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i have been day dreaming of a warm sunny beach all week long.  january, you are killing me!  but good news! we have teamed up with our sponsor, HotelTonight, to giveaway TWO $200 credits this week so two lucky winners can start planning that next dream trip!

we first found and shared HotelTonight on Love Taza last august for our 6 year blogging anniversary. we thought the concept of having an app that finds awesome last minute deals on hotels all over the world was kind of genius, especially since we like keeping our itinerary really flexible and open when we travel with the littles.  we actually ended up using the HotelTonight app while traveling abroad in november. we had hoped to stay near a secluded castle or in the country for a night between our time in amsterdam and paris but had no luck finding anything after all our research.

josh was up for almost our entire last night in amsterdam still looking for something. after checking out of the hotel in amsterdam and waiting for the taxi to take us to the train and still kind of in limbo as what we were going to do next, we decided to just head straight to paris a day early. we hadn’t had any contact with HotelTonight since our giveaway in august and it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind to use the app. i am so glad josh had an “aha!” moment and whipped out his phone while we still had wifi in the hotel lobby.  he was able to find and book a hotel in paris for our flex night in a couple minutes! we ended up staying at the Rochester Champs Elysées because it had an awesome deal and because we saw on the app’s map that it was in a part of paris that we didn’t really have on our itinerary for the trip (arc du triumphe area), which we really enjoyed exploring our first night.

anyway, we are excited to partner with them again for this giveaway! check our their app by downloading it for free. to enter the giveaway, simply visit HotelTonight and leave a comment below telling us where your dream vacation would be. the winners will be drawn at random and contacted directly next week.

HotelTonight is also offering $25 off your very first booking with the code TAZA25 (for first-time bookings only.)

good luck!

  1. Jordan

    Montreal would be a dream come true! I’ve been wanting to go since moving to the east coast a few years back.

  2. laura

    oh boy, oh boy! san francisco! it would be a TREAT! (a san francisco treat)

  3. Lara

    Right now my dream vacation would be San Fransisco, as I’ve never been to California!

  4. Bianca

    Definitely somewhere in Europe , like Paris or Rome!

  5. Dalia

    Los Angeles for the Spring would be so much fun!

  6. SCS

    I’d love to go back to Europe!

  7. Rachel

    After the polar vortex in NYC last week, I am dreaming of a vacation in Bora Bora!!!

  8. Rachel

    Paris!! But I’m also hoping to visit Tampa this year for a book signing:)

  9. Valerie

    awesome app idea! will definitely be adding it for our future travels. I would LOVE to show my young son Brazil, where I studied as an undergrad. Specifically, Rio – it is the most breathtaking city. I would love to spend some time in the city and some time in the small beach towns along the coast. Having him put his Portuguese to use would be so amazing to see. happy travels, everyone!

  10. Alison T

    Oh wow! There are so many places I would go, but my DREAM vacation would be to Fiji

  11. Carley

    My husband & I would love to celebrate our one year anniversary (March 29th) in COSTA RICA!

  12. Sarah

    How wonderful! My dream trip would be DC (I’ve never been and LOVE history/museums) or somewhere like Maine.

  13. Brittni

    I’m dreaming of so many vacations, but right now I need some warmth–Hawaii would be a dream this January!

  14. January

    I would love to go to Prague, or any city in Europe for that matter. :)

  15. Ida

    Sydney!! I’d so love to visit Australian someday :)

  16. Lindsay

    I would love to take a babymoon to Hawaii before #2 arrives!

  17. Krystine

    Ill preface by saying that my husband works a lot! My dream vacation would be somewhere secluded with out cell reception! Since there is cell reception or at least wifi everywhere now a days somewhere amazing and beautiful will do ;-) We’ve talked a lot about visiting Australlia. A warm beach with my love and our kids would be perfect.

  18. Elizabeth

    My absolute dream would be to go to Spain with my mom. She has been wanting to go ever since I went and she always makes any adventure extra amazing!

  19. Florencia

    I would LOVE to spend some time in Barcelona, Florence, and Lyon :)

  20. LS


  21. Morgan

    I have been constantly searching for something/somewhere to go in May for my 30th Birthday!! Finding hotels that meet my budget and yet seem special for such a big birthday is proving to be quite challenging. This would give me the ability to make a getaway a reality! Fingers crossed!

