eleanorisms // samsonisms.

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samson walked out of the nursery into the living room early one morning where we were all gathered and said,  “wow. i was asleep for like 3 years.”

“that building is as tall as a dragon dinosaur!”

me: “hey samson!” samson: “just call me boy.”

“what my heck.”

 “i’m doing hanitizer.” referring to hand sanitizer....

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summer reading list!


oh gosh, the days spent curled up on the sofa or alone in a cafe with a good book feel like they happened a billion years ago. sometimes i see people with books in their hands and i’m like, that looks dreamy. while i couldn’t be more thankful for a very packed and full life with my littles and work and everything in-between, i’ve been wanting to read more....

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you’re invited!

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we are so excited to be hosting a fun event at the children’s museum of art here in tribeca next week with our friends from let’s playground! the event will be celebrating the launch of an exciting collaboration – limited edition love taza mats we designed for let’s playground! (i cannot wait for you to see them!!!)

while the event is private and space is limited, it wouldn’t be a party without including you!...

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the best summer hats!

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if you know me, you know i like my hats.  all year long, i live in them. mostly because i am lazy and hate doing my hair, but also because i find hats to be one of the better accessories that seems to complete any outfit. a few of my current favorites that i own, and a few i’d like to own, listed below:

1. ...

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