pregnancy, sickness, and a new year!

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LOVE TAZA 245JJ52NM-4LOVE TAZA 245JJ52NM-5LOVE TAZA 245JJ52NM-7LOVE TAZA 245JJ52NM-2LOVE TAZA 245JJ52NM-8LOVE TAZA 245JJ52NM-3hi everyone! and happy new year! these photos are from a few weeks ago, when we were all healthy and feeling like our regular selves. thank you for being patient with me the last few weeks as i haven’t been able to post as frequently as i would have liked. i feel like i have so much i want to share, too, from christmas to everything about the twins and this pregnancy,  that i almost feel frustrated i’m so behind.

i’ve laid low the last few weeks because, in the midst of the holiday craziness, i’ve been struggling each and every single day with morning sickness (which is actually throwing up in the afternoon and evening too) and nausea and a ginormous cloud of fatigue that still hasn’t gone away and is new to me in pregnancy. and it has really thrown me!

in addition to me being completely out of it, our sweet little conrad was very sick this past week, which broke all of our hearts. the poor little dude couldn’t catch a break for over a week, and even with daily trips to our pediatrician to monitor things, we still ended up at the hospital by the end of the week trying to get him better. fortunately, he’s doing so much better these past two days and we are relieved. i know all parents can relate to how scary it feels when little ones are sick. especially when they are small and aren’t able to fully comprehend what is wrong, or why they need to take medicine or whatever it is, it makes it that much harder to watch as they suffer. gosh. this past week is one i don’t really care to ever relive. i’m hoping we can keep all the germs and viruses out of our family and apartment for the remainder of winter. my heart goes out to any of you who also has a little one at home that isn’t feeling well. i hope everyone has a speedy recovery and that there are lots of snuggles and cuddles involved.

i’m so excited that 2018 is here and for what this year has in store for our family. josh and i have something exciting we’ve been working on that launches soon and i can’t wait to share all the details with you. i’d also love to hear if there is anything specific you guys would like me to focus or post more on this coming year. we’re bringing back more let’s chat videos on all sorts of topics and i want to do some posts on dressing the baby bump like i have in the past (although i’m slightly nervous just how big this bump may be towards the end, not entirely sure how the dressing thing will go beyond pj’s by the third trimester. we’ll see.)

thanks for being here and following along! i actually am dying to share the genders of the babies with you (because we couldn’t wait until birth to find out this time like we have in the past), so stay tuned and i’ll share later this week. love you guys, and wishing you a very happy new year with the ones you love!

  1. Oh my, don’t apologize for not posting! I went through my awful morning sickness (that was never just the mornings) and it’s truly the hardest thing to function in the midst of it all! Hope you all stay healthy and you get to feel some relief soon!

  2. jessica basso

    I have been missing your posts but completely understand your absence. keep taking care of yourself, those babies and your beautiful family. Cant wait to hear the genders. I’m guessing boy/girl. Much love, joy and blessings to you in this new year!!!!

    from – Louisiana

  3. Megan

    Feel better Davis Family! Wishing you a happy, healthy new year! can’t wait to hear about those babies. I was sick through out most of my pregnancy its rough especially with other babes that need your attention. Hang in there Mama. And remember you are doing a great job even on those days when you don’t feel like you are. :)

  4. I discovered the little series you used to do of samsonisms and eleanorisms and was cracking up reading each and every one for over an hour! Would love if those reappeared! i also stumbled upon your birth story for Conrad and totally related to your experience of feeling as if you’d known him all along from an lds perspective! it was so moving to read.


    Anna Lisa

  5. So glad Conrad is feeling better! My son was in the hospital when he was 9 months old (he’s 2.5 now) and it was truly terrible. :( I can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy (when you are feeling better and able to share)! And that is SO exciting that you know the genders! Eee! What a big year for the Davis family!

