a new year!

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happy new year!

we said so long to a beautiful 2013 yesterday by heading out to dough in brooklyn for some doughnuts.  what a great year it was! there were some incredible ups and downs in 2013, but if life has taught me anything, it’s to focus on what you’re blessed with, work out the not so great things in life as best you can and don’t let others negativity sneak into your happy place.  life is too short to spend even ten minutes of your day focusing on any crap you can’t change.

in 2014, i want to carve out more time for myself to learn new hobbies and take different classes.  i am grateful to be a mother of two little toddlers and motherhood has always been my biggest aspiration in life, but i don’t want to get so focused on it that i forget to improve other talents and grow as an individual in other ways as well.

i want to start knocking things off my personal bucket list (the “go platinum blonde for a bit” thing that happened last month was on there and it felt good to finally mark something off on that long list. a big drastic one at that!)   josh and i signed up for ballroom dance classes, i want to do more trapeze once it’s warm outside, teach myself how to knit, challenge myself with my camera more. i want to wake up early (i struggle every single day to wake up, like, every.single.day) and maybe even get up a half hour before my kids 3x a week this coming year so i can sit and be calm and even read before i’m pulled in twenty different directions once they’re up!

i have wanted to learn how to play the bagpipes since i was a little girl (thank you, scottish ancestry) and josh surprised me with lessons for christmas!  so 2014 is the year this will finally happen! (my apologies to any neighbors over the next few months.) i am so so excited you have no idea.

i hope there are more bubble baths, more days of unplugging, more beach waves and family bike rides in 2014. i hope there are more handwritten letters to be mailed and long phone calls with dear friends who live far away instead of sporadic text messages. i want to focus on my marriage, and keep on dating my husband. i want to be more courageous. i want to remind myself every day that i am a good mother and a good wife and while others may do things differently and maybe even more vocally, it doesn’t mean how i mother or love my family is any less right.

these are just a few things i thought worth sharing. i can’t wait to get cracking! how about you? what are you hoping to discover or change or improve upon in the coming year?

happy new year, friends!

  1. Rachel

    Those are great goals. You are lucky that you live in NYC. I live in Portland and we only have low trapeze/aerial arts instead of the cool big trapeze like you have there! Oh well, it’s still trapeze! Anyway, doing more trapeze in 2014 is one of my goals too.

  2. Rachel

    oh and p.s. your blonde hair rules!

  3. Allison

    Beautiful ideas.

    Bagpipes? Who knew.
    …. poor neighbors…ha, ha.

  4. amber

    how exciting! what great goals and things to look forward to. i also live in portland, but portland Maine, not portland Oregon. i bet dough is lovely! though, we also have some really good doughnut places here!

    hmm.. this year i’m really looking forward to taking more photos of the two things i love most: my two babes, and food. i’ve just started a blog a couple months about it, and so we’ll see where it leads! i also want to care less about what people are thinking about me, because i’ve noticed that it stops me from doing a lot of things i want, or i do something differently than i would normally do.

    always a pleasure reading your blog. happy new year to you and the fam :)


  5. Happy New Year to you & your family, Naomi! I think no matter what, it is important to have some time for yourself and unplug as often as you can! Similar to how you would like to wake up before your children, I like to get to my store as early as possible so I can relax, ground myself, and enjoy a cup of coffee before my employees and customers start showing up! It really improves how I go about the rest of my day and I feel much more calmer if I don’t just dive right in! Good luck with your resolutions and have fun with your classes!

  6. Jackie

    What a charming post! xo

  7. Sara

    Loves this, feeling inspired! The whole waking up before my Little is my New Years resolution. I thought when I became a mom I’d have this figured out. Or when my Little started sleeping through the night a few months ago. Guess not, but it makes for a great goal to work towards. I always feel inspired from reading your blog; thank you!! Happy new year!! Xoxo

  8. Jocelyn

    Happy New Year! I love your blog and your family makes me smile. Also- bagpipes? That’s awesome!

  9. Rachel

    Beautifully said! You are an inspiration to all. Happy new year!

