saving space in the nursery + a giveaway! (closed)

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today we have partnered with the land of nod to give away a $1500 credit to one lucky ready to use on their site! the giveaway details are below at the bottom of this post!

last month, josh and i ordered the jenny lind toddler beds from the land of nod for eleanor and samson’s nursery and all four of us have been so happy with them since! you might remember their old nursery with their cribs from this post when we first moved back to new york city, and then when we did away with their cribs and put their crib mattresses on the floor inside the teepee last fall in this post.

while the teepee situation was our family’s favorite, we were sad to see it begin to fizzle as eleanor and samson started to outgrow their crib mattresses we were using inside the teepee.  we actually then bought a twin mattress a few months later and put it on the floor for them to share with the idea that we’d eventually do bunk beds or a trundle bed in their nursery come spring or summer.

city living is tricky when it comes to maximizing your small space with kids and beds. while the twin mattress was more comfortable than their tiny crib mattress, sharing it was getting hard (someone likes to sleep sideways) and it felt ginormous in their small play space because it took up so much room.  when we measured the space, we couldn’t imagine adding a second twin mattress to the room.

after what felt like an entire month of trying to figure out if toddler beds or real beds made more sense, we decided to move forward with toddler beds and sell the twin mattress so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice play space for so much “bed.” the jenny lind toddler beds seemed like the perfect solution since they are so compact and low to the ground. the kids can get in and out and up and down on their own. plus, they’re gorgeous! and now, there is still room to get down and play on the floor with them and that is something that is important to our family.  saving all the inches we can here and there from bigger and bulkier furniture makes a big difference when you live in a smaller space.

i’d love to show you a few photos of what their room looks like now with their new beds! we kind of flipped the entire room around back in january on a cold day when we were stuck inside and super bored.

nursery02nursery01nursery6nursery3nursery4 nursery2

and don’t forget! the land of nod is giving away a $1500 credit to one lucky reader! to enter, please visit the land of nod and sign up for their mailing list, take a look around the site, then come back here and comment below telling us what you’d use your $1500 credit towards.  the winner will be drawn at random next week and contacted directly.  good luck!

  1. Grace

    They have amazing storage!! My family could really use some of that.

  2. Martha

    I would love to get a few decor items and storage options for our kids room and playroom! But.. I pretty much love everything they have. :)

  3. Arika

    I love the wooden wall shelves, the honeycomb wall shelves, and the “magic carpet’! They have such beautiful stuff!

  4. Natalie

    The Anderson crib in maple is the first piece that has caught my eye! I love this site.

  5. Hannah

    I absolutely adore the maritime towels and the camper tent! With my sparse walls at home, a few of their shelves and graphics would be a must for my shopping cart also :)

  6. for a queen size Jenny Lind bed … in black!

    i love a good spindle bed & it’s about time i upgrade from a twin


  7. Alyssa Wolf

    i would use the credit to build a beautiful nursery !

  8. Pamela

    Our playroom needs MAJOR help!

  9. Nicole

    WOW! I had never heard of Land of Nod before and am now in love with so many new things for my boys and niece and nephew! The imagination toys are so sweet (that camper play tent and those incog-neato mustaches!) and the furniture and storage options are so beautiful!!

  10. Allie

    I just adore Land of Nod! My son’s crib bedding and now the sheets on his twin sized bed are from there, and we’re so pleased! I would use the credit toward some amazing storage, a teepee, and a crib for baby #2. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. Mhm

    My little baby will be a big boy soon. He’ll need a new room.

  12. Alex

    I’ve just about finished my boys bedroom but our “playroom” needs serious help. I love Land of Nod’s toy and book storage options. The rugs and curtains are adorable too!

  13. Michaela

    The mod nod swivel glider looks so comfy!

  14. Emily

    Wow what beautiful decor! I would love to gift any of these items to a few dear friends who are expecting little ones soon!

  15. Michelle

    Amazing giveaway as always!!! We have a 6 month old and a 2 year old. This would be a huge help in creating a space for our daughter. Right now she shares everything with her big brother. Thanks again for these fun giveaways!!!!

  16. Kate

    My husband and I are hoping to adopt (through with all the paper work so just waiting and praying now.) I would use the money toward outfitting our room of dreams, the nursery!

  17. Laura

    I would choose a dresser & a bed. Wonderful items! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  18. juni

    definitely all those throw pillows. so many adorable ones that are so fun. the dragon, head in the clouds, with a moo moo, elephant in the room… love them!

  19. Nicole

    With my first-born due any day now, what couldn’t I use from Land of Nod?! I’ve especially had my eye on their Library Cart & Good Read Book Caddy.

  20. emily

    I’d use it to outfit my baby girl’s nursery. she’s due in June, but will likely be here in May–she tried to come early last week at 24 weeks and now we’re holed up on bed rest for the next 10 weeks trying to convince her to cook a bit longer. Having this credit would make the decorating so easy…just order it all and have it delivered!

  21. Nicole

    Not to be a copy cat but I’ve been eyeing that Jenny Lind toddler bed for a while now. Also, their bedding is gorgeous! Oh, and their baskets for toy storage!

  22. Hilty

    I would love the compartment department bookcase, the elwood table, and a cute rug for my almost one year old girl.

  23. lisa

    There toys are amazing! I would probably want them all!

  24. Erin B

    I’d get one of those beds and one of the library type bookshelves!

  25. Danielle

    We are pregnant with our first child so at this point – we could use EVERYTHING! But especially the low-rise crib!

  26. Michelle

    What an awesome giveaway! I’m pregnant with our second daughter and we would need to move my daughter up to a toddler bed so I would definely use it towards their beautiful furniture! Love the Jenny Lind Bed!

  27. Laurel

    I would definitely buy a crib! (-:

  28. Jenna

    Oh, I would so love to win this! I love Land of Nod and have been happy with every purchase I’ve made since first discovering them a few years ago! We just moved into a new house and I would love to make my three year olds room into something awesome – pick me, pick me! :)

  29. marcela

    Would love to give my son a big boy room! Loving the Ellipse Collection!!!

  30. Bianca

    Probably bedding,a lamp or toy storage.

  31. Sam

    I love the Not a Peep Crib Bedding! This is such an amazing giveaway, how great.

  32. Jessica

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby (a boy!) this summer and we love Land of Nod! It would be so fun/amazing to have $1500 to help set up an awesome nursery!

  33. Nicole B

    The beds are a great fit in your space. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  34. rebekah

    I’m already on their mailing list…
    what a great giveaway!!

  35. Sadye

    The bowling set and a ton of other toys would make me the most favorite aunty in the whole world!

  36. Sarah

    Love Land of Nod! Storage, storage, and more storage!

  37. Christine

    Storage and storage!!!

  38. bryn

    We are expecting so a nursery is in order. Love the rockers and storage options!

  39. Amanda

    I would get the Bazaar Crib bedding and some nursery furniture! Their new Toby chairs look amazing!

  40. katie

    poppy sheet set to go with the homemade wooden bed frame my daughter’s poppy built & her dad painted stark white!

    storage baskets/closet tidings to finally get that mess sorted out!

    & the awesome groovy jenny lind nightstands!

    thanks so much for this opportunity!

  41. I would use it towards a bed! Maybe the Simple Bunk Bed or the Silhouette Daybed.

  42. Anais

    The Jenny Lind toddler bed for my little Leon, a few bright storagepaloozas for his favorite toys, and a home sweet play home canopy to hide in and read our favorite books together! Fingers crossed :)

  43. Ashley

    I’m dying over the whale lamp, the balloon dog book end and the RUGS. The composition rug, the color static rug…ugh, they are so great! And don’t even get me started on the bookcases…the brownstone, acrylic, and floor book bin are so sweet. Love this giveaway so much!

  44. Allie P

    Definitely something for the kiddos! We need a new bed solution for our 18 month old daughter!

  45. Lyndsay

    We seriously LOVE Land of Nod. I was just looking through the catalog trying to decide on a twin bed. Our little guy is outgrowing the crib mattress too! I’d definitely purchase a bed and some fun accessories. :)

  46. Jessica

    I love all of their decorations, sheets, and of course the jenny lind bed :)

  47. Rachel

    Hooray for this giveaway! I love land of nod and covet all of their stuff. My husband and I have been married for awhile and put off kids to focus on or education. Now half way through grad school, we’re thinking it’s definitely time. I’ve already secretly started collecting baby clothes. It would be great to have that credit to land of nod, I’d stretch it out and buy little things like Matt and Nat diaper bag, little tot bowling set, and much more! Thanks Taza! I love your little family!

  48. Erina

    I would get white/black jenny lind bed. I love land of nod!!

  49. Felicity

    This is such a generous give-away. I could do some SERIOUS damage with $1500 – bedding, storage, wall decals… FUN!

  50. Robin

    I love their cute little blankets, clothes and towels!

  51. Kelsi

    Ive always loved and wanted the Jenny Lind Bookshelf!

  52. alli

    We need a twin bed for our toddler and new dresser since new baby is coming! Torn between the uptown and jenny lind! they have great stuff!

  53. Hi Taza!!! I love your blog and your family, you guys are so cute! I would definitely get the Milo slider or the low-rise crib from Land of Nod….both would look fabulous in a nursery! x

  54. Val

    I would gift the credit to my best friend. She had two preemie babies in September 2013. Her daughter came home at Thanksgiving but her son is still in the NICU. Something like this would really put a smile on her face!

  55. Alysia McTague

    It is almost impossible to choose, they have so many neat things! I would start with the antique chic duvet and the jenny lind bed for our little girl who will soon be needing an upgrade to a big kid bed.

  56. Caitlin G

    I would definitely get some storage for the nursery, and the Big Band Rug in pink for my sweet girl to play on!

  57. Corey

    I recently found out I am expecting so I would definitely use it to get some fun stuff for the baby’s room!

  58. Heather B.

    all signed up! I have honestly been eyeing a teepee for quite some time. I grew up making forts as a kid to read in and a teepee would be such a fun way to snuggle up and read with a little one (not to mention how cute they are as a decor item!)

  59. emily l.

    hi I love the way you styled their nursery. very cozy feeling. There is so little from Land of Nod that I wouldn’t want! We just moved into a house from a one bedroom apartment and so I need a little bit of everything – a new bed for my 18 month old, decorations, especially lighting!

  60. Rhianna

    I would definitely use the credit toward a play home and some toy storage. My little lady is still a small babe, but her toys are quickly overtaking our house and we need some (cute!) storage for everything and a play place for her to call her own.

  61. Amanda Berg

    I love Land of Nod. I would use the credit towards storage and definitely new toddler bedding (I’ve been eyeing the tulip festival collection).

  62. Sammie Ellwood

    Love the graduated bookshelves, the little coat racks, and of course the teepees and playhomes!

  63. Rose

    The Royal Canopy bed caught my eye! So many great products to choose from!

  64. Julia

    We moved into our house a few weeks before our second daughter was born, and spent all of our time and energy making sure that our then one-year-old’s room was comfortable and homey for her (we lived in 3 houses within a month, she deserved it for being such a trooper).

    But now, 9 months later, our second daughter’s room is pretty lame. I’d get her the gold lottie dots FOR SURE. And the Jenny Lind toddler bed with the trundle because she and her big sis would think a sleepover would be the coolest ever. And the Marine Queen bedding! Adorable!

  65. Lee

    Our son’s room really needs some storage – something like the Bankable Bookcase would be great!

  66. ashlee

    Toy bins. Definitey some space saving toy bins. We own an older split level home and space is an issue for us (not quite like an apartment though) and our little man hits 8 months old this week, and is in need of storage for the growing amount of toys he’s been getting.

  67. Katie

    All of the nursery furniture is amazing – I love, love, love the 7 drawer Jenny Lind dresser!

  68. Michelle H.

    My 18 month old would need a bed soon and we would love new storage bins. The website is really cute, first time hearing about it. Thanks!

  69. Candice

    I love so many things from Land of Nod but we are definitely going to be in the market for a toddler bed soon so the Jenny Lind is definitely at the top of my list. I also love the multi colored book ledge shelves.

  70. Richelle

    Ohh their bedding, and storage, and rugs! My oh my, would love to win!

  71. Erin

    We’ll be moving soon, and I’ll have a whole new room to decorate for our son (and maybe even a playroom!). Would love to have that ride-on alligator, the camper play tent…and oh, my gosh, the storage solutions!

  72. Oh! I would just be over the moon to win this giveaway. And I would spend it on a Luca glider and ottoman in Stone. With my daughter due in June and my toddler son’s love for reading, I would LOVE to have a big comfortable chair to share with them!

  73. Helen and the Fox

    Love Land of Nod! I’m already on their mailing list and I know exactly what I could order- a Jenny Lind bed and some wonderful bedding.

  74. erin

    I love getting odds & ends from Land of Nod, but what I really want is one of their Jenny Lind beds for when my daughter is ready to leave her crib!

  75. Kay

    I’d use the credit to get some new furniture and decor for my (6 year old) daughter’s room! The princess plume headboard is gorgeous – I know my mini would love it! And the pink dresser. Oooh, and the honeycomb shelves. So many things I love! Fingers crossed! :)


  76. Yumi

    Bedding for my son (field guide), big girl bed for my daughter (Jenny Lind in yellow…or white….or raspberry….) storage, activity table! TOYS!

  77. Lauren

    What a great idea for your room. I would pick the adjustable height play table!

  78. Katie P.

    Bedding! Their duvet covers are all so adorable. Or a bookcase!

  79. oh my gosh! love their new nursery! everything from land of nod is incredible, but i am most in love with their darling toys!

  80. Marivi

    I love the Land of nod! a lot of cute stuff for the kids room. We are so desperately in need of a new dresser and bookshelf for the kids shared bedroom thats what I would buy asap! Thanks!

  81. Micki

    I would buy one of their beautiful rockers for our new baby!

  82. Naomi

    They have so many beautiful things, but I think that the Top Tier Chandelier would have to be first on my list!

  83. Jenn

    Definitely some storage solutions like the on the grid shelves. Love them! I’d also have to invest in a leaning desk. So nice for my growing boy!

  84. melissa l

    I went very “safe” with my daughter’s nursery and would love to now add some color and life to it! Something hanging, new curtains/rug would really ad that fun factor! And of course a nice chair to go in there to both nurse and play on!

  85. Sarah

    Wow, I’d use it to get the jenny lind white nursery dresser, the X marks the book caddy, soft mushroom rattles, and a pink basic framework coat rack – all for this baby girl that’s arriving ANY day! Love those toddler beds!

  86. jane

    loving the bedding and the luca glider!

  87. Kayla

    Oh they’re furniture is so lovely. I would love that circulation desk and a 6-drawer dresser for the littles.

  88. Morgan

    The Jenny Lind crib for our new baby’s nursery along with fun new bedding!

  89. I’m expecting my first baby this August so I’d use the gift card towards the nursery! :)

  90. Sandra

    J’aimerais acheter plein plein de rangements…

  91. aneke

    I love the Anderson crib in Walnut.. and a mattress… and bedding!

  92. Emily Duncan

    My two little girls are going to need a new bed soon, so I would use the money to pick out something beautiful!

  93. Hannah

    I would use it to get some storage and decorative pieces for our new playroom

  94. We are expecting our first child and my handy husband is building a crib and a dresser for our bundle. The only thing that I really want and need is the glider/rocking chair. I would love to purchase the Toby Chair and Ottoman (Talbot Linen) with the $1500 credit. They are beautiful. Thank you so much for a chance to win. Your website is lovely.

  95. Brittney Caban

    We are redoing the guest room for my son – he’s moving rooms to make space in the nursery for a baby sister. I would love some storage solutions, stepstools and decor from land of nod – LOVE their stuff!

  96. Alex

    Love their bedding and room decor pieces! Great giveaway (as usual)!

  97. meg

    My son’s room is in desperate need of a makeover. The uptown wide dresser would be a great start!

  98. Danielle

    I would buy the Marly rocker and ottoman in grey.

  99. I have been wanting to get an artist’s easel for my almost-3-year-old daughter, and the Land of Nod one is just beautiful and such good quality!

  100. Stephanie

    We just added another little boy to our family and are now in need of bunk beds! I’ve been eyeing the uptown bunk bed in midnight blue for quite some time now so the $1,500 would be perfect for that!

    P.S. I just love E and S’s nursery…it’s such a fun space for them!

  101. Light fixtures and shelves! We have a new (and empty) townhouse that could use a little help. I guess the grass is always greener :)

  102. Shannon

    I love all of their stuff, but we are in the market for two of the jenny lind beds to transition our toddlers into before the baby arrives. Hope we win :)

  103. Sara Howland

    I love the pictures of S & E’s nursery, nice job Mama!

    If I were to win the giveaway I would purchase the Marley Rocker & Ottoman. It is (put simply) a gorgeous piece of furniture that I would love to put in my future baby’s nursery.

  104. Jessica McLean

    I am ready to invest in bunk beds and new bedding so our two little boys can share a room. The Land of Nod has the best options!

  105. sally

    We’re about to furnish a nursery from scratch for baby #1 so I’d get a great rocker, changing table and crib :)

  106. Katie D

    I would use it toward a changing table or crib! Love Land of Nod!

  107. Anna

    They have a beautiful rug I’ve had my eye on!

  108. Devon

    I would have no problem spending that money on rugs, pendant lights and play tents! Their stuff is adorable.

  109. Heather

    I love the jenny lind bed and bookcase! Oh I sure hope I win!!!

  110. Julie

    I love their chairs and gliders!

  111. Amanda Weissinger

    I would get the Walden twin bunk bed for my littles (14 months apart)!

  112. hanna

    I’d get on of the cribs.

  113. Alexis M

    I would probably purchase fun bedding for my daughter and some new furniture!

  114. Maggie

    Hello! What a lovely giveaway. I would use the $1,500 credit towards outfitting our nursery for our first little one on their way this fall. Some of my favorite pieces include the Luca Glider and Ottoman and the Andersen Crib. :)

  115. Kristen

    I’ve been wanting to re-do my daughters bedroom as a surprise for her birthday so I would definitely do that! Maybe with some Bourdeaux bedding! Thank you for this opportunity!

  116. A new bed and lamp for my daughter’s new 10 year old tween room.

  117. Jana

    So adorable! I would definitely use most of it for that Twin Sleeper Sofa in Cement. We have been needing a small guest solution for …. 4 years now, :) I don’t know that I could deny myself that Retro Rocker either!

  118. Rebekah Borges

    I love the chair gliders, it was hard to pick one they where all so pretty but the champagne color was great. The retro rocking chair was also great.

  119. Maggie

    I love the gliders and all the cute bedding!

  120. I would definitely go for new beds for my girls as well! I love these Jenny Lind beds, they are adorable.

  121. Annadee

    I love the Jenny Lind beds. I have boy/girl twins who just turned 3 and we have been trying to figure out what type of bed we should transition them to. Like you, we don’t have a lot of space in their room so those beds would be perfect and they are super cute!

  122. Laura DeLuca

    A big girl bed for my growing bed (LOVE the Jenny Lind line!), colorful bins for her play room, a few new books to add to her collection, the plush jamboree banjo, building blocks to encourage her to build something new…the list goes on and on! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. :)

  123. Lisa S.

    I am about to be a Grandmother for the fisrt time! I’ve always loved the Land of Nod and would love to be able to give my grandchild beautiful bedding and decor from there!

  124. Megan

    I love their sleigh cribs and gliders! And those toddler beds are the cutest :)

  125. Krystine

    Love this! I would get a toy storage unit and a rocking chair! I’ve been drooling over the idea of a rocking chair for years! Would be nice to have one for baby #3!

  126. I can’t imagine trying to configure a small space to fit growing needs of a family, way to go you guys! and indeed those beds are crazy adorable!

  127. Leeza

    Eleanor and Samsom’s room is so dreamy! Can’t wait to get a few X marks the book caddy bookcases and a beautiful Jenny lind desk!

  128. Monique

    What a beautiful nursery, very inspiring! My partner and I live in a 1930’s building in Brussels, Belgium, where we are getting a room ready for a new arrival.. We would love a safe and sturdy crib that will complement our decor, which consists mostly in second-hand mid-century pièces found at our local flea market and beautifully restored by my partner.

  129. Cali

    How great! There room looks like such fun. I would get some new bedding for the kids. I love perusing their website

  130. Mary

    The exact same beds!

  131. Emily

    What a wonderful giveaway. My toddler is still in her crib. I would get her I nice new bed and the floral gem sheet set. Also, the storage! The bookcases and shelves would be a lifesaver!

  132. I love there storage and nursery prints! I have big plans if I win this!!

  133. margaret

    Storage is always needed so I could see a need for a flat top bookcase and storage bench with feet. My bug asks to turn the house into a library so bookcases are a top priority. Would love to add a spot for her to sit and read but needs to store toys too and the storage bench fits the bill.

