sonnet james spring 2014 lookbook! and, a giveaway! [closed]

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i was over the moon last year when whitney, the incredible and creative talent behind sonnet james, asked me to be the face of her spring 2014 lookbook! as a mama of two little ones, i understand the need for a durable dress that makes me feel feminine but doesn’t restrict me from getting on the floor and playing with my children. also, let’s talk about how great a dress is that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, because goodness gracious my kids sure like using me as their napkin and paint canvas. anyway, i really love these dresses, especially with such a colorful and playful spring line.

we shot these photos last fall in the city over the course of a few days. eleanor and samson had a blast and i had a lot of fun running around with whitney and her team swapping out dresses under a big sheet on city corners where no one even looked twice at what crazy was going on (gotta love this place).

i share a few of my favorites from the lookbook below. you can see the entire lookbook here. all photos by remi stoneman.

and last but not least…at the end of this post there are details about your chance to win the entire spring collection of dresses! (that’s 20 dresses + 4 hats!!!)

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and now for a really fun giveaway! sonnet james is giving away the entire collection of spring dresses (that’s 20 gorgeous dresses + 4 hats!!!!) to one lucky reader in the colors and size of your choice! all you need to do to enter is visit sonnet james, then come back here and comment below with which dress is your favorite. the winner will be selected at random and emailed directly next week.

also, use the code LOVETAZA15 to get $15 off your orders this week only.

good luck! and thank you again to whitney for letting me play all over new york city in your beautiful dresses last fall! what a fun experience it was.

  1. Sophie

    What a great photoshoot!! So, difficult to pick just one dress,.. But I am choosing the Kate-dress :)

  2. Lyn

    I think my favourite is the mustard Quincy, or Bluebell………orr….

  3. Caitlin

    The Marni Dress (stripe) is my absolute favorite!

  4. That floral number for sure!! Wowza. :)

  5. Henrike

    I adore the pink pricilla dress! And since i am expecting my first child in april this would be such a treat!!!

  6. Lara

    I LOVE the Jil dress, totally cute, fun and feminine xxxxx

  7. Rcb

    Love the Kate dress!

  8. Sue Wengenmeier

    The Remi is awesome! Actually, they are all awesome. Taza, you are rockin’ them!

  9. You look absolutely beautiful in these photos! I love the Stella and Jil!

  10. Carrie

    Love your site! I like several. If I had to pick just one it would be Resse.

  11. Andrea

    Wow…what a find! I love the Stella in green…I have the perfect shoes to match too!!

  12. Rosemary Gray

    I am so ready for spring time and warmer days! No better way to enjoy my spring days than with the adorable Mami Dress in “The Pink Prisilla”. Dress it up for a special occasion or for a mom’s day out…it’s perfect! Thanks for sharing the fun and flexible outfits!

  13. Verity

    My favourite would definitely be the Doutzen dress – the colours are amazing!

  14. Sarah Gabrielle

    Hey Naomi what lovely photos of you and your beautiful family! they way you always look so effortlessly chic is inspiring! you are definitely a person i take fashion inspiration from. My faviroute dress i have to say was the Quincy dress. The colour and comfort of the dress definitely attract me, also living in Australia dresses like this are so easy to wear all year round! Thanks Taza for a lovely giveawayXX

  15. Hi! My favourite dress is the Quincy Dress in Mustard, love the colour and cut!

  16. Elizabeth

    I love love love the Mara Dress! So cute!

  17. Rosie

    I may not be a Ma just yet, but I would wear the crap out of these dresses! The Kate dress is my favourite. It’s so gorgeous!

  18. Peggy Webb

    What a fantastic giveaway! My favorite dress is the Constance! But all are so lovely

  19. Iva

    In love with these pictures !! I want to live in these pictures !! YOu are so very natural and beautiful and i miss your brown hair .. snif snif

  20. Felicity

    I’m crushing on that stripe Marni dress in a big way. What a great giveaway. Mama could really use some fresh dresses – and HATS!

  21. Juliette

    Very nice pictures : you look absolutly gorgeous and the littles are adorable !

    The collection is stunning and my absolute favorite one is the mustard Quincy dress. I love it and I’ll get it even if I don’t win ! Thank you for the giveaway

  22. Ewa

    Marini dress (the Pink Priscilla) is just gorgeous. Fantastic giveaway! Oh, how I wish to be selected… Lots of love! xx

  23. mirka

    I love love love your style!!

  24. Stephanie Berg

    I love the yellow dress!!!!!!!! I want it!!!!

  25. Anna

    I love all of them, and they look really comfortable to wear. I think my favorite one is the Bluebell dress

  26. Ann Wittenberg

    the pictures from the lookbook are beautiful. i especially love the shot of the three of you on the steps with the most darling smiles.

    my favorite dress from the collection is the kate dress!
    best wishes from bordeaux :)

  27. Berta

    The Kate Dress is lovely but I think my favourite one is the Bluebell Dress! ♥

  28. Eli

    Elise Dress together with Japanese summer hat and my life will never be the same! Fantastic lookbook, Taza! xxx

  29. Ildiko

    The ‘Kate’ dress is really lovely and classic but actually I love them all. All the dresses are amazing and this giveaway too :)

  30. Alyssa

    My favorite dress is definitely the Reese! I love the classic, simple look of the thin stripes on the white fabric. I can see myself dressing this up or down, and being comfortable either way. As a teacher, I need to be fully mobile at work with my students while still having a professional, polished appearance. Because of this, I have to say that I can also appreciate the mission of Sonnet James!

  31. Masha

    Oh dear I LOVE THEM ALL, such a gorgeous collection. Since I’m expecting a little one myself I just love how pretty the Remi dress looks!

    Great giveaway :-)

  32. annalee

    I love all these dresses, they look so fun. But my favorite would have to be the yellow with white sleeves. These would be perfect for a soon to be mommy like me. Hope to win :]

  33. Amiel

    What a fabby collection! The Doutzen dress makes me want to ignore the brooding Scottish skies outside, toss on my brightest frock and delight in the day ahead. Thank you ladies!

  34. The ‘Kate dress’ is my favourite. Love it!

  35. Anne

    These are all beautiful dresses! I love them all, especially the striped Reese dress!

  36. a chance to win the whole collection, amazing! i’ve got several favorites but the kate is definitely up there. you look gorgeous- congrats on the lookbook!

  37. Gabby Marchant

    A Stella Dress would be STELLAR. xxxxx

  38. Maggie

    I love the Stella dress, it’s so cute and looks super comfortable as well!

  39. Chrissy

    I LOOOOOVE the Reese Dress. A classic!

  40. Rebecca Robertson

    The whole collection is gorgeous and the Constance dress is beautiful! Would be perfect for my graduation in July and long summer days x

  41. Angela

    You make all the dresses look amazing. My favorite is the Reese dress.

  42. Amy

    Ah! Naomi! So beautiful. And those dresses! In love with the Kate dress. But seriously. I want them all! x

  43. Anita

    I love Kate dress :)

  44. Don’t know were to start, I just think you are really really beautiful, with so much class and elegance and a happy and funny side. This lookbook is amazing. I really think whatever you wear it looks gorgeous because you have great style and know how toput make up on and accessories! congrats! My favourite dress is the kate!!

  45. I love the Quincy dress in mustard…just wondered how clingy it is though?

  46. Clio

    The striped Marni is my favourite…but they are all SO gorgeous!

  47. Beth

    I love the Reese Dress! So classic. I really hope I win! x

  48. bryn

    I love them all, but quincy and mara are my faves!

  49. Jessica Coffey

    All beautiful dresses, but I especially loved the Constance! It would he do hard to pick because they are all really gorgeous and obviously well made. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Georgiana Filip

    I lovelove the pink dress with the white collar! It’s like a beautiful spring day :) Also, the photos are amazing, you make everything special, Naomi. Love and blessings to your family

  51. brit

    quincy dress! no jil dress! no quincy! ah!

  52. Lori

    True icon! Your style, creativity, your family… I hope one day I will have a family just like yours. I admire you Naomi.

    Lori x
    Brighton, England.

  53. Kat D.R.


  54. Ms George

    The Kate dress for sure. So cute!

  55. Ale Cretul

    Wow! They are all gorgeous. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say the Kate. Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. Jenn

    Oh…pretty!! I love the versatility of these dresses. I’m a teacher and they would fit the bill for sitting on the floor with kiddos all day while still looking professional. My favorite one is the pink “priscilla” dress. Classy!

  57. Lilly

    Hello, I have been following your blog for almost 3 years and it is one of my daily reads that instantly make me feel better – either i am sad and your colorful pictures of you and your family cheer me up, showing life from a different perspective or your honesty makes me feel like i am not alone and that all mothers/wifes/women go through similar life experiences, tests…
    But …talking about honesty…the amazing dresses by sonnet james were in fact the reason that i decided to step out from my anonymity, test my luck and share with you that the reese dress is my favorite one of all :)

  58. Allyson C.

    I love all the dresses, but the Kate Dress the most! What a fantastic giveaway!

  59. Nadya

    Love all the dresses, especially the Mara. x

  60. Megan

    I love the Marini Dress in Grey. I think it is classic and would look great with a bright sandle or accessory!

  61. Hannah

    I love the look book! The Kate dress is sooo pretty! Thanks for hosting an amazing giveaway :)

  62. Jessica

    OH MY! What a wonderful experience that must have been! As always your littles looked like they behaved so perfectly and created the perfect Spring Lookbook.

    My favorite dress is the Reese Dress. It is perfect for a sunny day on the boat or in the park, but also dressy enough that I could throw on a pair of heels and wear it to the office! With my job (Clinical Trials Research) anything that can easily be switched from work to weekend is a must have in my closet! With a 19month little boy parading around I spend all of my home time down on the floor racing trucks (or stucks according to him), chasing him around the house while trying to make pit stops to stir whatever food I have cooking on the stove for the next family meal. Life as Mamas sure are hectic and sometimes not-so-glamorous, but you make it look so effortless and beautiful! xox

  63. Kristen

    Oh gosh! Gorgeous! Help me out of my post-baby clothing rut! LOVE the Reese dress.

