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^^^singing into a trampoline leg, cause you know, it’s totally a microphone too.^^^

“i really like rescue treats.” (talking about rice krispy treats.)

“eleanor, how’d you get your owie on your face?” “i don’t know…. maybe from a cat.”

“samson, how was your nap?” samson doesn’t answer. silence. “ask me how my nap was, samson!”

“that red juice was a little bit spicy.” (it was beet and ginger juice.) “is it too spicy, E? you don’t like it spicy?” “no i like spicy. but my tongue doesn’t like it a little bit spicy.”

“let’s play yoga on our yoga map.”

i overheard papa hand E a mirror after he did her hair sunday morning for church. she gasped and said, “i beautiful!”

takes clothes off. “eleanor, you have to put your clothes back on.” “but i’m a panda. panda bears are naked.”

when saying goodbye to a friend, “are you gonna be so sad i’m leaving? are you gonna miss me when i’m gone?”

“we have to go to the park and see terry!” “who is terry?” “my horsey.”

at the end of the day when asking E something she learned that day, “i learned to say sorry.” “who did you say sorry to?” “the couch.” “…the couch?” “yeah, i spilled a little bit of milk on it. but i said sorry. it forgave me.”

more eleanorisms here.

  1. Brooke

    Oh my word I love these! “My tongue doesn’t like it a little bit spicy” haha so cute! This makes me look forward to motherhood all the more!

  2. Kelly

    Her horsey? How cute, and panda bears definitely are naked! I want to baby sit her and take her to the zoo to see them, and then we can have rescue treats for snack!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. Rhonda

    She is sooooo adorable! Reading the previous elenorisms made me laughed so loud – I guess now I will have a sweet dream after all! Good night the Davis :)

  4. Samantha

    Oh this is so so beautiful! Your girl never fails to put a smile on my face ;)

    Sam // samanthaheather.blogspot.com.au

  5. Bethani

    Apologizing to the couch is the cutest thing ever. :)

  6. Lyndsay

    Aw, these Eleanorisms are so adorable. This is such a sweet post.

  7. I think I woke up the neighbours after reading that last one. AHAHAHHAHAHAHA DIED

  8. Jess

    ask me how my nap was samson! lol she’s teaching him etiquette.

  9. Bea

    She learn to say sorry!to the couch!
    I love these eleanorisms!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  10. Ivana

    OMG! I love your little girl and this Eleanorisms are my favourite to read, she so darling and sweet! hope my little Eve would be the same!

  11. Rikki

    Kids are just so sweet. I adore that you record these things, someday, you will [all] truly cherish this.

  12. Taylor Frost

    These are the best things ever. I’m literally laughing out loud! Such a cute little family you have!

  13. One day soon (in about 16 years – but it will feel like yesterday) you will be glad you recorded these cute little conversations. You think you’ll remember them forever, but sadly, you just don’t. Make videos of things too – you’ll forget what their voices and mannerisms were like, photos are good but live video is even better! Also keep your photos and videos well organized. I speak from experience, you will lose things or forget about them if you’re not mega organized!

    This history of your little family is just so precious for you to write and for us to read!

  14. nanette

    she is the sweetest!

  15. isyana

    you always remind me to write down my sali’s weird sentences after seeing your post, and then i forgot. and then i promise to remember, but then i forgot again. :)

    eleanor you’re such a smart girl… :*

  16. Gabriella

    That last one is brilliant. Gave me a good chuckle this morning ;)

  17. She’s so precious! I love when you post Eleanorisms – so cute :)

  18. Anna

    oh my, how i love these posts! she makes me laugh out loud! she’s adorable!

  19. I just adore these posts. Eleanor is a hoot! My son is just starting to speak so I have all this to come :)

  20. cheyenne

    so cute! love the one with the couch :)
    xo, cheyenne

  21. Josie

    Oh that last one is too sweet. Girl’s got manners.

  22. Elise

    I love reading these Eleanorisms, they’re hilarious!

  23. Jade

    Oh this is just the besttttt! Feeding us pure happiness <3

  24. Mareen

    e is the cutest.
    eleanorisms posts are my favorite. the always make me smile.

  25. Rosie W

    Haha she is such a sweetheart!

  26. Inspired

    Oh my God! Eleanor is so grown!

    Kisses from Portugal!

  27. Jemima

    Hehehehe. The spicy comment made me laugh out loud. when I was little I used to think toothpaste was spicy and hated brushing my teeth because of it! Fair enough that she likes spicy but her tongue doesn’t! x

  28. Shilpa

    LOL….. She’s super cute! Wish I could sneak a hug from her through my computer screen :-)

  29. HAHAHA, I love this post! It made my day! E is so funny, and it only makes it more funny, that she isn’t aware of it :)

  30. Hanna

    Loved reading each one of these Eleanorisms but my fav has got to be E learning to say sorry & to the couch! It killed me, so very sweet :)

  31. I think I’ve said it before, but these Eleanorisms are quickly becoming a favorite. Love love love it.

  32. Lol. So so so adorable.

  33. so many gems here. she seems like such a brightand hilarious little girl! so much personality!

