baby bump #3 / 18 weeks

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the human body is a¬†funny one. at least mine is. it’s like, “oh you wanna have a baby in here again? no problem, i’ll upgrade this baby bump from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom mansion this time around for the little one. you’ll look like you’re already far into your third trimester, but it’s cool. it’s cool. i got this.” ¬†and i’m like, hey wait a minute,¬†really? you had to pop my belly button back out at just¬†8¬†weeks along?! ¬†let’s all just be kind¬†come september or october when i’m looking like i’m due any day even though i still have a few more months to go‚Ķ. ;-)

it has become routine for eleanor and samson to kiss my tummy each night before bed and say, “good night, baby!” ¬†eleanor came to one of my earlier check ups with me and helped my doctor find the heartbeat as she acted as her “assistant.” my doctor printed off a little ultrasound picture for eleanor at the appointment¬†and¬†eleanor has since hung it beside her little bed. if anyone comes over to our home, she takes them to the wall by her bed to show them the picture right away. she is so proud of it. ¬†when i tuck her in at night she kisses the picture goodnight, too. and as her mama, witnessing that night after night does not get old. ¬†this baby is going to feel so very loved by his or her older siblings.

i’m getting terribly giddy over little realizations like¬†adding a new towel hook with baby’s first initial to our¬†family’s¬†current towel hook situation in the bathroom. or adding another little name ring to my stack of rings with family names on my ring finger. ¬†nothing says “baby is here!”¬†in my mind like¬†engraving initials into something and hanging it up on the wall‚Ķ now if only we could think of a good name.

speaking of names, the naming game is killing us this time around. ¬†it doesn’t get any easier the more kiddos you have. in fact it gets harder because you’ve already used your favorite names. ¬†we’re open to all and any suggestions. please and thank you. keep em’ coming.

my biggest surprise this pregnancy is just how magical each step remains, even if i’ve been here once or twice before. ¬†that moment where you see that tiny heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, to those first flutters and kicks you can feel as the baby moves inside! it brings me to tears the way it did the very first time. ¬†i’m grateful for that, too, because it is a constant reminder what a gift it is to carry a life, and gets me more and more anxious to hold and cuddle this new little baby like it’s nobody’s business. ¬†i seriously cannot wait until december.

  1. Michelle

    If it’s a girl, I love Avonlea Elise. Of course my hubby didn’t like it as much, so my sister used it instead. It also helps if you are an Anne of Green Gables fan. :-) Congratulations!

  2. Alexa

    that’s the sweetest little bump! i love these updates.

    i’m curious about your decision to give samson a middle name but not eleanor – is it so she can keep davis as a middle name if/when she marries someday?

    my parents intentionally called me by my middle name – which causes all sort of headaches with schools, legal documents, etc. – so i am pretty fascinated by how other people go about names. anyway, just wondering!

    • TAZA

      i wanted to drop my middle name from birth and keep my maiden name as my middle when i got married and took my husband’s name as my last. it was the biggest headache having to change it because i didn’t want four names and wanted to drop my middle. so i’m a bit old fashioned with the approach but would love to give eleanor the option of taking Davis as her middle name when/ if she marries someday without all that other stuff. i just think it’s nice to be tied to your family name wise as it’s a big part of who you are, where you came from.

  3. Hannah

    If it’s a girl, I’ve always loved Hannah Alyssa….which just so happens to be my name! I’ve always loved Hunter and Eli for a boy.

  4. Daniela

    here are some from the top of my head. :)



  5. adorable. p.s. a few names that come to mind: riley, mave, gwendolyn, harriott, poppy, lou, wyatt, holden, oscar, caroline, & quinn,

  6. Lise

    Naomi, you look gorgeous!
    I love to find names. So funny how some names just fit. Here are some suggestions:

    Girl: Hermione, Hedvig, Ava, Rose, Lily, Clara, Madeleine (love that one), Audrey, Norma, Dakota, Nora, Vera, Giovanna, Blair, Mia, Cornelia, Astor, Isolde.
    Boy: Walter,Theodor, Bradley, Beau, Otto, Gilbert, Moses, Charles.

    But how about Eleanor and Samson? Don’t they have tons of suggestions?

  7. Monique

    Lorelai or Henry!!

  8. Maggie

    Girl- Edith, Poet, Molly, Maxine, Lottie, Violetta, Ruth, Camille, Madeline, Margot, Frances, Matilda, Rowan, Rue, Dottie, Thea, Fate, Haven, Amelia, Lace

    Boy- Corduroy, Conrad, Russell, Candid, Ross, Knox, Auden, Sullivan, Calvin, Radcliff, Abbott, Oscar, Ollin, Reese, Theodore, Lane, Christopher, Ansel

  9. Although you may feel like you are bigger you really look amazing! That shirt is so cute too.
    Good luck with names- not knowing the gender might make it a bit harder but could be fun.
    I wonder what your two kids would name their sibling- a girl at work had two boys and they said if the 3rd was a boy, it was batman. If a girl, Elastigirl. :)

  10. Lola.

    I love older names. Amelia, Charlotte, Scarlet, Hazel, Audrey, Victoria, or Elodie. For a boy, I like Clayton, Jameson, Charlie, August, Oliver, or Paul.

  11. Sinead

    You look beautiful! I’ve always loved the name Alexa for a girl :-)

  12. Tanie

    Beatrice for a girl!

  13. Erica

    It’s exciting to hear that the same enthusiasm is around for subsequent babies after the first!

  14. Marcella

    I love Beau if it`s a boy! and maybe Miranda for a girl

  15. Jessica

    I’m due on the 13 of December so 18 weeks also. The name game is impossible I had a favourite and then looked it up on urbun dictionary it was not a good idea! I’ve been reading your blog for a stupidly long time and it has always made me excited to be a mother, love that we are pregnant at the same time. X

  16. Lauren

    You’re so beautiful, Naomi :) I’m far too excited about the pregnancy of a woman I don’t personally know haha. Some of my favorite baby names: Louis, Hugo, Arthur, Harriet, Frances, Emilia, Jane, Matilda

  17. Melissa

    If it’s a boy I’ve always like the name Liam or Luca if it’s a girl maybe Julia or Juliette or Juliane!

  18. Ana

    Girl: Amanda, Antonella, April, Amalia.
    Boy: Jacob, David, Peter.
    Your family is beatiful, i love your kids!

  19. vicky

    All of this is so beautiful to me! baby #3 is already so loved. i can only imagine how sweet E&S have become since finding you are pregnant. those little ones are so darling. you look gorgeous in your pictures, glowing! baby names are so hard to pick. i remember telling my sister about the name “Lyric’ and that’s what she named my niece. i’m super old fashioned so i still like names like Sophia, Charlotte and Jane. Henry and Edward (<my dad's name).

    Love seeing your picture progress. Praying for you and baby!

  20. Grace

    I like Lucy or Audrey for a girl and Joseph or kaden or Grayson for a boy!

    Grace is also a cute girl name ;)

  21. Jette

    I really love the Name Florence. I’m from Germany so I looked up the german version which is Florentine. For a boy, I like Valentin. I just don’t know if that’s an english name. All the best for you.

  22. Kat

    Julius <3 <3 <3
    My 5 year old adores his name

  23. Lauren

    For me, I like old fashioned(ish) names… my daughters name is Ella. If I have another girl I like the name Olivia and if I have a boy I’ll call him Warren. I hope that plants a seed for you and your beautiful little family.

  24. Gabby

    Hi Davis Fam! If it is a girl: Cecilia, Boy: Finn

  25. Ha, yes, with each pregnancy you pop sooner and sooner. I’m sure with my next I’ll be showing at two weeks :-) I like Helena for a girl and Atticus for a boy.

  26. Paige

    I’m loving these pictures! Congrats on the pregnancy! You look super cute, and you don’t look nearly as big as I’m sure you feel! That’s always how it goes!

  27. thea

    I love classic names (like Eleanor!) so if my son James been a girl, he’d likely have been named Charlotte, Francesca, Susannah, Alice, or Holly. Ieven think Grace, Faith or Hope for a girl could be a great way to honor your religious identity. If we had another boy, I’d probably name him William for my brother, Thomas for my father, or Oliver, cause I like it! Andrew, Connell and Lee are all favorites of mine too!

    The only names I really don’t care for are “made-up” sounding or (worse) made-up spellings…Trust me, as a “Thea”, you get really sick of triple pronouncing your name every time you meet a new person! I also reallllllyyyy love the idea of honoring a family member with a namesake!Just make sure you google it first! My friend named her daughter “Mallory”, which is lovely.. but it means “bad luck”! :/

  28. Julie

    How about Valerie or Evelyn for a girl? Those are my absolute favorite girl names :) Eleanor and Evelyn sound nice. Or E and V ;)

  29. Stephanie

    A little Lucy or Paisley Davis would be cute. My newest nephew is named Oliver Charles but we call him Charlie! You look beautiful by the way. I think your bump is the perfect size!

  30. kelsey

    You look so adorable! I believe you that the name game gets harder, too! We have a 2-year-old daughter, Rooney, and as of now have NO idea what we would name her future sibling. Like you said, we’ve already used our favorite! And, nothing yet has sounded quite right with it. However, I’m sure you guys will come up with something adorable!

  31. Ashlee

    Loved reading this! The imagery of Eleanor kissing that ultrasound is beyond the cutest. I’m so glad this pregnancy is turning out just as exciting and special as before. I usually keep a running list of names in my journal that I like or are unique (mostly because I like to write in my spare time and can always create a character with one of those names). Here are a few I like…

    For a Girl: June, Hyla, Lux, Collins, Graham & Everett

    For a Boy: Atticus, Rownan, Grier, Court, Graham & Rhett

    Can’t wait to hear what y’all pick in the end. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be just right! xoxo

  32. MK

    The name game is so fun!
    Let’s see,,,

    girl: Isla, Clara, Tabitha, Marion, Lydia, Beatrice, Willa, Mabel
    boy: Arthur, Oliver, Rufus, Charlie, Noah, Theodore, Amos, Jack, Finn

  33. Maybe you’re having twins? haha

    I love the name Avalyn. It’s beautiful.

  34. Kat

    I loved Eyla, Sybella and Bellamy when I was pregnant. we settled on Solenne. :) For boys I loved Silas, Grey and Hatcher. Husband was not so fond of the last one. I cannot help that I love weird names!

  35. Sierra

    So sweet! Excited for the four of you.
    A few of my random name faves to add to the pile: (for girls) Imogen, Hannah, Fable, Goldie, Olive, and Rhya or (for boys) Smith, Coran, Archer, Charlie, and Beck.

  36. Lisa

    I think the name Mae for a girl would be adorable! Especially with the other two munchkins names! And for a boy Graham or Charlie!

  37. Christina

    My top three favorite names right now for both genders…for a boy: Dax & Elijah, and Levi, for a girl: Brooke, Francesca (Frankie for short), and Ava. Love your blog Naomi! You have the cutest family :)

  38. Aww you look so happy! Seriously! As cliche as it is, “You’re glowing”! Happy pregnant people make me look forward to the day I’ll be married and having a family…

    I love that your kiddos are starting to bond with their sibling already. So cute!
    ~ Samantha

  39. Lauren

    I’m sure you will find another perfect name for this babe. Always loved the names Harper (now super popular) and Harlow for a girl and River for a boy.

  40. I think that naming a girl is easier than naming a boy. I love the name Ella Rose. It just has this sweet, adorable rind to it! If it is a boy, I recommend Lincoln Thomas. It just sounds great, if you ask me! Whatever you choose will be lovely I am sure! Congratulations!!

  41. Stacie J

    I love Tobias for a little boy, because it means “the lord is good.’ I also like Abigail for a little girl, because it means ‘the lord is strength.’ God bless you and your lovely family!

  42. Lara


    Thinking of names is hard…even harder for me to think about names that are suitable for a NYC baby as I am a german speaking person.

    Some suggestions that come to my mind..


    And then there’s the name ‘Ga√ętane’ (pronounced Gaiytan) A name that won’t fit into America but it’s a name that kind of moves me. Sounds like pure music in my ears.

  43. Maddi

    What are you talking about? You’re tiny!! :)

  44. Hannah

    We just had our third (in three years!) and didn’t know the gender! Turns out we had a girl ;) and named her Hattie Anne! I love old names for girls and it’s like the only one me and my husband agreed on! Good luck on your pregnancy! Carrying a life, and then meeting that life for the first time really never gets old!

