energy, mood swings, nice rugs and dance parties.

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this picture is blurry (sorry), but i’m a happy camper lately because i’ve been getting my energy back (finally). however, my mood swings are full blown crazy right now so that’s awesome. yes, i did cry 3 different times on sunday and yes, i am blaming it on pregnancy hormones.

my “nesting” mode has also kicked in full force.  our narrow tiny 2 bedroom new york city apartment suddenly needs to be entirely rearranged.  we have to turn the bed this way and put the dresser here…. i kept telling josh over the weekend. he kept replying, but i just measured the bed and dresser and wall for the fifth time and it will. not. fit.  josh really likes being married to me right now. i know it. ;)

i want to know how people with young children are able to have nice things in their apartments. even things like rugs. or plants on an end table beside a sofa.  how do you have a rug with no spills or stains or pen marks and young children at the same time? since we live in a city apartment, we don’t have any rooms off limits to our children. our space is wonderful, but small. so i have always wanted my kids to feel free and safe to play wherever they desire when they are home because city living can be hard.  and with no backyard or porch or other areas to really be free and play, i wanted to make our space as kid friendly as possible. and i think it is, for the most part. but i’d still like to own a nice rug in my front room.  or place a plant on an end table without having to clean it all up by tomorrow.  is it all about having more firm rules? are my kids just crazy?  these are the questions that keep me up at night. ;) but no really, i want to own a rug by golly.

the other night when josh was working, i downloaded a few new songs so eleanor and samson and i could have a dance party before bed. (and i’ll have you know, i hadn’t heard one single song from the top ten charts on iTunes when i was browsing  for new music. we are not very cool these days at the davis house.)  anyway, we still downloaded a few new pop-y dance-y songs and moved back all the furniture from our front room and jumped around together.  eleanor was living for it but every time i caught samson’s eye he’d get shy and stop dancing. haha! it was so darling because i haven’t ever really seen him react that way before.  as long as i didn’t make full eye contact with him and kept pretending i wasn’t watching him as i danced, he’d go at it and bust out some of the sweetest little moves. i just think kids personalities at this age are the sweetest. they are still so innocent and untampered with (unless they are intentionally knocking plants off end tables and ruining your living room rug!), if you know what i mean.

we have just a few weeks of summer left in the city before we head out west for a bit to see our families. i feel this need to knock everything off my summer city to-do list. there is still so much we haven’t done! new york city summers are winning a very special place in my heart. they are almost outdoing autumn in the city, and that is saying something.  but seriously, how incredible is summer? i’m such a broken record.

  1. Emily F

    You just don’t have nice things for a few years. :) and if you do, you remind yourself “it’s just a thing, it’s just a thing” when it gets ruined. That has been my mantra for close to ten years now! I figure when they’re bigger I’ll have nice things but until then I’ll do my best to make do…or else be okay with it when they ruin it. They’re worth it. The kids, I mean. But sometimes I do wish my house didn’t look so much like a college dorm room. Ha!

  2. Bea

    I’m so happy you have your energies back, Naomi!
    I think littles are miracles, they are so pure and so nice!
    ….it’s a good thing you like summer!
    Have a nice day!

  3. It’s amazing to me how good you look while pregnant, always so beautiful!
    I don’t have little ones of my own but I always find it hard to believe people with young kids have nice things in their home. Do they take out the. Ice things when guests are over to make it LOOK like they can have nice things AND kids?? I think, yes. ;)
    In my classroom of 24 two yr olds, we have a few plants and there are more times then not those crazy kids have knocked over a plant or two. Oh well!


  4. Yay for Summer! It’s always been my favorite season! You are looking great and that the picture is blurry makes it even better.

  5. Leith

    I’ve never been pregnant, so I can only imagine what you’re going through. But my brother and sister-in-law just announced they’re having #3 and even I feel excited o course, but overwhelmed. I admire you for doing all you do aroun the city with the kids. It’s not easy!

  6. Lindsay

    I am up too late too…I have been collecting plants and I just have to keep them up high! I want a big fig tree but I just know better..I wondered as well, aren’t I the one in charge?? They should just listen/ obey me?! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life, you are a great example to many women all over the world!

  7. Melanie

    Ahhhh! Enjoy your Summer! Even with a big belly ;)
    With the furniture.. i was only just having a conversation about that sort of thing with a friend the other night. The kids just need to know that jumping on couches and drawing on things is just off limits. Completely not allowed. Sounds really strict, but they need to learn to respect your things at home so they respect other people belongings in their homes too.
    Again, enjoy this summer :)

  8. Jennifer

    Oh sweet lady, it’s every toddler in the world not just those 2 sweet ones you have! My boys are 3 and 2 and I don’t have a single thing on an end table and every other day my husband and I are removing the coffee table and hiding it away! Children are beautiful, lovely disasters for a home! ;)

  9. Heather

    Love that second trimester!

