the beach!

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the little’s and i rented a car with friends a few days ago and took off to the beach! we had the best time, minus mama coming home looking like a lobster (and still in pain as i type this– i was so preoccupied with reapplying sunscreen to E and S i never actually reapplied it to myself).  the water was shallow and warm from the low tide, and i was so impressed with my babes for wading in bravely past their bellies as they played in it.  we’ve come a long way since those bedtime baths where getting their hair wet to wash it was a big battle.  ;)

goodness how i am longing to live on a beach all summer. i just can’t get enough of the experience.  now that my kids are liking it as well, i’m going to try hard to get there often this summer.  all of you who live close to beaches, you do me a big favor and never take it for granted.  go for my sake. if we ever leave new york city, my vote is for making a beach town our home next.  do you live in or near one? which is your favorite beach?


^^^the best summer purchase yet, shovels and buckets for the kids! even in the city, they’ve been carrying these around nonstop.^^^


^^^the beginnings of a sand castle. (i tried to take a picture of the finished castle, but when i raced over to grab my camera, four of the cutest little feet had already crushed it to nothing!) ^^^


^^^just some tiny toddlers playing individually. (i think it’s kind of the cutest how at this age they often want to play with friends but really, it’s just beside their friends, still playing on their own.) ^^^


^^^ she was in absolute heaven in that water!^^^


^^^and samson made up his own game of burying his legs and feet under the sand.  i think he liked the warmth of the sand on his legs.  he did this over and over again.  what a good age. ^^^


^^^a few of us mamas.^^^


^^^an attempted photo together while we ate lunch on our towels.^^^

^^^we’ll be back, beach! we’ll be back, SOON.^^^

  1. looks like an incredibly lovely day filled with sun and sand. hope your burn heals quickly!
    happy wednesday!

  2. Such cute pictures! That’s great that you are having some girl time but still having fun with the kids.

    We live in the OC and are blessed to have gorgeous beaches less then 40 minutes away!


  3. Joan

    hi, naomi!
    i’m from lisbon (portugal) which means i am a 10min ride away from the first of many beaches along the coast. and believe me, i keep saying and thinking how lucky we are to live in a city (and country) where you can just go have lunch in front of the sea or take an after work dip on those warm summer days. it is truly marvelous, i totally understand your crave! i should warn you though: once you have it, i don’t know if you can live far from it again :)

  4. Melissa

    I live in Florida! Cocoa beach is about 40 minutes away from where I live. But my favorite beach is New Symrna or Daytona because it’s so clean. If you ever get the chance to visit you should definitely check them out!! (:

  5. Zoe

    Looks beautiful! Which beach did you go to?

    • TAZA

      we have friends in greenwich so they invited us to greenwich beach!

  6. Abi

    I live on an island off England where the beaches are pretty much untouched and usually pretty quiet, the majority of my childhood memories involve traipsing down to the beach carrying a rubber ring :). That picture of you and Samson.. Brown hair looks so good on you!

  7. Lauren

    Don’t worry I’m taking full advantage of living near beaches. Ever since we moved to Florida we go as often as we can. My favorite beach is on Longboat Key-a beach away from the tourist spots and in a quaint little town. Glad your kiddos are loving the water now!

  8. Katie

    hi! i live in NYC too and we just tried out Coney Island’s beach over Memorial Day Weekend. Can you share the name of the beach you all checked out?

    • TAZA

      we went up to greenwich beach!

  9. Elis

    I live on Lake Michigan! I love taking our Lake Drive past all the beaches to this little known spot for some quiet. In the summer, the Lakefront can get crazy busy so it’s nice to find some quiet.

  10. looks fun!! can’t wait to make my way to a beach soon. i love how Samson buries his legs in the sand. that’s one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the beach! your little ones sure know the good stuff – you’re doin a good job, mama!