  64. DS

    I want to buy all the dresses!!! They look all practical and gorgeous! I especially love that Quincy dress in plum!!!

  65. Alex

    Marnie Dress (black)



  67. Jessie

    I really like the Remi Dress & the Panama grey hat! Great collection and I know I would wear these dress all throughout our city with my little almost 2 year old.

  68. THEY ARE ALL AMAZING! But that Quincy dress is calling my name! You’re totally babin’ in all these photos, p.s.

  69. Catarina Relvas

    My favourite is the Kate Dress!

  70. Linda

    Gorgeous – both you and the dresses!

  71. Lilli

    The lookbook is so colorful and happy! I’m dreaming of spring now. It’s really hard to choose between all these beautiful dresses, but I just love the Kate!

  72. Pamela

    Such pretty dresses and love the ease and chic ness of all of them. It’s hard to pick one, but I really like the lines on the Remi dress!!


  73. Maureen Flatley

    The Marni stripe is perfect! A dress I could wear all year long…….every single look is perfect!

  74. caroline

    Wow, such beautiful photos and such beautiful dresses (and babies, and decor, I could go on …). My favourite has to be the KATE, I can imagine it dressed up and dressed down. Close second is the Mara though! They’re all so versatile and stylish, I need more of these clothes in my life!! Congrats on a lovely collaboration xx

  75. Marin

    Wow, these dresses are totally my style. Love the Reese and the Mara dress in Navy/white ;) greetings from Europe

  76. dadou

    I just LOVE the doutzen dress! Thanks for this great giveaway oxox

  77. Marika

    They all look stunning but the Quincy dress in plum would have to be my favourite!

  78. Linda

    Thank you for introducing me to Sonnet James!

    Loved their videos and their lookbook (congrats Naomi!)

    I adore all of their items, but must say I really like the Constance dress and the flowery dress you’re wearing!

  79. ilma

    How lovely.. I’m not a mom yet but I do have a 19 years younger sister so I know about the messes… my favorite is the Reese Dress, and I also like the Remi in grey and black. Thanks for the opportunity! xo

  80. Megan Adams

    I love the navy striped marni dress!

  81. Laurel

    The Kate Dress is my favorite… I think I could even get away wearing it to work :)

    All the dresses are so lovely and seem so easy to wear!

  82. Sally

    Oh you look beautiful Naomi, and don’t the kids look cute as always! I really like the “Kate”, thanks for the chance to win.

  83. Anna

    So hard to choose but I love the Constance dress. As a new momma (in June) this would be amazing to win!!

  84. kate

    I love the Mara dress!

  85. erin

    love the kate dress!! that photo shoot is a gorgeous capture of a loving and hard working mama :)

  86. Laura


  87. Rosanna

    My favourite by far is the Reese! Lovely dresses

  88. Carole

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! You and your kids are so cute!! My favorite dress is the Remy Dress!! Thanks again!

  89. Angela

    I love the Jil Dress! Great giveaway :)

  90. I love love love the mara in gray/white/red, But there isn’t a dress that I didn’t swoon over!!

  91. Aphrodite

    I really love the love Kate Dress!

  92. Kyla

    I love the Reece dress!

  93. Leah Nagel

    Oh my goodness…I just loved this! We are expecting our first baby in July and these dresses would be perfect! I live in dresses during our Minnesota summers. Fingers crossed!

  94. Rodney

    I have heard my wife talk about these Sonnet James dresses for weeks now. I know she would love each one of these dress, I think she would look wonderful in a Marni dress. Kind regards.

  95. Bridget

    I love them all! But the Mustard Quincy Dress is my fav (even for a non-mumma!!)

  96. ashleymcw

    I love the Jill dress! I just know I could sit ‘criss cross apple sauce’ at a seconds notice with the kids and it would fold over my knees no problem – they are all beautiful and look so deliciously comfortable

  97. Elize

    My favourite? It’s a tough choice, each one is beautiful in it’s own way! The dress I would wear every day? The marni, the dress looks so comfortable and is still so stylish and feminin. I live in Antwerp, Belgium and I will be a good representative for this nice brand :)!
    greetings, elize

  98. NANA

    THE KATE – or – THE MARA. Can´t decide. Actually they all are absolutely stunning! What a fun lookbook and video! Wish I could live in NYC!

  99. Jody

    I love the Stella dress! The shapes make the color block so interesting!

  100. India Roberts

    Such forgoes dresses! I love the Reese dress x

  101. Jass

    As a new momma to be i really love the concept how easy going dresses sonnet james have introduced. I hope i can be an elegant and playful mom like you Naomi are. I really loved the KAte dress. Btw u look gud in all of them.

  102. Lindsay

    The Kate dress looks beautiful – flattering and timeless.

  103. I love the Quincy Dress in Mustard! Its the colour that I chose for my bridesmaids for our summer wedding and this just proves: it’s not crazy – it’s super pretty!

  104. natasha

    oohh, I hope the giveaway is worldwide because I comment all the way back from france!
    I love the KATE dress.

  105. inga

    kate dress! :)

  106. Courtney Raftery

    I can’t decide between the Kate dress and the Marni dress, they are both so cute!

  107. Julie

    I am loving the Marni dress in PINK PRISCILLA!

  108. Brooke

    What a fabulous line of dresses, and you look sooo cute and happy! Kate dress is my total fave. As a future mom (in just 20 more weeks!!!) this line definitely is appealing!

  109. mia f

    The Kate dress is my fav.

  110. erika battle

    All of those dresses are fantastic. And would be awesome before, during, and after a pregnancy. I love the Reese Dress. Can’t go wrong with stripes. What a wonderful giveaway.

  111. Luisa

    I love the MARA DRESS because of the color blocking and the shiny red.

  112. Gabby Headrick

    In LOVE with the Mara dress in all colors. Such a stunning, yet practical line!

  113. Lily

    Such CUTE photos

  114. Thays

    I loved the Quincy Dress (Mustard). Such a great line, they are all great!

  115. London George

    Such fun dresses! I love them all, but my favorite is the Elise dress!

  116. Ruby

    I want them all. what a beautiful collection of dresses. my favorite is the Constance dress. love the combo of colors and fit.

  117. Keegan

    I love all of the dresses! But if I had to narrow it down I would say the Reese is my favorite!

  118. ida

    My favorite dress must be the “Marni dress” in every color! Love it!

  119. Amy

    The petr a dress! Gorgeous family too Naomi! Thanks for sharing struggles and triumphs!

  120. Skye

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the Reese dress and the Constance dress
    They all look like fun and comfortable dresses to wear! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  121. waow ! what a treat !…thanks for doing this giveaway… look wonderful in all these dresses but I have to say my favorite one is the Quincy dress in mustard….

    goodluck to everybody (and me)

    best from Paris, France

  122. Lisa Borchardt

    I love them all, but I’d have to go with the Stella! Beautiful lookbook!

  123. Anita

    I really like the red one :)

  124. Jess

    I really love them all – but the pink Marni dress!!

  125. Mamilou

    I’d like to wear the REESE DRESS when I’m with my little one in France and elsewhere. Greetings from Germany! P.S. Ok, I like them all and especially on you with your great kids!

  126. Christine

    These are all so beautiful!!! I could never just choose one!! They would be perfect for this first time momma to chase her little one around all summer!

  127. Caroline

    The Reese dress is my favorite! They are all beautiful! Thanks for the chance!

  128. Rachel

    WOW! You look just fabulous in every dress and every photo (no surprise there!) This is such an awesome giveaway. I’m about to be a mom of 2 as well and I think I need a wardrobe upgrade. The Quincy dress is my favorite!

  129. brandy

    I’m all about pretty much every single one! But maybe more the Kate :)

  130. That full length ombre pink dress is AMAZING! You look absolutely stunning. Way to go, mama!

  131. Ashley

    I love the elise dress!

  132. hanna

    The reese dress is my favorite! -Hanna Lei

  133. Heather

    My favorite is the Kate dress!

  134. Anna

    What an amazing giveaway and the photos are beautiful! I love the Marni Dress in pink!!

  135. Bethany m

    I love the Stella dress ! The color and the geometry combine for a super cute dress!

  136. Jackie

    Wow! All of these photos and dresses are amazing. You look stunning. I cant decide between the mustard coloured dress and the pink maxi dress…would be amazing to win!!!!

  137. Marije Hellenthal

    Oh my I love love love these dresses! Especially the Quincy dress in Mustard. I have red coloured hair, so mustard looks always pretty on me:)

  138. Agnes

    “The Kate” is just lovely. And I love all the pictures with you guys …

  139. You look fabulous! Love all the lookbook, so fresh while having fun with your Eleanor and Samson. I like dresses that are both cute and comfy. I can’t choose only one too many favorites but if I have to choose I will restrain myself to the quincy (that mustard color is so cute!)

  140. amanda

    I really like the constance. It’s quirky enough to work with a heel, ballet flats or sneakers. It’s tough to choose only one from the collection!

  141. Clara

    I love the Kate dress, i think is Chic and still cossy at the same time.

  142. Danielle

    What a dreamy giveaway! I love the Marni strip dress and the entire collection!

  143. Hey,
    My favorite one is KATE DRESS. My size is M.

    Thanks Taza :)
    You are such a beautiful blogger.

  144. Amanda Kornazov

    Totally IN LOVE with the Jil Dress. It would be so perfect for my south Florida living with my little in tow!

  145. Megan

    I LOVE the Reese dress!! It looks cute but functional (i.e., not too short!) and I think I would probably live in it.

  146. Christine

    Love the mustard Quincy

  147. Claire

    Oh my what a beautiful collection of wearable dresses! I love the entire concept, as a mom of a three year old and 22 month old, being a walking napkin really resonated haha! The Marni stripe dress is so adorable and receiving the dresses would be a dream!

  148. Jayme

    What an AMAZING giveaway! I have 13-month old and another on the way in June – would love some great, cute “mom” dresses. My favorite is the pink Priscilla. :)

  149. Kristie

    You make them all look so beautiful, but I’m loving the Doutzen dress! So pretty!!

