roadtrippin’ in the car + a giveaway with nature box! (closed)

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today we have teamed up with our partner, naturebox, to giveaway a 6-month snack subscriptions to two lucky readers! (details at the end of this post.)

so far on this family trip, we have clocked in something like 15+ hours of travel time in the car (not including the plane, just talking time buckled up on the good old fashioned highway…) that’s a lot of time on the road for a family that doesn’t even own a car back home in manhattan. for the most part, it’s been alright.

in my opinion, in order to have a successful road trip of any kind, you need three things. one:: good company, two:: good music, and three:: lots and lots of good snacks! ¬†while i’m usually stocking up on junk food and soda for the car, i am proud to say i’ve been working hard on ditching these kinds of food habits for better ones over the past several months. we brought along a bunch of fresh veggies and fruit and several snack bags from naturebox for the drive this trip and so far they have been a huge hit! if you aren’t already familiar with the subscription based service, naturebox provides healthy snacks delivered to your door each month which have no high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils or artificial sweeteners. you choose which snacks you’d like from the snack page each month. when they arrive, you can stick them in the glove box of your car, your stroller pockets, diaper bag, top drawer in your office or bed stand or wherever and bam – delicious snacks any time!

a few photos from all the car time, and a giveaway at the end!


^^^the pistachio clusters are my favorite. ¬†also recommend the apple orchards granola and roasted sea salt chickpeas. the whole wheat figgy bars are the kids favorite right now. view all of the snack option here, if you’d like.^^^


^^^running free behind the gas station to give our legs a stretch!^^^


^^^we play lots of “i spy” games from the car and they are always extra fun when there are horses and cattle and sheep on the side of the road!^^^


^^^gorgeous views of the valley from the road up high in the mountains.^^^


naturebox is giving away a 6-month deluxe snack subscription to two lucky readers! to enter, please¬†visit naturebox and browse what snacks they have to offer, then come back here and comment below with which snack you’d like to try. (this giveaway is open to readers with a US shipping address only.)

also, use the code LOVETAZA to get 50% off your first naturebox of any size! (valid only for new costumer’s and only on your 1st month’s box.)

good luck! and happy road trippin’!

  1. rachel

    Dark Coaco Almonds–I want to eat you up.

  2. Estelle

    Wow this road-trip looks like something I’ve always been dreaming to do ! Really great advice to travel with anyone really, from good friends to family to little ones :) Have a great time !


    ps: thank you for being honest when you work with sponsors, it’s easy to see that you really believe in the values of the brands you work with in how you include them so naturally in your everyday life !

  3. Love all the sun kissed photos!
    I would love to try the Banana Bread Granola… they look delish :)

    sending sunshine from Germany,


  4. Arika

    Citrus kick almonds sounds amazing! Perfect afternoon snack!

  5. Maggie

    The cocoa waffle wafers sound (and look) amazing! Wouldn’t mind snacking on those at my desk right now!

  6. Penny

    The peanut butter nom noms and the pear praline crunch look unreal!!

  7. Brandy

    Mmmm, the Dark chocolate cherry trail mix looks yummy…the dried figs and the flax fortune cookies the kids would flip for!

  8. Rachel

    The whole wheat blueberry figgy bars sound so good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Jessica

    Oh my! I’d love to try the Firecrackers or maybe the Everything Bagel Stix.. OR! Everything! All of the snacks look pretty delicious !

  10. Danielle F

    Anything with a little chocolate in it sounds right up my alley! Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  11. Ari

    finding healthy, portable snacks is always a mission for me, i would love to win this contest & be able to munch on some vanilla macaroon granola when i’m on the go, :D

  12. Liz

    Blueberry almonds, blueberry figgy bars, dried peaches

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  14. Tracy

    Mmmm… the sweet blueberry almonds and the chili lime pistachios both look like tasty choices! Fingers crossed. :)

  15. Jane

    I’m a sucker for all things granola, so I would love to try the apple orchards granola!

  16. Kate

    salted caramel pretzel pops sound delicious!

  17. hanna

    The cranberry almond bites look so good. -Hanna Lei

  18. Gal F.

    Pear praline crunch!

  19. Kate

    BBQ Kettle Kernels….YUM!

  20. Carly

    The sweet blueberry almonds look delicious!

  21. Colleen

    Vanilla macaroon granola sounds delicious!

  22. wow the pistachio clusters look amaaaazing! would love love love this.

    Valentina Duracinsky

  23. Emily

    Oh my. I’m going to have to say the dark chocolate cherry trail mix.. Looks amazing!

  24. Stefi

    I cant wait to try the black and white granola! yum!!!

  25. Anna

    What a great giveaway! All the dried fruit looks delicious, and also the sweetened blueberry almonds.

  26. Jess

    I would love to try naturebox! I’ve heard great things about it! The baked sweet potatoe fries, along with everything else, look amazing!

  27. I would definitely have to go with the Taj Mahal Snack Mix! I’m hungry just looking at the pictures of it!

  28. Nikki

    I would love to try the baked sweet potato sticks!

  29. Katie F.


  30. Leah B

    The Dark Cocoa Almonds look amazing!!

  31. April King

    Yum, they all sound good! But esp. the chili munch mix, baked sweat potato fries, and citrus chipotle chickpeas!

  32. Carrie

    These are my absolute favorite types of snacks! Love the Dark Coaco Almonds!

  33. Grace

    cherry berry granolaaaaaa

  34. Jennifer S

    The nut clusters look delish as well as the lemon tea cookies!

  35. Amanda

    The French Vanilla Almond Granola sounds divine!

  36. Hillary K.

    Those pistachio clusters (my favorite nut!) look divine!

  37. Heather B.

    I love any salty/spicy nuts to snack on at work but I think I’d love to give the seaweed rice pops a try!

  38. Ashley

    I am currently obsessed with apples so I would love to try the apple orchard granola!

  39. Tracy Johnson

    The Pistachio Clusters look delicious!!!

  40. Ok, I want to try them all! But really, the plantains look great and I know my little would love them!

  41. Corinne

    oohh…honey macademia pretzel pops!!

  42. SCS

    cocoa waffle wafers, please!

  43. Katie Rose

    I have 3 little kids from 3-9 and we all thought that these looked delish!!!!!blueberry almonds, chia seed crackers,bistro pretzels, any of the figgy bars but especially the apple pie ones, citrus kick almonds and for my husband we need to include the sour cream and onion almonds. Thanks for the giveaway and we hopers win the random Naturebox giveaway!!!

  44. Rachel K

    I’d love to try the roasted sea salt chickpeas!

  45. Melissa

    The blueberry almonds sound delicious!

  46. Laura

    Mmmm….dark cocoa almonds sound divine!

  47. Kelly

    Cashew power clusters, please! I go weak in the knees for cashews.

  48. Sadie

    The Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernals look tasty and healthy! Yum. The dried big island pineapple looks like something I would like, too!

  49. Sara

    The South Pacific Plantains look delicious!

  50. Maggie

    The chili munch mix looks so yum! Thanks for hosting!!

  51. Robin

    wow- everything looks so delicious! I want to try the cranberry almond bites and seaweed rice pops. :)

  52. Dana Gooden

    Blueberry Figgy Bars, Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, Blueberry Nom Noms…I could keep going!!

  53. Emily Rezac

    Black & White Granola looks delicious!

  54. Emily F

    Yum to all, but especially the peppery chickpeas!

  55. bridget

    i want to try those pistachio ones!!

  56. Carrie M.

    Granola! I love to have it for breakfast over greek yogurt!

  57. Ashley N.

    The blueberry almonds look delish!

  58. Olivia K

    The cherry vanilla granola is calling my name!

  59. Dana

    ooo. the granolas!

  60. Betsy

    So many of their snacks sound great but I’d love to try the sweet blueberry almonds.

  61. Ruth

    Whoa, so many options! Those mango almond bites look delicious.

  62. Meghan

    They all look so delicious! Especially the guacamole bites and french toast granola!

  63. cait

    the seaweed rice pops look delish!

  64. Jana

    I am on a sunflower seed kick right now so I’d love to try all of the variations they offer!

  65. Sarah

    So many options! The dark chocolate berry trail mix would be my first choice!

  66. mia

    the dark chocolate berry crunch is calling my name!

  67. Heather

    I would love the pistachio clusters since I love pistachio everything!

  68. Sammie Ellwood

    I want to try the cashew power clusters and the santa fe sticks! And … everything! Yep. Yum.

  69. Sara

    Peanut butter Nom Noms look amazing!

  70. rebekah

    i love nature box! haven’t tried the fig bars…

  71. Jessie

    Can’t wait to try the mango almond bites! Yum :)

  72. Jessica

    WOW! I just took a look at all of their snacks and how could you possibly chose just one or two favorites?! They ALL look amazing. Would love to have 6 months to find some staples to keep in my pantry :)

  73. Katie McC

    Cashew power clusters are calling my name!

  74. Megan

    I have to say those pistachio clusters look divine! Love what Nature Box is doing :)

  75. Katie

    wow, what a great giveaway! I think all the flavors of roasted chickpeas and all the dried fruit look awesome! I am trying to go gluten, dairy, and sugar free for myself and my kids, so having those exact types of snacks on the ready is just perfect!! Thanks!!

  76. How does one choose?!? I’m such a sucker for snacks too – Any kind of nut mix, dried fruit, etc. I love the sound of these spicy mixes… Taj Mahal snakc mix, chili lime pistachios… honestly too many of them!

  77. Kaitlin

    Vanilla macaroon granola and honey macadamia pretzel pops!

  78. janell

    YUM! Dark cocoa almonds, that apple granola you mentioned, and blueberry nom noms just to name a few!

  79. Nikki

    OH my goodness! How can I choose just one? Welp, I’m sucker for sweets so I’d have to go with the dark chocolate berry trail mix…or the sweet potato fries….orrrr the salted caramel pretzel pops! Mm!

  80. kind of random, but i want to try those peppery chickpeas. I love salty snacks.

  81. Meredith

    Sweet blueberry almonds. Done and done!

  82. Lauren

    Blueberry Almond Bites – yes, please!!

  83. They all look good! Black and white granola. Thanks!

  84. Casey

    I would love to try the guacamole bites- they look sooooo good!

  85. Katie P.

    Wow, they all sound so good! The dark cocoa almonds and yogurt dipped pretzels are especially standing out to me. Yum!

  86. Ashley B

    Oolala I’d love to try to the South Pacific Plantains!!

  87. sally

    I’d love to try everything especially the peanut butter nom noms!

  88. Keaghan

    I’s love to try their sweet potato fries and italian bistro pretzels!

  89. Lily

    Anything with almonds! Yum!

  90. Kathryn

    Sriracha cashews for the husband, seaweed rice pops for me. The trailmixes look sooooo good, but The self control they would require may be too much for me :)

  91. Abby

    Vanilla macaroon granola. Yum!!

  92. Julie

    Those sweet potato fries and seaweed rice pops look delish!

  93. Gwennie

    The whole wheat raspberry fig bars… two of my favorite flavors in one! We have road tripped all over the country with our two sons, starting when they were infants. Just now we are on the road for spring break from Wisconsin to South Carolina. We have seen so much of our country, 35 states and enjoyed the diversity of people and landscape. This country is amazing! This summer we drive to see Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

  94. Tasneem

    Your road trip looks like a blast. I hope my little one is as cooperative as yours to sitting for long periods of time when we go on ours in two weeks.

    The nature box apple pie figgy bars looks delicious, I also have a sweet spot for a good apple pie.

  95. Elizabeth

    I would love to try the dark chocolate berry trail mix !

  96. emily

    Oh, I’m such a snacker – they all look good to me but I especially like all the savory snacks. So hard to find good ones! Roasted salty chickpeas or the harvest rice sticks sounds especially yummy to me!

  97. Jenn Flint

    Maple Chipotle Almonds! Yummy!

  98. amanda

    what a great idea! i mean, i’d rather the sweet-sugary goodness, too, but i’m trying to be better as well:) we’re headed on a few roadtrips soon, and i think this is a brilliant idea. i’m quite intrigued by the chickpea varieties and honey macadamia pretzel pops!

  99. Anna

    I love a good salty snack! The country ranch peas look so yummy!

  100. Lindsey

    Holy Moly! Cool! Me and my honey are always on the road! ( Believe me…. the inside of our car proves it!) I would LOVE to be healthier while be truck across oklahoma! The Ranch Peas and Apple Pie Fig bars sound super yummy!