  6. Thanks for posting again! So sorry you haven’t been feeling well! I bet your symptoms will be matched by the excessive joy that will come when these babies get here! I would love to know the story of the twins! When did you find out/how did everyone react/etc. But I understand if it’s too personal.

    My name suggestions:

    Emmeline, Edith, Cedric, Henrik, Emmett.

  7. Audrey

    You’re the best Naomi! Thanks for sharing, teaching, inspiring! Bonne année 2018 from Paris : )

  8. Lucy

    Happy new year to you all!!

    I’m so sorry you’re all going through so much right now. I really hope little Conrad keeps on getting better and better.. There are so many bugs around lately… We’ve had viruses in this house since the beginning if December but thankfully no sickness.

    It must be so frustrating feeling behind on posts but try not to best yourself up, you and your family’s health will always come first.

    I can’t imagine what your “morning” sickness is like but I do wonder if you have hyperemesis gravidarum… I really hope you don’t and that it gets better at some point soon.

    Take care Davis family,

    Love from the UK Xxx

  9. Crystal

    I’m so sorry that you and your Conrad have been so sick! I hope you get feeling better! I would love to see the rest of the apartment, that’s what I have been looking forward to the most! Take care of yourself and your family first though! We can wait. ;)

  10. Katie

    Happy happy in 2018! Glad Conrad is on the up and up. Fingers crossed you’ve got two little gals on the way, but if you’ve got 1+1 or two more little guys, it’s still happy all around.

    Just love following you and your sweet family. Always brings a smile to my face.


  11. Hannah

    I was so sad to hear that you guys have been unwell! Especially little Conrad! Glad to hear he’s doing better.

    Happy new year to you all! Excited to uncover this year with you!

  12. Sandra Bøgh Zerahn

    Good to hear he is feeling better! Would love to read more about parenting, parenting books and tips. And your amazing apartment and how to make it work with a growing family and changing needs. Happy new year!

  13. I can definitely relate on morning sickness and fatigue b/c I had both my entire first pregnancy and have had it all of this pregnancy so far. I was on 1 medication for the morning sickness last pregnancy and am on 2 this time. They usually keep the food down but I’m still feeling super sick. This pregnancy is way more rough than my first and I thought my first was pretty bad.

    So glad to hear Conrad is feeling better! My cousin was in the hospital most of last week with her newborn b/c she had come down with RSV. Super scary. I don’t know how Rory has gone her whole first year of life without an ear infection or a fever, especially with my poor immune system. But I’m happy she hasn’t been really sick yet *Knock on Wood*.

  14. Nicole

    So sorry you’ve all been through the ringer this week. Glad to hear Conrad is on the mend, can’t wait for more Let’s Chat videos!! Those are the best.

  15. Brooke Ahren

    YAY! I love the Let’s Chat videos! Glad more of them will be coming. Will pray for relief for you and energy to come back. Growing babies is hard work so try to take it easy.

  16. Liz

    yay can’t wait to hear the genders!! :D

  17. Bethany Gibbons

    Hi Taza! I was wondering what book you are reading with your kiddos in these pictures? It looks so cute and Christmasy!

  18. Jocelyn

    Tis the season for everyone getting sick. Happy to hear you guys are on the mend. Hope your pregnancy gets better. Nothing is worse then morning sickness and fatigue. Cant wait to see what you guys have in store 😊

  19. good to have you back! so happy to hear conrad is doing better :) and i hope you start feeling better as well, i can’t even imagine! so excited to see your upcoming posts, especially the let’s chat videos.

  20. Shanna

    You can’t tease us like that! I need to know genders too!!!

  21. Lauren

    Glad everyone’s on the up and up! Hope you all had a merry holiday in spite of it all.

    As a fellow pregnant city lady, I’d love to hear more about planning for baby, especially with limited space. Any tips for how to do it on a budget are definitely welcome as well! :) This is my first, and I know you’re an ol’ pro, but whether its seasoned advice or new things you’ve learned with the twins, I’m all ears!

    Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  22. Sarah Ann

    Happy New Year! So glad Conrad is feeling better. I look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy. I love all your posts about your family and just doing life to the fullest with kids.

  23. Anna

    i personally LOVE your pregnancy and motherhood/what the littles are saying/family posts. I never want to ask you to share more than you feel comfortable with, but they’re my favorite and so insightful. I’m also just super curious how different things are with twins! Hope your family continues to be on the up-swing for the new year :) As always, thank you for sharing!

  24. Maggie

    Happy New Year!

  25. Kelly

    So glad to hear from you again ♥️ Happy New Year!

  26. Kristin

    I am so happy for you and your sweet family!! I cannot wait to hear about the genders! I am so sorry about Conrad, and all you are going through. I had a sick little one at Christmas and it breaks your heart. Thank goodness she is on the mend and back to school today. I pray your new year is filled with so much joy and health!!! Love, Kristin😘😘😘

  27. TD

    I’m due with my first In early June and just found out the sex today. So exciting! Can’t wait to hear about yours! Happy New Year!

  28. Chelsea

    I would love to hear more about your pregnancy and how you’re dealing with the morning sickness and caring for your little ones. I suffered from extreme morning sickness in my first pregnancy, which then progressed to Hyperemesis Gravidarum in my second, and while I’m dying to have more babies, I’m wondering how caring for two will be during the seemingly inevitable roller coaster that is my morning sickness/HG. I completely understand not wanting to post about the difficult or less glamorous parts of pregnancy and motherhood, but dealing with my morning sickness felt so isolating at times (especially because most of it was concentrated in the first trimester when we are still working to keep things somewhat private.) I hope you start feeling better soon and wish you a very healthy pregnancy and delivery — all the best!

  29. Becka

    I’m so happy to hear that Conrad is feeling better. Hopefully you feel better soon, too! I’m not sure why it’s called “morning sickness” because mine lasted all day!

    I loved to see tours of the rest of your new apartment!

    Can’t wait for the gender reveal!! <3

  30. Katka

    Dear Naomi,

    Happy New Year! I hope you’ll all be feeling much better and like yourselves soon.
    I love your blog and have been following your family adventures for a few years now. I’m looking forward to the things you’ll share in 2018! You guys are an inspiration in many ways.

    All the best!

  31. Amélie

    Thanks Naomi, happy new year to all your family. About thé posts subject, maybe also about beauty, Home and post partum ( not really thé moment right now 😅 but later) . Thanks for your wonderful blog . Amélie From France

  32. Kayla

    Hi Naomi! I just wanted to reach out via your request for what we’d like to see on the blog this year! I would love to see more New York specific family living tips- where to go, how you get around with a big family, how you deal with real life little crisis especially out and about, how you travel out of the city especially with kids (fav places to rent a car?) and also how you live in a small space (I’m sure you’re new place is still tight because hey it’s Manhattan!) and why you choose or not choose to rent. Some of these may be too personal, totally understand! As a young woman in Manhattan i always wonder if i should stay in ny to raise a family, if i want a family etc and your blog has always helped me envision it. I’m sure it’s a totally unique thing being a blogger mom/family rather than a working in an office mom lol. Happy new year! So glad Conrad is feeling better.

  33. Emily R

    Have you been able to find any temporary relief from the nausea?
    So sorry, that is awful. Prayers for you all to get well and remain well.

  34. Alma

    I’m so glad to hear that little Conrad is feeling much better. We have had a similar experience this past week with our 1 and 5 year old throwing up for a week straight and it is so hard to watch them struggle through an illness! Also pregnancy nausea is the pits 😕 hang in there! I hope it clears up for you soon and you can catch a break. Also, “genders” makes me wonder if it’s one of each 🤔🧐🙂 ❤️

  35. Maria

    Oh, I’m so sorry you guys have to go through tough times!
    I do wish you a very happy new year!
    And I can’t wait to hear the genders, so happy you found out this time;)


  36. wishing you all good health this year! and hoping conrad recovers fully soon. i just had my little baby and am so glad to not be pregnant anymore, it’s no joke! and each one truly is different, it’s crazy!

    love, katelyn

  37. Yamila

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you feel better soon and glad little Conrad is Getting better.
    Take care and enjoy this beautiful time!

