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i really cannot say thank you enough for the kind comments and support this last week as we’ve shared our news about baby #3! to be honest, i sat at my computer debating hitting the “publish” button on my screen for several minutes before i shared the post on friday. for me, until i can start feeling movement from the baby, every day is like walking on egg shells when i’m pregnant, always nervous something may happen and holding my breath until i get to hear that tiny but strong heartbeat at my doctor appointments. but after sharing our news on friday, it felt so much more real. and i finally feel this big world of excitement about what is to come. i can’t thank you enough for helping me get there, and for helping me feel that. your support and love is honestly the best. i’m really thankful for this community here online.

josh and i told our families, a few close friends, and eleanor and samson our news very early on.  part of me totally gets why we usually wait until we’re out of the first trimester before we share our news, but another part of me has learned i really lean on support from family and friends in times of heartache or crisis, and i’m really thankful that there are people we can depend on in those times for support and love.  i’m just really thankful for the people in my life, and hope i can always be there for them, too.

the best part about all of this so far has been talking with eleanor and samson each day about the little baby in mama’s tummy. they are so inquisitive and excited.  this baby is already so so loved by these two crazy toddlers that i’m really looking forward to when they all meet for the first time come december.  we aren’t finding out the baby’s gender, and my pregnancy symptoms have been very different from what i felt with eleanor or samson, so i haven’t a clue what it might be. eleanor strongly believes baby is a “she” and only refers to baby as “she”, “her”, or “sister.” but be it boy or girl, she’d like the baby to be named, “can”, and has held strong with that name choice for a few weeks now. ;)

and ps. THIS photo below…. yeah. wish me luck with THREE. because yesterday i thought we could try to get a photo together for my birthday on our walk home and amidst a gigglefest and a moment where both kids just wanted to lay down and roll around on the sidewalk, josh and i caught eyes and had a little giggle attack of our own in unison. i have no idea how we’ll handle three. i know we’ll do it, and know it will all work out in the end, but tips and tricks and insight from parents who look after three or more are very very welcome. thank you in advance.


  1. Congrats guys! We are expecting our 4th early December! Babes are so exciting and three is so much fun.

  2. Gabriella

    Naomi, I’m so excited for you + your family and I’m looking forward to the Davis life with three babes. I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Think of when you only had Eleanor and couldn’t imagine having Samson.. It’ll be just the same, but maybe a teeny tiny bit crazier ;)

  3. jjjjjjean

    you’ll be fine, because love covers for everything!


  4. Georgia

    congratulations! and you can totally pull off 3- I have faith in you :)

  5. amy

    i can almost hear the sweet chaos in those last photos. xx

  6. Sarah

    Congratulations! I’m due with my first on Christmas day! :)

  7. zaritamia

    Congrats….it is allways so trilling for me to hear about someone being pregnant. It is a blessing …trully the best one.
    You are a rock star …both of you…and there is no doubt you will handle three …no problem
    best luck to you all.

  8. Anna McG

    Congratulations Naomi! I’m so so pleased for you & I’m excited to see your family grow – as a mother of one 18 month old boy, I can’t give you any advice on juggling three but I know you’ll do it with such love & grace, as always. You guys really are an inspiration to me – thanks for sharing all that you do on the blog. Xx

  9. Again, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations…. 3 children will be wonderful, magic,…a basketball team on your own,3 times more fun, .. great, great, great! This is real life!!!

  10. Livi

    You look glowing!! So exciting!

  11. Lucy

    Such a wonderful post and made me well up with happiness for you all :’)

    I’m (my whole family!) are so happy for you all, so very happy with this wonderful news!!!

    I totally understand you not wanting to press the publish button, I walked on eggshells for so much of my pregnancy, but I’m so very glad you did press publish to share your joy with us.

    I also get about you telling your family so soon.
    I feel sad for the people that feel they can’t because that must mean if anything happens they won’t have that support and care they need.
    With my son I found out on Christmas day (2011) and we were at my Mum and Dad’s house staying for the holiday. My husband and I managed to keep it a secret until the evening and then we felt ready to burst with excitement. My parents were told that evening and were beyond overjoyed, and my sister and Nan were told the next day, and then my husband’s family a few days after.
    Everyone else apart from a couple of close friends was after the scan.

    I love hearing how E and S are so excited about it!!! :D That little video was so cute of them!!
    I love that E thinks your baby is a girl already and the name she wants for him/her!! :D
    It’s also crazy how symptoms can be totally different in pregnancy too!
    I love that he/she will be a surprise!!!