  150. Anni

    The Reese Dress : )

  151. Heather

    The Kate dress and the Quincy dress are my favorites.

  152. Love the Reese! Great pics!

  153. Emma

    Wow, dresses I can sit on the mat with kids with and not have to worry about showing anything! I adore the plum Quincy dress.

  154. The Reese dress is so classy! Wonderful line & beautiful pictures!

  155. Dawn

    I’m obsessed with that pink pricella

  156. Crosby Easterling

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Reese dress! Please make it mine!

  157. Kerewin

    They are all great! Love MARNI DRESS (NAVY)

  158. Michelle C.

    I love the bluebell, the quincy, the….ok I love them all. Such an amazing collection! I couldn’t rock them quite like Naomi but I sure would try!!

  159. Og my goodness, what a great giveaway! Although I’m not pregnant or a mot her (yet), it would be lovely to save these wonderful dresses for the future. My favourite dresses (i cold not pick only noe) are the Kate and the remi. I cross my fingers and hope to win! :)

  160. Eb

    Love them all! My faves are definitely a toss up between the Remi and Mara dresses!

  161. Dana

    Wow, thats wonderful. You look so beautiful.
    I love the Collection.


  162. Ellie

    hard to pick but i love the marni in pink. so cute!

  163. Celeste

    quincy and remi all the way!

  164. Dao

    The Reese! It’s divine. But then all of the dresses are as well.

  165. Gina Ann

    Love this entirely; my top pick must be the Quincy: so easy and flirty.

  166. It’s a toss up between the Reese and Kate dresses! The stripes look so cute on you!

  167. Noelle

    I love all of these! I would pick the Mara dress!

  168. Noémie

    I LOVE the Stella dress !! But the entire collection is great.
    “Bises” from France

  169. Preethi

    They’re all gorgeous, but I especially love the Kate! Thanks to you both!

  170. Ria

    Fingers crossed. With four children, I need a lot of play dresses. Can’t decide between two dresses…the Jil and the Stella. The color combos are perfect. You make them all look cute and cozy!

  171. Alexandra Ignat

    i love the stripes and navy one (kate). well, and the mara dress. ok. all of them..

  172. Claudia

    OMG, I LOVE the Mara Dress in Grey White and Red. Such beautiful dresses – and I’m wearing dresses non-stop! :)

  173. Rachael

    Love the Marni dress! :)

  174. The Doutzen dress is my have, I love the colours and the blocking, it’s so pretty! Those hat’s are so dreamy as well.

  175. Hatsuho

    I’ve been following Sonnet James since their kickstarter and I love ALL their dresses!! I’ve always loved the Doutzen and now I really want the Reese. Winning all the dresses would be a DREAM COME TRUE! I am a busy mama of two very active kiddos.

  176. Ana

    Beautiful photos! I love the Quincy dress.

  177. Jessica

    Love the striped Marni! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. I love the Kate dress, I really love them all!!

  179. Anne

    I love the kate!

  180. Emma Zupec

    These photos came out amazing!!! I love the Kate and the Bluebell. So adorable!

  181. Alea Crupi

    The Jil dress is amazing!

  182. the Marni is pretty much perfect! I am obsessed with their dance video and basically every dress – especially since they can double as maternity…brilliant!

  183. Ana

    the mara!

  184. Kristen Barter

    So hard to choose just one!! Umm, Constance!

  185. Jaspreet

    i’m not even a mom but these dresses are too nice!
    love the Jil dress. love the blog.

  186. Yvette

    I just ordered 4, but would love all of them! My favorite is the remi in pink! I was part of kickstarter and am in love with the design, durability and play the dresses have to offer! You look great as the playful mom!

  187. Mara

    Love, love, love Constance!!!

  188. Chelsea

    Love the Stella dress! All are beautiful.

  189. Kitty Hochner

    Stella dress is my FAVE!

  190. Kisfaludi Nóra

    The Mara&tha Marni but actually love them all. They are perfect:) Nice photos btw. Xoxo, Nóra from Hungary

  191. I’m loving every SINGLE item in this collection although the Petra Dress is calling out to me. Makes me wanna bounce into Spring in one of these sassy little numbers!!

  192. I want the Reese (and all) dress!

  193. I love the flowery dress!!! It is so spring like! And looks so comfortable, so I would definitely wear it :) I just love dresses!

  194. Esther

    Beautiful photos! I love the Doutzen dress! :)

  195. Kate Emmenegger

    The Mara dress! I love the punch of red :)

  196. Aura

    I love the Mara dress in navy/white. It will be a perfect dress to own for all occasions!

  197. Lauren J

    I’m loving the Constance dress! Nothing like running around after my kiddos and being stylish at the same time.

  198. Mary

    Wow! They could not have picked a more beautiful model! I love ALL the dresses but the Remi in black is my absolute fave! It would be perfect for my out and about days with my little toddler boo! Xoxo!

  199. Katie

    wow what a fantastic giveaway! You look great in all the pictures. I love the Constance and Quincy dresses the most, but they are all really pretty! Thanks!

  200. Cris

    Love Marni dress in every colour, but if I had to choose only one, my fav with no hesitate its the pink priscilla one!!gorgeous!!!

  201. Monika

    Beautiful and smart creations. I love Stella dress the most :) Hope you will come to terms with whatever is bothering you (that you wrote about in one of the last posts). I wish you a lot strength and inner sunshine.

  202. Amanda U.

    i LOVE the Kate dress!

  203. oh these photos! i’ve stopped wearing dresses after my last baby…how much fun it would be to try these beauties out!

    it’s hard to choose but my favorites are the marni dresses or the bluebell!

  204. INES


  205. Emily

    These dresses would be perfect to wear while teaching kindrrgarten! They are beautiful, yet seem comfortable enough to get down on the floor and interact with my adorable class of little ones. My favorite is the Quincy dress in mustard.

  206. Sydney

    I love The Quincy in yellow–so cute!

  207. Sooz

    TOO MANY! But the striped dress is daaarn cute. As is the rest, hihi!

  208. The Marni dress in Stripe and the Bluebell dress are at the top of my favourites list.

    As someone who struggles with femininity and function, I would absolutely adore these pieces from SONNET JAMES.

    Good luck to all the lovely individuals who enter, and fingers crossed :)


  209. Lindsey

    They are all so beautiful and comfy looking! I think my favorite is the classic simplicity of the Marni dress….

  210. Amanda

    I love the Mara dress! Great giveaway!!

  211. Sara

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    Beautiful dresses!! My favorite is the Reese or the striped Marni. What a fun and generous giveaway from you and Sonnet James!

  213. Alexandra Ignat


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    the reese dress is my fave! *fingers crossed*

  215. Lindsey

    I have really really wanted a Sonnet James dress for some time now. I’m SO excited about the new line and styles. I’m am so in love with the REESE dress. It’s everything I’ve wanted in a dress! I absolutely love the mar I dress too.

  216. Tatum Buhl

    I LOVE,LOVE the Kate Dress!! Total classic!!

  217. I love the striped Marni!!! You and your babes are adorable!

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    You look wonderful in every picture!
    I fell in love with the Marni Dress in Stripes, but as most of my wardrobe won’t be fitting in the next months, I would be so happy to win them all!

  229. Maria

    I love the Bluebell dress the most! All the best to you and your little ones, Naomi. Hugs from Prague

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  257. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove (that’s quite a bit of love!) the Bluebell dress! Though honestly, it is difficult to choose because they are all beautiful. The strip of white on the bottom makes the color blocking a little different, and the overall dress has a feeling of a lazy river Southern Sunday meets urban farmers market. Love, love, love. Thanks for introducing us to this great company!! I would love to be selected! My husband is a graduate student, and I could realllly use some new clothes!

    From your neighbor to the South in Princeton, NJ!

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    I love the Reese dress, although so many are intriguing. Would love to win :)

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    such beautiful dresses & you look lovely in all the photographs
    my favorite is the stella

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    my favorite is the “stella’ dress

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  277. I love them all but the Kate is a top contender! I desperately want this giveaway as we are able to move to the Middle East and I need lots of conservative, light clothing to wear while still being comfortable in the hot summer months and chasing after three kids!

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    I think the Doutzen dress is my favorite!
    Together with one of the pretty hats I will be ready for spring!!

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  280. I heart the Quincy!!

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  284. Oh, this whole line is dreamy! I have an 18 month old and am due with my second in June. I would love to have a closet of these beauties to maintain style while being a mom of two. If I had to pick just one, it would be the Remi in black and grey. I love the sportiness of it!

  285. Geneviève

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    i’m personally smitten with the Remi dress, it’s perfect in every way (and the GREY/BLACK combo goes with every and anything!)

  296. Heather

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    i love the remi dress in gray/black!!!

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    Such an amazing post – great to see such a fun, easy, stylish, and classic collection! Photos look great – you look like super mom!

    I also love that so many of these dresses have the stretch to use as maternity for awhile…something I’ll need sometime soon!

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  309. Wow – these are great dresses (and so are the photos!); so versatile! I like the Reese dress best.

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    Grace xo

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    I love the Constance dress, but they are all so beautiful.

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  353. They are all gorgeous, but the Kate dress is my favorite! So nice to see dresses that would reach my knees, and then some, without being a maxi!

  354. Danielle

    I love the Mara dress. I only wear modest clothes (skirts/dresses, covering knees and elbows) so this dress is perfect for me!

    Great pictures!

  355. Kate

    They’re all great! I think I love the Elsie Dress most though!

  356. Kate

    It’s a toss-up between the Kate and Reese dress. Kate may edge out because I like the name and the skirt looks like it might be swingy!

  357. Miriam

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    My favorite is the marnie, but i really love the kate and the remi!

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  368. Kim Edwards

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  374. Chantal

    They are all fabulous! The colours are just so fresh and bright! Torn between the Doutzen dress for the beautiful coral and white vibe, and the Quincy dress in plum.. The Doutzen makes the heart a flutter for spring, the Doutzen it is! x

  375. Anna

    I love the Remi dress the most!