  10. Bagpipe lessons!!? That’s amazing. It has been a tough year filled with some tragic lessons but also some truly amazing blessings. I’m looking forward to drawing and painting again (I was an illustration major in college), traveling more with my husband, turning our house into a true home, keeping up with our online journal, taking more chances and doubting myself less…

  11. Eden

    Love these goals! I swear New Years Is the most motivational day! Love reading about everyone’s goals! I wrote about mine on my blog too!

  12. Gosh, I don’t know if I’ve ever commented here which seems crazy since I adore reading your space, Naomi…but this really struck a chord- “i want to remind myself every day that i am a good mother and a good wife and while others may do things differently and maybe even more vocally, it doesn’t mean how i mother or love my family is any less right.”

    How beautiful that little blurb is! Thank you for sharing it…and for being you!

    Lots of love in 2014. :)


  13. Jenny

    I admire your strength, it must take a lot of courage to put your family / life on the internet. Sometimes I read how critical people are on your page and on others. And I couldn’t imagine how you deal with all of it. Keep up the positive attitude and like you said don’t let people’s negativity into your happy place. Happy New Year !

  14. Erin

    LOVE your new hair. Maybe someday I will go platinum. A secret dream of mine, but with my natural nearly-black hair I’m not so sure that will happen! This year I want to have more me-time, design and sew a dress for myself once I hit my healthy BMI, and go on weekly dates with my hubby. :) Love your cute blog and the way you mother makes me a little less nervous to someday be a mom. Take care and happy new year!

  15. Dom

    I love all your goals and I appreciate this post so much. I have a bucket list as well that I’d like to cross things off of this year. I want to be healthier and more active. Mostly I want to be proud of every day and, like you, practice not allowing others opinions to hinder my confidence as a mom/woman.

  16. Amber

    Love this post. Especially the last couple lines about being a good mother and wife & just because you do it different doesn’t mean it’s wrong – very true and very well said! Happy New Yesr to you & your family!

  17. Katie

    Thank you for sharing….. Off to write mine down, so I can’t cross them off too! Happy New Year!!

  18. Sisilia

    Love! What great goals. Bagpipes, so cool! One of my goals this year is to take more photos with my children. Being a photographer I’m always the one behind the camera, it’ll be a nice change to actually be in the photographs this year. I want to look back on family albums and actually see that I was also present, if that made sense.


  19. Katie

    Can** ;)

  20. Emma

    Happy New Year Naomi! Your goals sound great. My husband and I took dance lessons before our wedding this year and they were so fun. Enjoy your classes! One of my goals for the year is to live more minimally. I do okay with limiting the amount of stuff I buy/in our house, but I struggle with always wanting to over schedule my days with activities. Best wishes for 2014!

  21. Cristina

    I loved this post. My favorite part was when you stated your endeavor not to let others’ negativity encroach on your happy place. It was such good timing for that reminder! Unfortunately, in the world we live in, sometimes we have to make a deliberate decision to carry on tenaciously in our own happiness. I totally believe in this, but tonight the reminder was much appreciated! Thank you :)

  22. Bagpipe lessons?! So fun! I have always loved listening to bagpipes.

  23. Thanks for sharing your list of hopes, wishes and dreams. I love this much more than the usual list of resolutions that people don’t seem to stay with. My hope is to get more organized, to play the piano more and to take more pictures of my family and write more. Ultimately I just want to be happy and enjoy life as it whizzes by!

  24. kate

    always inspired by what you wrote.. they make me happy and rethink about my life and arounds.. thanks for being you Naomi.

  25. Heather

    Awesome to all of this! 2014 is going to be the best year yet! I seriously have the same issue of struggling to wake up every morning before my little one. Waking up is so hard these days and even worse now that it’s dark out in the morning!
    I think this year waking up every morning and reminding myself I have a good life is my resolution. Make the best out of everything thrown my way! Excited to see how bagpipe lessons turn out for you! :)


  26. Bridget

    Great thoughts on the year to come! Instead of picking out a number of items I want to focus/improve upon this year, I’ve decided to challenge myself with mindfulness. To be more mindful of those around me and the needs/aspirations I have for myself. Have a great new year!