  134. Piia

    The Land of Nod is awesome! I love so many things from their shop. I really need a new rug and bedding for my toddler.

  135. I love love love Land of Nod! I’m expecting my first little one in just a few short months and would be over the moon to win the give-away! I’ve got my eye on the Attractive American Rocker in cream and the Jenny Lind dresser.

  136. Carly

    My younger daughter is just 13 months but if she is anything like her older sister she will be out of her crib by 20 months. I would love a full size jenny Lind for her big girl room. The raspberry color is amazing!

  137. Kim R.

    I would use it towards a bed and a tent for a reading nook as I transition my daughter’s nursery to a “big girl” room!

  138. Jessica

    This would be the best prize to win, as I’m expecting my first baby and am in need of… well… everything for my nursery! I’d definitely splurge on a crib and then get some of the gray and white patterned fitted crib sheets (we’re going neutral and not finding out the gender of our child until the birth!) This would be the ultimate prize! Fingers crossed!

  139. joanne

    I am loving the personalized art pictures for my three girls! I also love the low rider bookcase in white. In fact, I love it all! Your kids room is super cute by the way!

  140. Kate

    I love love love the Jenny Lind beds!

  141. Cameron

    I would purchase storage items for our second baby. She will be here in a few weeks and I would love to finish her nursery.

  142. Natasha

    Would use it for my sons nursery! We are decorating it in a robot theme and its been hard to find stuff! Land of Nod has a great selection!

  143. Sandra

    So this would be amazing for this fellow city living girl in the Windy City! We have 2 in a room as well and are trying to save space! The Jenny Lind toddler bed would be a perfect solution for out 1 year old. We would also use it finally decorate their room, new lamps, maybe a dresser & lots of wall art!

  144. Rachelle

    I’m 7 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be more excited – I can only hope I exude as much love and happiness as you do around your husband and children. It’s definitely overwhelming to see the cost of all things baby/nursery and Land of Nod has been one of my main inspirations for the nursery. The no-compromise organic mattress and mattress pad would be my first purchase without a doubt, but the list could go on and on!

  145. jennifer

    I am having my first baby and I am trying to figure out what I need for a nursery. The white Blake dresser seems like a great addition to the nursery and seems to have enough storage and space.

  146. Jill

    I think I’d have to pick the Uptown dresser and nightstand in midnight blue. The perfect upgrade to my son’s ‘big boy’ room!

  147. mia

    what wouldn’t I buy?! love the furniture. some of the bookcases and mirrors are to die for.

  148. Alecia

    They have such beautiful stuff! I would love to decorate the nursery for the little one we will be having soon!

  149. Since I”m not expecting any time soon, I would most likely use this credit with my best friend, who told me YESTERDAY that she and her husband are expecting their first child! I have known her my entire life, and I’m so happy for them! This would be great to gift to them to help with the baby’s nursery and any other odds n ends they might need!

  150. Shanna

    Hands down I would get the Here, there, anywhere play table. Would like to win this giveaway!

  151. shahira

    one word: storage!!
    would love to win this giveaway

  152. Christina Gibson

    I love the Marley rocker. It definitely isn’t your normal rocking chair. I’m signed up for the mailing list :)

  153. Patty B.

    oh, wow! what a GREAT giveaway! i would definitely need to get the marley rocker and ottaman in grey, the nat and matt diaper bag in tan, toddler bedding, and some new decor for my daughter’s bedroom.

    Thank you for such an amazing opportunity and of course, an amazing blog!

  154. Tawnie Bryant

    I love Land of Nod! I’ve only purchased a couple things from the store when I was putting together my nursery, but I loved all of them so much. Right now my family is building a new house, and I’m putting together a big boy room for my 3 year old son! I’m doing away with baby, toddler stuff because it’ll be big-boy time soon. I would love to purchase his bedding from there. I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed their bath section. The rugs and curtains are super cute! Love the kids room, Taza!

  155. devi

    I’m expecting my first and have been having the hardest time finding cute lamps and rugs for the nursery that aren’t over-the-top cutesy. I love Land of Nod’s selection!

  156. Lucy

    I love your decor! Would love to see a post of the other rooms in your house, seems you nailed the ‘small space’ problem perfectly and beautifully.

  157. akia

    I’d use it similarly to you.I have a 1 y/o and a 4 y/o . and they both need toddler beds to fit into their tiny room. We have a two bedroom home so they will have to share. Right now the 1 y/o sleeps in the other room with my husband and me but that is getting really old really. LOL .

  158. I would have to use it on some of their beautiful and fun decor!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  159. Tony

    We need an entire nursery for this fall so I’d love to win!

  160. Janell

    a few of my favorite things: the district storage bench/bookcase, as you wish storage bench, wooden toys <3, cloud corkboards, and cubby cups!

  161. Sarah

    I love what you’ve done with the nursery! I’m expecting my first, so I could use all kinds of items from the Land of Nod for our new baby’s room. We’re in a small space, too, so the Rattan I Am storage collection would be so helpful. I’m also a fan of the Follow the Herd mobile, many of the sweet rattles and teethers, and those fun magnificent letters and symbols!

  162. Meredith

    What an amazing giveaway! I have been wanting the Jenny Lind toddler bed, since we have a white Jenny Lind crib and I absolutely adore it. The bedding is just so gorgeous, too! I’m hoping to get our little girl one of the hanging play homes when she is a little older, and then every toy imaginable? How to decide?!

  163. Kat D.R.

    There are so many great play tables! I’d love one of those. I’d also love to decorate my son’s room a bit more, perhaps will wall decals. Beautiful stuff!

  164. Jen

    Kids’ room looks great! I’d love to get some new crib sheets for my littles and we’re in need of a toddler bed too.

  165. I love the Gold Bars Rug and the Honeycomb wall Shelf !
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  166. kate

    What a giveaway! Would love to get a toddler bed and new crib for baby coming in May!

  167. Danielle Jungst

    I absolutely adore the Land of Nod! It’s my absolute favorite store for my little ones. Should I get the opportunity to spend $1500 there, I’d likely get several things for my four children. I love their storage solutions, beds, linens, lamps, globe light, and toys. I’d be tough, but I’m be so thankful and simply thrilled to win the opportunity to shop at Land of Nod.

  168. sharon

    I would buy my daughter a desk and matching chair for her room! She is 10 now and ready for a more grown up room, The giveaway would come in very handy!!! Hoping and praying I win!!!!

  169. Zana

    We are expecting our first in October. I love nursery furniture and bedding everything is so adorable.

  170. Tara

    I would love to have a kids play table and chair set! Artwork and rugs! Love this give away!!

  171. Heidi m.

    I’d love their teepee for my daughter to read books and nap in.

  172. Natashia luna

    We love land of nod, right now I have a crush on the ellipse bed and night stand. I also think the little giraffe night light would make a nice addition to my babies room along with the Marley rocker.

  173. Mary Ann

    those neon nightstands to start!

  174. AnnCamille

    The “Can’t miss wall Knobs (Airplane), the Retro Rocker,the Prairie School Desk, your tiny beds (so cute), the Branches Coat tree (Bird), the Wild Pattern Wall Art (bunny and giraffe !), and the poster of Mary Poppins and the princess and the Pea too, a world wall map, and one or two of this beautiful rugs (oh the After the Rain rug in green and the Magic Carpet in blue), the lamps ! (Real light Wire Table Lamp, Crystal Ball Table Lamps) My lucky Four-Leaf Mirror……….. Well, i really HAVE TO WIN now! Otherwise I’ll keep dreaming about all the things. Merci !

  175. Dolly Benson

    I love the Land of Nod! I love the whimsy and I am currently working on our playroom so I would definitely get storage and tepee and some new bedding for my girls.

  176. Meghan

    Our baby boy is in the process of transitioning from crib to toddler bed, too! We have been looking for a few things to make his room more fun for a toddler!The activity table with paper roller is a cute idea! And the two-lane chevron rug is brilliant for his cars!

  177. Jillian

    I’m having my first this August! I’m planning on registering at Land of Nod for the bedding and storage!

  178. Katie

    Love their stuff! We’re in the market for a crib for baby number 1 due in the fall!
    Sleigh crib looks perfect!

  179. We are expecting a baby boy in June, so I’d go with the low rise crib & the dylan swivel glider and ottoman!

  180. Kirstie

    Maybe the chevron pouf or bean bag chairs

  181. sherrie

    We have two boys- 3 year old and 1.5 year old and would love for them to share a room w/the jenny lind toddler beds! They would be just perfect!

  182. kendra

    i kinda want the high rise bookshelf for myself! i don’t have kids, but have so many nieces and nephews coming this year, i would spoil them rotten with the credit and earn the title worlds best aunt!

  183. Careena

    A toddler bed with storage baskets for all those toys!

  184. OMG I could go crazy with $1500 to LON!! I need some nursery digs for this babe #2 I’m baking! We have no storage for her room!

  185. katie

    Our toddler’s room is already small and we are intending to add another babe. We need storage that looks lovely and is functional- I am loving everything at the Land of Nod

  186. Mary W

    I love the way the littles room turned out! I’m a huge land of Nod fan too! I would happily get my tiny tot a jenny Lind bed,dresser, and almost every single art print and stuffed toy if I could! They are absolute magic. Xox!

  187. Estefane K.

    definitely buy the bin table!!!

  188. Maya

    I love the Jenny Lind beds, particularly in yellow, azure, and raspberry! However, due to space constraints (my kids share a room too) I would love to get the simple or downtown bunks. Also love some of the decor such as the owl lamp and storage such as the brownstone bookshelf!

  189. Taylor G.

    Some good storage and bedding would be wonderful!

  190. Astrea

    Love the Land of Nod and your site…I would love to have the Jenny Lind Twin bed and the Loves me, Loves me not bedding….I would try to squeeze in one of those gigantic wall letters as well!!!! So cute!

  191. Wow! I can’t even begin to decide. Toy storage and such cute decorative items. Oh, and I’d like a rug! :) Thanks!

  192. Shaunelle Seely

    So hard to decide! I think I would get a crib or the Jenny Lind changing table/dresser. I love Land of Nod!!

  193. Kristy B

    I would love this giveaway! Especially since I am expecting my second! We didn’t have a good rocking chair the first time around and could really use the orange luca glider for baby#2’s nursery!

    Crossing fingers!

  194. Kara Harris

    with 4 kids we could definitely use storage and more bedding. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  195. brittney

    my kids are going crazy over their bedding!

  196. Amanda

    What an amazing giveaway! What wouldn’t I get!? It is so hard to decide. We are definitely in need of some storage bins and a bookcase. Then I would get some bedding for my girls beds and if there was any left over maybe a toy for each. I love land of nod so I will be crossing my fingers till next week!

  197. Kait

    I would purchase the grey low-rise crib for my sweet baby coming this summer!

  198. Sonja K.

    The graduated wide book case in coffe and the Ellipse 6-Dawer Dresser is just perfect. I love the mid century style even for my baby girls nursery!

  199. Caroline

    I would start with one of those neat book caddies. Thanks for a geerous give away!

  200. allison

    so many good things at LON!! we would def use the credit for some storage options and fun bedding! YAY! thanks!

  201. Alena Kelly

    Those tents are pretty incredible. Then again, everything kinda rocks soo… I love how the space your two share is so happy and bright! I love to bring some brightness to my littles!

  202. I think I would have to go with the Jenny Lind toddler bed, too! I’ve been looking for a toddler bed for my little guy but have had such a hard time finding one that is pretty and not gimmicky (no race car bed for us!).

  203. it turned out great! to airy and bright…I would use the credit to buy a toddler bed for my son ;)

  204. Katie M

    We have our first baby on the way in about 5 weeks. You’re absolutely right, NYC living is hard on space & I would love one of Land of Nod’s gorgeous rockers!

  205. Courtney

    I’d get new bedding (love the tulip festival set!) for my toddler’s big girl bed and crib bedding for the new little one on the way!

  206. kelly

    ooooo, love Land of Nod! I’m already on their mailing list and love looking at all of it when a new mailer comes. My kids’ favorite, most-used toy is their fishing rod set! I looooove the bookshelves, toy storage, and kid tables/chairs. would love to win! we are moving and have a new house to furnish!

  207. Mckenzie smith

    I would get 1 of 3 big rugs. Our floors are so cold and we spend all day on the floor. Baby no. 3 is two months away and I want to have our nursery all ready!!!

  208. Chelsea

    I am newly pregnant so really anything to furnish a nursery. Also I’m dying over the Elemenopee crib bedding. So sweet!

  209. My little family just purchased and moved into our first house. My three year old daughter’s room is currently empty and we’re all sleeping on a full sized hide-a-bed. We have plans to build her a loft bed to maximize space in her tiny room. I made a wishlist of everything from Land of Nod that would be awesome in there: A desk would be great, as well as some storage for her piled up books. We want to go for pops of subdued color in a mostly neutral, girly but modern bohemian space. I didn’t realize Land of Nod had so many cute things!

  210. Kara

    I would love to get either the Astoria metal bed or the Jenny Lind bed for my daughter. I have been eying these wonderful beds for awhile now.

  211. Mary Margaret

    Oh definitely the Oak Park Elementary dresser!

  212. Kerri

    I would buy the new Ocean Liner Rug! So nautical, preppy and fun!

  213. Marnay

    In love with the Graduated Tall Bookcase and Pirouette Desk!

  214. Kailee

    I love Land of Nod! I’d use the credit for toddler beds for my boys, the Brownstone bookcase (and maybe the library branch bookcase – we have lots of books!!), and a teepee sure would be fun!

  215. Noelle platt

    I would love the jenny lind full size bed for my daughter!

  216. Katie B.

    My girls need some new bedding, and it’s all adorable!

  217. Céline

    Rocker – that is the one thing every new mama should spend money on!

  218. Abby

    I would use it for my daughter’s new playroom!

  219. Amanda Bailie

    We need it all! Our family just moved to a new state/house. I need so much help getting organized with storage units. new rugs and bedding for my girls room would be wonderful, not to mention the two bathrooms that need to be completely re-done! And maybe a few new toys/crafts for my girls to help with the transition. Eeeks! Moving is so overwhelming!

  220. Ale

    I am redoing my boys’ room and would love to add a lot of their “Outdoorsy” & “Camping” decor. I would use the credit for art, shelves, & storage.

    Thank you!

  221. Elyse G.

    I love the New School Bedding Duvet Cover! *fingers crossed*

  222. Elizabeth

    I’m about to move my kids into the same room in NYC and desperately need a bunk bed!!

  223. Jona

    I’d actually love to get a couple of the mini shelves for my bathroom, and gift the remaining amount to my best friend who is expecting her first child! xoxo.

  224. Andrea

    I would buy the Jenny Lind twin bed in white for my son Samuel. I have the Peep bedding and I would get a second twin set so when we have another we can have matching bedding. We adore LON! Probably a teepee and some misc bedding and stuff. Nothing to fancy- just some fun artwork and bedding probably! <3

  225. Linda

    I would use it to decorate our new baby boy’s room!

  226. Sadie

    My husband and I are in the middle of a cross country move (Chicago to Florida!) so it would go towards outfitting our new home, mostly with their entire Jenny Lind collection!

  227. Paola

    This giveaway is a godsend! We’re definitely in need of storage in our home-front and similarly I’m trying to figure out my toddlers sleep arrangement in our small apartment! This post was great, thanx N!

  228. Audrey H.

    Oh my goodness! How cute is The Land of Nod! What a fantastic selection of furnishings!! I love S and E’s room! Pick me!!

  229. WHD

    Probably one of the rockers… expecting my first child in July and wanting to outfit the nursery!

  230. Beth

    i would definitely use it to buy a twin bed or two for our big girl room!! thanks for the chance!

  231. Rebecca

    I would love to put a few of the open book bins in my daughter’s room!

  232. Sara

    I am due with our first baby (a boy!) in August and would LOVE to outfit his nursery in Land of Nod :)

  233. Jacque G

    Anything?! Everything! Probably some rugs.

  234. Erin S.

    I would use it to switch my guest room into the new nursery (just found out!) definitely a crib and the adorable Thar She Glows Table Lamp.

  235. Grace

    Marley rocker and ottoman!

  236. Jill Tilby

    If I win, I would love a new dresser for my little girl-the 7 drawer Jenny Lind dresser is beautiful! Jentry also loved the new Tulip Festival bedding!

  237. Sarah

    I’d buy matching furniture for the kids’ room! Probably the Lind toddler bed and a Lind crib…right now the baby & the toddler bed don’t match and I’d love more cohesion in their room!

  238. Thera

    Oh my this is awesome!! I would love to get the Joya Rocker in Charcoal for our new baby girl. We do not have anything like that available here, it would bring the whole nursery together. Pleeeeasseee??

  239. Eiren Hendrie

    I love their room and those white toddler beds! I would use the gift card to buy my twin daughters the simple bunk in white. It would be perfect and cute for their room (and our city condo)!

  240. Sydney

    I just found out I am pregnant! Husband and I will be making a nursery up for the little one in no time! You did such an amazing job with E and S’s nursery….so eclectic and a perfection combination of boy, girl, and toddler decor. Great job as always:)!

  241. Heather

    The Jenny Lind beds are so fun! I’d love to get them in different colors for my kiddos. I also love their storage options… if there’s one thing we could use – it’s that – especially for their closets.

  242. I love how kid-friendly and kid-centric their room is! As pretty as Pinterest rooms are, they just aren’t functional and fun for the children who live in them, so I love love love that yours is so family friendly and warm!

  243. Libby

    Love the new nursery look!

    We could totally use that twin sleeper chair and a new toy storage/bookshelf for our little man as we transition some of his baby items to his little sister:)

  244. Erika Friedlander

    I have been dying for the Jenny Lind Desk/Hutch but cant bring myself to buy it. All I’d need is that credit to finally go for it :)

  245. darlene ponticelli

    i would love everything !! TY TY !

  246. Briana Wood

    I would buy the twin over full bunks. I have six kids 9 and under and we have a small space too so we need use every inch.

  247. Molly K.

    Now that my baby has gone toddler I realize just how wide spread his things can get. The storage furniture, bins and baskets look amazing. Also our Jenny Lind crib might need to be upgraded to one of those adorable toddler beds soon! Looks great!

  248. Les

    Where to start?! I would totally get my 10 year old a desk & chair for homework time. My boys…storage for Legos! My little girl…a new bed, bedding, a rug…etc! Oh so much to love!

  249. Alicia Wiley

    I would use it for the grey low rise crib, change it up changing table, and the retro rocker. We are expecting our first babe in October!

  250. Robin

    Love your use of space! My daughter is swiftly outgrowing her toddler bed, so I’d probably use the credit towards the Jenny Lind bed & dresser.

  251. Iris

    Any nursery item for upcoming baby!

  252. alice

    I love Land of Nod. we desperately need a new dresser for our son’s room. and I adore the clean lines of the Bayside 2 over 2 dresser. it would work perfectly in his room! I also adore their sheet set. we have one set but I would certainly love to get more!

  253. Amy

    My daughter has just transitioned to a toddler bed as well so I’d love to get her some new bedding. I’d also get more storage and toys for the nursery since we have another one on the way and they too will be sharing a room.

  254. Lauren

    I would by a crib for baby #2 and some fun dramatic play toys like the play kitchen

  255. My daughter has been asking about a nightstand and the Jenny Lind one’s are gorgeous and I love the idea of some personalized artwork for her walls!!

  256. sara

    Loving those Aztec rugs!!

  257. Olivia K

    I love the as you wish upholstered bed for our three year old. I feel like his room’s been on the sidelines as we’ve been preparing for our second son!

  258. Sara O.

    Since my husband lost his job last year, we’ve had to keep our spending down to necessities only. But our two year old has so outgrown his crib! I’d love to get a Jenny Lind toddler bed and those cute whale sheets for our growing boy.

  259. Valerie

    I can’t pick just one. Though I love the modern cribs like the low-rise crib. I really like how Land of Nod had options that are bold and bright! I’d use so many of their things in non-kid spaces too!

  260. Anna B.

    The Local Branch Library Cart is a favorite! We are moving this summer and it would be a perfect spot to hold all of our children’s books when we unpack. Really, though, the whole catalog is adorable and I wouldn’t mind buying every single thing in it.

  261. Kat

    Their room is great! So full of life!!

    After 7yrs or trying, we just found out we’re pregnant! Crazy excited! Would love to win for items for the nursery, like the white low-rise crib :)

    Thank you for doing this!

  262. We’re getting ready to move (and my baby is going to be 18 months right around the time we move) so I’m sure I could find some really awesome things to pimp out his new room!

  263. Kelly

    I love their gold polka-dot sheets! I want them for my own bed! haha

  264. Sarah M.

    I love everything they have, but I would probably buy the Jenny Lind toddler bed (I’m obsessed) and few of their storage baskets. You always need storage items with a growing toddler.

    What a great giveaway!