  376. Maggie Ryan

    You and your children are beautiful! I love the Marni dress in all colors but especially black! Thank you!

  377. Jenny

    You look beautiful, as always, Naomi! Great shoot with your adorable children. I love all these dresses, but the Reese dress may have to be my favorite. (it looks especially great on you!)

  378. Jenn

    The constance dress is adorable! But really I love them all!

  379. Jessi

    I LOVE the Reese one, it’s both modern and a classic. Pretty sure you can go a long way with this beauty!! xo, J

  380. Casey Maughan

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  382. Danielle

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    This would be a very good day for me if I won!

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  388. Sammie Ellwood

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  392. Anna McGregor

    What a treat! I love all of them – they look so comfy & like wearing one would be an instant pick me up! My favourite one is the amazing geometric/ abstract floral one you’re wearing in the look book – I think it’s probably the Marni, just in a patterned fabric? Couldn’t find it on website – maybe that’s just my sleep deprived baby-brain! Xx

  393. Laura

    Love the Reese… I’m a sucker for stripes! :)

  394. Amelia Nezil

    Reese Dress please and thank you :)

  395. Karla

    I love them all, but the Reese dress is my favorite!

  396. Riina

    the doutzen dress with the yellow dot :)

  397. Su

    I’m totally in love with grey-whıte-red Mara dress! You lok absolutely amazing at those pics!

  398. Lyss

    My favorite is the Marni Dress!

  399. Marnie Brian

    I love the striped Marni dress—–cause my name is Marnie!!

  400. Julie

    Wow! I love the collection (and also, I want to be in their music video). Such a fun brand! I especially dig the Blue bell and the Kate.

  401. Eleanor

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  407. Les

    I love the white dress with navy (or is it black) stripes! Also the French vanilla/yellowy cream dress are wonderful! These dresses are adorable! With 4 young kids I sure could use new dresses that are meant for play!

  408. Lauren

    I love the Marni dress – so simple and easy!

  409. thera

    Oh wow I LOVELOVELOVE the Remi dress in black and grey, so fun and sporty, perfect for young mums!

  410. Misty

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, I love them all! I’d say the Kate dress is my favorite.

  411. jess

    That striped Marni dress! I die!

  412. Nichole

    I have been waiting not so patiently to order these dresses. I love absolutely every one. I really would love the Marni in khaki. I need these for my summer!

  413. Gorgeous dresses! I think my favorite is the Elise dress.

  414. Kristin S

    The Kate Dress is definitely my fave!

  415. Cassandra

    Oh my the photos are all beautiful! I love that Reese dress!

  416. Erin

    I love the Marni dress in pink!

  417. Megan

    love the striped Marni. adorable!

  418. krissy

    the constance dress is my favorite, but it was hard to choose from so many great frocks. oh my goodness, this would be such an amazing prize!

  419. Oh my gosh, what an awesome giveaway!

    The dresses are gorgeous, but the Kate dress is my favorite. So pretty :)

  420. Jackie W

    So hard to choose! I think the Constance dress is my favorite though. They are all so gorgeous.

  421. stav

    I love them all!!! So gorgeous:) The KATE one is definitely my favorite one!!
    Great pics Naomi and beautiful dresse collection!

  422. Nyema

    The Reese!

  423. Grace

    The reese dress – timeless!

  424. Marissa

    I absolutely adore the Doutzen! I had no idea there was a line of play dresses for mommas but I think it is utter genious. It’s a quick, yet chic way to dress without fear. I’m a momma of an active 8 mo old and plan to add another babe to the mix eventually, so I’ll definitely be adding some Sonnet James to my wardrobe!

  425. Megan

    All of these dresses are beautiful on you and the designer is ADORABLE! I absolutely love the Doutzen Dress!

  426. Alisa

    Love the Reese! Darling pictures of you, Taza!

  427. Jenna

    So hard to choose a favorite dress because they are all so darling! I torn between the Kate and the Jill. These would be perfect for springtime :)

  428. Stephanie S

    These are breathtaking. I love the Quincy Dress in mustard best but all of them are amazing and would be perfect for my growing belly this spring and summer! Thanks for the chance to enter! xo

  429. Marina Salinas

    I”m in LOVE with both the Constance Dress and the Kate Dress. They are both so beautiful. All of the dresses and hats are so beautiful.

    Also, the lookbook is lovely. Well done!

  430. hadkif

    I love the Marni – in navy! What a happy, colorful shoot…

  431. Jocelyn

    I absolutely die over the Quincey dress in either mustard or plum!

  432. Morgan

    LOVE the Kate dress!!

  433. Natalie

    I love them ALL. I especially love the colour block ones like the Mara, Petra and Quincy. I never win any blog contests. I have everything crossed. What a giveaway!

  434. I love all of them! But especially Mara in grey/white/red. So cool!

  435. Rachel

    I love them all but the Stella dress is my favorite!

  436. Anna

    Man! What a great collection! And washable!? The best! The Kate dress caught my eye, but I also was smitten by the Marni dress…I guess I’m a sucker for the stripes!

  437. Charu

    I can’t get over these lovely dresses! I’m unable to chose between the Remi & the Elise but if I had to choose, then I would choose the Remi :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  438. Haleigh Forebs

    These photos are so beautiful! What a great way to capture your family! I LOVE the Reese dress and the Petra dress – can’t choose! Thanks for such an incredible giveaway! I really hate feeling restricted when I’m playing with my 3 year old (because of clothes!) and these dresses look amazing for playing with the kids!

  439. Sarah

    I love the whole shoot and all the dresses. But I think my favorites are a toss up between The Remi and The Kate. Love!

  440. Leigh

    oh my gracious! you presented those dresses perfectly & now i want them all… the colors are really lovely & the wash’n’wear feature is a HUGE sell-factor for me! i love the Quincy in mustard & hunter, but the Marni stripe is adorable… i didn’t see the pokadot skirt you had on but i adore that as well – plus, i am a major hat person so those are all great!
    thx for the opportunity!!! :)

  441. Haley Sorensen

    I love the Remi dress! So fun for summer…

  442. Nicki

    Love the Kate dress. What a fabulous give-away! 20 dresses?!! Yes please & thank you!

  443. Ivanna

    The Reese dress is definitely my favorite :)

  444. Lyndsay

    Naomi, You are gorgeous in these dresses! I love that they’re all just the right length. It’s super hard to choose, but I think the Reese is my favorite. I like the way you styled it casual!

  445. Christine

    The pink Priscilla is perfect!

  446. Savannah

    oh I love the kate dress!

  447. Sarah W.

    The Marni dress–perfect for a picnic in the park.

  448. Faith

    Oh my goodness Naomi!! These photos are absolutely stunning. Not only do you look gorgeous in the dresses; they are such wonderful keepsakes of you and your littles. What wonderful moments captured :)


  449. Stella

    E & S are adorable!!

    Love all the looks! They capture the dresses and New York city’s charm perfectly.
    The Kate dress is gorgeous! I can see myself wearing it to school with some chucks or to church with a nice blazer. And it would be great as a transitional piece between seasons!

  450. Brittany

    I love the Reese dress! Super cute, and it looks comfortable.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  451. Lyra

    This is an amazing give away! The Quincy in mustard and plum are my favorites. All the dresses are so perfect for spring and summer. Crossing my fingers!

  452. Branca

    Oh, my! The Marni Dress! <3

  453. Lynn

    Lovely shots! The Kate dress is so cute!

  454. Terri

    I absolutely love the marni dress. what a beautiful pink color to bring in spring with! and i love love love the natural panama sun hat!

  455. Jona

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Quincy Dress in Plum! Thank you for this opportunity!

  456. Laura

    The Doutzen dress looks so fun! What an awesome idea this line is, thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

  457. lizzie

    my favorite is the kate dress! looks perfect for summer.

  458. Taylor

    So cute! My favorite is the Marni dress.

  459. Laura

    The Doutzen dress looks so fun! What a great idea this line is and thanks for the giveaway! :)

  460. Naomi

    So happy to find another Naomi in the world, we are few and far between :) You are beautiful and these dresses are so fun! I love the Constance Dress, the color blocking is perfectly casual!

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    Such lovely photos of joy and kindness and love.

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  514. Good post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
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    The Quincy dress in plum is my favourite, but basically I love them all.

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    My favorite is the Reese Dress! The simple stripe is great. I love how you styled it with your cap and read lips!! It is such a great basic piece to own!! Have a wonderful day!

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    this look book is so awesome! love the photos

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    Love your beautiful family!

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    p.s. lovely photos of you and the little ones

    Love from Germany

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    Thanks! xx

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    I love them all, but the Reese looks especially cute and summery.

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    Thank you, Taza!

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    Can’t wait for SPRING!

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  627. AK's Mom

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  628. Lacey

    You and your children are so lovely in all the photos!
    My favorite would have to be the striped marni dress!

  629. Katherine

    i absolutely love the bluebell dress :)
    with all my bills i hardly ever have any money leftover for clothes, so winning any of these dresses would be a dream! and the hats! oh so classy

  630. JZB

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  633. I’m in love with these! The dresses are amazing! And you look stunning! I think my favorite dress is the Kate dress, but really, they’re all awesome. Please and thank you for the opportunity!

  634. Kristin

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  638. I LOVE the simplicity of the Kate dress. It looks so comfortable and stripes can be worn during any season! I’m about to become a new mom so I could really use these adorable dresses!

  639. stephanie

    the kate dress is absolutely fab! and to pair it with the Dove Grey Panama Sun Hat!

    absolute stunners!

  640. Myrna

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  641. Olivia

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  642. Lucy

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  643. azin

    What a beauty you are, mama. The dresses were made for you to play in. The Elise dress is just my type, and I’m hoping it would look as good as me as they do on you. Cheers!

  644. MD

    Beautiful collection! The Quincy dress is my fave!

  645. Elena

    Ah, what a nice collection! Super-duper!!!
    Oh, the Kate dress is fantastic! I would jump around the whole Milano in it :) and not only Milano, believe me :D

  646. i LOVE the REESE dress!

