a weekend in deer valley!

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we spent last weekend up in deer valley utah together. the st. regis deer valley kindly reached out and invited us up for the weekend, and we had a great experience. every last detail was looked after during our stay, and i think we made some of our favorite memories there together.

a few photos from the weekend, if you’d like to see…....

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a few photos from utah…

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^^^the kids and i spent a morning at the museum of curiosity at thanksgiving point. we were able to go once before when we were in town in the spring and i think all three of us were anxious to go back. that place is awesome!^^^

^^^a fun ride to dinner in a bucket bike! thank you to josh for pulling all 3 1/2 of us along, and thank you to madsen cycles for bringing one of their fun bikes down to provo for us to use during our stay…^^^

^^^these views don’t get old…^^^

^^^and the peaches don’t come better…^^^

^^^bike ride with my babes to get a candied apple and splash in the fountains in provo on morning…^^^

^^^bike rides, and teaching mister samson all about chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese (from einstein’s) and pretty sure he is converted....

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at 3 1/2, eleanor has proven she is my most favorite person to talk to. each conversation is nothing short of entertaining and full of thought and wit.  i love being her mama.

“i was a little girl once. i was two.”

“maybe he left his listening ears at home…” referring to samson when he wasn’t listening to mama....

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baby #3 / 23 weeks

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well, baby and i are chugging along and this time around, life is flying by 3x faster than it did when i was carrying eleanor and samson! december will probably arrive tomorrow at this rate. i’m OK with it. because let’s face it, i’ve been ready to meet this baby for ages.

i have one of those pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and it’s been fun to check in a few times a week and see what baby is up to!...

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lessons learned in swimming, and have a wonderful weekend!

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we are in utah right now, spending time with our families, and it’s proving to be the perfect little goodbye to a wonderful summer.  we’ve been stuffing ourselves with the ripest and most delicious peaches (allred orchards is where it’s at!) and have been working on helping the littles practice their “swimming” in the pool each day....

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