  27. ashley

    beautifully said!

    i too am a mother to 2 littles.
    i loe being a full time stay at home mom but need to work on me as well. carving out more time for myself.. hobbies, things ive always wanted to try, etc.
    i think its so important as mothers to keep striving for that.
    and i love the idea of continuing to “date” your husband.. and i should def add that to my list as well.
    i also need to start drinking more water :)


  28. Samantha

    Your blog is a joy to read and your family couldn’t be cuter. Today was definitely a day for setting out some goals! I may be stealing a few from your list…
    I hope your first day in 2014 was wonderful!

  29. Vicky

    Truly beautifully said. Knitting was on my list for 2013 and it never happened but I plan for it to this time around! Yes. Go on dating your husband just as those first dates before marriage, that’s definitely one of my plans, as well. These are fantastic resolutions. You are such a blessing, Naomi. One of the better things that happened to me in 2013 was discovering your blog and your sweet family. Happy new year! Cheers to marking more things off of your list!

  30. Daisy V.

    I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for being so open, it’s encouraging. I have some similar goals, waking up before my child is definitely one of them ;)

  31. Amen on cutting out the negativity. I have tried to purposely do that over the course of the last year, and it has done wonders. To be continued in 2014. Cheers!

  32. Anna

    Naomi – I am inspired by your positive attitude and your sincere sweet love of you littles all the time. You also inspire me to be a bit more fashionable (doesn’t come so naturally to me!) I love to hear your goals for learning new things and having some alone time as a mom to pursue those adventures.

  33. Emma

    I am SO jealous of your coming bagpipe lessons! I am a Celtic at heart even though I’m German and Czech and don’t have a drop of Irish blood in me! I also taught myself how to knit, so I highly encourage you to give it a shot!

    One of my biggest “to-do’s” in 2014 is to find my own apartment! I want/need to move out, so that’s a big plan of mine! Also, thanks to all your wonderful Paris photos, travel is another huge “must-do”, if not this year, in years to come!

    Once again, I read your blog daily, and am in love! Blessings in 2014!

  34. Danielle

    I love that you are taking bagpipe lessons! I grew up Scottish dancing (my mom is a teacher) and so the sound of bagpipe music wouldn’t bother me if I were your neighbor :) Piobaireachd (prounounced PEA-brock) is my favorite. It’s the older, more classical type and is so beautiful. Good luck, you’ll get it!

  35. Conny

    Naomi, what a great list of goals! I hope that in 2014 you can make these happen! best of luck!

  36. maggie

    These are great! I just want to be more honest and open, and I think that will lead to a less negative/more positive life. I have been practicing a conscious positive thinking for the past month or so and my life has gotten a thousand times better. When you learn what to focus on, you start to see that life is pretty awesome.

  37. hanna

    I love your goals! Happy New Year -Hanna Lei

  38. Maura

    Naomi I’ve been reading your blog for around two years now but haven’t ever commented. I would just like to wish you the best, you have such a cute little family and I hope you all continue to be happy! Question: You’ve addressed this before but I was wondering if you changed your mind, do you think you would have any more littles in the future?

    P.s I would also like to mention that I saw posts a few times this year on tumblr of you and your family without any credit under them or anything of the sort, I just wanted to let you know in case permission wasn’t given to those individuals

  39. taza, you are an inspiration to me. happy new years and cheers to new goals!

  40. Marin

    your resolutions and thoughts are inspiring! looking forward to watching your family grow in 2014. :)

  41. Chelsey

    Happy new year! You are an amazing mama and I love how you have such a beautiful outlook on life, your goals for the new year sound like its going to be great:) I love how you are so brave and just went for the platinum! I have really dark brown hair naturally and I don’t I’ll ever be that brave to go for it, so thanks for being a fearless example! can’t wait to hear how the bagpipes go! haha


  42. That sounds like a great plan .. My 2014 will be about health, travelling and investing more in the important in my life :) Happy new year!
    xo, Cheyenne

  43. I’m trying to narrow down my list of resolutions. I feel like it’s hard to just choose a few things, but it’s always easier to implement them. I hope I get to have more bubble baths too… at least one would be nice! Thank you for your honesty.

  44. Happy new year, Naomi and family!

    I once tried to learn the saxophone, but I was so awful and it was so loud, I felt bad for our neighbours!!