  265. michelle

    We have two little ones, too and we’re currently in the middle of the toddler bed/twin mattress debate. I like your solution very much. I would put the credit toward beds and bedding!

  266. Toni

    Love Land of Nod! Drool over the catalogue every month! I have my eye on new bedding for my 2 year old daughter and a rug for her big girl room! (Among many other things!)

  267. katie j

    What lovely stuff! I’d love to be able to get some new big girl beds for my red-headed nieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

  268. AJ

    I would love to win this for our nursery! Our first child arrives in a few months and we’ve started decorating with some Land of Nod products.

  269. Carolyn

    Their bedroom is so cute! What a great space. My daughters would love the “Home Sweet Play Home Canopy (Silver Stars)”. They love making tents/forts and this would be great in our little playroom.

  270. Kelly

    I too would LOVE two of their Jenny Lind beds for my two sweet wee ones!

  271. Christina

    I would love to win for some new nursery items, included the Magic carpet rug in green! I love it!

  272. Maclain

    I’d spend every cent on gear for our nursery, as our first bundle of joy is expected in November!

  273. Alyssa Morita

    The white checkmate floor lamp and simple bunk bed for my littles who are both rapidly outgrowing their beds.:)

  274. J Singer

    I would use it to get the nursery ready for my baby girl due in July! Crossing my fingers!

  275. Kelly Myles

    I would fill my sons room with as many wonderful toys I could. Starting with the teepee and campfire set so he and his daddy could “camp” whenever they like.

  276. Jesse

    I might just go with the Jenny Lind toddler beds too. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my toddler’s room as we’ll, and that is a darling solution!

  277. I have an almost 2 year old and a newly turned 3 year old and we are dealing with the same changes as well. My 3 year old looked through the website with me and picked out the
    No place like home rocket ship
    Dotted cube and floor bins
    Adjustable height mojo playtable
    Beat our chest toy chest
    The cant miss wall knobs (Airplane)
    Local branch library cart (he was most excited about the prospect of not having to carry the inordinate amounts of books from ro to room we read on a daily basis).
    And I pick the
    Storagepalooza and magic carpet ride to go with what he’s chosen. This would be truly amazing!

  278. The Anderson crib in maple or the Marley rocker in grey would make a perfect addition to our first little one’s nursery (due in August!)

  279. Lindsee

    Love what you’ve done with space! I’m a big fan of Land of Nod and am already on their mailing list:) I’d definitely spend it on anything for my nursery I’m putting together for my baby boy due in July! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  280. Ivanna

    I’d get the Mod Nod Swivel Glider and ottoman!

  281. Lori!

    I love Land of Nod – so bright and cheerful! I’d definitely use the credit towards transitioning our nursery to a big boy room! I’ve always loved the Between a Rock and a Lamp Base table lamps. Also, LOVE the Jenny Lind beds – any size. Plus their bedding is so vibrant and whimsical! Great giveaway!

    Plus, E & S’s room looks great!

  282. Brittany C

    Our nursery is about to become a shared nursery in less than two months. I would love to move our oldest to a toddler bed, and we need better storage solutions for books and toys.

  283. Laura

    Land of Nod has such beautiful things, thanks for the giveaway! love the littles’ new room :-)

  284. Katie Voorhees

    I would get a toddler bed like the one you got your little ones
    for my son!!

  285. Katie

    I’m actually eyeing those toddler beds! Also I’m in desperate need of a proper glider and ottoman. Some new curtains would be lovely as well! There is also the teepee and sleeping bags, the list goes on!

  286. I love Land of Nod. Their toys are the best. I would but my 4 boys new bedding. They have such a great selection – one to fit each of their personalities.

  287. Yehudis

    Love the uptown dressers!

  288. Alexis S.

    I love the storage options and would use a couple to contain the overflowing amount of books we have in my toddler’s room.

  289. Kellie

    I have been desperate for bunk beds for my 2 boys. I would absolutely love to get them the uptown bunk beds (in grey). So much beautiful stuff on this site. I am happy to be signed up to get their updates and deals!

  290. My 13 year old has decided to redecorate his room …
    This would be a sweet surprise for him! I could see
    Him choosing the ink spot wool rug and the twin simple
    bed! So cool – thank you xo

  291. Kristen

    Oooo that yellow Jenny Lind bed is dreamy and would be a perfect bed for my little one!

  292. Joey K

    We need lots of things from this site. Our little boy is 18 months and is in need of a total room makeover!

  293. Kyra

    I love the High Rise Bookshelves! They’re so much less bulky than wooden shelves!

  294. Claire S

    I would purchase tons of nursery decor!

  295. Siobhan

    Currently we too live in a limited space house. Its wonderful and the most perfect house, but with this money I could afford to really give my son an amazing room with great storage and fun sized furniture that he can grow with and explore his imagination with.
    I love the sturdy and well made items that are something he can really enjoy and will last him and any future siblings a long time. The storagepaloza is amazing, we have been working with him so he appreciates putting his toys away after using and he’s doing so well but this would make it so much easier to reenforce. I really hope you pick us! Jameson, Dad, and I would be so very grateful!

  296. Elizabeth

    Great giveaway! I would love a teepee for our new playroom!!

  297. Annie

    I pretty much love everything on their site, but I especially love all the playroom pieces. My little girl would love one of the teepee tents.

  298. Lauren

    I love Land of Nod! My cousin has her kid’s rooms decorated with all of their stuff. I would love a cute crib and bedding for my boy!

  299. Alison

    I’d pick the artist easel and rocket ship for my three year old, and the It’s A Jungle Up There mobile for my three month old. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  300. lucinda

    you have a gorgeous home – those windows! i absolutely love the idea of putting their mattresses inside a teepee. i’d be sad to see that set-up go too, but you’ve done a brilliant job with “conventional” furniture and land of nod does not dissappoint! this would be an awesome prize to win – thank you!

  301. Megan h

    Love love love our jenny Lind beds for my girls. I’d love to actually finish up their room! Land of nod fans at our house!

  302. alison

    We are sad to see the teepee go too but really love those adorable beds as well! We would definitely love to get a teepee of our own and are moving into a new home soon and could really use some new furniture for our new start. Land of nod is our fave! Love your beautiful instagram photos today too!

  303. Aggie

    I would love to win this credit. I have been looking at the Jenny Lind twin bed for some time which would be perfect for my 2 year old daughter. this bed is really popular!!! I would want to buy it for her. Next would be a new rug and book case, well with that $1500 I can probably furnish her whole room. Good luck to everyone!!!

  304. Beatrice B

    I love the Sofa, So Good Twin Sleeper and also the General Storage Bench in grey for my son. Thanks so much to Love Taza and Land of Nod for such a wonderful giveaway!

  305. Erin k.

    My husband and I are expecting our first bambino in July! I love all the nursery furniture and bedding and land of nod.

  306. Janie L

    A great giveaway as I love Land of Nod. We are in desperate need of book storage so it would be bookcases for us!

  307. Emma

    Oh wow, what an amazing prize! My husband and I are currently trying for our first baby, and I would love to win this so if/when we are lucky enough to conceive, we would be able to decorate their nursery. I’d probably use it to splash out on one of the ottoman rockers, but I’d probably be tempted to get this too: I love it!

  308. patrycja

    I would get my youngest (a boy) a nice boys room, instead of the hand-me-downs from his 2 older sisters…chocolate walden bed and ride the rails bedding and the jute bins for all his toy cars & trains.

  309. Hannah

    Oh, what an awesome giveaway. I would LOVE to get twin Jenny lind beds + bedding for my two kids who will be transitioning out of toddler beds soon. Land of Nod rocks.

  310. Meira

    A new bed for my daughter’s room- I bought her the linen from Land of Nod and it will look so nice with the bed!!

  311. Erin

    I’d love the Home Sweet Play Home Canopy in Pink Stripe!

  312. Stephannie

    I would love some bedding to transition my daughter to a big girl bed!

  313. Natalie Britton

    Um, is it possible for me to buy EVERYTHING? Haha, because I totally would! I love The Land of Nod with a passion. If I won the $1,500, I would get lots of wall art for my baby’s future nursery, including “Black Bears Delight,” “Animals of North America Banner,” and “Circles and Triangles.” Thank you for this opportunity!

  314. Tricia

    We live in a tiny space too so the only way to go is UP – love the high rise bookshelves!

  315. Rosie

    Yet another great giveaway! I would love to get my daughter a bed. the Jenny Lind twin in white and a mattress to go with it, she’s been on the floor since we moved. Also a nice 3-drawer jenny lind dresser to house clothes. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  316. Julie Webb

    I LOVE land of the nod! I would get the gorgeous Andersen Crib in American Walnut and the darling Jungle bedding to go with it.

  317. Allison C.

    Hi, love the new room. It’s adorable. If I won I would love 2 of the Jenny Lind Nightstands in Azure. They are beautiful. I also love all the artwork thats for sale. Thanks.


  318. Colleen

    New reader here! Been enjoying your blog. :)
    I’d use half the money on storage and half of it on fun stuff, like toys!

  319. Meg J

    I would buy a toddler bed for my peanut and maybe a play table and chairs! What an awesome giveaway!

  320. Amanda Pearl

    Hands down I would get the Luca Modern Glider in that AMAZING orange color! I have had my eye on that for months! Our first kiddo is due in August and we have no idea if it is a boy or girl so orange and green have been a favorite combo of ours! Great giveaway and I love how your kids room has changed and grew up with them! Thanks so much.

  321. Kristen

    I would buy everything I’d need to fill the nursery. Also I love the diaper bags! I’d have to get one of those. Hope I win! :)

  322. Emily

    I need some solutions for #3 coming in November!! I would say bedding for my older two… going to start sharing a room. Have any tips for getting 2 siblings used to sleeping together.

  323. Deanne

    Definitely would pick up a Naturepedic Organic Twin 2 in 1 Mattress, some storage bins and toys. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  324. Jenny

    I am pregnant with our first angel! A baby girl. Nothing more exciting than giving her the nursery of her dreams! I love the Land Of Nod, too! Hooray! Fingers crossed.

  325. Kelly

    I would use it to re-do my kiddos play room….storage and organization!

  326. Emily

    I would love bedding for my older 2 starting to share a room. Have any tips on that? lol!

  327. I’d get a bassinet and a comfortable chair to nurse in!

  328. julie

    Everything is so beautiful, but I think I would go with a rocker for my babies nursery and some storage units.

  329. Cortney

    I love all of their rugs, but a new rocker/glider would be amazing!

  330. Their bedroom is so cute! I shared a room with my younger brother growing up and at first I resented it but looking back it is one of the best parts of my childhood.



  331. Katy

    a new bookshelf, toddler bed, and teepee for my little guy!

  332. Dawn Fisher

    We are expecting a baby girl in May and we would use the credit for one of Land of Nod’s beautiful gliding chairs like the Luca and to finish decorating the nursery with some unique accessories (love the teepees for when she is a little older) and toy storage bins!

  333. Keaghan

    I would steal your teepee idea for when my daughter gets a bit older. And get some fun bedding and other toys!

  334. Lisa B

    I would get new desks and chairs for my 2 kids.

  335. I love Land of Nod. We’re having our first- a baby boy in July, so we would definitely stock up on furniture for the nursery. Land of Nod has the most beautiful bedding and gliders. Not to mention, every little boy (and girl for that matter) needs a teepee!

  336. bridget

    this is such an amazing giveaway! i’d pick up the retro rocker, the matt & nat diaper bag, and of course a teepee. and a bitty ukelele so our little ones could family-jam with us!

  337. Caitlin

    I would love to get the Jenny Lind bed in yellow, On the Grid nightstands, and the High Rise Book Shelf. Not to mention some cute pillows and lamps! Swoon!

  338. Deborah Castellano

    The card catalog dresser!

  339. Amanda Christopher

    I would use it to create my 3 year old’s “big girl room” or for a potential nursery in the future.

  340. molly

    hi!!! Oh my goodness, I have been eyeing so many storage ideas from land of nod. Currently we keep them in a pile in our fireplace! I love the kneatly knitted storage bins and the organic landscape floor bins! I have also wanted to spruce up our nursery and loved the alphabet and numbers wall art. I would love to spell out “BRAM” in the large craft Kraft paper letting wall art as well! I’d love to get our sweet boy the field guide toddler bedding set as well!!!!

  341. Amoreena

    I would love to get bookshelves or a toychest and some cute bedding for my littles!

  342. Lindsay

    I am currently expecting twins and also getting ready to move our almost 2-year old to her “big girl room”. I would definitely use the gift card to purchase a second set of nursery furniture! Plus bedding, accessories, etc. Oh and definitely a teepee for our toddler. They are so cute!

  343. Amy

    We are moving this summer so I have been “window” shopping for the kids rooms for months. Land of Nod has so many great things, but I have my eye on a set of Jenny Lind beds with the storage trundles as well as the new wildflower bath decor. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  344. Kine

    I really need a few toy boxes!

  345. Shannon Karren

    I would get the Jenny Lind Bed. I am totally digging it in Raspberry! My little Emmalyn would love it! Thank you for this amazing give-away!!!

  346. I really love the pull up a pouf for my daughters reading nook and the Home Sweet Play Home Canopy!

  347. Samantha

    I would love to decorate my baby girl’s nursery with a whole new look when she has outgrown her current stuff.

  348. Nadia

    This is such a strange coincidence! I have been eyeing the Jenny Lind beds for months now, but because I am currently on mat leave, they are a bit above our budget. I would definitely use my credit towards two Jenny Lind toddler beds (for my two children who also currently share a room), and a teepee for our flex space.. thank you so much for this opportunity!

  349. Anna

    I’ve been swooning over the Jenny Lind bookshelf for some time now! With a baby on the way, though, I’m sure the decision would be very difficult (in an incredibly fun way!)

  350. Katy

    Fun! I’d get some things from the nursery section!!

  351. Whitney Kaye

    Just yesterday I spent 2 hours walking around this wonderful store figuring how we will transition from city living to the suburbs in 6 short months. I’ve decided to jump straight to amfull on a low platform for our little girl to share with her someday old enough sibling. So, the gold sheet set is on my need to purchase list as well as the gold and white playhouse tent along with their adorable dragon throw pillow.

  352. Laurel

    I’ve had my eye on a Jenny Lind toddler bed for my daughter too! Would love to be able to get her one!

  353. Jessy Carlisle

    I would buy the Jenny Lind twin bed that you have for when my baby gets older, I would also buy the Luca Glider in charcoal… and some of their cute pillows (the dinosaur ones are darling!!!)

  354. Haleigh

    I adore Land of Nod! If I won, I would buy some essentials for our first baby that is due in August. Thank you!

  355. Karla

    I love your little ones nursery – it is beautiful!
    I’ve been searching for a toddler bed for my little one as well…so if by some luck I were to win the credit I think I would certainly use it on a bed for my kiddo. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  356. Ellie

    Wow, this is such a great site! I would love to get some of those fantastic two-tone teak play chairs along with one of the play tables for the two girls (4 and 6 yo) we’re adopting. I’m also crazy about the wooden toy collection, especially the noddingham castle and the greater pyramid blocks.

  357. beka

    i’d love the new school crib bedding (make a splash) for my little one due in July!

  358. Adella

    I’d get a tepee, and all the pig and polar bear rocking toys my house could hold!

  359. Kellie

    I love The Land of Nod! We are TTC and I would love any nursery furniture! Especially the Andersen or Straight-Up Crib!

  360. sara

    storage, city living and trying to balance a baby’s transition out of parents bedroom and a home office moving into a closet, yikes!

  361. Taylor

    The plushies are all sooo adorable!! I should be more practical and browse storage options but the toys are just too darn cute!!

  362. Regan Thompson

    While they are many, many things that would go in my shopping cart, the first would be the woodland bird nightlight. My daughter needs a new nightlight. Plus, her nickname is Birdie. A bird for my Birdie.

  363. Bekah

    I’m in love with the Joya Rocker in Heather Grey!

  364. erin

    oh! this would be a dream come true. i’m pregnant with my first, so of course any help furnishing the nursery would be amazing, and their stuff is so lovely! i’d probably go with a matching crib and changing table, and then some whimsical furnishings, like that bunny lamp!

  365. Amy

    I am in love with the espresso sleigh crib. Sleigh beds are my number one, so a matching sleigh crib would be a dream come true. :)

  366. chloe

    I would buy A Teepee to Call your own! My little one would just love it!

  367. Jennifer A

    I love the Jenny Lind line! But I would spend the spoils on storage!! Our little fella arrived a month ago and his nursery is a disaster zone of trip hazards…. We need storage!!!

  368. Elizabeth Rhyne

    I would love to get the Jenny Lind full size bed and some more storage for my son’s room!

  369. abby

    I have three children with one on the way so a lot of their stuff appeals to me. I need bedding for my eldest girl and would love to buy a few new things for a nursery for the babe. I love the vintage feel of their prints for bedding options. I also love the quirky accessories for kid’s rooms. But shopping for the stuff is half the fun right?!

  370. Kaila

    My poor 4 year old has just about outgrown the little toddler bed. I’d love to get him a new bed. The Nod chairs are so adorable! My kids would love their own size chair to sit and read!

  371. francy

    It is almost time to move our little into a real bed…we have talked about getting a bunk bed so I think I would use the prize to buy the Simple Twin Over Full bunk bed. Looks like a great, fun big girl bed and a good place for guests when we have them.

  372. Kelsey

    Expecting our first and absolutely love their products. It would be so hard to pick but I think bedding and a gliding chair.

  373. Rory

    We’re expecting our first baby in the fall, so I already know what I’d purchase! Their Classic Wooden Rocker, the Simple 2-over-2 Dresser, and the over the River and Through the Rug.

  374. Amanda

    I am loving the Jenny Lind toddler bed as well! And of course all of the fabulous bedding and fun pillows.

  375. laura

    The bunny rabbit night light is to die for! Everything is so cute!

  376. April

    I have been eyeing that same Jenny Lind Toddler Bed! My two year old is desperately needing out of his crib and these look perfect!

  377. Julia

    Love it aaaall. Got my eyes on the Open Book Bin (Espresso)! Nice nice nice! ;)

  378. Elisabeth

    What a generous giveaway! I have a daughter that’s about to turn two and a 3 month old so we’ve some transitioning to do from the crib to a toddler bed and my little Naomi is going to outgrow her bassinet soon. So definitely a toddler bed and I love the princess and the pea bedding!!

    Love to you & the family!

  379. Allie

    oh wow — I LOVE the toddler beds, my little man isn’t quite ready but I love the idea of moving him into this instead of a big twin bed!

    i also LOVE the dressers, especially the Uptown dressers in gray – gorgeous!

    thanks ;)

  380. Victoria

    Pregnant with our first baby (!!!) we’ve been eyeing a ton of Land of Nod furniture and bedding! They have the best stuff, especially the Andersen crib and Make a Splash bedding.

  381. Kristi

    Ummm, pretty much everything! We just turned our spare bedroom into a playroom for our 15 month old and I would love to get some cute furniture for him!

  382. Kelly

    I would get the sleeper sofa for the nursery and some of the beautiful wall art!

  383. I would love to put it towards the Marley Rocker. And with the rest I’d buy some of their storage solutions–bins, hampers and a toy box. Crossing my fingers big time :)

  384. carla

    loving all the party & wall decor!

  385. Ashley

    I would love the Jenny Lind twin spindle bed and matching dresser for my little girls room. We are getting ready to get out of the crib stage soon.

  386. Maggie

    Storage, storage, storage. I’ve been drooling over several pieces for a while. Love everything Jenny Lind!

  387. melissa

    I love this place! I especially like the Four story wall shelf and the lattice Floor Bins- wowza! Of course any of their bedding would be dreamy!

  388. The nursery looks so cute with those Jenny Lind beds! I love that style so much. I would get new furniture for my son’s room. I am in love with the Elipse headboard, and I also love the Ellipse 6-drawer dresser and the Uptown 4-drawer dresser in grey. I love Land of Nod’s beautiful and unique merchandise!

  389. Christy

    I would love the Jenny Lind in Raspberry for my 2 year old, and some of the floral print bedding. We are going to be transitioning to a big girl bed soon and would love a new bed that will be hers to pass down to her children one day!

  390. jessica

    thank you for the opportunity. we would be so grateful for the help setting up our son’s playroom. thanks!

  391. Trudy

    My Eleanor currently has a Jenny Lind crib, and we are thinking of moving her to a toddler bed within the next few months when babe número two comes along. I’ve been getting her ‘big girl room’ ready, and the Jenny Lind toddler bed was on our list. A nice comfy toddler sized chair would also complete the room.

  392. Elizabeth W

    I love the down to the wire baskets. Perfect for little toys :)

  393. Christi

    Oh I love love love it all!!! I’d use it to re do baby girls nursery in our new house!! :)

  394. Lauren M.

    I would use this credit towards one of the white low rise crib. I am working on a baby space for my baby nieces for when the visit with their parents! This would be perfect!