  45. Marina

    I love Fiona, Sophia, Ella, Amelia, and Penelope (Penny for short) for a girl. I love names that end in an “a”. For me it’s also important that the name can be pronounced in Spanish correctly too. :)

  46. Rachel

    Oh this is maybe a bit too much from just a follower of your blog – but the other day I was randomly thinking “I wonder if Naomi is going to get another pretty ring with her babies name!” Lol. Boy names: Declan, Hunter, Atticus. Oh I want a son to name! Girl names: Adele (my little girls name haha) and Charlotte. Xo

  47. Jo Farmer

    You are seriously one of the most luminous and beautiful women inside and out. We can all only hope to look at lovely as you during pregnancy. It’s easy to see that you love every single minute of being pregnant and being a mother–it beams right out of you. I can’t think of a more wonderful thing to be known for.

    -Jo Farmer

  48. Natalie

    For a boy, I love the real biblical names like Moses, Noah, Jonah, and Levi

    For a girl I love the old fashioned names like Charlotte, Ruby, Cora and Louisa

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

  49. Karen

    I love the names Juliette, Josephine, Maximilia, Sebastian and Theodore! Good luck and continued best wishes!

  50. Karen


  51. Meg J

    Where did you get the stackable name rings?? Those are so adorable!!

  52. You are simply glowing! I feel like you’re going to rock this 3-kids thing like a champ!

  53. Dana

    I work at a daycare and frequently babysit some of the kids who go there as well. The names of some of the sweetest littles that I love so much are max and Connor for boys, and Charlotte and Gemma for girls. :) good luck!

  54. Cassie

    You look radiant – congrats! How about Hugo for a boy or Ruby for a girl? What an exciting dilemma (the name game) – can’t wait to see what you all pick.

  55. Maria

    I’ve always been fond of the names Charolotte, Caroline, and James. Congratulations on your third baby, I enjoy reading your blog very much and have been keeping up with it for a creepy amount of time now.

  56. TA

    Hi naomi! This may be weird because I don’t have any children, but I’m obsessed with names! I oddly have a whole list on my iphone notes. Lol. Here it is, if you’re interested :)

    Georgia Graye Sutter Elouise Phenix Monrow Rhett Lux Dakota Wednesday Fox Sloane Noam Holland Schuyler Violette Leaf Shiloh Ruby Scarlet Winslow Elliott Eden/Ediee Greyson Eleanoir Rehd Blake Grayford Daisy Noir Wolfgang Harlowe River Holden Cutler Fawn Loeffler Phylo Ryder Langley Langdon Jameson Finnley Thelma Louise Sullivan Brooklyn Roux Lenox Grier August Tennessee Wintry Louisiana Klaus June Blaise Blaire Blythe Bardot Dallas Sailor Scotland Memphis Harrison Leona Hitterdal Mae-Mobley Lake Briar Rose (Row) Cleo Hazel Thora Bleu Maude Remington Gunnar Ireland Everly Arlo Seymour Ledger Henry Denver Silas Frances (Frankie) Doutzen

    Good luck! You look amazing! Xx

  57. Stephanie

    It is so sweet! My favorite name is Theodora, and I also love the meaning of this greek name: “gift from God”.

  58. Kate

    Beyond excited for you. I have a three year old girl, Sloane and we just welcomed her brother, Foster, this February. We are not planning in any more children and I am really sorry I will not get to use our girl name that we had picked out….Wren…so I am suggesting it to you. It doesn’t fit with your biblical names but I just live that is a little bird, sweet a d delicate. Best wishes

  59. Kim L.

    Where is that amazing shirt from??

    • TAZA

      it is by lauren moffatt!

  60. Adriana

    Clara (Clara Elena specifically) will always be one of my favorite girl names. As for boys, Marcel, and Lucas are lovely names.

    Wish you the best with this new little adventure!

  61. Amanda

    You look fantastic! I’ve been following your blog since 2009, and it’s crazy to me that this is baby #3! Can’t wait to come along on the journey with you once again.

  62. Kara

    Do you know the gender yet? I’m really happy for you! Do you like the name Caroline? I adore it and wish it was my name. Caroline, Gwen, or Elisabeth, maybe? I’m not very good with boy names, though. Maybe you can write down all of your inspirations or favorite celebrities or something and find something that you know is perfect. (:

    • TAZA

      we don’t. we actually do not plan to find out the gender until birth! although it makes name search twice as difficult! thanks for the suggestions!

  63. Ariadna

    Hi! Some of the names that I love are Charlotte, Ava, Marta, Thea and Aria for girls and for boys i like Matthias, Alessandro, Xavier, Martín and Samuel.

    P.s: sorry if I have any grammatical problems, I’m hispanic and I’m recently learning english. Thank you and I hope I can help you with this!

  64. Petra

    Congratulations on your wee pretty bump! And here I’m sharing our baby names list which I won’t be needing anymore as we’re complete :)





    (Sorry, girls are shorter – we knew we’d have a boy very early both times)

    Best wishes!

  65. My parents were big fans of unisex names so they could use the same name if it was a boy or girl. I’m one of seven and they never found out any of our sexes before we were born! Besides my name (Jordan…duh, only the best name!), my parents used “Loren” for my sister with the guy’s spelling…Lane for another sister…Paris (they got engaged in France) for another sister…Chase for my brother (not as unisex!). They tended to want a biblical reference either in the first name or middle name. I’m Jordan because my father’s name is John and John was baptized in the Jordan River. Also, they also looked at previous names in our family for inspiration. My middle name, Beck, is the last name of my father’s maternal grandparents. Not sure how helpful this is but maybe it will give you inspiration to think of a city that is meaningful to you, a biblical name, a family name, or a unisex name to use! You can always borrow Jordan ;)

  66. Kristen

    I love the names Norah, Olivia, and Maisy for girls and Finley, Ryder, and Flynn for boys.

    Good luck with everything!

  67. Randi

    I love how proud Eleanor is of her new sibling already. I have 9 weeks left of my first pregnancy and we def want to have more. We’re having a little girl and I hope she loves her future siblings. You guys have managed to come up with great names so far, I’m sure you’ll think of something great! You and your bump are so adorable! B/c this is my first I didn’t look obviously preggo until around 4.5 months – I felt like everyone just thought I was fat. So enjoy that cute bump! Xo, Randi

  68. Annemarie

    just a question.. when did u colour ur hair? and are u thinking about to move to a bigger flat? love from hamburg!

  69. Katriel

    You look AMAZING. No bashing your pregnant body, And insensitive comments are the best/worst. I get told on the daily I look like I’m ready to pop, and I’m like awesome, we just barely hit the 6 months mark last week.

  70. Marissa

    I”m loving the names Fiona, Jackson, and Lucas. Congrats again Davis family!

  71. Paige

    My favorite names
    For girls: Darcy, Mia, Meredith, Cecily, June
    For boys: Parker, Owen, Sebastian, August

  72. lauren b

    You look amazing! And, that lipstick is just lovely!

  73. aboleyn

    my all time favorite name is Wanda, second is Anouk, third Lydia.

    For a boy: Finn <3

  74. Allison

    I’m so happy for you and you are glowing. You look so beautiful! We’ve talked about names, I love the idea of naming the baby after people in my family like my dad or aunt or naming my son Davis because that was my maiden name ;) I can’t wait to read more!
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  75. Margo

    I love your shirt! Where oh where did you get it?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s by lauren moffatt.

  76. Kipin

    I’ve been totally in love with the name Adelaide lately.

  77. Lindsey

    Maude (Girl) and Hugo (boy)

  78. Jessica Grace

    You are adorable! Congrats on the new addition. I love seeing you parent and loving snippets of your growing family. You are a great mom! As for names, I love ophelia, rose for girl names and george or thomas for boy’s name. I have way more girl names picked than boy names!

  79. Rachel

    I love the name Chapel for a girl…totally unique and different, but not too weird.

  80. nanette

    i am 17 weeks pregnant with my second and gosh it’s so hard to think of a name! your children’s names are so unique and beautiful, i am sure you will find something just as beautiful. :)

  81. Mara

    No way you can be expecting twins??
    Your family makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to. God bless you always!

  82. Steph

    I would suggest Tekoa (teh-koa) or Annika. Unique and different, but Elizabeth is my traditional go to, because you can shorten it to izzy, Kizzy, Liz, Liza, Beth etc.

  83. hanna

    Naming babies is so hard! -Hanna Lei

  84. Steph

    I meant lizzy not Kizzy

  85. Ok these photos are SO precious! You look so radiant!
    Um, and I want that top!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  86. Lucie

    You look just beautiful Naomi! Hey… Remember a reeeeally long time ago – you said you had the names of your future children picked out? Were they Eleanor and Samson or did you change your mind? :)

  87. Liz

    I’m pregnant with #4 (due in 2 weeks) and we STILL don’t have a name. I totally hear you with having used up favorites already!

    However, I do not agree with you thinking you are looking 3rd trimester. You are teeny tiny! I cannot believe you are already 18 weeks. But, even if you do get bigger, think how awesome that’ll be during the cold winter months! A live-in heater! :)

  88. Anna

    I’m so happy for you, Naomi! You know, buying a baby name book or looking at always helps, as well as looking to the names of some of your favorite family members/ancestors and seeing if they (or derivatives of those names) appeal to you. As a Jew, we have a custom of naming a baby after a relative who has passed away, so that’s a pretty helpful starting point for us.

    Also, I’d like to add that although coming up with a list of names is helpful, sometimes a perfect name doesn’t come along until you actually meet the baby! Who knows, you could be holding your baby for the first time come this December, and within a few hours, a name that perfectly fits him or her could pop into your head. :-) It’s a possibility worth considering, so don’t stress yourself out over the name game too much.

  89. Jaime

    Where do you like to shop for maternity clothing? I am having the hardest time finding pieces that fit well and don’t involve stripes or bows. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      i have a few pieces from last two pregnancies from more of me maternity and asos, but don’t own a whole lot of maternity stuff. this shirt i’m wearing in this picture is by lauren moffatt. it’s not maternity but works great with my bump!

  90. Ali

    have you checked out family history for name ideas? we did with both of ours so far…henry anderson and nelle louree…family names from my husband’s and I’s sides.

    you have impeccable taste…you’ll know it when you see it! xoxo

  91. Emma

    i’m planning on stealing your kiddo’s names as soon as i have children, but i’ve always loved the name elsie

  92. Rachel

    I love the name Rose for a girl!

  93. Lindsay

    As someone who really is in their third trimester with baby #3—you look amazing! And your hair and make up is done! And you have an actual outfit on! You look fabulous and I’m sure you will continue to. I love the older sibling love and concern for the new baby–good luck with the name, it’s the hardest, especially since you don’t know gender this time around.

  94. Livi

    How special!! It’s all so exciting!

  95. You look adorable!

    Don’t tell me the name game gets harder! Oh no! We’re only on our first and this little guy is nowhere close to having a name. It’s a lot of pressure! :)

  96. Annie

    I love old fashioned names (and you might as well since Eleanor and Samson aren’t heard too often these days!). My favorite girl names are Adelaide and Isla, and I’m also a fan of Emiline. As far as boys go, it is harder for me to pinpoint favorite names but I do like Charlie and Jack and Beckham quite a lot:) Congrats to your gorgeous family.

  97. Audrey

    Hello Naomi,

    Congrats for your 3d futur baby !

    I really love Louise for a girl. It’s a french name and it sounds really beautiful to me.

    For a guy, i like Marius, it’s a sailor name.


  98. Maja

    If it’s a girl I love the names “Emma”, “Hannah”, “Leah”, “Skyler”, and “Mia (mee-ah)”. If it’s a boy I like the names “Joseph”, “Zachary”, “Travis”, “David” and “Mark/Markus”. I love all these names, and I feel that they all fit with the names Eleanor and Samson, but of course it’s all up to you and your family;) good luck! I love your blog.

  99. Taylor

    Cutest baby belly. EVER! It fits you so well! I’m not very good at coming up with names (you already too Eleanor, which is my absolute favorite!), but I bet you will find a fantastic one again!


  100. Geneva

    I love the name Rupert if it’s a boy!
    Eleanor, Samson and Rupert!

  101. Liz

    Hmmm Ideas

    For Girls..


  102. Jennifer

    Charlotte Rose (we have one!), Henry for a boy,

  103. Annette

    You look smashing!

  104. sumera

    So happy for you! Makes me wanna have another baby too! But maybe not quite yet :)

    I think Jamie is beautiful for a boy or girl and would sound great with Eleanor and Sampson. Hope you like it!