  22. Ali

    I would love to take a trip to Napa with my girlfriends this spring! Wine & friends, would be incredible. It’d also be nice to take a quick to Savannah to see our little nieces and nephew.

  23. Chelsea

    Anywhere tropical! After looking at all those pictures, I’ve got majorrrr wanderlust.

  24. gosh… to go to Thailand again would be amazing. I haven’t been to TOO many places around the world, but I already know I “need” to go back!

  25. Naseem g

    Budapest! I’d love to visit Hungary :)

  26. Carrie

    I would love to go to the South of France or Rome! I love European vacations. They are so magical! :-)

  27. I’d love to be in sunny Southern California right now.

  28. Tracy

    Our dream trip right now is Hawaii. Dreaming of warm beaches, especially after another long, Colorado winter.

  29. Hotel Tonight is such a genius app! I would absolutely love to escape chilly New York and head to San Francisco for a weekend!

  30. Jessica

    this is fantastic! me and my husband’s second anniversary is coming up and we’re dreaming of getting away for a night to celebrate, but can’t really afford it right now. we’d love to just go somewhere close, maybe chicago, for a night! crossing my fingers!

  31. hannah

    dream vacation!

  32. Kristen

    I would love to go on Safari in South Africa!!!

  33. Adrianna Marino

    I’ve been wanting to take my boyfriend on a trip for a long time (our plans for vacation last year were canceled unexpectedly). I would love to take him either to Texas or to Italy. He has family in both places and misses them dearly.

  34. Elise Dear

    My dream vacation is definitely to Amsterdam. I have friends that love near and I love seeing pictures and videos about it! I dream to bike on those cobbled streets with the beautiful buildings.

  35. Chelsea P

    a beach getaway sounds amazing!!

  36. Lindsay

    Is be happy with a night away from my crazy kids in my hometown :)

  37. Rebecca

    Right now my dream vacation is laying on the beach in the Dominican Republic!! See the sun for a little while again :)

  38. Oh, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. My 30th is this year – this would be an amazing gift!

  39. Ash

    I’m a CA girl and have never been to Napa—would LOVE TO! Been to several places abroad, and I regret that my husband and I didn’t venture off to Austria on our way from Germany to Italy (hit Switzerland instead). You can’t do it all, can you?! Anyway, I’d love to go to Vienna someday as well! What a fun give-away!

  40. I would go to the Empire Hotel in New York. Haha forever a Gossip Girl fan.


  41. Madeline

    I would love to travel to Edinburgh. :)

  42. Abby

    Trip to Italy planned in May…. This would be perfect!

  43. Carly

    I’d love to go to San Francisco, but what I’m REALLY dreaming of right now is a vacation on the coast of Spain! ¡Barcelona por favor!

  44. Layna

    At this point, anywhere warm!

  45. Celina

    Dream vacation would be Europe- soak up the history and architecture!xo

  46. Tanaka

    My boyfriend and I have been together 6 years and have never been on vacation together. We recently bought our first home (nov 2012) and have been working so much overtime at work to pay for all the updates. I would love to take him to Mexico. I went to Cancun when I was 16 with my aunt and uncle and it was the most beautifu place I have ever been. serious dream vacation material!!!

  47. Erika Norton

    Bora Bora and stay at the Four Seasons in the bungalows that are over the water!

  48. laurie

    I’d love to go to an Island in the Pacific!

  49. Kerry Beth

    I would totally put the gift card to use ASAP! European vacation would be dreamy! Italy, Paris, Austria, Switzerland, ah! : )

  50. Wendy M

    I would take any vacation about now! I really need a little getaway!

  51. Vanessa

    Being of Latin descent, I’d love to visit cabo. I’ve never had the opportunity to explore Mexico and I think it would be a life changing experience for my family and me.

  52. Brooke Stuart

    I wish i had this app when i was living in Europe for a year! I remember trying out this app after you mentioned it, and it actually saved the day when I ended up staying an extra night in Boston! It’s brilliant!

    My vacation that I’ve been dreaming about lately is kauai Hawaii! I’ve never been, and with the freezing wind chill up here in Vermont, it would be a lovely change!

  53. Nicole

    I would love to go to Barcelona!

  54. Taylor Jardine

    I would love to go anywhere sunny and warm where I can spend time with my family! I love your blog, you are so modest and a good example but you are such a fun mom! Thanks for blogging!

  55. ellie be

    ohh paris sounds incredible!! this is awesome.