    Hope your bagpipes fare better. xx

  45. Marie

    Happy & Creative New Year ! 2014 will be a special year to us, finally doing our honeymoon, a change of country, continue to bake our bread in our ‘cocotte’, continue to knit, doing crazy things that make us alive and happy ! Enjoy 2014 !

  46. Ananyah

    Happy New Year!

    Bagpipes can be fun… take it from a Scottish girl! I know a few friends who are female and play them. I tried and failed, my lungs aren’t as strong lol

    Hope you enjoy your ballroom dancing classes and achieve the rest of your goals!


  47. nanette

    love these! i wish to do the same this year as well. you went platinum blonde and i did some highlights! :) gotta start somewhere.

  48. Lexie

    Love you as a blonde. You are perfection!!

    xo, Lexie

  49. Carie

    That sounds like a great way to greet the New Year – with lovely plans and doughnuts. Mmmm now I really fancy doughnuts!

  50. Elise

    This year I’m planning to really focus on university. Also I have to stop procrastinating.
    Best wishes for the new year! I hope it’ll be a good one!

  51. Nicole

    Your goals and aspirations are beautiful. We live in Scotland and love hearing the bagpipes. The scots are the most festive people and even little boys and girls practice. It’s wonderful to hear. You’ll have lots of fun! Thank you being a wonderful you. Cheers xx

  52. Freya

    Happy new year!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone who wanted to learn to play the bagpipes, that made me laugh out loud. What a wonderful goal to have. I hope all your 2014 dreams come true!

  53. Rosie

    Happy New Year to you and your family! This year, I want to be a better girlfriend, and show my other half how much I really appreciate every little thing he does. :)

  54. Liz

    My goal is to make a bucket list!! I’ve never had a definitive one and reading about yours I am inspired. Those random crazy little things that I’ve often thought “oooh I want to do that” have never been recorded and ticked off. I think its a great way to focus the mind.
    I love reading your blog, you’re a really inspiring person and your children are adorable. The love and happiness in your family is clear to see, happy new year to you all xx

  55. Sarah wang

    Ha bag pipes , i’m lucky i’m not your neighbor. I guess you need to stand out and be more interesting.

  56. Kristina

    Get up early. Even just a half hour alone, in the quiet (and, for now, the dark), is priceless. My two little ones are sleeping and it is magical.

  57. Learning to play the bag pipes is an amazing goal and I cannot wait to see you post videos. You know you’ll have to.

    My goals include a daily writing practice and a spending fast. I mostly want to make changes to my daily routine so unplugging more and spending more time on productive things is one of my goals.

  58. JM

    Happy new year! They all seem like good resolutions for the new year.

    I do feel sorry for the neighbours with your bagpipe learning :) I live in Scotland and trust me, there is nothing worse than bad bagpipe playing. But how else will you learn? More power to you, I say :)


  59. Tamara

    You are such an inspiration! Happy ny!!

  60. Gray

    Love it.

    I get really into resolutions every year. Always have a fun one related to hobbies…this year, PAINT MORE!

    A yoga one (i’m a teacher) this year: HANDSTAND!

    A reading one, this year: read all the unread, purchased books in my house.

    And a practical one..this year: keep a clean car + closet…this will be the hardest for sure.

    I’m also doing 52 Yoga Pose posts on my blog. So fun! Love planning for the year ahead. Hope yours is fantastic!

    <3 Gray

  61. Ally

    “i want to remind myself every day that i am a good mother and a good wife and while others may do things differently and maybe even more vocally, it doesn’t mean how i mother or love my family is any less right.”

    Amen sister! I think that this is a goal that all mothers and wives could work towards this year. We can become so easily discouraged by what others think or say about what is “right” or “wrong” to do in our parenting and home-making. It’s so important to build each other up as women and I love that your blog does exactly that.

    You are an incredible mother and wife and I can’t wait to read more about your amazing lives in 2014!

  62. Kelly Cook

    Thank you for sharing. Your blog inspires me every time I read it. You have a beautiful life and what’s so great about you is that you appreciate it. I hope you accomplish everything you set out to do this year.
    Happy New Year!