  101. Ana

    honey macadamia pretzel pops. Everything looks amazing

  102. Wendy

    I’d love to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas Sweet and heat are my favorite combination! Yum!

  103. Anna B.

    I’m a sucker for chia seeds, so I would love to try the chia seed crackers!

  104. Marion

    My mouth started watering the second the page opened up! I’d love a handful of the pistachio power clusters right now!! What a great contest.

  105. ellen

    the figgy bars look so delicious!

  106. Elyse G.

    the teriyaki twists are making my mouth water! *fingers crossed*

  107. Rachel Taylor

    Mango Almond Bites look amazing!

  108. I would love to try the sweet blueberry almonds, chili munch mix, any flavor of the figgy bars and the dark cocoa almonds…YUM!

  109. Celia

    I’d like some cherry berry granola

  110. Lisa

    Everything looks delicious! I would love to try the honey macadamia treats :)

  111. Hanna

    Ahhh so many to choose from! But if I had to really choose, I would def want to try the whole wheat apple pie figgy bars!

  112. all of these pictures lately just have me wanting to go on a roadtrip!!

    and those sour cream and onion almonds, yep i want to try those!

    xo mk

  113. Jenna

    As a family of pistachio lovers we would love to try the Pistachio Power Clusters – yum yum!

  114. Sarah

    Would love to try any of those figgy bars!

  115. I’d love to try the Acai Berry Crunch!

  116. Gosia

    My mouth is sending a friendly invitation to Dried California Peaches and Fancy Died Figs!

  117. Janice

    Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops!

  118. Athanasia Panakis

    they all look amazing but when i’m on a road trip I always seem to have a sweet tooth and I would love to try the blueberry nom noms!!!!

  119. Tracy

    I’d love to try the pistachio clusters! They look amazing.

  120. Sara

    Those everything bagel stix look yummy!

  121. Alyssa

    I would love to try the seaweed rice pops! They look so yummy!

  122. Vanessa

    awesome pictures, looks like a real fun roadtrip. xoxo Vanesa

  123. laura

    oooh roasted kettle kernels!

  124. Jessica

    I would love to try so many different things but especially the banana bread granola. So many yummy options!

  125. Niomi

    Peanut Butter Noms Noms, please and thank you! nom nom nom…

  126. April

    The pistachio sounds delicious! Fingers crossed!

  127. Brooke

    Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix sounds delish!

  128. lisa tomanelli

    omg–how to choose?? the blueberry almonds sound delish and anything with dark chocolate.

  129. Chelsea

    The peppery chickpeas and the chia seed crackers sounds so yummy!

  130. Jess

    The figgy bars, any granola I love granola it all looks yummy.

  131. Kayle

    Oh man how can I decide?? Everything sounds so yummy! If I had to try one I would try the pistachio clusters. Yum!!

  132. Abby

    What I wouldn’t give for some honey macadamia pretzel pops right now!

  133. Brittany Smith

    Pear Praline crunch?! Yes please.

  134. Liz

    I looooove almonds and the sour cream and onion almonds and cocoa almonds are calling my name! All the little waffle wafers look divine as well; I’d want the cocoa ones, my husband would want the lemon. The more I look, the longer my list gets! Ahhhh!

  135. Kayla

    I seriously don’t even know how to choose! They all look so good, and I’m not saying that just because I’m pregnant and it’s breakfast time. The blueberry almonds look great, but then there’s the Italian Bistro Pretzels and the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas…decisions!

  136. Elise

    Sticks and Stones or Tuscan Summer Medley!

  137. Lucy

    Blueberry Almond Bites!!!

  138. I love anything they have with chocolate – it’s healthy, right? :)

  139. Aline

    I would love to try those roasted sea salt chickpeas!!!

  140. Holy Almonds Batman! Those sweet blueberry almonds, are speaking my language right now!!

  141. Sonya

    Those lemon pucker pistachios! Or the different variety of chickpeas. It all looks delicious!

  142. Allison

    YUM! I’m starting a new job and would love to power through the long days with the Tuscan Summer Mix.

  143. raquel

    Would love to try the seaweed rice pops! & I’m always a sucker for sweet potato fries!

  144. Tina

    Oh my goodnesssss I’ve wanted to try Nature Box for so long! Sea salt and cracked pepper pumpkin seats, roasted sea salt chickpeas, southern bbq sunflower kernels yummmmm

  145. kelsey

    i’d love to try the cocoa waffle wafers! yum!
    ladies in navy

  146. Sadye

    I would love to try the sweet blueberry almonds.

  147. Nettie L.

    The Tart & Tangy fruit medley or the BBQ Kettle corns look delicious.

  148. Erin Ellis

    I would love to try the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  149. Becky

    I would love dark cacao almonds or sea salt chickpeas…yum!!!

  150. Kara Harris

    There is entirely too much goodness on their website so one of each please!! I would say anything pistachio and the lemon waffle snacks. Thank you.

  151. Liz

    Oooo the chili munch mix looks delicious!

  152. Lacy

    Pistachio power clusters!

  153. Les

    Cocoa waffle wafers & dark chocolate berry mix! Yum!

  154. Caroline

    Ooo I would love to try the seaweed rice pops. I find myself wanting a snack most afternoons, and tend to sneak away from my desk to grab a bag of chips from the cafe at my office. This would be a delicious, healthy alternative to keep at my desk to kick my junk food cravings!Hope to try them!!

  155. Oat bran dippin’ stix! Yum!

  156. Jane Kolar

    I want to try the vanilla macaroon granola!!!!!!

  157. Andrea

    I’d love to try the blueberry almonds and the big island pineapple!

  158. Lindsey

    I would love to try the sweet blueberry almonds! They sound delish!

  159. Amy S.

    Banana bread granola sounds pretty fantastic to me!!

  160. Cara Costello

    Salted caramel pretzel pops!

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  162. HPM

    I love that you can filter your search by dietary restrictions! It made it so much easier to find gluten and sugar free options, which lead me to discover the peppery pistachios and the chia seed crackers…. Yum.

  163. Kelly

    I would love to try the roasted sea salt chickpeas

  164. Rachel

    The whole wheat figgy bars look so delish!

  165. Brighton

    It’s really hard to choose just one! Everything looks sooo good! But I’d really like to try the cashew power clusters. I love that the website is so easy to read and navigate, and that they have vegan options (vegan here!)

  166. Laura

    oh my it all looks so tasty! I love pumpkin seeds so i would love to try the pepper and sea salt pumpkin seeds! have a great rest of your road trip :-)

  167. Colleen


  168. Amber

    Oh my goodness they all look SO DELICIOUS!!!! I am so hungry now! I would love to try the Praline Pumpkin Seeds :) Yummy Yummy in my tummy!

  169. Valerie Ogle

    The sour cream and onion almonds sound like they would be a big hit on our next road trip!!

  170. Devin

    i’m currently obsessed with sesame sticks so i would LOVE to try the oat bran dippin’ stix or the honey crunch crisps

  171. Lisa Kim

    Teriyaki Twist sounds yummy!

  172. those honey macadamia pretzel pops — i’d try those! but i would no doubt get the pistachio clusters. i’m a pistachio almond ice cream kinda gal — have to stick to what i know ;)

    all of it looks fantastic.

    you guys seemed to be doing great in that car! you two seem to have the mama and papa thing down. looks so fun! have fun trippin’, Davis fam!! :)

  173. Leah

    Mmm those granny smith apples and the sea salt roasted chick peas are calling my name!!

  174. lisa

    mmmmm, anything with pistachios. love them!

  175. Sheri

    I want it all – too hard to pick just one.

  176. Meghan

    I would love to try the Country Ranch Peas! Thanks!

  177. Melissa

    yummmm.. those pistachio clusters look amazing!! i need to check this company out!

  178. Lauren P

    Those pistachio clusters look DIVINE! Might try to make my own!

  179. Kylee

    Those Pistachio Clusters look way too good! I love pistachios!

  180. Chelsy

    The whole wheat blueberry figgy bars sound amazing!
    I love the concept of healthy food made easy and on the go :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  181. Tricia

    So hard to choose from but any of the nuts look delish!

  182. Kristen

    I have a nut allergy, and finding snacks that are both healthy and nut-free is a huge challenge (there are so few energy bars that are nut-free, for example). I was so thrilled that naturebox caters to people with allergies! The teriyaki twists, guacamole bites, honey crunch crisps and citrus chipotle chickpeas sound particularly delicious.

  183. andrea

    all of them of course! love the photos. I would love to try the pistachios and the Country Ranch Peas.

    BTW- those leggins on Eleanor were so cute in the stretching your legs pic. Such adorable littles!

  184. South Pacific Plantains! Growing up in a Hispanic family there is nothing more comforting then plantains but they’re not so great on your hips…trust me.

    If you can make then healthy and delicious then you’ve hit a home run in my book!


    guh! yum. man i’ve been trying to get my husband on a healthy bandwagon for yearssss and the man just loves junk food (can’t blame him). i think converting him with those southern bbq sunflower kernels, might just do the trick! those look killer.

    thanks for helping us be healthy Taza!

  186. Tara C

    I would love the BBQ Kettle Kernels, yum!

  187. dana

    mm pretzel pops!

  188. erin

    Dark cocoa almonds! YUM!

  189. kristin

    pistashio power clusters, yum!

  190. the cherry berry granola looks good!

  191. Honey macadamia clusters YUM

  192. Katy

    I would love to try the dried fruit! Pineapple, apples, peaches, yum!

  193. Grace

    baked sweet potato fries!! i swoon…

  194. kendra

    the honey macadamia pretzel pops look amazing!

  195. hillary

    those whole wheat figgy bars sounds perfect for me.

  196. Katie Geba

    I would really love to try Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops!!!

  197. Jennifer

    Wow, what a great trip & a great giveaway!

    I’d love to try to blueberry nom noms, apple orchards granola & the salted caramel pretzel pops! yum!

  198. Brittany H

    I love all of them! Roasted sea salt chickpeas sound amazing. Also the sweet blueberry almonds look wonderful! What an amazing giveaway thank you!

  199. Theresa Allen

    the sour cream and onion almonds, yum!

  200. Laurel

    SO many great choices! But I would love to try those Sweet Blueberry Almonds. :)

  201. Lisa

    I would have to agree…the pistachio clusters look yummy!

  202. Jessica

    I have a major sweet tooth and those sweet blueberry almonds look too good!

  203. Apple orchard granola or the fig bars :)

  204. Julie

    Baked Sweet Potato Fries – YUMMY!

  205. Caroline

    Dark Cocoa Almonds!

  206. Elle

    Ooh honey macadamia pretzel pops YUM!!!

  207. elissa

    OMG…these guys thought of everything! I have a lot of food intolerances so I was thrilled when I saw you could sort based on gluten, dairy, soy, gmo & sugar free. This makes me feel so much less high maintenance YAY!

    Would love the Roasted Sea Salt Chick Peas or Dried Pears.


  208. Rachel D

    I cannot quite believe how many choices they offer! My most-excited-to-try is a toss up between country ranch sunflower seeds and the honey crunch crisps – YuM!

  209. Liz

    Salted Carmel pretzel pops. The blueberry nom noms also are intriguing. Really, it all is! I have been eyeballing naturebox for awhile now.

  210. Abby

    Honey Crunch Crisps, for sure. Or anything with chocolate and/or peanut butter. Thanks!

  211. Bethani

    The chili lime pistacios should heavenly

  212. The Garden Tomato Crunchies look right up my alley! Delicious, savory and tomato-ey!!!

  213. mia

    Honey macadamia pretzel pops?! Don’t mind if I do!

  214. Kate

    The sweet blueberry almonds sound amazing! But wait sour cream and onion almonds or salted caramel pretzel pops! I can’t decide…too many good choices!

  215. Rachel R.

    The honey macadamia pretzel pops sound amazing. Man… now I’m hungry.

  216. Ginger

    The Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix looks delish! I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff.

  217. Mariola LLinas

    OMG……they all seem so gooood!! I would like to taste the Santa Fe corn stix, black and white granola, acai berry crunch and the baked sweet potato fries….those look the yummiest!

    Thanks for sharing!

  218. Sarah

    The black and white granola looks great! Such a good idea to pack healthy snacks rather than the usual junk!

  219. Erin

    Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas!

  220. Lisa T

    I would like to try the sour cream and onion almonds. They have so many interesting choices!