    I love it!!!! I love that you show all the photo’s… it’s so normal and awesome!
    I think you will rock being a Mama to 3 children!!! You are already rocking it!!! :D
    It will certainly be fun and challenging at times but you will do just fab!! :D

    I hope you have a good pregnancy, and I’m excited to see that little (great bump by the way) bump grow and how E & S welcome little one into their family <3

    Lots of love (I'll stop rambling now!) X x

  12. fanny

    Hello Naomi!
    Maybe your little girl will go to school before the baby born?

  13. Amie

    Sending a huge congrats and lots of happy wishes to all of you! Such fantastic news couldn’t have happened to a more lovely and deserving family!


  14. Melissa

    Congrats again, so excited for you and your family! And I’m also excited to listen to your journey as you prepare for baby #3 . I love going back in the archives and reading about your first two little ones, so it’s going to be fun reading it live this time! Thanks for sharing with us ;)

    I grew up the middle child in a family of 3 children, and I thought it was the best! I would love to have 3 children of my own one day. Best of wishes!!

  15. Bnur

    Hey:) You are a great mum and 3 is not so different then two.E and S can help you, too.

    And in Turkish Can is a name.A boy name which means ‘life” :)))

    Lots of love :)

  16. Leah S.

    Such amazing news! I’m sure your little ones will love that baby so much!

  17. Ilenia

    Congratulations, guys! I can sincerely say that you all make me want to start our own little family. I am sure there’s ups and downs but I feel like there’s such a positive energy coming from you that I can’t deny!

  18. Abriel

    Congratulations again! I can’t even imagine how exciting this must be for you! Despite the hilarious two pictures at the end of the post I am confident that you’ll handle three just fine! Really looking forward to reading more about your pregnancy journey and all the best to you and your family throughout! :)

  19. Emily

    We announced our pregnancies on the same day! (though mine technically didn’t make it to the blog till a few days later…). I may or may not have squealed when I saw yours, though I’m due a month later. I tried to keep it a secret longer, but my belly decided to jump the gun and grow really fast, and since I’m surrounded by family, it had to come out! Haha. Anyway, no advice on three. I’m nervous enough about handling two. You look radiant, and I’m excited to follow your progress. :)

  20. lucinda

    happy belated birthday and once again, CONGRATULATIONS. three is daunting in the sense that children will out number adults in the family, but i have no doubt that you nad josh will do brilliantly. e & s are both so thoughtful and smart and kind, they will make great older sibs and will do a fine job helping out too! i *do* love those bottom photos though because they really capture family life, don’t they. the silliness, the chaos, and the love. all the best!

  21. nanette

    so exciting! i am also expecting my second. such exciting times!

  22. Irene

    Congratulations again Naomi! Pregnancy suits you! You are super beautiful! And you will be a great mom of 3! You will make it work! lots of love! xxx

  23. you two will handle three like champs! i’m seriously so excited for you both – all of you! you are already the greatest parents – it’s so evident! and eleanor & samson will be your little helpers :) all sounds so fun! praying for you a giant peace through your pregnancy. god is so sweet to us and i know he will honor you and everything you ask, just because he’s that great.

  24. Sara

    Oh my god, the pics are so cute! I’m sure that you’ll handle it as the best of the mums, and I wish a lot of luck!

    Take care:)

  25. alma

    You look so cute with the little baby bump! I can’t be of help since I only have two crazy babies but hey what’s one more ;) you look lovely!!

  26. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us. I really hope that throughout this pregnancy you can share some of your experiences openly, both positive & negative :)

    I understand the desire to want to tell fam/friends early. One of my best friends shared her pregnancy with me at just 8 weeks. She’s due next week and I’m happy I could share the entire experience with her. But if something had happened, I would have known about it – and been there for emotional support. Either way, you have to do what’s right for you.

  27. I love those last 2 pictures. So happy for your growing family!

  28. Emily

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for you and your new family of five. I don’t have any children (yet) but I’m the oldest of three and I can honestly say that while we fought from time to time, i wouldn’t have wanted to grow up any other way. I’ve always thought 3 was the best number ;) good luck to you all, and I hope you have the happiest and (more importantly) healthiest pregnancy possible.
    Lots of love x

  29. Abbey

    I have one daughter just a few weeks younger than Samson and I am also due in December except we recently found out we’re having twins! So yeah…. I don’t know how I’m going to handle 3 either.

  30. Billie

    I am the first of 3, and if anything I wish our family had been bigger! I know my parents did want 4, but it just didn’t work out.

    I have two younger brothers, we all have the same sense of humor but at the same time very different. I don’t know how my Mum kept up with sports practice, instrument lessons, choir concerts, dance classes, being a team or room parent, walking us to school everyday (!!), and being at every game and recital any of us had.
    But I suppose Mums just do it!