    And luckily I never got used to having nice things (almost as bad as a kid myself with spills and messes haha) because they sure aren’t nice now, with two teensy ragamuffins clambering about!

    Glad to see you’re feeling great, and can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy and preparations.

  10. getting energy back, feeling it right in your veins is wonderful… even if I never had the experience while i was pregnant, I do know it while living in a way I didm´t desire..

    So enjoy every minute of this time!
    Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-
    and we do love dance as well… one of the most amazing ballet dancers in Germany (Pina Bausch) said once:”dance, dance otherwise we all will die!”

  11. Shirley

    Persian rugs are awesome because they’re so busy that stains and stuff usually blend in!

  12. Saba

    You’re awesome Taza! Good night xxx

  13. zaby

    when children come along, they come with a lot of changes. i would love to know how you handle it

  14. Jemima

    Love the Davis house dance party situation… That’s adorable. There’s something so unbridled and truly free about the way kids dance (and sing at the top of their lungs!) – a lesson for adults in there I think! But so sweet that S gets shy when he thinks someone is looking.

    …and I totally know what you mean re: summer… I feel like all I’m doing is thinking/talking about summer these days and I’m sure I’m the most boring person ever to all my friends but I can’t get enough! And I don’t even like summer!

    jemima xx

  15. Sherri

    You should really add ‘Million Euro Smile’ by The Make Makes to your Dance list! My Kids love it! It’s a Great Summer Song! :)

  16. I love that you have so much energy even with mood swings and pregnancy hormones! When I was growing up, my mom was very careful about where she kept her “nice things” – high shelves, certain rooms, behind closed doors, etc. And anything that was left out, we knew well enough that it was something NOT to be messed with. Mom made it clear (in the most loving way possible). Things do break, but that’s the great thing – it’s just stuff. Ok, maybe that glass figurine from Germany is a huge loss but if a planter breaks? Not the worst thing in the world ;)
    ~ Samantha

  17. Libby

    Yes!! I know exactly what you mean. I always feel I can’t “decorate” with lamps or plants or even heaven forbid a coffee tabke book lest it become a projectile. Heck- I don’t even have a coffee tabke right now because it would just be in the way of the chaos. I constantly remind myself when my toddler tornado is on the job that “it’s not destructive behavior on purpose… It’s just 20 months.” That said, I do, finally, have rugs. They are from ikea and they are covered in Cheerio dust;)

  18. delphine

    Dear Naomie, it sounds difficult but it’s juste a phase. I’m crazy person about decoration … I love that so I understand your sadness. For me, to avoid accidents I decided to attach fragile things with patafix_ I think it’s bluetack in english_ It depends of your surface of course (wood, marble…). My plants are safe now. I also set my lights too. In France we’ve got some brands like Oxybul creating water pen (it’s not efficient at hundred pourcent) or painting for the bath. Children love that. Parents too you just have using your shower to clean it up.
    Take care.

  19. Ashley

    You’re adorable. I can feel your energy in your writing! Haha. We have rules. They are allowed to be crazy, but for instance, take shoes off at the door, pens, markers, crayons at the table only, food and drinks at the table only, etc. but I do not have plants on end tables. That would be silly ;) we just have a couple in our bedroom. You should go for it! I’m the same way pregnant.

  20. Ms George

    What was josh working on? I thought he had no job since he quit banking a few months ago?

  21. kasey

    i completely feel your apartment pain! i fight the line between kid-friendly and grownup pretty almost daily. sometimes the stained rug makes up for the few hours there was a pretty flower arrangement on the table but I’m definitely not investing in a nice rug until these days pass. our main room rug is from rugs usa that nicely pretends to be fancy but cleans up kid messes like a dream, definitely recommend! good luck mama!

  22. Sandra

    I would like to know about nice rugs too. Maybe if you have a bigger house some rooms are off limits. Josh works at night? What does he do, if you don’t mind me asking. You share so many personal details about your kids but I just realized that we don’t know too much about you! :)

  23. Maria

    Lovely to hear you have your energy back , I can just hear it in your writing. And wow, quite a jump there for a pregnant mama – you’re still a dancer at heart.
    Keep the wonderful ramblings of an unending energetic mama coming, we love them! :)

  24. Taylor

    So glad you’re feeling better! I don’t know how people with small children own nice things either because I don’t have any. I do, however, have two cats that also love knocking things off tables when they think I’m not looking.


  25. Jessica

    Oh to have nice things like a plant that won’t be dug into so my little can drive his construction trucks through the dirt (yes that happened, outside thankfully, but it was still a brand new plant that he ripped apart in the time it took me to get the groceries out of the car.. two minutes, maybe), actually how nice would it be to walk from room to room in my house without stepping on a car/truck/plane/train, those tiny toddler cars are monsters on my Mama feet. But I always remind myself “this is his home too, this is his place to play” and i kick a few cars out of the way and carry on. Having a two year old is tough, I never knew someone so little and innocent could cause such destruction, but I know this phase will pass and I will miss it dearly!! Remember, as long as your kiddos are smiling from ear to ear each day, you’re Supermom in their mind!