  221. Adriana V

    I would love to try the roasted sea salt chickpeas.

  222. Caroline

    YUM – South Pacific Plantains!

  223. Rachael

    The kettle roasted kernals look like the healthier version of my fave road trip snack–corn nuts! i would love to try those. I love my snacks. They keep me going on 14 hour nursing shifts :)

  224. Jen

    plantains, nom noms, cocoa waffle chips, oh my

  225. Lindsay

    The chickpeas sound yummy! Oh and the pretzels!

  226. Tiana

    Pistachio Power Clusters look divine!

  227. Manda

    Something for my picky eating husband: sea salt and cracked pepper pumpkin seeds and sriracha roasted cashews….for my daughters: south pacific plantains, pear praline crunch…and for myself: honey macadamia pretzel pops. Yum!

  228. Lexi M

    So many yummy things to pick from! I’d love to try the pistachio clusters!!

  229. Jenn

    Any of their almonds! But especially the Dark Coaco Almonds!

  230. Meghan

    The roasted sea salt chickpeas sound so yummy! These would be great for my 10-hour road trips to and from school :)

  231. Dayna Magleby

    I love banana bread so the banana bread granola sounds pretty tasty. What a great business idea.

  232. Rachael

    Did you guys get rid of your vw wagon then? Love the pics, Samson looks so cute (and a+ on buckling!!)

  233. Sara

    The dark chocolate berry trail mix looks soooo delicious! I’d love to try some!

  234. Marian

    To be honest, it all looks good. I’d love to try some of those roasted chick peas.

  235. Katie

    ummm chili lime pistachios? sign me up.

  236. Kayde

    The baked sweet potatoes fries look yummy

  237. Jenny

    The Roasted Kettle Kernels and Cherry Berry Granola look divine!!

  238. Amy

    they all look so delicious! i’d love to try the honey mustard dippin’ stix.

  239. Elise

    Definitely curious about the roasted chickpeas!

  240. Natalie

    dark chocolate berry trail mix please!!

  241. tiffany

    I have been dying to try nature box! I started clean eating at the first of the year and it is so hard to find healthy snacks. Everything looks so yummy, the first thing on my list though would be the sweet blueberry almonds. YUM!

  242. Evanda

    Eeek! I would love the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops & the Lone Star Snack Mix!!!

  243. Catey

    Would love to try the peppery chick peas! Also love your shoes!

  244. Kinsey

    I would love to try the Roasted Kettle Kernels–they look so good!

  245. Caroline Crumpler

    I would love to try the chia seed crackers!

  246. Aileen

    The blueberry almonds look awesome!

  247. Laura C

    Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops please!! I had NatureBox a while back but had to cut it out of the budget. I’d love to get back to it though, it’s a wonderful service and the snacks are great!

  248. wendy

    it all looks good, but gotta go with the baked sweet potato sticks.

  249. Kim

    The flax fortune coins look yummy (and interesting!)

  250. Nichole

    You sold me on the pistachio power clusters!

  251. Astrea

    black and white granola and the lemon meringue waffles yum!

  252. Emily Yuffee

    Country Ranch Peas, please!!

  253. ashlee

    I would like to try the Smokey BBQ Peas and the Blueberry Figgy Bars so many options all looks great.

  254. All the treats look so delicious, but if I had to pick one, I’d have to go with the cranberry almond bites. But all that dried fruit looks delicious!


  255. Katie Cauthen

    I want to eat all of the granola! Also I am a teacher so I am always have almonds as a midday snack and they have so many flavor options!

  256. Jessica

    OHH The plantains look lovely or any of the granola!

  257. Silvia

    Baked peppery potato fries!! Maybe it will help me kick my french fry addiction…

  258. Liz s.

    BIG island PINEAPPLE! Yummmm

  259. Maria

    The citrus chipotle chickpeas! These all look fantastic.

  260. Sarah

    Coming from AZ I live for spicy foods and the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas sound amazing, also the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Pumpkin Seeds. Currently I am training to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim and having healthy snacks for the trek would rock my world!

  261. Catherine

    I would love to try the salted caramel pretzel pops :) mmmm

  262. angela

    Ive gotta try the big island pineapple. Yum!

  263. Rachel Kate

    Those roasted chickpeas sound delicious!

  264. Gloria

    SRIRACHA ROASTED CASHEWS. i can’t believe anyone even thought of that. EVERYTHING looks amazing.

  265. Julie

    I’d love to try the Santa Fe Corn Stix! One of the reviews said they taste like healthy Fritos – I’m in! :)

  266. Brynne

    These all look so great what a great idea! the South Pacific Plantains & Black/White Granola look amaze to me!

  267. Molly

    Pistachio power clusters!! Yum yum!!

  268. Buffythedog

    Cocoa waffle wafers. I want some now.

  269. Beth

    Those plantains look delish!!! Yum!!!

  270. Sara

    The peanut butter nom noms and any of the roasted chickpeas are calling me ;) it all looks so good!

  271. Erika

    cashew power clusters!

  272. Molly

    Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels sound good to me!

  273. Kelsi

    Oh man, it all looks so good. I would love the baked sweet potato fries, the vanilla macaroon granola, the chia seed crackers…all of it! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  274. Caitlin

    Yum! I’d love to try the South Pacific Plantains :)

  275. Alexandra

    ANY or ALL of those chickpeas. Spicy and savory…getinmybelly!

  276. Louisa

    It’s impossible to decide!
    But if I had to pick, some that stand out to me are:

    Mango Almond Bites
    Honey Crunch Crisps
    Chili Munch Mix

    But who am I kidding. I would eat all of them.

  277. Ellen

    Vanilla Macaroon granola,.. yummy!

  278. Brittany

    the sweet blueberry almonds sound yummy!

  279. Megan

    The french vanilla almond granola looks AMAZING!

  280. Stephanie

    Oooooh I’m practically drooling at my desk over the Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas for something salty, and the Vanilla Macaroon Granola for something sweet. And who could resist Baked Sweet Potato “Fries”. Yum!

  281. Adair

    The roasted sea salt chickpeas!! They look delicious!

  282. Lily

    I’d try the Cranberry Almond bites!

  283. Sarah

    The chili munch mix looks delicious! Definitely going to have to sign up for this. Yummy and healthy snacks at the office are always welcomed in my book!

  284. Oh! I’ve been wanting to try Naturebox. The dried peaches sound delicious

  285. Holly

    Big Island Pineapple mixed with dried cranberries… yum.

  286. Jazmin

    Cherry Berry Granola looks yummy!


  287. Abbey Blair

    french vanilla almond granola :)

  288. Ashleigh Belliston

    Pistachio clusters, apple orchards granola, and anything with pretzels!

  289. Bristol

    I would love to try Naturebox’s Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars!

  290. Kylee

    the cherry vanilla granola… yum.
    those pistachio clusters looks pretty good too. :)

  291. i love this idea for a snack subscription!

  292. Makenzie

    I have been dying for one of these subscriptions but just can’t afford it right now! Please bless I win… I want to try the roasted chickpeas.

  293. Molly

    The granny smith apples look delicious, as do the honey mesquite almonds. I’d love to try them! nom nom.

  294. they all look so good! I’d go for the cherry almond bites to start. Thanks Taza! :)

  295. Tara

    Those roasted sea salt chickpeas and the pistachio clusters look delicious! My 2 year old would totally be into those whole wheat apple pie fig bars as well! :)

  296. Ashley S.

    Dark cocoa almond. I wish I had this the last 2 weeks when we drove 23 hours each way for spring break :)

  297. Deana

    peanut butter nom noms would be great for the runners in my family.

  298. Jacqui

    I would love to try roasted sea salt chickpeas – sounds so delicious!

  299. Ellie

    I really want to try the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops – they look delish!

  300. Susan

    Sweet blueberry almonds please!

  301. Amy

    The cranberry almond bites could not look more delicious! I love this idea.

  302. Haylee

    The Tart and Tangy Fruit Medley!

  303. Kelly

    I love roasted chickpeas, but they never seem to turn out right when I make them myself. All of their flavors look great!

  304. Seaweed rice pops for sure!!

  305. Megan

    I’d like to try the peppery chickpeas!

  306. Morgan

    The pistachio clusters look delicious!!! XOXO

  307. alison caprile

    the honey macadamia pretzel pops look amazing! Also love that they have non gmo options!

  308. Jennifer

    White macadamia granola

  309. Keegan

    Everything looks so delicious, I would eat them all up!

  310. Emily

    Oh, the Sweet Blueberry Almonds, Masa Crisps, and Raspberry Figgy bars all look too good! Great giveaway!

  311. Hannah

    I LOVE NATURE BOX!! Anything that comes monthly in a cute little box, sign me up! Birchbox, Naturebox, I LOVE it haha Such a good healthy was to snack while I sit on my butt all day at work :)

  312. Amanda S.

    these look awesome! the blueberry almonds would be gone in seconds!

  313. Kat D.R.

    Santa Fe Corn Sticks

  314. I think I’d love those pistachio clusters!

  315. elle

    ohh the pistachio clusters look amazing!

  316. Carter

    The cranberry almond bites would be perfect for our Yellowstone road trip this spring!

  317. Emily

    i would love to try the pistachio clusters! by far my favorite nut :D

  318. Natalie

    Citrus chipotle chickpeas; fancy dried figs; mango almond bites… And blueberry mom noms for my toddler!… And me ‚ėļÔłŹ

  319. Kate

    You can’t go wrong with Dark chocolate cherry trail mix.

  320. Kelsey

    All the granola looks oh so delish.

  321. Eloquence

    Black and white granola sounds yummy!

  322. Audrey McNamara


  323. Heather

    I want blueberry almond bites, chili lime pistachios, whole wheat apple fig bars, vanilla macaroon granola, Chipotle chickpeas, should I keep going? One more….honey mesquite almonds. My mouth is watering, I so need this.

  324. Joanna

    As a southerner in California who frequently craves the food she grew up with, I’d love to try the Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels!

  325. Christina

    Ahh, I’ve been thinking about a NatureBox subscription for awhile, now might finally be the time to get started. I have two little people who are constantly looking for snacks when we’re out and about. My first pick would be the blueberry almond bites…yum!

  326. Brittany B

    vanilla macaroon granola! :)

  327. Danielle H

    The Mango Almond Bites look yummy.

  328. I’d love to try to roasted kettle kernels or the sour cream and onion almonds.

  329. Megan

    So many to choose from…but I think I would choose cranberry almond bites and dark chocolate berry trail mix.

  330. chelsea

    those sour cream and onion almonds look pretty tasty!

  331. Sarah

    siracha roasted cashews look so yummy!

  332. Meghan

    Those blueberry almond bites look awesome!

  333. Jordan

    Those pistachio clusters look delicious!

  334. Rachel

    The dried mangos and pineapple look amazing!

  335. Alyssa

    The Lemon MERINGUE Waffles look amaaaaazing!!

  336. Sarah

    There are some very interesting snacks in there that I would love to try. I do love pistachios, so pistachio clusters could really hit the spot.

  337. Karen Albl

    A couple of Lemon Tea Biscuits with a cup of coffee would make for a wonderful afternoon break while traveling down the road.

  338. Jill

    salted caramel pretzel pops!!

  339. Sarah

    sweet blueberry almonds!!

  340. Anne

    Banana Bread Granola sounds delish!

  341. Darcee

    The blueberry almond bites look soooo good!!

  342. Jess

    Peppery chickpeas!

  343. Rachel

    The Cranberry Almond Bites look delicious!

  344. Ewelina Ejsmont

    The dark chocolate trail mix looks delicious! This is such a great idea and an awesome way to get my husband to snack healthy! :)

  345. Melanie

    I’d love to try the sriracha cashews!

  346. kalei

    I would like to try the vanilla granola and the peppery chickpeas, ALL the snacks look yummy!

  347. Maggie

    Wow. All of them look so good! If I haddd to pick: citrus chipotle chickpeas all the time!

  348. Andrea A

    Okay so many yummy options not sure how I can just pick a few…but…roasted sea salt chickpeas, chia seed crackers, and baked sweet potato fries.

  349. maggie

    Those Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops look AMAZING. Hope you have a fantastic road trip!

  350. Jen clowdus

    Pistachio clusters please!

  351. Alli

    Ohmygoodness, I don’t know how to choose! I’m going to go with the Sunshine Chips and hope I get to try a few more :) happy travels!

  352. Shelby

    Oh my word! there are just too many to choose from! but my word, the peanut butter nom noms and sweet blueberry almonds are making my mouth water!

