E and Me.


the sweetest thing took place a week or two ago when i bought this fluffy pink tutu skirt and tried it on at home in front of my mirror.

eleanor walked into my bedroom about a minute later and gasped, “mama, you look so beautiful!” i thanked her and we must have started chatting about something else because i had taken the skirt off and was hanging it up when she interrupted me and asked, “may i try it on?”

now, this is a big deal because my sweet eleanor usually isn’t super big on pink, anything frilly or princess-y and when dressing herself, always chooses some sort of variation on pajamas....

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life lately, just flying on by. with lots of photos, too!

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i never know how it happens, but we’re in the middle of september already and i’m just sitting here thinking, “wow!” the past month has been a busy one, and for the most part, a wonderful one. the energy in the city is always a bit more apparent around this time of year, with school getting back into the swing of things and fall upon us....

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our little mover!

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my little conrad is 9 months old this week! like, WHAT! how did that happen so fast?! i’m so proud of the sweet little human he’s becoming and for the joy he brings into our family life each day. it’s hard for me to even recall life before he came along, he’s such a huge part of mine now. ...

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date night.


last weekend, josh took me on a fun date out to dinner and a comedy club (upright citizens brigade! YES!!) we gave ourselves just a twenty minute cap at the beginning of the night together to talk about work and the kids (because when you work together side by side in your job role and then you are also parents together, it’s tricky to know when to leave all that home and talk life outside of work and kids and calendaring....

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