lake george with friends!

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labor day-5

we spent the weekend at lake george with good friends and it felt like the perfect way to say so long to summer. we mostly just stayed put at the pool because the kids were loving it so much, which i have no complaints about! we didn’t bring the camera out until about 20 minutes before we were packing up to head home yesterday, and i’m so glad i did! because i love these pictures and now i’m kicking myself that i didn’t bring it out sooner. i always think i need to set it down to enjoy the day but i always enjoy the day more when i have my camera with me. it’s just how i prefer it! so i’m glad we have a few photos of our big group and the beautiful sagamore resort from the last few minutes of our time there.

these friends of ours are such great people. never a dull moment or conversation with them. and they are raising such good kids! we had 12 kids between us all on this trip and i feel like i barely saw mine! they were having the time of their lives with their friends and i love when the older ones look after the younger so attentively in such a loving way. it just makes me happy.

it was a good one for sure. feeling very lucky that we got to head to lake george twice in one summer, and looking forward to going back again someday soon!

labor day-2labor day-29labor day-3

please note conrad’s arm through my swimsuit strap. haha! this kid! i tell ya. and PS., for those who have asked, my skirt is from here.

labor day-4labor day-6labor day

when you pull up to the front of the sagamore, it feels so special! i made a little time lapse video on my instagram which was fun, but it’s such an exciting moment. maybe it’s because you realize the 4+ hour drive is FINISHED! or maybe it has something to do with that american flag hanging out front. a million thank you’s to lexus for lending us city people their lx570 for this trip. always love having that peace of mind as we drive of feeling like my family is safe and protected in one of their beautiful cars.

labor day-10labor day-12

waving so long to all the people on the boat!

labor day-15

our friend andrew jumping over 8 kids in a row! could not believe the height he was getting as he jumped! the kids kept saying “again, again!!!!!”

labor day-13

eleanor’s turn!

labor day-18

we never get a photo with all the boys! also, one of the kids took this.

labor day-9labor day-8

ending summer on a really great note, and excited to welcome fall with open arms. september is a great month though as school starts up and the leaves begin to change! big week over here with E and S beginning school! and i just hung all my coats up in the hall closet of our new apartment so i’m extra pumped!

hope you had a great labor day weekend!

  1. Ellese

    Looks like a wonderful family time! What a beautiful place you stayed at. Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


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  3. Emma

    Your life always looks so lovely, I think you’re so lucky to have such a good group of friends.

  4. brittany

    you guys have the most fun friend trips!! i love that!!! what a beautiful weekend. :)

  5. mel

    Looks like it was a blast! Nothing like family time. And loving your effortless outfit!

    Literally dying over every single corner of this house! I hear Barcelona is gorgeous and these photos definitely prove it. Looking as beautiful as ever girl!

    xx, mel

  6. Claire Arceri

    Hello!!! Where might your swimsuit be found?! Great post and what a lovely trip!

    • TAZA

      hi claire! it is from j.crew but it’s from a few seasons back!

    • TAZA

      it’s from j.crew but from a few season ago! i do think each season they carry something similar in different colors though.

  7. Taza, great post! I absolutely love how you combine trends…your skirt & adidas slide pairing is just too cute. So glad you had a great time!

    • TAZA

      thank you! those adidas sliders, man. comfiest shoes i’ve ever owned!

  8. Madison

    Where is your friends gorgeous red dress from? Looks like a wonderful weekend!

    • TAZA

      it’s from Free People! she says it comes in a bunch of colors!

  9. Maria

    Wow! it looks like you had a great time together! it must be precious to have those kind of moments with family AND friends!

    …totaly unrelated: I wrote about inspiring home ideas with yellow and I know you love this color, so I couldn’t help but thinking you may find something useful, specially since you have a new place to decorate. Btw, congrats on your new apartment! I hope you make amazing memories there, we’ll be here to see it.


    • TAZA

      oh awesome! i will have to check it out for sure!!!

  10. Teresa

    I’ve never been there but this place looks absolutely magical. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and for capturing such JOY!!! I love your suit and how BIG E has gotten!!!!
    I hope you have an amazing time settling into your new apartment!!!


  11. Lauren

    I was totally in awe of how gorgeous a place you were at in your insta stories while you were there. Gorgeous! Where did you get your swimsuit?

    • TAZA

      hey lauren! it’s from j.crew but it’s old. a few season back!

  12. looks like a great day :) wish the sun would shine like that in England!