  353. Tina

    Seaweed rice pops looks awesome!

  354. angela

    those all look devine!

  355. elaine

    pear praline crunch

  356. Haley

    Peanut Butter Nom Noms! YUM-MMMY

  357. ABA

    Blueberry almonds!

  358. wow! this is seriously my favorite giveaway every! i love snack alternatives! I am craving those Dark Coaco Almonds!!!

  359. shahira

    the pistachio clusters look so yummy!

  360. Katharine Duffy

    The guacamole bites look fantastic!

  361. Brandy

    Tough choices! I want to try the sea salt chickpeas the most probably but I could easily name many others.

  362. Eisha

    I recently switched over to veganism and have found it hard to keep my belly full. The blueberry almonds sounds DELISH. The dried granny smith apples look yummy too! (My fave kind of apples..maybe because my grandma IS a granny Smith? (Love those uber-popular last names. Who else has a granny smith? 1/2 the world. lol))

  363. christina

    um Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops PLEASE!! those sound incredible!

  364. Kari

    Oh my, they all look good! I’m trying to be low carb, so I’d pick citris chipotle chickpeas and chili lime pistachios, but what I’d really want is the vanilla macaroon granola!

  365. Livi

    Oh my gosh, the cashew power clusters look amazing!

  366. Olivia Ley

    The honey macadamia pretzel pops and oat bran dippin sitx, please!

  367. Barbara Price

    Two summers ago me and my little family went to a crazy road trip from TN to UT!! and I 100% agree with you, snacks were a huge part of our trip!! I would die for some pistachio clusters!!! or something with pretzels on it!! yum,!!!

  368. Kristen

    I’d love the Acai Berry Crunch!

  369. rach

    Those Honey macadamia pretzel pops sound delighful! HHere’s to winning some healthy grub!! Your trip looked SO lovely… Roadtrips bring such fond memories to my heart!

  370. Alyssa

    The Southern BBQ sunflower seeds look amazing! Also obsessing over the dried pears. I want to eat them all!

  371. Natalie

    The guacamole bites sound so delicious! But really show me anything that has to do with avocados and I’m sold. :)

  372. Allison

    i guess i have the same taste as your kids, because the whole wheat figgy bars sound amazing!

  373. Laurel

    The peppery chickpeas look delicious!

  374. sincerelykateb

    black and white granola! yum!

  375. I would love to try vanilla macaroon granola and country ranch peas. YUM

  376. amanda c.

    Fancy Dried Figs

  377. Lindsay

    Peppery chick peas! :)

  378. Kacey

    Cranberry almond bites look so delicious! I would also love the roasted sea salt chickpeas.

  379. Carri

    OOH! those pistachio clusters look oh so good!

  380. Jaime

    Figgy bars – what an absolutely adorable name! :)

  381. emili

    oh my goodness. how can you pick just ONE? after looking through their list im not craving fancy dried figs :) awesome road trip or just anytime snacks.

  382. Jamie K.

    I’d love to try sourdough cheddar pretzels and the dark chocolate berry trail mix!

  383. Ashley

    The honey macadamia pretzel pops and pistachio power clusters are my top choices!

    Thank you, Naomi, for the opportunity to learn about companies that are serious about providing healthy snacks to consumers instead of high sugary, high fat snacks that taste good now, but will destroy our health in the long run!

  384. Jen

    Maybe its because I’m 9 months pregnant, but all of those snacks looks delicious!

    But some Lemon Tea Biscuits would be really yummy right now :)

  385. Amy B

    So many yummy things to choose from! I would saw the White macaroon granola looks yum-o!!

  386. Kari

    Every kind of granola looks amazing. And I love anything with almonds or coconut. And I am a sucker for sweet potato fries. BUT if I could I’d like a little of everything :)

  387. Kristin

    Loved looking through this site! It’s so important to me to choose and offer healthy snacks to my children. The pistachio power clusters look great. My boys would love the granny smith apples, too. :}

  388. Jenni R

    I am in love with the pistachio clusters. My co-worker had them before and they are to die for. Would like to win this contest!

  389. Kate

    The dried pears look super yummy! But let’s be honest, I’d snack on all of those goodies ;)

  390. Oh my goodness, how do you even decide! They all look delicious, but I’d love to try the blueberry almonds and sea salt chickpeas.

  391. Nicole l

    the blueberry almond bites look DELICIOUS!

  392. Katie

    Those BBQ sunflower seeds and the BBQ kettle kernels look delish! Basically anything BBQ flavored is already an A+ in my book! xo

  393. Yum! I’ve been wanting to try nature box for a while! I really struggle with finding healthy snacks for my long work days. Would love to try the whole wheat apple pie figgy bars!

  394. rox

    I just revamped my WHOLE DIET…so NatureBox seriously fits right in! I would totally want to try those cranberry almond bites. yum yum xoxo

  395. Meri

    Totally want to taste the Acai Berry Crunch (Or the Santa Fe Corn Stix… or roasted kettle kernels!!) Pick me!!

  396. Christine A.

    all of them! but my top two would be the dark cocoa almonds & whole wheat raspberry figgy bars. thanks & love your blog :)

  397. Brynne T

    Black and White Granola! Mmm :)

  398. Gina

    Cinnamon spice almonds, dark cocoa almonds, and mango almond bites! Love almonds! So many varieties they offer!

  399. Lisa B.

    So many yummy snacks! I would love to try the pear praline crunch – It looks delicious!

  400. Ali

    The cranberry almond bites, guacamole bites and teriyaki twists look delicious!

  401. Hope Johnson

    YUM all look so good. cherry berry granola especially looks like a dream.

  402. emily

    I think the banana bread granola looks delic! 2 of my very favorite things. Banana bread and granola! The honey macadamia pretzel pops also sound awesome!! I too live in Manhattan and these snack packs would be perfect for busy city running around!

  403. Amy Borys

    Roasted kettle kernels!

  404. Rachel

    The vanilla macaroon granola looks really good!

  405. Cailin

    Pistachio clusters please!

  406. Janny

    would love to try the dark chocolate almonds!

  407. Sharon

    I would love to try the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops! YUMMM

  408. Alex

    Banana bread granola and sweet blueberry almonds should hop in my belly right now!

  409. Jessie

    I have been wanting to try this service! The chili lime pistachios sound awesome.

  410. lindsey

    Apple orchards granola YUM!!!

  411. Tori

    Would love to try the acai berry crunch!!

  412. Taylor

    Sweet blueberry almonds

  413. Alyssa

    I’d like to try the peppery chickpeas!

  414. Emily B

    The Peanut Butter Nom Noms look AMAZING!

  415. Ivy

    YUMMMMM, so many delicious choices!! But if I had to pick one, Lone Star Snack Mix would be my choice, I’m a Texas gal after all! :D

  416. Ellen Simon

    Snacking is always my favorite part of the day, well any chance I get to eat is always a good time :) But those Southern BBQ Sunflower seeds and Everything Bagel Stix look so good!

  417. Amanda V.

    Sweet Blueberry Almonds
    South Pacific Plantains
    and OF COURSE Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars


  418. Diana H

    those cashew power clusters look amazing!

  419. Mari G.

    The black and white granola looks delicious.

  420. Angela

    I would love to try the raspberry fig bars.

  421. kate

    oh my beautiful utah! how i miss her! those snacks sound wonderful. i would love to try the pistachio power clusters for sure. thanks for the chance to win!

  422. Lauren

    That vanilla macaroon granola looks awesome!

  423. Sara Howland

    Good Day-

    I would love love love to try Nature Box’s Firecrackers. YUM, I have not tried anything like this before and I know I would love the spiciness of this snack :)

    ~Sara <3

  424. Lindsay

    Chocolate-covered almonds? Sign me up!

  425. kaylei

    Dark Chocolate berry trail mix? Yes please!

  426. would love to sample the sour cream & onion almonds! yum

  427. Sara

    mmm. So many I’d want to try, I love that they have a number that hedge toward my salty/sweet tooth. I think I’d like to try the Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars and the Cashew Power clusters to start!

  428. Gianna

    It is so hard to find healthy gluten free snacks. I loved the look of the cornstix, baked sweet potato fries, and flax crostini bites. yummmm

  429. McCall Linares

    Mmmmm. Dark Cocoa Almonds….and everything else! :)

  430. Casandra

    I’d love to try the toasted cheddar stix! When cheese is involved I must have it :)

  431. Victoria

    The Praline Pumpkin Seeds look delicious! So many healthy options!

  432. Meegan

    Dark Cocoa almonds! Yum.

  433. Lauren E.

    I tried NatureBox last year and enjoyed the snacks, for the most part. My only criticism (and why I stopped my subscription) is that they are so ridiculously salty. Every savory (and even some of the sweet!) snack I tried was way, way too salty. I ended up throwing quite a few away and it felt so wasteful that I canceled. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

  434. Emily

    Oh the good ol’ desert….heh. The dried peaches sound amazing! I love peaches. :)

  435. Maya

    The roasted sea salt chic peas look yummy!

  436. Anastasia

    pistachio clusters!!

  437. Sarah Ann

    the pistachio clusters look so yummy! I have been wanting to try this as convenience is key to actually eating healthy foods!

  438. Terri

    they all look so good! pistachio power clusters, yogurt dipped pretzels. sourdough cheddar pretzels. roasted garlic pumpkin seeds. yum!

  439. Mary H.

    Roasted seasalt chickpeas and the pistachio power clusters for sure!

  440. Liz

    I would love love love to try to dark chocolate berry trail mix!

  441. Sam

    I would love to try the Guacamole Bites! Delicious!

  442. elizabeth

    cherry berry bonanza would be a great transition snack to summer!!

  443. Emily Foley

    Oooh, the plantains! I’ve never had them before and have always wanted to try them. Or else the mango almond bites. yum. You guys are so cute, thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  444. Holly S

    All the dried fruit slices sound fun! Apples, pears, mango! And the cashew clusters sound fantastic! We will be spending a lot of time on the road the next few months- this would be so awesome!

  445. MissPinkKate

    I want those cashew power clusters!

  446. Tiffany

    Sweet blueberry almonds sound good to me!

  447. Ada

    I would really like to try the Santa Fe Corn Stix, yum!

  448. My mouth is watering over the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops! I have been dying to try naturebox!

  449. maureen

    I would like to try the salted caramel pretzel pops! :-)

  450. Alina

    The cranberry almond bites look very yummy!

  451. patricia bomeny

    I’d love to try honey nut medley!!!

  452. Susan

    Sweet blueberry almonds look delicious!

  453. kyle

    I like the white and black granola and cherry vanilla granola!

  454. Christina G

    if you are forcing me to pick just one ;) I would love to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas !

  455. oodie

    Whole wheat apple pie figgy bars look great, and more healthy than other brands of bars like this!

  456. SB

    Hmm so many good choices – the flax fortune chips look yummy!

  457. Tracee

    So many options! I’ love to try the dried pineapple or the sesame sticks. yum

  458. KJ

    Yogurt dipped pretzels – definitely!

  459. sue

    Honey macademia pretzel pops or blueberry nom noms – how can you not want something called nom noms! :)

  460. Jill Z.

    The harvest nut mix looks right up my alley.

  461. S!

    Lemon meringue waffles look amazing! Please!

  462. Sean C

    The peppery chickpeas look very enticing.

  463. KS

    Lemon tea biscuits or sticks and stones would be my choice – so yummy!

  464. Taylor

    I love me some good ol’ road trip snacks! I always try to have a mix of healthy and well, not-so-healthy ones. I would LOVE to try NatureBox out for my next road trip though! The pistachio clusters sound delicious!


  465. Sydney

    oh my! I would love to try the black and white granola!

  466. It seems I’m a pistachio clusters kind of girl too – those look delish! Great giveaway! My tow year is eating us out of house and home especially when it comes to ‘fnackths’ so I would love to win this. :)

  467. Margaret P

    Yumm! They all look so good! Pistachio clusters, blueberry almonds, dried pineapple and vanilla macaroon granola all sound amazing!!

  468. Grace

    anything with dark chocolate but particularly the almonds!

  469. Lena

    All the options look delicious! I would love to get my kids out of the golfish crackers for snacks rut. The baked sweet potato sticks look yummy, as does the vanilla macaroon granola.

  470. Lucy

    The almond clusters and seaweed rice snacks look delectable!