  38. Rachael

    I would love you to do more posts on how amd where you shop for the kids wardrobes, parenting on those bad days and more holiday posts. When your brave enough to travel with 5 kids that is.. Glad you are all feeling better.

  39. Kate

    Happy New Year Davis’ – with love from a long time Aussie follower. I’d love to know how you de-stress on the blog this year. Any tips/tricks? X

  40. e

    Hope the fam starts to feel better soon!

    I always enjoy your videos – so effervescent. I also enjoy anytime you give us tips on navigating/seeing New York City.

    Maybe a “lets chat” where you discuss living in New York City and the things you like and the things you dislike? I’d love to see that video.

  41. Steffi

    Sending you love, an extra Portion for little Conrad.

  42. Debi Parry
    This is an amazing drink that literally changed my life! It is safe for everyone including pregnant moms! check out the Pruvit FB page and you can learn more … it is life changing!!

  43. Kelly

    Yay! So excited about the twins. Would love to read/see more about this pregnancy (when you’re feeling better of course!) Hope the morning/ all day sickness passes ASAP! And also love all your food and family fun in the city posts. Best wishes in the new year and always!

  44. gigi

    So good to hear from you. I had missed your posts, but glad that you and your family are well. Happy New Year.Would love to see a post on your finished kitchen and many posts on the kids and babies

  45. kate

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I could never wait to find out genders! Didn’t you find out the gender for Samson? There was a blog post on it…

  46. Claudia

    Can’t wait to hear! One of each would be so fun!

  47. Leigh

    Oh I hope you are starting to feel better! I am also pregnant (due in May as well!) and can understand the crazy morning sickness (I called mine: all-day-sickness-made-worse-by-moving… which included standing up, sitting down, and well… breathing).Hang in there and I hope it starts to subside soon! So excited to hear about the newest little ones. Happy New Year!

  48. Maria

    Hola! Te sigo desde Zaragoza, España. Me encantan tus fotos y ver NY!!!
    Un abrazo!!!!

  49. Aura

    I mean so glad to gear conrad is feeling better and your morning sickness is dissipating. CAnt wait to hear more about the twins. Don’t worry about how big you’ll get. With my first set of twins I gained 40lbs but a month after delivery I was at my lowest weight in my married life. With my second set of twins I gained only 20lbs and carried so small we shocked everyone that there were 2 babies. The best thing I did the second time around with twins isn’t getting a baby nurse for the 2 weeks after they came home. By the time the night nurse had left I had recovered from my section and the twins were on the same schedule which made my life so much easier with other kids at home

  50. Glad to hear Conrad is feeling better! And oh, my goodness, can’t wait for the babies’ gender reveal! I hope you start feeling better soon, too. xx

  51. Kerryn

    I’d like to read about your daily routine with the kids. Who gets up first? gets breakfast? What time? What time is bath or bed? When do you work? How many hours?
    Routines and rituals. I have 2 boys (1 yr and 2yrs) and I want to start some rituals they can rely on but I get so lost in the days and the to do list!

  52. Kerryn

    Oh and some photography tips and tricks. Specific ones. Stuff like get on the kids level and have natural like still don’t really help me lol! How do you frame a shot? How do you edit the photos? Can you do a photo editing tutorial?

  53. Annie S

    So sorry you’re poorly! I think everyone guessed as much since it’s your job – everyone gets ill and has to take time off!! Even content creators!

    Cant wait to see as many bump dressing pictures as you can cram in this year. Always my fave!

    Maybe a family style shoot like you did in DC before Samson, in the blossoms and at home.