  647. What a beautiful collection! I am so in love with these dresses (and your blog!)
    The Kate dress is a favorite if I wad forced to choose, but I absot adore them all!

  648. Alison

    I love them all but I think the Qunicy dress in mustard is my favourite!

  649. Diana

    Naomi, what a great opportunity for your readers(us) love all the looks if I have to pick one will be MARNI DRESS (THE PINK PRISCILLA)! THis will be a great way to update my closet this spring which is full of dark colors.

  650. Carrie

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  653. Leslie

    Their web shop isn’t working for me right now, but I love the coral dress w/the white collar! Stunning.

  654. How do I choose! They’re all so wonderful. I love both the Quincy and Reese :)

  655. Riley Leitner

    I love them all! The Reese and Constance are my favs. Great line and this mama loves dresses!!!

  656. Joey

    I LOVE the doutzen dress! I love these dresses! They’re simple but chic and so easy to throw on when you don’t have a lot of time (as a busy mom) to think of what you’re going to wear.

  657. Camille

    I’m not even a mama and I love all of these!! Can we all just revel in the beauty of the Quincy, Jil, and Kate dresses?? This shoot leaves me so inspired…time for a shoot with the girls, it would seem!

  658. Paola

    All the dresses are swoon worthy!!! But I must say my top two are the Mara and Bluebell dresses. The lookbook is pretty amazing too..congrats Mama!!!

  659. Valerie

    Oh, they are all so darling! I think the Kate dress has to be my favorite. I’m having my first in May, and these dresses look like the perfect mix of comfy yet cute for spring & summer! Very excited about this new line and crossing my fingers for some wardrobe help for this new mama! :)

  660. Alissa

    i love seeing your face as i click through all the dress photos – you look great! the reese is my favorite – thank you for introducing us to such a fabulous site!

  661. Michelle H

    The Marni dress but followed very closely by the Petra and Kate dresses. What an adorable line! I love it!

  662. Bárbara

    I love this collection, it looks as if it was made especially for you, Naomi! All the dresses look so casual and comfortable, and yet so stylish! I think my favorite is the bluebell dress. Great giveaway!

  663. Dana

    all the dresses are really beautiful and playful, but i really love the kate dress, its really classy. love it!

  664. Tracy

    Stunning–you and the dresses! Love the Elise dress.

  665. alice kipling

    quincy dress!

  666. Ellie

    I love the Marni dress in stripe… perfect midi length and nautical stripe!!

  667. Irina

    I absolutely love kate dress!!!

  668. Tammy

    Love all the dresses! Especially Kate and Reese. xoxo

  669. Lauren

    Definitely the “Constance” dress in passion fruit. So cutie!

  670. Sarah

    I love the Kate and the Marni!

  671. danielle h

    This post just made me long for NYC Spring in the biggest way! I love the anticipation and build up of Winter into Spring, there’s nothing better — makes it all worthwhile. That Marni dress is my fave, perfect for endless Spring and Summer walks around the city

  672. Laura

    Such wonderful dresses, but my my favorite has got to be the Reese dress!

  673. Lisa

    These dresses are so beautiful!!!
    My favourite one is the “Jil Dress” :)

  674. Allison

    Are you kidding me with this giveaway!? I have been admiring Sonnet James since you last posted about them – beautiful dresses! If I had to choose one favorite, I love the Jil Dress!

  675. Emily

    I’m having a hard time deciding between the Reese dress and the Doutzen dress…actually, I love them all!

  676. jen

    The Marni Dress in Pink Priscilla has made it into the number one spot on my wish list. It’s like a little preview of Spring! And those hats are to die for….

  677. deanna

    oh wow, i want to win this so badly! these dresses look so comfortable AND modest for chasing small children. i love them all, but i think my favorite is tied between the kate and the remi.

    ::crossing my fingers::

  678. Emma

    Oh the Bluebell is my favourite – so whimsical and perfect for a summer picnic. With 2.5 year old and 6 month old daughters – these dresses would be a dream come true. Perfect for chasing after littles and still looking out together. Thanks for the chance!


  679. Kiersten

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the Kate dress.

  680. Morgan Mackay

    The Mara dress is my fav!!! I love the navy and white. These dresses are perfect!

  681. Abby

    Every dress is perfection! :) I’d have to say the Reese dress is my favorite. I can’t seem to stray away from stripe pieces! Obsessed!

  682. Emily

    What a lovely give-away! I think my favorite is the Kate dress. I would also LOVE to try those hats. Adorable!

  683. kristin

    hmmm, can i say ALL OF THEM?? :) I am loving Kate and Stella :)

  684. Lisa S.

    I love the Mara dress in navy and white. Although, I love all of the dresses!!

  685. Brooke

    I love all of them, but I think my favorite it the Quincy dress.

  686. Amelia

    love that floral one in the photos! but i don’t see it on the website. also loving the quincy in mustard

  687. Estefane

    But I’m Brazilian.. Can I compete?
    Love the Marni Dress in blue ♥

  688. Lindsay

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    xo Josephine

  690. Tawnie Bryant

    Oh my gosh. I’ve never bought one of these dresses, but I think I’ll need to! Love the Mara Dress. That POP of red at the bottom! BTW you inspired me to try on red lipstick for the first time, and I’ve never looked back. Thanks!

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    LURVE the Marni dresses! So Beautiful.

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    Love the Kate dress, and the sun hats!

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    I love the Constance dress – so lovely!

    Also, this post made me wish & hope for warmer days – Thanks Naomi! :)

  701. Alma Wall

    I am the mother of a very active one year old little guy. I cant believe how incredible these dresses are! I would not have to feel like a frump going to the park anymore : ) Thank you for the opportunity! I really love the DOUTZEN DRESS!

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    I’m torn between the Marni dress in khaki and the Reese dress – they’re both lovely staples!

  703. suzanne ly

    omg, i love these dresses! as a working mom that’s a perfect dress to wear to work and come home & run around w/ my toddler w/out skipping a beat…the Mara dress (grey,white,red) is my favorite…

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  705. Molly

    Reese is my favorite!!

  706. Megan

    Oh I love all of these! But a favorite would have to be the Marni dressed-striped! So pretty! I have a ten month old and live in comfy clothes chasing after her, so these dresses seem like a nice way to look nice but stay comfy!

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  715. The pink and floral dresses are to die for! And of course, I love anything with stripes! The dresses are amazing, they look so comfy and I’m so excited they’re modest for us Mormon girls! ;) Love, love, love!

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    And you and your kiddos look beautiful in the lookbook!!

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  726. Waffles0930

    My favorite dresses are Jil, Quincy and Kate. Very classy and stylish yet they look so comfy to wear. What a great line for moms!

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    That Quincy dress in mustard, love!

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    The Kate Dress has my name written all over it!

  729. Tara Barnes

    I would love the Reece Dress. Oh how I would love this dress! I just became a new mommy to my little boy Rockford.

    I love your blog Naomi. I read it every morning with a cup of coffee. Great job!
    Have a great day!

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    The Kate dress is my absolute favourite, and all would be perfect for a spring wardrobe <3
    Thanks, Naomi, for another pretty opportunity.

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    what a beautiful collection!!! naomi, you make the collection look so appealing!
    i love love love the floral dress you are wearing while riding the bike – which name i couldn’t find on their website.
    these are just the dresses i have been looking for!

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  758. Kristen

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    The Kate dress!
    I need to thank you for introducing me to here dresses…
    Something from a simple idea and full passion behind it has created a line that is perfect for a Momma! I love them all!

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  772. OMG, first time hearing of Sonnet James… what a GREAT concept!! Love them. I think Remi is my fave… although I love all of them. Thank you for hosting!

    ~Tabitha :)

  773. Jen C

    SO pretty! Love that Reese dress in particular, but all of these would make this mama of two very, very happy!

  774. You are so adorable!! These photos are lovely, what fun and cute dresses. I am loving the Marni Dress in Stripe. So perfect.

  775. Lindsay

    That floral dress is to die – I’d pair it with white Vans to make it a little tomboy-ish.

  776. Neltje Maynez

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    I love all the dresses…I have three children under 5 years of age and I live in dresses in the summer and fall.

    My favorite, if I had to pick from all the ones I love, is the Marni dress in Navy.

    Thank you for making great clothes!

  778. Sheri

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  779. Emily

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    I’ve never seen a dress like this, it’s so fun!

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  799. Jessie Pierce

    I am absolutely in love with the all the dresses, especially the kate dress. if i won this giveaway i wouldn’t have to worry about shopping this spring!

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    Seriously they are all AMAZING! I ordered more than I was planning I am in love with the white/grey/red Mara dress. I mean SERIOUSLY!!!

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    I think the Kate dress is my favorite, but the Marni in Navy is fantastic too!

    What great spring photos!

  814. Lyne

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  815. Rachel

    Naomi! Thank you for such a FUN giveaway!! I LOVE/Need all of those dresses but my favorite (which was hard to choose because they are all so amazing) is the DOUTZEN DRESS = b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I was sold when you said it didn’t have to be dry cleaned! Hallelujah!! SonnetJames is amazing!

    Whitney’s company sounds amazing! She’s practical and believes in fair trade and working locally! Its awesome that your able to be apart of something that has values!

    thanks again! and thanks for putting yourself out there on this blog! you guys know how to have fun.

  816. Anna Mercedes D'Ambrosio

    hola taza! I love the Marni Dress (stripes) because it looks so cute and flattering and I could wear it on my mission and even ride a bike!! I’ve been looking for a dress like this everywhere!! thanks so much!

  817. Perrine

    My favorite is definitely the striped Marni dress.
    Beautiful collection and lookbook =)

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  821. Kelsie Rae

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  822. olivia

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    The Kate dress is my favorite

  823. Eek! You look so beautiful!! I just love love love the Quincy dress in mustard — my favorite color!

  824. Bethany

    The Stella Dress is my favorite. The juxtaposition of the colors is so fun!

  825. Nicollette

    WOWWW I love all of these dress and Taza you make them look extra pretty!! I love the JIL DRESS, sooo stylish and romantic :0) My 25th birthday is this wednesday time to start dressing with absolute priceless stlye:)


  826. Whitney

    These dresses are seriously gorgeous! My favorite is the Remi. I would love to win!