  26. We have nice things in our home…it just requires setting boundaries early on. The kids have access to all rooms, but know the things they are not allowed to touch. To our surprise, even at 2 years of age, they are still respectful and careful!

  27. Jen

    Hi…random thought, and I certainly don’t want to give your sweet babes what they think is a new climbing toy or pinata or something, but what about hanging some plants at a strategic height over those end tables. Is that a crazy idea? (Can you tell I don’t have kids? ;)

    • TAZA

      no no, not at all! someone else just pointed that out and i’m totally going to look into it. i hadn’t even thought of something hanging before! thank you!

  28. Jackie

    I’m in the same boat! I have 2 toddler boys 4, and 2(nearly 3)… they are 15 months apart! They run all over our house to race and jump on furniture. I’d love a new couch and rug but for now I’ll just let them beat up the one we have.
    It’s when we have company that I look around and feel like man, I wish I had a more decorated place. But then I tell myself, if I did that would mean the boys were too old to run and play and love being at home. So, I will take the beat up furniture for the boys to stay toddlers just awhile longer. :)

  29. rebekah

    I have three children ages 3, 2, and 1. The oldest two are boys, and they are incredibly energetic: they climb EVERYTHING and knock things down and break things, etc. None of this is malicious, of course, but they’re toddler boys, and I can’t bear to tell them they have to be quiet and only walk in the house and no climbing… We haven’t had any pictures on the walls in quite some time, and definitely no lamps or plants on side tables.. you know how it is.
    I think teaching them to obey and giving them boundaries are absolutes. BUT, my mom’s advice has always been “say YES as often as you can, because you’ll be saying NO NO more often” Good for you for making your home a place they can play and BE, without walking on eggshells.

  30. teresa

    our toddler has just a few rules in our apartment. we let her play anywhere she wants but set strict rules when it comes to things like flipping switches on and off or getting into drawers with technology or cleaners. she’s pretty good about it. the key is to be consistent when it comes to those things. i say you should get a plant and a rug!!! go for it.

  31. Dalia

    I don’t know how people have nice things with kids around either but I just have to say,, You can jump! And pregnant?! I can’t even do that! And I’m just 24, single, no babies! haha

  32. Megan

    Yay for energy!!! Summer is now my favorite season especially after the brutal winter we we had this past year. And I live in the south. I would not be able to handle the new york winters. Not sure how you do it.

  33. Laura

    Such a cute story you paint for us Naomi! I have watched many a children in my days and I notice the same thing when they are around Samson’s age…shying away when you look at them. In fact, I think I do this myself sometimes ;)

    Great post!

  34. vicky

    I always have to remember it’s ‘replaceable’, or at least tell myself that, even if it’s not. i love that you just wanted to have a dance party with them. i’ll remember that for when i’ve got my niece and nephew back over! i’m glad you’re starting to get your energy back. i don’t have children but i never have much energy so when i’ve lost all of mine it feels terrible! and you should rearrange away (kidding, I’m sure your husband is serious about those measurements, i know mine would be!) but it always makes me feel better ;)

    this summer is kind of fabulous, isn’t it :)

  35. bri

    you’re so cute in that photo, naomi! we have a rug in every room (all three of them! tiny living here too), and yes they’re a little stained but it’s fine. i’m a clean freak so i vacuum every other day and sweep the others. our kids aren’t limited to any area of the house and i have 11 houseplants!

    if you really want a plant but don’t want to deal with it being knocked over, get a hanging one! that way, they won’t be able to reach it and then you can ease them in to the idea of having another, more accessible one. just a thought :) good luck! rugs are also great for absorbing sound! a key ingredient in a tiny house when you’re up and the babes are sleeping ;)

  36. Lillian

    Hanging ceiling plants! Take my word for it. Maybe buy an el cheapo rug to test it out?

    • TAZA

      yeah, we have tossed two “cheaper” rugs since moving here because they were so stained and in such poor condition. i think we’ll just have to wait a few more years..

  37. Jessica

    One thing you could do is get a hanging plant! Out of reach of little hands, or running feet. :)

    • TAZA

      i haven’t thought of that before but that is a genius idea. thank you!

  38. arielle

    I love that you let your kids play anywhere! even if it means you have to deprive yourself of a super fancy rug.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  39. Chelsea

    I know exactly what you mean! We have carpet in two bedrooms and it’s totally ruined, stained w markets and mil. I try to tell myself that someday sadly they will be grown and gone and then maybe I could redecorate and have some nice stuff. But then again probably not, at that point we will probably be babysitting grandchildren all the time, so maybe we better just settle in!

