, it will be a blessing!

  29. Hi Naomi! So lovely as always! I’m so excited for your family to rock the boat! I’m wondering if you’d ever share about any struggles getting pregnant? You’ve alluded to them in the past and I know it’s incredibly personal and maybe not something you’d ever want to share. I think it might be encouraging to us mamas who have a hard time getting pregnant especially seeing your large beautiful family! At any rate…Love to see your family grow!

  30. It’s so impressive how well your family seems to travel! I think it’s a big misconception that families with young kids need to give up air travel in the beginning. I’m looking forward to following you and your growing family on future adventures!
    Lindsey Chase

  31. You make it sounds easy! I have younger twin siblings and I remember when they were younger what a chaos it could be, haha. So excited to see your family growing.

  32. magali

    you look amazing! All the best for the last 3months! Can’t wait to see the girls!

  33. Bridget

    I absolutely love this outfit! I think its such a great look including with a pregnant belly. You’re giving me such style goals for when I start having kids. Most likely I’ll be kicking around in leggings and big sweaters most of the time though. I can hope though!

  34. Ruth

    You look great! Keep sharing maternity clothes please! I am currently expecting baby number 2 and wondering why it feels like such a challenge just to dress myself even though it’s not my first time doing this!

  35. V

    Ive only had two babies thus far, and with my second pregnancy I jumped into maternity clothes pretty early as I was too lazy to use my normal clothes. Whilst it was comfier, I do agree that some clothes can be really unflattering and make you look much further along!

    Hehe ohh the dreaded any day comment! I personally wouldn’t say anything to anyone as we all carry differently. Haha I actually had people ask me throughout my second pregnancy if I was sure that there weren’t two babies in there!

    You look great carrying twins! Hope your feeling better these days.