    I take care of up to six or seven toddlers two days a week, and they’re all 1-2 years old. There are definitely moments of frustration, but honestly- the more the merrier. They entertain themselves (and me) better. IT’s so fun to watch them grow and play together and they’re so happy in one another’s company.

    You’ll do it, and you’ll be fantastic at it. I can’t wait for the Mother’s Day cards you’ll get when they’re teens and realize how good you are to them.

    So thrilled for your growing family (and love that you’re not finding out the babies gender. My sister did this, and her little girl was born 2 weeks ago. The surprise was so, so exciting!)

  31. Lonka

    congrats!! ♥

  32. you are a truly precious person :) your babies are so happy and loved and i am sure that third baby will add a whole new, fun dynamic to your little crew!!

  33. Jenna

    Congrats to your family! I’m a third child so I have a special place in my heart for third babies! I know brother and sister are super excited!

  34. You will handle three kids just fine. I’m so happy for you guys!

    I’m working on a really amazing project about family and fathers I would so appreciate your feedback and thoughts on.

    Have a great Wednesday! You will be feeling those kicks soon.

    Xoxo from San Francisco


  35. Lauren

    Mainly, congratulations! A new baby is always cause for celebration! While three sure sounds overwhelming, you and Josh will most definitely find your own way to make it work!

    Secondly, can I have your wardrobe? It’s perfect and I love it!

  36. Kelly

    A big, big congratulations and I can not wait to meet the newest member of the Davis clan!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  37. Emily

    Reading your blog never fails to bring a smile to my face, even if I’m in a tough situation in my own life. After reading your post about baby number 3, I was so excited it was almost as if the news were my own. I’ve followed your blog since you were pregnant with Samson, and it is still my favorite blog to follow. Your family is beautiful. I know no one’s life is perfect but following along with your story and seeing photos of your wonderful family makes me believe that life sure can be a fairy tale. I wish you the best of luck during this pregnancy, and I can’t wait to see your wonderful maternity looks again! Much love, xx

  38. bri

    you’re a brave mama going for three! i’m sure you’ll make it work and look beautiful :) good luck!

  39. marie

    I’m expecting my baby boy #2 anytime soon and am so excited!!! My hubby and I tried for a long time for this 2nd one and we’re so glad that our wish finally came true. Hope you’ll have a good pregnancy and enjoy your baby bump! :)

  40. Laura Herrmann

    We had our third last September. The third time around, I felt like having a baby was especially sweet. I was able to enjoy the delicious baby moments and have perspective on the sleeplessness and challenges, knowing that they were just for a season. However, it has also been a hard transition in that I have had to learn there is only so much of me. I can’t do and be everything I did before. There have to be some things that I let go – my kids are not always so nicely dressed each day, our house is less tidy, errands are undone. However, once I accepted that I had to make some changes so everyone was loved and enjoyed and cared for, and was able to release my old way, I have enjoyed it so much more. It feels like showering is sort of impossible & you so have to go to bed earlier to have energy for all of them. But it’s so sweet! Best part is watching my big girls adore their baby!!! Very, very best wishes for you!!

  41. Jessica

    Oh my goodness those last photos are adorable. Eleanor’s face is priceless!!

    Congratulations – You seem to be such an amazing mother and these children are incredibly lucky to have you guys in their life – always taking them on fun adventures & providing so much happiness – it really is wonderful to see. Congrats :)


  42. Dannon

    OMG CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you and your family. You guys have the most beautiful children-keep ‘em coming! lol Many blessings to you guys!

  43. Amanda

    Haha! I love those last two pics, thats REAL, The moment you just want to get a family pic and 1/2 the family just wants to be silly/ generally uncooperative. It sums up life with kids quite well.

    I am looking forward to seeing your life and blog evolve with three.

  44. You will absolutely be able to do it and with utter grace! You have raised a beautiful family and we all love watching them grow!

    Now please talk to my husband and tell him it’s my turn haha! These posts are totally adding to my baby fever. TMI? Sorry!



  45. Congratulations! I agree with you and letting family know early on- my first pregnancy we wanted to wait a long time but I miscarried at 12 weeks and (since my mom/MIL had never had one) received very little support.

    Second pregnancy we told in-laws at 5 weeks and were grateful for the support as we waited to tell my family (who didn’t want me to have a baby).

    You are so blessed to have 2 beautiful children and one on the way- your Heavenly Father knows you and gave you some cute kids to make every day worth it!