    And some of the prints-like the oh bunny print to decorate their little space!

  395. Meghan

    I love Land of Nod! We are having our first baby soon and are in need of so much still. I love the Jenny Lind beds and all of their rugs.

  396. Nora

    I signed up for the mailing list with The Land of Nod. This giveaway is perfect fo me. I’m due in August and just began looking at furniture and fell in love with one of the rocking chairs at their store!!

  397. Joyce

    so many options! I love the alphabet personalized wall art.

  398. Savanna

    Baby #1 is making his/her appearance this fall! Would love to win this giveaway to outfit our nursery with the essentials…or maybe just splurge on a rocker. :-)

  399. Kristy abrahamson

    Oh! Their rugs, their storage, their everything. I love Land of Nod!

  400. alison b

    we are craving the yellow jenny lind bed in the full size for our youngest!! along with some storage solutions for our 4 littles…I would use that in a flash!

  401. I love your art collection! ;)

  402. I love all of LON storage solutions. We have a ton of baskets and love them. I’d go for some extra book storage and a pouff.

  403. Sara

    I would get my little a toddler bed- she is almost ready to transition out of her crib! I would also get the toy box, and storage storage storage! What an amazing giveaway!

  404. Tira

    Such a sweet space and awesome giveaway! We are getting ready to move the baby in with the three year old, and would love to be able to spruce the room up a bit!

  405. Andrea Ginsberg

    I would buy a lot of baby stuff. My husband and I are working on baby #2.

  406. Meredith

    I would be SO appreciative of this credit, I’d use it to buy our daughter a new bed and furniture for her room. Everything there is wonderful!

  407. stephanie

    All their pieces are beautiful and unique. I would create a play area it would share a space with our living room. We live in military housing. Small spaces are tricky!

  408. Elisha

    Taza, my goodness! Good luck trying to pick the best entry, these are all great and so personal! So, here’s mine…. :)
    My husband and I are expecting our first baby (girl) in July. My head has been swirling with ideas on how to decorate the nursery since long before we got pregnant. I JUST purchased the Tulip Festival Crib Bedding from LON last week. I absolutely fell in LOVE with it, as I do with everything on their site :)
    I am using that pattern to inspire me with the rest of the decor for her room and I CAN’T wait to see it come to life (and her!)

  409. Stacy

    I’ve been researching new beds for my 14 year old for awhile now. I know he would love either the Silhouette Upholstered Daybed in grey and white or the Walden in chocolate. The furniture looks so sturdy and well made. Good for boys ;)

  410. Suzette

    Storage! Definitely for some gorgeous storage for my girls.

  411. Kylee

    The little camper tent is sooooo perfect! what a great giveaway, Thank you!

  412. Celia

    I’d like the chalkboard growth chart

  413. Houa

    I would definitely buy the wooden shelves and a teepee!!

  414. Megan

    I would definitely use it toward a Simple Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed in white for my 2 little girls!! They would absolutely LOVE having bunk beds and being able to share a room! We love Land of Nod things, they got a teepee and some instruments for Christmas & love them!

  415. Karen

    I love land of nod! I’d definitely use it to get my son a Jenny Lind toddler bed as well. I’d also get him some of their very cute bed sheets.

  416. christa

    I would definitley go for the gold square play tent, among other things!

  417. Emily

    Love that you posted about the Jenny Lind beds. I’ve had my eye on those for ages. Well, those and an adorable set of sheets. LOVE!

  418. Denise

    I love your nursery! I would buy a crib for my 3 month old daughter, Amelia.

  419. Sheri

    We’re on a budget so this would be a fun splurge. Sebastian is just 15 months old, but I know that he’d be thrilled to have a teepee, and I’d love to get him a play table, an easel, and other toys to encourage his creative side. Thank you.

  420. Sarah

    Love the Jenny Lind beds or the toy chest!

  421. Kayde

    I love the Toby Glider. It looks so comfy and cute!

  422. BB

    The play table for sure and probably a bookcase or two.

  423. Mallory

    Since I’m expecting my first child and we just moved, I need just about everything! Most importantly a comfortable and stylish glider – maybe the Milo glider! or any of them really!

  424. Nancy Hewston

    I adore the entire Jenny Lind collection. I would LOVE to get a twin bed with a trundle for my little boy.

  425. Amie

    Oh my! How fun! I’d definitely pick out a crib, some super cute bedding & a few bins & baskets for storage!! Too exciting!!

  426. Jenni Guynn

    What an amazing giveaway and those beds are amazing! If I won I would buy a Marley Rocker or one of the beautiful graduated bookcases, though I would probably stumble upon something else wonderful on the Land of Nod site as well. Thanks so much for the chance to win! xo

  427. Emily

    There are so many adorable things, it would be impossible to choose! I thought the little arctic rocker was so cute and unique. I also loved the whale lamp.

  428. Hilary

    Everything is simply amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleigh cribs! And the bookshelves! Ive got to have a few of those! The jenny lind in azure is a favorite!!!

  429. Noelle

    Toy storage.. Toys fill up our entire house and we need some pretty organization.

  430. I never win anything, but I’ll give it a shot. We’re thinking of moving up to bunk beds, so the Uptown Bunk Bed (white) would be great! And I love that Activity Table w/paper roller. These beds are adorable Naomi! Best, Melissa

  431. brooke hill

    i would use it to build new room for my littles!!! planning on baby 2 in the winter.. i love land of nod b/c just because your decorating for a small child doesnt mean it has to be babyish, land of nod grows with them!!! i wish it had been around when i was a youngin _im from the south lol!!!!! anywho love it………

  432. The Jenny Lind twin for my girl! And the little cloud pillow for fun :)

  433. Patricia

    Both my children are in dire need of a bed upgrade! The ellipse bed is pretty cool! That princess plume headboard is adorable!


  434. Bailey

    I love Land of Nod! Our second baby is coming in 3 short weeks and I would love to get things for his nursery when we move into our house!

  435. Manijeh Kamyar

    I’m in LOVE with the Radial Wall Shelf and the Good Read Book Caddy, as well as approximately 1.2 million other things on this site. Everything from Land of Nod is so gorgeous!!

  436. Sarah

    We’re having our first baby in May and we need to get crackin’ on his nursery!

  437. Those beds are to die for! So so cute. I would probably just buy those beds and do a complete nursery overhaul!

  438. Katie Mac

    Would love some nursery art for my sons room!

  439. Emilie

    The new room looks lovely and the perfect space for two growing adventurers! well done.

  440. Joan

    I’d love to see some of those book cases in my apartment!

  441. Colleen K

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been trying to gather up the courage to pull the trigger on the Jenny Lind bookshelf in azure for so long now but guilt sneaks up on me every time. I’d love to make the bookshelf a new focal point in my little’s room, coupled with lots and lots of baskets and storage help. Because if you can’t see the mess, it doesn’t exist right?

  442. Erin

    We are having a baby on July 4th and would love to be able to get to have some Land of Nod pieces as the centerpiece of the nursery!

  443. brooke hill

    hi love land of nod!!! i would use for my littles room.. have a little boy named conrad and baby 2 due in winter. i appreciate with land of nod the fact that just b/c your decorating for a child doesnt mean it has to be babyish!!! land of nod allows your child to grow up in the space, make sense? ha its great, wish it had been around when i was a youngin alas it was not-(im from alabama hence youngin lol) …. have a good day yaull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  444. Gem

    I would adore the Blake Dresser and Anderson crib for our little one on the way!

  445. Nichole

    I would get the white sleigh crib since we have baby #2 on the way! Would also love to get a teepee for our 2 year old

  446. I love all things organizing and storage ! Yay for things having a place to live

  447. I would buy my son a teepee and I’m actually really loving that toddler bed and am expecting number two this july, so I am slowly being faced with the same bed situation as you, except it’s because my crip/toddler bed needs to be used for the new one.

    Love this giveaway!

  448. Ania

    I would get the “You Say Coffee, I Say Play Table”. It looks like the perfect thing for our living room!! And I would pick out a few of their adorable toys for my little boy!

  449. Elizabeth

    The monarch 6 drawer dresser is amazing and my girls NEED it. 4 teak chairs for play with friends. I love the clocks and some bedding basics would be awesome.

  450. Jillian

    Awesome! I would get the upton wide dresser and some storage shelves/baskets, then let my boys pick out a few toys!

  451. cds

    Our home *needs* a tent … or two!!

  452. I would LOVE to use the money towards some storage and furniture. The shelving units and the desks are at the top of my list. Then maybe a touch of lighting or some accent mirrors. What a great giveaway!!

  453. Ruth

    This is the perfect site to purchase all the basics for a beautiful nursery!

  454. Karen

    Teepees!! And the card catalog dresser, for sure. :)

  455. Jenn

    I love the Land of Nod! We are having our first baby due in June and I just ordered the magic carpet rug for the nursery! It looks so cute in the space and I love one of their gliders :)

  456. We are probably moving to NYC and definitely need some supplies for condensing our nursery! The girls already share (they’re about Eleanor and Samson’s ages), but I know space will be even tighter once we’re in the city.

  457. Pilar

    I would love some updated linens and to purchase the jenny lind bookcase for our son’s bedroom.

  458. Lindsey

    I LOVE Land of Nod, but if I had to choose I would probably splurge on the Mod Nod swivel glider and ottoman in sand, I have a baby girl on the way and would love a glider that is actually cute! As well as some of their adorable crib bedding (sherbet stripes crib quilt) and Eden table lamp base.

  459. Hana K

    I would love to get a new play table

  460. Meghan

    We are pregnant with our second baby and plan for the boys to share a room. The Land of Nod credit would be great for a new crib or a toddler bed.

    @lovetaza, how did you transition the kids into sharing the same bedroom? I would love to read a post on how they share a bedroom.

    What a great giveaway!!

  461. A glider and the sheep mobile! Expecting our first little one this September!

  462. Anouk

    I would love to put together an awesome playroom for my boys!
    Storage, art table, and tents of course:)

  463. amy k.

    i would like to get the Jenny Lind dresser for my daughter’s clothes which are just packed into storage bins now.

  464. We are in desperate need of new storage solutions, maybe something like the Oak Park Elementary dresser, and some pops of color, rugs & lamps & things.

  465. Amy

    I think my 4 year old daughter is ready for the twin size Jenny Lind bed. Although, I wish she were still tiny enough for the toddler bed :)

  466. Danielle

    I would put the $1500 credit towards the “as you wish” storage bench, a graduated wide bookshelf, & an “uptown” bed :)

  467. sea

    love the changes you made to your kid’s room! i’m needing a rug and storage piece. land of nod has so many great options.

  468. Andrea

    I would love the Marley or Milo rocker chair! Our nursery is in need! Thank you!

  469. Amanda

    Land of Nod has all my favorite colors, storage solutions and fun decor to enhance my kids already endless imagination. Like Eleanor and Samson, my son & daughter share a room. Land of Nod would definitely help them creatively organize and display all their favorite doo dads, from tiny to tall. Thanks for the inspiration Naomi and Land of Nod!

  470. Rowena

    The naturally neat jute storage bin – the whale! The brownstone bookcase, some Easter party goodies….. the list goes on and on.

  471. Kailee

    I’d also love to get my toddler a jenny lind bed!

  472. suzanne morris

    Aren’t crib mattresses & toddler bed mattresses the same size? As cute as these beds are…I’m not sure how this solves the problem of E & S out growing the crib mattesses?

  473. Kelsey Breeland

    My husband and I are expecting our first due at the beginning of December! We are so excited/scared for this new adventure ahead!We could definitely use a crib! I am l.o.v.i.n.g the Low-Rise Crib in grey! I think that New School Crib Bedding would be PERFECT for it too:) “Make a Splash for a boy and Hop To It for a girl! Thanks!

  474. Taylor K.

    I love the Make a Splash crib bedding, Between a Rock and a Lamp Base (Gold) and the Grey Low-Rise Crib! We’re having a little boy in July!

  475. MEGAN

    i would LOVE to do my little girls nursery. she just turned 1 and i only have a crib in there… eek!

    i would love the Jenny Lind chair and ottoman!


  476. We are expecting a little one in October, so we could really use some items to complete the nursery like a lamp, bedding and a dresser. Land of Nod makes such great products.

  477. D

    Storage, like everyone else! And maybe a few of those adorable knitted animals too :)

  478. Joyce

    i would love to get the alphabet personalized wall art! so cute.

  479. Becky Washington

    I’d get one of the daybeds and the I heart bedding:) everything is so cute!!

  480. Jen

    I would love to buy the low-rise crib in white, and gender-neutral bedding for our baby that are expecting this summer!

  481. Valerah

    I would buy ALL. THE. BASKETS.

    Seriously…I could get down with $1500worth of baskets.

  482. O

    I’d love to pick up a crib and one of their beautiful diaper bags for our little bundle arriving this fall.

  483. Bethany

    I’m looking for the perfect chair for my nursery, but they’re so expensive! I’d get one of their cute gliders or rockers.

  484. Tori

    Love their mirrors and storage options! I would love to have several of their ceiling lights as well!!

  485. ashley

    i love the low rise crib and the dream girl crib fitted sheet in gray dots!

  486. Monica

    I would love the storage items!

  487. stephanie

    i would use this gift card to put toward my niece Mackenzie’s room. To give her the space she needs to grow and learn. She is turning One in April and it would be the ULTIMATE gift for her.

    I’d also have to put a teepee in there for her!


  488. Michelle

    Land of Nod has so many cute things! We recently moved to a house and would use the credit towards wall art and storage for the play rooom and a toddler bed for my little girl. Also, we need to get started on the nursery for baby #2!

  489. Alyssa

    we’d get a jenny lind queen or full size bed! We have a jenny lind bookcase and we LOVE it. would love to get the matching bed now that my daughter is thisclose to growing out of her toddler bed.

  490. Stephanie

    Great giveaway. The nursery looks amazing – colorful and cozy and perfect for little ones.

    We would use the credit for a low-rise crib! :)

  491. Kim

    I’ve heard of the Land of Nod, but never looked at their site because I assumed it was way out of our Grad Student budget, but everything is fairly priced! So glad I joined the email list.

    Looking at our situation, it’s a lot like yours. We have no room. But I would first get new bedding for my 3 year old’s bed. She needs it sooo badly. Finding a section completely dedicated to toddler bedding is a miracle!! Then I would change the decor of her room to more of a gender neutral. New rug, (I like the striped and polka dot cotton ones), some cute garlands, wall decor, etc.. Finally, I’d get something for the Master room, aka, me. :) I hope I get picked!!

  492. Emily

    We are expecting our first baby in August so my “wish list” could go on for days! I absolutely adore the Not A Peep crib bedding & the Grey Matt and Nat diaper bag.

  493. Sarah

    I would love to get my little guy a teepee. He loves building forts and would die to have one. They also have some of the cutest decor items for kids bedrooms. That would be a must as well.

  494. Minta

    I’d buy a bunch of storage stuff for our new home.

  495. Erin

    We would buy a lovely set of white bunkbeds for our sweet daughters who are sleeping in their brother’s hand-me-down, well worn, wood stain bunkbeds. Either that or a daybed for the times when their oldest sister visits and some storage furniture like “I’m Just a Toybox” and the “On the Grid” shelving system and baskets.

  496. Morgan

    Love the Luca glider and ottoman! Would definitely get one of those and help buy some things for my niece!

  497. Elizabeth P

    I would buy an Astoria metal bed for my two year old! Just gorgeous.

  498. Mary Holweger

    We just found out we are having our first baby! We would love to get the room ready with a new rocker or crib from Land of Nod! :)

  499. hannah

    oh man this giveaway is a God send! i’m almost due with my 3rd and will need my 12 month old’s crib for the new babe! so i would use my gift card for a toddler bed and the field guy sheet set with the meteorite quilt! with my leftover i’d get the ribbon rose quilt for my little girl and the aqua/grey stripe baby blanket since we are being surprised by the gender with our newest babe!

  500. Angela

    I’d love the Mod Nod Glider. I can just imagine all the sweet nursing time my baby and I will have in it!

  501. Marcie P.

    We’d get some wall decor, rugs, and storage!

  502. Liz

    My sister is having her first child this July and I would love to be able to buy some stuff to add to her nursery. They have adorable stuff in everything.

  503. Katie

    Love Land of Nod! I am expecting my first in May and have been eyeing many things on their site for the past several months, including a crib, rug, and love their storage solutions!

  504. I’d spend the money on a crib for my beautiful friend who is expecting her first child. She just got married in October and is due this coming October and I couldn’t be happier for her! xx

  505. Awesome giveaway!! All over that uptown bunk bed!!! It would be such a space saver!!!

  506. Victoria

    We need a toddler bed and some bedding, and I would love some fun little decor items for the nursery.

  507. Joanna

    we just moved across the country and sold all our things before we left! so I’d spend a credit on the low rider bookcase and the monarch dresser to get baby’s things out of the “open box’ system I’m currently using…ha :)

  508. lisa

    so much to choose from! i should probably get my three year old a bed but i would just want to get a canopy and all the toys!

  509. Kim

    Well, we are definitely in the market for a toddler bed for our soon to be three year old. I have also been coveting their teepee for quite awhile! Love Land of Nod!

  510. Keegan

    Oh, the storage, the beautiful, beautiful storage! I could definitely spend $1,500 on all of their amazing products.

  511. Trulie

    I’d get thet big band blue rug for sure! I could really use a nice living room rug.

  512. Laura

    To be able to afford the Toby Chair and ottoman would be a dream come true! I have been thrifting looking for a similar chair that I could afford. Everything on the site is adorable and anyone would be lucky to win, you can’t go wrong with the Land of Nod!

  513. Allison Rice

    What an amazing giveaway! I would love the Luca Glider and Ottoman to snuggle baby in! :) xoxo

  514. Bethanie Thatcher

    I would love the Luca Glider & Ottoman. Every nursery needs an awesome modern glider :)

  515. a couple of those awesome bookshelves would be perfect for our family right now!

  516. Cynthia

    I adore the ellipse 6 drawer dresser. It would be a perfect fit for my first little one’s nursery. She/ he will be here, God willing, in August!

  517. Christina Ouellette

    i am absolutely in love with the low-rise crib in white! my husband and i are expecting our first this fall and the land of nod has got me daydreaming way too much at work!


  518. Brooke Baird

    Jenny Lind Chair and some cute bedding!

  519. chelsea

    i love the twin bed for my little girl!!

  520. Stephanie

    Just had our third child. We desperately need some storage solutions! The grid bookcases and shelving would be helpful. Would like the kids to enjoy going in the playroom. Right now its a hodge podge of toys and arts and crafts. Would love some organization in a creative fun way.

  521. Quiana

    Love the Land of Nod! We’re planning our nursery now as my son arrives in June and will join my 3 1/2 year old in her room this December. I’m thinking the Monarch bed would be a nice addition for my daughter. She’s about the size of a 5 year old and has been asking for a bigger bed than her current toddler bed. Maybe such a beautiful new bed will help her stay in it instead of coming into our bed at 3a.m.!

  522. Chelsea Hilton

    S & E’s nursery looks great! Love the Jenny Lind style and that you’re sticking with Montessori methods. I would use the LON credit to buy some “big boy” furniture for my two boys. Specifically the two tone teak play table, two district storage units, and wall decor for their playroom. Love it!

  523. Amber

    I LOVE their children’s instruments. I fell in love with the accordion at their Seattle store and kinda want it for myself… but I know my little guy would love it too! Along with the ukelele (which I know your kids have) and drum sets. Too many fun things to choose from!

  524. I love all of their stuff, but would lobe to have a bed like this for when our little one out grows her crib.

  525. Danica Q

    I would love love love the same Jenny Lind toddler bed you guys got for Eleanor and Samson. My 15 month old daughter Nina Belle is expecting a baby brother in about 4 months, and he will eventually be taking over her crib. I’m also swooning over the Luca Glider and Ottoman in grey.

    You and your family provide my family with constant, colorful inspiration. Thanks a million!

  526. Maura

    Jenny Lind bed & dresser and Activity table.

  527. Kheng

    I would put it towards a glider/rocker for my newborn’s nursery.

  528. Rachael

    Jenny Lind Twin Size Bed in white!!!!

  529. Carolyn

    Oh my gosh what an awesome giveaway!! I love Land of Nod. I could definitely get into their bookcases, bins and baskets, and lots of bedding- so adorable!!

  530. Jenny

    Such cute bedding and storage solutions.

  531. Jordyn

    Have a little one coming in six weeks so I’d love to get some art for our nursery and a dresser. Thanks!

  532. Cesia

    Everything they have is pretty awesome! If I could I’d buy everything the store has to offer! I think the first thing I would get, would be wall art,(considering how boring my babies walls are) a play desk and two chairs for my little guys. (:

  533. christina travis

    I would for sure get that teepee!! I’ve been eyeing it for a while now and my kids would LOVE it!! Hopefully it fits 4!!
    Fantastic giveaway……thank you!!!