  471. emi

    banana bread granola…need!! xo

  472. MAYRA


  473. sara

    oh peppery chickpeas you looks so good and so many things my LO would love for outings!

  474. Sarah Jean

    The chili crunch mix looks delicious!!

  475. Erica Paine

    toasted cheddar stix! the salty and cheesy heaven!

  476. jenny

    the pistachio clusters sound amazing.

  477. Willa

    citrus chipotle chickpeas please!

  478. Krystine

    This is awesome! I’ve been eyeing nature box for a while now. The banana bread granola would definitely be in my first order!!

  479. Lindsay

    Almonds for on the go is where it’s at!

  480. Amanda

    Oh my goodness, everything looks so amazingly delicious! I would love to try Cranberry Almond Bites, Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix, & the Pistachio Power Clusters.

  481. Katrina

    Roasted chickpeas look great!

  482. ver

    mmm the Lemon Meringue Waffles look good!

  483. Katherine

    Black and white granola, you are calling my name!

  484. the dark chocolate berry trail mix for sure.

  485. Olivia

    Satisfying my sweet tooth in a healthy way with the Fuji Apples!

  486. Heather

    We are big Naturebox fans in our house. I think the Blueberry Almond Bites are everybody’s favorite, though. Sooooo yummy.

  487. sara

    Fuji Apples

  488. Elizabeth

    I’d love the figgy bars for my toddler!!

  489. Victoria

    Holy smokes! These all look so yummy. We’re going to be doing a lot of hiking and driving this summer after our wedding so I’m so excited to know about this site! I have to say that I’m most interested in salted caramel pretzel pops, but I know my fiance will looooove the cashew clusters. Thanks so much! xoxo

  490. Katie B

    The cranberry almond bites look delicious!!!

  491. Megan

    The cashew power clusters sound SO good. Love your pictures.

  492. Emily

    I would love to try the black and white granola!

  493. pistachio clusters for sure!

  494. Mayson

    It all looks so delicious… maybe the praline pumpkin seeds?

  495. kheng

    I would love to try the dried apples.

  496. Shelby C.

    Roasted sea salt chick peas….oh my soul!!

  497. Georgia

    thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to try the sea salt chickpeas (:

  498. Chelsee

    Pistachio power clusters! Yum!

  499. Jess

    I’d like to try EVERYTHING. But if I had to pick just one snack, I’d try the agave citrus granola… sounds amazing!

  500. Kaylee

    Oh my… I NEED to honey macadamia pretzel pops!! YUM!!!

  501. Amanda

    Big Island Pineapple and Mighty Mix!!

  502. Melissa

    I’d love to try those cashew power clusters or country ranch peas!!

  503. Alyssa Frandsen

    I love blueberries so I would want to try the whole wheat blueberry figgy bars!!!

  504. Joyce

    The sea-salt chickpeas sound delicious!

  505. zoe o.

    Honey Nut Medley & Peanut Butter Nom Noms!!
    such an amazing idea for a college girl looking for healthy foods on a budget!

  506. Michelle Scantland

    They all sound amazing, but the chili lime pistachios would be my first pick!

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  509. Kimberly

    French Vanilla Almond Granola Please!

  510. Ty

    Sweet blueberry almonds!!!!

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    The Cranberry Almond Bites look delicious! The Country Ranch Peas sound like something I need to try!

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    The Dark Cocoa Almonds look amazing!

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    Honey macadamia pretzel pops look amazing! Love your road trip ins rats!

  514. Ashley Marie

    A 6-month Naturebox subscription would be a dream! Everything looks so delicious on their website from the italian bistro pretzels to the umami almonds to the cranberry almond bites! Yum!!

  515. Sarah

    It ALL looks yummy, but I would have to go with the Bluberry Nom Noms. I mean, something with Nom Nom in the name has to be good, right?!

  516. The mango almond bites look like the perfect snack to grab and go between school and late night rehearsals when I don’t have time for dinner!

  517. Pati

    They all look so good! Will have to try salted caramel pretzels

  518. Laura

    Looks like such a fun trip!

    The Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas sound divine, Glad to know that nature box is a good company though. I think that it would work great for me as a student. It’ll definitely keep me on track with my snacking!

  519. Juliea

    oooo the pistachio power clusters sound sooo good!

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    Sea salt chick peas please!! Yum!

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    Oh wow, all of the snacks look amazing but the Apple Orchard Granola makes me so hungry.

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    P.S. Always love your photos! And thanks for the discount code :-)

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  532. Maggie P

    I am a snack-aholic! Would love to have some dark cocoa almonds in my desk drawer right now!

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    The roasted sea salt chickpeas, the macadamia pretzel pops, or the honey crunch crisps all sound amazing… I can’t pick!

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    I think I want to try them ALL!! They look SO good. BUT, if I must pick just one, PEPPERY CHICKPEAS. I LOVE chickpeas!

  536. Preethi

    I’d love to try any of those crispy chickpeas – the roasted sea salt ones especially!

  537. Alex Sorensen

    I would love to try the mango almond bites! They look like they have a lot of great stuff!

  538. Hayley Christiansen

    Guacomole Bites look delish!! And any kind of pistachios will keep me happy for a long time!


    Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try Nature Boxes. The Plantain chips and Yellow curried peas look amazing.

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    It is a toss up between the sweet potato fries and the lemon pucker pistachios!

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  544. susanna faygenbaum

    everything looks so yummy! i would love to try all, but especially cocoa waffle wafers

  545. Valerie

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  553. katie D.

    YAY for healthy snacks! I LOVE pistachios, so I would love to try the pistachio clusters. YUM.

  554. Rina

    I just love healthy snack. Pistachio is probably my fave one and any nuts just love! This is amazing company selling the right stuff for the people who like healthy nutrional snacks!!!!!! Thank you for this great giveaway!! LUV

  555. erin

    mmm…everything looks amazing! i’m a sucker for yogurt-dipped everythings, so the pretzels look incredible.
    also this post made me so excited to road trip later this year with my husband! road trip adventures are some of the best. :)

  556. Karen

    The apple orchard granola sounds delightful!!

  557. Carly

    Pistachio Power Clusters! Their snacks look amazing – love your blog!

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    I’d like to try the yogurt covered pretzels.

  560. Meg S

    The pistachio clusters sound amazing!

  561. The blueberry almond bites look so yummy!

  562. I have wanted to subscribe for quite a while now, so this is a dream! Those blueberry figgy bars, and the toasted cheddar stix are my top picks to try. I am a full time student and am working so having these healthy things on hand would make me a very happy lady.

  563. My heck, that granola looks amazing! Hard to decide, but I think the vanilla macaroon looks the best. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  564. Karen Baxter

    Holy Smokes!!!! yes please to the blueberry mom moms and the yellow curry peas!!

  565. sara k-b

    i have to eat a gluten-free diet so it’s great to know that naturebox has tons of gluten-free options! it’s so hard to find yummy, good for your snacks that are also gluten-free so i’m very excited to try this out! i would love to eat the big island pineapple all day every day.

  566. NICOLE

    Cranberry Almond bites, but I would love I try them all!

  567. Keli

    The sweet blueberry almonds sound delicious!

  568. Jade

    When I first went to Naturebox’s website, I saw the seaweed rice pops and I thought it was cookie dough… Then I saw it was seaweed and decided I wouldn’t want to try that ;) The chia seed crackers look fabulous paired with some cheese. Mmm!

  569. Lyndsay

    Our family is really focusing on smarter food choices this year too. And so far, we’ve survived. :) I’d really like to try the black and white granola and the Honey Macadamia Pretzel pops!

  570. Alisa

    Would love to try the Apple Orchard Granola!! (-:

  571. Heather C

    Its so hard to choose one out of so many delicious looking things but I suppose it would have to be the lemon pucker pistachios! Or the peppery pistachios!

  572. kelsey


  573. Jolee

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  574. Heather

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  578. Neeley

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    Looks like you’re all having so much fun, keep enjoying!

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  582. Lindsay

    Those roasted sea salt chickpeas look amazing! Thanks for the giveaway, Naomi! Have fun on your trip.

  583. Carrie

    Yum! It’s a toss up between the cranberry almond bites and the black/white granola :)

  584. Alexis

    I’d go for the dried peaches and cashew power clusters first and then move on to the sunflower kernels! PS love that they have a lactose free option for dietary needs!

  585. Bethany

    Yum!!! Sweet Blueberry Almonds & Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas!!! Though let’s be honest, each item they have sounds worth a try!

  586. Gabrielle

    The Lemon Meringue Waffles! How those are healthy seems not real!

  587. Hilty

    Whole wheat apple figgy bars!

  588. Julianne

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  589. Julia

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  590. ash

    Yummy! Dying for those pistachio clusters and pretty much any granola they carry! Also….Sriracha Roasted Cashews? My husband would be in Heaven.

    Thanks for the 50% off code!

  591. Janine Coleman

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  592. It’s a tie between the chili-lime pistachios and the citrus kick almonds. So many yummy sounding things!

  593. Jess F.

    I would love to try the seaweed rice pops!

  594. Sheridan

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  597. Nikki

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    i’d love to try the vanilla macaroon granola or the black and white granola!!

  599. Jocelyn Deleon

    Love your little family taza!

    Being an aunt of a five and four year old I am always trying to find new healthy snack for the little ones! I live in LA, so we always find our selfs stuck in traffic, and yummy snacks makes it all bearable! The nature box has so many varieties of granola and that is what I want to try! These kids love granola, so why not give them the best healthy choice ;)

  600. Kayla

    They have some great gluten free options that actually look edible which is hard to fine ;)

  601. Sarah

    Oh pistachios….please be mine!!!

  602. Anne Anderson

    Peanut butter nom noms and the figgy bars for sure!

  603. Shannon

    Goodness gracious, so many I’d like to try…cranberry almond bites, roasted sea salt chickpeas, apple pie figgy bars…and the list goes on!

  604. Shannon J

    I can’t decide between the salsa nut mix or the guacamole bites. Any of these yummy snacks look fantastic!

  605. Whitwhit

    Love granola! Anything blueberry or cherry!

  606. Quincey Jackson

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  610. Melissa Douglass

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  611. Margaret Vogelsang

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  613. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this – all of the snacks sound so good! The vanilla almond granola would be my go-to, but I like to think I’d be brave and try some of the more…interesting choices as well!

  614. Meegan

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  615. Elisa

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  616. Hannah Koziol

    Oh I’ve heard alot about nature box, really want to try one. I would love to try the Cranberry Almond Bites.

  617. Maggie B

    Dark chocolate berry trail mix + pistachio power clusters, yes please!

  618. Hannah

    I would love to try both the South Pacific plantains and the peppery chickpeas. Looks delicious!

  619. Jessica P.

    Would love to try the santa fe corn stix!!!

  620. Liz Morello

    Definitely the sea salt chickpeas… protein and a yummy snack? Yes, please!

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  622. Jennifer

    Oh, those whole wheat raspberry figgy bars look so yummy! I don’t know if I would be able to share with my family!

  623. Hannah

    All those different flavored almonds look amazing!

  624. Kimberly

    Pistachio power cluster please!!

  625. Sarah F

    I’d love any of the granolas and the figgy bars. They look so tasty!

  626. Those blueberry almond bite are where it’s at!

  627. Kayla J.

    that banana bread granola looks heavenly!!

  628. Elizabeth R

    I’d love to try the tart & tangy fruit medley!

  629. Erin Alaska

    Road trips are always fun!! The pistachio power clusters, banana bread granola and all the various almond combos sound amazing! Thanks for the great offer. :))

  630. Alisa

    All of it, really, but the banana bread granola in particular :)

  631. christine

    I would grin with ANY Naturebox treat! Everything Bagel Stix? Now THAT would be a fun taste translation!

  632. Taylor P

    Sour Cream and Onion Almonds and Banana Bread Granola needs to GET IN MY BELLY! My mouth is watering just looking at all of the pictures.

  633. Bethany

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  634. jaclyn

    MMM they all look delish!!! pistachio clusters and banana bread granola look ilke they would be huge hits in my household :) mmm mm good

  635. Melissa

    The Sweet potato fries look great and so do the Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops! However I am not picky and would probably love it all!

  636. Tiffany A.

    Dark chocolate cherry trail mix looks so yummy!!!

  637. Malinda

    Wow! So many great options:) I’d love to try the Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels, Seaweed Rice Pops or the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix!

  638. Michelle

    I would like to try the French Toast Granola and the Dried Pears. I’ve never had dried pears before!