    I was wondering (if anyone else knows, as well ;) ) how did you keep your camera (well more lens) safe from sand/water? i feel like no matter how careful i am, something of mine always gets scratched up from sand (camera, phone, sunglasses). just thought I’d ask! :)

    • TAZA

      i brought a camera bag with a zipper and kept my camera inside for most of the day. always made sure before i pulled it out that i had dry hands with no sand and put it around my neck. it’s a risk for sure, but worth it. :)

  11. Melissa

    E’s swimsuit is adorable!! Love the color <3

    We live about an hour from the beaches in Jersey, but we don't get there as often as I'd like. I also always say the next place we live should be right near the water!

  12. Andrea

    Adorable! So much fun to bring little ones to the beach to play with friends! I am in your boat with the horrid sunburn. I have a little redhead and get so worked up about his sun safety – I completely neglected my own. Thanks for sharing adorable pics! Makes me want to visit warm waters :)

  13. Lucy


    We are still at that stage of Isaac (3 in September) not wanting his hear washed! Bless them!

    Such lovely photos as always!! Looks like so much was had by all!!

    I also love that they love playing with friends but side by side individually!

    We live in a village 10 mins away from our local beach, Hayle beach, Cornwall, UK! (
    We have so many beautiful beaches so close to us, we love Carbis Bay ( and St Ives (

    Now we just need the warm water and we’re set!!
    Feel free to come to Cornwall, UK one day. I think you’d love the quaint Cornish fishermen cottages and winding streets, as well as the beaches!

    Ps I hope you don’t suffer with sunburn for long!

    X x x

  14. rach

    Ohman. These photos remind me of my childhood. EVERY child should be raised on the coast. Dreamy. I adore the ocean…

  15. Morgan

    I live 5 minutes from Jacksonville Beach, FL and I try to go out there at least once a week to walk or do something. My friends and I are always saying how lucky we are to be able to experience the beauty of the beach as often as we do.

    Although Jacksonville Beach is not on any list of the best beaches in the world by any means, it is still a glorious site.

    Glad you and the littles enjoyed your beach day….now go apply some aloe.

    • TAZA

      my husband is from jacksonville and i’ve been to a few of those beaches around there. they are awesome!

  16. Unfortunately not. Otherwise I would take my laptop there and write and blog on the beach all day long.

  17. TW

    I recently moved back to my home town of Palm beach florida from NYC. I was super depressed in the city. I grew up in the ocean! I thought I was a mermaid the first 10 years of my life. I live about a 10 minute bike ride from the beach. and I will NEVER take it for granted again after what I went through living in New York. I need the ocean for my mental health and sanity! glad y’all had fun. xx

  18. delray beach, girl! we can walk to the ocean from our condo and you’re right, we totally take it for granted.

  19. Faith

    Ooh these photos are so bright and wonderful! I am absolutely craving to get to the beach now!


  20. nanette

    so sweet. we live in florida and are close to a couple of nice beaches but we just never get to them! we will definitely do so this summer! enjoy the beach! looked like fun!

  21. what a lovely time with your friends and kiddos! i love the beach too….i want to go visit and stay all summer. trying desperately to squeeze in a trip this season!

  22. these photos are adorable, looks like you all had a blast!

  23. your hair is growing out perfectly!!! it’s sort of been really fun just watching how you’ve handled the blonde to brown transition! ;)

  24. bri

    so cute! i do live by the beach and don’t go as often as i should. although, i have a 5 month old and the beach is on the pacific so it’s freezing. hopefully it’ll warm up a teeny bit so we can enjoy it more!

  25. Shelby

    I can’t even handle how adorable this is! What a fun age! And my word, you are a beautiful freckled mama! Love all of your suits! So cute! Especially little E’s

  26. Oak Island, NC for the win! Definitely a small beach town with not a lot to do, but close enough to Wilmington if you really want to do something.

  27. These pictures are so much fun! Nothing beats a day at the beach. I would gladly pack my bags if we ever were able to live next to one :)

  28. Jordan Roberts

    It looks like it was a wonderful day for you all! I absolutely adore the beach. I swear salt water is in my vanes! I lived on the beautiful Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina for the past 4 years before moving to NYC. I am determined that someday I will be moving back. Soak it up as much as you can this summer!