  63. Caitlin

    what a beautiful post about your resolutions. you are such an incredible woman and i cannot wait to see what is in store for you this year. only wonderful things!

  64. Anna

    Happy New Year to you too! i really enjoyed reading your goals for 2014, they sound lot of fun (ballroom, trapeze, bagpipe!) and i truly believe it is important to find time to do what you want to do, so cheers to that!

  65. Meredith

    This is so beautifully written – happy new year! I love yrou goals for 2014 :) Please keep us posted of the bag-pipping (I’m marrying a scot and can’t wait to have bag pipes at our wedding!) xo

  66. Happy New Year to you too Naomi! I think your goals are incredible, I hope to become even more courageous during the new year as well. I think when you do little acts of bravery, it makes you a better person and I can’t wait to add more of those little moments to my list as well as crossing a few things off my bucket list as well ;) Wishing you and your family all the best :)

  67. Jo

    You are such a beautiful soul. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful little family. :)

    Jo Farmer

  68. Siobhan

    Great goals!! I haven’t ever really paid much mind to having New Years resolutions but goals for the year is the first and foremost thing I would like to attempt. My son will be 2 this year and we’re hoping to try for another little one later in the year so I think it will be important to establish priorities since motherhood is very consuming and wonderful but can make it easy for forget to be an individual. So after establishing goals, my second goal will be to find ME in this next year of being a working mama and wifey. and another goal is to be more crafty; some girlfriends are going to try a craft a month. I think it will be a fabulous way to get both some ladies nights in and be creative throughout the year. Happy 2014 everyone!! :-)

  69. TJ

    I love your goals of learning new hobbies. I want to discover new passions this year, find something that I absolutely love to do for my free time, stop watching as much TV, travel, and always keep learning and growing into myself. Happy New Year!!
    xo TJ


  70. Megan

    Well Said!! Heres to 2014!!!

  71. Samantha

    Bagpipes!!?? COOL!

  72. Abby

    Bagpipes! I took bagpipe lessons in college, and it was a lot of fun. Tough to actually make sounds come out of the real pipes, but the chanter was cool. Good luck!

    I’d like to write and read more in 2014 (always a goal) and use my camera more. Maybe do some crafts, too…we’ll see!

  73. Taylor

    What a great list! These words are so inspiring and I can’t wait to start on my list of things for 2014!



  74. Victoria

    Sounds like you will have a very busy but very fun year! x

  75. Rachel

    These are amazing goals! It’s hard being a full-time mom and then trying to find some time for yourself and to do things for yourself. So I’m so glad that’s a goal for yourself! That’s awesome about the bag pipes! Best of luck in the new year!


  76. sounds perfect! all the best to mama and papa davis and your sweet littles in 2014!

  77. kendall

    thanks for sharing! and how fun! bagpipes?!?

  78. Beverly

    #1 Those doughnuts are huge and look divine!
    #2 Love all your goals, especially not loosing your sense of you while still being an awesome mom.

    Cheers to 2014!


  79. Emily

    happy new year to you and your beautiful family! i hope 2014 is an amazing year for you all and that you achieve all you want to. this year i’m hoping to have a more positive mental outlook on life and manage to get out of bed every single day and attend all my uni lectures!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  80. Natalia

    I wish you lots of luck with your goals this year and I hope that 2014 is even better than 2013 was!

  81. shayla

    lovely goals and aspirations :)

    good luck with them all and happy new year to you and your cute family!!

  82. Sinead

    Good luck with your goals. Happy New Year!

  83. Beth

    I took a bagpipe class when I studied abroad in Scotland! I can’t wait to read about your adventure in learning to play! I won’t say it’s easy, but it’s definitely really fun!

  84. Emma

    This year I want to cook more and say yes to things that scare me…

  85. Patty

    Dear Naomi, Thank you so much for creating this blog! I have been following since November of 2010. The first post I read was about your crib being delivered and you had that cute pic of you posing with the family parking sign :) I find your posts very inspiring. They remind me that while perfection doesn’t really exist it is possible to live a loving and positive life.

    In 2014 I hope to get back into dance, cook more, take more pictures of myself and the husband, and like you not let motherhood consume my identity.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Quote of the year: “life is too short to spend even ten minutes of your day focusing on any crap you can’t change.”