    Definitely how you’re gonna switch up your home with the addition of two more!!! And alllll the newborn pictures please.

    Hope you all feel better soon <3

  54. Katie

    Would love to hear about finding out you were having twins/telling the kids, etc.!

  55. Lani

    No need to apologize! You are growing twins!! 👫I would love more parenting tips from you all. How you keep
    Positive in the city with 3 soon to be 5 kids! Sometimes the stress of cleqning, cooking, and the bickering etc makes it hard for me to be a good mom to my four. Love your positivity all the time!

  56. Rima Naja

    Interviews and videos of the kids to get their perspective on things would be so cute seeing how each of their little
    minds work :)

  57. Amy

    Totally random, but I’d love to know how tall the ceilings are in your apartment. They look extra tall. Is that because they are, or is it because y’all have harnessed a decorating secret?

  58. Amy

    I’d be interested in how y’all do birthdays and Christmas at your house. Do you have a rule when it comes to the amount of presents that come in? Do you still try to focus on experiences?

  59. Amy

    I’d be interested in bucket lists. Bucket lists of travel destinations. Bucket lists of family experiences. Bucket lists for the twin pregnancy. Bucket lists for 2018. Or hey. Goals. Travel goals. Family goals. Business goals.

  60. alexis

    welcome back! question…where did you get the long posts that are holding the kids drawings?

  61. Carly

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are having all day nausea and vomiting with your pregnancy, Naomi. I’m pregnant with twins too (due in March) and had the same problem until around 15 weeks. These 12 natural remedies for nausea with pregnancy helped me a lot : . Maybe they will help you too.

    Hang in there! It does get better.


  62. Michelle

    I’m currently pregnant with twins as well and the morning/all day sickness is no joke!! I know what you mean and can’t imagine looking after 3 kids and working as much as you do. You’re an inspiration!! Hope you start to feel better and less tired soon! xoxo

    As for what to see on the blog, any tips you have for twins would be GREAT! I am due in June right after you and am a first-time mom so freaking out a little bit how to handle it all! Tips from an experienced mama like yourself would be so amazing to see how you handle twins as well… save me! lol!

  63. Emma Sears

    My little 2.5 year old has had the flu and now croup. While my 1 year old has an ear infection. It’s so hard to see them suffering! But even harder if you are sick too! Parent don’t really get a break. Winters are hard! Excited for you and your family and your future little twins! Congrats!

  64. Irene

    Happy new year! Glad to hear you are all feeling better.
    I would love to see more videos! Let’ chat, Day in the life, or even interviews to each family member!
    It would also be fun to read some family fashion posts :)

  65. Merle

    So exciting times for you guys! I really do hope you´ll feel better soon and that your wish comes true that all the germs stay away from your whole family for the rest of winter!
    I´m looking forward to all your bump style posts to find inspiration for my own small but growing bump :)
    Also I remember that once you shared some of your ways of educating your kids (about how to communicate with toddlers), that was really interesting and I´d love you to share more of that! It really seems to me you guys are doing a great job as parents :)
    All the best for you and your family!

  66. yumey

    Hi, Naomi

    Thanks and Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a speedy recovery soon.
    Totally understand the hardship of your early pregnancy and morning sickness must be and on top of it all everyone getting sick specially sweet little conrad. No aplogies needed. Just take care of yourselves.

    I love your blog and have been following your family adventures for long time. I’m looking forward to the things you’ll share in 2018! You guys are an inspiration in many ways.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and I can’t wait to hear the genders.