  46. Lisa

    So happy for your family Naomi! What a blessing 3 kids will be! You look glowing with that little bump. Congratulations

  47. Michelle

    I only have two little ones so far but one of my favourite sayings to whisper to myself is “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle” it always seems to calm me down haha! I’m excited to watch your exciting journey before we venture into life with three eventually, hopefully.

  48. Margaret

    your belly is sooo cute! i just recently had a baby boy! i hope your pregnancy hasnt been to bad!

  49. So excited for you guys! Look forward to watching your lil bump grow. I love when all my favorite bloggers are pregnant the same time as me!!! It’s like a little community of preggos!

  50. Congrats again! I have three – very similar in age to your little ones – and I strongly, strongly recommend using your Ergo Carrier like crazy. That thing becomes invaluable when you are chasing two toddlers and need to still attend to the baby :-)

  51. Allison

    Good luck! You are going to be an amazing mom of three. I wish I could offer my help, but it’s a long drive from California to New York. Maybe one day. Have a great Wednesday!

    xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  52. StaceyHansen

    congrats!! it’s so excited to be adding another little one to your family! having 3 so quickly is so hard BUT so fun. I had 3 babies in 3 1/2 years and I’m not going to lie, it was hard. but now that they are 8, 7 and 5 I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

    my advice would be, don’t expect much. haha. at least for the first couple months. then just get on a schedule. try to have the older 2 have naps or quiet time at the same time. maybe, every once in a while the baby will sleep at the same time. I think you already do baby wearing but that really helped me. I wore the baby in a sling a lot to get things done with the other two. know your limits and just do what you can. it is a lot of work but the time goes so fast. it’s all worth it when they are best friends playing together! CONGRATS again!

  53. Tia

    Congratulations! I don’t have any advice on juggling three…I just had my second (and they are 17 months apart). I have thought of you a time or two before, wondering how you are always out-and-about with kids about the same age distance apart from me! I’m hoping I get the hang of it here pretty soon. I love following along to see what you and your family are up to, and am excited for another adorable baby to join your family. Thanks for being an advocate for motherhood, and being real about some of the ups-and-downs us moms can face. It’s nice to know other real women are out there living and experiencing some of the same and some of the different things as I am. Hope you are feeling well so far!

  54. Cute pictures! I only have two so I can’t help you. ;) Before I had kids, I met a mother who said, I have two hands, so only two kids! But I think it’s nice to have more. Enjoy!

  55. Justine

    You’ll do fine! So excited for your little family!

  56. Kerry

    I raised three! :oD Twin boys who are 19 months older than their sister. They could pass as triplets by the time she was about 18 months old until…now, basically. (They are now 25, 25 and 23.) I have always claimed that we were like a pack of puppies because we were always laying around, crawling all over each other. Their favorite thing to do was take turns (turns changed daily.) By the time my daughter could crawl, we would watch TV with me laying on the couch and the three of them sitting on top of me. Whose ever “turn” it was got to sit closest to my face. That didn’t stop until they got into middle school and I couldn’t breathe beneath their weight. Ha! Taking turns also came into play when they outgrew car seats; whose ever turn it was got to sit up front with me. And don’t worry – THEY will keep up with whose turn it is! ;o)

  57. hahaha! oh this is go great!!! you guys will be awesome with three – may need a bigger apartment though – or maybe not! haha :)

    i am so happy for you and am so inspired by your blog. thank you for sharing your life with us! i always know that when i click on a new post of yours i will see and read “joy”. although life isn’t always a joy, you guys do a great job at magnifying it in your life. keep em comin!

    xoxo, kerri

  58. Hanna

    I come from a family of three children, one older brother and one younger. When my little brother was born, all of us were under the age of five. My mom stayed at home with us and we had a big backyard that eventually allowed us to blow off some steam, but honestly the best thing you can do is take it one day at a time. I mean, I know nothing about having kids, but I remember my mom doing her best. Sometimes my brothers and I bickered and were totally crazy, but there will always be more good days than bad.

  59. Bethany

    Congrats! You look beautiful! Despite all the difficulty I had with my pregnancy, I absolutely loved being pregnant. Enjoy this special time.

  60. Daisy

    I’m not sure how to manage 3 but with 2, 11 months apart I would say a backyard is a must!! Not sure how realistic that is in NY! I’m sure you will find creative ways to entertain your older ones while tending to your newborn. Also, family help is crucial!!!

    Congratulations Naomi! It’s exciting not finding out the gender :)

  61. Mikaela

    I can’t even imagine having two babies, but my first isn’t even 4 months old yet so maybe when he is a little older I’ll be able to think about it without having a panic attack… haha! You look great!