  40. Ha! It gets better. I thought my kids were crazy and everyone else’s were more “in control”, but I eventually gave up on caring and adapted my decorating sense until they grew out of it… which didn’t take long. Now they are 4 & 6 and really do understand their boundaries. I have a potted orchid on our entry table and a brand new, light tan sofa (washable of course). Btw: have you looked into FLOR carpet tiles? They are the best thing we ever bought and super cool.

  41. i will always adore your commentary on davis life

  42. Julia

    Having nannied for nearly 10 years, and with a variety of children, homes, and parents, I feel your golly. Littles, especially (almost) three, are constantly on the move, hungry or thirsty, and curious; compile those conditions with a small space, and you have a recipe for a lot of frustration, extra cleaning, and anxiety. While I have found it helpful to have children pick up toys with me, and discuss our feelings when things break, I don’t think there is anyway to avoid the developmental differences at play. Although this doesn’t change your rug predicament, maybe involve Eleanor & Samson in caring for the plants? There are many books about gardening, I like ‘Planting a Rainbow’ and ‘And Then It’s Spring’, that can help reintegrate this as well.

    Additionally, I love that you had a dance party! I have always found that dance parties with littles solves (or distracts) antsy wiggles, long car trips, or mundane rainy days. One thing my previous children (ages 2 & 3 at the time) REALLY loved was dance party bath time. I purchased glow sticks at the dollar store, and put those in the bath water with bubbles, and played music. While the bathroom had a dimmer, I think the novelty of the glow sticks outshines their glow. ;)

    Regardless, I hope that you have a good week. Emotions are an important part of EVERY one’s life, so be generous to yourself! :)

  43. I know! I always wonder how people with small children keep their houses looking beautiful. Our boys tear the place up! I feel like if the house looks half-way decent I need to be running after them at all times picking up the mess…and frankly I just don’t have the energy to do that all day, every day, so until the kids are older our house is always gonna be a tinge on the messy side I’m afraid. Oh well – we’re having fun :-)

  44. kat

    I feel the same way about our home. we have a three year old in a 2/1 that clocks in at just under 900 sq feet in the Bay Area so no room is off limits. we just try to buy interesting looking pieces for as little money as possible (on sale, sample sale, second hand). That way if she ruins something we are not too broken up about it. and as for rugs, she has us looking to purchase our third so this time we are going with an indoor/outdoor option so we can literally just hose it off next time she spills on it. :) congrats on the pregnancy!

  45. So we don’t have small children but we do have a big dog and a lot of dinner/cocktail parties–read: mud and red wine on my white rug! So I just had to share: There is this car cleaner that is foaming called Tuff Stuff. I spray it on, and it lifts the stains right out!

    • TAZA

      i am putting this away in my notes for the day i get to have a light colored rug. thank you!

  46. Jessica

    Ah I’m so proud that I recognized your New York setting from one look at your picture! It sure pays off to live here in the summer – I’ve been loving it as well!

  47. lucinda

    “how to have nice things at home with young children in the house?” that’s a tricky question and one i’m trying to figure out with just ONE child in my home, so i can empathize with you. recently i’ve started making small changes to hopefully help: 1) i’m trying establish a more minimalist lifestyle at home to reduce the amount of THINGS we have 2) eliminate the things that could become “no” situations (so, dark rugs instead of white ones. ha!) it’s not much, but maybe it’s enough to keep myself a bit more sane. ;)

    • TAZA

      that’s a good one- eliminating stuff so you establish a more minimalist lifestyle. i guess the things my kids are always breaking are silly clutter-y things anyhow that i need to stop collecting.

  48. marie

    My son is 6 years old, and he still messes everything in sight at home. Haha. With our newborn son, our home is going to get messier. But it’s all good because I keep telling myself that it’s just a phase! ;)

  49. Allison

    I read this post last night and for some odd reason it wouldn’t put my comment up. I’m so glad that you have your energy back and you are getting ready for your new baby. I’m so happy for you and your new edition. Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!
    Allison over at

  50. Rachel

    Oh, I can totally relate. Our current couch has crumbs and markings all over it. I’ve found throwing a sheet over the couch helps and it’s easier clean-up! You look great, mama! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!


  51. Caitlin

    Maybe have them make up a “punishment” for messing up things around the house and hold them to it? I don’t have toddlers yet! Just a baby

  52. Ashley

    I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I have had to pack away all nice things and put plants higher up since having children. Last year we could only decorate the top half of our Christmas tree because my son would take off any ornament within his reach. We too live in a small home (my kids share a room which can be very stressful at times) so no rooms are off limits. The only rule that I do enforce is no crayons outside of our dining room. If they want to color they have to sit at the table and color and put the crayons away when finished. This rule came about when my daughter was 2 and she ‘colored’ my son’s crib. I keep telling myself that they will outgrow all of this.