  105. sumera

    Also my little girls name is Nora and I love it :)

  106. Sanna

    This is so beautiful Naomi! :)

  107. Alexandra

    I only want girls-although watching little samson grow up is starting to sway me -but my all-time fave girl names are…

    isla (eye-la)


    You might want to check out the AMAZING baby name blog
    This is not my blog nor is this a sponsored post… I am just obsessed with names so I check the blog regularly ;) good luck!

  108. Devon

    Happy to see that my top two baby names have not yet been mentioned :)
    Mona for a girl and Emery for a boy.

  109. Emily

    Girls: Agnes, Beatrice, Cora, Cecily, Dinah, Frances, Gwendoline, Harriet, Louise, Nora, Olivia, Polly, Ruth
    Boys: Calvin, Elliott, Henry, Theo

    I think Eleanor and Samson are wonderful names. I am sure you’ll pick one that is just lovely.

    Pick a name that works for a child and the adult they will become.

  110. I’m excited for December! You look so beautiful and appear to handle pregnancy so gracefully. I’m excited to hear this child’s name, with older sibs who have cool names like Eleanor and Samson lol

  111. Bailey

    Our wee one is likely going to be Adair. It always sounded old-timey fancy to me. Like he’ll dance in a tux with tails someday and it will suit him.

    Gosh if baby pops out a girl it will be a scramble! Ha!

  112. Constance

    What about Constance for a girl?

  113. Anna

    Hi Taza, here are my favorites:

    Girl: Juniper or Vesper (like Eleanor, I love a girls name that ends with an ‘R’)

    Boys: Benjamin or Jasper.

  114. Taschenera

    My Name Idear for a Girl Rose o matha
    And a Boy Erwin
    Enjoy Your pragnancy

  115. Melanie

    One of my favorite youtubers each made a list on a white board of however many names they had for the weeks left of the pregnancy and each week they would get together and cross a name off of their lists, its a good way to narrow things down! Seeing as you have 22ish weeks left you could each right 22 boys names and 22 girls names, erasing one name each week! I love the names you have already chosen for your adorable children so I’m sure whatever you come up with will be amazing!

  116. Candice

    Hey Naomi! A million congrats on baby #3! We have 2 year old boy/girl twins and are currently trying for a third, so I’m living vicariously through you:) I’ve read your blog for the longest time (and of course always come away inspired), but in the past have had a hard time logging in to comment, so I’ve always ended up giving up!

    Anyway, I thought I’d try again because I feel like we sort of have the same style with names:) Our little girl’s name is Vivian and our boy is Lincoln. And on my list for our next is Eloise or Naomi and who knows what for a boy (always the hardest for me!).

    Also, I have to mention I sent you an email awhile back because I own a small baby clothing line called Love Well Handmade, and I’d love to send you something for the kiddos. I know you probably get a million of those messages all the time, so I wasn’t surprised at all that I haven’t heard back yet, but since I’m commenting on here anyway I figured I’d mention it! Hope you’re having a great week!

  117. Patty

    I think Charlotte Davis is a great name!
    And for a boy Jeremiah :)

  118. Allyson

    My little cousins name is Brooklyn and I’ve always loved that name for a girl! And for a boy maybe Katin or Konrad :) also, congrats on your baby! I follow you on Instagram and I love your pictures!

  119. Nina

    Finn Davis has a beautiful little ring to it! (for a boy) And for a girl, I think Madeline Davis would be a lovely choice.

  120. Amélie

    I’m french and my name is Amelie, i Know that in USA there is much more Amelia but i think that Amelie Davis sounds good:-) if it’s a girl ,i like the french name G√©raldine too. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. XOXO to all your family
    (PS love the pics)

  121. Laure

    Ooooh, I love suggesting names!


    Skyler (or Sky)

  122. Emma

    You are a glowing, gorgeous pregnant woman! Your face reflects the happiness that you and your precious family must be experiencing! Some of my favorite baby names: Liam, Henry, Gideon for a little boy and Eloise, Lucy, Charlotte, Frances, Emily, Ainsley and Hadley for a girl! Best of luck in the rest of your pregnancy!

  123. Cami

    That nursery… absolutely the cutest! AND you look adorable. Congratulations!

  124. skye

    your baby bump is adorable! our twin girls are due in september and i had such a hard time picking names that weren’t super matchy but still had the same sort of depth. i’d help you out in the name department but i’m keeping our options and back ups hush hush for now. i’m sure you’ll find something perfect to name this newest little love!

  125. Yanira

    I’m a nursing student from Spain and I love maternity

  126. I love the ring idea and can’t wait to see what you pick for a name. You’ve been on point so far, so good luck and congratulations! Xo.

  127. √Čmilie

    My little girl is Zélie. A very old French name that I fell in love with 10 years before she was born.

  128. Congratulations to you and your family! I can’t wait to see which name you pick, Eleanor and Samson are both such adorable names. I think:



    would compliment “Eleanor” and “Samson” well. Super excited for you guys!

  129. Mackenzie Carlson

    Naomi, you look absolutely radiant! I hope to look half as beautiful as you when I have children

    As for baby names… my favourites are:



  130. kim

    What is Samson’s middle name? We are in the same boat, having a tough time with names:)

  131. jana

    Ila or Mela if its a girl, Teo or Oli if its a boy =D

  132. Penny

    I love the names of your babies and I wish I could come with some brilliant suggestions for their new sibling. I’ll try though.

    Boy: Levi (always loved that name), Axel, Louis, Luca, Hugo, Billie, Emmett, Hector, Magnus, Alvin, Marvin, Melvin, Jace, Nolan, Noel, Viggo, Felix, August, Otto.

    Girl: Norah, Vera, Selma, Livia, Emmie, Scarlett, Lucca, Sadie, Sage, Maya, Elsa, Elsie, Clara, Ida, Esther, Mathilda/Tilda, Cornelia.

    Sorry, it was a good mix of all sorts of names. I’m Danish, you see.

  133. you look adorable! love the top!

  134. Lauren S

    For girls I like – Lucy, Emma, Kate, Ava, Evie and Adeline

    For boys I like – Will, Oliver, Charlie, Ben, Noah and Jack

    Congrats! You’re gonna have one great Christmas gift this year!

  135. Sylvia Suzie

    I hope you have a nice day. You look beautiful pregnant.

    What do you think about name Sylvia? This is my name and i don’t like it.

    And my suggestion: for girl: Letty, Michelle, Mia, Charlie, Nina, Sylvia, Caroline, Victoria, Bella, Perrie, Jessica, Claudia,
    for boy: Tony, Ian, Dominic, Brian, Paul, Liam, Louis

    I love you woman! And I wish you much heathl.
    I hope you like and chec one name of my suggestion.
    If you read this please, reply.
    And I have a question…
    You desing clothes?
    Please, reply.
    Love you xx

  136. Bea

    Hi Naomi!!
    You look great!!!really great!
    I love Rachel and Julia and Isabel if it’s a girl.
    If it’s a boy Mark, and Cesare!

  137. Tea Z

    Hi Naomi,

    you look lovely.An absolute beautiful pregnant lady :)
    Your kids are so cute, Im sure they will have lots of fun and fights with their new sibling. But your doing a great job as far as I can judge by parenting this kidos. Great job!

    I’ve seen some hidies names here. I think it is very funny to read all the names for you.
    Some names I think are adorible : Vida (meand life in Spanish- for a girl), Julia, Dahlia, Joline or Lenny, Joshua, Nikolas, Romeo, Julian,

    have a fabulous day ,
    greetings from Croatia.

  138. Maria

    Congratulations on your third baby! My daughter had a baby girl, Michalina (Michelle) around the same time you had Samson and now she is awaiting her second child as well. What a coincidence!?

    I like the name Martha and if it’s a boy, Peter or Elliot.

  139. Jill

    God Bless you and your people!

  140. Sydney

    YOUR BUMP! It is so cute! You tiny little thing, you are all belly and I am sure come September and October you are gonna be even cuter. I am so excited for you and your family! This is the most amazing experience in the world. Eleanor is adorable keeping that picture by her bed. She is going to be the best big sister to both Samson and the new little babe.

    xoxo congrats & can’t wait to see the growing bump!


  141. Emma

    You’re stunning !

    For a girl:


    For a boy:


  142. sarah

    You seriously look adorable! Congrats on baby #3.

    I’m traditional. I like…
    GIRL: Beatrix, Hazel and Mabel
    BOY: Leo, William and Henry

    Good luck picking a name – it’ll be perfect no matter what you choose.

  143. Emma

    Weeell Clovis Davis …… Maybe not ! What about Clyde?

  144. Emily

    your bangs are perfect. like, literally they are perfect. so congrats.

    i’m planning on name my girl ronnie and my boy oliver. i just feel like they aren’t as common, but they are still super cute.

    the little diary

  145. are you wearing maternity jeans in the photos? I am pregnant with my 2nd and just assume I’m going to pop a little sooner than last time. I’d love to find a really great pair of jeans for my fall/winter pregnancy! and, don’t even get me started on names! Our first one is Edwin and I don’t know how we are possibly going to top that! ;)

    • TAZA

      they are a pair of baggier boyfriend jeans, not maternity. but working great as maternity since they were a baggy fit to begin with! congrats on your second!!

  146. Ellen

    Boy: Henry, Eben, Cam or Cameron, Joel or Jolyon
    Girl: Lucy, Amelia, Winona, Rosemary

  147. .d.


    this is my only suggestion. I think it is so beautiful/simple/energetic and would go really nicely with your other children’s names. No idea for boy names, sorry! Is it me, or are boy names much harder to figure out?

  148. Lorraine

    My two are called Roman (boy aged 3 1/2) and Robyn (girl aged 15mts),always get loads of compliments…..

  149. Livi


  150. Katie

    These have always been some of my favorites :)

    Girl: Adalie, Liesel, Heidi, Langley, Emiline, Celia, Posy, Elise, Avery, Remmy

    Boy: Beckett, Rhyker (Rye), Brighton, Jude, Vance, Atticus, Harrison, Thomas, Silas

    And I’ve always loved the idea of keeping family names, whether it be for a first or middle name. I just think it’s really special. Can’t wait to see what you guys pick! And like everyone else said, love that shirt!!

  151. Alexis

    Absolutely love the Moffatt blouse!
    I think old fashioned names are the absolute best, and I’ve realized that some of my suggestions below have definitely become popular again!
    Girl: Winnifred (Winnie), Willow, Charlotte, Eva, Lucy
    Boy: Andrew, Benjamin, William and I’m totally obsessed with Charlie!

  152. Traci Barr Segal

    Jessica or Atalia for a girl
    Ezra or Max for a boy.

  153. you make pregnancy look so good, as always.

    have you thought about italian names (what with your italian ties)? i’ve always liked the name gaia (guy-a) for a girl. also kit for a girl or gray for a boy.

    best of luck!

  154. Claire G Robertson

    Naomi you look absolutely radiant and I love reading about how excited your little family is about this precious new bub! It’s such a glorious and special time. I find names absolutely fascinating; how each family uses old and new names to either continue or start new traditions. It’s beautiful. I don’t have much in suggestions but love reading everyone else’s. My two little ones are called

    Jordan Vincent Michael & Eleanor Grace

  155. Erica

    I enjoyed scrolling through the comments just to see what everyone has come up with! I love hearing other people’s favorite names. I spotted all my siblings’ names on this list… Alexa, Victoria (Tori), and Theodore (Teddy). I would highly recommend any of those :)

  156. You look beautiful, Naomi! For a boy, I love the name Hunter and for a girl my current favorite is Adelaide – I think it’s really beautiful! I’m sure whatever name you decide on will be perfect for your little one. (:

  157. tracy

    Congratulations !!!! I’m so excited for the new baby! I hope everything is well for you!!

    Here are a few names I have in mind:



  158. Abi

    These pictures make me so excited to have a baby of my own some day! Some of my favorite names for Boys:

    And for girls:
    Marlow/ Marla

    Im from the UK in case you’re curious. :)

  159. Contessa

    Congratulations! You’re family is THE cutest! I adore you all!

    I’m partial to the name: Contessa


  160. Amy

    Oh my gosh you are just looking so gorgeous! Pregnancy definitely suits you lady :) As someone with a supremely common name I totally get your dilemma!(my mum swears it wasn’t as common when she chose it haha). I’ve always liked Saskia, Layla/Lilah and Elodie for girls, or Indy, Mica/Micah, Lucas and Cooper for boys.
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy is magical! x.