  29. Mariska

    Hey you! How great your kids are so brave now to go into the water!
    I live near the beach (15 minute drive) in the South of France but I hate the beaches near my home. (I am so very sorry)
    I have lived in the Caribbean for two years and the beaches there were so beautifully white and clean.. If you know the right spots you woud be practically alone on the beach.. Here the beaches are filthy, polluted and so busy! There’s not a square feet left if you come a minute after noon..
    You probably hate me for taking the beach for granted.. Only during the summer days though! I still like to walk on it during sunset and in the low season, when it’s calm.
    I can not imagine living anywhere far from the sea. I love the feeling of freedom looking at the horizon.


  30. E. Malone

    I love the bright colors in your photos! Your snapshots are so lively and cheerful! :) Can you explain how you edited these? Was there a special process that you used?

    • TAZA

      thank you! i edit them in photoshop by lifting the colors a bit, i like to increase saturation. i just lift it a bit, but helps the colors pop.

  31. Vanessa

    Adorable post! I wish I lived closer to a beach as well! I use to go every year when I was little and I really miss it!

  32. Vanessa

    Hi Naomi – the photos look great! Can I ask where you got Samson’s swim shorts?


    • TAZA

      they are from gap!

  33. amanda

    feels like summer with those lovely beach photos! (and DARLING swimsuits as always!)

  34. Tina

    Ohhhh man this has me so excited for it to get warmer. I live about an hour from the Jersey Shore so I can make day trips easily and then I stay for a few weekends/weeks in the summer at some hotels. It’s amazing and so different (harder) with kids but still I’m excited. I won’t go unless it’s in the 90s though so I have some time. Post all your beach adventures!

  35. Rylee

    Eleanor’s bathing suit is so cute!! Where did you get it from?

  36. Sara

    These photos are so sweet! We lived in Charleston, SC for three years before we started our current travels but are longing to settle there for a few years once we start a family. Babies on the beach, wallks around historic downtown, delcious food and endless bakeries!

  37. shea

    i absolutely love the ocean – i can’t wait to take my son for the first time this summer.

    just wondering – where did you get your suit?! i really like it and am in the market for a new one this summer.

    • TAZA

      Thank you! It was a gift from Lauren Moffatt last summer.

  38. Thea

    I absolutley LOVE your swim suit! So flattering! My baby son is 5 months and while my tummy is almost back to flat (well, flat-ish), the stretch marks are not relenting! Where did you find such a cute one-piece?

    We live in Tampa; there a 10 beaches within a 30 minute drive from us, some only 5 minutes away! There is nothing better than parking under the mangrove alcoves and relaxing in the surf!

  39. Emily

    The Riviera Maya and the gulf of Mexico are my favorite beaches. Can I ask where you got Eleanor’s swim suit? It is darling!

  40. Erin

    You really make me want to get to a beach soon! I’m surprised how few waves there are…that must’ve been perfect for the little crowd.
    My favorite beach is South Bethany Beach in Delaware. It’s never too crowded, it’s easy to rent a house within a quarter mile of the beach, and has an unpretentious rep unlike the Hamptons/Martha’s Vineyard/etc. (even though those can be fun too).

  41. Kym

    I am also a huge lover of the beach. I live in perth, Australia and we spend a huge part of the summer at the beach 10 minutes away. We’re In Winter now at the moment and seeing these photos make me wish for summer to just hurry up already :)

  42. Penny

    At some point you must make the trip to Wellfleet on Cape Cod. World class ocean beaches and one of the loveliest coastal villages you’ll ever visit!

  43. We live near Hilton Head, SC and LOVE being near the beach. There are several islands right around our historic town (we live in Beaufort) so a majority of our days are spent on the beach. It’s great but at the same time it is one of the hottest places in our country.

  44. Reelika

    How lovely post! I like the photos – so natural and light. I lived kind of next to lake but I moved and now there is only one river which runs through the town. But still – a little bike ride!

    Take care!