  827. Sadie

    I LOVE the Reese dress! The length is nice (so many similar styles are too short) and the sleeve length. The Doutzen is also completely adorable. Yes please!

  828. Eva

    My favorite one is Marni Dress in pink priscilla!
    Xoxo Eva

  829. Krystal Duran

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  830. Lindsey

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  831. Fatima

    Such effortless, chic dresses! I will definitely be purchasing some for my summer travels! My favorite is the striped Marni dress- such a great take on a classic bateau shirt.

  832. i’m not a mom, so not sure if i qualify! but i’m sort of just swooning over the Reese & Jil dresses. these are gorgeous. i’ve followed the sonnet james instagram for awhile and it always just makes my heart soar!

    ps: these pictures, my heart! what sweeties!!! :)

  833. Samira

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  834. christian

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  836. Jill Z.

    All the pictures are great! I especially love the Reese dress. As I was scrolling through the post I immediately wanted that one!

  837. Bribedell

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  838. Jillian

    I love the Doutzen dress!!! I’ll buy it even if I don’t win.Thanks!

  839. Heather B.

    they are all my favorite! love the lengths, love the simplicity yet attention to detail, love it all! I think the reese would be a definite go-to – I have a weakness for stripes :)

  840. Lily

    Oh wow beautiful! I’d love them all.

  841. Oh those photos are fabulous! I am expecting my first baby (a little boy) in June! So looking through website was fantastic. I love the Remi and Marni dresses =) They would be so cute to dress up the bump.

  842. Manijeh Kamyar

    The Reese all the way!! Here’s to hoping :)

  843. jen

    Love! Especially the Marni dress….I need that in every color. i’m also a sucker for stripes though too!

  844. caroline

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  845. Darian

    All of them are absolutely gorgeous, but if I had to choose just one dress from this beautiful collection….it would be the Bluebell dress. It looks so effortlessly gorgeous! I would love to own it!

  846. Emily Hale

    As a breastfeeding mom the bluebell dress is perfection!

  847. Sarah

    I’m truly torn. The mustard colored Quincy dress is UH-mazing, but so is the orange Petra. Anyone who gets these pieces is one lucky gal! Like a whole new Spring/Summer wardrobe all wrapped up!

  848. Rinda Romney

    All of these dresses kill me! The marni, bluebell, jil, and the one you are wearing while riding your bike with Eleanor and Samson… Gosh. They kill me. They are all pretty fantastic! And the hats!

  849. Lexa

    The Stella! That green is divine!

  850. Casey

    The Reese is such a beautiful dress, and the quality makes it something you know you would want, and be able, to wear everyday!

  851. Mishel

    I love that mustard dress with the off-white sleeves! So chic!

  852. Deidre Gibb

    What an awesome giveaway! It’s so hard to choose just one favorite. I love the Reese dress and the Marni fess in that beautiful pink Priscilla.

  853. Hillary K.

    The kate dress is my favorite. So cute!

  854. Mia J-M

    What beautiful dresses and lovely photos! I think my favorite is the Kate dress, but I love the versatility of all of them!

  855. Meredith

    The Mara Dress!

  856. Tamara

    What a fun line. I love the Marni Dress (stripe).

  857. Amber G

    I love the marni dress in grey – i think i would wear it everyday!

  858. Victoria

    Wow! What a beautiful idea and what lovely dresses!! I absolutely love the Mara dress!! And the hats. And everything. Thanks so much! I love reading your blog. I hope you’re feeling better as we leave January and get into February! But thanks for sharing with us a bit about your feelings in January. We love you when you’re up and when you’re down! Thanks, Naomi!! xoxo

  859. Preston

    My favorite is the Marni dress in pink priscilla! love it.

  860. Justine

    You and your little ones are absolutely adorable in these pictures!

    I have my eye on the Reese Dress!!

  861. Amy

    The Reese dress! So perfect for summer.

  862. B

    I love the Constance!

  863. Ann

    I love the Kate dress! :)

  864. Nathalie

    Gorgeous dresses, but I really think the Petra dress is just so unique…would love to wear it – and as a mother of two whose wardrobe doesn’t fit…I really could use this!

  865. Rhianne

    I love the Kate dress and you look stunning Naomi :)

  866. Liana

    The Reese dress. It’s just… perfect!

  867. Katie

    So hard to choose, but I absolutely love the Marni Dress. Beautiful photos!

  868. Amanda

    I love them all, but my fav is the Marni dress (striped).

  869. Emily L

    The mara is my favorite!

  870. Emily Colby

    They’re all so cute, it’s hard to pick! I think my favorite is the Remi, though. I love it!

  871. Bailee

    I absolutely love the classic simplicity of the Reese dress!

  872. Erin

    That Marni dress needs to be in my closet!! I love the color and maxi dresses are becoming a favorite of mine. I love how versatile they are- great for the office and weekends alike :)

  873. The Kate Dress is gorgeeeeeeous! :)

  874. Mackenzie Harding

    They’re all so amazing, but I especially loved the Kate dress!

  875. Sarah

    Just discovered your blog through a friend and I absolutely LOVE it! I started reading from the beginning and I truly truly enjoy reading (and seeing) about you and your family! And these dresses are super stylish and durable, what more could a girl ask for! I am in love with the Kate and Constance dresses – so wonderful :)

  876. Steffanie

    I love the Kate dress!

  877. Maggie

    Love the Kate dress too ;)

  878. Karin

    WOW! These dresses look so cute and comfy- just my style. My fab is the Mara dress.

  879. AJ

    The MARA dress – all the colors are fantastic. The dresses are all so flattering!

  880. Kelly

    So hard to choose but I am a sucker for stripes and I LOVE the Reese dress!

  881. Kelly Nicole

    This is the most beautiful and perfect photo-shoot!
    I love all of the dresses, but especially the Jil dress, the Constance dress, and the Mara dress. All of them are so beautiful!

  882. C Merriman

    I love the Remi Dress in grey/black. Such a fun/sporty casual dress!

  883. Mallory Williams

    Love all of these pictures! The dresses are beautiful! My favorite is the Quincy dress in mustard! So hope I win!! :)

  884. Lakshmi

    I love all the dresses and the hats! My favorite the Constance dress!

  885. Ashley

    what a beautiful collection of dresses and HATS! my favorite is the STELLA dress. thanks for being such an inspirational mama!

  886. Paula

    How do you pick!!!! Crazy love them all but especially the Kate dress! I reeeeallllly hope they make there way to South Africa one day! excited to see more!

  887. Melissa

    I LOVE the Constance Dress, but I’m also tied with the Kate dress and the Reese dress!! Would LOVE to win these! i was just saying i wanted to feel more feminine chasing after our little 8 month old but need it to be flexible! these dresses would be perfect!! fingers crossed!!

  888. Amanda

    You and the kids look great! And these pics really make me miss the Spring/Summer in NYC. Hope it will hurry up and get here.

    My favorite dress is the Marni Dress — I am a sucker for stripes!!


  889. i absolutely loooove the remi dress! and the kate. and, well, so many others. thanks for sharing! the lookbook pictures are so great.

  890. Samantha

    I love the Kate dress! They are all so beautiful!

  891. Liz

    Oh my gosh – I adore the Stella dress. I love outfits that accentuate the bust with a lighter color and do the opposite to one’s bottom half with a darker shade. Plus it looks perfect for sitting indian style on the floor while kiddos climb on you! Beautiful :)

  892. sarah

    I love the Petra dress! They all look so comfortable- definitely a step up from my everyday leggings attire! The dresses are beautiful, yet casual. Oh boy would I love to win!

  893. Jana G

    Oh my! What beautiful photographs & dresses! It’s definitely a tie between my favorites: The Kate, The Mara (either color) or The Bluebell!

  894. Megan C.

    Love the Reese. I hope I can be as stylish a mom as you are!

  895. Eli

    I alsolutely love Kate and Reese Dresses!
    Nice collection!

  896. Krista

    I love them all! I want to see more of the blue and white dress pictured in front of the teepee- I think that one is my favorite! I’m so glad you introduced us to sonnet james! I can already tell these will be a wardrobe staple for me :)

  897. Madeline

    My favorite is the Reese dress! How perfect is it?! So excited about this company, what a fantastic product.

  898. Grace

    I love the Kate dress! :)

  899. Amanda

    The Reese dress is my favourite!

  900. Addie

    Just from a glance… I think I’ll have to go with the Reese dress :)

  901. Raquel

    The Marni dress in pink Priscilla is awesome! Love it!

  902. marni or elise or bluebell! AHHH there are so many lovely ones. They are Awesome!!!!!! Love everything Sonnet James is about:)

  903. kate

    omigosh what an awesome giveaway…so hard to pick just one, but I gotta go with the Kate!

  904. Maddie

    Oh, that Stella dress.

  905. Mallory Williams

    I don’t think my last comment posted! I love the Quincy dress in mustard! :)

  906. Krystin

    They are all beautiful but I’d say the Mara!

  907. Tori

    Love all the dresses but the Marni is amazing!

  908. Katie Perkes

    So many wonderful dresses, hard to pick just one favorite! I must go with The Kate! Dying over how cute they all are.

  909. Cassie tremblay

    I love love the Reese dress and the care, I am so stunned at how gorgeous these are, so incredible!

  910. Katelynn

    Love love the Kate dress! Would be so comfortable to work in!

  911. sarah

    Petra dress!!!

  912. Rachel

    The stripes of the Reese dress just call to me! (I wish I could pick all of them!!!!)

  913. Marisa Jones

    What a beautiful collection! I think my favorite is the Reese dress!

  914. Taylor

    That Kate dress is love man! So fun for even a COLLeGE student who likes casual fun clothing :)

  915. I LOVE that mustard and cream dress!

  916. Lena

    Oh, how I love these dresses! My favourite dress is the MARNI DRESS (STRIPE). It’s everything I love in just one dress. The stripes (makes me looks french), the length (I can get on my knees without stretching the dress) and the material which makes it so comfy to wear.
    I just love it! It’s so great.