  161. Ashley Amado

    Meredith or Renley are cute girls names. For boy names, I really like Adam and Marshall. I love the names Eleanor and Samson, so baby no. 3 should be just as good!

  162. Laura

    Elyse for a girl, and Ronan for a boy! :)

  163. Jordan

    You look amazinginly beautiful!

  164. Lauren

    I’ve always loved the names Alba and Eilidh but I also think Lily is very pretty. For a boy Luke, Noah, Flynn or Harry. But I’m sure once you see your little bundle of joy, you’ll just know!

  165. Lauren

    Okay, you have totally sparked my inner name-nerd. I’ve always said if there was job naming other people’s babies, I would be applying for it! Not because of any particular talent, but rather to satisfy my mad crush on names :)

    Maybe for girls… Tessa, Beatrice, Clementine, Maisie, Phoebe
    Maybe for boys…Barnaby, Phineas, Felix, Gideon, Dashiell

    I’m probably going to tweet you incessantly with new ideas. (Sorry in advance).

    P.S your hair is gorgeous! Welcome back to the dark side :)

  166. Lisa L

    Congrats! What a blessing!
    We have three sweet babes and we waited until birth to find out the gender for all of them- so fun!

    We like names that have a good meaning. Finding a meaning you like is a good place to start!

    Astrid (means “strength”)


  167. kristen

    You are ADORABLE. I’d just say to stick with Bible names, since you’ve done that with the first two. :)

  168. rosalind

    Hello from singapore!

    I just had to leave u this comment to congrats u on this third bundle of joy and share with u that this fan of your blog here for the past 3yrs is also 18 weeks like u. :)
    Second one for me and my belly has also popped out much earlier.
    i love the posts about yr toddlerso and yr family and i think u are a fantastic mum and a fabulour looking one too! Keep those lovely blog posts coming!


  169. Tia

    I just named my daughter Vivienne. I really like it, it is different but not weird, and more old-fashioned. My son is named Landon. Landon was a compromise, my husband and I have a hard time agreeing on names! I really wanted to name him after one of our grandpas, either Wells or Ezra (biblical, too). He isn’t even two yet, and now we have a nephew named Wells and another one named Ezra. My brothers-in-law seem to like my name ideas, but not him, ha! Other names I like (some of them are already used by nieces and nephews–there are over 30): Calvin, Curtis, Owen, Case, Amelia, Camilla, :)

  170. Marriah

    I actually spent an embarrassingly long time searching for names that worked best (in my opinion, obviously). I narrowed it down to two of each!



    I’m so happy for you all! Eleanor sounds like an incredible big sister. Samson and your new little one are lucky to have her :).

  171. Jenna Watson

    I love Ezra for a boy and Madeline for a girl!

  172. Cate

    Emerson for a boy or Ellery for a girl.

    Can you share details of your new hair colour? It’s tricky to find a nice brunette that doesn’t look too olive or too red or too orange…

    You look great btw.

  173. arielle

    there is so much beauty and in your words. and those pictures of you are gorgeous, too. I’m so happy for you and the adorable little family you have :)

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  174. Kelsey

    This is a beautiful post :) I’m so happy for you and your little family!

  175. Jessica

    You’re so pretty and mature! Congrats to you and your hubby!

  176. johanna


  177. Whitney

    I’ve always loved the names Felicity, Briar, Carrigan and Jasper for girls.
    I have a soft spot for Thatcher and Ezra for the boys. I think Ezra would be equally lovely on a girl. Noelle is also a favorite, but it belongs to my sister :)

  178. Sarah

    I’m giving away some of my names here, but hey, it’s not like we live in the same town! (Some are two names as they are names I’ve heard before and loved. In fact, in my boy list I had Samson Rex. And names like Lydia and Zulma may be old fashioned, but they are family names for me)

    Lydia Jane
    Zulma Claire
    Lydia Sawyer
    Ever Jane
    Story Kate
    Marlowe Lydia Rose
    Luca Luna Fleur

    Nicolas Wilde (Wilde as in Oscar Wilde)

  179. Esmeralda

    Jimena and Esmeralda for a girl

  180. Kelsey

    Congrats on your second pregnancy! Your children are just the cutest. Here are some of my favorite names :)

    girls: ellie, annabel, eve, aubrey, harlow, veronica, savannah, cara, norah, miranda, allie, carrington, avery, mia, emma, charlotte, annasophia, shelby, kate, lyla, bailey, meredith, holland, briar noelle (wayyy too many! haha)

    boys: liam, grant, ryan, lyle, porter, brett, matthew, emmett, graham, noah

  181. Kelsey

    Oh gosh…I totally meant third. That’s embarrassing

  182. Sarah

    Beautiful post! Heidi for a girl, Nathan for a boy! xo

  183. Tweety

    I dropped my middle name and use my mum’s maiden name as my middle name. I like the old school names

    Girl Names:

    Boy Names:

  184. Jessica

    Ok, I’ll throw my two cents in, since you asked. I’ve always liked Peter, I know it means father in latin, but there’s just something I like about it. Peter just sounds like a nice guy. I love that you named your daughter Eleanor it just has such a beautiful ring to it, so refined, but having to choose another I do like Isabella. Of course I just thought of Twilight and all the other Bellas there will be, but Izzy is quite cute and it does mean devoted to God.

  185. Renae

    congrats on your new addition!
    for girls: Poppy, Evelyn, Amelia, Emery, Braylee, Sloane, Sutton, Finley
    for boys, Elliot, Declan, Finn, Zion, Liam, Beckett

  186. Amy

    Our kids are Evelyn, Samuel, & Maxwell. I think all would go perfectly with Eleanor and Samson. :) Congratulations your new addition.

  187. Tameena

    Franklin – girl or boy!

  188. Carrie

    I love Cash for a boy (my son’s name) and Georgie for a girl (my daughter’s name). I would use the very same names if I had it to do all over again!

  189. Maren

    You seriously have the cutest baby bump! My favorite girl names are Eleanor (already taken…), Grace, Charlotte, Penny, and Clara. The list of boys names include William, Lucas, Charlie, Henry, and Benjamin. Good luck!!

  190. Olivia

    Boy Names: Asher, Gavin, Reid

    Girl Names: Jacey, Arizona, Lillian, Ivy

  191. Florence Luna

    ooh zion! that’s one of a kind. (from renae who posted it earlier). what about naylea. or camille. sofia is kinda cute (maybe go for sofi… sofi rose, maybe)? or maybe xavier. or gemma. or romy. or maybe name them after a dancer you really admire…

  192. Elle

    Violet & Rockwell

  193. Sarah

    The name game…

    My sister’s name is Brea, and I’ve always wanted it since we were little! I have also always been fond of my best friend’s name, Emmaline, however my favorite name for a little girl is Lyla.

    For a boy, Elliot, Theo, Reese or maybe Thayer.

    Good luck, and congratulations! I love following your blog of your little family of four(soon to be five)!

  194. Danielle

    wow you look beautiful, love that top!

    my most favorite baby names are…


    Naomi :)


  195. Lucy

    Hi Naomi,
    I’m a college student OBSESSED with your blog. I first started reading it when I was in a state of clinical depression, and your uplifting outlook on life has completely changed how I view the world. I absolutely love your fashion sense, and your children are adorable. As far as baby names, for a girl I like Lillian and Rosemary and for a boy I like Everett and Preston. Hope this helps, and good luck with everything. Congratulations on the new baby.
    Thanks for helping a struggling 20-year-old feel a little bit less alone in the world.

  196. Marina

    Fletcher for a boy, Tessa for a girl.

    Classic without being either fussy or too-cute, and they work with Eleanor and Samson. Also, they work when shortened, especially Tessa, which can always be Tess as a nickname. These are my top favorites.

    Best of luck with the fun and the less fun pregnancy phases!

  197. Elyn

    Girl >> Leona or Riordan
    Boy >> Theodore or Finn

  198. Jamie Grubb

    Alaina Rosalee or Nicola louise are pretty ones :-)

  199. Sara

    Hi Naomi!

    You look adorable with your baby bump! Congratulations to you and your family :)

    I have some favorite names:

    Girls: Vivienne, Poppy, Willow, Piper, Pippa, Violet

    Boys: Ronan, Everette, Benjamin, Atticus, Eli, Henry, Rowan, Fitzgerald

    Boy or Girl: Scout (prob. my favorite)

    Have fun <3

  200. Alexa

    Hi Naomi!
    Congrats on baby number three!
    Here are some names I like:



  201. Julia

    Naomi, you look wonderful!
    What do you think about Marla for a girl and Nicolas for a boy? They are and will be my all time favs!

  202. Holly

    Girl. Charlotte
    Boy. Oliver

  203. Sara

    We recently fell in love with the name Marigold :) :)

  204. Mikayla

    So many people have already said these names, but I’m repeating them because I feel they may resonate with you (I don’t know, I just get feelings about these things!)

    – Adeline
    – Amelia/Emilia (it means “light” in Latin, perfect since the babe will light up your life!
    – Marie (I love this quaint and regal version of Mary. It’s beautiful)
    – Evelyn (the little sweetheart I nanny is named Evelyn, and we call her Evie for short! E may get jealous of having another E around though ;))

    – Luke/Luka/Luca (also means “light” in Latin, see Amelia above!)
    – Isaac
    – Henry
    – Bennett

    So happy for you and the family! Congratulations once more!!!

  205. Hannah

    You are absolutely glowing! I love reading your blog and was thrilled to hear you were expecting baby #3.
    Here are a few ideas I had for you :)



    Question, what made you pick Eleanor and Samson’s names? Were they family names?

  206. Lindsay

    I just had my first boy on Christmas Day of last year. Get ready for the comments about how awful it is to have a Christmas birthday and less presents and blah blah blah. After trying for 9 months to get pregnant, I wasn’t going to be picky about star signs. BUT, the cool thing is, he’ll always be with his family on his birthday–SCORE. I named my little Dude Mack, Mack Pavlik Hoyt. Pavlik is my mom’s maiden name and last name of my favorite grandpa George (hubby wasn’t having George even though I loved it and then the Prince was born a few months earlier). Mack after my husband’s grandpa Jack but there were too many Jack’s popping up in our hood and social media corners but still has the same strong sound. Also what the baby book said about Mack is so him now: the all smiling tough guy. Then I bought the domain name for him to build when he grows up.

    Happy naming!

  207. megan

    i love the names magnolia jayne, delilah grey, eloise mae, dashel jude, silas wilson & jameson. happy naming & congratulations to you & your growing family! best wishes.

  208. Katie

    GIRL: Hailey, Sienna, Kate, Kiley, Rose, Iris, Thea, Rhode, Anna, McLaine
    BOY: Thomas, Mason, Lucas, Jack, Liam, Kyle, Nate, Kole, Sawyer

  209. Katie


  210. Pam

    I love Ruth for a girl and Caleb for a boy. I love your blog!

  211. Julie

    Girl: Annette, Rosalie, Maeve, Eden, Vivienne, Irene

    Boy: Asher, Vincent, August, Levi, Isaiah, Titus

  212. Linh

    How about Lucia for girl and Oliver for boy?

  213. Libbi Nelson

    Hello Naomi,
    I dont know you but I sure love your blog. And wow what a cute family.

    I thought I’d jump in on this name thing.
    Guess what? – my oldest son is 21 ! His name is SAMSON. We hardly ever hear it. When your adorable Samson came to be – I sent a picture to my Samson on his mission.
    Then I have a Ryan, Olivia, Isaac, AnneMarie and baby Eli who is adopted!

    and my name is Libbianne – my mom made it up!

    Take care:)

  214. Ana

    I really like Emma, Annalise and Padme :)
    For boys Ezra, Logan :)

  215. Emily

    Girl: Amelie, Eloise, Imogen, Harriet, Penelope, Piper, Lucille, Florence (my middle name!), Josephine (Josie)
    Boy: Malcolm, Theodore (Teddy), Emmett, Felix, Jude, Timothy, Harrison

  216. Emily

    And Violet!

  217. Brooke Stokes

    Way to make me all baby hungry again, sheesh! Haha! Well, my 2 favorite names are Savannah for a girl, and Deagan for a boy, which is why they are my kid’s names! (I tried VERY hard to convince my husband to let me name my son Deagan Hemingway, but he wanted his brother’s name to be his middle name instead…) Next on my list is Evangeline, or Bridget for a girl, and Dakota, Liam or Hawkins for a boy.