  86. Ashley

    I don’t ever comment but I wanted to comment on what you said about hood. This world is way to critical and opinionated! You live in the lime light with this blog so I’m sure people comment and say rude things sometimes. You are a wonderful mother. You are doing what you feel is best for your family. If you love you kids and think you are doing what is best and trying your hardest, then you are the perfect mother. No one in the world is perfect and don’t let others people opinions let you change your own opinion of yourself. There are many ways to parent and there is no right way. You do so many amazing things with your kids and I can tell how much you love them. That’ all that matters. Keep up the good work :)

  87. Stacy

    I love that your husband surprised you with bagpipe lessons for Christmas! Last year I decided to include a “bucket list” item on my wish list to my husband. I had no expectation that he would actually make it happen, but he did. I have never been sailing and want so badly to go and to learn to sail. He surprised me with my first sailing experience and lesson. The sailing season here isn’t until summer and so I looked forward to it for 7 months until we got to go out together and it was so fun and a neat experience. So much to learn! It was a total surprise and I loved the anticipation those many months and enjoying something later in the year. I might make it an annual thing to include on bucket list item on my Christmas wish list. The blond thing is on my bucket list too and I keep talking about it but just can’t push myself to do it yet. You have given me a little more courage to just try it out so I stop wondering!

  88. Anne

    Great goals! Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  89. You inspire me so much it’s crazy! My goals this year are along the lines of keeping my life balanced, staying happy & healthy, and focus more on what makes me happy and spreads optimism to others at the same time. Being that this is the year I graduate high school, start working as a cosmetologist, start a blog, and go to college, I find that it might be a busy year, so I just really don’t want to lose myself within all the chaos that might come, and to be honest I’m really scared of this year’s big change but I’m ready for a huge, new chapter in my life! I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your goals! And also, thank you so much for sharing your life with us! Happy 2014 :)

  90. Greta

    A great and very positive New Year’s post, Naomi! Here are some of the things that are on my list for this year – I’d like to start private French classes and finally become fluent (after lingering at an intermediate level for so long despite living in Belgium); I’d like to start taking my national folklore dance classes ( Bulgarian); I’d like to be more organised so that I can be more efficient at work and have more time to spare for my 1,5 year old son; I’d like to steal some time to be myself every week and not just a mother, a wife and a lawyer. But above all I’d really like to stop beating myself up over not being able to give 100% in everything I do and stop feeling that I’m constantly behind on something (or everything). I’m confident that our New Year’s resolutions will come true in 2014. Happy New Year, y’all!

  91. Happy New Year! A big YES to learning how to knit! I started knitting about a year ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. So much fun and it’s relaxing as well (and really not that difficult).

  92. Laura

    Aww you have Scottish ancestry?! I’m a regular reader from Edinburgh in Scotland so this is nice to hear haha! Good luck on the bagpipes xx

  93. OH MY I am SO excited to hear about your experiences learning the bagpipes!! I used to play them on a pretty serious level. It’s a challenging and rewarding hobby; I can’t wait to hear your take on it :)


    Buffalo Britty

  94. jennifer

    getting up early is nice. I don’t really have any advice on how to actually accomplish getting out of a warm bed… but it is usually when I get a lot of my “me” time in. Before the sun rise and the house gets busy.

    Happy happy new year to your and your sweet family.

    xoxo from san francisco


  95. Stacey

    What a great post!

    Your totally right about life being too short for negativity and NYE is a great time to reset how you would like your life to be and how to get there.

    I am setting monthly goals instead of annual goals;
    Live more boldly / Show more kindness / Take more risks / follow my dreams / meditate every day / write a daily gratitude list / drink 2 litres of water a day / do a 30 day photo challange.

    Good luck with your’s : )

  96. i have never been a morning person myself. my goals for the new year are… to stop eating after 7 pm. (that’s a HARD one!) put exercise in my life and to reread the BOM. i would LOVE to add more fun things to do. maybe in 18 months. (after med school graduation)

  97. That is a serious noteworthy/swoon worthy list for this coming year. GO you! Whatever you and your family get into you have an amazing backdrop of a city to root you along. Happy New Year!!