  62. mariana

    God bless you, Naomi

  63. Bethany

    I am a stay at home homeschooling momma of 3 boys ages 5,6 & 7. I won’t tell you every day is easy. There is a ton of bickering lately. But, it is all incredibly worth it. The Lord gave us these little men and we are so grateful to be their parents. Never forget that you are co-laboring in shaping a soul. That’s honorable work. Pray hard, be present, don’t blink. And the best advice that I should have taken : If you have 3, have 4. So they don’t gang up or exclude anyone.

  64. Taylor

    Congrats again!! You look absolutely lovely! You’ll be a wonderful mother of three!


  65. Barbara Price

    Good vibes for you and your beautiful family!!! I have 3 of my own and I love them to death but sometimes I blow out!! hey! it’s ok!! take one day at the time. I say to myself and I say to you. Honestly you are one of the cutest and colest pregnant women I know!
    I can see all ready your belly button!!

  66. Lindsay

    We had ours just a little closer together than yours– I’m due in August and our oldest turns three the same month so they are all eighteen months apart. I love reading your blog to see how you handle your toddlers and I especially love your book suggestions. I guess I’ll have to figure out the three kids thing first but I am so excited for you guys and I’m sure you’ll still give lots of helpful tips. Hope your pregnancy is kind to you!!

  67. grace

    i am so excited for your adorable family!! i am a live-in nanny for three, obviously not the same as a momma, but i completely understand. it’s tough but fill them with love and kindness and patience and it will be wonderful. and don’t forget to take care of yourself – that’s the most important lesson i’ve learned. you and josh are such beautiful, inspiring parents. congratulations!

  68. Olga

    Congratulations to your wonderful family! Will be even more interesting to follow your adventures from now on!

  69. Kathleen

    breathe deeply and laugh at as much as you can. there is no easy way to do it but man, it if the best! (slash craziest ha!) congratulations :)

  70. Bea

    I’m soooooo happy for you, happy happy happy!
    Everything will be ok!

  71. Annie

    Congrats Naomi! Do you mind me asking how your symptoms have been different this time? You’re gonna do great with three :)

  72. Patty

    You are so cute! I have to ask if you were pregnant and didn’t know it when the woman at your church told you congrats on your pregnancy? Recently my mother in-law asked me if my sister was pregnant. I told her that she wasnt and to not say anything to her because it might come off as insensitive. 3 days later my sister found out she WAS PREGNANT!

    By the way, 3 is the magic number :)

  73. You are so wonderful in this dress! Pregnancy suits you well! :))

  74. rosie

    Three will be so much fun. We have three (#4 on its way) and the two younger are 11 months a part. I was a bit nervous being outnumbered and all but really it’s been so good…for everyone. The biggest thing I can recommend is to make one-on-one time for each child. I have found that this helps so so much, especially with toddlers. Even if it’s only a quick run to the grocery or a fully planned out mommy-child date or even just reading a book in their room w/o siblings, it’s been so wonderful to have that individual interaction. You guys do such a great job, but I know how daunting it can be.

  75. Nicole

    So happy for you! I grew up with two brothers. You’ll be all fine ;-) Ciao ;-)

  76. Alexandra

    So HAPPY for you guys!!! You will do great with 3 littles!! I have 3 under age 5. Live thr moment and the best of all, more sweet
    moments coming ahead. Congrats and God bless!

  77. Courtney

    I’m so so so excited for you and your sweet family!! You’re a beautiful Mama and know that you will handle 3 babies just fine! Congratulations!

  78. hanna

    Those photos are so sweet, and try not to worry! -Hanna Lei

  79. Bruna

    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and your family! You guys are such great parents, baby #3 will be very happy in such a great family!



  80. Shannon

    As the eldest of three siblings, I can say for certain that there will be lots of noise! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though ;) My brother, sister and I are quite close and I credit my parents for giving us a wonderful upbringing. I’m sure (in fact, I KNOW) that it wasn’t always easy for them, but they did a great job encouraging and putting up with our very different interests and personalities. I love being part of a family of five!

  81. My math’s isn’t great but…from what I can work out…you became pregnant just after your *I’m not pregnant blogpost!*

  82. Lauren

    I am so excited for you congratulations!! So many exciting things with your app and your birthday and this news!! I really admire and look to you and am so happy for you!

  83. Congrats, Naomi and family! What an exciting time for you all! :)

  84. Sinead

    I like that you aren’t finding out the gender! I think surprise is always more fun :-)

  85. gosh, so exciting! you look great, and those photo’s are adorable!
    xo, cheyenne

  86. I just found your blog and I love it!! Congrats on baby #3!! ~Ashley

  87. Randi

    Glad you’re starting to feel excited. I am sure you’ll adapt quickly to three little ones to care for, but I understand your concern. Pregnant with my first I am nervous, excited and a little scared of how I will stack up as a mother. But seeing you with your adorable littles I know you’ll do great at three and it gives me inspiration and hope that I too will be a good mom.
    Thanks again for sharing this joyous news!
    Xo, Randi

  88. Ady

    Hahahaha, those photos at the bottom of the post are amazing! You’ll do fine, it just takes some adjusting for everyone. Can’t wait to see Baby #3!

