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“eleanor, do you want eggs?” … silence. “eleanor?” “….please call me doctor davis.”

papa: “isn’t mama hot?” eleanor: “no. she’s not hot. she’s warm.”

while looking around her room one morning, she whispered quietly, “there’s so much to explore.”

“mama, i know that i look like eleanor right now, but i’m not. i’m a panda bear.”

eleanor and samson’s 1 year old friend was over for a playdate. when i tried to explain that her friend didn’t have enough teeth to eat the granola bar she was trying to feed her, eleanor said, “well mama, you gotta call the baby’s mama and tell her to go get her teeth and bring them over here.”

“hey samson! come in here, its’ a party! but not really cause this is the bathroom.”

i just can’t get enough of this age! i want to squeeze her and kiss her and hold her tight so many times each day! she is such a ham. and she knows it. i love our little chats and talks. so  thankful for this little girl.  more eleanorisms here.

  1. Brittany

    I work with kids everyday and they never fail to make me laugh with the crazy things they say! Love to doctor outfit!

  2. Aina Yao

    Omgosh she’s adorable! I love working with kids these age, maybe that’s why I’m an aspiring preschool/kindergarten teacher :)

  3. Bobbi

    So cute and funny! I love the “there’s so much to explore.” That’s just too adorable for words.

  4. Lindsay

    “There’s so much to explore.”

    My heart just burst. Absolutely stinking adorable.

  5. Too precious!!!!

  6. Natasha

    Hahahaha…. This is AWESOME!!!!!
    It’s good that you write it all down =)))))

  7. Belen

    Oh, this is so adorable! It really makes me excited to be a mama one day. Have a lovely day! :)

  8. Kailey

    Eleanor is so cute. Getting so big!

    You should read the blog “camp Patton” her 3 year old daughter Julia is absolutely hilarious. I laugh soo hard.

  9. nanette

    this is so cute! i am also loving this toddler stage. it’s the best! :)

  10. April

    Oh my! She is just too cute haha! I love that you write it all down so you can always go back and remember this age!
    Have a lovely week!

  11. Queenie

    how adorable! I teach children and they come out with the funniest things :)

  12. Chandre

    Oh that is just far to adorable. She is also adorable but kids really are funny, in their blunt honesty.

  13. Gia

    So cute! Eleanor is the best!

  14. Jackie

    My daughter is just a bit older then Eleanor and I have to agree, this age is simply the best. The things they say! Oh my gosh where does it come from. I just want to record everything.

  15. Bea

    Oh my God!she’s so cute!!
    And when she says that you’re warm!
    Have a nice day, Naomi!

  16. Gia

    Too cute!!

  17. You should definitely keep all of those preciously somewhere so you can tell her all about it when she’s older. You’ll have some great moments remembering this.

  18. Gia

    Eleanor is so precious!

  19. Rosie

    Awh she is the sweetest! My niece recently told me to call her Snow White, as Amelia was her baby name and now she is a princess :)

  20. tilly

    naomi she is so adorable! i love this age too….. xxx

  21. this is such a fun age. they just say the cutest/funniest things.
    she will love to read this in a couple years.

  22. Nattaya

    waiting to hear E’story everyday…how cutest you are Eleanor!!

  23. She is a riot! I particularly love her instructions for the baby’s teeth. So cute.

  24. heather

    She’s getting so big! Those little jeans are too cute. SHE is too cute.

  25. Eleanor is so adorable. Talking to children never fail to make me laugh.
    The doctor outfit is cute.

  26. Ivana

    I love your kids, I have been reading you for a while now, and Im thrilled by your parenting skills and the way you take your kids everywhere… Im new mom i have three weeks old daughter Eve and I must ask you and i know its intimate question but anyway :) did you breastfeed your kids, and for how long, and can you recommend some parenting books? thank you!! Lots of Love from Croatia!

  27. Bridget

    Oh that we would all wake up each day and think ‘there’s so much to explore!’

  28. juni

    every eleanorism post just keeps getting better and better! so cute and fun!!

  29. Livi

    she is so precious!!! can’t handle it!

  30. Oh, I really needed this post! You (or should I say Eleanor?) have made my day! Sometimes you just need some fun and innocence to remember that people can be nice during a hard day!

  31. kristen

    Trust me. You will feel the exact same way about every age!