  639. I would try the pistachio power clusters! I am 4.5 months pregnant right now, so a little extra healthy would be great! Thanks

  640. Carrie

    Peanut Butter Nom Noms. With a name like that, they have to be good.

  641. Kate Ensor

    oh wow, everything looks delicious! lately i’ve been craving dried fruit though, so the fuji apples look especially good.

  642. Lindsay

    Any of the pumpkin seeds look yummy! Love having those outside of fall time :)

  643. Jen

    oooh chili lime pistachios!

  644. Kristin

    We love naturebox… Pistachio clusters are the best!

  645. Sara

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  647. Janel O'Brien

    oh my the chia seed crackers :P too delicious looking

  648. Ariane

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  649. Amanda

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  651. Erin Pierce

    the yummy looking honey macadamia pretzel pops!

  652. Alex

    mmmmmm….the Cherry Berry Granola looks and sounds amazing!!! So hard to pick just one !!!

  653. Lily

    Seaweed rice pops! I’ve always loved crunching on sheets of seaweed and people think I’m weird for it – so glad to see that naturebox included something with my beloved seaweed!!

  654. elaine

    oh my! i would love the sweet rice pops!

  655. Valerie

    The lemon tea biscuits!!

  656. catalina

    hi taza,
    beautiful post and pictures! :)
    i agree with the three things that make a good road trip.
    my siblings and i are going to one this summer and i just cant wait!
    i would like to try the sweet blueberry almonds,
    they look so delicious.

  657. Jen

    The Santa Fe Corn Crisps look delicious!!

  658. Shay

    The cranberry almond clusters look delicious!

  659. Tiff Chappell

    The chili munch mix look delicious and so does the baked sweet potato fries! I love healthy snack options!

  660. Jill

    Sea Salt chickpeas and Chili Lime Pistachios! Yum

  661. Reyna

    Mmm I’d love to try the chickpeas or the cashew clusters!

  662. bryn

    blueberry almonds!

  663. ria

    My eyes went straight to the honey macadamia pretzel pops and the seaweed rice balls. I’m guessing my 4 kids would devour these snacks after school. thanks!

  664. Teresa

    Such lovely photos! So much joy! I second your 3 tips to a successful car ride. We are a family who enjoys road trips! I am most excited to try the lime pistachios. Finding allergy friendly snacks for the whole family to enjoy is a must for us!

  665. Allison

    Taking your word on it, I’d have to go with the pistachio power clusters!

  666. Savannah Rowland

    sriracha roasted cashews-get in my tummy, perfect road trip snack!

  667. Emily Doud

    My family has really been working lately toward a healthier lifestyle, and this would be amazing! I would love to try the seaweed rice pops!

  668. Sarah

    Th fig bars, chili lime pistachios and chia seeds crackers sound delicious!

  669. Annie

    Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops!! Those sounds delicious. The black and white granola looks yummy too!

  670. Gwen

    Pistachios clusters. I like a sweet snack.

  671. Lisa

    I would love to win! The banana bread granola & yogurt dipped pretzels are my top picks!

  672. Monika

    Cashew clusters or they honey nuts would be great snacks to have at work!

  673. Liz Korb

    Top three would be: granny smith apples, pistachio power clusters, and raspberry figgy bars. YUM!

  674. I am always a fan of trail mix on road trips and throughout my day when I’m on the run. I would definitely try out the dark chocolate berry trail mix first!

  675. Ali H.

    Ooh the peanut butter nom noms look delish!

  676. Kaitlin

    The black and white granola looks yummy!

  677. Kelly Erwin

    I’m a sucker for anything lemon. Those lemon pucker pistachios are
    Calling my name!!

  678. Erin

    The Dark Cocoa Almonds, for sure.

  679. Suzanna

    Black and white granola looks great!!

  680. Chelsea Venegas

    I would love to try the lemon pistachios. I would also like to try the granola. I’m needing these healthy snacks to snack on while being pregnant.

  681. Michelle

    Cirtrus. Chipotle. Chickpeas.

    That is all.

    Hope I win!

  682. Meredith

    I’m already a subscriber to Naturebox, and have become rather addicted to the blueberry almonds and pistachio clusters. Yum!

  683. Rachel

    I am interested in the Cherry Berry granola. Yum!

  684. Kristen

    Pistachio Power Clusters sound amazing!!

  685. I would love to try the antioxidant boost!

  686. Theresa

    The roasted sea salt chickpeas sound amazing! And the figgy bars! And the pistachio clusters! :)

  687. Rachel

    Honestly…I did not expect for there to be so many choices. I think I would try all of them at least once. I am a type 1 diabetic and a nurse…these would be great snack options…and who doesn’t love getting packages…one every month…count me in!!! Thanks for turning your readers onto such wonderful things!

  688. Jami

    Mmmmmm! Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix!

  689. Ninuk Miller

    big island pineapple remind me of the summer and roasted sea salt chick peas sounds so relish ;)

  690. Andi

    all the almonds look amazing!

  691. Florence

    Dried mango is always a classic. YUM!

  692. I would love those pistachio clusters!!



  693. Holly Christine

    The macaroon granola sounds delish!

  694. Lauren Rudichuk

    I would love to try the baked sweet potato fries!!

  695. Micall Deveraux

    YUM! the Pear Praline Crunch looks so delicious!
    i have recently started a new health plan and can’t
    find any easy to go, healthy snacks to bring to work with me..
    this would be PERFECT!!!

  696. Anne

    I wanna try their dried pineapple!

  697. Elisabeth

    The garden tomato almonds look awesome and I’m a sucker for yougart covered pretzels… Perfect for a salty/sweet craving!

  698. Julia

    HI there !

    I am planning a trip in Florida soon, I would love to try those dried California peaches. :)

    Thanks ,


  699. It all looks so delish! I would love any of the granolas, also the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops and the Pistachio Power Clusters. Yum!

  700. Amber

    Chili lime pistachios! Yum :)

  701. Breanna

    The Sweet Blueberry Almonds, Pistachio Clusters, and Baked Sweet Potato Fries look so good!

  702. Karis

    I am so interested in trying the sesame sticks and the lemon tea cookies! I have been looking for a package like this. Thank you for sharing.

  703. Rik

    The pistachio clusters look amazing!

  704. Nikki

    I’d love to try the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix. I love all kinds of trail mixes and this one seems like the perfect mix of salty and sweet!

  705. Kaitlin F.

    I definitely want to try the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops and Sweet Blueberry Almonds.

  706. Whitney

    I’ve heard great things about the pistachio clusters- I’ve been dying to try those! Been loving all of your Utah pictures by the way!

  707. Emily

    Power cluster would be great for traveling this summer or a snack before a run!

  708. Cassie

    Do I have to choose just one? Chili lime pistachios caught my eye!

  709. Brillante

    So hard to choose just one but I think I would go with Honey Macademia Pretzel Pops.

  710. Shelley

    Give me those pistachio power clusters and bagel stix!!

  711. Elizabeth

    I would try the Cranberry Almond bites! I LOVE cranberries!!

  712. Britt C

    sourdough cheddar pretzels!

  713. Jamie Wheeler

    Dark Coaco Almonds look delicious!!

  714. Kaity

    oh, it all sounds so good! I’d particularly love to try the sea salt chickpeas and the pear praline crunch.

  715. Malah Marshall

    I would love to try the honey macadamia pretzel pops! They look AHmazing!

  716. s.montgomery

    I would try chili lime pistachios and the dark cocoa almonds! I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and grab for healthier snack options too!

  717. I love their snacks – the honey macadamia pretzel pops are my fav : )

  718. Danielle

    Pistachio Power Clusters all the freaking way! ;]

  719. Taylor

    I’ve been dying to try Naturebox!! I fall prey to unhealthy snacking too often and I think Naturebox has got it all right! Healthy and delicious? Yes please :) I’m gonna have to go with the dark cocoa almonds

  720. teresa

    yum!!! what a great giveaway!!! i’d love to try the honey macadamia pretzel pops…. yum!!!

  721. Okay, those pistachio clusters are calling my name!!

  722. tianwei

    Baked sweet potato fries! drooling over my keyboard right now…

  723. Julia

    I would love to try the lemon pucker pistachio! ! It all looks so wonderfully healthy and would be fun to snack on with the fam this summer!

  724. Paige

    I want it all! That black and white granola looks particularly delicious :)

  725. Jessica lavender

    Everything sounds good! I love granola a,and I could eat Dark Coaco Almonds all day long.

  726. Trisha S.

    I would love to try the Acai Berry Crunch!

  727. Elle

    I would love the sesame sticks!!!

  728. Jessica

    The Sweet Blueberry Almonds look amazing!!

  729. Chelsea

    Mmmm, dark coaco almonds for sureee!

  730. Amie

    Pistacio Clusters… yes.

  731. Hayley

    My little guy would LOVE the figgy bars and baked sweet potato fries. The dark cocoa almonds would be the perfect for an afternoon sweet fix for mama!!

  732. Sarah

    Honey Mesquite Almonds! Wahoo! Thank you!!

  733. Hillary

    I’d love to try the sweet blueberry almonds!

  734. Hillary

    sweet potato fries are always my favorite treat! i would definitely like to try out the sour cream and onion almonds-what a unique combination!

    I’m so happy that you and your adorable family are having a happy and safe road trip! keep on keepin on, lady!

  735. Kate R

    Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas!! Yummm

  736. Nikki

    I would love to try the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops. Yum! Thanks!

  737. Cassy

    The blueberry almonds & bananna bread granola! Everything sounds delicious though, going to have to get some snacks to keep around!

  738. Ashley

    I would love to try the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops!

  739. Christina

    Your pictures look amazing. I was lucky enough to visit Utah a few years ago and was struck by the incredible mountains. It’s so different from the eastern U.S.

    I would love to try the whole wheat figgy apple pie bars!

  740. jeannie

    any kind of granola would be a winner for me!

  741. Erin

    Oh, everything bagel stix!

  742. sarah r.

    i’d love to try the cocoa waffle wafers!

  743. Kelsey

    I would LOVE to try the dark cocoa almonds, banana bread granola, or the Granny Smith Apples! Have been looking for some healthier snacks lately! YUM!

    Your family is just precious, thank you for sharing some parts of your life with all of us!

  744. ling ling

    any of their dried fruit options look great!

  745. Candace J

    Dark Cocoa Almonds *mouth waters*

  746. Michaela

    The everything bagel stix look awesome!! Would love to try them out.

  747. Lauren Jewel

    Ooh! A food giveaway! Everything looks delicious but if I had to choose, i think i could eat a lot of those honey macadamia pretzel pops… and the big island pineapple… annnd the cocoa waffle wafers. Perfect giveaway!!

  748. Megan

    Banana bread granola- sounds super yummy! :)

  749. Carrie Turner

    Hello, Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops!!!

  750. Yuki M

    Always looking for healthy snack options for the kids! I think they would like the apple crumble granola!

  751. stephanie Pimentel

    The honey macadamia pretzel bites for sure and the cranberry almond bites!
    P.S I love your family and you are such an inspiration to me.

  752. Laurie

    The dark cocoa almonds for sure!

  753. Nicole

    Chipotle chickpeas

  754. Niloo

    Oh my god Sweet potato fries please

  755. Chelsea

    Dark chocolate cherry trail mix. We try to eat super healthy at home, but on the og is so hard, this would be amazing for my four wee ones!

  756. Samantha

    Honey Macademia Pretzel Pops …I’ve never had anything like it! I would love to try them!!

  757. Beth

    Yum! Yogurt covered pretzels for me please, although it’s hard to decide. And hard to find some that don’t contain a lot of junk – I like that about them, too.

  758. Monica

    Ooh the peanut butter nom-noms sound absolutely delicious!!!

  759. I love chickpeas, so definitely the roasted and salted chickpeas.

  760. Kaitlyn

    Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix

  761. Pepa

    I’d LOVE to try the chili lime pistachios

  762. Alex Cosgrove

    They ALL look delicious… but I’m especially eyeing those roasted sea salt chickpeas… YUM!

  763. Calli

    sweet blueberry almonds!

  764. Sheehan Lunt

    country ranch peas!

  765. Shanay Gonder

    YUM! Big Island Pineapple, roasted sea salt chickpeas or Sweat Potato Fries! To hard to pick!

  766. Tara

    Ooo, the dark chocolate cherry trail mix looks divine….