    Her Eclectic Life

  98. Lucy

    Good luck with your bagpipe lessons! I’m from Inverness in Scotland (5 minutes away from Loch Ness) and I must say there’s nothing like the sound of the bagpipes to get your emotions stirring! If you and your family ever decide to come visit Scotland (which you should!!) my family run a luxury tours private hire company called Scenic Routes specialising in bespoke tours!

    Bliadhna Mhath Ùr
    (Happy new year!)


  99. Huurrraaa! Cheers to the new year!
    2013 was simply amazing! I can’t put it in words and I am slowly starting to understand why so many people always told me that I would enjoy my 20ies the most!

    Thank you for inspiring me for the past year. I am glad that I bumped into your blog! And besides trying to stress less about the future and to live the moment I wanted to let you know that I want to introduce more colors to my closet like you do all the time!

    :) Oh and to enjoy being silly every now and then, because it feels so good to laugh about the little things in life!

    Hugs from good old Germany!
    And condolescence to your neighbors :)

    Ciao! Taty°

  100. Love your blog. I’m a fellow NYer and love to get inspiration from the things you do. For another NY blog check out http://www.bigbrownblog.com! Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2014.

  101. Birgit.

    Those red shooties in your instagram! Can I ask what brand they are?

  102. Chi

    I love these resolutions. So real and soo important!

  103. naomi, this is amazing! you are amazing! i’m so inspired. this is just what i needed to get inspired myself. thank you!

    also, i love this: “in 2014, i want to carve out more time for myself to learn new hobbies and take different classes. i am grateful to be a mother of two little toddlers and motherhood has always been my biggest aspiration in life, but i don’t want to get so focused on it that i forget to improve other talents and grow as an individual in other ways as well.” YES x10293820398235! especially coming from a “mom blog”, it’s so refreshing. i have always thought this and hope to keep this mentality when i myself have kids. YES, keep growing yourself!

    you are great! happy new year! xo

  104. Beautiful pictures

  105. David

    Ah, it’s here! 2014. The past 12 months had highs and lows, and now it’s behind us. My resolution and my wish for everyone is to be happy! Do what makes you happy, don’t do the the things that don’t. If you’re not happy, make changes! Change your thoughts, change your life!

  106. Ana

    Happy New Year! This years resolution is to clean less the house so I have moré time to play with my 3 kids!!
    I Love your blog! Thanks for making me smile every time I read You!

  107. megan

    ah! reading this made me want to jump up and start doing things. new things. i love how you mentioned you want to learn to knit, because my friend just started to teach me yesterday and… it’s SO easy! it really is. it just proves that we are capabale of so many things, all we have to do is make the time to try them.



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  109. Love this picture of you! You are such a gem. I love looking at your pictures and watching your little family grow. Precious.

    Xo- Lexie

  110. Meghan

    Learn to knit was one of my goals for 2013 and I actually did it and I’m so glad. It’s fun and you feel productive! I suck at it, but I figure it’s a lifelong hobby and I can only get better.

    This year I want to start going to bed earlier (and getting up earlier!); I want to focus on making new friends; I want to go to a stylist and tell them to do anything they want to my hair, and I want to keep my apartment tidier.

  111. Love this list of good things to come. And the bagpipes? Wow! Video, please :)

  112. hanalei

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us! xoxo

  113. Jennifer

    I’m a new follower of your blog and really loved loved loved seeing your posts and pictures about Paris. I studied not far from there for a year, and it brought back so many memories. I also have a toddler at home and am nervous about traveling with him for the first time this summer, so I am now totally inspired that my husband and I can make it work! lol
    Looking forward to reading what is coming up next for you. Here are my goals for 2014.

  114. shawnee

    i love this! your Christmas video is so darling. thanks for sharing…i love reading:) xo

  115. Katie

    very late comment but hey happy 24th day of the new year!

    waking up earlier is one of mine too. best advice an early riser ever gave me is, “it’s like removing a band aid, don’t think about it, just do it!”

    when that alarm goes off place your feet on the floor straight away, don’t think of anything else. it’s much easier once your already up!

    always love reading your blog. love from a big small town in australia. x