my baby is 3. happy birthday, baby girl!

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in about 20 minutes, at 1:16am, little miss eleanor turns three years old. when i asked her if there was anything she would like to get for her birthday,  she said, “well, a happy cake! a dark blue happy cake! with sprinkles!”  it sounds so simple and ordinary, but if you could have heard the excitement behind that request, you’d know that this one little thing meant the world to her. i just want to bottle up her tiny voice and keep it forever.

it’s hard to describe a typical day with eleanor. it is full of such vivid imagination and play. she’ll wake up and announce she is some character from a book we’ve read or an animal from the zoo.  lately she has been “little red riding hood” and she won’t break character for hours. not even once. not until she announces she is eleanor again.  she’ll kindly remind you too, if you call her by her real name eleanor and not her pretend name, that she is little red. or a panda. or a shark. or whatever she might be.  eleanor especially loves to play pretend with anything that has a “big bad wolf” in the story… so she is also often a little pig (and unfortunately i am always typecast as the wolf. ugh! she tells me to huff and puff.  a lot. and chase her.

eleanor loves to teach samson new things and new words. just tonight she was holding his hand in the nursery trying to show him how to jump on only one foot! it was kind of the most adorable thing ever. they jumped together. they fell down a lot. and then they laughed so loud.

eleanor is caring and loves to offer to sing a song to anyone who might be sad.  she always remembers to bless her food, and thank her heavenly father for “mama, papa, samson and me.” she also lists out every member of the harrison family, because she likes them a lot, and a bunch of her other favorite people.

it is sometimes hard for eleanor to try new foods these days. she likes to say, “maybe later” whenever there is something she needs to eat that she doesn’t want to eat. we often find though that once she does finally try a new food, she likes it. it’s interesting how that works.

sometimes eleanor doesn’t want samson to touch her toys, especially her doctor kit (unless he is being her assistant which is a case by case privilege), her scooter or her panda bears.  there have been days i find her trying to take all these things with her to the potty or to her bed because she doesn’t want samson to get them. occasionally she will go into the nursery and close the door and want to be alone. “i just need a little space” she says, and i get it. i like my alone time, too.

my favorite thing about eleanor at this stage are our conversations together. she loves to ask me questions and somehow will remember details and events of things we did so long ago, i am always surprised when she reminds me of them. i really enjoy our chats. she can carry a conversation so well. it blows me away.

i want to always remember these things and hope writing this will help me with that. i love and adore this baby girl of mine. these three years have flown by. she is getting so tall and so smart. i am so very proud of the beautiful and confident and brave little girl she is growing into and am grateful for the chance to be her mama. she teaches and pushes me so much each day. the last three years have been the very best years and can’t wait (actually i can – you know how it goes) to see what this next year brings for her.

happy birthday, beautiful baby girl. i love you. i love you so much.

  1. Emily

    Dropping guacamole into my lap to with your dear, sweet Eleanor a magical day!

  2. Lindsay

    Happy birthday, Miss Eleanor! I still remember that three was my absolute favorite year – I cried on my next birthday I was so sad to leave it behind. I hope you have the most perfect day, sweet girl!

  3. Such beautiful, beautiful words, Eleanor is so lucky to have you as her momma!♡ y’all are a picture perfect lil family & I enjoy reading all your posts. Happy Birthday Eleanor!! You beautiful baby girl!

  4. Holly

    She seems to have such a lively, exciting personality. It’s been amazing to watch her grow through Instagram these past few years. Happy birthday, Eleanor! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful moments you get to experience as a family. Your children are absolutely adorable!!

  5. Andrea

    I just smiled the whole time while reading this special little post. Happy Birthday to your little darling!

  6. Julie

    Happy Birthday, little Eleanor! I hope you have fun being three and keep drawing masterpieces!

    xo from Santa Fe

  7. Bea

    This is one of the most wonderful “Happy birthday” from a mother to a daughter that I’ve ever read!!
    I really think you have a wonderful family!
    Happy 3rd birthday Eleanor!!!