  56. lulu marcil

    I would love to go to Greece :-)

  57. Holly

    Ohhh my! My dream vacation would have to be Fiji right now… Warm, tropical beaches are my jam!!

  58. Melisa

    I would love to go to Switzerland and France
    Since that is where my boyfriend is originally from and for a nice beach I would want to go to Belize.8))

  59. Molly

    My husband and I have been trying to go to Charleston, SC for years now. This would be a wonderful opportunity!

  60. Diana

    I would love to go to Las Vegas with my sister! We’ve never been on a sister trip together!

  61. Kim R.

    After all this cold weather, anywhere warm would be heavenly! I quick trip to California would thaw me out!

  62. Annalisa

    I am also dreaming of a warm, tropical beach vacation with just me and my honey. I think Mexico sounds like the perfect place to be right now with some yummy tacos, a Mexican coke, and sand between my toes, nothing could be better!!

  63. Makaela

    Dream! I would love to go here! My husband is an avid skier and when I try to convince him to go somewhere tropical, without skiing, it’s like pulling teeth. This would be a much needed getaway from the smog in SLC and nice way to forget about 60 hr work weeks. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Debbie

    I think Hawaii

  65. David

    I would like to go back home to Europe where I grew up !

  66. Heather

    This is a genius idea, I really have to remember to download the app.
    I’m saving for a trip to surprise my boyfriend this year, so the hotel credit would be so helpful.

  67. Stacey Wright

    Dream trip–anywhere in the world! Right now, our dream trip would probably be Hawaii, but we would be happy with any vacation!!

  68. Brad

    I would like to take a vacation to New York with my girlfriend, Florida is too hot!

  69. natalie

    we already have a trip planned to Atlanta, so I have to say it would be there!

  70. Anna

    Ireland! I would love to spend a week there with my munchkins❤️

  71. Jamie

    Fuuuuuun! I dream of beaches all the time!

  72. Amber

    We’ve been dreaming of Thailand for a while now… hopefully it’s not too long before we can make that dream a reality!

  73. Jennifer Heise

    After seeing your posts, we’d love to travel to Amsterdam or back to Anaheim for another Disneyland trip with our two little girls!!

  74. Leah

    Ah, Paris :)

  75. Tanya

    oh!!! gosh……i would like to go to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!Then my dream will come true!!!

  76. Marnay

    Costa Rica has always been our dream. I’ve heard that their food and culture is amazing!!!

  77. Cheyenne

    My dream vacation is either backpacking Europe or a sunny vacation exploring Bali and Thailand!

  78. Meri

    I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam. Pick me!!!

  79. Rachel Taylor

    Definitely somewhere in Maine. So beautiful there!

  80. Rachel

    Oh! I’ve been DYING to finally see Dublin or Vienna. I’ve been overdue for a European adventure for years (not exaggerating here) and desperately need some European adventuring to get a fresh perspective on life :) Thanks for letting us participate!

  81. Alex A.

    would love a little weekend getaway in Aspen!

  82. Mel

    I would love to go to Costa Rica!!!yay!

  83. Lyla

    I would head right down to the Caribbean! I need to jump into some baby blue water!!

  84. Michelle

    My dream vacation would be a beautiful, warm sandy beach for me, and some awesome waves for my sweetie! Maybe Indonesia, Hawaii, Spain, Aus… anywhere!

  85. Jennifer

    I have always wanted to go to Scotland!

  86. Katie P.

    My dream vacation would be in France! I would love, love, love to go back!

  87. Amy

    Dying to go to New York for my 30th birthday this year!

  88. Caroline

    I’d definitely choose somewhere warm.

    Perhaps the American South West! Hot and dry!

  89. Sara

    This is AMAZING. I have been trying to find an affordable vacation for my boyfriend and I (we’re both actors), and it’s proving very difficult. The APP idea is genius.

  90. Natalia

    Oh boy! Greece has always been a my top pick to travel to! What a beautiful place in pictures! Would love to visit in person

  91. Sarah

    Ireland or London or France or anywhere! What an amazing gift!

  92. Kristen

    i’m dying to go to the west coast! I’ve never been!

  93. Gabriela

    I would love to go to Mexico with my boyfriend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! So need to get away from the cold in NYC and spend some beach time together.

  94. TRAN

    AHHHHH! I would love to win this, I am turning a quarter of a century this year so a trip to SAN FRAN (my favorite city) would be beyond amazing!!!