  45. Allison

    I love the beach! I don’t go as often as I should, but in my opinion, there is nothing more relaxing than reading on the beach. Husband likes swimming and then reading. We live in LA, I love the Carlsbad beach (near San Diego) and northern CA beaches like in Santa Cruz.

    Adorable pictures!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  46. Alex

    I LOVE your overalls – do you remember where you got them (i’ve been hunting for a while)

    • TAZA

      Thanks! From ASOS this spring.

  47. Jessica

    We live in Connecticut as well with our two year old (two next week, hanging onto the month as much as I can!) I grew up in a little beach town called West Haven, our house was less than a minute walk from the beach, In high school we even had beach volleyball tournaments to raise money for our lacrosse team! I didn’t realize how much I took the beach for granted until I met my husband and he went to the beach maybe once a year. The ocean has such an amazing way of easing the mind!

  48. I grew up playing on the beach in California. I still love it! I steal away to Venice or Malibu whenever I get a chance. There’s nothing a like a day at the beach. : ) Glad your littles had so much fun!
    Xo, Randi

  49. Lyndsay

    It looks like the three of you had such a lovely day at the beach! Your photos are so beautiful.

    There are some really beautiful beaches out on Long Island but they can be a hike to get to just for a day trip, especially during the summer when everyone else has the same idea.

  50. Paige

    These pictures are so fun! I miss living in NY, you really get the best of everything… The city, the country, the beach,… I miss it!


  51. Taylor

    Looks like such a wonderful day! I live in Michigan, so there’s always a beach only a couple hours away (if that). It’s definitely a perk of living in the Great Lakes state.


  52. Maelle

    Aaaw your kids are the cutest! My little brother used to bury his legs under the sand just like your Samson; he could do that for hours really!

    I currently live in a beach town in the south of France, it only takes me 5 minutes to walk to the beach and i will NEVER take this for granted ;) I grew up there and moved away for 5 years during my studies and i missed the sea so much then! I’ll be moving away again in September so i’m trying to enjoy both the neach and the sunshine as much as i can in the meantime :)


  53. erin

    what great shots! i just moved from hawaii and am dying not having the beach with me anymore. i am living in nebraska right now and in the process of getting my two boys ready to move out to california. i am just missing the beach too much! i have some great photos too if you ever want to check out my blog. i love love love living near the beach!!!

  54. Summer

    what a nice, calm beach, perfect for little ones! our beaches here in fl are all waves and tide, which was a lot of fun pre-kids. but now with 4 kids (only 1 of which can swim) a trip to the beach scares me. i’m going to try this summer though.

  55. Evette

    Please wear sunscreen…Skin Cancer sneakus up on us so easily.
    Mom of 2 … I like Rockaway Beach or Long Beach

  56. I don’t live in a beach town, but I live near enough that I really don’t have any excuse for not taking advantage of it. That’s changing this summer, though!

  57. Hi Naomi! I live in a beach town near our mutual friend, Claire, in SoCal. It’s a little gem called Corona del Mar, right next to Newport Beach. It’s charming and picturesque and feels private because it’s tucked away at the bottom of a few miles of bluffs and not too many people know about it. If you’re ever in the area, Claire and I can take you there!

  58. Katie

    I adore the shores of Siesta Key! We are so lucky that we get to go there at least twice a year, especially because we have built-in babysitters, as my in-laws stay down there for the winter. Love Eleanor’s swimsuit! Where is it from? These are sweet pictures! Happy (almost) summer.

  59. Rachel

    Love the kiddos swim suits especially the color of Eleanors! These are lovely photos!


  60. next time you go to the beach take baby powder! when your hands get sandy just dump some powder on your hands and rub them together. the sand comes off so quickly! easy way to get it all off before eating lunch or using your camera! we use this trick every time we go to the beach.