  218. Jennifer F

    You look absolutely gorgeous. You can always tell the strangers that like to comment on the size of your bump (now or in the fall or whenever) that you’re due sooner than you actually are. I had the same problem with “popping out” pretty early with #2 & 3, and being tall & thin and carrying all out in front made me look like I’d stuck a basketball under my shirt by month 6. Anyway, no worries- but I get it, and many, many other women do too. We collectively commiserate with you and send hugs for when people are rude.

    Picking names is sooo hard, especially for boys (girls have stolen so many boys’ names!). We have 3 boys and really struggled. I have a far too common name, and both my husband and I are teachers, so we really searched for much less common names that still aren’t too weird or hard to spell (we would check the most recent social security top 1000 names online to find out how popular a name was becoming). So far our boys are still the only ones at church or the park with their names and likely the only ones in their class (that said, feel free to steal them since we’re out in CA by SF!) I also like names that have a meaning I like or connect with (I would search for names by meaning, which is how I found our oldest’s name). Others mentioned looking at family names, which is a great idea too- first AND last names. Our second boy has my grandfather’s last name, and Gabriel for a middle name because he was born in December and is my angel boy. Anyway, I don’t know a thing about girls’ names, but our boys are Alden, Harmon and Sullivan. I always liked the name Jaron but hubby didn’t. (We also considered Samson for #3 as he was born on Sunday). You will find something that clicks, and it might happen next week or after the baby is born. Either way, no worries! Good luck. Oh- and I love how excited Eleanor is for the new baby! So sweet. :)

  219. Sini

    I am cathing up with your blog, very exciting news! Congratulations for you and the family. Happy times!!

  220. Annie

    Wow! My cousin sister is also at her 18 weeks but no one can even tell she’s pregnant! :/ Haha wuuuuut.

  221. Agnes

    Josephine (Jojo, Josie)

    Alfred (Freddie)
    Walter (Wally, Walt)
    Martin (Marty)
    Arthur (Artie)

  222. Super cute baby bump!! You can totally tell your naturally thin and it compliments your belly perfectly =) Im a modern day hippie, so naturally my kids have names that fit, right?! haha I have 2 boys, named Xzavier and Sparrow and 2 girls named Lilliana and Delilah…..I absolutely adore the name Magnolia, pretty sure if we have another girl, we will give her that name =) Good luck on th ename game, it does get hard the more you have, but so fun because there are so many great names out there! xoxo ~Ashley

  223. Meg

    If it’s a girl I love the names Maisie and Imogen & for a boy I like the names Oliver and Maddox

  224. I love Louise for a girl. It’s very Frenchy but I love this name, particularly when it’s called with an American accent :)
    By the way, you look beautiful with that little tummy!

  225. Cassie Webster




  226. eva

    Girl: Matilda, Lola
    Boy: William, Alistair
    Congratulations, I also have three and it is funny.

  227. Allison

    You look so beautiful. Eleanor’s excitement is so very sweet! I can’t wait for another beautiful Davis child!
    My favourite boy names are Alexander, Holden, Hank, James, Lee
    For girls: Emmylou, Francis, Charlie, Lily, Maya, Loralie

  228. tilly

    i see what you are talking about looking alot further along then just 18 weeks! it doesn’t matter though as you are just glowing and it will make you realise the reality (like you said about bath hooks, rings, etc) that you and josh are going to be parents to 3 little davis babies sooner! congrats again naomi! as for names, well it is a hard one, i agree! but even worse you have already used your favourite girl and boy names im guessing :) I have always loved the name lucy for a baby girl and leo for a little boy. they are just some suggestions for you to think about ;) and i can’t help but not mention how adorable e is! oh my goodness, with the ultrasound picture, are you kidding me!? she is such a sweet heart and im sure she will make a great big sis the second time round and samson will too. enjoy new yorks lovely weather while i soak up the cold down here in vic, australia. i sure am a jealous girl! congrats again naomi! x

  229. Lise

    I forgot to mention the name Noelle, which is almost like Christmas in French – and you love Christmas!

    I also like Flynn for a boy, and Chloéfé for a girl.

  230. Lisa

    Is this “surname as a middle name” discussion an American thing? Sorry, but I’m European and as far as I know you can have as many name as you want. I have 3 names (One being used every day and then two middle names) plus surname, so I don’t really get the “No middle name for a girl so she can hade her surname as a middle name”-thing.

    Also, maybe this is too a very European thing, but I have a very unique surname and would never give it up just because I’m getting married. He can have my name if he wants, but mine stays. But thats not the point here.

    Can someone please explain how it works in the US? Are you allowed only 1 middle name?

  231. Estelle

    I’ll give you french names ( because i’m belgian) but i LOVE Arthur and Victor for a boy, and Louise or Lucie for a girl. I also love Oscar for a boy even if it’s an English name :) Again, congratulations for your pregnancy!!

  232. Aurélie

    Hi Naomi, love your blog and your happy family ! I adore the name of Eug√®ne for a little boy and Jos√©phine and Lisa for a girl. I’m from Aix-en-Provence and your blog is like a little travel for me, to see a slice of your life in New York City, so different lifestyle of my country !

    Have a very good day and Félicitations !


  233. Stine



  234. Miki

    How about ‘Lino’ if it’s a girl?
    It means dazzling, brilliant and bright in Hawaii.
    I think it’s a perfect name for davis fanily :)

  235. Adeline

    Adeline, simply because I’m biased ;) Although, a word of warning – no one ( knows how to pronounce it in the UK. Sigh.

  236. Micah

    I like Ellery, Louise, Tory, Elaine, Travis and of course my name Micah :)

  237. Clara


    I’m surprised (and flattered I must admit) that my own name – Clara – was quoted in comments :) It has became quite popular here in France but I had no idea it would be given to American babies. Funny :)

    As I’m French, my favorite names might sound odd (though a lot of them are not specifically French) :
    – I just love names who can work for both genders, as Camille, Sacha, Ma√ęl (B)/Ma√ęlle (G).
    – For a girl : Anna, Capucine, Mahault, Mah√©, Ma√Į, Anouk, Lou
    – For a boy : Jonas, Tobias, Malo, Isma√ęl, Louis

  238. Freya

    I could totally see you with a baby Emma or a baby Jack. Or Arthur. Oscar? Arthur would be super cute though, wouldn’t it? Isabella, Annabel, or Jane for a girl too.

  239. Lucie

    Hi Naomi,
    you look gorgeous! I only wonder about the “bump getting bigger with every pregnancy” because mine got really big really quickly and it’s my first child… At 5 months pregnant, people were asking me how soon was the baby due :). Which probably means next time it will be impossible to hide.
    Good luck picking a name, with your permission, I will go throught the comments too, I am currently 38 weeks and we still haven’t found the perfect name.
    Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy,

  240. You look absolutely gorgeous Taza :D

    Melanie xx

  241. Ainoa

    If it’ a girl, a beatiful Spanish name (mine :-) ): AINOA.
    There won’t be too many girls with this name in NY ;-)

    For a boy: Tiago (this one is portuguese) or Diego (same name but in Spanish)

    Congratulations from Madrid!

  242. Rebecca

    I really love the name Alva for a Girl !
    Or the name Noelle(Girl) is really beautiful and also works for a Boy (Noel) :)

  243. Frieda

    Frieda, Lina, Carla for a girl

    August, Emerson, Kaspar, Julius for a boy

    I¬īm German and so are mot of these names, so they might sound silly :)

    You look beautiful! xx

  244. Marcelle

    I love my name Marcelle, it’s unique and I always get compliments on it (as if I had anything to do with picking it. Thanks mom!) it can also be for a girl or boy – Marcel. Also like Finley, Joslyn, Hattie, Charlie, James, Benjamin.

  245. I have three kiddos and I showed earlier each time around. That being said, though, I never ended up bigger in the end…just earlier than the pregnancy before. If that makes sense? So don’t worry! That 3 bedroom house of a belly of yours proooobably won’t decide to expand itself much more :)

  246. valentine

    Hello Naomi!

    I don’t know if you like french and italian names but here’s some ideas :

    girl : Adélie, Catterina, Giuliana, Grégorie, Lune, Elena, Vittorina.
    boy : Timoteo, Vittorio, William, Isaac, Theodore.

    No matter what names you’ll pick, it will fit with your baby!

  247. Laura

    You look beautiful! Congratulations on this. Your family is an inspiration.

  248. Rawdah J

    You look beautiful and amazing!
    Also, E seems to be the sweetest big sis already. =)

  249. Inga

    My favorite names:
    Friederike, Johanna, Adele, Emilie for girls
    and Rufus, Frieder, Leonhard, Friedrich for boys

  250. Amanda

    Boy: Maxwell, Carrick, Noah
    Girl: Lennon, Stella, Noa

  251. Kristine

    My daughters names are Tabitha and Daphne, the two most beautiful names in the world as far as i am concerned. Jane is also classic and lovely. For boy… I would have named him Sullivan and called him Sully. All the best!

  252. Sarah

    You look lovely as always Naomi!
    I really like the names Jonah, Everett, Theo, Asher, Nestor (that was my grandfathers name)
    Lav√≠nia, Evelyn, Isla, Nina, Roma (if you spell it backward its “amor” which is the portuguese word for love)
    Lots of Love from Brazil!

  253. Kristi

    Here are some of my favorites :)

    Girl: Scarlett, Poppy, Vera, Emerson, Henley

    Boy: Levitt, Jude, Lincoln, Titus, Cullen

    I know this baby will end up with an adorable name just like it’s siblings! Best of luck in choosing!

    p.s. You are GLOWING!


  254. what a glowing mama you are! your joy is radiant!

  255. Sarah

    gorgeous as always! names i like:

    girls – ollie, emerson, amelia, maisie, owen, cecilia, blake, ada, gemma

    boys – foster, sawyer, nash, graham, seamus, finn, wallace, elliot, jonah

  256. sarah

    Sooo exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girl! You look lovely! We named our little girl Makenzie-Jane and I couldn’t be happier! Love double names! Some of the names I love are : Henry, Ezra, Lincoln, Rueben, charlie, zimri, levi, elias, sumner, sheppard, and jude. For girls I love charlotte, elodie, is arabella, matilda, zoe, savannah, lilly, and Dorothy, can’t wait to hear the name you choose!

  257. Brittni

    Call me crazy, but I’ve always been a fan of naming after months. I love July and August as names! You look absolutely stunning and totally glowing. I also love that Eleanor has the ultrasound photo taped to her wall…a great omen of good memories to come!

  258. Lauren Suarez


    Here are a few names I like and could see fitting in well with your family:



  259. Fran

    Your inner joy just radiates in those pics :). Picking out names can be tough, especially when you already have a boy and a girl because you’ve already picked your “favorite” names! My husband & I were having trouble agreeing on names when I was pregnant with my third. One day I decided to “read” a baby name book to my oldest daughter, who was almost 4 at the time. She decided on Matthew & Alexandra. We liked the names enough and told her that if we had a boy he would be Matthew and a girl would have Alexandra for a middle name. Here we are 19 years later, and Erin Alexandra still thinks it’s cool that her big sister picked out her middle name! Enjoy this special time and good luck!

  260. Janis

    You look great! Don’t sweat it! :)

    Boy or Girl: ASHER :)

  261. marie

    My son actually chose the name for his little newborn brother! Our newborn second son is named Nathan, chosen by his brother. Maybe you can get Eleanor and Samson to choose names too :)

  262. Masa

    My parents spent a lot of time thinking of unique (but not weird unique) names for us. My little sisters name is Anna Karis, mine is Masa (pronounced like Mesa) my brother’s is Reid which is fairly common now. I know I have always loved having a name that wasn’t super common, makes me feel unique in the best way.

  263. Sabine

    Simple, but classy. Old fashioned and not popular. Gives her the opportunity to chose Davis as a middle name. Goes well with Eleanore :-)
    (We named our daughter Clara Eleanore)

  264. Solène

    Hello Naomi!
    As i am french, i propose you french names!

    For a girl:
    Gabrielle ( Gabriel if it’s a boy)

    For a boy:
    Rapha√ęl ( Rapha√ęlle if it’s a girl)
    Pierre – Louis

    Good luck! :)

  265. Em

    Such good news!

    We speak French and the names we picked can be nice in English too!
    We love, love, love my eldest daugter’s name : Liviane. Our baby girl is Rapha√™lle.



  266. Kiki

    Congrats! I think, for a girl, names like Elsie, Scarlett, and Roxie would go great with the wonderful names you have chosen for your two little ones! I feel that boys’ names are a bit more difficult to choose, but I really like Oliver and Finn. Also, I think that having Eleanor and Samson help with the naming process is a great idea! My brother named me, and I love telling that story. ;) I hope this helps!