  89. Angie

    In sharing your news about your 3rd, I am so happy and relieved for both you and I! Haha. I’ve kept mine a secret from many for 6 months now just because I don’t know how many will respond. The fact that you’re asking for help/advice is so comforting because I know I will scroll through your comments to see what others may have to say. My kids are 15 months apart and the gap between my next will be 18 months. All I’m saying is, I am scared for what carrying around 3 will be like but I am super excited to see them together at playgrounds and here at home around the dinner table. How ill manage to keep sane, I’m not sure but I’m sure that both you and I will manage three babies just fine (: good luck mama!

  90. Claire

    Congrats!! So happy for you! Can we have a Kingsley update? I am sure it is still so hard that you guys had to move without him but I loved hearing about him and would like to hear an update!!

  91. you are already such a beautiful mother of 3!!
    can’t wait to see what gorgeous baby you have this time!


  92. Cecilia

    You are absolutely glowing, so excited for you and your adorable family. Best wishes.

    Dearest Lou

  93. Deanna

    Congratulations Davis Family! Wonderful news! Since I sometimes struggle with taking one child out, I can’t wait to see your tricks for taking three out – and in NYC! But you’ll do a FAB job! Oh, also so excited to hear next baby’s name … I love both Eleanor and Samson, so can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
    Lots of love to all xx

  94. Allison

    I’m not a parent yet, but one of my friends has three (now 5, 3 1/2, and 1 1/2) and I remember when she was pregnant with her third, she worked with her two girls on making sure they would listen to her and stop when running ahead on the sidewalk to intersections, etc. That way when the 3rd came along, she wouldn’t have to worry about chasing after them with the baby. Seemed like good thinking-ahead and stuck with me. Your kids seem to be doing great from your blog, so I’m sure you’ll do great adding another :)

  95. Shannon

    I think it’s gracefully brave of you to share news -I celebrate with you that you did and this new little life inside you! Soak up this community and all the people near and far that have the utmost respect and best wishes and encouragement for and to you! Ahhh, babies are such a gift -and your’s are so darn sweet as pie. :)

  96. Karen

    I felt like I had a baby when I read your blog!! so excited for you Naomi.
    PS. we’re planning for a 2nd baby next year and if its a gurl, we’re naming her Naomi, a boy Josh. It was something we came up with before I started following your blog, how cool is that??!!

  97. Congrats!!! I know exactly what you mean with wanting to wait to announce, and the excitement that comes with finally doing it : ) I’m expecting baby #2 come October. And some days I already feel overwhelmed lol. You have a beautiful family. Congrats again on the pregnancy!!!


  98. Ashley

    i think the hardest jump is going from 1 to 2. after that its sort of like, whats another one? ya know? you will be fine! just take your time getting into your groove. dont let it stress you out, it al falls into place.

  99. Robyn

    My first three kids are spaced about the same as yours – the first two are exactly 1 year apart. I had a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a newborn.

    I miscarried a bunch – 12 pregnancies but only 5 take home babies. I chose to tell people as soon as I knew – pregnant is pregnant whether it lasts 9 months or 3 months and should be celebrated and enjoyed no matter the outcome. I also figured I needed all of the understanding and support I could get if/when it ended prematurely. If I hadn’t told anyone until it “was safe” no one would understand why all of the sudden I was a teary moody mess.

    CONGRATULATIONS. Three is a handful for sure, but you’re a seasoned mother now so it will be smoother than you think.

    One tip – a triple stroller is a good idea even though it’s unwieldy! Also – in the grocery store the way to manage the cart is to “push one, pull one”. I DID NOT have toddlers who followed nicely along side or held my hand and stayed close :)

    Of course, in NYC the rules of engagement are completely different. . . .

  100. Gia

    Love E’s pout here. So happy for you and your family and looking forward to meeting baby #3. Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  101. Diana

    Naomi, congratulations! It’s so freaking exciting! I just read the news. (I have 3 littles, so I rarely have time to be on devices :). This is amazing and you look absolutely gorgeous!

  102. Irene

    I have been following your story for months now, I was already reading your blog when Samson arrived. I don’t read your blog everyday, but everytime I do, I love discovering your pretty photos and follow the different steps of your family story.