  53. Heather

    We’ve pretty much come to terms with not having nice things for a while. Our 2 year old is a typical toddler boy who jumps off of everything and spills things and gets into normal toddler “trouble.” Our 9 month old will be crawling soon, so even more chaos will follow. One day I’ll be able to decorate in a way that doesn’t include children’s toys, and I won’t have to worry about things being spilled or ruined. In the grand scheme of things, I remind myself, a few years isn’t much. ;)

  54. Maryanne

    When my kids were small like that, I thought I’d NEVER see the day when I could put out “nice” stuff in my home. Then I blinked and they all grew up! Now two are married and having babies of their own! Sounds cliche, but enjoy it now–the messes, the chaos, the stains, the spilled plants. It really IS Heaven. :)

    (Aaaand….I always think it’s a little cheesy when people comment on blogs, Instgram, etc and ask things like “I love your shoes (coat…hat…) where did you get it?” But hey, now “I’m” being the cheesy one….so here goes….I LOVE YOUR SHORT-SLEEVE BASEBALL SHIRT! WHERE DID YOU GET IT??) :) (I’m serious…I would love to know!) :P

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s from jcrew. they still have it!

  55. jen

    oh yes, my husband always jokes “we just can’t have nice things!” but I’m determined! we have 4 little ones and live in a 500 sq foot guest apartment so the kids play everywhere here too, oh man it is tough sometimes! For rugs… I love my rugs! flat woven ones are good because you can usually wash them, turkish rugs are great because stains won’t show up, honest stain remover works wonders on my fave wool rug (which has seen everything from olive oil to nutella and still looks great!). For plants, I’ve found if I have one or two BIG ones the kids don’t get into them! Its the little ones they like to carry around and dump out :)

  56. Batsheva

    we also live in a NYC small apartment and we just dont have nice things!
    our furniture is nice but practical. we have no coffee tables, or cool end tables, or cool plants.
    and whenever I DO complain,(for the 10th time that day, that there are toys EVERYWHERE!!!!) my husband looks at me (the ever rational one) and says “I dont understand, nobody forced you to have children…”

    i just see it as temporary. until we buy a house, until the kids get older…

  57. Emily

    We just don’t have nice things. :) And the rare “nice” thing we do have is completely out of reach (until she suddenly has another growth spurt that slips my notice, and I find her reaching heights she’s never reached before…). You can tell how tall the toddler around here is by the level of clutter between her reach and the ceiling.

  58. Candice

    Your kids aren’t crazy and neither are you!!! We are the same way- kids ages almost 6 and almost 3- we have nothing breakable and no room is off limits. Our house is cozy and well lived in ;)

  59. namoi
    i love reading your blog because i feel like i can relate in so many ways.

    my husband and i just moved to san diego from hawaii–from a one bedroom apt to another one bedroom apt:) exactly what you said–there is no way to have a nice rug with small kids!! i have two boys–3 and 6 months. i had a really nice rug from pottery barn and it is now ruined and full of stains. as much as it drives me crazy, though, it is to be expected! i have learned my lesson on buying nice things for sure!! you are lucky to be in NYC and have two bedrooms!! that would be like heaven for us! hopefully soon we will take the plunge and upgrade!! for now, though, we like our little family all in one place–makes you a close-knit group for sure!!
    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy–you look great, as usual:)

  60. Laura

    what if…you hung the Rug as a decoration? I’m with ya, I’ve seen bloggers who have gorgeous homes and I’m like :”That’s not baby proof, how do they do it?!” and then I realize: They don’t have kids. oh well. Our day of non ruined rugs and pretty plants will come!

  61. You are such a lovely person!
    It is funny you wonder about nice things because that’s what I think whenever I look at your home pictures. Such beautiful things! Seemingly untouched by little hands.

    I hope to bump into you out west in Provo. I’ll be hanging around ArtCity Donuts. ;)

  62. Sara

    I think your only hope is going to be steam cleaning everything pretty frequently. I’d give up on the plant unless you have the kind of children who will leave it alone. Steam cleaning is the only way to get food, play dough, pens and other stuff out of your nice rug or sofa.

  63. Lauren


    Do you and Josh expect to stay in your two bedroom apartment with three kids or will we be joining you on some fun real estate adventures?

  64. Mara

    I have been craving a nice fluffy white rug for my living room for months now. Problem is? I’m wanting a new rug to replace the puppy-in-training, bright pink nail polish stained rug we currently have. With a 9 month old and 2 yr old dog now, and only more kids to come, it makes TOTAL sense to get a nice white rug right??? Duh. No. I think my white rug dreams will have to wait.

  65. AGATA

    Naomi, I think you don’t need a nice rug in your front room or place a plant on an end table because you have a happy kids! You are a wonderful mama and that’s why your children have a wonderful childhood. Believe me, I know what I’m saying! You spend a lot of time with e and s…and I think that someday they will be grateful to you for this.. but hey do not give up the dream, when e, s and baby number 3 grow up I am sure that you will have a nice rug in your front room or place a plant on an end table!