  61. I live on an island in Rhode Island (same one as Newport) and honestly can tell you that if you live by the water, you’ll never want to be anywhere else for too long! If you’re ever up our way, Sachuest Beach (more fondly known to locals as 2nd beach) is where I’ve been going since I was the same age as your littles!There’s something special about smelling salt air and being able to hit the sand within a three minute drive from home. Gorgeous photos of your family, per usual! xx

  62. Love these photos! I live and work right by the beach, growing up near it too I cannot imagine life without it. So glad your littles got a beach day!



  63. Mandy

    Such cute pictures! I grew up on freshwater Lake Superior and have access to Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. It’s my recurring summer goal to have a dip in these three of The Great Lakes by the end of August. The beaches on Martha’s Vineyard are amazing as are the beaches of Bodega Bay in California! xoxo

  64. looks like a perfect little outing! we have some nice beaches here in Toronto and very close, too bad the water is still too cold, maybe in July ;)
    great photos!

  65. This looks like such a lovely day out! I used to live on a tiny Island surrounded by gorgeous beaches, but now I live in London where there are none :-( I’d love to live by the sea again one day though! :-)

    Victoria x

  66. You have such a lovely little family. Looks like a great day on the beach! x

  67. We just moved here, so we haven’t had a lot of time to wander and find our favorites, but I know Long Beach is talked about quite a bit as being cleaner and more kid friendly than Coney Island or Brighton. It’s quite a drive from Manhattan though. :/ My husband has to go out to Long Island each month and there are beautiful beaches out there, but most are privately owned. We have a friend that owns property at Breezy Point, so we go out there often, but there’s no subway line that close to the coast so you have to rent a car. I would love to know if you get any good recommendations though! I’m hoping to take my two year old to the beach a lot this Summer!

  68. katie

    Rent a car and go to Spring Lake in NJ. The BEST NJ beach…

  69. I will spend the coming week-end at the beach, in Belgium! Looking at your pictures, I can’t wait to spend these precious moments with my children. Thanks for sharing!!!

  70. Abby

    Looks like a wonderful day! So glad it’s finally warm enough to go to the beach. I’ve lived in Rhode Island for the past 5 years, after growing up in Ohio. It’s hard to live more than 45 minutes from a beach in li’l Rhody…and it’s wonderful! You can choose from super-crowded beaches and quieter, more neighborhood-y beaches.

  71. Rachel

    My boyfriend just moved to Long Beach on Long Island and are across the street from the beach. It’s amazing! Definitely suggest a trip to LB if you haven’t been before or if you want a full weekend getaway going to Montauk. One of my favorite summer places to go it’s bliss!

  72. Liv

    Wow…your pics and description make me long for the beach. We tried a walk down there the other day – it was nice, but the water’s still too cold out here. thanks for brightening my day!

  73. Joann

    I got burnt like a lobster recently too. I hate that (wrinkles!)! I love how happy kids are at the beach. We don’t really have one nearby but I long for one too!


  74. Morag

    I’ve always lived next to a beach, I don’t think I couldn’t, there is just something so calming about the ocean. And now I live on an island a mile and a half long that the beach is a daily occurrence for us even in the winter, I urge you to try going to the beach when it’s cold out and you are all wrapped up, there is something magical about it.

    I love the scatter of tots playing, my biggest, littley at 3 will always find a friend to play with no matter the age. If only our water was as warm as yours looks.

    Yes beaches are happy places x

  75. emily

    usually i’m fine without a beach near, but then the terrible hot summers come, and i’m ready!
    the little diary

  76. Ali

    the beach really is amazing! i have been lucky enough to have always grown up close to the beach…something about being by water makes me feel peaceful! we currently live a one minute walk from a beautiful beach in nz and when i go for a walk each day i always feel so blessed!

  77. Great pics! How cute that he takes his cars to the beach. My son does it too and there’s sand everywhere in the apartment, but we love the beach!

  78. I live in Portland, Oregon and we are very, VERY lucky to live near so many lovely beaches. My husband and I especially love Cannon Beach…

  79. Sharina

    Hi naomi, do you mind sharing what kind of lens did you use on this photos? :)

    • TAZA

      Hi! Just the kits lens for my canon 6D. :)

  80. cute pictures! i went to the beach two weeks back. i hadn’t been in years and it was so much fun!
    xo, cheyenne

  81. Ady

    Love your swimsuit! This looks like such a fabulous day!