  267. Although not planning on a family for a few more years, my husband and I have already picked out baby names. Because when you have baby fever and can’t wait to start your own family, it’s just what you do. While I’ve got my favorites tucked away as a little secret, I have always loved the idea of turning the mother’s maiden name into a first name for a babe. Reed would be adorable for a little boy, and would also transition well into adulthood :)

  268. Betsy

    Congratulations Naomi! You are adorable, I admire your blog and I wish you the best on your third pregnancy and baby! How exciting!!
    My best friend is also pregnant and asked me the other day if I knew any cute pregnant bloggers with great style that she can use for inspiration. Of course, I recommended your blog, it just so happened you announced your pregnancy maybe a week before, which worked out perfect!
    We were going through baby names as well, and I can only imagine how tough it is, especially when you already used your favorite ones which are great by the way!

    I did want to share the name I have saved for myself that I think would fit for baby #3. I absolutely love the name NOELLE for a girl. The name is a feminine form of the name Noel (which can be used if baby is a boy) meaning “Christmas” in French. The French word itself is derived, via Old French, from Latin meaning “birthday (of the Lord)”. I thought it was fitting since he/she will be born during Christmas time. Just wanted to share and I hope it helps.

    More suggestions below :)



    Have a great day! :)

  269. Laura

    I couldn’t read all of your comments so apologies if these have been suggested…..for girls I love Alice and Felicity. I can’t help with boys. There are none that I like. We called our son Taylor but I know that in America, that’s more of a girl name!

    Your bump isn’t huge. It’s sweet and small. I wish mine was that compact at 18 weeks!

    Good luck. I’m sure you will find the perfect name xx

  270. Carley

    Audrey, Olivia, Elizabeth, Poppy
    Henry, Eli, John, Timothy

  271. Melissa VW

    So, here’s my thinking on your baby naming situation: Eleanor is 3 syllables, Samson is 2, and if you say three names in succession, it sounds best if the last is 1 syllable. :) That said, here are my 1 syllable suggestions:

    Girl: Wren, Rue
    Boy: Rafe, Max

    Good luck! Took us three full days AFTER our son was born to actually name him, we were so undecided. We went with Milo, and I can’t imagine him being anything else, he’s turned out to be such a sweet little Milo.

    You look lovely, by the way, even if you’re feeling large at 18 weeks. :) You wear pregnancy well.

  272. Emily F

    Oh my word, I’m pregnant with #4 and also due in December and I cannot believe how huge I am already! There was no keeping this baby secret, I was big right from the start. I’m 20 weeks now and honestly look like I could be 30. It’s painful! I mean, not physically, just emotionally. My younger two kids are excited about the baby but my oldest son is 10 and knows what a baby means…a big change in the family….and he is NOT excited. I wish I could find a way to help him feel happy about it.

  273. Amy B

    You look fantastic!

    Just a few names came to mind
    Girl: Cora, Camille,
    Boy: Henry, Beau, Theo

  274. Kellie

    You look amazing!!!!
    I love the names Isabella, Charlotte, Emma, and Sophia for a girl. For a boy I’ve always loved Liam and Adian.

  275. Dora

    I am in 18 weeks too. Will be my second baby!!! it is really exciting! this week will know it is boy o girl… i like spanish names because i am peruvian, I like simple and meaningful names… but a dont choose the name yet!! good luck and kisses

  276. Georgina

    I was wondering if you could share what nail color you’re wearing? It’s the most perfect pink I’ve ever seen!

    I just love your style, it’s so effortless. You and your bump look absolutely stunning, as always!

  277. Sophie Hinshon

    i keep all the names i like in my phone, and i have come up with an abundance of girls and boy names.




    ps-your kids’ names were on my list, too. they’re so cute. whatever name you pick will be perfect!

  278. I vote Blair(girl or boy)

  279. Kari

    Our friends named their daughter Vibiana, which I love. Vivian is also a cute name. I’m 14 weeks and don’t have anything close to a bump! I can’t wait until I pop too!

  280. Tara

    We named our little boy Rockford Jacob. We call him Rocky. I am a little biased but Rocky is a pretty cool name for a boy.
    You are so cute with your belly! Congratulations!
    Love, Bess

  281. Juliann Flis

    If it’s a girl; Jenzie :)

  282. Katy Lo

    I’m from Wales which is a lesser known country in the UK and some of the celtic names are lovely…

    Girl: Cadi, Carys, Cerys, Eleri, Bethan, Nia, Rhian,

    Boy: Rhys, Dewi, Owen, Evan, Tudor,

    Good luck! x

  283. MMoore

    Congrats on baby #3, I hope you continue to feel well and get lots of love from you babies (and your wonderful hubby!!!!)
    My pick for a baby girl is Brooklyn (ya’ll love NY!!) and for a baby boy Mason. We named our son Nicklaus (after golfer Jack Nicklaus, my hubby & I are both born and raised in Ohio)…but I am a little partial to Michele (only one L) :-) And you are right….you use your favorite names on the first baby(ies), so it does make it sooo difficult. Best of luck to you, your cravings, your many baths to come, and your growing family!!!!

  284. Courtney

    My youngest is named Hudson, which we love. I’m not sure if that would be annoying/obnoxious or fun for you since you live in NYC…but we live in Utah and we think it’s cute and even cuter now that we have a sweet baby to associate the name with. My favorites for girls are Lila and Adeline.

  285. csofia

    My favorite girls names: Isabelle or Isabella, Claire or Clara, Adelaide, Adelee

    Boys: August, Maurice, Sebastien, Blaise, Oscar

  286. Nathalie

    I am the third child, also born in December. My mother named me Nathalie (the French version of Natalie) because it means “Christmas child” or “gift.” You look so beautiful!

  287. laurie

    Max or Alden

  288. Lindsay

    You are absolutely my favorite blogger ever!

  289. lisa

    Jane, Blythe, Lucy, Clara, Julia, Audrey, Juliette

    Owen, Preston, Heath, James, Trevor, Jonah, Marcus

  290. Ella


  291. Myriah

    Rosy or Blythe. Fletcher or Phin.

  292. Lynsey

    Monty for a boy or Anya for a girl.

  293. Beatriz

    Girl: Olivia

    It will be a girlllll :-) congrats!!

  294. Eve

    These are right now my favorite names, hope you like them:

    Juliette, ysaline, for à girl
    Louis, Oscar or Victor for à boy

    But i’m from belgium so the pronunciation is √† litlle diverent.
    In two days i’m coming to new york, my frist time!!
    Happy :)



  295. Maya

    Liv (means life in danish)


  296. Lynn

    I’m partial to Clementine for a girl!

    • TAZA

      love that name!

  297. Heather

    I just love love love those rings so very much! I wonder where you got them? Etsy? I need to get myself some!

    As I was scrolling through the suggested names, I really loved seeing Patrick. I think it would fit very nicely with Eleanor and Samson. Eleanor, Samson, and Patrick :)


    • TAZA

      hi! the link is at the bottom of the post i linked about the rings!

  298. vanessa

    Naomi, congratulations for your pregnancy!

    The name of my daughters are Celia and Elsa.
    For boy I like Abel.

    Besos desde Valencia (Espa√Īa)

  299. Anya

    Congratulations!!! Excited for you! If it’s a girl, I really like the name Magnolia(Nola for short) and Georgia. If it’s a boy, how about Callum or Aaron? :)

  300. Alma Wall


    GIRLS- Norah, Ada, Eloise, Juliet, Ezra, Josephine, Aili

    BOYS- Huxley (my sons name: ) Moses, Igor

    : )

  301. Carrie M.

    Clara if it’s a girl, from The Nutcracker. :) Leo if it’s a boy, a little lion.

  302. Jennifer Mancini

    Love the bump, the shirt and the smile!
    I wish I would have thought of saving my daughter’s middle name for her to keep her family name when she married.
    Charlotte Evelyn is my daughter’s name.
    Also love Talullah and Camilla.
    I’m fond of the names Spencer, Walter and Oliver.
    Love reading your blog and look forward to watching that belly grow!

  303. Bradley

    Addison for a girl!

  304. Mareah

    Noah :)

  305. Shannon

    I have a lengthy list but I thought I’d narrow it down to the ones I thought fit best with E & S!

    For girls:

    Beatrice (Bea)

    For boys:


  306. Sarah

    Love your blog and your family!

    My absolute favorite girl’s name is Lily :) I also like Leina (pronounced Lay-na, not Lee-na). For a boy’s name, I like Henry Christopher.

    Best of luck!

  307. erin marie

    i like letta, luca, ryan, sadie, josie, veda and tallia for girls. for boys, amos, river, ashe, ezra, les, rye. this name game can be so tricky. So much to consider and such a fragile thing. easily ruined by a childhood friend with a dog of the same name or an awful ex or former co-worker.

  308. dana

    These are family names I’m partial to using someday:
    Ambrose (middle name for a boy)

  309. Ada

    You look lovely with this pretty bump!
    I am sure you will choose a perfect name but I remember that it can be difficult to decide. We changed our minds so many times – the last time after seeing our babies. My son’s name is Theodore which means ‘gift of God’ but we call him Theo like Theo van Doesburg. Daughter’s name is Lidia which would probably be Lydia in English.
    If you find 5 minutes of free time feel very welcomed to visit sound project’ website.

  310. Kim

    I’m voting for my boyfriend”s …and my own name: Kim
    Works either way you see ;)

  311. Alexandra

    Hey Naomi!

    I have a few names you may like… for boys and girls :)


    ruby, bonnie, blaire, billie, taylor, harper, harlow, mckenzie, kennedy, audrey, zippora, brooklyn, ali, january, tallulah, frankie, april, zoey, seraphina, isadore, nebraska jones, dakota, vera, skyler, lila, lola, penny, willow, havana, eleanor, sadie, ava,


    lucas, leroy,felix, noa, forrest, flynn, benjamin, matteo, samson, , arlo, , hunter, tigeh, toby

  312. Leigha

    Some names used in my family that I really love are:

    Olivia (call her Livi)

    Hope your pregnancy continues to be enjoyable! You look wonderful!

  313. Dani

    You’re adorable, as your babies! Praying for a third healthy, smart as the sibilings and gorgeous baby :)

    Girl: Olivia, Emmi, Mila, Nina, Emma, Avia, Giulia, Giovana, Summer, Norah
    Boy: Caleb, Gael, Micael, Leo, Murilo, Mateo, Giovani, Enzo, Eric, Dale

  314. Julia

    Why not a french name?


    AND MY SIBLING IS JAURANNE (sister) AND JAEL (brother)

  315. Zana


  316. jaida

    i think Bryn would be so cute for a little girl!

  317. Sara

    Yesterday, I received my stacked rings with my kids’ names (one for my daughter and one for my future son – due in September!) which I ordered after seeing your Pippit post. I’m wearing them next to my husband’s initial ring. Being pregnant with a little, I’m enjoying my naturebox subscription as well! So easy to grab a bag from the pantry on my way to work and have a healthy snack at my desk. Thanks for the hot tips! Looks like I”ll have to try a new body wash soon, as well!

  318. Em Hall

    My girls are Margot Beatrice and Harriet Liesel. I would LOVE to have another girl but I’m keeping my hypothetical name secret ;) I love playing the name game. Other names I love: Marlowe, Ava, Cecilia, Dorothy and for boys, Julian, Ezra, Ambrose, Hadley.

  319. Stephanie

    Naomi- Congratulations again! I am a long time reader (pre-Eleanor!). I am going through my first pregnancy now (due 11/24) so I was super excited that I could follow along with you in your pregnancy for real this time! I am now obsessed with your stacking name rings. I see you got them from Silver Pronto but it is not clear to me which ones you selected from the site. They have stacking initial rings but no stacking name ones, just names. Did you simply buy the name ones and stack them yourself or did you vary their sizing at all or is there a section with stacking ones that I am missing? I appreciate your insight. I cannot wait to build my own collection up as my family expands! Thanks!

  320. Hallie

    Davis goes well with pretty much everything!

    Edith (Edie)


  321. Ann

    For a boy, Hugo or Leo

    Best to you and your family!

  322. Colleen

    Love the post! Names I like:
    (girl) Eve, Tess, Tessa, Margaret, Margot, Nina, Immy, Imogen, Bella, Alexandra, Adelaide, Athena, Anissa (Ah-knee-sah), Ella, Elle, Alice.
    (boy) Charlie, Peter, Arthur, Harrison, Henry, Augustus, August, Frederick, Francis, Alexander.