    This one is another big one, CONGRATULATIONS! I have to say, I felt a sudden warm joy in my heart when I arrived on your blog this morning and discovered you were expecting a new baby. You are a gorgeous family really inspiring for a young couple like me and my boyfriend. I wish you all the best on that new pregnancy, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of support from your friends and family. I’m so happy for you 4, a new adventure begins !

    Lots of happy thoughts and love from Paris,


  103. TILLY

    Again, a big congratulations to you and Josh and of course E and S!! This really is the best news you could ever hope for and I am so happy for you all! After being a follower for your blog since Samson was oh-so-tiny, I know you will rock being a mama to 3! (Just like you are already rocking being a mama to 2!) You are glowing in these photos and look absolutely stunning (and the kids just cute as a button)! Much love and prayers for a healthy and joyful next few months until December (eeek!! Only 6 months now! Where has this year gone?!) And happy birthday for the other day! Keep the posts coming…xo

  104. Suzanne

    Congratulations! I am due with my first end of January, so I cannot WAIT for pregnancy posts from you! It’s such a wonderful, scary, and new experience, it will be fun to do the journey “together.”

  105. Chelsey

    I am SO happy for you!!! I feel like I know you after all these years of reading your sweet blog, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get teary over these posts. You are such a wonderful Momma, and such an inspiration to me! I’ve been married just about a year now, and we are planning to start trying for baby number one next year. I get so nervous about it, and about losing myself. But seeing you and the way you handle it gives me so much hope!!!

    Bless you and your darling family!!!


  106. Cait

    I only have two so far, but every more experienced and admirable mother that I have known has told me that God will give you the strength and grace you need when you need it – and maybe not before! Even when the first one seems like a huge change, you’re able to handle it when the time comes, and the same with each child. We don’t (usually!) go from 0 to 5 all at once, anyway! You will enjoy it so much, even amidst the craziness!

  107. Melissa

    I am so so excited for baby number three! The excitement of letting the gender be a mystery makes it more exciting during birth! I think I might be having baby fever but I absolutely cannot wait to read your updates ☺️☺️☺️

  108. Martina


  109. Sofia Vasconcelos

    Congratulations! You have such a lovely family, it’s always a pleasure to read your blog posts and see your gorgeous photos. Wishing you all the best for new step your life, welcoming baby nº 3 :) xxx

  110. Vanessa

    Adorable post! It’s funny because I had to laugh a little when you posted the last photo on social media! I’m sure three little ones will be a handful but completely worth it!

  111. Renee

    Dearest Taza,
    Your family is so lovely! I am so excited for you and the fam to grow to 5!! It’s going to be amazing journey! Thank you for telling is and sharing your life with us!

  112. Kayla

    Congratulations!!! You look lovely!

    You’re going to do great as a mama of THREE!! My piece of advice: get out of the house at least once a day. They say that even when you have just one babe, but it really is life-changing what some fresh air can do for an overwhelmed mama.

    Can’t wait for you to rock this!!!

  113. Raimonda

    Dear Naomi (and Josh, and Eleanor, and Samson),

    all the best wishes and lots of kisses and congratulations all the way from Europe, Lithuania! I’m so happy for you all :))) I wanted to say that my aunt also has three little ones now: the oldest is a boy (I’m his Godmother), 5 y.o., the second one is a girl (3) and the smallest tiniest one is also a girl, she was born in January :) My aunt is stay-at-home mom for the past 6 years and only 3 months ago they moved in into their own house, until then they all have been living in 2 room apartament, so it’s been really hard on her :) but she manages to do so much with 3 kids by her side, that I can do nothing else, but admire her for that. Those two running around pumpinks makes her (and almost everyone around them) almost crazy, but when you have love in your heart that is a very small thing … :) So I wish you all the best, cause I now that you will rock this :) cause all you, mamas, have your own invisible supermom capes on your back :)

  114. looking sweet with two babies, You have such a lovely family, It was great to view this blog..

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  115. Mpb

    Probably it wont be useful, but we were three and it was amazing! Congratulations!

  116. Brianne

    I am so, so happy for you all! The most sincere congratulations!

  117. Vixenlibra

    Sweet! Congrats loves! This is super exciting for me to because me and my fave bloggers are pregnant together!! :-) :-) <3.<3

  118. Eve

    Gah! Congrats! You and your sweet little family make the world a happier, holier, healthier place :) Thanks for your openness to LIFE and to LOVE and choosing to share this with the world. Go girl!

