the US Open!

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excited to share a bunch of photos from our day at the US Open yesterday! this is one of our family’s favorite things to do each year and we’ve enjoyed taking the kids to the day matches for the past several years. both eleanor and samson did one week of tennis camp here in the city this summer and while conrad was too little for camp, he did make it out to the tennis courts this summer a couple of times too. back home, he carries his tennis racket around the apartment swinging it left and right. this usually always stops my heart because i’m sure he’ll break something, but fortunately, nothing broken yet. just a whole lotta swinging action taking place as he attempts it.  anyway, we are big tennis enthusiasts over here. after they got to our seats and saw other people wearing them, the kids asked for those tiny headphone ear piece radio things so they could listen to the commentary during the matches. eleanor was especially into it, listening attentively as she watched both day matches from our seats and then as we ate food outside the stadium, filling us in on what the commentators were saying… “mama. they say federer has an injury….” haha! she hearts federer.

some of you have asked on my social how we go about the Open with the kids. we usually take them to a day match over an evening one, since they tend to be a bit more relaxed (and it’s not past bedtime!). we see so many kids there! it’s fun to see little ones so into it. you can get tickets through different vendors, but we try to get ours right when they go on sale in the beginning of summer. depending on how long each match will last, we may rotate taking conrad out for some walks or to get new snacks when he gets restless. the women’s match we watched yesterday actually had a tie breaker in the third set (which was SO exciting to watch) but means it went on for a really long time, so both conrad and samson grew a bit restless towards the end. we ended up pulling out some of the educational apps josh and i have curated on our phone to keep them entertained in their seats as it finished so we could both watch the last couple games and tie breaker in person (instead of take turns taking breaks). apps are always our last resort but such a life saver sometimes in these sorts of instances and i am forever thankful. for your reference, i have rounded up all of our favorite apps for little ones in several posts which you can find HERE.

OK, a bunch of photos from the day… also, can we talk about how much i fell in love with sloane stephens yesterday?! that girl can PLAY.


this sweet boy has grown up so much lately. his smile has to be my favorite thing ever. it makes me smile anytime he flashes it. i cannot believe he starts kindergarten tomorrow!


he clapped anytime anyone around him clapped! and after i started clapping, he’d put his hands on mine and say, “mama, that enough.” LOL. he even shooshed us once when it was quiet. how did he learn tennis spectator etiquette so fast??


sweetest girl with her little headset listening to all the commentary as she sat so still in her seat watching every single thing taking place on the court. also, papa and eleanor put on matching shirts without even trying before we left the apartment and i thought it was the cutest thing. eleanor was starting to understand all the points and games and pick up a lot of the tennis words, so josh was whispering little things here and there to help her know what was going on. she loved it!


pretty sure this was the point where conrad was over it. lol. bless his heart for trying.


on our way to the Open, conrad fell asleep on the train while sitting with josh. he stayed asleep during the entire walk into the stadium and first set of the men’s match. when he woke up, he started clapping with the crowd within 2 seconds of opening his eyes and took a bite of pretzel bread with 5 seconds. it was hysterical. he was like, “shoot! i’ve been missing out! i’ll just start clapping and hopefully no one will notice i ever dozed off.” i love the way he anxiously insists on never missing out on life, ever.


second time asking the kind stranger to take the photo. josh’s eyes were closed in the first one. ;)


forever in awe of these unbelievable athletes and their bods.


so many new pretty freckles this summer and i am so overjoyed she loves them as much as i do.


conrad representing with his australian open t-shirt (which used to fit eleanor) from when we were able to go to the open while in australia a couple seasons back. PS. looking at photos from when we were there and my babies are BABIES! so many feelings.

another PS. for those asking, you can find my ruffle lace blouse here. wearing these jeans and these booties. my lipstick is this one in the color bing.


loves secrets! even if it’s just silly words in faint whispers that mean nothing at all when strung together. he’s in a whispering stage, regardless.


just feel like the luckiest woman in all the land thanks to my kids. they make me feel pretty special. not all the time… sometimes they make me mad, and sad. and frustrated. and tired! but when they do make me feel special, it’s above and beyond anything else i’ve ever felt.


so sloane stephens. she’s my new fave. such an amazing match. rooting for her.

thought these last three photos together were kinda fun. doing our best to get in position and look at papa and yell CHEESE! running back to the Open with friends for a night match soon but such a great day with the fam and so glad we got to go again this year!

if you’d like to see older posts from past years at the US Open, they are all right HERE!

for those who want to know outfit details–
ruffle lace blouse HERE, jeans from HERE,  booties from HERE, wearing this lipstick in the color BING. and these sunglasses (which are $20 right now!).

  1. Kenzie

    This is the cutest post I have seen today! It sounds like such a great time, I love your blog!
    x Kenzie

  2. Mahsa.nazari

    Hi,I’m from iran and I really like your pictures and lifestyle,I get some important messages from you such as being happy and hopefully,sending love love love to you and your family.

  3. Rena

    So cute they wore matching shirts! Love the wonderful pictures and for sure also your outfit – as usual! I see you had fun :)
    xx Rena

  4. Wonderful experience! Some quiet time on a tennis tournament!

  5. Emma

    Such a fun post, I love how you do things like this with your little ones, Do you think you’d ever like to go to Wimbledon?

    • TAZA

      we’d love to someday!!!!!

  6. Lisa

    Hi, I am hoping I can attend (from Europe!) next year. Can you share how you purchase tickets? How to choose dates, matches, seating, etc.? Thank you!

    • TAZA

      we book our tickets right when they go on sale earlier in the summer. you can set up alerts with ticketmaster or other sites. if you have a specific credit card, sometimes you get early access which is also great. you won’t know who is playing until a day or two before each match, but if you get tickets for later on in the Open, chances are you’ll see some phenomenal players and games (although truth be told they are all phenomenal if they’ve made it to the Open! haha). We take our kids a little earlier on in the Open to a day match, as the night matches Josh and I have attended in the past seem to be a bit of a more formal serious crowd. hope that helps!!!

  7. Tracy

    As someone who played tennis from 4-18 I think it’s wonderful Samson and E took lessons this summer! I go to the Open every year and just love it!

    It’s magical this year to have four AMERICAN WOMEN in the Semi’s!!!

    And I broke a few things in my house when swinging a racket, including a heirloom clock, but my parents will tell you the memories of me playing out weigh the clock!

    • josh


  8. Gabriella Wilson

    Do you guys ever sit still? Wow lots and lots of activity all…summer…long…You all must be exhausted!!!

  9. “i love the way he anxiously insists on never missing out on life, ever.” This is really so inspiring. I feel like many kids are the same way. They have this incredible excitement and curiosity for everything. Whereas I admit there are a few days (or more) where all I want to do is SLEEP. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • TAZA

      word, audrey! hahaha! WORD.

  10. Erin

    Your family makes me so excited to have one of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kate

    You got some AMAZING action shots, oh my goodness! Your family is so precious, and I love that you’re constantly making memories with the kids. :))

    Kate //

  12. Meg

    I love the last pics with the USOPEN letters and how Samson is sitting atop the S and Eleanor on the E! Too cute!!

    • TAZA

      whenever they spot their initials they get SO stoked! haha! as though the E and the S were made just for them in the alphabet! :)

  13. don’t they just have the cutest little freckles!! I can’t wait for Wimbledon to come around again, strawberries and cream all round :)