  8. Emily

    I’m up absurdly late decorating for my baby’s first birthday party in the morning (though her birthday is on Sunday). I can’t stop staring at the pictures I’ve plastered all over the wall that we’ve taken since then. How does time pass so fast and so slow all at once? It’s so hard to believe! And I can’t believe Eleanor is THREE! I discovered your blog like, a week before she was born. That Time, I tell you….he’s a sneaky one.

  9. nanette

    happy birthday eleanor! she is the sweetest.

  10. Danica

    So crazy how time flies! I’ve read this blog since you just got married….happy birthday Eleanor! What a blessing, I pray that you guys have a wonderful birthday for her! Look forward to seeing pics!

  11. Elise

    This is such a sweet post Naomi! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  12. Sára

    Happy birthday E! I hope your day is amazing..
    I thought it might be fun to know that in Denmark we say “Tillykke med fødselsdagen” :)

  13. bliss

    happy birthday to you, too, mama.
    you’ve done just beautifully with her.

  14. Isabelle

    Awww…. so cute!

  15. How funny, last night I sat and listened to my youngest talk about his day at school, and he acted the party of the big bad wolf in the three little pigs!! Happy birthday Eleanor! X

  16. Happy birthday Eleanor! Hope all your birthday wishes come true x

  17. pauline

    Joyeux anniversaries from Paris adorable Miss Eleanor! I wish you a wonderful day full of love and laughs with your parents and sweet little brother.

  18. Holly

    Happy birthday, Eleanor! It’s been a joy seeing little snippets of your journey from baby to little girl. I remember reading the post where your mama and papa announced your name — it was perfect. Have a wonderful birthday full of happy blue cakes and many, many sprinkles.

  19. Al

    Happy birthday little miss E. :)

  20. Anya

    “i just need a little space” – this totally blew me away. So grown up!
    Happy Birthday, Miss Eleanor! You make many people who don’t even know you in person smile :)

  21. Lauren

    Three years?!!! Where did that even go?
    Happy Birthday Eleanor! I hope you have a beautiful day and eat lots of happy cake!


  22. Teffy

    So so cute. What a precious little one.
    The happiest birthday to her =)

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  23. JM

    Aw, happy birthday to your little lady. I didn’t realise her and josh’s birthdays are so close together.

    She sounds utterly precious, and this is a wonderful age. She always looks so happy and smiley, what a joy she must be to you.

  24. Anne

    Just gonna remove my tears, so I can type my congratulations right. ;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY little miss E!! I love reading about you and your precious family and will be sending you happy thoughts from Denmark throughout the day!

  25. Cassandra

    Happy birthday, Eleanor! What a sweetie she is!

  26. Sarah Gabrielle

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous Eleanor!!! I have been following your mothers blog for quite sometime and seeing you grow has been a true delight. I hope you have an amazing day with your beautiful family eating cake, singing sons and being happy, happy 3rd birthday E!

  27. Jemima

    Happy birthday little E!!! She is adorable and so, so sweet. x

  28. Peter Schmalz

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! Keep being the super cute girl you are. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, you make my life better and definitely funner

  29. Maria

    I found your blog almost 3 years ago and I fell in love with this little baby girl who would put her feet on the table while she was eating. I follow you since then. You have a lovely family and the cutest kids.
    Happy birthday from Spain Eleanor!

  30. Alessandra

    Happiest of birthdays sweet Eleanor!! I hope you have the best 3rd birthday with all your pandas, and favorite characters but especially because your family loves you so! :)

  31. What a sweet, funny little girl. Happy birthday Eleanor! It’s such a privilege to see how you develop and learn all about your family. Naomi, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, we all appreciate it so much; it’s an honour. God bless you and your family

  32. I’ve been devouring your blog since a few weeks ago, when i found it. I’m in love with your posts and family! It is truly a delight to read and to follow! Congratulations to your beautiful baby girl Eleanor (such a beautiful name too)! :)

  33. chelsea

    So sweet! Happy birthday to your little one!