  534. Tara

    I’d love to give my kids an awesome, comfy and imaginative space for reading!!

  535. Joyce

    i adore the alphabet personalized wall art!!

  536. Kaitlin

    Love the Land of Nod! Uptown bed in white, compartment department play table in white, mojo chairs and a teepee! :)

  537. Maya

    I love the Top Rope Mirror and so many of the stuffed animals!

  538. Meghan

    I would definitely get the Jenny Lind desk for my daughter, who is starting kindergarten in September.

  539. Cat

    Awesome giveaway! Would love the cube bookcase and the wire floor bins for our toddler boy’s room. And the animale graficos bedding!

  540. Aimee

    Would love to get a Luca Glider and some bins for storage in our small city apartment! Thanks for doing this!

  541. Megan

    We are buying our first house, and I would love for my son and daughter (who also are sharing a room…until they decide they want their own) to be decorated nicely for them. I LOVE the bedding at land of nod, but my favorite pieces are a little out of our price range. Plus I’d love to get them a teepee or that camper tent. They’d love it!

  542. Ginger

    I have been looking for something like their Circulation Chest for ages… perfect for any of those little bits and bobs that wind up everywhere. Tiny drawers + organization! What more could I want?

  543. Delia

    between there dotted floor bins, orange stripe teepee, dress up sets and new Quilts for all the kids! oh the things i could do with this giveaway! i so love the land of nod! the beds you picked are adorable. my daughter has a twin jenny lind and it is my fav piece in my whole house!


  544. Brittany

    My second baby is on the way and we soon find out the gender!! I’d love to use Land of Nod to furnish an awesome nursery for our little one :)

  545. Jessie

    already on the mailing list- I love Land of Nod! In need of a Toddler Bed right now so that’s what I’d buy!

  546. Tonia

    I just purchased the Jenny Lind full size bed for my daughter’s big girl room (love, love, love it!) so I would get a dresser, nightstand and décor to match:)

  547. Jackie W

    I’ve had my eye on the same toddler bed for my little one! The decor, the bedding, all of Land of Nod makes my heart swoon.

  548. Gemma

    Love the nursery! We’re moving into our first home next month – upgrading from our tiny apartment in Boston. Our little girl could use some storage for her new room and that gorgeous aquarium gravel rug! :)

  549. Bethany

    I love Land of Nod! I’ve had the Jenny Lind twin bed in raspberry in my online shopping cart for months, along with the grey & white stripped duvet, floral yellow rug, and several throw pillows, all for my 3 year olds “big girl room” I am planning. I would put the gift card towards that and be so absolute thrilled to win. Great giveaway!

  550. Stephanie Hammer

    this would be perfect! it’s hard finding cute, trendy things for a nursery on a college student budget. I’d totally get the white/maple base low rise crib with a matching glider if I won!

  551. Tamara

    I love the Compartment Department play table! We plan on homeschooling and that would be a great work area for my daughter!

  552. M cakes

    A new bed for my toddler and lots of storage!

  553. Amy

    The Jenny Lind beds in raspberry and azure for my two girls- their favorite colors and their mattresses are on the floor right now too!

  554. This giveaway! Land of Nod is my FAVORITE and I have a blog post coming up on a DIY pom pom garland inspired by the store’s cute style.

    If I won, I would use the money for some sweet storage solutions and some cute crib bedding! We all know how much children need ample storage!

    Thanks for writing such an inspiring blog and being such an inspiring mother!

  555. Jinnie

    The toddler beds look adorable ;) We had the Jenny Lind changing table and it is such a classic style! If I won the Land of Nod credit I would totally go for the same bed with the Royal Treatment Overdyed Rug in Pink :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  556. Jamie

    Desperately need a new glider for our newest baby girl. That should be just about $1500, but maybe we’d be able to squeeze a bookcase out of that amount too :)

  557. sarah

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the Brownstone Bookcase for a while now! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

  558. Leah P

    I’m pretty much in love with their activity table. It’s SUCH a space saver! I totally understand your city living space woes and right now we’re trying to figure out a solution for our art supplies storage.

    Great giveaway/partnership!

  559. Skye Gregerson

    Awesome giveaway! I love Land of Nod!I would definitely update the kids rooms if I won. I love the On the Grid Bookcase for my boy’s room and all the polka dots in the Dotted Storage Collection for the girl’s room. And they would both get new hampers and bedding.

  560. sarah

    Uptown and Ellipse dressers. End of story.

  561. Andi

    I think all of their products are so thoughtfully selected and well-made, but with such a generous allowance, we would want to go with a “big girl” bed for our toddler!

  562. Devin H.

    I love all of their storage and the Chromatic Bamboo Wall Clock! Functional and stylish. :)

  563. emily

    Yellow color edge curtains!! I have wanted them forever!!!!

  564. Jennifer

    I need to re-create my boys room because soon baby J is going to transition to a toddler bed and share a room with his older brother C; First, I like the jute storage bins to organize all of the toys; the cargo bedding is simple and clean. For fun, more musical instruments are on my list for future toy purchases; I want the boys to have a ukulele, a piano, and an accordion!

  565. Karen

    I would use it for bedroom furniture.

  566. Caitlin O'Donnell

    I would use it for some bright new bedding in a nursery!

  567. Joyce

    So many cute things to pick from. I would love to get the alphabet personalized wall art!

  568. Katie Brock

    I’d use the money to purchase a toddler bed and bedding as well as more storage for our shared nursery/toddler room. I love everything The Land Of Nod is designing lately!

  569. sam2412

    I would use it to give L’s room a major update and finally be able to give him what I haven’t been able to before.

  570. Ellen

    I would complete my 2-year old’s nursery (finally!)– he needs curtains, something on the wall– maybe art, maybe a growth chart, and perhaps even bedding to tie it all together.

  571. Cara

    Ohh, I need some if their amazing storage for our playroom! Thanks for the chance.

  572. i love the little kitchen set! my kiddo loves to help me cook in the big kitchen so I think he’d have a lot of fun with that!

  573. Corie

    I have 4 (yes, for real), kids in NYC under the age of 5. Those Jenny Lind beds are calling my name.

  574. Angela

    We have an empty playroom, this would be incredible!!!! I LOVE the teepee, the storage stripped bins, the decor on Safari zebra head! So much!!

  575. Julia

    Absolutely for bunk beds for my two oldest boys. That would be an amazing, amazing blessing!

  576. Jordan

    My husband and I have recently decided that it is about time to start having some kids. We will be starting to try soon! I would love a crib or bassinet or geez really anything!

  577. Nadine

    We would love to use the credit to set up our first nursery. Their stuff is beautiful.

    Thank you for your post! :)

  578. Marissa

    The Anderson crib and dresser plus charger top! I adore Land of Nod!

  579. Cassandra Gerken

    We just put a second story on and are still on the hunt for bookcases (so sad… all those books in boxes). I would start there and then I would treat this friend of mine that is expecting her second and has been feeling the financial pinch lately.

  580. Holly

    its funny because i’ve been eyeing this site for some time! (is it because i have baby fever??) and that yellow jenny lind bed is what i would go for! with that ribbon rose bedding…oh…my little one would just die! (and so would i!)

    thank you!

  581. Franca

    A teepee and playtable would be so fabulous!! Their stuff is gorgeous!!

  582. I LOVE their room, small shared space can be a challenge and you have made it so comfortable! We live in a small old Victorian in Portland, ME. Our two oldest have been sleeping on twin mattresses on the floor for two years now! We have wanted to buy them beds but just haven’t had the opportunity. We love the Jenny Lind Storage Trundle in red for both of them. They are 8 and 6 now and starting to have sleepovers, plus they invite their 2 year old brother to sleep with them! We also have another little one the way, so would probably get the Jenny Lind toddler bed for Henry (he has a very small room so this would fit perfect!) and pass his crib along!! Thank you for sharing pictures of your home! So sweet!

  583. Jaymi

    I have a 3 year old and an (almost 2 year old) with another due in the summer. The little guy is going to be cursed with hand-me-downs and I would definitely spend the money getting him special things of his own. The knit stacker toy, espresso basinnet and brightly colored swaddling blankets are all awesome!

  584. Lindsey

    We would love to get a big girl bed for our daughter who will be transitioning out of her crib soon. We would also get some fun bedding and decor to complete everything!

  585. Shay

    You have created such a cute space for them! I have been wanting a couple of Jenny Lind beds for my little ones. We live in a little old farmhouse with little attic bedrooms. I love it, but our space is limited! With 3 kids in a room this giveaway would be perfect :) Thanks so much!

  586. Teresa

    I have been wanting playroom furniture and storage from land of nod for a loooong time.

  587. Mary Britton

    Everything! But I really love their toddler beds. Thanks!

  588. Emily Rhoades

    My husband and I are starting our first round of IVF next month and hopefully will be needing to start shopping for nursery items soon! I love the white Sleigh Crib, the tan Matt and Nat Diaper bag, and think Johan the Raccoon is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

  589. Laura

    I love all of their storage and all of the rugs are fabulous! I want one of everything!

  590. Jess

    Easy! That simply amazing 6 drawer Monarch dresser. Like woah, right?

  591. Melissa

    Love your gorg family! I would blow it on everything nursery room related:
    Dollhouse book case, Beat our chest toy chest, tons of “You Look Mavelous” mirrors, oh and a Tipi to call your own. (Not for my babe, but for me during those late sleepless nights)…Just to name a few. Xo

  592. Erin

    We just found out we’re pregnant so we need everything! Especially a crib, my favorite is the white low rise crib with the espresso base.

  593. Ryann Worsley

    I am in love with the Lindy toddler bed you bought for each of your kiddos! My Dash needs one! And storage bins for books. Everything is simply amazing.

  594. Kathy

    Our nursery is a mishmash of hand-me-downs. Nothing coordinates! I would love to have a real rocker in pale grey, and a dresser as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  595. Brecca

    I would love to create a beautiful shared bedroom for my little girls. So many great ideas in this post- love those toddler beds!

  596. Jenny Bifano

    Our boys are outgrowing their crib and toddler bed, so I loved the bunk beds, the simple bunk in natural was great OR I would get the raspberry Jenny Lind bed for my daughter Rosie. Tough decisions, such great items!

  597. Amanda

    We’ve been working on our nursery for our baby girl that is due to arrive in July! It’s our first baby so we have SO MUCH to figure out. I’ve been eying their gliders, so this would be perfect!

  598. Lindsey

    I would use it to create a beautiful nursery!
    So many amazing little things.

  599. Lindsey

    A toddler bed and bedding!

  600. Elizabeth Anne

    We have a 2 1/2 yr old boy who is getting a new ‘big boy’ room and another baby on the way! So we have two rooms to do.

    Toddler Room – he LOVES the robot sheets and pillows! Definitely – throw in some monogram pillows! ALL the metal storage bins would be perfect for both rooms and the play area!

    Nursery – The changer top in white. With a changing pad! IF it’s a girl . . . Tulip Festival crib bedding!!! IF it’s a boy . . . Sea Turtles crib bedding!!!

    AND the ‘General Storage Shelf’ ~ maybe one for each kiddo?? Great storage idea!!!!

    Thank you!!!! So excited!

  601. Haley

    I have an empty loft and a newly-turned one year old that is ready for a playroom! So the wish list includes a fun and colorful rug, their kitchen play set, a table and chairs set, and storage bins!

  602. Sara

    Beds! Definitely new beds for my girls. Thanks!

  603. Lisa

    I would have to get a toddler bed too!!! Also some storage items would be nice too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  604. Tiffany Weiss

    We also got the Jenny Lind toddler bed and LOVE it! I’d purchase the matching bookcase since my 3 yr olds books are ALL over the place and without a proper home. I’d also buy decorations galore for both my daughters!

  605. Katrina C

    I would pick out an awesome tepee for my stepdaughter! She would love to have a little place to read all her books!

  606. I would love a jenny lind toddler bed for our 18-month-old to grow into. he is currently in the jenny lind crib. And would also love some storage options for all his toys that are overflowing!

  607. Lois González

    My 2 yr old daughter & I co-sleep. Although I LOVE her snuggles & cuddles, she also loves to sleep side ways:/. The Jenny lind bed, along with the organic mattress & bedding would be amazing. Here’s to hoping!
    I know my chances are slim, but thanks south for the opportunity:)

  608. Leti

    I’d use that amount of money to help my little sister decorate the bedroom of her first baby girl, Lara! At this point anything from the website will be perfect because in Argentina we don’t have these sort of beautiful things, and if there are, they are too expensive for us.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!
    Have a great day!!
    Cheers from Argentina.


  609. jenny

    The dream girl bedding for our toddlers big girl room! Thanks!

  610. McKenzie

    The As You Wish storage bench is absolutely delightful! It would be the perfect resting spot for my guests when they remove their shoes! Thanks for your consideration! xoxo

  611. Em F

    I’m already on their mailing list – and I know I’d go nuts with their kids chairs and lamps! They have the best designs with a great balance of whimsy and sophistication.

  612. Meegan

    Oh my goodness, the Attractive American Rocker is adorable. Actually all of them are, it would just be hard to decide between the colors and patterns! Cute furniture and decor!

  613. Christina

    So many cute things! I would probably get a toddler bed for my youngest, although he won’t need it for some time yet.

  614. jennifer

    Would love any furniture for our two littles. They are sharing a room, which I love, but we have a lot of mismatched furniture, so finding some matching items to coordinate and make the room more cohesive would be amazing! Love the Jenny Lind beds too!!

  615. Mary

    I’d buy all new bedding and the jenny lind bed in black for my daughter! The queen size would last her forever. Not to mention that rocket hanging tent would have to come home with us too!

  616. dana

    oh man. we too could use a toddler bed! thanks for the great giveaway.

  617. bri

    i would use that $$ to get beds for my little ones as well. we need a toddler bed and a crib (preferably convertible) for the baby to grow in to. i’m also is need of some baskets for toys. it’s getting out of hand over here!

  618. Lisa B.

    There are so many amazing things to choose from! Since we live in a tiny apartment, the High Rise Bookcase would be such a great addition!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  619. Sarah

    My daughter’s going to need a toddler bedroom set soon! I’d love one of their beautiful beds!

  620. Haley

    Even thought the site is for children’s furniture, I am in love with their quirky wall decor. I recently just signed a lease for a new apartment, and I cannot wait to get started on styling my new space. I would use the credit towards mirrors, a bookcase, throw pillows, a rug or table lamp, and more! Great giveaway!

  621. Kelly

    It looks great, those beds are perfect for the space! I love the “As You Wish” storage bench, that would be perfect for my new apartment!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  622. Molly

    I’d use the money to buy new beds and bedding for my boys!

  623. Jen

    I love Land of Nod and am on their mailing list. I’d use the $1,500 credit towards the purchase of two cribs — we’re expecting twin baby boys this Spring!!

  624. Marc

    Kids bed. LOVE IT!

  625. Maren

    Love the ellipse dresser!

  626. ellen

    wow! i’d love some pretty rugs and lighting

  627. Alisha

    So hard to decide…I think I would use it to get some toddler bedding for our 2 year old’s new ‘big boy’ bed, and some storage solutions for his (also) tiny room!!

  628. Anne

    I have always dreamed of having matching, white Jenny Lind beds for my 2 girls. They are timeless and adorable!

  629. Wendy

    My toddler is about to move up to a twin bed and I have been looking for new bedding for him. (I’m leaning toward the Ride the Rails bedding). Also, I’m having a baby girl in July so this little peanut needs a bed and some beautiful things :) Thanks!

  630. Yannelli J.

    Love the beds and the room!

    I would love love to finally convert my sons room to a toddler room with lots of storage to maximize his play space just for him!

  631. We’re also starting a transition into a toddler bed this summer, and I would love to use the $1500 towards a silhouette day bed! We recently downsized, so this would be an awesome score for his big kid room!

  632. Love Land of Nod! Currently I’m swooning over the wooden, Rainbow Stacker; the Jenny Lind bookcase (black) – to match the crib; and the Woodland Nightlight (bunny). We’re expecting our 1st baby in the beginning of July and all of these would fit perfectly in baby girl’s new nursery.

  633. Casey

    I love the safari elephant and their shelving options are great. All would look great in the nursery I am putting together for our first arriving in June!

  634. meg

    We are expecting twins and would love to buy two straight up cribs for the babies.

  635. Kate

    I have lots of acquaintances who are having babies this year, so I’d use it for toys & gifts!

  636. Jeweli

    The Swivel Glider & Ottoman!

  637. Meghan

    My husband and I are due in August with our first little one and we’re currently dreaming up what our nursery will look like…I LOVE the Not a Peep bedding with the little chicklets on them. So cute!!!

  638. Elisa

    I really love the Chromatic 3 drawer dressers! It is hard to find smaller dressers for smaller spaces that can also transition from younger to older ages! i also LOVE the pirouette desk! its is so minimalist and tasteful and also great for smaller spaces!

  639. I would use it towards some easter gifts for my nephews!

  640. Kristen

    I would love to do a wall of bookcases in my son’s room using the flat top bookcases! That would solve all the organizing issues in his room.

  641. Ann

    We are running into the exact same space issue – do we go with the toddler bed or get the real bed. That “real” bed would take up the majority of her play space, I just know it! We would definitely take your lead –
    Jenny Lind Toddler Bed with Fine Prints Toddler Sheets Set

    One of my new year intentions was to find a reading teepee for her. Can’t get her off the books :) I would also invest in the A TeePee to Call Your Own. She’s loving polka dots right now (and just learning how to say “polka dots” too! lol)

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful giveaway!

  642. Emily

    Love the Lind beds!

  643. Nancy

    I love the Land of Nod! All of the Jenny Lind pieces are fabulous. I love the clocks and lamps too!

  644. Kristine

    I would love a teepee for my kiddos! Also, my daughter is about to transition out of her crib and those Jenny Lind toddler beds are so cute! I love their bedding – my daughter and my twin babies all have their sheets and bedding from Land of Nod!

  645. J Knudsen

    I would love the Jenny Lind bed for my daughters transition to a tween (11) and some fun decor & lighting to brighten up the sometimes hard days of growing up.

  646. jaclyn

    Meep perfect timing!! I have been wanting to go on a shopping spree for my lil man…been eyeing the jenny hutch or the oak park elementary desk!! We are outgrowing our lil Ikea table and chairs :( sniff sniff!!

  647. Jill

    I love Land of Nod! My Little is just about Samson’s age, and ready to make the transition from crib to toddler bed. I would love to get rid of the crib and the changing table we never use, and upgrade to a new toddler bed and some fun toy storage!

  648. Sarah

    What a great giveaway! I’m pregnant with my first baby, I’d use a credit to buy EVERYTHING! :)

  649. Shay

    I’ve actually been coveting the jenny lind full size beds for over a year. So that would definitely be on my list.

  650. We have a little one on the way, so I’d use it to outfit our new nursery. The Andersen crib and the Marley rocker are calling my name. Such a fantastic giveaway! thank you for the chance to enter.

  651. Jennifer

    I have two babes that are 14 months apart. We want to move our youngest out of his crib and into a toddler bed. We would LOVE the Lind beds!

  652. Denise

    My daughter just found out she is expecting. She and her husband are both serving in the Coast Guard and money is going to be tight, but they are very excited. I would use the credit to splurge on a glider/rocker for the nursery ~ something she would never spend money on, but something that I remember was such a comfort.

  653. Steph

    I’d buy some of their awesome storage and bedding for my newborn!

  654. Ruby

    I love The Land of Nod! I’m so happy they finally came to California. I purchased my son’s glider online about two years ago when Nod had not arrived at South Coast Plaza, because I love all the pieces. If I win I’d buy two Jenny Lind beds for my two boys.

  655. Carol

    I’ve had my eye on the raspberry Jenny Lind bed for my daughter for a while.

  656. Colleen

    Jenny Lind, rugs, tee pee!

  657. Alison

    What an amazing give-away. We are moving from our small apartment in Brooklyn, New York to a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania. My 17-month old daughter will finally have her own space! We are huge fans of the Land of Nod (and Love Taza!), so it would be wonderful to have the funds to create a magical bedroom and play space for her!

    I would love to get Aria a big girl bed (love the toddler beds featured in this post!), play tent, small table and chairs, floor bins for toys and a growth chart to record this next phase of our family! Oh, and a mini piano so she can play along with Dad when he is on the guitar.


  658. Sarah Joy

    I am expecting my first baby and was going to make due with non nursery-specific furniture (also in a small house in your old neighborhood on Capitol Hill)… but if I won this credit, I would purchase a crib and changing table!

  659. Kris

    My boys have been asking for the garage playhouse forever! I also would love new storage for their room – a bookcase! Yay!