    I admire you. I want to be the mama of my future children just like you are.

  66. Ashlee

    And…hence the reason my style has leaned more to “rustic minimalism” since having children. I’ve dreamed of a rug too…but with 2 little rascals running around, I just don’t see the point. Unless said rug is from Ikea.


  67. Amanda

    Have you tried looking for an indoor/outdoor rug? A high quality indoor/outdoor rug can look pretty but will also hold up nicely with kids (easy clean-up!). I mean, it obviously wouldn’t be cream and fluffy (my husband vetoed that idea when our son was born–he’s the practical one), but it would be better/cozier than a hardwood floor!

  68. Athena

    Outdoor rugs are cheap& easy to clean & museum gel for the breakables

  69. how funny! S, you’ve cracked me up!

  70. Heidi

    Ok, I am a mama of three grown children. Ages 29, soon to be 27 and 22 years old. Two girls and one boy, who is know 6’5″. I currently have left my job of 12 years to care for my grandchild. You can have nice things and kids can learn to respect your things. My children grow up thinking that everything was a antique. I never put anything away, I just told them no and than played our ass off. Kids just want you and your attention, so space is not a factor. Being organized is helpful. Boundaries are important because your things are just that, yours. Of course there is breakage at times but, things are replaceable and kids aren’t. If you love something that is not replaceable that put it way. My 10 month old understands no, she can’t have anything she wants but we can have the best time. We do too. Hope I helped, any questions feel free to ask me.

    Take care and stay well, Heidi

  71. emily

    Outdoor rugs and hanging plants. Amen.

  72. Kate

    I’ve been thinking this very same thing over the past few days..we’re heading in to Spring here in Australia and I’m ready for a Spring-clean…and with that comes furniture rearranging and new purchases…but with a 14month old learning to feed herself, the reality is to perhaps just get the old rug steam-cleaned…

    Does it get easier or worse the older they get? Perhaps a new rug is in order when she moves out?!

  73. talia

    you look amazing in these jeans!!!! check out trendy young Imanimo collection on
    By the way, from experience: if you look the other way, you won’t mind rugs & plants being destroyed… in few years, but new ones…

  74. A.

    oh i absolutly feel the same way like you do about summertime!!
    …. and even a good opportunity to leave apartment and interior-trouble behind, while doing a sunny walk outside ;-))

  75. Meryl

    Your zest for life is contagious! Love it! I have seen several pictures of you jumping, but I still don’t see how you get so much air. Love that too. ;) And I’m so happy to see you went to New Orleans! I’m originally from Louisiana, so it was a joy to see you have fun there. :)

  76. Anne Morgan

    Re: your carpets.

    I babysat a family of three, and the Mom was OCD AND had rugs in each room. It almost gave me a heart attack.

    One word: RESOLVE. the rug stain remover. I swear I spilled coffee all over a beige rug, and it was gone after a few sprays and pats. The Mom had it in every room.

    I am also really hoping for a video in the future! The Eleanorism make me laugh so hard, hearing them in person must be the very best.

    Have a good day!

  77. Juli

    I was told I was very brave at my three year olds birthday party because I served pasta and meatballs in breakable dishes and allowed them to play with felt markers in the living room. Brave? I had never had thought about it before. We also live in a small apartment- here are some things we have done- I never had sippy cups, but instead taught my son how to drink out of a cup, if we had a spill we calmly clean it up. We have a little table and chairs in the kitchen and snacks and drinks stay at that table, we always use regular “adult dishes” so we learn they are breakable and not to toss them. We water the plants together, and I have a little watering can so he can do it too. We learn to be gentle with plants because they are beautiful and living and we need to take care of them. He has never dumped them or pulled them down. I think it is possible to have nice things, and not to presume that the kids will destroy them. I do not feel like I have set boundaries of things they cannot do, instead open opportunity for things they can- help mamma pour the water from this jug at your little table, here is a pretty tea cup for a tea party, lets stick this paper up on the wall to paint- but the paint brush has to stay around here. Open opportunities for play- Right now I have a little table set up with a tray, kinetic sand and little containers. I find if I direct the crazy energy to fun areas I spend less time saying “don’t do that”. That is what works for us, but all kids are different!

  78. So glad you’re feeling better and your energy is back Naomi!

  79. Beth

    I hear you about trying to create a balance of kid-friendly yet adult-nice in a small NYC space. We bought a West Elm rug on sale last year and it’s been holding up really well. Between a cat who throws up weekly and a 2 year old, I’m impressed it’s still in perfect condition. We use Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover which you can get at a pet store. It’s safe for all the little creatures and has really worked well. Our rug has the same print on both sides, so I’m hoping if there is ever a serious accident, we can get a second life by flipping it over. We never where shoes in the apartment which I think helps, too, but I prefer to be barefoot anyway. I try to remember that stuff is just stuff, but we also can’t afford to replace all the stuff, ya know.