  95. Monica Melton

    My dream vacation would be Italy or Paris!

  96. Courtney

    Am dying to take my soon- to -be husband on a surprise trip to Ireland!

  97. Hana Walker

    What an awesome giveaway!! I would love to go to Hawaii!! It has always been my dream. I have never even been on an airplane haha! :)

  98. Jess

    LOVE this app. Used it when we stayed in Seattle in the Fall. So easy!

    Paris is my #1 destination dream. Hoping to make it happen this Spring/Summer!

  99. What an awesome giveaway! Of course, I’d love to go all over the world, but for now I have beaches and warm weather on my mind. Bermuda and Costa Rica have been popping up in my head lately…
    Hope I win!

  100. Lindsay

    I love the hoteltonight app! Used it my first time visiting NYC. I’d love to go to Costa Rica…return after 8 years!!

  101. Wendy Smith

    Wow what a fun giveaway!! Amazing photos! Your blog is such a treat to follow. I would absolutely love to travel abroad. Thanks for always making your followers dream big!
    Wendy Smith

  102. JB


  103. Tori

    I would love to travel anywhere, really! In the US, somewhere up north away from the Florida heat. Abroad, I would love to go to Ireland.

  104. Melissa

    I would love to go to Cape Code on a mother/daughter get away. It would just be perfect.

  105. Christina

    My dream vacation would be to go to Paris or Santorini, Greece, hands down!

  106. Right now, I’d just like to go some place warm :)

  107. Kelly

    I would love to go almost anywhere! I love to travel ! I would love to use the credit towards a stay in Europe.

  108. Adrian

    Great giveaway! My dream vacation would probably be to Australia.

  109. Carrisa

    I would go to Vienna :) And now if you’ll excuse, I’m going to go daydream about all these magical places! Definitely going to be putting this app to use in the future!

  110. Shelby

    My DREAM vacation would be somewhere in Europe, but a more realistic destination for my current stage in life would be Seattle. Never been there.

  111. Cailin

    Chicago! I’ve been wanting to visit for a long weekend!

  112. Baby number 2 is on it’s way. A babymoon would be magical!

  113. Allie P

    I’d love to see Pompeii!

  114. Robyn S.

    Spain! It’s my only dream destination!

  115. Lauren

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to go to Prague!

  116. I would absolutely love to come visit NYC! I’ve never been to the East Coast and NYC would be a dream. My father in law lives not too far away in New Hampshir, I would love to visit him and his beautiful home and make quite the trip of it all!

  117. Brigid Prior

    Right now– anywhere warmer than Virginia! Probably Hawaii!

  118. Claire

    Greece or Italy

  119. Anita

    I need a weekend away too!!!

  120. I can’t wait to travel this year! My dream vacation would be to explore France with my boyfriend – Paris, Nice, and Cannes. It would be so romantic and beautiful!

  121. I would love to visit Copenhagen…my brother has moved there…and I am saving to visit. x


  122. Jen

    Great app! Right now my dream vacation would be somewhere is Spain. Maybe Valencia or Barcelona!

  123. Stephanie

    I have been dying to visit Palm Springs! A little heat would be a welcome change from the cold polar vortex air of Toronto.

  124. India india india.
    devouring food all over india.

  125. Valerie Ann

    My dream vacation is a 90 day around the world trip, but I would love a quick visit to Austin, TX since I’ve heard so many good things about that city.

  126. caitlin

    what a great idea!! would love to go greece!

  127. Madison banks

    Would love to see my boyfriend in Europe!

  128. Ashley Pack


  129. Claire

    Somewhere in Italy or Greece

  130. Haleigh

    I would love to go somewhere warmer, but right now any vacation sounds good!

  131. I’m the same I loath winter in January! My husband and I would love a little get away into something warmer!!! It would be a dream to not wear a coat outside again!

  132. Theresa

    There are too many places to choose! But it’s 14 degrees in Chicago right now… so it would be a dream to visit a hot, sunny beach! I’d pick Cabo!

  133. Grayson

    I have always dreamed of going to Brazil!

  134. Angela

    My dream would be Paris, Paris is always a good idea!

  135. Katrina

    London, for sure!

  136. K

    I’m going to Copenhagen soon, and this is definitely my dream vacation coming ahead.