  82. ann

    I live in Charleston, SC…I’ve been to the beach five times in the last week! (i’m a teacher ;) I promise I will NEVER take it for granted…i’m still amazed every time I sit out there…I just soak it in!

  83. Abbey

    Such a fun day! As for your question regarding beaches, we live in Encinitas, which is a beach town in North County San Diego. It’s amazing and the community of us Mormon mamas is awesome! You should definitely check it out! :)

  84. Sarah

    Oh lovely pictures. I’d love to live near to the sea too, even during the winter it still has a calming effect And it’s so much fun to be at in the summer. I hope that your burns heal quickly.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  85. Adela

    I love your freckles and hope that your kids will have them too someday!

  86. Jackie

    After college, my now husband and I based our moving destination solely on living by the ocean!We ended up in Portsmouth NH which is a quick 10 minute drive to the beach. We take the scooter over all summer long. My favorite time is the early morning when it’s still super quiet and peaceful. I feel so grateful to live in a location that I love.

  87. marie

    Oooo the photos are beautiful! Seems like the perfect afternoon and place to be on a sunny day. And I understand how often we mamas forget to look after ourselves properly, I’m like that too. Haha.

    Our travelling adventures:

  88. Becky

    Your littles have the cutest swimsuits and your overalls are FABULOUS! I’m from land-locked southern Ontario, but I moved to Australia last year. Surprisingly, I’ve been to the beach way less than anticipated… and in winter it gets “cold!” Sucks getting acclimatized so quickly! The last couple of weeks I’ve been in Surfers Paradise at some of the greatest beaches ever! I’m sure the kiddos (and you!) would love the land down unda!

    xx Becky

  89. Sarah

    Hey! I am the same with the beach! That’s one of the reasons why I decided to leave Paris (2 months ago) to go to Marseille (South of France). I know what you are thinking: “how can you leave Paris?”! I know, Paris is a lovely city, very romantic and blablabla (everything is true, love this city!!! I am born there)… But believe me, when you take the subway everyday for 2 hours, spend 1 hour queuing to get to an exhibition or spending 75euros on a restaurant where the waitress is not even kind etc, you feel BLESSED to have a chance to see the sea everyday when going to work. I choosed beach instead of Paris, I choosed to live and take the time and i am absolutely not taking my situation as granted :)) love the beach 10 minutes walking away from home hihi ! ! ! ! ! !

    Love your blog
    Love from France !

  90. Katie

    Growing up, my extended family would rent a beach house at the Outer Banks in NC for a week every summer. We would stay in Duck, I have the best memories from those times. I love that beach because it’s not very kitschy-touristy. It’s a great place for families. I miss it!

  91. Kassie

    We lived in NYC for 8 years and with the birth of number 4 we made our exodus out of the city to Charleston SC which has 4 beaches all within 30 minutes! We are in heaven!And it’s a pretty rad city with TONS of history and a gorgeous downtown area.

  92. Claire

    I’m living in Maine this year and there is nothing as pretty as its rocky shores.

  93. Linds_claire

    We live in Michigan so our frequented beaches are the ones on Lake Michigan when we visit family in the summer (hello cottage rental in August!) and walking along lake St Clair at the public parks that have lakefront views and marinas. So beautiful!

  94. Sarah Ramirez

    I love your blog.. I am lucky enough to live in a beach town in Lavallette, NJ.. Just a 3-5 minute walk and our feet are in the sand. I have two kids also and it’s always a lot of prep for the beach even if its right up the street but so worth it.. The earlier you start them the better they become with a nice long beach day! I never take it for granted and feel so lucky to live here.. Here’s to a fantastic beach season full of sun, laughs, water, and sand.. And no whiny babies!

  95. Jill

    Newport Beach! I live just off the peninsula and am within walking distance of the coast and the harbor. My oldest starts kindergarten in the fall and her (public) elementary school is right on the beach! It’s the best!