  660. Erinn Sauer

    I was JUST looking at this exact bed last week. I’m due with baby #2 in June and my daughter Mabel will be about 22 months then – so we’re trying to figure out if we need a second crib or should move her into a toddler bed or twin bed, or what! We’re also space constrained in DC, so I was definitely drawn to this perfectly sized toddler bed.

    Land of Nod has great furniture!

  661. Heather

    Definitely the Ring Around the Ribbon rug in blue!

  662. DS

    I’d love to buy their Monarch 3 drawer dressers, low rider bookcases, Eden table lamp and bird branches coat tree for my toddler girl when we move back to CA this summer!!!

  663. Amy

    I would spoil my 5yr old with new bedding & accessories for her new blue bedroom. We loved all of our Nod products we used in her sisters pink room .. Now it’s her turn. Gotta keep it even, you know..

  664. sarah

    I love the low rise crib in gray! Need something for this babe coming!

  665. Allyson Breen

    Abracadabra lamp, Better floors and garden rug, Simple 2 over 2 dresser in natural,and a Jenny Lind storage trundle in white!

  666. Tricia L

    I’d buy decor and storage stuff. I’m in need of both

  667. andreak

    new bedroom for O & B!

  668. Liz Adams

    My daughter just turned 2 and we are about to transition her from a crib to a toddler bed. We have furniture that was my great grandmothers but we do not have the bed. A jenny lind bed would look perfect! I also love the bedding and storage options!

  669. April King

    LOVE land of nod… I’ve had my eye on some new bedding to upgrade my little one’s nursery to a big boy room. I love the reversible whale-print toddler bedding.

  670. Esther

    Great giveaway! I would use the money toward some toy boxes and possibly a tent. So cute!

  671. Katie

    We would get the Marley Rocker for our new baby girl!

  672. Lily

    We are moving from an apartment in the city to our first REAL house in April. We have enough furniture to fill about 1 room! I would use the credit to outfit my daughter’s playroom with an activity table and chairs and a play tent, as well as storage for all her books and toys.

  673. Erin

    Already on the mailing list. I’d either get a twin bed for my toddler or a crib for my newborn and some bedding for sure.

  674. Shannon

    I would also get the Jenny Lind bed, in raspberry, and the Bayside 2 over 2 dresser. Those beds are so cute!

  675. Kelly

    I love the simple bunk bed for my boys!

  676. Melissa T

    LOVE land of nod’s activity table. Would be perfect for my growing boy!

  677. Jill

    I would get the low rise crib. I’ve been eyeing it for a while now!

  678. This would be amazing to win as I’m expecting my first! The New School Crib Bedding (Make a Splash) is adorable! It would be perfect for Little Man’s nursery.

  679. Marissa

    I would use it to get nursery furniture for our new baby! I love everything on the Jenny Lind line and the clean sleek look of all the cribs. :)

  680. Perrin

    I would love the uptown bed for my son. And, I love the new school bedding.

  681. Tracy

    Because we are so poor right now, I think I would use this money for several different items…that would be used for birthdays and christmas for my two children and my nephew. I wouldn’t mind a teepee too (although I did make one for my nephew, I would love one for my kids) however I was thinking more of the toys that I could put in their play kitchen. They love their kitchen. OH my, someone is really going to be blessed with this prize!

  682. Mallory Wilson

    So many great things to choose from! I love all the toys that encourage imaginary play, like the fire and s’mores set and the giant pyramid of colored blocks! it looks fun for the kids and pretty to look at! and of course all that wall art and decor is just adorable. :)

  683. ellery pugmire

    It’s always a happy day when my land of nod catalog comes in the mail! The jenny lind collection has been a long time obsession of mine. I would love some seating for our playroom, and possibly some new bedding for when my babe outgrows the nursery and moves into his big sister’s room!

  684. Michelle

    I LOVE Land of Nod. I would buy a Jenny Lind crib for my September baby and a teepee for my toddler :)

  685. Storage! Our little girl is due in May and her dresser only has 3 drawers that are already full. We also need baskets for plush toys!

  686. Emily Bickle

    Ahhh what an amazing giveaway! We desperately need a play table for the little man, and I am loving the two-tone teak play-table and chairs in different colors. Baby #2 is on the way, and some new decor–an Eden table lamp, aquarium gravel rug, and some of the adorable wall art–would make our space complete!

  687. liz

    thanks! we would buy our girls a new bed

  688. Andrea

    The uptown toddler bed would be perfect for my little guy -as he’ll be needing to upgrade when his little sibling gets here in a few months:)

  689. Kathryn

    We just found out we’re expecting our first little babe, so I would use a Land of Nod credit for their Low-Rise Crib and some of their adorable baby bedding!

  690. Melissa

    Yay land of nod! I love the American rocker in the color teal. I also really dig their jenny lind bed with a trundle for extra company! So many beautiful things for any nursery;)

  691. Lindsey

    A crib/Simmons mattress/beautiful sheets for baby girl to have her own special space.

  692. MFree

    Great giveaway thanks! We’d get the monarch 3 drawer dresser!

  693. Adria Ray

    I love Land of Nod! I would definitely go with one of the colorful Jenny Lind toddler beds, plus the fun camper play tent. Oh, and a bright colored rug!

  694. Sally

    I’d have to get a jenny Lind toddler bed too and polka dot wall decals. Or one of their glider rocking chairs.

  695. Rachel

    They have a chevron carpet that I’m dying to get my son. It’s stylish yet he can use it for his trucks to drive on. We’re also needing a toddler bed. I love a Land of Nod!!


  696. Jessica

    I’m in the same boat as far as having very little space to work with. I would choose the same Jenny Lind toddler bed for my 2 1/2 year old little girl. It’s so beautiful and would work so well in her room!

  697. Sara

    LOVE Land of Nod! We are expecting our first this June and could definitely use a little bit of everything. Crib, storage, glider, and some fun things for baby as he grows :)

  698. may

    Wow–how fantastic. We live in a tiny space and will soon be moving another child into the nursery. I love the Jenny Lind bed for my daughter!

  699. Bonnie B.

    Finish the nursery I have been working on for a year :b

  700. Lacey Parmeter

    I’m in the same small space predicament you are, My two girls are going to have to upgrade our sleeping situation soon here, I would put the credit towards the Uptown Bunk Beds. Wish Jenny Lind did bunks though!

  701. Katie

    A play table and chairs. Love Land of Nod!

  702. Hazel Quinones

    I would love to get the book caddy, a toy box, and a rug for my little boy’s room!

  703. Sarah Ann Byler

    I love this shop! I would put it towards a new rug; Aztec Support Rug (Blue). We had an accident with a gallon of paint on our current one and it needs replaced. Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks for sharing your thoughts spurred on by the pregnancy rumor. I found comfort in them.

  704. Amber

    I’d love to redo my twins’ room! They have mismatched hand-me-down furniture at the moment.

  705. Jessica

    I would definitely buy the Gold Confetti Canopy for my daughter, Lucy’s room. Also I desperately need a glider for our new little girl arriving in 6 weeks!

  706. Oh my, I Love Land of Nod! We just ordered a tee pee from them for our kids playroom. We got the black and white striped one and I can’t wait to finish putting the room together. If I won the gift card I would probably order a big boy bed for our son. I love the Astoria bed and I think it would look perfect in his room because his dresser has gold detailing on it. But ultimately I would let him choose his bed. :)

  707. Lisa

    I’d create a new room for my daughter and son who will be sharing a space! I’d love to start from scratch.

  708. Jessica

    Love the girl’s chambray bedding! So classic!

  709. Kary

    I am in love with the owl branch coat rack! My son is just about to turn one so that could buy a lot of toys for him!

  710. lauren

    Swoon…land of nod makes me smile. I’d absolutely buy cribs and bedding for our twins in the way and goodies for our 2 1/2 year old girlie also. xx

  711. Colleen Hackett

    Love land of nod – I would love to decorate my daughters room!

  712. I love Land of Nod! :) With a baby on the way, I see a LOT of amazing things I’d love! The white low rise crib, Follow the Herd sheep mobile, and the Modern Menagerie framed wall art.


  713. Kelsey Bushong

    Definitely a Jenny Lind twin bed. We already have the crib and love the classic look!

  714. ooh, storage and/or a glider! so many beautiful things to choose from.

  715. rachel

    Oh I would love to win this for my twins’ room!! I would use it to buy the chromatic 3 drawer dresser!!

  716. Carolyn

    I would get the canvas hamper and bayside dresser for my little guy. He has an old dresser that is falling apart.

  717. Jennifer

    I would use the credit to help put together a beautiful nursery!

  718. Megan Muise

    These beds would be perfect for my little girls. I’ve been dying to get them in the same room and hopefully get some more sleep for me! ;)

  719. Jenna

    Love Land of Nod! I’m already on their mailing list! I’d spend the money on bedding and new nursery decor for my daughter due in August!

  720. Clarina Cravins

    I would use it just as you did- To simplify my babies rooms in the cleanest, coziest, homiest, way possible while utilizing our little space. Xo!

  721. zuzanna schwed

    Id love to win. We just moved to israel, and while i got most of the furniture, I am dreaming of all the garlands, art prints and decorative objects to make it all look great!

  722. Claudia H.

    Seeing as how I am pregnant with my first (SO excited!) I would jump at the chance to have any of those dram cribs with all the accessories.

  723. I LOVE Land of Nod!!!!! My Husband is in his 2nd year of Med School in Rochester New York. We would use the money to set up a Nursery for our first little baby!!! Loans for Med School are painfully large and this would be a huge blessing to help us get a beautiful space ready for our 1st sweet baby!!! We would be eternally grateful for this help in starting out our family! And we would blog every step of the journey!

  724. Allison Beaulieu

    Ugh. everything. but yes, my 2 year old needs a toddler bed asap. amazing. swoon.

  725. What a great giveaway!!!
    I could easily spend $1500 at the land of nod! It has become my favorite baby shop online! My husband and I are adopting our first child and just recently decided to ask for a sibling set!!! So excited! We are trying to make their nursery / room a fun, inviting, imaginative, and loving space! So I’m thinking a prettier twin bed, linen, toys, and adorable storage solutions!!!
    Really hope we win! Thanks Taza + The Land of Nod!

  726. sam-c

    the Land of Nod simple bunk bed would be perfect for my boys. currently their sleeping arrangements take up so much space they don’t have much room for anything else in their room, like a play area, area to assemble the lego sets, desk…

  727. Ali

    I love land of nod! I’d stock up on throw pillows for my girls beds, new bedding for them and I’ve been eyeing that camper play tent for a few weeks now!!!

  728. Jamie

    Oh how I love Land of Nod! Our little nugget is soon going to be leaving her nursery and moving into her big girl room and I can’t tell you how much this credit would mean! I would literally buy as much as I could, but definitely without a doubt, a beautiful new bedding set. Thanks for the chance!!

  729. Elsa

    Nursery decor for baby on the way! We never had a glider for our first, and the Luca glider tops the list

  730. edyta

    A toddler bed for my daughter along with some pretty bedding, a tippy and some decorations:)

  731. Liz Orea

    How do you choose just one thing?! :)

    If I could, I would buy one of each but one of those gorgeous tents would be a dream. Taza, thanks for all you do.

    Liz Orea

  732. Katie Sturgeon

    My husband and I are expecting our first little soon and I would LOVE the $1500 to decorate and furnish a nursery! Fingers crossed!!

  733. Jennie Russo

    Would LOVE to redo my daughters room, two brand new jenny lind twin bed! Plus my toddler boy needs some decor for his room!!

  734. Amber

    I would love the Joya Rocker in Heather Grey! Fingers crossed :)

  735. Whitney

    I love the Marley rocker!

  736. Jessica D

    My niece is turning one in May and I would love to spend the $1500 on her! She could use some new toys and clothes because she is growing and learning new things every day.

  737. Kathryn

    I love the Jenny Lind chair and ottoman. It would match our crib perfectly.

  738. Lori Pruitt

    Love the nursery! If I were to win I think I’d start with storage! I’m transitioning my son into his big boy room, and we need everything!!! Storage, new bedding, shelves…and that teepee would be a hit for sure :)

  739. Shaina

    Rugs! Sleeping bags! Decor! I’ll take one of everything, please. :)

  740. Megan

    We love Land of Nod – we bought all of our nursery furniture from there! I would love to upgrade to some bigger kid furniture for our boys!

  741. Kim

    Oh my gosh – I had a baby a month ago and could use so much! I love the neon yellow legged nightstand, among other things!

  742. Mia Montalban

    I have 2 year old twins and could use this to buy a bunk bed or an activity table. I would love to decorate their playroom with lots of fun land of nod decorations. Your blog is truly inspiring! I have never in my life won anything, so to win something for my children would be a amazing!

  743. Tracy

    We’re moving our first to a new room to make way for baby #2 in the nursery, so I’d use the credit to completely furnish/decorate his new room!

  744. Nonna

    Would love to buy my baby on the way a crib and bedding! xox

  745. STACY

    I have been so pleased with my purchases from Land of Nod! We recently moved homes and I would love to put bunk beds into my son’s room to maximize space!

  746. Allyson Baker

    Eleanor and Samson’s room is beautiful!! I love Land of Nod and have been oohing and ahhing over their stuff for some time now. We are transitioning our littles room and making room for baby number three! It will also be a right space, but I would love to use this towards beds and especially new bedding!

    What a fantastic giveaway!

  747. Amber Lee

    I love this giveaway so much! I would buy my babies new bedding and some accessories and some accessories for my oldest who is starting college! I love all the variety of items!

  748. Jessica

    We will be moving into a new home soon and would love a few pieces for our daughters new room! It’s time for her “big girl room” and land of nod has the most adorable items!

  749. Lynn

    I would use the credit on an Andersen crib – so gorgeous!

  750. Kristen

    I would get a few on the grid bookcases!

  751. Danielle Navratil

    Book cases and bed for my 3yr old.

  752. Violet

    I love their rugs and would definitely get a glider. But everything is pretty wonderful!!

  753. Allison

    I love the decor sold by the Land of Nod. I would love to use the credit toward toy/book storage and wall art for my sweet niece.

  754. Meg

    Love the new spring collection! I’ve been eying that yellow Jenny Lind bed. And would love to grab the polka dot “teepee to call your own” !

  755. Katherine Rieck

    Land of Nod is wonderful! I would definitely get a new rug and a desk!

  756. Cortney Nebeker

    Full Uptown bed in gray with purple bazaar bedding. Light years floor shade with a gray or purple shade. Sunburst mirror and read between the basket collection. And the Jetair camper play tent!

  757. Charlotte Nader

    Would love “A Teepee to call my own” the grey & polka dots is so cute. Maybe a glider and ottoman. No babies yet – but soon! No harm in getting things a little at a time

  758. Caitlin

    Oh my goodness!! What a great give away!! I would love to win this, as my husband and I are going to try starting a family soon. I looked at the website and had a hard time narrowing down what I would use it on. Too many cute things. I probably would start with a crib or something that I know we will need.

  759. Carlee

    Toddler bed for sure for my little nephew!

  760. Cat

    Can I say- one of everything?! We have a 2 year old son and another baby boy due on 2 months! (AND we’re about to move into a new house!). It’s so hard to find cute stuff for boys-but there was SO much on there that I would LOVE to have for them! :)

  761. Chelsee

    We are expecting baby girl in May and the only bookcases I love are at LON and they are too far out of our price range :(

  762. Angela

    We have the Jenny Lind crib, but are hoping to expand our family soon! We’d put the money toward a Jenny Lind toddler bed and some gorgeous shelving for the kids’ room!

  763. Hilary L

    My daughter’s room needs some work. It is small and we have full size bed in there now. We need to re work it to maximize the space. I could use this!

  764. Jera

    There are a couple of rugs there I’m dying for! A new desk chair would be lovely too. =)

  765. Kristin

    I would LoVE to be able to get some furniture for my 18 month old and baby #3 who will be here in 6 months. We live in such a tiny house that making the space look comfortable and nice is going to be a challenge! This would be a Godsend! <3

  766. Katie

    I would use it towards my little mans big boy room.

  767. Svetlana

    So many lovely options!
    Here’s my wishlist:
    Scalloped Sheet Set (Grey)
    My Grey Chambray Sheet Set
    88-Key Rug (Teal)
    Flokati Fluff Rug
    Modern Clip Lamp (Gold)

  768. Sioned

    Amazing giveaway. I would use it towards a giant miffy lamp and beautiful bedding to brighten Molly’s room. She’s three and is just starting to play by herself in her (tiny)room. Most of her toys are downstairs in the lounge so I’d also se it towards some nice storage for bedroom playtime. xx

  769. Betsy

    My heart skips a beat every time I see those sweet Jenny Lind toddler beds and think about how cute it’d be to have those for my two little ones.

  770. Tara S

    I would start with the Maritime Shower Curtain and some new towels…my boys need a fun bathroom decor. Then I’d get some great accessories (like the R metal shelf) to make my little ones bedroom feel more home-y. I love just about everything at Land of Nod!

  771. Jaime

    Oh, what a tough choice! Probably 2 new beds for my kids, and some of their lovely storage solutions! The Jenny Lind is a beautiful bed, and love that they make it in so many fun colors. Thank you!

  772. Sara Duckett

    I would buy a twin bed for my son and some of their adorable bedding and a rug!

  773. Lauren P

    Oh I’d be over-the-moon to win. I could redo our babe’s rooms…

  774. kristen

    duh! The jenny lind toddler bed. My two years is going to crawl her way out of her crib any second now. This bed is exactly what i need. Love x 1000.
    xx – kristen

  775. erin

    they have a couple of bunk beds that i’ve got my eyes on, but i also have a giant list of things i’d love to bring home from land of nod!

  776. Heidi Stockman

    New bedding and maybe some storage!!

  777. Carrie

    To turn my blank palette (aka guest room) into our 1st baby’s nursery! We find out in just a couple of weeks what the gender is and I can’t wait to decorate the room accordingly! I find myself wandering into the room and daydreaming of our little bundle if joy in there! Can’t wait to make it a reality, with Land of Nods amazing collection!

  778. Jessica

    I’d use the Land Of Nid GC to make a ‘grown up kid’ space for my 8 year old, he’s had the same room since a baby and he’s so ready to get a new bug kid room!

  779. Kelly Widener

    I’d get two Jenny Lind beds and two comforters for my almost 2 year old twins!! Thanks :)

  780. Danielle H

    We would use the credit for some amazing storage for the nursery!
    Love E and S’s room! Such a fun room and clearly you have allowed it to be a place of inspiration for them. Lucky kids :)

  781. Jen Casey

    I could spend way more than $1500 there! But I love the joya rocker! Also their kids storage stuff is so cute! And very needed since we just bought our first house!

  782. Holly

    Oh my goodness, I adore the jenny lind toddler ones, the light blue one is fantastic. Our big 3 year old boy is growing out of his crib and this would be great for him. We love Land of nod and most of his room is decorated with Land of nod. It only makes sense to keep shopping with them. :-)

  783. What a wonderful space for your two littles. I love how colorful and inspiring it is!

    With our two new babies and our six year old, storage and space is so very important. The Good Read Caddy and As You Wish storage bench are just a couple of things that would be great to have!

  784. jena

    Our little girl will be 1 in a few months. It won’t be long until we need big gurl furniture for her room. So I’d use the money on that. I love Land of Nod!

  785. Ashley Mitchell

    Omgosh what wouldn’t I get! We just moved across country into a much larger house so I have tons of space to fill! I love the rugs (ocean liner and teA rug) and playroom teepees. also in the market for curtain panels for my two little dudes rooms. They also both need dressers(upton in grey) and one big boy bed! Would be awesome.

  786. Sarah

    I love love the monarch dressers!

  787. Micki

    I would use the gift card for my new baby girl by getting the Silhouette Daybed! Thanks for the chance to enter. :)

  788. Abby Williams

    I’ve been looking at the Jenny Lind Twin Bed for my little girl for quite awhile and I would definitely pick that up along with maybe some playroom storage. They have so many great things on their site!

  789. Leslie Gupta

    we are re-doing our playroom and would use the gift certificate on some bookcases and the bin there done that book storage unit. Plus lots of décor to make the playroom a colorful, whimsical, creative space! Maybe if we have some left, it would also go toward a toddler bed since we are getting to that stage before too long!

  790. Brooke Barnhurst

    I love the Jenny Lind beds.. I need two. Also some bedding! But I pretty much LOVE everything of theirs.

  791. I would love two of the Jenny Lind beds in a twin size for my two oldest girls, Nora and Stella. It would be fun to get them each a different color!

  792. Val

    I would get one of the adorable jenny lind chairs with an ottoman. Also perhaps a rug

  793. Jenny

    We are currently building a new home and I need new furniture/decor to fill up a lot more space than we are used to! I would probably start with the playroom and move from there – so toy bins, play tables, and play tents. I would love to order new nursery furniture for baby #2 (who is not on the way yet but we hope will be soon!)