  119. Beth


    My mum always said that although having 3 under the age of 4 made the place a little nutty (then again we are all adults now and still as nutty) BUT…..
    it encouraged me (the eldest) to take more responsibility. Because mummy only has 2 hands, I would be her third, holding my brother Williams hand, while mum was in charge of the youngest little one. Elinor seems to be a wonderful young girl, and I’m sure much responsibility while thrive in her hands….. i wish you the best of luck….. x

  120. Agnieszka

    SUPER WIADOMOŚĆ!!!GRATULACJE DLA WAS!Naomi-piękne zdjęcia.Hallo from Poland!!!

  121. erin

    Hi ^.^ congratulations! I recently had baby #3 too this April! Its crazy but a beautiful kind of crazy.. well many it doesn’t feel like that all the time when you are really in the mommy time moments but it really does when you think about it after all the babies fall into their nighttime slumber!

    I was a person who was terrified at the unexpected surprise of my first baby… all my friends tease me terribly about me having 3 babies!

    We have a mutual friend from Juliard(June the marimba-ist!My brother had a quick cup of coffee or something with June and you once in your school days.. he told when he saw me reading your blog…) which makes your family seem more than an online friend to me!Well the reason I say this after so many years is that.. I’m sure everyone congratulating you through this blog are all saying it with true feelings but with 3 babies myself (and I majored in ARTS myself and I know how artsy ppl have wonderful mood swings and a crave for letting my soul free!! Those days! ^.^) I just really wanted to say you have such a lovely family and 3 babies makes your family more perfect than it was! I wish the best through your pregnancy and good luck! With your wonderful spirit and ability to make it look like you dance through your days as you performed a while ago~ Your family is blessed to have you for a mama!

  122. Sydney

    I am loving your bump!!! You are the most stylish little mama out there! I am due a month before you and I never had the pleasure of following your blog during Eleanor or Samson pregnancies so I am happy to have been following you for a while now. I am so excited for your guys congrats to you and your whole family. It’s going to be another lively and loved little baby!

  123. Chelsey

    congrats Taza!!! so excited to see your family continue to grow – your blog always puts a smile on my face :)

  124. Lenn

    Congratulations! I had three under 3. They’re now 10,9 & 7. It was a challenge but the joy and benefits of three so close outweigh the hard times, hands down. We learned to simplify our schedule, and my advice from my own mama when all three were crying and needed me, “Start with the one who’ll remember most and then love, love, love from there.” We’ll be having our final and 6th baby early Nov. It’s an exciting and humbling time to be expecting another beautiful person. Get some rest! :)

  125. alexis jacobson

    Horray! So glad you are expecting a third. I have three right now and going from two to three proved to be.most difficult for us. But your family seems to always be so loving and kind and thus i think you will do well. Mykids are stubborn and strong willed and do not listen, not even the baby. I wish you lots of love and luck for your future with three. My kids are 6.5, 3.5, and 11months (who started walking at 10 months, i wish that uponnobody) when is baby three due and are you going to findout what youare to have?

  126. Flora

    Congratulations! We have been blessed with 4!! And to be honest the hardest transitions were from zero children to one and from one to two.. When you still cling on to a bit of pre/ child life! We have found that by number three life was so different and geared around small children anyway that one more didn’t make much of a difference! And number 4 just slotted in. Yes life is chaotic and noisy but it is so fun and once you embrace the chaos and the fact that your children might always have odd socks, or one might get passed you wearing wellies to a party…it is wonderful!!

  127. Rebeca


    Your family is so beautiful; this blog is such a gem. I can’t tell you how many times your posts about your littles and your marriage have brought tears of joy to my eyes! As a 23 year old in grad school, I am in no position to get married or have children any time soon. Your blog, however, makes me look forward to having a family one day and I can’t emphasize enough how much of a role model you are to me! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your third bundle of joy :)

  128. heather

    I have been reading your blog for years now, I just suddenly realized. It kind of gave me a little shiver of emotion, I’m sure you get this a lot, but it made me feel like we are friends somehow! Haha, how strange is that? This weird, wild, wide internet world. I appreciate the work you do with your blog and your wonderful seriously WONDROUS little family. I am a mama of two; I’ve commented before about the struggle I had getting pregnant, and now to have two beautiful little baby girls, I just burst with gratitude and joy. I have no idea how I have gotten so lucky. I like to think my patience had something to do with it. Anyway, I sometimes consider a third, since I have loved my experiences being pregnant and with childbirth so much, and because I so adore being a mother. I am getting older though, so it will have to be soon! A thought that scares me just a little ;) So I look forward to watching this new transition for you, with hope and confidence that you will handle it beautifully and gracefully and with love, as always.

  129. emosan

    “can” means life in turkish and a very nice name to give to a baby! may he/she live with his/her name!

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