    For plants, we remind our son that they are living things like our cat and he needs to be gentle and not touch them. There have been a few incidents, but we try to keep them out of reach anyway. So far, I don’t let him walk around with crayons, paints, pens, etc. because I know he’ll want to experiment with where to draw. I hate saying no so often in our home, so I try to come up with alternatives or redirections. Sometimes I wonder if living in a bigger space or house would be easier, but then we walk down our Brooklyn street to play at all the waterfront parks and see lower Manhattan and I think it’s a pretty amazing trade off. Although I would still love to live in a real house someday with a backyard. But we’ll soak up our city as much as we can for now.

  80. Love your blog and p.s. I hope i look half as good as you when I’m pregnant! Can I ask where your sunglasses and shirt are from? Don’t you just LOVE summer!


    • TAZA

      thank you! my sunglasses are karen walker and shirt is from jcrew.

  81. Anne

    I also live in an apartment with my two boys (6 and almost 2), and we don’t have anything breakable, nice, etc that they can reach! I am curious, though, how do you (or any of your readers) handle your kiddos running and jumping in your apartment? Even on days when we’re out for a long portion of the day (playing at the park, errands, etc), they still come home and want to run wild. I feel so bad for the neighbors who live below us, and I also feel guilty for continually telling my boys to stop. Any advice on how to deal with this?

  82. deedee

    We bought a new couch while I was preggers with my first. BIG waste of money. It has been spit-up on, peed on, and vomited on. And the persian rug it sits on has gotten the same treatment, but the pattern is so busy, you can’t see a thing! The faint odor is another story though. I think you just have to live the spartan lifestlye for the toddler years, everything gets trashed even if you establish the ‘rules’. I try to have as few rules as possible and they seem to be the same as other posters. Food only in the kitchen/dining room, coloring only in designated places on designated surfaces, painting in the bathtub ( this works great- put the kids in smocks, stand them in the dry tub, hang paper on tile wall and let them go to town. Hose down toddler and splatters after) I had to say goodbye to 2 of my favorite plants that had been with us for years because the kids just kept getting in to them and it became a safety issue. I have one plant left in our place and it’s up on a shelf where they can’t get at it. Basically, my place looks like crap, but so do all my friends places with kids under 4 so we don’t care. I’ll catch up with decorating when they get older!!

  83. Erin

    We’re in a small apartment too, with a nearly 5 year old boy, so I sympathize. What I did recently was put up shelves from small person knee height nearly to the ceiling, with those rubbermaid fast track bracket things you can get from home depot, and just plain wood for shelves. I put in a few shelves at my son’s height, and IKEA baskets underneath, and it corrals his stuff in the living room, as well as gives him some space to display (and knock over) his own things, Shelves above my son’s height have plants, books, breakable things. Our living room is also quite narrow, so having it all wall-mounted means it feels like it takes up less space. We can even tuck one of those IKEA toddler tables half under on of the lower shelves to get it out of the way once he’s gone to bed. Plus all the shelves are adjustable, so if it’s not working you can move it all around. I’ve gone on and on, but this made such a difference. Here is a photo:

  84. We have a small house, too! Maybe not NY apartment small, but I like the simplicity of it and the the challenge of being creative with our space. We have three little ones 4 years old and under. My solution has been to safety bolt things to the walls so I can enjoy pretty grown-up things without the stress of worrying if they will break. I want myself and my kids to feel free and at home in our space, and I feel like this has been a really good solution. In our living room we have two Ikea Vittsjo shelving units decorated with all sorts of pretty, grownup, breakable things. They are anchored to the walls with dresser anchors and zip ties. I never have to worry they will pull it over on themselves and the breakable things are out of their reach. Within their reach are books and boxes of their own keepsakes. I really love that we can all enjoy the space and I can keep my sanity intact!

    P.S. I just returned from visiting New York last week and I wanted to thank you for your video tours of your favorite places! Because of your recommendation we visited Milon and the Hungarian Pastry shop, as well as many other places. Thank you for this little glimpse into all your favorite things in the city!

  85. hanna

    You’re family sounds so perfect. I love that you share it with us! -Hanna Lei

  86. Anne

    I’ve been wondering the same thing! My main goal is to be as toddler proof as possible, but when it comes to home decor that means: BORING! I guess I’m just gonna have to wait a lot longer!

    The Hills Are Alive

  87. McKayla

    I just have to say…you jump super high!!!

  88. Bonny

    Last year, my son who has Spina Bifida had to have surgery where they basically broke both femur’s and straightened his legs. Incidentally during his recovery he ended up using a motorized wheelchair which is a monster and poor kid he put a hole in the wall with it. I remember when he did it, I was upset and frazzled and I told someone who came over what had happened, and he felt so bad, and then of course I felt worse. It’s been a whole year and guess what the hole is still there, It has become my treasure.