  794. Maggie

    Big girl room makeover for my soon to be three yr old girl! Been eyeing the Jenny Lind twin bed!

  795. Chyna Moss

    I would use it for new beds and bedding for my toddlers!!

  796. Blythe

    Love, love their Jenny Lind beds and all of their decor. The jellybean rug is adorable!!

  797. Katy

    Was just eying the Land of Nod Jenny Lind toddler bed yesterday for my daughter, I would buy her that and some big girl bedding!

  798. Tracie

    To redo my daughter’s room, she’s so outgrown her room

  799. Jennifer

    I would love the baby expresso sleigh crib for my first newborn! The toy storage and bins would be cute to put up his toys!

  800. Stephanie L.

    I’m already on their mailing list as I love their aesthetic and have been so happy with everything I’ve purchased from them to date.

  801. Kate

    My family is moving so this money would go to great use to decorate my 1 year old’s new big boy bedroom!

  802. Cassidy

    4 poor college girls in need of new bedding and lots of storage four our new apartment! It may be unorthodox for college girls to order from a site geared towards children, but they have some very versatile (and adorable!) things! Plus, as the company says, it’s designs for kids and people that used to be kids. :-)

  803. Leslie Christensen

    I want a jenny Lind twin bed for my girl and new happy bedding!!

  804. Katy McGown

    I would give my sweet e a nursery. I gave birth to Ellie Rose last July. Since then we have been in apartment living and working with a very small space. She started with the bloom mini crib, but very quickly out grew it because she was so tall. We have purchased her a new crib, but it really isn’t working in our space. We have thought about rearranging our living situation so e has the larger room, in turn having more play space. I love land of nod and recently purchased the lobster bedding. We are Mainers and couldn’t picture a better set for our sweet little e. The gift card would help us to give e a beautiful nursery that she deserves!

  805. Valerie

    I need STORAGE! When did babies get so much STUFF? Also love that heart shelf in gold… would complement my daughter’s room perfectly.

  806. Brittany DeJesus

    We are making the transition! So This would be a great way for Liam to have an everyday adventure in his room! We bought the teepee, and Liam loves everything about it!

  807. Nicole

    Would love this for my little boys room.

  808. Katie

    How exciting! I would use the gift card to purchase goodies for my son’s nursery. He makes his debut in june and his new room could use a little lovin’ from LON!

  809. Melissa

    I would love to buy the bookshelves and artwork for my kids toy room!

  810. michal

    I LOVE Land of Nod! If I were lucky enough to win, I would definitely use my winnings towards a new crib (for upcoming baby #3) or possibly even bunk beds for my older two!
    oooh pick me, pick me!
    Love the set up of Elenor and Samson’s room now! Sooo cute!


  811. Marissa

    I have been coveting the Candy Bow Sleeping Bag for a while! I would also love the Milo Glider and Ottoman because not buying a great glider is my biggest new-mom regret (before she was born I got a nice chair which is comfortable, but doesn’t glide, and of course she LOVES to be rocked!) I would also just love the Grey low-rise crib for baby #2!

  812. Michelle

    those as you wish storage bins are dreamy!

  813. Julie

    Oh my Lord!! I secretly stalk the Land of Nod website every week looking at all their nursery stuff. My hubby and I are trying to have a baby and I would LOVE to decorate it with all things Land of Nod. Thanks for the giveaway…xoxo

  814. Jennifer Kelly

    I love the Land of Nod! I would use the credit to furnish my daughter’s “big girl” room! She will be turning 2 in a few months. I would get the Jenny Lind twin bed and matching bookshelf. Plus some beautiful art for her walls. :)

  815. Sam

    I would use the money to get the uptown bed for my little man who has grown out of his crib! He’s needing a big boy bed bad. :)

  816. oh, i just looove the joya rocker!!! especially in white leather. thanks so much for sharing.

  817. Taryn

    Ah! We’re pregnant with our second baby and would love to set our son up with a new room and move him to a toddler bed and use his crib for the new baby. We would be so thankful! xo

  818. Tyler

    I would use it for toy storage and a new bed for my baby who is now a toddler! They grow so fast!

  819. Ashley Sager

    I would love to get the Jenny Lind bed in Raspberry and the Ellipse bed for my twin daughter and son for their shared room, so we could finally move them to “big boy/girl” beds!

  820. Shoshana

    I would love to get the bayside collection as my guest Bedroom furniture/ big girl room. It would make this new move so much easier!! I subscribed to the mailing list)

  821. I am in loooove with the Jenny Lind Bed in yellow! Geez. So stinkin’ cute!

  822. Rene

    Going to invest in storage and new bedding for my almost toddler. :)

  823. Breanna

    The Monarch Dresser is adorable and all those cute throw pillows. The girls would love those!

  824. Victoria

    Oh my goodness! This is such an awesome giveaway!
    I would love to win this. Storage would definitely be my choice of things!
    My childrens room looks so messy all the time because we have no types of storage things besides their toy box. I do what I can to make things look neat but it’s so difficult when I have nothing to put it in or on.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity :)

  825. Sami

    I would pair the black twin Jenny Lind bed with the Polar Bear in a Snowstorm duvet and the Welcome to the Jungle sheet set.. and top it all off with the Lions and Tigers and Quilted Sham. For the playroom I would get the Teepee to Call Your Own in Orange Stripe and the Fox How do you Zoo sleeping bag…. My little Knox would go NUTS!!

  826. Betsy

    Wow. Where to even start! Our baby girl is arriving in June, and we have SO much left to do for her nursery. I would definitely use the winnings to buy the gorgeous Anderson crib in white. Then, I’d probably have lots of fun picking out some wonderful artwork for her room!

  827. Megan

    I would love a toddler bed for my two year old son, and a glider/ottoman for my little girl’s nursery. She is due next month!! I have always wanted any of their play tables though for our toy room. There is just too much wonderful stuff to pick!!

  828. Hao Le

    Bedding for sure. They need bigger blankets. And sleeping bags. After that, some kids chairs and a storage solution.

  829. Sarah Kuchta

    Expecting our first baby in May so I would be using the winnings on decorating her nursery!!

  830. Tairalyn

    Oh goodness. How to choose. I’d get a bed for our baby girl that’s growing up far too fast, I’d also get her a teepee to continue to let her dreams and imagination run wild… and maybe if I have some left over I’d get some more some bedding.

  831. Britt Kerle

    Love LON! We have several small peices but if we won we would give our almost 2 year old a big girl room! <3

  832. Allison Brown

    We love the Straight-Up Crib in Espresso, because well, we “straight-up” need a crib for this September!

  833. Page

    I love how you decorated the nursery- so bright and fun, and great use of space! Also, I absolutely love The Land of Nod. What a great giveaway :) My husband and I have been sharing our bedroom with our (almost) one year old, but now we’re getting a two bedroom apt. I would love to furnish my son’s new room with the Ellipse Dresser, a teepee, and the graduated bookcase!

  834. Emily Kastner

    Oh boy. This is the most dreamy giveaway! Could really stretch that money! I’ve been wanting a play kitchen for my kiddos, so if start there. Some organization stuff to help with the clutter around here, some cute baby bedding, and toys! Such great toys!

  835. Pheonix

    Love your nursery/toddler room/ playroom!! And love land of nod soo much! If I was the lucky winner if but one of the amazing activity tables! I love them all it would be hard to choose! Then I get some beautiful bed linens for my little one. The designs are always so sweet and unique.
    Thanks for sharing your blog as always!

  836. Ginny

    I also have two littles and are trying to find solutions to their shared space. One is still in the babyletto mini crib and I need to get the older one into a twin bed or fixed toddler bed. His toddler bed was broken in our move from New York. I would definitely be getting the meteorite quilt, and monarch 6-drawer dresser. Whatever is left, I’d choose either the Jenny Lind or gray uptown bed. I would be so moved to be chosen! I’m always window shopping at land of nod.

  837. mary

    I would buy one of those toddler beds and a bunch of wooden toys for my 2.5 year old who is turning into a big girl before my eyes!

  838. Maja

    Great giveaway, would love to buy new bedding and new decor for Stella’s part of the room in our little flat! After all, a 3 year old girl needs some nice space :)

  839. Ashley

    What am amazing giveaway! I am pregnant with my second right now, which means I will soon be moving my toddler out of the nursery and into a big boy room. I would use the gift card to get him a bed, dresser, and some decor!

  840. Heather

    I would use it for getting my son’s room ready to share with his new brother who’s due in May! I love the awesome colors of the items in the catalogs. My son is visually impaired so we love bright colors as they tend to hold his attention and do better at catching his eye.

  841. stacie

    I would buy a toddler bed and storage for my son to make room for him in his big sisters room:) he is 10 months and still in a crib/co sleeper so this would be perfect timing for us!

  842. Gwyneth

    Oh goodness, am I in desperate need of some cute little rugs!

  843. Kelly

    I’d use it towards my daughter’s room. She’s just about 2 and a half and its time to move her into a bed from a crib. I’d love the red Jenny Lind bed – we had the Jenny Lind crib, so it would be a nice transition! :)

  844. Raquel

    We’re expecting our first child any day now. I’m 37 weeks pregnant as I write this post. We’re all set and ready for our little lady to make her way into the world, but the one thing we just couldn’t afford to buy was a glider and ottoman. I would have loved to be able to purchase one, but preparing for a child is expensive and it seemed like a luxury purchase. If I won the gift card I would buy the Luca Glider and Ottoman in heather grey. What a dream that would be!

  845. With my first baby due in late summer, I’d spend my Land of Nod credit on a Joya Rocker. It’s modern and beautiful!

  846. Paige smith

    I would buy the Jenny Lind chair and ottoman for my nursery. I’m in love with it.

  847. Elana

    I am head over heels for so much from LON. I’d love to be able to update my little ones nursery as we are in the middle of moving to a small but perfectly formed new home! I couldn’t definitely use some of these ingenious storage solutions!

  848. Elisa

    I’ve been eyeballing a few table and chair sets for my kids. The Land of Nod ones are gorgeous! Then of course we’d have to compliment with a paper roller, shelves, baskets, wall hangings… the list goes on. :)

  849. Liz ford

    I drool over there site and catalog on a regular basis. There tiny piano is to die for! So so much I want to buy like a new dresser, all there musical toys, the list could go on forever! Very happy you were able to find a solution for the tiny space.

  850. Tiffany A.

    Jenny Lind toddler bed for 17 month old, I am so excited to chane her room from nursery to big girl room! Plus I need everything for a new nursery since we are 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!!!!!! Love the Blake dresser for baby 2s nursery inspiration!

  851. Allie

    I’m currently helping my mom create a “grandkid” room in her house and I think their Silhouette Upholstered Daybed and one of their tepees would look so great in her space!

  852. Cayce

    I love the basic white dresser and the wire storage baskets! Perfect!

  853. mikaela

    I’d love the uptown bed for my toddler that’s ready to transition out of a crib.

  854. Kristie

    Our family recently had to move out of our home when they found mold under our daughters floors, she had been sick for months and we didn’t know why. We are in the process of having everything “cleaned” to get rid of mold spores and are getting rid of everything with fabric in her room and playroom to be extra safe so I’ve had my eye on the Ever After Bedding, a new land of nod Teepee for her, and some new flea market bins to replace her fabric 3Sprout ones. I also think I’d pick up a few new stuffed animals to surprise her with for when we finally get back in the home.

  855. Melissa

    I literally went nuts when I saw the post about this giveaway.. I seriously love love love love the land of nod.. It’s such a unique store with so much creativity and it’s just what I love in my home. Sad to say I do not have the funds to shop for my daughter here and I literally go on their website every single day in love with their items but I cannot afford them. I’m so in love with their toddler bedding and frames and decals and lamps wich I know my daughter would love too. This would really make my whole year if I won this!! I hope I hope I hope!!! I am so anxious to know if I won! I simply can’t wait for the reveal of the winner!!

  856. Mara

    My sister has plans to convert a room in her house into a playroom for
    My niece! They don’t have much to decorate with and I would love
    To turn it into a special place that she loves to play in!
    I would love to help my sister decorate it with all the unique
    Toys and decor that land of nod has! Her crib bedding is from
    Land of nod and we love it!!

  857. Camille

    I would buy 2 toddler beds and a play tent for my girls!

  858. Marissa Smith

    This would be perfect timing as I am about to re-do our kids room. I would buy bedding first and then probably two chairs for our reading corner!

  859. Maureen

    Our toddler will soon be rooming with his older brother, and I love LON’s storage, rugs, and bedding.

  860. Jackie Rettick

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the New Schools Kids Quilt set (not a peep).

  861. Heide

    I love everything about land of nod! Beds, baskets, play tables, bedding! I am in love with all of it. A gift card would be amazing! Thank you!

  862. Janice

    I love their store! I’d start with bedding and toys for my two boys.

  863. Sarah

    We used Land of Nod storage furniture, floor cushions & lighting for our play room and love it!

    I would purchase one of those beautiful Jenny Lind beds for my 20 month old (have been eyeing it for months!), floral gem toddle bedding and the whitewash 2-over-2 drawer dresser for baby #2 due in June. Thank you Taza & Land of Nod for such a great giveaway!

  864. Diana

    I am in love with the Jenny Lind bed and matching bookcase!

  865. Lena

    What a generous giveaway! Land of Nod has such quality, colorful items. I would love to pick out some items to help decorate the bedroom that my toddler and pre school age daughters will be sharing very soon. I want it to be functional, colorful and fun.

  866. This is so cool! I love Land of Nod. I would use a gift card to purchase the Attractive American Rocker to cuddle our new little one joining our family soon through adoption. We expect a referral any day! I would also love the New District Storage and the I’m Just a Tox Box to organize our little one’s things. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  867. Elaine

    That was the easiest decision I’ve made this year!
    I would get the Jenny Lind beds for my twin girls. Those beds are awesome!

  868. We are pregnant with our first, so the Straight Up crib & Change It Up table + Crib bedding would be our first picks!

  869. Laura W.

    I have a 2.5yo and a 4yo (little girls). I would use the credit to re-do both of their rooms! My younger one needs a “big girl bed, like sissy” and they both need storage solutions in their closets. I can’t wait!

  870. Land of Nod is one of favorite stores….I have a new grandson on the way and this gift card would be so awesome!

  871. Whitney Rasmussen

    This would be amazing! There’s so much to choose from but I would love to get my daughter the Jenny Lind bed in azure! It’s adorable plus a few of there storage pieces!

  872. alison

    2 little slipper chairs in grey. to die for.

  873. Amber Castro

    I would use the gift card for baby #2’s nursery (due this October). Also some little goodies for my 1 year old baby girl, Joanna. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  874. Jennifer Palmer

    The bedding is the cutest. I have a baby boy right now who would love a more comfy crib to sleep in. We have had some sleeping issues lately. The joys of motherhood. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I love the cribs and the adorable decor. <3 -

  875. Ria

    I am in love with your children’s shared room, the beautiful mess that it is, and the furniture. I am a mother of a four year old boy and seven month old boy (completely outnumbered over here) and I would love to update their space to some modern and fun kids furniture and decor that land of nod offers. I would definitely purchase the same toddler bed that you have for your children as my youngest has a smaller room and a non-convertible crib. I would also get some storage units, that adorable numbers wall hanging canvas, and the awesome wall letters!!!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  876. I love Land of Nod! I am so excited about this giveaway! Those toddler beds are absolutely gorgeous. I want! I looked around the site and I really want the Monarch 6-drawer dresser. It is so beautiful and unique. I love all their bedding for kids too! So cute!

  877. Miriam

    My small family and I finally got a new place and our 2year old will finally have her own space! No more co-sleeping! ;( but very excited for her to have space of her own. I would use the credit to buy her a bed (love the ones s & e have!) and other little things to make the space hers! Thanks for this great opportunity!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  878. Meg

    I love everything Land of Nod has to offer, but I’ve especially had my eye on a tee pee for my girls playroom for quite some time! Fingers crossed!

  879. Becca

    I’d love to get the Now You See It acrylic book cart for
    My son’s room…right now he just has stacks of books on the side of his full sized bed and it’s been that way for two years (I guess it’s time I took care of it)! I also love that it doesn’t take up any visual space but it’s fully functional. Win/win!

  880. Anne

    I would buy jenny Lind bed and white storage shelf as about to move my boy into his own room and don’t have anything yet.:)

  881. Melissa McIntosh

    I’d get the Joya rocker, some wall art and lighting!

  882. Carrie Anne

    A new big girl room with organization for my 3 year old.

  883. Meaghan

    I am already on their mailing list! :)
    I would love to be able to put it towards getting my boys a bunk bed that they need and some nice quilts and sheets.

  884. Kirsten

    Holy moly. That’s a lot of comments! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Have a baby girl on the way and she’ll be joining her big sister (whose 3) in a shared room. So this post really got me thinking about ideas. I’d definitely get them some of those adorable bedding, loving the New School Kids Quilt and nice day for some white crib bedding! The Big Band Rug would be great to cover their not-so-great wall to wall carpet :( Drooling over the Between a rock and a lamp base!! Antique Chic curtain panels with new hardware! Tons of wall art to do a gallery wall! Bookshelves! Hooks for all of Zooey’s princess dresses that clutter the closet! OH, and lots of bins for storage. Trying to squeeze two girls into one closet may prove to be a challenge ;)
    Is that too long?? I could go on and on and on!! This would be a dream come true. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to afford more than one thing a year at this lovely store. Thanks so much for the opportunity!! xx

  885. Trang

    I would use the gc towards a toddler bed and storage bins for toys I always step on!! Thank you!

  886. amy

    I have been obsessed with Land of Nod ever since i had my daughter 2 years ago! Being on a bit of a budget, I have not been able to buy as much as I would like so this would be a dream come true! I’ve had my eye on the bedding, the sleeping bags, storage solutions- everything! My fingers are crossed!

  887. LOVE the full bloom table shade and sleep tight crib quilt, basically everything that land of nod does. We’re mid “big girl bed” re-do for my 3.5 yr old daughter, I’d love to finish it off with some pretty storage and accessories!

  888. I love the uptown dressers in white. I would deck them out with some of land of nod’s beautiful hardware to make them unique. So fun and what a great giveaway!

    – Jaime

  889. Jennifer M

    My daughter is about Samson’s age and we desperately need to update her bedroom! I’d go for the Compartment Department Table, chairs to match, and one of the modern style beds. I love that Jenny Lind bed in Raspberry, though!

  890. I think I would get the Luca Glider and Ottoman! We are expecting our first baby in August and many have told me a comfy spot set up for breastfeeding really helps! Thanks for the opportunity!

  891. April M

    What an amazing giveaway!! I would probably choose a glider because my nursery is in desperate need for one. Although it would be hard to choose, they have so many amazing products.

  892. Tiffany

    Oh my goodness, this would be a dream come true!! I would love a teepee and an in serious need of beds for my kids!!

  893. Amanda

    Storage! My little one is only 9 months old, but she has SO many books. I’d love to get some bookshelves for her!

  894. Bianca

    Best giveaway ! I would love a new bed and rug for my big boy room…oh and some art for the walls:). Thank you

  895. Heather

    I love Land of Nod. I’d start with a Ring Around the Ribbon Rug, maybe a Pull Up a Pouf or two, or some Dream Girl Quilts and Floral Gem Bedding for my girls.

  896. ashley Estrada

    $1500 would so do some justice in our new home! We currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and will be relocating to mineapolis, Minnesota by May 1st due to my fiancé’s promotion. (Talk about life changing, lol) the boys will be sharing a room for the first time ever, a one year old and a three year old. Hopefully we win!!!!!! :)

  897. Emily

    We just had our second baby, Violet Clementine, 5 days ago! We love her so much but unlike for her big brother Lincoln, we are completely unprepared with a nursery and don’t have a thing for her! I’d use the Land of Nod moolah to give this beautiful little girl and whimsical place to play and lay her head! Thanks!

  898. We would love to use part of the money for a storage bench and the hanging solar system kit. Also, my friend is pregnant with her 2nd little one and I would so love to give her a small bassinet that fits into her bedroom!!!

  899. Goldie

    I need to come up with sleeping solutions for two in a small bedroom as well. My two year old is outgrowing her crib and while I would LOOOOVE to add a Jenny Lind bed i just dont have the room to do it. Hashtag New York apartments, sigh. I would use the credit for their “Simple Bunkbed” in white. (and with the 1499 price tag I just made it!)

  900. Katie Gardner

    So many great pieces! I would use this to build a beautiful nursery for our first baby.

  901. Michelle

    I’ll take one of each thing?! And a room just for all the tepees! I love everything by them. Just so dreamy;)

  902. Tessa Wynn

    Love this giveaway! I would get the yellow Jenny Lind bed for my daughter, elementary table and some chairs to complete it.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  903. MIA

    With a new baby on the way, we will be moving our 1 year old daughter to her new room very soon – I would use the money to furnish her new space.