  34. Laura

    I love this! So beautiful. I hope one day I will experience the same. And happy birthday to your little girl!

  35. Sarah

    Darling, just darling. You should take her to see the panda’s at the San Diego Zoo! They just got extended for another 5 years or something – and they are adorable!

  36. Abby

    Happy birthday, Eleanor! What a great little girl.

  37. Ariel

    Awe this post is so sweet! Eleanor is such a little beauty on the inside and out. So much love to her on her special day. The world is lucky to have her. ;) Thank you for sharing with us. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!!!

  38. Amanda H.

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor!! She is so adorable!

    A little girl (or boy) with an imagination is always key! she is so cute!

    (FYI this means i have been reading your blog for 3 years now! wow!)

    (and… one of my older brothers birthday was yesterday (31st) and one of my little brothers birthday is today! funny how that is.)

  39. TRACY

    happy birthday lil E. you are so loved!

  40. Briseidy

    Feliz cumpleanos Eleanor!
    so beautiful! lovely pics

  41. Dani

    Oh sweet Eleanor. Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing the spirit of your daughter with us!

  42. You have got an amazing child there. Wishing her the very best on this most special day…

  43. Emma

    Beautiful post Naomi. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating Eleanor’s birthday!

  44. vicky

    happy birthday, sweet E! what a beautiful gathering of stories to share. all of this just makes me so look forward to have little ones to share our lives with.

    hope her 3rd is the most fun ever! have fun eating your dark blue happy cake, ‘little red/panda/shark/little pig’/Eleanor ;)

    blessings all the way from Texas! Love.

  45. Ana

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor!!

  46. TJ

    Oh goodness, what a great collection of pictures! She is such a little cutie. I think my favorite is when you said she goes in to her room and “wants to be alone” for a while. Too perfect!
    xo TJ

  47. Jimena

    Ohh!! The way as you describe her is the sweetest thing I had read in my life! Happy Birthday Eleanor!! Happy birthday mum!!

  48. Happy Birthday dear little girl. And thank you for sharing your life here with your mama’s friends, because we sure do like to see what you are up to. You can make anyone smile.

  49. Sheena

    Happy Birthday, sweet Eleanor!

  50. maggie

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor! What a lovely way to remember her at this age – your writing is fantastic!

  51. shalan

    I love that she has the imagination required to stay in character after bouncing out of bed! I know full fledged stage performers that don’t have that kind of concentration!



  52. Lauren

    Happy birthday cute little Eleanor! You have a lot of fans and friends who remember you before you were even born – thanks to your Mama! Such a sweet and beautiful little girl, and lots of us are excited to see what this life holds for you xx

  53. Sinead

    Happy birthday Eleanor! 3 is such a fun age :-)

  54. Bonnie

    Happy Birthday sweet Eleanor! I’ve read your mama’s blog ever since you were born! I hope you have the most magical, wonderful day!! I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you. Just keep growing as the way you are right now, you’ll become an amazing person. Happy birthday again, E!!!

  55. Brooke

    Oh my gosh, reading this was so sweet. Eleanor is such a sweet and funny little girl! It’s been so neat reading this blog and watching her “grow up” through your posts. God has truly blessed you with a beautiful family. Many blessings to E and you all!

  56. hanna

    Happy birthday to her! -Hanna Lei

  57. I LOVE HER! enjoy a magical day :)

  58. Cintya

    E sounds like such an intelligent young lady and I wish her the very best of birthdays!

  59. khanh

    Happy sweet 3rd birthday Eleanor!
    i love watching you growing up from my pc. i always showing you off to my hubby. look at my e child, she is the cutest girl ever!! and thanks mama for sharing beautiful and precious moments to us.