  323. Katey

    Hi! have been following you and your growing family since you lived in DC. You were one of the first lifestyle bloggers I followed, and I fell in love. I would like to offer you a baby girl’s name: Nora Jane.

    This is the name I wish to give to my daughter (if I have children). I wish you luck with your third pregnancy, and I will be continuing to send you lots of love and good vibes.


  324. niamh



    Yup the list could go on, sorry I got just a bit carried away :3 XX

  325. Faye

    Our third little one is eleven weeks old, You are going to love three. It’s chaotic and the house is never clean but there’s so much love. It’s the best to see my two eldest dote on their baby sister. I have three girls and their names are Lila, Rose and Pearl. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)

  326. Alexa

    I already left a some suggestions but I forgot a few names

    Clementine (One of my favorites)
    Posy (I think this one is really cute)

    Harrison (Name if I was a boy)

  327. Vida means “life” in Spanish, so that would be a truly meaningful, special and unique name for a girl.

    I won’t post any suggestion for a boy’s name, ’cause I’ve got the feeling you are having a girl!! :)


  328. Samantha

    Eloise (like the book!) or Louise for a girl :)

    Maybe Spencer, Alexander, William, Salem

  329. Emily

    I think the Davis clan needs a Ramona!


    Allegra is a special name for a girl…. <3

  331. Natalie

    Girl! I named my baby girl Frieda Geraldine (Geraldine after my grandmother)! I loved Frieda so much, but opulent decide what name to use , I went with Frieda… then someone pointed out that Geraldine could be shortened to Gurdy!! I about died! How cute is that!?!!! I love family names like deep back, way way back! Do you have any good old timey names in your family? If Frieda was a boy I’d have named her Rocco or Hatch ( both family names) And it was between Frieda, Francis, or Dolly Bea. So those are all my votes!!!

  332. Maggie

    I love Caralie (care-uh-lee) for a girl and Hayes for a boy!

  333. Yuniar


    i wonder how about stroller? do you guys planning to buy another stroller? or how will you manage to bring the kids out from home. i am so curious

    • TAZA

      we plan to keep our double and just use the ride board which attaches on the back. eleanor is almost out of the stroller stage so hoping she’ll be willing to stand and ride on the back more often! we’ll see how it all goes!

  334. Emily

    I recently discovered your blog and I completely enchanted by your sweet family! Here are some names from the list I came up with when I was naming my son (top favorites are *):



  335. Gudule

    Madeleine or Suzanne for a girl.
    Gabriel or Felix for a boy! : )

  336. Kaela

    Hi! I’m a longtime fan and I love names/naming/name advice.

    Your style seems to me to be vintage/classic and vintage revival. My favorite style, too!

    Some names that come to mind:


    And for boys:
    Abram or Abraham

    I think you’re so lucky to have a surname like Davis that is super compatible in terms of sound with many, many names. The main thing I avoided in the list above was repeating the S or E from Samson and Eleanor, as that might set a precedent for future kids. (The one exception was Silas– I just think it fits your style so well!)

    Do you know about the Social Security administration lists? They have a website where you can find all the top 1,000 popular baby names in the USA from every year going back to the 1800s. You can see if a name is rising or falling, and how many were given it in previous years.

    Since Davis is a relatively common surname, I’d also recommend googling any name combinations to check if someone very famous (or infamous!) already has it. Most of the time it won’t matter, but in some cases you might want to avoid it.

    Good luck! So excited to see what you choose!

  337. Amy

    Hi! Have been following your blog for quite sometime now and am a huge fan. Your little family (which seems to keep growing ;)…) is so adorable! I just love the name Sawyer, for a girl or a boy. Thanks for sharing you awesome family with us. I look forward to seeing your blog posts and instagram posts every week! :) Lots of love from California! Xoxoxo
    Ps, I also LOVE the names Sutton and Rudy :)

  338. Alice

    My top boy names are Nathaniel (Nate for short) or Theodore (Theo for short)! I’ve always loved the whole long name with a shorter nickname!

  339. Rachael

    I never comment, but since Eleanor is my very favorite unused girl’s name, perhaps we have similar tastes? :-)

    My daughters are Abigail Grace and Juliet Elizabeth. My sons (all of whom would have been Eleanor had they turned out to be ladies!) are Isaac David, Luke Neil, and Nathan Edward. Other names I love but which my husband and I couldn’t agree upon:


    I’ve always been a fan of my sister’s names: Mary Elizabeth, Ruth Margaret, Elise Rebekah, and Rosalind Clarissa.

    My sisters named their daughters Evelyn & Adelaide–love those names too!

    And I’m terrible with boy names so that’s all I’ve got. :-)

  340. Anne

    The story about E and the ultrasound picture is just too adorable!

  341. Aura

    It’s so exciting to add another child to the family. My 4 kids keep asking me for another sibling although my kids apparently come in 2’s. Still dreaming of a Caleb and Madeline has always been a favorite.

  342. Meghan

    You seem to like traditional but uncommon names. With respect to that, I think Thadeus or Celeste would fit well with the names of your other children.

  343. Marion

    I have a Cooper and a Kaleb….my little monster ;)

  344. you are the cutest, naomi!

  345. First, you look great and I am sure you will remain stylish through your entire pregnancy! I always admire your style!

    Second, I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first child and I wondered as I read about your experience of baby movements and such, if maybe it becomes even more magical with the second and third child because you also know the awesomeness that’s about to come when you get to hold that baby in your arms. I thank God everyday for the healthy growing baby inside me and I think it’s pretty cool but despite my efforts, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like to hold this little baby and officially become a mother.

    Anyways, I love the way you share your story, thanks for letting us all in.

  346. Aindrea

    Beautiful! :)

    Boy: Aidan, Max, Mathew
    Girl: Isabella, Sophie, Olivia

  347. Angélica

    You look amazing!!
    I love your little princess’ name, I actually plan on using it.
    As for other girls I like
    Isabella (but this one’s gotten sooo popular lately.. or at least in latinamerica)

    And for boys:

  348. Gracie

    B: Ezra
    G: Remmy

    All the best to you!

  349. Carissa

    Lucia and Theo or Vincent :)

  350. Suzy

    I am a first grade teacher so I hear all of the cool and funky names coming in and this year was no exception. I taught the most beautiful little girl this year and her name was Lieselle – pronounced “lee-zelle”. I love her name. Her sisters name is Este – prononced “Est-ay”. I also love my sons name -Jackson Riley. We call him Jax! Good luck!

  351. vala

    all the best, dear family

    my two cents: ruby and amos

  352. Paola

    If it’s a girl: Chloe or Camille.
    If it’s a boy: Jacob or Alexander.

    Congrats! :)

  353. Lensey

    I think you look GREAT! I’m sure baby appreciates the space ;)

    Here are some of my favorite names that would work with E & S (in my opnion): Amelia, Adeline, Genevive, Hazel**, Harlow**, Penelope, Theadora, Noelle, Wilhelmina, Finn, Graham, Zander

  354. Rhiannon

    we just had our little girl in April. For years I wanted to use the middle name of my husband’s grandmother which was Avanelle. But when the time came we actually went with her first name, Violet.

  355. Emma

    For girls I’ve been loving Eloise and Hazel, old-fashioned and timeless names. Boys names are so much harder(!!!) although I think Hudson and Lonnie are both cute as a button names.

    Congrats on your pregnancy, you will be such a good mama to baby #3!!!

  356. franziska

    valentina or milla

    hector, pepe or dominik

    … best wishes for the new davis-baby from franziska with edith and willy

  357. Z


  358. Boy: Briley, Keaton, Dakota
    Girl: Brittan, Kearci, Devaney, Landra/Landry, Addison, Brooke

    Praying for you & baby!!

  359. Natalia


    Love your blog Taza – all the pictures are so lovely, and it’s so nice to feel like a part of your family!
    I think the most beautiful name for a girl is NATALIA, I know it’s my name, but I just love it :)
    All the best for you and your family! :)

  360. Katie

    baby names! i didn’t look at everyone else’s, so sorry if these are repeats…

    Amelia (Mia)
    Margaret (Maggie)

    :) Three cheers for new babies, growing families and new memories. Thanks for sharing your real life happily ever after with this blog. <3

  361. Ali

    Emilia,Emmy, Sally

    Boy: jay, Landon

  362. Sharon


  363. Tatjana

    Dear Davis Family,

    congrats on baby #3!!! Naomi, you look stunning!
    I can’t wait to meet your future baby, but first some thoughts on possible names:
    Girl: Alix, Valentina, Clementine
    Boy: Adam, Benjamin, Jonathan

    Greeting from Germany!

  364. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and following along with your adventures in motherhood. Now that I am expecting my first (I was 18 weeks on 7/18!) I am definitely looking forward to being able to share in this exciting journey, and right along side of you as you expect your third!

    I love Clementine for a girl. We would’ve picked it for ours but thought two citrus names would be a bit funny (Clementine Lemon?). ;)

    Congrats again!

  365. Mary

    Greta for a girl!

  366. Carmen

    Ohmy :D

    U amazing, really! And this dark hair i think show your beauty more! :)

    My godchild came to birth on these names, her name will Vivien :) I like!! And i guess super sweet the Lily too (this will my doughter name ones :D )
    And our second choise is my name, carmen :)
    Boys names soo hard :D

    Wish all just the best for u and ur sweet family :D

  367. Jaimee

    Your blog always makes me smile and your family are so charming. Our daughter chose her brother’s name and once she decided, no other name would do! It was quite sweet, really.

    Since you asked, and because I found it hard too- my name suggestions are;

    Archie – how good does Archie Davis sound?!

    Or Willa for a little girl.

    Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy- you look positively and absolutely lovely.

  368. Sophie

    Girl: Louise, Jeanne, Rose, Sofia, Joséphine, Sybille, Violette, Clara, Constance, Coline, Victoria, Mila, Yseult, Lola.
    Boy: Victor, Marius, L√©o-Paul, Henri, Jules, Emilie, Eduardo, Milo, Gaspard, Marcel, C√īme, Calixte, Jean.

    Congrats on baby #3!!!

  369. Vera

    First of all: You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love ALL of your posts and love following you via instagram!
    Second: CONGRATS on pregnancy, so excited with you and curious which name you will choose in the end (I am sure it will be the perfect name again :-)

    Sending you lots of love from Germany!

    Vera xxx

  370. Martha

    You are just adorbs preg. Totally off topic of names for bebe, but what color are your nails painted? I’ve been looking for a good pink all summer but haven’t found one I like yet… Loving yours!

  371. Laura

    Girl Names:

    Boy Names:

  372. Lauren

    My girls are Miriam Elise and Madeline Elise. If we have a boy we’re thinking Edison, Samuel or Jude. Congratulations

  373. Hanna

    Girl: Vera
    Boy: Movitz

  374. Laura

    Love the blog! Reading in Wales it all looks so exciting! Baby number 3 how delightful!!
    Welsh names:



    Congratulations again!!

  375. Katie

    Congrats!!! You are one of those people that pregnancy looks great on, you just glow!!

    Girl names: Ingrid, Lucy, or rose

    Boy names: Henry, anders or Oliver

  376. Ann

    Congrats mama!

    Here are some names that I think would be great with your sibset : )

    If it’s a girl: Agnes, Edith, Eliza, Frances, Harriet, Margo, Winifred

    If it’s a boy: Franklin, Gideon, Linus, Rufus, Theodore, Zephyr

  377. Meghan

    Reid (little nod to your family), Edward, Hugh, Baron, Norman, Grant, Pierce, Christian

    Genevieve, Victoria, Claudia, Vivian, Helen, Leigh, Celeste, Julia

  378. clare

    girl names: clare, lili
    boy names: Charlie

  379. MN


    My one and only suggestion. :)

  380. Natasha

    Malachi, Eloisa and Melody,
    These names are on my list (along with Mason and Evelyn) but don’t seem to be mentioned here, so I thought I would share :)
    **Deon is also a lovely name.

  381. Kerstin

    I love Delphine, Georgia, and Edie for a girl and Sawyer Riddick for a boy. You look wonderful! Best wishes to you and your family.

  382. Chamy

    I love Clementine too! Ivy, Liv, Hannah, Mia, Madeleine (in French), Alice, Charlotte, Margaux (pronounce Margo in French), Elie, Charlie, Flore, Avril
    For a boy : Levi, Aviv, Eliott, Leon, Achille, Ulysse
    Good luck Naomi and Josh!