    Thanks for the giveaway;

    I’ve been following you and your growing family for a couple of years now. You’re all awesome.

    Oh! I almost forgot, I live in Paris and I actually saw a picture of Josh & you in a Post Office here, on an add. I think it is this picture that was used for Samsung. So cute and so young.

  137. Jenni Kaufusi

    I’d love to go anywhere warm, utah has been freezing!! I’ve also been wanting to take a trip to Amsterdam! Hope I win

  138. Caitlin

    Would love to get away to the Florida Keys for our four year anniversary!

  139. Rachel

    Woah, this is great! My dream vacation would be Ireland or Russia. Well, pretty much anywhere!

  140. we almost used them on our trip to europe a few months ago, but ended up going through vrbo instead…they have great stuff, though! my next dream trip is definitely santorini and mykonos, greece.
    thanks for sharing!

  141. Vanessa Salas

    I can’t imagine a person who deserves this more than me! I’m a born Floridian who experienced zero degrees (what felt like -11) here in NYC last week which made me think that I was going to DIE… So please pick me! But on a more positive note I learned to never complain about cold weather again and appreciate that I have a home that kept me warm ;)

  142. Laura

    The beach sounds nice:)

  143. nicole trimmer

    portland!! We have been dying to visit, and after our baby was born we have just been stuck at home. A vaca would be heaven.

  144. Katie

    “Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn

    This app is such a great idea.

  145. Nicole

    Would love to win this. My boys and I would love a vacation.

  146. Jenn

    My boyfriend and I are looking to get away for spring break. Boston has been pretty chilly this winter too!

  147. Kelly

    Costa Rica for a longer trip and NYC or Chicago for a shorter weekend away!

  148. Alexis

    Croatia – to try something new with beaches and things to see.

  149. Am dying to return to Sevilla. Would love to make a trip back to Spain!

  150. Laura

    I would probably choose Paris myself :)
    Thanks for the chance!

  151. Giselle Cervantes

    i would love to give my husband a vacation!! He deserves it, and I would take him to the beach, probably Miami :)

  152. Elyse G.

    My fiancee and I are dreaming of spending our honeymoon in Europe. *fingers crossed*

  153. Emma

    New Zealand!! My boyfriend and I love the Lord of the Rings, so we really want to check out Hobbiton and The Shire! :)

  154. brit shelton

    OOOO I love using HotelTonight. I actually used it on my honeymoon, believe it or not. But my husband and I are planning to trip to Europe this spring, and this would come in handy for that!

  155. Jenny

    Steamboat Springs to ski, or France when it’s warmer.

  156. Vanessa Salas

    Forgot to mention my dream vacation…. At this point I would have to say anything that includes a beach, hammock and a hot sun! Perhaps Tahiti

  157. jani crawley

    We would love to go to europe!

  158. Amanda

    I’d love to leave all this cold behind and head straight to St John’s!!

  159. Bassma Sayeh

    I’m a college student currently couch surfing in Miami with my best friend! A little hotel time would definitely make this seem more like a vacation!

  160. Tricia

    Uruguay. No wait, Australia. No wait, definitely Uruguay!

  161. Hannah

    This is so awesome – After your recent adventures, Paris is pretty much all I can dream about right now! Although, Venice and Florence have also stolen my heart :)

    So many places, not enough time!

  162. Julie Jones

    We’re planning on France in the fall – the planning is half the fun, I think!

  163. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Russia with my main squeeze and attending a ballet or symphony. Those Russians know their art!

  164. Kate

    My dream vacation would either have to be New Zealand or Croatia. Although, I would not mind venturing back to Costa Rica – absolutely loved it there!

  165. Meghan

    What a great App! My boyfriend and I have family on both coasts and spend as much time as we can visiting friends and family! It’s great and we love them but we realized only recently that in 4 years we have never been on a vacation without family! What? 4 YEARS?! We would love to get away to Mexico – Maya Riviera or really anywhere that is more relaxing than NYC in Janurary. Once can only wear winter boots for so long!
    ~Love your blog!

  166. We have friends getting married in Hilton Head in June, so I’m dreaming of that lovely weather already!

  167. Marjorie Tellez

    I would love to go to Europe!

  168. Rachel

    I dream of going to Italy with my fiance :) Thank you!!

  169. Chris

    I would love to go to Germany, and see where my family is from!

  170. Audrey

    Hmmm….I would love to travel to Europe or the redwood forests!