  767. Kristina M.

    Our family will be taking a road trip this summer and I’m so looking forward to our little adventure.

    The sourdough cheddar pretzels look so amazing but so did everything else. My mouth was watering while looking through their website!

  768. Caryn

    They all look amazing! But the sweet blueberry almonds have me daydreaming now. :)

  769. sara

    Cranberry almond bites! Yum!

  770. Jillian

    mmmmm! I want to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas.,, but really I want to try all of them! What a special treat!

  771. Grace

    The sweet potato fries look absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for this giveaway :)

  772. Amee Cameron

    Are you kidding I want to try it all!!! But the peanut butter nom noms look heavenly!!!

  773. KariC

    It all looks so good!the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix sounds great!

  774. Kylie

    So many of their snacks look delicious… but especially the cashew power clusters!!

  775. Ashley

    I’d like to try those pistachio clusters!

  776. I would love to try country ranch peas because I have a weakness for corn nuts, and they look kinda similar. :)

  777. Kellie P

    Pistachio Clusters look amazeballs.

  778. Pistachio power clusters, please!

  779. Jennifer Bleazard

    I would love to try the black and white granola and so many more :)

  780. Stacey

    The blueberry almonds look so tast!

  781. Jenn

    my husband and i are health freak vegetarians and we are planning on taking our little ones on a us road trip this summer. NatureBox snacks would be perfect! Especially the mango almond bites… i want some now!

  782. Undram

    Wow, NatureBox has got so many awesome variety of snacks. It was tough to decide on one particular item but I would love to start by trying ‘Guacamole Bites’. Thank you! =)

  783. Amy L.

    Those dried peaches are calling my name.

  784. Ashley

    Pretzel pops!

  785. Hanna

    hello! this giveaway is super exciting for me as a vegan… so many options!!

    I’m thinking the salsa spiced nut mix would be a good first snack from nature box.

    thank you.

  786. Katey

    Citrus chipotle chickpeas!! But I want it all it sound amazing

  787. Madeleine

    dark chocolate cherry trail mix! YUM! :)

  788. loren

    pistachio power clusters!

  789. sonja

    mmm going through that website made me hungry!!!
    They all look delicious. I think the sea salt chickpea would be amazing.

  790. Nicole

    the pistachio clusters mmmmmmmm

  791. rachel

    yum. too many choices!
    i’d try the pistachio clusters first i think.

  792. evan

    those pear praline crunch things look AWESOME. perfect summer snack.

  793. Amanda

    Baked sweet potato fries !!! Yummy!

  794. katie

    I’m a sucker for all things sweet, so I would love to try the pear praline crunch. My husband would go for the sunflower seeds though.

  795. Pilar

    The pistachio clusters look amazing. So yummy & I’d love to try these out.

  796. Erin Oneal

    The citrus chipotle chickpeas look delish!

  797. Katarina

    The Pistachio Clusters yum! Very hard to decide.

  798. SOO many VEGAN options! Hooray! Doing lots of traveling in the next 6 months {getting married/honeymoon/visiting family} and this would be awesome!!

  799. Jill

    The French Vanilla Almond Granola looks amazing and I would love to try it!

  800. The santa fe corn stix look awesome and are gluten free!

  801. Jenn

    Pistachio Clusters please! Yum!

  802. Ohhh myyy those dark cocoa almonds look divine!!! I have to keep telling myself, I’ll eat what I bring, so if I plan for healthy snacks I’ll be eating healthy!

  803. Monica

    The pistachio clusters for sure!!

  804. Mariajose

    I would totally take the South Pacific plantains and the pistachio clusters!!!! Al of their stuff looks awesome!!!!

  805. Helen Murphy

    I love naturebox! I love that they have nut free options, too. The guacamole bites and dried pineapple look delicious!

  806. Kelly

    The Acai Berry Crunch looks yummy!!

  807. alie

    the French toast granola and California peaches!

  808. Amy Carsten

    Sea salt and cracked pepper pumpkin seeds! I would eat those for days. :)

  809. Melissa C

    Gosh how I would love to win this!
    It’s so hard to keep healthy around my house. This would really help us start. I am really interested in the plantains, cranberry almond bites and also the rice sticks! I really hope to win this!!!

  810. Kat Peterson

    The south pacific plantains look delicious and so do the dried california peaches. Yum!

  811. Ashton

    Honey macadamia pretzel pops look delicious!!!

  812. Gwyneth

    As a grad student, this sounds like the DREAM. Everything looks so good, but the vanilla macaroon granola sounds extra amazing!

  813. Sascha

    Wow, I had no idea they had such a huge selection! How awesome. I am super curious about the honey macadamia pretzel pops. HELLO! And I’m sure those dark cocoa almonds would be devoured quickly.

  814. Nicole

    The pistachio clusters look amazing! There are so many naturebox snacks that i want to try out!

  815. Lee

    Every dried apple: fuji, granny smith…! Oh, and Honey macadamia pretzel pops. Start snackin’!

  816. Sarah

    Oh yum! Pistatio power clusters for me please!!!

  817. Sarah

    I love dried fruit, and naturebox’s options look amazing. I can’t wait to try them!

  818. Brittany Hughes

    wow! they all look delicious! also, not a great idea to be checking this out while i’m starving… i’m interested in any/all the sunflower seeds! they are my favorite! thank you for the opportunity to win. i love your blog and watching your little family do life together! y’all are so adorable!

  819. Kari

    Those blueberry nom noms look delicious! What a great service!

  820. Ashley G

    Those pistachio clusters look divine!

  821. Delaney

    Those baked sweet potato fries look delicious!

  822. Antonia Suzanne

    French toast granola sounds soooo good!!!!!

  823. Becca

    I’d LOVE to try the lemon pistachios they sound amazing!
    I tried a trial of naturebox before and loved it-would love more!

  824. Erica K

    I would try so many, but maybe start with the vanilla macaroon granola!

  825. Marissa

    Mmm banana bread granola. it all looks good. I think the fact that they have so many choices makes them an unhealthy snack if you get my drift I could eat myself into another pant size. we love our granola over here!

  826. Heidi

    Would love to try the pistachio clusters or their cheddar squares!

  827. Would love to try NatureBox! Especially the blueberry almond bites, they look absolutely delicious! Thanks for the opportunity =)

  828. Heather

    I would love to try the Roasted Chickpeas. Never tried them…sounds good!

  829. Morgan

    Would LOVE to try the French Toast Granola!! :)

  830. Lynda

    i would love to try the cranberry almond bites!

  831. Lindsey

    I would love to try the sweet blueberry almonds!

  832. Caroline Olson

    Holy Yum! At first I was totally like, “This is gonna be too healthy for my taste buds,” but then I saw so many yummy things I’d like to try! Even if I don’t win, I definitely think I’d like to subscribe. Especially with my freshman year of college starting in August (in NYC, yay!) I will definitely need some healthy & portably snacks! Okay, rambling aside, I’d most like to try the chili munch mix. Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to win fun things!

  833. debb sanchez

    Hi! I would love to try the black and white granola and sweet blueberry almonds!!!

  834. joanna

    I’ve been dying to try the baked sweet potato fries!

  835. Maria S.

    The Roasted Kettle Kernals look divine!
    Your road trip looks divine as well!
    Happy travels!

  836. Allison R

    All of the granola looks so yummy! I’m pregnant and I’ve been craving granola lately! Also, anything with chocolate looks amazing.

  837. Morgan

    Cashew power clusters are my go-to! Obsessed. And all of their granolas look amazing! Perfect road trip snacks.

  838. the cocoa waffle wafers !!!

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  839. Christine Dunning

    The Banana Bread granola looks delicious were currently loving bananas in this household. My sons very picky about his snacks this would be a great way to find a snack he’ll enjoy.

  840. Julia

    How can I choose! There is nothing that I don’t want to try, but I gotta admit, those dark coaco almonds look mighty tasty,

  841. Rachel

    Just as soon as I picked a snack, another popped up that looked even better! How does one choose? So far the dark cocoa almonds, the southern BBQ sunflower kernels, and the honey macadamia pretzel pops are at the top of my list . . . !

  842. Samantha D

    Honestly, everything looks beyond delicious! But I would love to try the Fr East Rice Crackers and the Seaweed Rice Pops in particular. Fingers crossed because this would be my dream prize!!

  843. Lauren

    baked sweet potato fries for my girls and roasted sea salt chickpeas for me! yum!

  844. Alissa

    Figgy bars sound amazing!

  845. Kenzie

    I would definitely try any of the chickpeas! And the sweet potato fries :)

  846. nancy

    the garden tomato crunchies look so good!

  847. Debbie

    Wow what a fabulous selection! My picks are the Italian bistro pretzels, chili munch mix, whole wheat figgy bars and the sourdough cheddar pretzels :) Nature delish for sure!

  848. Audrey

    I am loving the honey crunch chips and any of the chickpeas…mm love chickpeas.

  849. Megg

    Mmmmm, cherry berry bonanza!

  850. Rachel

    The seaweed rice pops sound good!

  851. Danielle

    Cashew Power Clusters look and sound delicious!

  852. Natalie

    YUM, chili lime pistachios are right up my alley. Naturebox looks awesome.

  853. mmmm the vanilla macaroon granola!

  854. Patricia

    I would love to try the BBQ sunflower kernels or the blueberry almonds. A lot of the stuff looks great!! I’m a college student always studying and on the go so I love trying new snacks! :) got to have my study fuel! Thanks for sharing this!

  855. sarah c

    wow, too many to count!
    i want to try the honey macadamian pretzel pops and the pistachio power clusters!

  856. Carolsue

    I’d like to try the Siracha Roasted Cashews

  857. frank

    would love to try the country ranch sunflower kernel.!!!

  858. Kelsey Eaton

    Mmm sweet blueberry almonds

  859. Claire

    Mmm all of the snacks look so good…..but the blueberry om noms look delish!!

  860. Angie

    I would like to try the Blueberry Almond Bites

  861. Stefanie

    Chili lime pistachios please!!!

  862. kayla

    the pistachio power clusters are my favorite thing ever!

  863. Jenn

    Yum….their selection of dried fruits is amazing. Believe it or not, my teen boys would go crazy for all of those! We love dried fruit round these parts!

  864. SJ

    Mmmm…cherry vanilla granola and baked sweet potato fries.

  865. Hannah

    All of those trail mixes look delicious and those pistachio clusters look tasty as well!!

  866. Jackie

    Those pretzel pops look delic!

  867. Jackie

    Those pretzel pops look amazing! I could eat 10,000….

  868. Hilary

    Lemon meringue waffles!

  869. Kami

    What a fun giveaway! I love anything with dark chocolate in it. Actually, I would love anything they have to offer. Peanut Butter Nom Noms? Sold.

  870. Um, yummmm!! Those honey macadamia pretzel pops sound heavenly! I hope I win!

  871. Thanks for the giveaway !

    I would like to try blueberry almond bites !

  872. Jllian

    Chipotle chickpeas 100%!!

  873. Dalia

    Would love to try the Acai Berry Crunch!! Looks delicious!

  874. Annie

    Whole wheat figgy bars for sure and Dark Cocoa Almonds!

  875. Dee2FF

    My husband is ALL about the sunflower seeds. He’s a camper, so I’d get this for him!

  876. Carmen Sherry

    My toddler has really been getting into dried fruit lately. I feel like I can never get enough on our weekly grocery run. I would use the subscription to stock up on dried fruit for her, and maybe something on the sweeter side for me ;-)

  877. Mark Sherry

    The dark cocoa almonds look delicious!

  878. The Santa Fe Corn Stix sounds like something both my son and I would enjoy.

  879. KC

    Sour cream and onion almonds!

  880. Tiffany

    Peppery chickpeas for the win!

  881. Julia K

    honey macadamia pretzel pops!!

  882. Lauren Francis

    I could eat all of it, but guacamole bites, plantain chips, and chia chips look awesome!

  883. Hope Olszewski

    I would love to try the Cherry Vanilla Granola! :)

  884. Mk Coyne

    I’d like to try the black and white granola!

  885. Eva

    the dark chocolate berry trail mix and roasted sea salt chickpeas sound delish!

  886. Kristen Hanamaikai

    dark cocoa almonds

  887. Melissa T

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’d love to try their wild blueberry flax granola. Looks excellent!

  888. Becky

    Those honey macadamia pretzel bites are calling my name! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  889. Allegra

    There’s so many to choose from!! it’s hard to pick just one because let’s be honest… I want to try them all! The citrus chipotle chickpeas and the chili munch mix look delicious. Enjoy the rest of your road trip!