  917. Jueli

    that jil dress! i can see it dressed up, dressed down, but most of all perfect for those sunny, summer days! can’t wait for warmer days to come.

  918. Abby W.

    Oh my, so many great dresses! I am not sure which is my favorite, it is a toss up between the Quincy Dress in Mustard or the Reese Dress. Thank you so much for sharing this post!

  919. Jena

    Quincy and Kate are ADORABLE.

  920. amanda

    i’ve been eyeing these dresses for ages! they’re just darling- so cute and so practical. i love that you can dress them up or down. and i love the new lookbook! (i think the petra is my fave!)

  921. Kerri R.

    So pretty! My favorite is the Kate dress :)

  922. Kristine

    So hard to choose one! They are all fabulous. I’m thinking the Mara in grey, white and red is my favorite!

  923. alexis

    The marni dress (stripe) is so awesome. Love the styling with a floral scarf. COME TO ME, SPRING!!

  924. I love The Mara with the red colorblocked bottom. Grey is my current go to neutral and that pop of red is perfect!

  925. Leah

    I love the classic lines of the Kate dress – but I think all of them are fabulous!

  926. Kendra

    Love the Kate dress!

  927. I love the Marni dress, especially in the stripes!

  928. Lauren B

    Love love love the QUINCY DRESS (MUSTARD). As an expectant mother, this is a MUST for spring!

  929. Margaret

    I love the Doutzen dress and adore the floral number! Love them all- so feminine!

  930. Leslie

    What gorgeous photos! It’s hard to pick just one dress, but I think the Marnie in pink is my favorite.

  931. Zoe

    Those photos are amazing, you all look adorable!! I have one little girl and a new baby on the way, I’m loving the collection, so perfect for mamas. The reese dress is just gorgeous such a great everyday piece. love them.


  932. Anne Mueller

    The Constance Dress is my absolute favorite! The perfect mix of tomboy and girly.

  933. Megan

    Love them all, especially the Kate dress! Thanks for this giveaway. Since having my son, I feel my wardrobe needs a
    Little refreshing- would be so excited to win these beautiful dresses!!!

  934. Rachel

    i LOVE, LOVE this new designer!! It’s hard to pick, but I think I like the Marni dress in navy the best- all of them are sooo cute though!!

  935. Sarah

    I can’t even handle this giveaway and how in love I am with these dresses! The KATE, PETRA and STELLA – how can a girl decide? I’m daydreaming about strolling around the city with my new baby girl in one of these dresses this spring!

  936. Lara

    love, love, love the quincy dress in mustard!!!!

  937. Alison Woods

    The Jil dress is my absolute favorite! They are all fun and look incredibly comfortable! :)

  938. Laken

    Every one of them is perfection! But I think the Kate dress is my favorite :)

  939. Ally

    These are all beautiful, but I think the Reese dress is my favorite!

  940. Jordan

    I love the Marni dress, it looks so versatile!

  941. Lauren Keranakis

    The mustard quincy dress is to die for!

  942. Jocelyn

    The Kate!!

  943. SEM

    you are so stunning!

    i really like the quincy in plum! what a lovely shop.


  944. sally

    I love the REMI DRESS and would be perfect for my preggo self!

  945. Kim White

    I love the Marni in grey…you dress it up, or dress it down. Love it!

  946. Karissa Carpenter

    I love love love the Constance Dress! Super cute and cheerful for spring!

  947. Hi Naomi !
    Those photos are so beautiful ! You are the perfect face for sonnet james :)
    I had a crush on the reese dress, cross my fingers !!
    Thank you so much for this giveway.

  948. Page

    My favorite is the kate dress!

  949. Beri

    I love the Mara dress with the col0r block with red trim! Thanks!!

  950. Erin Geier

    LOVE the Quincy dress!!!!

  951. i adore the mara dress! so fun and bright!

  952. Katie Cadwallader

    the photos are perfect!
    i love the kate – because that’s my name, and i live by the seaside so nautical is always in style :)


  953. gem

    Your are so stunning!! Jill and the Reese dresses please! so cute.

    ps I think I almost cried reading E’s birthday post,

  954. Carlyn

    LOVE the Marni dress in stripe. This is an amazing giveaway right before spring :D

  955. K

    I love the Marni in black I can already imagine all the mixes I could do at home with that beauty.

  956. Annastasia Richardson

    Oh man these are so great!
    I would have to say the Reese or Mara are my favorites.
    tough to choose!

  957. Emma

    The Quincy Dress in Mustard is wild! I love it.

  958. Jeweli Oatley

    I love the Kate dress! This is a great collection!

  959. B0bbie

    The Reese dress!!

  960. Natty McGlynn

    Mara Dress, that colour blocking is great! xo

  961. Heather MK

    Love the Marni dress! :) Thanks for the fun giveaway – it is exciting to look forward to springtime + dress weather!

  962. Allison

    The Kate or the Marni (in any color!). Lovely lookbook – beautiful as usual!

  963. Allison

    Love the way the dresses are styled. They look like they’re made for you. My favorite is the Elise dress.

  964. Katie

    Reese dress for me – want it to be Spring so I can run round London in it with a pair of pumps x

  965. Whitney

    Taza. I have been obsessed with these dresses since well before the kickstarter last year. Winning this would literally be my wildest dream come true. And the Marni in pink is my current favorite.
    Thanks for spreading the Sonnet James love. She is such a talented designer and seriously, have you ever heard of a dress company with better motivation behind it? So excited to play with my little boy in a new Sonnet James!

  966. Natalie

    I love, love, love the Kate dress!!

  967. Kylee

    These dresses are amazing! Doutzen Dress is my favorite!!

  968. Kayla

    I ADORE the Marni dress in the stripe. OMG.

  969. Emily

    I will have to say the Elise dress since that is my oldest’s name and I love anything b&w!! What a great business idea we need good options for us moms!!

  970. Sara

    Wow! You look so beautiful I love your lipstick in all the photos, I love the Marni dress in every color! Such an easy thing to throw on-“socially acceptable pajamas” but so fashionable/comfortable/appropriate length/perfect!

  971. Vanessa Rae

    I love the Petra dress although I would probably pick the Marni since I can’t help but gravitate towards a good stripe! What a beautiful line, thanks for sharing!

  972. i love them all but if i had to choose one i would pick the marni stripe dress! so amazing! xx

  973. Brittany

    All beautiful but love the Stella!

  974. katie beth

    If I had to pick just one… I’d pick the striped Reese. You can never have too many stripes, right? (I may have too many striped tees, but totally NEED a striped dress!)

  975. Lauren McDermott

    They are all amazing, but the Kate dress is just PERFECT.

  976. Claire Hawkes

    I love the Kate and the Stella dress. I’m so glad Sonnet James is back! And I love the new hats!

  977. Kim

    Ahhhh! Honestly how amazing would it be to win this?!? Hard to choose just one. But I love the Petra or Elise dress!

  978. lig

    Hands down the mara dress!!

  979. Jess J.

    Things don’t get much better than that Reese dress! LOVE the style, The fit. The design.

  980. Ashley Henson

    My favorite is the Reese dress!!!

  981. MARINA

    Definetily the “MARNI DRESS (THE PINK PRISCILLA*)”!! And all of them! You looked gorgeuous! Congrats!

  982. Sonya

    Oh my, how do you choose just one? You look stunning in all of them. The Reese dress is so fun!

  983. The Kate dress, for sure! Anything with stripes is the dress for me!

  984. Lauren

    I love the Petra dress! Thank you both for such an amazing giveaway!

  985. Elise

    I am in love with the whole collection, but if I had to pick just one, I would go with the Pink Priscilla Marni dress – perfect for a playful spring!

  986. Kayla

    I love the striped Marni dress! All of the dresses are just darling! Thanks for the giveaway!

  987. Leah

    I love the Elise :) It’s perfect!

  988. Nina

    Love, love love the Constance dress! It would be fantastic to win because I’ll be expecting a little boy in May… :)

  989. Jo Farmer


    You make motherhood look really good. :) You beam with happiness in this role that you were meant for. In these photos, especially, it is apparent–all the beautiful colors of spring in your attire and the leafiness of the world around you really create a fun backdrop to showcase a mother’s love. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. They’re a joy to see.

    The Reese dress is my favorite. When I saw it, I didn’t see another striped dress–I saw endless bike rides around town, lazy car rides with ice cream and my husband, wading into cool springs looking for treasures, and easygoing date nights where it didn’t take an hour and a half to look put together. It is worth every penny for clothing that does the work for you, leaving your hands free to hold babies close or hail cabs or pot spring flowers. This whole collection does it so beautifully.

    Jo Farmer

  990. Cristi

    I love how feminine and versatile they all look but if I had to pick one my favorite is the Kate!

  991. Sidney Hambsch

    It’s so hard to pick favorite, they’re all dreamy! But if I had to pick it’d be the gorgeous Kate Dress. The Jil Dress comes in a close second though. All of these threads are just lovely- thanks for the opportunity!

  992. Bonnie

    I adore the petra dress!!

  993. Yaindy roque

    The video ! Hilarious !!! I love them sll but the STELLA and DOUTZEN are my favorite. I would really love to win. I’m pregnant with my third baby and these dresses seem so beautiful and comfortable and chic. Pick me pick me hahaha xo. ;)

  994. Ali

    What an incredible giveaway! I love the Remy dress in black/grey and the Quincy dress in mustard. Fingers crossed!!!

  995. Ali

    Reese dress is fabulous!

  996. Brittney

    My favorite go-to would definitely be the Reese dress wayyy cute and playful and easy to move around with the little babies :) These are beautiful and such a wonderful idea!

  997. Carolina

    I didn’t know about this brand and when saw the collection I loved it!
    All of the dresses are amazing but my favorite is THE BLUEBELL…

  998. Ruth

    Stella, Stella! :)

  999. hallie b

    love the reese dress and the dove gray hat! so great that these would stretch to accommodate my growing preggo belly!