  171. aline

    my dream would be to fly to paris on a whim for a long weekend and play it by ear once i was there!

  172. Sami

    There are millions of places I would like to go.. Around the world is an acceptable answer, right? But my dream vacation these days would be to take my husband and my little one to Disney Land in Cali. I haven’t been since I was a little one. I can’t wait to share that experience with my family

  173. Joselyn vega

    Dominican Republic !

  174. Lucy

    My dream trip would be Positano Italy with my honey! Thanks for the app tip.

  175. ideally, i’d like to go somewhere warm too. but vienna sounds so beautiful–would love to go there!

  176. Kat M

    I would love to go Bali!

  177. Jess

    Ah I would be stoked if I won this. It’d be Nice France for me!

  178. Andrea V.

    Right now, with this cold weather, I want to be somewhere warm, maybe Riviera Maya, Mexico!

  179. Our tiny family would love to go to Europe! Preferably Edinburgh.

    this would make the possibility of going much less expensive and way more probable!

  180. Lindsey Gilroy

    i’ve been dreaming of visiting charleston, and am in the midst of planning my first trip! this would be perfect…fingers crossed!

  181. Laurel

    It is difficult when you have wanderlust to pick just one place…top on the list today, though, is Maine. Maybe not in the dead of winter but the springtime or summer would be wonderful!

  182. Rachael

    Too many places to name! But I am planning a Montreal trip in a few months and having the hotel paid for would be awesome!! :) I love to travel!

  183. Hannah

    I want to go to the west coast! San Diego, perhaps?

  184. blake

    my fiancé & i are planning a honeymoon to paris right now! this would be the perfect way to be able to splurge a bit on our hotel accommodations :)

  185. Laurie

    Hawaii would be a dream for sure right now! It would be great to escape the freezing weather in Pennsylvania for a while!

  186. Casey McBride

    Hi! I saw your post on Instagram and I was like a get away would be so wonderful. Considering I am living in New York now (originally from California) and trying to get used to the winters. I would love to go to Bali or Puerto Rico! Somewhere warm would be ideal, laying on the beach with my New York friends aka leave this Polar Vortex :) Thinking of this wants me to stay planning today!

    Have a great week! Thanks for the contest.


  187. Daliana

    I’m going to Paris this summer and no hotel yet! I would love to win this!

  188. Amanda

    Naomi I LOVE what you have done to inspire little families everywhere. I’m a first grade teacher and I find myself constantly looking at your blog to swing me back from a pessimistic or upsetting day. The pictures of your kids captures the light and joy children bring to the world. I hope to help kids see the world they way you do: adventuring, experiencing, and smiling all the way through.
    I would love to experience a vacation myself and escape the dread of this frozen tundra! It would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

  189. sara


  190. Les

    With 4 kids (that we’ve never been on vacation without), I’m thinking Jamaica! Love this app, btw.

  191. Katie Cauthen

    I would love to take a trip to Portland. I feel like it could be a great place to explore over a fun long weekend by myself or with a couple of girl friends!

  192. Ryan

    It has been so cold lately, so anywhere warm would be fine with me!

  193. Erin Bodell

    Right now Hawaii is sounding delicious! But I’d love to go to England, or any where in Europe really. Let’s face it anywhere warmer than 30 degrees and not smoggy!

  194. Cat


  195. Laura

    I would absolutely love to go to Europe! Specifically, Italy!!!

  196. Bridget

    Ahhh… you dream of sun and sand, but I’d love to head to NYC!

  197. Lauren

    Wine country with my husband sounds like a fantastic kid-free vacation right about now :)

  198. Kalie

    My absolute dream vacation right now would be Italy… but more realistically, I’d use Hotel Tonight to find a place in Virginia Beach since it’s drivable AND warmer than where I am now :)

  199. Emilychristine1985@hotmail.com

    NYC or Venice!!!

  200. Alex

    I am getting married this summer and would love to use it for my honeymoon!!thanks taza

  201. Whitney

    We still need to go on our honeymoon and we’re thinking Morocco!

  202. Grace Kretschmer

    I’ve been dreaming about going to Iceland! Although, Paris is a close runner-up.

  203. Tasneem

    My dream vacation is Thailand. I have been wanting to go for years.

  204. Marley

    Athens, Greece is my all time dream vacation!

  205. Brook Brian

    A tropical getaway is just what this Utah girl needs. I am truly amazed at what an incredible example you are. Thank you for all you do and the woman that you are.