  34. these posts are the absolute best. i love her logic about being a naked panda bear – i’m gonna try to use that one!

  35. Hahaha, she is the sweetest and funniest little girl! I wish children could do talk shows or something… they’d win everything.

  36. chelsea

    hahah these are priceless!

  37. Life+1

    In 20 some years you are probably going to be so glad you did this blog series. What a great way to encapsulate your daughter’s development and quirks over the years.

    New Post: Babymoon Again and Again

  38. Kate

    Oh my goodness! Sorry to the couch. I love it. I have a 3 yr old as well and i have a running list of silly sayings he’s come up with. PRICELESS.

  39. Katie

    “Are you going to miss me while I’m gone?’ << That sounds like me. I think I have insecurity issues ;)

  40. she is clearly the next big comedian. hilarious!

  41. I have tears from laughing so hard! My three year old daughter says ‘a little spicy’ too. I am loving 3. ;)

  42. Mónica

    ha ha ha that fantastic with the language of cloth are incredible I love mine will serve three years and can not stop laughing … Kisses last Wednesday morning and happy Friday.

  43. Mariana Chávez

    I imagine her as a little fair lady, filled with manners and class. It’s amazing how well she know how to separate her needs and opinions. Congratulations on educating such a darling girl! Can’t wait for the Samsonisms ;)

  44. Michaela

    :D The last one killed me! :DD I work with children and let me tell you, as a teacher I´m supposed to teach them stuff, but honestly, most of the time I learn from them. :) And thank you for sharing these precious moments and funny stories with us. :)

  45. Wendi

    Thanks for this little bright spot in my day! E is absolutely adorable.

  46. Rachael

    How can you even stand it!? I love the stuff kids come up with!

  47. Caroline


  48. Ester

    ohhhh, she is so cute!!!!!

  49. Ana Martha

    She is the sweetest! Thank you for sharing!

  50. Gah. I can’t get enough of this girl. She seriously says the cutest things.

    xo Denise

  51. Livi

    She is too cute! This brightened my day :)

  52. Leith

    I’m always amazed at what kids think to say. Their world is so full of wonder and humor! So cute! – Leith


  53. “a little spicy”
    oh my gosh, that is so cute!

    you sure are blessed with a beautiful daughter, naomi.



  54. Molly

    She is honestly THE cutest!! These Eleanorisms can’t help but make ya giggle and smile! What a doll she is.

  55. Oh my heavens, can’t even handle all of these! That little lady is hilarious!

  56. TJ

    I’m dying! She is seriously just about the sweetest and funniest little person ever! How did you get so lucky? ;)
    xo TJ


  57. Alexis

    These always make my day. She’s such a doll!

  58. Ashlee

    I always love reading Eleanorisms! I always get such a good chuckle out of it. Being a sister to a 4 year old, I can totally relate to hearing some of their candid and funny “isms”!

  59. Amy

    Oh my, she is just full of sass! I love it, especially the bit about saying sorry to the couch. Absolutely adorable!

  60. Bonnie

    Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart :) I can’t get enough of Eleanorism. Please post more!

  61. Diana

    Oh my goodness. Her E-isms has me loling so hard. She is too precious!

  62. Laiah

    Soo adorable :)

  63. DeeDee

    I love this age so much. So creative and funny. They trust the world and trust their bodies and just have so much to say!

  64. Janis

    These were pretty funny. Toddlers are hilarious! :)

  65. aw…i love how she gasps and says that she is beautiful!

  66. Sinead

    “I beautiful!” That’s so cute :-)

  67. Lynnette

    cutest eleanorisms ever. ever!

  68. liz

    Too cute. These are adorable. totally put a smile on my face :o)

  69. Grace

    taza can you do a post about those awesome “headband braids” you rock all the time!? thanks!

  70. Meryl

    Ha! And you know, someday she will laugh at these too, if she doesn’t already. ;) I just had to comment on your family Christmas Eve photos. They are beautiful. Max & Friends did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing!

  71. Adorable :)

  72. Edwina

    To a mother in NYC, Taza,
    I think your stories are really beautiful, and the photos captured are amazing. I am always inspired so thank you for sharing. We are an Italian/Singapore family reading your blog all the way from Dubai, UAE. God bless.

    Love from Edwina, a mother in Dubai

  73. Mara

    “panda bears are naked.” – this one! :’)

  74. Maelle

    She is so darling! My little sister also used to apologise to the couch when she was little, that was the cutest thing ever :)

  75. megan

    That child!! She is too cute.

  76. Bri

    Oh my goodness these are the cutest to date, love this kid!

  77. Sabrina

    Oh my. This totally made my day. I was feeling a bit unhappy but reading this just made me smile and laugh. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day with your family. Greetings from Germany.

  78. I have been reading through some of your older blog posts and this one cracked me up. Eleanor is hilarious, its so nice that you can capture it all on here because otherwise you might forget it all when she’s older :-) And we get to enjoy it too xx