  32. Aastridd

    Oh GOD! So sweet and hilarious!

  33. N.l.

    I love it. I live vicariously through you (can’t have kids) and love these precious moments that you share. Thank you,

  34. heartwarming and precious to the core. what a darling!

  35. Briseidy

    so nice you are doing this…hilarious!

  36. Awww! Eleanor is so darling! This was the best read to put a smile on my face this morning :)

  37. Janis

    Hahhaha! Adorable! Sounds like my Aspen! :)

  38. seriously.. i swear that’s the best age. i love the eleanorisms. so cute & by the pictures you post seem very ‘eleanor’ :) glad she makes life fun for y’all!

  39. Sarah

    Ha! These are precious. She’s a teeny comedienne!

  40. Mónica

    The truth is that it’s a funny old are to eat them. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  41. HRT

    I love it – she is hilarious. When she is in middle school and making you a little crazy she will be quirky all over again and you just have to hold onto the laughs and not let the rest get in the way.

  42. nicole

    Hands down, the teeth one is the best! But really, they are all pretty cute.

  43. Lisa

    This made my morning!!! Thank you! I love the panda bear comment. I can’t wait to have littles this age!

  44. Elizabeth Vowell

    Her turning into a Panda Bear reminds me of an Ivor Cutler children’s book Henry: Five Stories where a little boy turns into a chicken, elephant and Capybara among other things. It is super cute, but also out of print. If you find it used or at your local library, it is worth a read! My girls love it.

  45. tiphaine

    So it has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would share this funny moment : I was very surprised when I went to my local post office in Paris (France) earlier today to pick up a package when I saw a picture of you guys hanging on the wall. Didn’t quite believe it! This is a picture of you two with christmas hats, used for an advertising to wish the clients a happy holiday. Funny coincidence .. If you ever want a picture I can always go back ;)

  46. Jess

    This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing ;]

  47. Rachel

    HOW adorable is she! Oh the things kids say, love it!

  48. Rachel

    What a cutie! I love the things that kids say!!! So entertaining!

  49. Becky H.

    Hahaha, Toooo cute!
    I love that photo of her!
    My fave, “…It’s a party! But not really cause this is the bathroom.”
    So funny!
    She’s a doll and it’s fun to watch her grow via your posts.

  50. This post is one of my favourites! What a beautiful little girl you have. You must feel so blessed with your gorgeous family. Your posts are a complete joy to read!

    Beth xo.

    From: http://www.bethnorton.co.uk

  51. jaclyn

    adorable!! i love it!!!

  52. M

    She is absolutely adorable :)

  53. hilarious! love her!

  54. Amie

    Oh my word, that is too sweet! What a wonderful age!!

  55. Anne

    She’s such a crack up! I hope you keep up these posts cause they’re so funny! Reminds me of he IG video you posted of Dr. Davis prescribing you cake! ;)

  56. Taylor

    Those are hilarious! I love that age and the things that come out of their mouths. My five-year-old little sister still cracks me up with her toddler wisdom and the surprises that come out of her. Too funny.



  57. Kellie

    I read these at work and completely died laughing! All my co-workers rushed over to see what was so funny, and as we were reading them, we were all cracking up. Thanks for adding so much fun to our work-day, sweet Eleanor!

  58. Ginger

    This is just too darling. One of the reasons I adore children is just this very sentiment — “there’s so much to explore.” May we all have this attitude!

  59. Robyn

    She is such a hoot. What a cutie!

  60. Sinead

    “there’s so much to explore”

    Ha! She’s so cute :-)

  61. Oh my goodness, I just died from cuteness overload. That “there’s so much to explore” comment melted my heart. I can’t take it.

    xo Denise

  62. Girlfriend needs a career in comedy one day! It’d be benefitting the rest of us :)

  63. Dana

    She is literally the sweetest! I’ve always wanted to name my (hopefully) future baby girl Eleanor and I’d be lucky if she turns out like your baby girl!!!

    I look forward to more Eleanorisms – as well as Samsonisms soon ;)

    Pink Champagne Problems

  64. Kelsey

    so so cute! i LOVE reading eleanorisms, so funny and adorable.