  904. michelle

    We LOVE Land of Nod! I would use the gift card for a toddler bed for my two year old daughter who is about to out grow her crib.

  905. Nicole

    I love land of nod and the style they have to offer. My baby will be 2 this summer and will eventually need a toddler bed as well. That toddler bed is beautiful and the perfect size. I also love the compartment bookcases which would be perfect to organize toys and books.

  906. Erin M.

    My husband and I just found out we are pregnant with our first. Land Of Nod has so many pieces that would fit with our woodland nursery theme!

  907. Kari

    Oh goodness, we could do so much with this. We are hoping to adopt another baby soon, so we will need to move our son to a big boy bed in order to not buy a second crib. So we could buy a bed and new bedding for both kids. Plus storage would be a HUGE help, and they just have so much cuteness for room decor on top of all the practical stuff!

  908. Stefania Fox

    I’ve always been a big fan of all the classic Jenny Lind beds. Looking to change up my kiddos bedding situation and this giveaway sure would help! ;) thanks for the chance!!

  909. elaine

    a toddler bed!

  910. nadia

    I was always in love with land of Nod products..specially their furniture style and elegance.I am expecting my second daughter in July and would like to be part of Jenny Lind family.

  911. Anna Lee

    With baby number two on the way, I would go for an activity table with for the older one as well as the…pregnancy brain, I totally just forgot the namer, but the toddler bed in grey that is paneled, so the new baby can take over the crib. I love their site, so many amazing things.

  912. Courtni C.

    I absolutely love the ‘As You Wish’ upholstered headboard and the little tents!

  913. Ashley

    I’ve always loved The Land of Nod site, especially the grey Joya Rocker and cushy rugs

  914. Erika

    I would love to make my son’s room more home-y, and my daughter’s room better able to transition from toddler to little girl.

  915. Kim woo

    I would love to use the gift card to fix up my twins bedroom layout . They are in need of need bed . Well toddlers now :) this is a great give away btw ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  916. Linn

    One of our favorite stores (happy dance)! It would be a dream to be able to fix up our dauther Etta’s nursery for her 1st birthday in july. Making it more imaginative, with pieces such as the cool tepees, art prints, decorative pillows and fun storage for her toys and books! We would be forever grateful!

  917. Chelsea

    Land of Nod is such a guilty pleasure of mine. I just purchased the gold polkadot bed sheets for my Olive and they make me smile every time I see them. If I won I would hands down splurge on a new bed for her and an array of bedding. Thank you for sharing this post and offering such a wonderful giveaway. Enjoy your day!

  918. Ali Hales

    I would get a daybed for my growing girl!! So cute

  919. Jackie Zurfluh

    Oh man, I’ve never heard of them before this post- and now I’m not going to be able to get off their site! I couldn’t even pick what I’d use the giveaway prize on! Everything’s so wonderful! Thanks for all your great giveaways! They always introduce me to the most amazing shops. :)

  920. Erin S.

    I would get a Luca glider for my baby’s room. I’m having my first child- a girl- at the end of June!

  921. My little and I are relocating soon to Paris and this would be amazing to create her own little space overseas!

  922. Paige Beauchamp

    I would get four two tone chairs and the emotirug for my children’s playroom!great giveaway! Hope I win

  923. Rebecca Wright

    The sleigh crib in white! For our first on-the-way little! So excited, and I would die if I could get that. Die, I say! They have fab style.

  924. We are expecting our first little in August and this would be PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!! I would get the 7 drawer jenny lind dresser, a tee pee to call your own in black stripe, and the incog-neato moustaches (although, mommy and daddy might play more with those than baby!!)

  925. shae

    my wee one has asked Santa for a room tent for the last 2 yrs but we’ve never been able to purchase. i’d love to be able to get that for him. i know he would love a dresser and the book shelves so we could get everything g off the floor. it was be amazing to win such an amazing gift and spoil my little man.

  926. Stella

    I would love to get a new crib from Land of Nod for our baby girl coming this summer.

  927. Lindsey Arts

    I would love to get a few décor pieces, and the TeePee!!

  928. Bianca

    That bed looks lovely! I still have a few months until my little one needs one but I would definitely get the Jenny Lind toddler bed.

  929. Chelsea C

    While I don’t have any little ones of my own, my cousin and her husband have an adorable little son.

    They just moved to Virginia now that her husband has recently returned from deployment as a Marine in Afghanistan. They’re finally starting their life as a family together, and what a wonderful gift this would be as they start their lives together in their new home.

  930. Sylvia Bass

    I would use it for my girls’ nurseries! We haven’t been able to afford to do anything to their rooms since we moved in, and currently it looks like they live in a bleak orphanage :/

  931. Jessica

    Wow! Well, this is easy. I already subscribe to their email list and I’ve been dying over their play tables for forever. So I’d get the activity table (the one that grows with them) plus chairs. I also would love some of their storage solutions for toys down in our basement. Oh, please please please!!!

  932. MeiLi

    If want the Jenny Lind bed with trundle or the bunk beds!

  933. Jenny

    With the impending birth of our second baby, we’re in the process of converting our two year old’s room into a big kid room. There is so much great stuff on their site! I’d probably choose a toddler bed and an assortment of toys/decor to create a room perfect for our little toddler!

  934. Rebecca

    Wow! I love Land of Nod and what an amazing giveaway this is! I have been drooling over their catalogues ever since we had our baby boy almost a year ago. We moved shortly after having him and ran out of money after decorating the main living areas, so we haven’t really done anything to the “nursery” yet, and I’ve been dying to! I would love to get him some really cute bedding, and I love all their storage solutions, which we are in need of! Thanks so much!

  935. My daughter and husband just bought their first house.My grandsons are 3 and 9 months and share a room. I would love to help furnish it by getting the Beat our Chest toy boxes. Great storage plus would make a cute reading nook!

  936. emma

    My 2 kids are also outgrowing their cribs. We are thinking of upgrading them to the jenny lind toddler beds or the jenny lind twins bed (space is an issue for us as well since they are in a shared room). Love the land of nod furniture!

  937. Katie Larsen

    I’m loving the Walden Desk & Hutch :) my little girl would be in heaven with a desk of her very own!

  938. Liz

    We are expecting our first baby this July! I would get the monarch dresser and some decor! Cute stuff!

  939. Emily Rasco

    All the storage! In would love to re do my kiddos playroom and rooms, add better storage and get everything up off the floor! What a great giveaway!!

  940. linde

    I’d use the moola to work on my son’s big boy room!


    Thank you,


  941. Victoria M

    Thankful for this opportunity. Big Land of Nod fans over here. We would use it to create a shared bedroom space for our 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. I’ve been eying their polka dot rug for quite some time now. And their bedding is fabulous!

  942. Sara

    I would get a book shelf and a dresser.

  943. Marlene Cervantes

    I love everything on the site, I would love to get some storage items and bedding for my 3year old and a crib for my 9month old!

  944. Ashley

    Would love to use it on nursery furniture! I am due in July with my first baby and the Sleigh Crib is gorgeous! Would be perfect in my baby girl’s room.

  945. Alina

    The room looks so adorable! I would use this to buy beds for my two boys as well as drawers, bookcases, etc. They do not have these as of now and I would love to create their own space for them

  946. Joyce

    I adore the alphabet personalized wall art!

  947. Jennifer Bankston

    I would love to update my boys’ bedding. It’s is a sad situation. :)

  948. Rebecca M

    As I’m expecting a baby in a few months, I would buy the low rise crib and bayside dresser to use as a changing table.

  949. MRR

    I’m all about that grey crib.

  950. Cortney

    My Daughters room could use some serious storage so I would want to get her the storage bench in white and she can always use shelving.

  951. Shannon

    Pregnant with our first babe…we just found out we’re having a baby boy!
    I would love to use this gift to fill his nursery with all the cuteness Land of Nod provides! I would love one of their amazing gliders or changing tables, but could also spend it all on precious decor and bedding!

  952. Susan B.

    I love Land of Nod! The Jenny Lind Bed and the Charming Herringbone baskets would be perfect for my little girl’s new bedroom!

  953. Carlie Dorris

    Updating my nursery

  954. Sarah

    I’d order an Uptown Bunk bed in grey, plus some cute boys’ bedding sets.

  955. I’ve subscribed to their newsletter. This is such a fantastic giveaway. I would use the $1500 to buy a crib, a change dresser and some decor items such as rock table lamp for my nursery.

  956. noelle

    we have another little girl on the way at the end of April! still gathering items for the new room and transition for our 18 month old girl. Would LOVE to get things for the girls – especially the gold dot bedding and accents since we’re doing a pink & gold nursery! i’ve been looking at Land of Nod for weeks hoping to get things for both girls’ rooms!

  957. Katie K

    We are expecting our first child in October and I am really wanting one of their fabulous cribs-I have a couple that I have my eye on. $1500 would really help with that purchase :)

  958. Shayla

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I would love to get my boys new beds and bedding!

  959. Karen

    I would buy the heart sheets, pink bedding and adorable bed and accessories!i love your blog! It’s so cute!

  960. Jenna

    I need everything. Really. ;) Our playroom is in need of the storage bins & the baskets. The striped rug. The tents. The lemonade stand. I need it all. Ha.

  961. Claire B

    My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home together and it would be wonderful to create a special nursery for our firstborn (due in October). Of course, the Attractive American Rocker would be our first purchase so we can rock our little one to sleep every night in our new home.

  962. Callie

    I would LOVE to be able to get a cute toddler bed for my little guy!

  963. Lynne Partridge

    We are in the midst of putting our boys in the same room so we are updating everything from beds to nightstands. They both have been in cribs then cribs converted to beds. New beds, bedding, wall decor. $1500 would go a long way!

  964. Shandey

    Although I’d like to spend the cried it on something, I’d spend it on the Blake dresser. It’s just what are daughters’ room needs. We’re currently using those three of plastic drawers since we moved. Then whatever is left, anything storage ha! Thanks!!

  965. Andreza

    Is a cute room!! But have many things… many on the table, is very dangerous to Sam, your bed is very next. Take care. Xoxo <3

  966. Heather

    I would get tons of new bedding for my new daughters nursery. We love change in our house, and this would be the perfect opportunity!!

  967. Jocelyn

    I would LOVE to get this for my sister as she is expecting her first and hasn’t bought anything yet. I would get her the Anderson crib and the better floors and gardens rug, along with many other things if I could!

  968. Margaret

    My husband and I found out we were expecting our first child back in December, and since then it has been fun to find blogs like this one for fun decor and activity ideas for our kiddo coming in August. We are fairly newlyweds and thus on a budget so we have been hitting up consignment shops and sales for stuff for our baby room without breaking the bank. I love The Land of Nod’s style and am jealous of my cousin that shops there often for her sweet daughter. My heart’s desire is for a rocking chair that doubles as an actual piece of furniture as well. I LOVE the “Attractive American Rocker” for that very reason and it would be fun to have a brand new piece of furniture in the baby room instead of hand me down and consigned items (not that theres anything wrong with that;)) Thanks, Taza! Love the blog!

  969. Robyn

    Rugs! Lights! Furniture! We need it all.

  970. Hatsuho

    Oh, we could REALLY use this!! We also have a small space to work with and have been looking at bunkbeds for our kids (ages 6 and 4) as an option. If we won, I think I would purchase the twin-over-full bunkbed. Thanks Naomi and Land of Nod!

  971. Kaitlyn K.

    i just love the magic carpet rug in lavender & all the throw pillows! <3

  972. Jennifer Ward

    I am having baby #2 in July and she ans her brother will also share a room! I love the Jenny Lind beds, they are adorable. I would use the money to give them a cute brother/sister room just like this picture!

  973. Mayra Pereira

    Expecting my first baby this August and it’s a boy! Loveee watching your littles grow up and I’m excited to have my own! Land of Nod’s Tectonic Floor rug, or their gorgeous Milo glider in white would be PERFECT for the dream nursery I’m putting together! Those $1500 would really be a blessing =) Thanks for your inspirational blog Taza!

  974. Alexandra

    definitely decor. we just moved in late October but spent the duration of the winter traveling back and forth to visit a sick family member. we weren’t able to settle in and decorate our new spot a whole lot. storage is also useful as we have lots of baby toys to organize!

  975. Jordan P

    The Astoria metal bed!! I loooooove! <3 would be so beautiful in our little girls room!

  976. Janet

    Since we just built and moved into our beautiful new home I would love beautiful new decor!!!

  977. Ashley G

    My son really needs a new dresser in his room! We have a lot of furniture from Land of Nod and it’s all held up so well.

  978. We desperately need some (adorable) toy storage options! I especially am in love with the Charming Baskets. They would go perfectly in our family room!

  979. Caitlin

    I’ve always loved the Jenny Lind collection! I’ve eyed the black crib just like these beds even before I got pregnant! I love in a tiny apartment in the town also, and this would be a perfect way to decorate and utilize a babies room! ❤️❤️ The land of nod, please pick me!

  980. Lori

    I’d get the white round bin table ($199), Parker play chair in white ($69), fair weather garland ($11.95), krafty craft paper letters (3.95 each), color reference drawers ($99), etc. I’m wanting to put together a little homeschool room for my daughter.

  981. HMK

    Such a fun giveaway! We love the Jetaire Camper Play Tent–what a great way to stimulate creativity!

  982. Tehilah

    Teepee, bedding, kitchen sets….. Such amazing stuff!!

  983. Kimberly

    What a fantastic store! I love the interactive rugs, dollhouse bookcase, and the beds are just perfect!

  984. Natalie

    I love the idea of co-sleeping and when my baby girl is old enough I fully intend for her and her sister to share a bed! I would love to get the gold dot sheet set or lavender dot sheet set for their bed and a few of their gorgeous throw pillows to match!

  985. Leslie

    What an awesome giveaway! I know it sounds boring but I love all their storage baskets, I want one in every size and every color/print. Now that we have a 6 mos old, toys are taking over our house. Love that the storage baskets and totes are pretty and functional. But how can you pick one item! I want everything in the new catalog. I would also LOVE to get the Luca glider. Thanks for the chance!

  986. Shifra

    I’m having a new baby in 2 months, and I still don’t have a crib! So I would definitely use it towards that, and some bedding.

  987. Jami

    I would use my gift towards FINALLY building my 19 month old, newly adopted foster son a nursery he deserves! I would mix and match using the interstate collection pillow shams and the wilderness/woodland bedding collections and nightlights (I like the squirrel one) as well as buy him shelving for all his books!

  988. Katie Wiygul

    We have a baby boy due in June! Land of Nod has the cutest linens and most darling furniture. Would love to add to the field guide crib sheet we’ve already purchased for our sweet one’s nursery.

  989. Lex

    I’m due in a couple of months with our first and would love to get a rocker for the nursery!!

  990. Jackie Leeson

    I would love to get my son the robot bedding! He loves robots more then life! Xoxo

  991. Chelsea

    We’re set on decor but my little one is entering the toddler stage and is growing out of her baby toys! The special toys that LON sells are ones that can be passed down which is so special to me! I would live to get my baby girl a pixie doll and rocking animal for especially. What special treasures that also add to any space in the house – even if they’re scattered on the ground :)

  992. Kara

    Wow! I would love the Toby glider and also the Jenny Lind toddler bed. Our little #2 gets here this fall! Everything has been hand-me-downs (super blessed by those!) so it would be fun to pick out some new stuff!

  993. Jesse Sanchez

    My wife and I are 3 months pregnant and when I came across this all I could think about was how awesome it would be to win and see the look on my wifes face. I guess I wouldn’t have much of a choice on what I would like to purchase with it but I’m sure my wife would have fantastic ideas and based on what I could see on the website she wouldn’t waste time. It would most definitely be used to prepare the nursery for our baby due in September !

  994. Kellie Pantekoek

    We are in desperate need of a sturdy new glider since our last one wasn’t cut out for big, burly men like my husband. A teepee would be fun, too :)

  995. Britani

    My fourth child is due next week and my toddlers’ room is yet to be finished. We would LOVE two Jenny Lind toddler beds for our girls, ages three and 21 months!

  996. Stephanie

    I would love to use their products to reorginize! :)

  997. skye

    what an amazing giveaway! i’d use the credit towards a bed for our 2 year old so we can free up the crib for our new addition. i also love so many of the toys, the teepees, and storage/bookshelves.

  998. Katie

    I would pick the fade to pink bedding for my 3 year old, the complete play table and some adorable storage bins and shelves for my twins’ room!

  999. Lauren

    I signed up for their emails! I would love a big, soft rug for my kid’s room. Maybe the Aquarium Gravel rug?

  1000. Christine A

    I love the Brownstone Bookcase!!!

  1001. abby

    Oh wow!!! I can hardly narrow it down…I love it ALL! I would definitely get the dot sheet set in gold, some storagepalooza for the playroom, and a teepee! Our bla bla doll needs some friends too… :) Thanks a bunch! Awesome giveaway!!!

  1002. Bethany w.

    I love land of nod! We would use it for one of their TP’s. My sons room
    Is done in a Native American theme and it would go great! And maybe one of the art desks!

  1003. Allison

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway! Everything from the land of nod is so great. I have been needing to figure out a new bed situation for my kiddos as well.

  1004. Lisa

    This is an incredible giveaway! My husband and I are in the process of our second international adoption, so we would love some furniture to put in our daughters’ room. Matching Jenny Lind beds with bedding and some storage organization for their toys would be wonderful!

  1005. Rachel Maddix

    I happen to love the teepees provided by Land of Nod. Although the bedding options for a toddler boy are excellent too!

  1006. Lauren Garff

    I LOVE THE LAND OF NOD! My girls are about to get a revamp in their shared room and TLON is where it’s at,when it come to cool little spaces :)

  1007. kylie

    Wow, everything is so charming! I would use some new furniture and playthings. My kiddo’s walls could use a little more imagination, too.

  1008. Diane Hutchings

    Definitely a Jenny Lind toddler bed!!

  1009. Analise Martinez

    The Jenny Lind nightstands are just too cute!!!

  1010. Rachel Kate

    We’d start with one of those adorable Jenny Lind toddler beds in yellow! Maybe the New School bedding set in Not a Peep to go along with it… Our big kid is ready for a big kid bed–and her little sister’s ready for the crib. Maybe this would help smooth the transition. :)

  1011. cara

    oh this would be perfect for decorating the nursery (first bebe’s arrival is in june)! i love the yellow polka dot storage bins — we’re working with very little space in our brooklyn apartment — and there are some adorable crib bedding collections.

  1012. Katie

    Wow, what a giveaway! I would love to win!

    I’ve been wanting their high rise bookshelf for my daughters’ room for a while, so that would be the first purchase. And maybe the monarch 6-drawer dresser. And I think I’d get a pixie doll…

    Hoping to be the winner! Thank you for the giveaway.

  1013. Cara

    Love, love, LOVE Land of Nod and pretty much everything they’ve ever made! But, I’ve been eyeing those same toddler beds for a while (and that’s exactly what I would use this giftcard towards!)

  1014. Sarah O.

    We’re in the process of re-doing our room over here, and that giftcard would be amazing!

  1015. Amanda

    Oh my goodness! I would get my 2 year old boy that beautiful yellow bed, a play table and a bunch of storage. What a dream come true that would be!

  1016. Elizabeth

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway! I am usually pretty practical when it comes to shopping so I would probably get the Blake dresser for my son so that Mama & Daddy could have their dresser back. Now I believe you should always have a bit of icing with your cake so to make my son’s first birthday (15 days before Christmas!) extra special I would love to get him the Monaco Mach 2 Racer.

  1017. katrina chan

    My nephews have entered this phase where all they want to do is draw, color, and paint to their little heart’s content. I would love to be the best auntie in the world and get them each their own nice, spacious desks! Add some chairs, some great, big storage bins, and colorful, playful decor, and these two boys will be the most elated kids around!

  1018. Anna H

    I love Land of Nod! I would love the Blake dresser- it would go perfectly in my baby’s room. Thank you for the giveaway!

  1019. Sara

    I would definitely get the Andersen crib in white for our baby girl that will be here this summer and some playroom essentials for our preschoolers room. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  1020. Elleny

    I would get bedroom decor for my little girls big girl room! Land of Nod is amazing.

  1021. Taryn

    I love this store, everything is so happy to look at! I would love the Azure Jenny Lind Bookcase for my daughters room to hold her toys and display all her little treasures. They have such great wall art and their toys all look so well made. This is a great giveaway!

  1022. Megan

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I love the land of nod. I would use it to make a big boy room for my little boy. We will be in the market for a toddler bed, bedding and another dresser in the next year. :)

  1023. candace

    I’d love to get my niece and nephew adorable toys and tents like the camper tent and teepee!

  1024. Nicole

    I’ve been itching to redo my 3 kids’ shared room and just haven’t had the money to do what I want. I love all of Nod’s cute storage/organization options and all of the different throw pillows you can use to customize each kid’s own little space.

  1025. I LOVE The Land of Nod! What a