  383. Sarah Beth Brown

    You look great and I’m so excited for this December baby! Have you ever heard the name symphony for a girl? I thought it was beautiful! I like Henry for a boy!

  384. cam

    for girl- zuri, frances, camille, juliet
    for boy- bronson, baylor, huntley

  385. Leticia

    congratulations for the new baby! it’s God blessing your family again!! hahaha you are all so beautiful

    girls – Letic

  386. Janina

    Hi Naomi!
    I’m following your wonderful Blog for about 4 years now.
    I don’t know you and i probably think of me as a weird little stalker when i send this Message in a few seconds, but i HAVE to say that i would love to meet you one day to tell you how inspiring you are! I truly think you are!
    I wish you and your beautiful Family all the best! And congrats to Baby #3. (I would choose Elsa or Leo as a name! ;))

    All the best from germany!

  387. Hilary C

    Haha I’m not sure why I’m adding to the vast name list because I’m sure my favorites have been suggested. But what the heck:

    Girl: Tessa, Gwen, Freya, Maebrit (Mae), Maeve
    Boy: Anders, Kincaid, Lars, Henry/Henrik

    There you go! Short and sweet! Congrats on your pregnancy! Your baby bump pics are making me want to have another! But my 2nd is only 8 months so I better rethink that.

    You’re beautiful and I love your blog!!

  388. I’ve resolved to call my future children part original names and part family names. So I am hoping to have a boy and a girl in the future so I can use them!
    Girl: Harper Mae
    I also love the idea of any future girls taking my first name as their middle so I love the idea of a Ruby Ellen (both family names) and Margaret Ellen

    Boy: Ford Ballard, Forster Rudolph (all family names… I find it easier to stick to tradition!)

  389. I’ve always loved Emmerson, Olivia, Sophie and Lola for a girl. Tucker, Finn, Oliveer & Aiden for a boy.

  390. Oliver* ^

  391. Nada

    I love unique names, and I believe that girls with unique names are the prettiest. So, for a girl, Pilar is my favorite name, it means diamond. Limar means gold and silver(something valuable and expensive), dareen is also unique and cool. Lindsay is actually not unique at all but I like it too. So.. have fun choosing the name haha! Hope I helped.

  392. Chelsea

    Olive (: it’s the perfect of old and new.

  393. Carson

    Everett or Jameson for a boy . … Eliza , Kennedy , or Sage for a girl. ‚̧ԳŹ

  394. Carson

    Oh. Oh . Marlowe ! For a girl . Looove Marloe or Marlowe Mae

  395. Michelle

    Congratulations !
    Soooooo happy for you and your soon addition to the Davis family :) Names always seem like the most important thing for a child, since that is what they carry with them forever. I love how your name, Naomi and little Samson are found in the Bible. Maybe baby Ruth if it’s a girl or Malachi if it’s a boy!

    P.s. I love Margaret, primarily for Maggie as a nickname ‚ô°

  396. Kit

    Probably already mentioned, but just in case:

    Emmett and Natasha (means born on Xmas I think)


  397. Minna

    For a girl, Emma, Peyton, Isabella, or Charlotte
    For a boy, Jackson or Liam!

    I hope you guys have fun choosing your name. Thank you for sharing your children with us :)

  398. Eli

    I’m currently loving Anastasia or Nastassia. xxx

  399. Hope

    I guess I’m a little late to the game, but I can’t help but share some of my favourites anyways!

    For girls: Lilia, Etta, Avia, Hattie, Emmie, Isla, and Audrie.

    For boys: Cohen, Theo, Avett, Daxon, and Mason.

    I can’t wait to see what you end up choosing for this sweet babe! Baby names fascinate me, and I adore Eleanor and Samson’s names, so no matter what you choose, I’m sure it will be perfect! :)

  400. Elizabeth

    Ellen, Julia, Kathryn, Audrey, Collins, Madelyn, Blair, Addison, Emma, Harper, Avery, Samantha, Ava, Savannah.

    Maddox, Ben, Jameson, Ryan, James, Elliot, Mark, Issac, John, Connor, Ian, Brad, Parker, Thomas, Nathaniel, Charles, Cole, Drew.

  401. Tayla – Reese is also knice :)

    You look great and i am such a fan of your blog

    All the way from SA.

  402. Billie

    You guys love old-fashioned names which is so sweet, and I’m excited to see what you will put with Eleanor & Samson. It’s sure to be perfect.

    Babies always grow into their names anyways, I think I love that part most!

    Some of my favorite girl names are actually (Surprise) boy names… like my name, haha.But I’ll list them anyways!

    For girls I love:
    Georgie, Lennon, Frankie, Liv, or Milla
    And for boys I really like:
    Leo, Louie (or some variation of Luke etc.), and either Rowan or Ronan

    Can’t wait for you sweet baby! xo

  403. Emma

    Reading through all these name suggestions was so much fun! Good luck choosing, and congratulations. Following your blog is one of life’s simple pleasures for me!

  404. Crystal

    Preston for a boy (that’s my 3 year old’s name), or Max, or Jack
    Maia, Ava, Mia, Charlotte, Leila for a girl : )
    At least you have pretty sensible suggestions from everyone….My surname is Mann so pretty much all of the suggestions I got were to name my son Spider, Super, Bat, Post, Fire….you get the idea ; ) Oh and Candy for a girl. ; ) Davis is a lot easier to work with : ) Congratulations on #3 – I remember being excited to hear you were pregnant with #1 and the little GIF that played. Love from NZ x

  405. Bethany

    You have two very classic older names already… hmm….

    Why am I leaning so much toward girl names!? I have three boys myself :)
    Cillian (Pronounced like a K), Finnegan and Emmett

  406. Lisa

    Congrats on baby #3 Davis family!! I love that Eleanor doesn’t have a middle name so there’s potential for her to keep Davis as her middle name. I am getting married in a few weeks and have been considering changing my middle name to my maiden name. I want to have the same last name as my children but am not ready to give up my maiden name. I’m right with you on that it is part of your roots!

    I love the names Nova and Emery for a girl and Liam or Ragan for a boy. My name is short and sweet and I’ve always appreciated that.

    Good luck with the name game! Your baby belly is adorable!

  407. Mary

    Congratulations on baby #3 Davis family! Children are the sweetest little treasures. Here are a few favourite names of mine…

    Magnolia Lane
    James (I love it for either a girl or boy)

    I like most of those names for their meanings. A name is fully apart of you and I think what your name means slowly turns into who you become… not always but sometimes. I also think you have to meet the baby in order to fully know what name to give him or her. :)

    Many blessings on your family. xxx

  408. Mia

    Girl: Maude, Phoebe, Olive, Esther & Frances (Frankie)
    Boy: Angus, Sullivan, Oscar & Oliver


  409. Judith

    I have 3 gorgeous babies

    Naomi (age 4)

    Benjamin… But we call him Benny, which I just love, he is the sweetest most gentle little lad and I like Benny so much more than the over used Ben. (age 2)

    And I also have little Julia (who we sometimes call jools) and she is only 3 1/2 months)

  410. Lauren Kate Bailey

    Many congratulations to you all on your third pregnancy, you are an inspiration to all mothers and mothers to be. You are always beautiful Naomi, but even more so with your precious little baby bump!

    Here’s just a few names that I like…

    Girls- Penelope, Savannah, Annabelle (Anna or Belle for short), Elsa, Raina, Grace, Ceara, Willow, Charlotte, Juliette, Isobelle, Maria, Nhala, Hallie,

    Boys- Roman, Theodore, Albert (Albie for sort), William, Samson (I know you cannot have this again but it is one of my all time favourite names!)

    I send my love to you during your pregnancy and hope you have the most joyful, relaxing time with both your littles and your soulmate Josh. Enjoy every moment.

    Life is beautiful!

  411. Sarah

    I know I’m late, but I thought I would post some baby names in case you’re still reading over these on those late nights when you’re up, stressed, and eating ice cream ;)

    Girl: Willa, Gwendolyn (Wendy for short, perhaps?), Mia, Markéta/Kit, Emmeline, Imogen, Tegan, Harriet (Hattie?), Georgia

    Boy: Sasha, Roman, River, Wyatt, Hugo (although the Berns kinda stole this one – ha!)

    Good luck!!! I am kinda hoping for a girl ;)

  412. Sandi Wilson

    I’ve always liked blaize for a girl but someone already used it in my fam

  413. Hillary

    You look so beautiful, Naomi!

    I’ve been loving all of the fun, ultra feminine names lately, like: Lilly, Ella Elisabeth, Lucy, Mallory, Harper and Juliet.

    Aren’t boy’s names the hardest? I’ve liked Jackson, Christopher, Cooper, Nate, Quinn, and Luke for awhile now.

    Hope you and Josh have been enjoying the name hunt!


  414. Rissa

    How about

    Evelyn: Evie


  415. anastasia

    i like maude or agnes, for girls. the little girl from despicable me is named agnes and i love it so. i really wanted that to be my little girl’s name but due to outside pressures we went with violet.
    for a little boy- joaquin or otto.
    good luck!

  416. Ella

    My name is Ella, which is similar to Eleanor and my two brothers are called William and Freddie (Frederick). If one of them had been a girl they would have been called Matilda. Theodore or Oliver would also fit with E & S, or Olivia or Hazel for a girl. My personal favourites are Phoebe or April for a girl, and Alfie (Alfred) for a boy.Good luck with your hunt!

  417. Melissa

    You are too cute! How about the name Mila if the baby is a girl? That’s my daughter’s name, and we always get compliments on it!

  418. Sarah

    Declan and Kellan are two great boys names!

  419. Linzi

    Ooh, I thought the suggestion Paisley Davis was super cute! For a boy, I like: Isiah, Eli/Eliot,Luca, Theodore, Flynn, Kristian, and Fox or Max for a middle name, goes quite well with Samson Rex ;)
    As for girls’ names: Aria, Azalea, Camellia, Elodie, Vienna and Willow

    Can’t wait for December to roll by!

  420. trudi





    forgot the rest…

  421. trudi

    also i like Kennley for a girl

  422. trudi

    also jude

  423. trudi


  424. Elizabeth

    I have a Cora Rose….I’m an old-fashioned name kind of girl too :)

  425. julia

    for a boy: Henry, George, Theo, James, Nathaniel
    for a girl: Sylvie, Nora, Caroline, Charlotte, Lilly


  426. T

    If it’s a boy – Fraser or Jasper!
    Girl – Acacia Grace.

  427. Cute post! What about Julian for a boy, or Ruby or Claire for a girl?

  428. Brigette

    I’ve got the baby fever bad! Your adorable bump is NOT helping! Congrats on number three, these are my favorite names which I will probably not be using as we’re done at two. I have an Aurora Isabelle and a Grayson Pierce already and love their names and the many nicknames that stem from them!



  429. ophelia

    Went holidaying and missed out on this name discussion. And well, I know it’s late, but still I just feel I have to take part ;)

    Names are a pretty tricky thing. I don’t have a baby on it’s way, but the topic’s been on since the beginning of my relationship (that makes over 3 years now!).

    My dream name for a girl is … Elaonor! That is one of the reasons why I started reading your blog regularly – I wanted to check how your E’s doing (and I’ve become a fan ever since!). Poblem is that in my country the name is considered to be old-fashioned and not a very girly one. I see it as a very feminine one, though! I don’t know to what ends I’d have to go to convince the future baby’s co-creator to agree. Well, I haven’t said my last word on that, but for now Sophie is a compromise (but still, doesn’t relly ring “us” and it’s really really popular where I live).

    When it comes to a boy, weell! That’s a piece of cake. There are a lot of pretty names, but the only one that I’ve loved since I was a teenager (and it’s been a long time ago now). Fortunatelly, the daddy to be picked the name not being aware of my feelings toward it. The name is Jeremy (the only thing that strickes me back in it is the shortened version – Jerry. Fortunately not used where I live!).

    So whenever the topic bounces, it always ends with “we hope there’s a boy for us or else we’re going to have a war” ;).

    And middle names can be a nightmare. When/If I get married, I want to keep my maiden name (which I love being a part of me) and the future husband’s name goes really well with it. But. My full name then would make a 7 + 10 + 9 + 7 combination. Call me insane, but I’m going to go for that!

    Some suggestions for you – Penelope, Clementime, Polly, Phoebe, Charlotte, Eve, Josephine, Sophie, Mathilda, Madelyn, Florence

    Noah, Ezra, Lennox, Nathan, Jasper or Jeremy