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

  65. amy

    i love the baby teeth one the most. totally cimh (chuckled in my head)

    i have a digital mini recorder and it’s one of my favorite things to do. just recording a conversation or else set it on the counter and record an everyday thing like suppertime. there’s something about only the sound of it all, without the video, may be the geek in me that just likes the idea of having a mini recorder like some sort of spy, but nonetheless, i love playing it back!

  66. Peach Blossom 22
  67. Awesome.

    My 3 year old comes out with some absolute gems, too! I should start writing them all down… I don’t want to forget :-)

  68. Jenny

    awww how cute she is! <3

  69. Vanessa

    Awww, she’s so cute!

    You’re a really great blogger and it’s wonderful that you are letting us participate so much of your life and the life of your kids. I read every little post of you, you’re all really great! :>

    And those comments of the littles are so funny and cute. My brother (age of 6) talks so much and we’re laughing and talking about comments he made yeeears ago all the time (and about his current talks too of course). We love it!

    Greetings from Germany!

  70. Rachel

    Oh gosh this makes me oh so excited for that age ! My girl is only 4 months old, but something to look forward to ! :)

  71. Brooke

    HAHA! Oh my gosh I am legitimately laughing out loud reading these. I am now looking at past eleanorisms and it’s just too much! I was a 2 year old daycare teacher and I would DAILY be floored at the funny things these kids pick up. Mommyhood is so much fun (in those moments, haha)!

  72. KathyRo


  73. Kari

    Ohhh, this post just warms my momma heart! My 2 1/2 year old also says the funniest/sweetest things, but sometimes his little sentences are just completely bizarre. My favorite so far today: “Excuse me Mommy, can I lick your eyeballs, please?”


    (I’m assuming it has something to do with his recent chameleon fetish….)

  74. amber

    This is so cute! She’s adorable. My three year old says such funny things, sometimes, too.. Makes me love being a mom that much more! Sometimes I wish he could be on that show “Kids say the darndest things…”

  75. She makes my heart burst. What a lucky mama you are…

  76. hanna

    Your daughter is adorable! She looks so much like you. -Hanna Lei

  77. Kelly

    She is absolutely adorable, please share more of these!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  78. Crystal

    ok so parents are always sharing things their kids say that they find hilarious (I am guilty of this) and most of the time to other people they are not. but these ACTUALLY ARE HILARIOUS! What a cutie. I have followed your blog since before you were even pregnant with E, and it has been awesome to see her ‘grow up’. My son is a month or two younger than E : ) Lots of love to you and Dr Davis from New Zealand

  79. cassie

    doctor Davis!! I’m your biggest fan!!

  80. Lucy

    Haha. She sounds exactly like my little boy. They have such imaginations and are so incredibly literal at this age. Before Christmas my mum asked my little boy if he liked his hot chocolate, and exactly like Eleanor, he replied saying it wasn’t hot chocolate, it was WARM chocolate. x

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  82. Hahahah, I miss the time when my kids used to entertain us like this. Eleanor is one adorable witty baby, hope you keep on having lots of fun together!)
    Best regards,
    Adam (the Panda)

  83. J Phelps

    I swear that E is the cutest.

  84. Margaret

    You could definitely publish a book with all of the things kids say. They are so matter-of-fact and cute =)

  85. she is adorable. such a fun age!!

  86. Randi

    haha. A thousand every day, right?? Same way here. Kills me. Yesterday after I turned my little ones snow pink for her, she asked, “Momma, did you do that because pink is my favorite color?” Me: “Yes” Elle: “YOU ARE SO IMPRESSABLE!” haha, still makes me grin.

  87. Hayley

    Such a cute post! It is so fun to hear what toddlers have to say!

  88. shawnee

    oh my stars! she is so CUTE! haha, i love these.

  89. Eleanor. Too cute!

  90. Amanda H.

    i am dying! these are so cute! so great of you to write these down.

  91. Victoria

    What a cutie :)

  92. Evelyne

    Just laughed out loud to her funny comments. This age is just adorable!! I miss those days and look forward as well with the little one growing up!

  93. Heydi

    OMG! She’s so adorable! You should post more on all her talking, maybe a fee videos? :)

  94. Dorina

    hahaha…. she’s hilarious!

  95. What a cute photo of Eleanor. And her “eleanorisms” make me smile and marvel at childrens’ minds!

  96. Mara


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