  890. Carli

    I want to try those pistachio clusters!!

  891. Heather

    I’ve been dying to try Nature Box! I would love the Chipotle Maple Almonds, or any of the dried fruit! Plus anything with cashews!

  892. Jen Healy

    Figgy bars or yogurt covered pretzels!

  893. Jessica

    bombay curries cashews and praline pumpkin seeds!

  894. Kelsie

    I’d especially want to try the Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas. We have a honeymoon coming up and I’d love to snack on that awesome selection of goodies!

  895. Sarah Reed

    The figgy bars look so good! and I love all the variety of flavors- really unique stuff there!

  896. Carlee

    seaweed rice snacks!! yummmm

  897. Makennah Lewis

    Dark Cocoa Almonds!

  898. Kim

    Yum! The pistachio clusters sound amazing.

  899. Emily

    I would love to try the Guacamole Bites!

  900. Molly

    I want to try those Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas. Lately I’ve been on a roasted chickpea craze.

  901. Kay

    Your pictures are always so gorgeous!

    The cranberry almond bites sound fantastic, as do the italian bistro pretzels!

  902. Jessi Saucy

    Roasted Sea salt chickpeas sound delish!

  903. Joyce

    I’d love to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas as well as the curry peas!!

  904. Becca

    Oooo! Blueberry Almonds!

  905. Oh, the Pistachio Clusters look amazing! Thanks for this lovely opportunity :)


  906. Anything with almonds or dried fruit! I love dried peaches and pineapple.

  907. Elizabeth

    Everything looked yummy in the pictures,but if I have to pick just a few I would go with Blueberry almonds,black and white granola,blueberry or peanut butter nom noms,and the cocoa waffle wafers.

  908. Boni B

    Anything with pistachios in it!

  909. Jessica

    Dark chocolate almonds! They might be one of those snacks that hide away until after the kiddos go to bed.

  910. Lauren von Stroheim

    Santa Fe corn stix and peppery chickpeas look delicious!!

  911. Emily

    man. There are fewer things I love more than a good road trip with people you love! glad to see you’re having such a great time with your family. I would for sure snag the dark cocoa almonds or the citrus chipotle chickpeas. satisfy my sweet and savory cravings! :)

  912. amber castro

    I would love to try the pistachio power clusters or the peanut butter nom noms. They all look so good! What a great service to get people eating healthier. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  913. Alyssa

    Tropical trail mix and guacamole bites… okay, and peanut butter nom noms and the citrus chipotle chickpeas. Everything looks so amazingly nutritious and delicious!

  914. Florence

    The rice crackers look so yummy! My belly will luv it!

  915. mary

    this is awesome! dark chocolate almonds & dried pears look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  916. Natalia Gardner

    Mmmm..anything chocolate is up my alley…especially when it’s healthy.

  917. Laurel King

    Cranberry almond bites sound divine!

  918. Abby

    I would love to try the roasted chickpeas, I love chickpeas so they would be awesome!

  919. Katie

    I’d like the pistachio clusters because I love pistachio and you said they were good :-) Thanks!

  920. The chili lime pistachios sound amazing! Ps your pictures are just gorgeous!

  921. Kate

    The Aztek chia seed trail mix looks delicious!

  922. Bettina

    Guacamole Bites!

  923. Holy almonds! I’d like to try every flavor. Blueberry? Yes, please!

  924. Kimberly J.

    I would love the Acai Berry Crunch!

  925. Jen

    Almonds . . . trail mix . . . so many choices!

  926. Jennifer

    Wow . . . granola, chickpeas, bars, and, something for the little ones!!

  927. Katie

    Oh so many!! But most definitely the peppery chickpeas

  928. So many delicious gluten-free options! The PB&J Granola and Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas sound especially delicious.

  929. allison w

    I love dried fruit, that big island pineapple looks so good!!

  930. Lauren

    I would love to try the Cranberry Almond Bites! Living in NYC, I’m always looking for something healthy to tote around when I’m out and about!

  931. Ellen Williams

    oh man, so many to choose from!

    Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas sound right up my ally
    And Cranberry Almond Bites for a snack dessert sounds great!!

    I would also love to try the pepper roasted chickpeas and the vanilla Macaroon granola!!

    This would be so cool to get so I could convince my husband that healthy snacks are delicious too so he will let me buy them myself.

  932. Celeste

    yum! i would love to try the sweet blueberry almonds!

  933. Kristin Lloyd

    Howdy! I would love to try the honey crunch crisps or the peppery chickpeas!! Yum-o!!

  934. Melyssa

    I am always looking for a healthy snack to power me through the day, and the blueberry almonds look delicious! Along with the pistachio clusters or siracha cashews… so many great choices! Thanks for the giveaway Taza!

  935. Brittany Romanello

    EVERYTHING LOOKS DIVINE! poppy seed sticks, ALL the almonds, macademia pops, pineapple and tangy fruit. I would pledge for life if i liked them!

  936. Emily

    I would love this! The PB&J Granola seems so fun :)

  937. Sara

    PB&J Granola

  938. Romina

    Salted caramel pretzel pops!

  939. Lena

    PB&J Granola!!!!!!

  940. Becca A

    Love, Love, LOVE Naturebox! We have been subscribed to them since the last time you posted about their company! My boys gobble up all their snacks! Haven’t tried the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops yet or the Peppery Chickpeas. YUM

  941. Alex

    Sour dough cheddar pretezels!!

  942. Adrienne

    Yogurt Dipped Pretzels please!

  943. Lesley

    Ooooo, vanilla granola and blueberry almonds both sound fabulous!

  944. Stefanie

    Everything looks delicious! I’d love to try to Cashew Power Clusters.
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  945. Katriel

    I”m pregnant for the first time and one thing I’ve learned I have to feed my body really regularly if I don’t want to feel sick. Healthy snacks are hard to find on the go! I’d love to try the pistachio clusters!

  946. Lindsey

    Roasted sea salt chickpeas for SURE! Hope hope hope I win! Snacks are my very favorite kind of food. :)

  947. Whitney

    The Honey Macadamia Nut Pretzel Bites sound amazing!

  948. Analise Martinez

    The guacamole bites look amazingggggggg!

  949. Chrissy

    Cranberry almond bites – yum!

  950. Paige

    The siracha cashews look so yummy!! I would love to try those!

  951. megan

    i would love to try the citrus chipotle chickpeas and the pb&j granola!

  952. Mackenzie

    Oh my they all look so good! But I would have to say that the poppy seed sticks and the salted caramel pretzel pops look especially delicious!!!

  953. Rachel

    The cocoa waffle wafers look amazing!

  954. Jaime

    Oh, your road trip looks so relaxing and sunshiny! Lovely! I’m amazed by all the variety Nature Box offers… I think I’d try the figgy bars or any of the granolas or the pistachio power clusters. Thanks for the giveaway to you and Nature Box!

  955. Justine

    Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops! Holy cow I need some immediately.

  956. Sarah

    The blueberry figgy bars would be a favorite for my 3 yr old… But I want the salted caramel pretzels!

  957. Lesley

    Pretzel pops look amazing! The cocoa waffle wafers look tasty too.

  958. cody byrne

    Baked sweet potato sticks, yum!

  959. Nicole Wagner

    I would LOVE to try the Dark Cocoa Almonds, Pistachio Power Clusters, and the Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix. Everything looks so good!!

  960. Ashleigh

    Wow, so many options to choose from! The Pistachio Power Clusters and Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels look amazing!

  961. Deby

    I would love to try the pistachio clusters and any of the granola.

  962. Liz

    I would love to try the blueberry almonds, they look fantastic. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  963. Emma

    PB&J granola! Yum!!!

  964. Miranda S.

    Wow so hard to choose! The Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops sound interesting, I would love to try them

  965. Christina Cottrill

    french toast granola please! oh my goodness what a delicious website!

  966. Katherine

    What a great concept! I would love to try Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops!

  967. elvina

    dark cacao almonds and anything with pistachio!

  968. rhiannon

    I really want to try the honey crunch crisps!!

  969. Veronica Martinez

    PB&J granola

  970. MegJill

    The nut medleys look extra yummy!

  971. kristin s.

    honey macadamia pretzel pops. whaaaaat?? yes please!

  972. Love Naturebox!

  973. Heidi

    Ohhhh I can just see my toddler filling her cheeks with those sweet blueberry almonds and this mama wants some of that pb&j granola!

  974. Susi

    The blueberry almonds sound fab!

  975. Jamie

    Is it bad that I don’t see a single one that I wouldn’t eat?? SO HARD TO PICK. I think I’m curious to try the most, because it’s different, is the chipotle maple almonds. STRANGELY AWESOME SOUNDING.

    Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  976. hannah k

    oh my heavens i’m craving all of that dried fruit!but specifically the Dried California Peaches. glory food, right there.

  977. Kathie

    Pistachio clusters! Would be my first choice!

  978. Amanda

    I can’t decide between all of the delicious granolas! These would be so wonderful for a quick on-the-go breakfast or snack!

  979. i’d definitely like to try the pistachio clusters. My favorite nut!

  980. callie b.

    what a fun road trip! i am always searching for some yummy snacks and the salted caramel pretzel pops sound delicious!

  981. Bailey

    I would like to try the sweet blueberry almonds and the black and white granola! They look delicious!

  982. Lara

    I would love to try the pistachio power clusters!

  983. Yessenia T

    I love the fact that they have lactose free snacks! The pb&j granola looks good. Their corn chips and lone star nut mix seems yummy.

  984. Stephanie

    I’d love to try the seaweed rice pops and the peppery chickpeas! :)

  985. Dona Nguyen

    Wow, so many too choose from. I was really interested in roasted sea salt chickpeas, cranberry almond bites, seaweed rice pops, french vanilla almond granola, whole wheat apple pie figgy bars, cherry berry bananza, DARK chocolate berry trail mix, … the list endless!!

    If I had to pick ONE, then it would be pistachio power clusters.

  986. Anna

    I can’t decide between pb&j granola or island pineapple. I’ve been addicted to pineapple my whole pregnancy!

  987. Sarah S.

    Oh wow. All of that looks delicious! but I’m really intrigued by the sour cream and onion almonds ;)

  988. Anything peanut butter is a hit, so the pb&j granola looks awesome!

  989. Katie

    The Cocoa Waffle Wafers look delicious!

  990. Allie Angerer

    I have never heard of nature box before, how awesome!

  991. Holly

    The sweet blueberry almonds.., yum!

  992. Jen

    Just wondering where you got those awesome booties!?

  993. Wow, first of all, let me say I love how easy this site is to browse, especially if you have special needs (lactose free and soy free for example) It is awesome.

    I think: Accai berry crunch, dried pears and spicy chipeas sound great! yum-yum!

  994. Lauren C

    They all look delicious but my top choice would be the dark chocolate berry trail mix, followed by the chipotle maple almonds, and then any of the chickpea snacks. Yum!

  995. signe

    it all looks so good so hard to choose! maybe the apple orchard granola!

  996. Taylor

    I’d love to try the sour cream & onion almonds and some of the dried fruit like the plantains, pineapples, or Granny Smith apples! Thanks!

  997. Katie

    Seaweed rice pops!

  998. Lindsay Marshall

    The Pistachio Power Clusters sound yummy!

  999. Sarah

    Wowza, everything looks D-LISH! I’d try the Santa Fe Corn Stix and the dried Cali peaches first!

  1000. Lily

    Love this post and all of NatureBox’s products look amazing!

    Those Mango Almond bites, though….Those look like something I’d love, love to try!

  1001. Kelly Reyes

    The apple orchards granola please – so yum! Xo.

  1002. Katie

    I don’t think I could pass up some of those roasted chickpeas. mmm!

  1003. Caroline v.

    The banana bread granola looks amazing!

  1004. amber b

    Mmmm…the south pacific plantains look divine + granny smith apples +blueberry nom noms!

  1005. Alyssa

    Poppy seed sticks!

  1006. Kaitlyn

    The apple pie figgy bars and guacamole bites!

  1007. Jodi F

    PB&J granola…mmm.

  1008. Amanda

    The sweet blueberry almonds look wonderful!


  1009. Betsy

    I would love to try anything with almonds! Sweet blueberry, cocoa, etc. All amazing.

  1010. Sarah

    all the granolas look yum!

  1011. Diana

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    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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