    • TAZA

      what a sweet comment. i hope your little guy is doing well!

  89. I LOVE that you and your kids have dance parties! I’m hoping to do the same with mine when he’s old enough (only 4 mos now). My sister and I had them growing up as kids in the kitchen with my parents and they’re some of the funnest and funniest memories I have. :) Really appreciate your write-up and some of these comments around having nice things that are kid-friendly around the house too. Def need to start thinking about that soon! You look great and happy to hear your energy is back! Thanks for sharing – really enjoy your blog.

  90. Laura

    Loving your leap action shot! I am 29 weeks with my first baby and I think the best move I can bust out at the moment is perhaps a little shuffle :)

  91. Hilary

    Hi Naomi! Long time reader here, I was just wondering where you get your eyelash extensions done in the city?

    • TAZA

      i have gone to a few different places but they usually don’t hold up too well. nothing worth recommending just yet. still searching for a good spot! if i find one, i’ll let you know!

  92. Anne

    I live in NYC with a 16 month old and one on the way so I totally understand where you are coming from. We have a nice rug in our living room that we bought when we got married. It is a Turkish Kilm rug from ABC Carpet. I have to say it is incredibly patterned and colorful which means it covers a lot. My daughter doesn’t really drink juice but she does eat near it and although she has spilled yogurt and many other things of that nature– all have either come out or blended in. It is hard with such limited space but I feel like rugs bring such color and life to a room– and if it gets ruined we will just turn it and hide that spot :)

  93. sarah

    Great Pic! Love summer. Also have two name suggestions going with the E and S theme: Emmerson (girl) Sasha (boy) x

  94. Amy

    Hi Naomi!

    I think you would really appreciate this video! Its a little girl that just loses it because she realizes her baby brother is going to grow up and not stay little forever. Reminds me of dear ‘ol E and S!

  95. Marissa

    I feel like a broken record too! Constantly saying how much I love summer, because i do! (but secretly am starting to get excited for the fall)

  96. I’m really digging all you have to say. I’m a downtown, soho, daddy launching a blog cuz…why not? I have two little kids and totally get the “pushing a double-stroller with one hand and carrying my frozen hot chocolate in the other.” Getting great inspiration from you. Originally from Colorado, currently unemployed actor, but still…living the dream. enjoying your posts and pix.

  97. Brianna

    I have two young children, 3 and 1. My 3 year old has drawn on about every surface of our home (including the television) but luckily I made sure to buy washable markers and keep the sharpies on top of the fridge. He has also spilled a box of baking soda all over my kitchen floor (thank you vacuum). Plus a whole roll of toilet paper unrolled and all over the bathroom and in the toilet. He has knocked over a whole gallon of blue paint, and used a cup to pour out all the water in his bathtub and completely flooded our hallway (my husband was in the middle of installing lsminate floors at the time). A lot of the mishaps could have been avoided if I was hovering or watching my son like a hawk, but that’s just not going to happen. When things like this happen I just have to laugh because as others have mentioned, it’s just stuff, and not worth freaking out over. I recently bought a new rug and have just made it a rule that there is to be no drinking in the living room (crumbs can be vacuumed) and markers and crayons are for the table only, it’s worked so far. So I say go ahead and buy that rug. Think of all the fun you’ll having playing with your littles on it ;)

  98. No! You cannot have nice things. Ever. Lol. I have an 11 year old who all of a sudden thinks it’s ok to drink out of my nice glasses. Guess how many of those are left? Exactly. My 8 year old is a gymnast who’s constantly running, jumping and flipping in the couches. Not to mention she thinks she’s a cook (thanks master chef, jr) and broke my beautiful hand painted stoneware dish my grandmother just have to me. I seriously do not want to have that conversation with my g-ma. Maybe one day it’ll get easier

  99. We also live in a small, narrow 2nd floor unit in a townhouse (but in Chicago:) We have three kids (3 kids in 2 bedrooms is doable!) and I’m right there with ya. We don’t have super nice stuff, or really much out that will be easily broken or knocked off of surfaces. So yea I’m not sure it’s possible lol. Your kids are definitely normal:) You probably already know this, but I find that IKEA/Target are a perfect middle ground for us in terms of quality but still finding cool looking pieces. And we have several rugs ha! Yes they get spilled on but we didn’t pay a fortune for them so I’m not too worried:)

  100. Nancy Grune

    Hey Naomi, I’m reading your blog quite a long time. SO this question is a bit out of context here, but I’m interested:
    You’re pregnant on the picture, aren’t you? ‘Cause I was wondering that you can jump so damn high. Firstly that you CAN do this, secondly, if this isn’t dangerous for the baby? I ask because I’m also pregnant, but for the first time, so I’m sorry if this is a naiv question. ;)