    I would like posts about how you are dealing with pregnancy as this is twins its such a different experience and continuing the posts of the joyful life with kids as you have being doing so wonderfully.
    I specially love the little series you used to do of samsonisms and eleanorisms.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog.
    Take care Davis family,

    Love from the Maldives <3 Yumey

  67. Susanna

    Thanks & also a Happy (and healthy!) New Year to you and your family,
    Especially all the best for Conrad – hope the little guy will have a speedy recovery.
    In my opinion you’re doing pretty perfect with the blog and your social media platforms, honestly I can’t think of something special I’d like to read/see. To me everything’s fine the way it is. :-)
    Greetings from Germany

  68. magali

    Dear Naomi,
    so sad to hear that you have such a pregnancy sickness. When I was pregnant I had for nearly 9 months nausea. It was really hard, but I could had a rest because it was my first pregnancy. I don’t know how you manage it with 3 other children! My respect!
    I wish you and your family all the best! I’m so excited about the gender reveal :)
    Greetings from Bern in Switzerland!

  69. Rachel

    I’ve missed you guys, but can totally relate to the sicknesses. Our 8 month old, Naomi, had RSV, and our 3 year old, Isabel, had a fever virus. All over the holidays :( Prayers for healthy babies all year long! Can’t wait for news on the new babies!
    I’d love to see more posts about activities for the kiddos! Mine are similar ages and I’ve gotten so many wonderful ideas from you guys in the past. From apps to books, etc. Would love to see more of this kind of stuff! Also maybe daily routine-like things. How do you keep the kiddos pre-occupied when you need to work, need a break, etc. Love keeping up with y’all!

  70. Lucía

    No aplogies needed, just take care of conrad and your self.
    You need time for you.
    I would love to have post with your trips and also tips or NY with a family.
    Take care.

  71. Erin Coons

    I would LOVE to see more NYC guides. I’ve exhausted your others!

  72. Molly

    Some girl names I like are Flora, Winslow (Winnie for short), and Edie.

  73. Lexie

    So happy to hear Conrad is on the mend! But at the same time, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! I hope the morning sickness eases up soon.

    My two cents: I loved when you had your “SHOP” tab up top. As someone who adores your sense of style, I would come to your site all the time to see if you had shared links to anything else that caught your eye.

    Take care, Davis’!

  74. Anna

    Congrats on your pregnancy! If you’re comfortable sharing, do twins run in your family? Or did you do IVF? We are about to start the IVF process and go back and forth about putting in two embryos due to the likelihood of twins, so I’m always curious about how others make that decision. But if it happened naturally for you, that’s amazing and even better! :)

  75. Natalie

    Im so sorry to hear your family has been struggling with sickness. Early in December we went through the same thing with our family and little ones and it is truly awful. Wishing you many blessings in the new year. As for content, I like when you post about kids books/apps you are using and like.

  76. Caitie

    you got this! i think a new apt tour, or just nursery tour would be rad. of course that’s only if you have the time and energy! enjoy this time, congrats, and break a leg! don’t actually break your leg tho…

  77. J.

    Hi Naomi! Sorry to hear about you and Conrad feeling sick :(
    But I do have a blog post request for you! I’ve always been so curious about the specifics of how you edit you pictures for Instagram and this site, they are always so bright and colourful, I love it!


  78. Mackenzie

    You once mentioned, in reference to your parenting styles, that you and josh grew up in very different homes/culture. I’d love a post all about how you grew up and especially how josh grew up. He is the mystery man of this family :) does he have siblings? Where did he grow up? How has this influenced his decisions on what parent he wants to be?
    Also how do you cultivate a creative family? Seems like your kids are always drawing, acting, playing- how do you control the mess of paint! How do you encourage the kids to practice instruments? So you have a tv? How do you manage screen time??
    Thanks for sharing and so so excited for you guys to have baby girls!!!

  79. Serena

    I would love to hear about yours and Josh’s reaction about finding out you were having twins! Or possibly sharing the story behind when you both decided to have a family. So happy for your family!


    I am sorry to hear that morning sickness (or really all day long sickness) has hit you hard this pregnancy, and that Conrad has been sick on top of that! The snuggles and cuddles are really the silver lining to sick babies. I think my little 12 month old was sick 4-5 times since October, and all I can say is I’m thankful he is well now, and that he has turned into a little cuddle bug!

    All the best.