  1000. Becky

    I love, love the quincy dress! Such an adorable website!!

  1001. shelley

    this is the most amazing giveaway I think I’ve ever seen, such gorgeous clothes! I love the Reese dress

    You look beautiful in these pictures!

  1002. Caitlin

    The Kate dress is just incredible!!

  1003. Amber b

    Love this collection of modest fun dresses! Not sure how to pick just one but it’s between the Reese and the kate. She couldn’t have chosen a better mama to help launch her spring line!

  1004. Sarah

    The Kate is my favorite!

  1005. Jenna

    Hard to chose just one! But I sure do love that Marni Dress!

  1006. Courtney

    Oh my gosh I am so excited!! The entire line is GEORGOUS and looks so so comfortable. I will say that I am positively in love with the Constance dress. Thank you so much for the chance and for introducing me! :D

  1007. this is so sweet! i adore the remi dress.

  1008. Constance

    Love the Constance – not only because it is my name but colors and shape are lovely!

  1009. Kelly

    Quincy Dress (Mustard) , 100% head over heals for it. Perfect the way it is, but can also be accessorized and used on many different occasions!

  1010. estee


    They’re all amazing! Girl power! Mom power! Awesome.

  1011. Anna

    Gorgeous photos! The Reese and the Doutzen are my favorites!

  1012. Aly

    I LOVE the Kate!

  1013. Bita

    I love love love the constance dress!

  1014. laurel albrecht

    The Marni dress! But! So incredibly hard to choose. All of the dresses are gorgeous.

  1015. Andi

    The Reese…no, the quincy, no, no, the constance. who am I kidding all of them!!

  1016. Jen

    The Quincy dress in Plum!! Too cute.

  1017. Kate

    they’re all gorgeous, but i think Jil is the one!

  1018. Sarah

    I love the Kate dress! xo

  1019. Amy Canby

    Beautiful all, but the Marni Dress is a dream. And pink!

  1020. Erin

    The Doutzen Dress!!! i love them all but this one is so unique and seems like a great fresh look for spring :)

  1021. Monica Gonzalez

    I LOVE THE QUINCY! In every color, Its the perfect length and looks like it has there perfect stretch so you can wiggle with your babes and look cute for your husband. xxx

  1022. Kelsey

    I love the reese, sooo stinkin cute!

  1023. Amanda L

    Kind of obsessed with the Marni dress, I’m a sucker for lovely stripes!

    Also, these photos are amazing; cannot wait for springtime in the city!

  1024. Selena

    I’m in love with the Kate dress!

  1025. Reese dress! This giveaway is a dream, I would wear them
    Every single day!!! :)

  1026. Alecia

    Love the Kate dress! So pretty!

  1027. allison

    love the marni dress!! the pics of you and the kids are gorg! such a great treasure to have!!

  1028. Bailley

    Beautiful pictures! And how fun! All PC the dresses are so pretty but I think the Jil dress is my favorite!

  1029. Sadye

    The Reese dress

  1030. Emily

    In love with the Quincy Dress in Mustard!

  1031. Meagan

    Loving the Kate dress! What a great collection and giveaway;)

  1032. Margaret

    The shop was being updated when I visited, but I love the navy stripe dress you’re wearing above! Such cute and versatile pieces. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  1033. Hilty

    Oh wow! I love these dresses and supported kickstarter. This is an awesome giveaway. I think the Kate dress is my favorite.

  1034. Jordan

    I love the Reese dress!

  1035. Hailey

    Absolutely love the Marni Dress! Could wear it every day.

  1036. Elizabeth

    Love the Remi dress!

  1037. Jess

    I think I’d have to pick the Jil dress!

  1038. Okay, so this may be the very best giveaway you’ve ever done. I love love love the Kate dress (not just cause we share a name), the Mara and the Mustard Quincy.

    I’m a SAHM and husband works 3 jobs. I can honestly say I can only buy close after Christmas bc I have gift cards. Other than that, needs for my son have to come first, plus we are adopting and that drains all our extra money. Winning this would be amaIng. But even if I don’t win, I’m thankful to have discovered this shop. I really appreciate all Sonnet James has accomplished. Fashionable dresses. Modesty. And playable! So genius!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. You and your tots look fantastic!!

  1039. Kate Ford

    My favorite is the fuschia bodice w/ white/cream sleeves! These dresses are fabulous!

  1040. Allison

    The Jil Dress is fresh and cute!

  1041. there isn’t a dress in this collection i wouldn’t wear! i love that a few of these dresses have buttons so you could breastfeed. I’ve sorely missed wearing dresses while nursing.

    The pink dress with buttons you’re wearing isn’t in there shop… bummer! I’d buy that one in a heartbeat!

  1042. Cassie

    Such lovely, lovely dresses! I love Petra the best, but would be happy with any one of them.

  1043. Vanessa

    Love the Reese dress!

  1044. Kelly

    I love both the Jill and Marni dresses!

  1045. LS

    Love the Kate dress!

  1046. Kaitlin

    Oh dear………. how do you choose just one? If I HAD to pick it would be the Kate dress. I have a soft spot for stripes and it is just adorable. But to have all of these dresses, I can’t even imagine!!!!!!!!!!!

  1047. Amelia

    LOVE THEM ALL. wow. So cute. Would love the stripes Marni especially. Hard to pick a favorite though!

  1048. Lisa

    Oh my gosh. Love them all. I would die if I could own all of them. The Reese Dress, though is my favorite. I would wear it out that’s for sure!

  1049. Kathy

    Oh my, I love this entire collection! The Kate dress is just my style.

  1050. Kat

    All of the dresses are simple and chic! My absolute favorite dress is the kateness dress! I can wear it to work and or dress it down! Pick me! Plus I can save those dresses when I am pregnant!

  1051. Rebecca

    I pretty much wear dresses all day, and am loving the Doutzen dress!

  1052. Maritza

    Holy cannoli, i L <3 V e all of them!!! Especially that stellar Constance dress – fancyness!!!

  1053. I don’t usually enter in giveaways, but this is just so fabulous that I couldn’t resist! I love the originality of all the dresses, they are all simple but beautiful! Marni is my favorite, but I also love Kate and Reese! Crossing my fingers!

  1054. Al

    I love the Doutzen dress!

  1055. rachel

    So hard to choose! i really like the Remi dress though!

  1056. Lacey

    I wasn’t familiar with Sonnet James before now, but I really like the whole idea behind the brand. I especially love the Kate dress.

  1057. Bethany

    I’m kinda deeply and madly in love with the Reese Dress. I die over all things stripes and this dress just looks ridiculously comfortable and easy!

  1058. Angel

    The mustard Quincy! You did an awesome job as a model, they need to book you again!

  1059. Jo Farmer

    PS–And can we just talk about how this collection so perfectly blends the effortless pinnacles of French style with the demand for functionality of an American mother? Seriously.

    Jo Farmer

  1060. Rachel

    Even without having any (human) kids I am totally in love with this line!!! Seriously, so beautiful, carefree, and practical! Hard to choose a favorite, but the Kate and the Mara are definitely calling my name!

    PS this look book is my complete “mom=spiration’ for when I do have kids!

  1061. Janelle

    Oooh, the quincy. That’s a tough choice.

  1062. Marie Chavez

    I Love love love love the Marni Dress

  1063. Kirsten

    love the kate dress!

  1064. Ericka

    I adore the Reese dress functional and beautiful, great combo!

  1065. Janine

    I love the Kate dress.

  1066. Heidi

    I love all of Sonnet James dresses (back when she was a Kickstarter project). I have been waiting for Feb 4 for the launch of her dresses (I have checked numerous times, but before the website was ‘password’ protected). I love the floral dress you are wearing, but was unable to find it–The Marni dress is such a staple (especially in all the colors it comes in). Thank you so much for the coupon code for this week!

  1067. Tira

    Love the coral dress with the white collar. But they are all awesome!

  1068. Sarah

    The marni dress is absolutely perfect. I’d have a hard time deciding between the pink and the stripe though. I love them both!

  1069. jill

    these are all so pretty. have to say the stella is my favorite though.

  1070. CathyHW

    So many to choose from! I love the Mara dress in Navy and White best.

  1071. Megan

    I’m not even a mom (yet!) and I love this collection! The Jil Dress is so lovely.

  1072. mel

    the reese dress is my fav:) beautiful pics with your beautiful littles!

  1073. wow, that’s pretty awesome. love the quincy!

  1074. Britney

    What absolutely gorgeous dresses! So excited about this company!!! I love the Kate dress

  1075. Laurel

    What beautiful dresses!! And fully functional for playing in with my children. Love it!! Hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the Marni. Thanks for sharing this great collection!

  1076. Joyce

    definitely the Marni dress in Pink Priscilla! LOVE IT!

  1077. Kate

    The Kate dress is my favorite, for obvious reasons :D

  1078. This is my favorite giveaway ever! I love the Marni Striped dress. You’re photos are fantastic! Congrats.

  1079. Anne

    I love the Kate dress! So hard to choose since they are all so fantastic. :)

  1080. Nicole

    i love the reese! so cute!

  1081. Kate

    The Reese dress is EVERYTHING. I love it!

  1082. Taylor

    I love all of them! They look so cute and comfy! But my favorite is the striped Marni dress!!

  1083. Iris Taylor

    Doutzen dress!

  1084. Celina

    Love the “Kate Dress”…so cute!

  1085. LH

    Well I definitely want that floral number! But if not, the Kate or Remi…or just about any of them!

  1086. J. Nicole

    Petra :)

  1087. Allison

    The Kate Dress is absolutely stunning!!!

  1088. alyse

    ohhh, I love them all! I love the Reese dress, I think. I can’t afford a $100 dress so man, getting a giveaway would be awesome.

  1089. Tyler Theile

    What an awesome giveaway! I think the Jil dress would have to be my favorite!

  1090. I love the Doutzen Dress! But all of them are fab! :)

  1091. Sara

    I could wear the mustard yellow Quincy, or the Marni everyday – or all of them really!

  1092. jessie

    These dresses look so easy to wear! LOVE! Beautiful cookbook :-)