  60. bri

    she sounds like such a joy to be around. happy birthday, eleanor!

  61. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little girl. Loved the way she asked for a ‘Happy Cake.’ So precious.

  62. Jess

    It has been fun to “watch” grow up. She seems so funny, intelligent and sassy. I want to be like Eleanor! Thank you for sharing – I don’t have children yet, so it’s been fun to read about her.

  63. Janis

    Such a simple request for her bday, how cute! :)

  64. Hilty

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! It’s my birthday too and your cake sounds perfect. I think I’ll make one tomorrow.

  65. Happy birthday to the cutest little girl I have ever come across.

  66. tilly

    oh eleanor, you really are the cutest of cute! reading this post bought a huge smile (and even a giggle or two!) to my face! you really are a sweet little girl from what your mama writes and the pictures she shares. i love your personality, just like your mama says, you are growing into a beautiful and talented young girl! have a very happy birthday e because your 3! may it be filled with joy, laughter and lots of love. have the bestest day ever! love sent all the way from australia, tilly :) xx

  67. Melissa

    Congratulations on another year of being a wonderful mom! What a sweet gift this blog is to your future generations. Happy Birthday to your little dear!

  68. Queenie

    What a beautiful post! Happy birthday Eleanor :) xxx

  69. Chelsey

    Happy Birthday to your little E! Love her mini photo shoots on this blog– such a stylin’ little one <3

  70. Nathalie

    Happy birthday Eleanor!

  71. Branca

    I just realized that you never called Eleanor “my princess”, nor has ever posted anything that relates to little-girls-are-little-princesses or Disney characters or anything of the sort, no, you’ll call her “brave” and “confident”. This is incredible. You’re definitely doing a great job raising this little fantastic person! You’re an inspiration!

  72. PAuline

    This article, like many others is very touching. Eleanor is a beautiful little girl. When I see Samson and her ,it makes me want to start a family! Your children are beautiful.
    Happy Birthday E!
    Pauline from Paris

  73. Sini

    Happy birthday Eleanor from Finland! She sounds like fun little girl, you can be a proud mama!

  74. jenna

    such a great imagination for such a little girl! that’s great. she’s going to be a smart little cookie as the years progress. happy birthday eleanor!!

  75. Tina

    Happy birthday Eleanor!!! And congrats on the anniversary of giving birth! Always celebrate yourself today too :)

  76. jennifer

    I really wish I had blogged when my older children were little because it is so true the memories fade over time especially with the low sleep and busy lives.

    That is an aspect of having my blog now that I love. Recording these little stages so that I will have at least a better chance at remembering them later on.

    Your love for you family is inspiring.

    Happiest of Birthdays little E.

    xoxo from san francisco


  77. Joanna

    Oh, I laughed so hard when I’ve read about jumping with Samson and “i just need a little space”.

    You have such a sweet girl!

    Happy birthday to her!

  78. i loved reading this. How funny that just through pictures and posts on a blog, I feel like we can totally see what you mean! Eleanor is really special and seems so very smart and such a great older sister!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  79. Carolyn

    How is she even three? Like, where did that time go?! Golly gosh!
    This is actually one of the sweetest posts and she honestly sounds like such a gem!!

  80. Delia

    Happy Birthday to little Miss E!! how quickly the time flies


  81. Kelcey

    Eleanor seems like the sweetest little girl! Happy birthday!


  82. Jessica

    Happy 3rd E!!! She’s growing into such a beautiful little girl. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog and seeing her grow from baby to toddler!!

  83. Janeanna

    Happy birthday, Eleanor! I have been reading your blog for about a year and have loved seeing her grow up and watch she and Samson become best friends. They are the cutest!