  96. my favorite thing in the world is swimming in the ocean and then laying on the sand in the sunshine…with my 2 kids, it isn’t quite as peaceful as it once was but still is so wonderful. I feel so connected to nature and also fresh and exhilarated and sexy too! Be sure to go all the way in, and apply conditioner to your hair afterwards so it dries soft and wavy. My favorite beaches are the north shore in hawaii and the south of France but my parents live in Southern California and they are perfect too of course!

  97. BriAnne

    Hey there, your little family is just so adorable! And I love all your photos! Are you shooting manually on your 6D? I’ve just purchased one and I’m finding my colors are a little off right out of camera. I’ve always been a Nikon girl so any advice you can shoot my way would be splendid :)

  98. Kaili

    So jealous. Looks like tons of fun. So happy it’s summer. Beach days are the greatest.

  99. Laura

    Love this post! I have two girls the same ages as E and S and so much of what you said resonated with me. We live in vancouver canada and there are many beaches here. My favorite is Spanish banks. Thank you for your sweet posts and candour And sharing your world with us :)

  100. Lise

    I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, right by the ocean – driving home from work over the mountain feels like holiday every day. It is freezing here at the moment which makes looking at your gorgeous summer shots so much harder. Enjoy this lovely time!

  101. Nikki

    Love those pics! you will have great memories in years to come. We live on the South Coast in UK on a road that leads to the beach, and we have a beach hut where we spend all summer, cooking breakfast all the way through to bbq’s in the evening, we can have a glass of wine and then just walk home! bliss! I never take it for granted.

  102. We used to live in Charleston, SC and loved visiting the beach nearly every weekend. What a treat! We live in Switzerland now, which offers quite a change in scenery, but are headed to Greece next week. Hopefully we’ll get more great beach action!

    Looks like you had a great day!!

  103. Beth

    So fun! What beach did you go to that’s so toddler friendly with low tides? This NYC mama wants to know.

  104. bethany

    I live in Maine and the beaches here are VERY different from the beaches I went to growing up in Connecticut. Here we have waves crashing and harbor seals watching us from rocks. It’s very cool. :)

  105. Meagan

    We now live in Hawaii, on Oahu. I love the beach/surf feel of Haleiwa but for a nice community near the beach kapolei is beautiful and Laie is great, especially for young families. We also loved Seaside Florida, the architecture in town is so great. I have a 4 yr old and 2yr old, it’s family friendly and clean.

  106. Em

    I’m suprised nobody mentioned the fact that the kids are without floaters IN the ocean! Please, please be careful around still water. its the number one cause of death for children under 4. Swim safe and enjoy summer.

  107. Anne

    I think it’s lucky you can actually drive to the beach from where you are! so great! Looks like a blast, and soooo warm

  108. meig

    My husband and I live in DC now with our little one, but originally we both grew up near the beach (me in NJ and him in NC), so I agree… if we ever get to move again, I sure hope its near a beach!

  109. Eleese

    Where do you get your swimsuits (mama and babes) wish you could tag the picture, someone should make an app for that! ;)

  110. hanna

    These photos are so cute, and it looks like you had a lot of fun -Hanna Lei

  111. Jessie

    I’ve lived near a beach my whole life – the Golden Isles of Georgia. I absolutely love it, especially in the winter when we get a random nice day and can have a beach day in February. It’s the best! I could kick myself for moving five hours away for college and now staying away as I try to take my place in the “real world.” I’ll get back to it one day though. Once a beach girl, always a beach girl! It makes me so happy to know that the beach is inching its way into your heart, too. If you ever leave the city, definitely get to the coast.