  206. Kim

    My girls and I are trying to plan a birthday trip to Cancun!

  207. Yang

    Europe is always the answer. Great giveaway!

  208. Kylie

    I need a beach! After all this cold, it’s making me depressed! I would love to go some where warm & relax! Awesome giveaway, thank you! :)

  209. Hillary K.

    Oh San Francisco! I went for my honeymoon this year and I’m dying to go back.

  210. Kelli Jo Wilson

    so great! I have never even heard of hotel tonight! and I am usually on top of everything! Ha! love learning something new! I just took a quiz that said Portland is a city I should live in. I have never been! think that is where I would go. :-) hope I win!!

  211. Christie anderson

    I Would really love to go to Europe but right now I’m dreaming of Hawaii.

  212. Heather

    Wow, so fun! My dream vacation would be to see D.C.
    I’ve always wanted to take my husband there, it looks like a dream!
    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

    Heather Sanchez

  213. Katie Turner

    This is so cool! I think I would be heading south of the border. I’ve never been to Mexico and I’m thinking Cabo sounds pretty good right about now. Thanks!

  214. Courtney

    My husband and I have been dreaming of going to Hawaii!

  215. Molly

    I would love to win this! Have been wanting to take my son to the zoo in sunny San Diego. Or maybe to a Beaches Resort in Jamaica. It would be fun for Mom and Dad too! The possibilities are endless.

  216. Amie

    Oh what a great app! Thanks for sharing it with us!! I’d definitely use this prize for a little babymoon with my hubby!! Maybe the warmness of California or I’ve always wanted to go to Maine! Have an fabulous day & good luck everyone!!

  217. Erin

    Steamboat Springs! My husband and I love to ski and Steamboat is our favorite place by far!

  218. Emily

    bora bora! or really anywhere with sun, sand, and sea!

  219. I’m craving somewhere warm with sunshine that lasts past 4:30!

  220. jackie

    New Zealand!

  221. Liz

    Paris, always.

  222. Emily

    I would love to visit Iceland. The other-world beauty would be so influential to my art and so different from my other trips abroad. Plus, it is a great connecting flight from the US to Europe, if I were to adventure more that way.

  223. Kimberly J.

    Ah, I would love to go to the San Juan Islands again. :)

  224. julia

    southern italy!!

  225. Kim

    My boyfriend and I have been itching to go to Turkey this year. We would love a hotel credit to help cover the cost of our stay! Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. Heather B.

    currently dreaming of warmer climates thanks to the east coast winter weather! riviera maya or barcelona sound so perfect right now. time to start planning our next vacation!

  227. Ashley B

    Oh wow! I would go to Greece in a heartbeat! This would be such a nice surprise for my new husband!!

  228. Janell

    My husband and I are planning our [super budgeted] dream trip to California for this spring just before he starts residency!!! It’s our last hoorah before he spends all his days/nights in a hospital for the next 5 years!!!

  229. would love to get out of the cold and off to costa rica!

  230. Lily M

    I would LOVE the opportunity to go somewhere warm. Like Australia. Always been my dream to go there one day. I had a baby over 9 months ago and she was premature. I ended up going back to work when she was just a month old right after we brought her home from the hospital. My hubby and I are yet to go out anywhere without her, even a date. A small getaway with our family would be so nice! To go relax somewhere and spend time together. I would love to win.

  231. Taylor

    I would love to travel to San Francisco to see my boyfriend sometime during the summer. I think that it would be cool if I visited China or England or Spain as well.

  232. Christian

    Always enjoy following your family’s comings and goings. Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. Kelsey C.

    Oh my roommate and I want to go to New Orleans for spring break and today is my birthday! This would be a great birthday present, hint, hint ;)

  234. Katie

    I would love to go back to Spain! Or Germany; that’s next on my list.

  235. Jenna Dyke

    Taza! My favorite blog. Been following you for a while, mostly on Instagram. I love what you do. You inspire me to one day be a mother and wife in a way that you have. Please please help me go on a much needed vacation!

  236. Denise

    I would love to travel and eat my way through Tuscany!

  237. Adriana Stout

    Please choose us! We’d love a small getaway from our 1 year old hahaha :)

  238. Ashley

    Hawaii!! I am so excited to go there with the hubby one day!