  84. Isabelle

    Un très bon anniversaire à la merveilleuse et adorable Eleanor !
    Ma petite fille, Amélie, aura 3 ans cette année aussi. Le temps passe si vite ;)

  85. magali

    happy birthday sweet little girl! she is beautiful! Many greetings from Switzerland xxx

  86. Maggie

    I have an “Eleanor” too and I love this age (almost 3). All days are amazing!! Habby birthday little girl ;)

  87. Happy birthday Eleanor! So cute that you have little conversations, I think the random things children say is what makes them so endearing xx

  88. Aslyn

    Happy birthday E! You sound like an incredible little girl and you definitely have a momma who loves you a lot!

  89. Julia

    Happy birthday, sweet tiny doctor Davis!

  90. what a beautiful love letter from a mama to her precious daughter.

  91. happy 3rd birthday eleanor!! thank you for sharing all these sweet moments with us. xo

  92. jaclyn

    Happy Birthday E!!!! She is just adorable! I love reading all the fun your familiy has :) xoxox

  93. Oops, tha comment should have been to the other blog post, sorry..

  94. Allie

    These dresses are amazing! My favorite is the Kate dress, but I love them all. Your pictures are perfect for the look book!

  95. Megan P.

    I love the Reese dress the most, I think! But all of them are awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Taylor

    So stinkin’ cute. I love the age of three for little ones. It’s just so fun!! Happy birthday little miss Eleanor!


  97. Jenn

    Wow, oh so beautiful! I really love the Mara dress!! xoxo

  98. Fernanda S

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY little E!!
    you’re really lucky! be happy, always!

    ps. Happy birthday to Josh too!


  99. Ashlee McMillan

    Hi Taza! I just want to let you know that your photos are stunning!! I took a look at the dresses and I think all are so beautiful and practical for a mum. But I practicularly liked the Kate Dress.
    I’d love to win this contest!!!

  100. She is an absolute little doll. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful E. You make me so excited for having my own children one day, and I always look forward to your posts.

  101. steph

    Happy birthday little girl! She’s too precious.

  102. jacob

    happy birthday, E!

  103. Mara

    She is so incredibly pretty. You are SO lucky! <3

  104. Madeline

    I feel like those dresses were made for you! I am a new comer to your blog and I have to say I look forward to looking at your newest posts everyday! I have even gone through all your old posts- I’m a bit obsessed/ inspired:) I love that your so family oriented yet it seems you still have such a strong sense of self, it’s very inspirin. I also was a serious dancer. I got my degree in dance (not at Julliard but at University of CA, Irvine) and trained with quite a few Julliard dancers in my summer studies away at intensives… I am a few years behind you in school otherwise I wonder if our paths ever would have crossed. Small world. That was one of the things that made me interested in your blog because I struggled a lot choosing not to dance after I graduated I wanted to pursue other things of interest for the first time in my life. All of my friends still dance so makes it a bit difficult to relate at times. So it was nice to sort of read about someone who had a similar relationship to dance after studying it for so long.

    Thanks for the stories and Thank you for letting us all in to your special world:)

  105. Alexandra

    Hey Naomi! Loving the marni dress- striped! Would love to have! xo

  106. Susan Wagner

    I love the Constance dress!! Fingers crossed!

  107. Yen

    The lookbook is just lovely! The Kate dress seems the perfect length to chase a 1 year old in. Thanks for the giveaway**

  108. happy birthday sweet eleanor! can’t believe she’s three! :)


  109. Ashley Young

    Oh, I would die if I won this giveaway!! They are perfection. My favorite is the Kate Dress! I love love love it!

  110. Charlotte Brown

    I absolutely love all of your blog posts! Your kids are adorable! And I love love the Kate Dress!

  111. Pablo

    Reese dress would be great for my valentines.

  112. Jackie Lopez

    Hi Naomi!

    I love your words to Eleanor and admire your energy in all you do.You are a great inspiration!

    BTW, you look lovely in all the dresses! Loving the Marni dress…

  113. Amy

    Such a sweet age and such sweet photos. You have such a sweetheart. I plan to one day make posts likes these of my little ones.