  112. We live in a beach town and it’s the best! I highly recommend coastal living. You should come out and explore the lovely Monterey Bay region :-)

  113. Shani

    Hi Taza!
    I am from San Clemente, CA. It is the most adorable beach town in the world with the best Mexican food you can find (outside of Mexico, that is.)
    I absolutely love it! I am so glad you shared this, I need to start appreciating how close I am to the beach (5-10 minute drive).
    If you ever need a little trip to a place with tons of beaches, I would suggest San Clemente! :)

  114. Ivy

    Beautiful photos! The beach with kiddos is so fun and weirdly relaxing – even though it tends to require a lot of “stuff”. :)
    We live in Charleston,SC and have several beach options, but the best on is Sullivan’s Island. You should visit !!

  115. sarah

    as many people have been asking, i’ll add the same question to the fray! where did you get eleanor’s bathing suit from? SO. CUTE.

    • TAZA

      Sorry thought I answered this! From crewcuts last summer!

  116. erin the mom of damien london and olivia

    Hi! I just love your family! I’ve been silently sneaking upon your blog forever but… I just put my babes to sleep…had a sip of wine and watching your lovely family and this beach posting gave me the courage to say “hi!”… I live near the beach.. actually several great beaches.. we have such pretty dandy beaches in northish san diego (del mar/ carmel valley) solona beach & del mar beach are my favorite. Really kid(& puppy) friendly too! If you get San Diego some day.. you HAVE to try at least try out del mar beach… there is a play ground a grassy space and lavender color flowers… surfers and choo choo trains going past every 10 minutes which the kids just love! I love the choo choo train too! It stops any toddler quarrels and naughty things going on… as soon as the choo choo train stops…. the kiddies forget the moment right before the choo choo and get into a good mommies angel mood again! ^^ There is also lots of cafes and restaurants near the beach and the most lovliest french inspired hotel L’Auberge Del Mar(they have another chain in napa valley) right across the street! A beautiful neighborhood to proudly recommend!

  117. Emiljd

    Hi Naomi…love your post…you and your lovely family should. One to Cornwall, UK. Some of the best beaches in the world :-)
    Thank you for all of your amazing posts, I love read g about your adventures across NYC, love that city!

  118. eleni

    It is absolutely mind-boggling how much kids enjoy the beach. You can really sit back and enjoy too. Dare I say read a book? We live on an island in the Mediterranean so that makes Georgie a very lucky boy.

  119. Teresa

    I’m really interested in the concept of modesty in the beach. Could you other Mormons reading this blog help me out a little bit? I personally think it’s great to be able to be at the beach with naked shoulders, legs and a little bit of cleavage because I think nudity is something VERY natural and not necessarily “sexual” (I’m European ;)). What are the rules here? Are there other rules at the beach? Thank you guys! :)

  120. Teryn

    We live in Orlando, FL and are making the move up to Brooklyn in just a few months! But we were both born and raised about an hour away in Cocoa Beach, FL, so no stranger to beach towns! They are great to live in if you like that sort of thing. I suppose growing up there, I’m sort of over it! ;)

  121. Mikayla B.

    I always love reading your blog and checking up on my favorite family! :) I just HAD to comment on this post:

    I live in Beverly, Massachusetts, an absolutely gorgeous city suburb of Boston. It’s 20 minutes from the city, accessible by train and car, and has the most beautiful beaches (and also forests and fields and hills to climb! Gotta love New England geography)!

    You should definitely consider Massachusetts or the New England coast in general. There’s so much opportunity in this area and I was so happy growing up, and am still so happy that I’m studying in Boston and don’t know if I’ll ever want to leave!!

    Sending positive energy and hugs your way, Naomi! You and your family are a great inspiration!

    Lots of love :) xoxo

  122. We recently moved from Utah to Bradenton, Florida. My husband is in Dental School. We live about 30 minutes away from the most beautiful beaches in the USA. My 18 month old has really grown to love the beach and nothing makes me happier than watching her play and collect seashells. We love the beach! Plus it’s a great free activity for our tight budget! :) hope you guys get to go some more this summer!

  123. Lauren

    Where did you get your swimsuit? I love it!!

  124. Kayla

    I live in southern Maryland! There are so many beaches on the river and bay! If you guys find yourself headed back to dc, Calvert County is the best of both worlds!