  239. Ivy

    I would pick Dublin! I have always wanted to go there and wasn’t able to when I studied abroad. Biggest mistake I made!

  240. Emma

    I would love to visit Prague! My sister went on her honeymoon and said it was glorious.

  241. Denise

    I would love to travel and eat my way though Tuscany!

  242. Kristina

    I hear San Jose and Acapulco are nice this time of year! I’ve always wanted to try a resort vacation.

  243. Katie

    Dreaming of a tropical vacation in the BVI for my 30th birthday in March!

  244. Sirje misgen


  245. Julia Cullinan

    Spain :)

  246. Jenna Carlson

    Oh I could use a vacation, love this giveaway!

  247. Jenna Dyke

    I would take all my friends to the east coast. We are going in July and this would help us see all that California has to offer

  248. Alanna Kawiecki

    My dream vacation would be Dublin, Ireland!!! Although any vacation would be a dream :)

  249. Our family of 5 so needs this! This NY winter is kicking our butts and keeping us indoors for far too long!


  250. Sarah

    Dreaming of a trip to Venice or Rome! A bit of a wanderlust mentality and love a little weekend getaway to Europe or anyplace new

  251. Alaina Bowers

    Ohhh boy! I like this. haha. Traveling anywhere tropical would be a blast. I have always wanted to go to the Caribbean and explore the type of “paradise” feel that is so evident in those vibrant photos. I have also wanted to visit out west and take a trip to the slopes and work on my snowboarding “skills” (or lack of skills). My boyfriend and I have been dreaming of a trip out west for a long time.

  252. kayleigh larkins

    my dream vacation would be in Italy!

  253. i would head on over to switzerland or thailand for some incredible adventuring!

  254. Gal f.


  255. MissPinkKate

    VEGAS, baby! How I yearn for a iittle blackjack!

  256. Janis

    Awesome giveaway! Dream vacation is definitely Morocco and Crete. But right now anywhere sunny and bright would be awesome :)

  257. Angela

    Such a great app. I’m a 2nd grade teacher and ANY getaway would put a smile on my face. But of course, relaxing, walking, and wine tasting in Tuscany sounds like a REAL dream ;) …

  258. Kristen

    Ahh would love to win this!! What a sweet winter giveaway!

  259. Amber Whipple

    i used hotel tonight in san fransisco after you mentioned it on your blog once!I got to stay in the most adorable vintage hotel with this beautiful fire escape that you could sit on at night and see most of thr city for dirt cheap! it was definetly something I won’t forget. :)

  260. Kelsie

    Thinking about planning a last minute trip to Montreal, so this might be the perfect thing!

  261. Emily

    I would love to visit Greece, Italy and Spain. I have been dreaming of it for years. Not to mention, I am a huge humanities nerd, so it would be a dream come true: all the art, architecture, and cultures that have developed throughout history!

  262. Brianne

    We have a few trips planned already and would love this giveaway to help with hotels. We have loved using the hotel tonight app on our previous trips and will continue using it on our trips this year to South Carolina California and Chicago.

  263. Michelle

    I would love to take my husband to New Zealand to do the hobbit tour!!

  264. lanier


  265. Trusha daya

    LA during my senior year bring break would be amazing!!!! Love this blog!!!!

  266. Ashley

    New York! Planning my first trip there for my 30th in April. :)

  267. Nicole

    Italy..hopefully one day, soon!

  268. Jess

    Well right now I am in need of a tropical vacation, but my ultimate dream is Rome. :)

  269. Rachel R.

    So many choices! I’d pick Venice for a long trip and Honolulu for a shorter trip.

    This app adds an extra level of awesome to the adventure of traveling!

  270. Kelly

    Dream vacation would be to go ANYWHERE!! I am a nurse and vacations aren’t usually in my budget ;P.

  271. Kim

    All of the photos of Australia’s heat wave from this past week make me so jealous! I’d love to travel there! Thanks, Naomi!

  272. Ginna Rothwell

    I would be so thrilled to win this!!! We are starting to plan our honeymoon and this would make it so much easier! We’re hoping to escape to somewhere tropical after we tie the knot.

  273. Elle

    My dream vacation would either be to Madrid because it is a magical city and has soccer for the Hubsters or Seaside because it looks so charming and romantic!!

  274. Ashley W

    Southern California! I’d love to go back:)

  275. Kimberly

    Vacation baby!

  276. Melissa T

    I would definitely book a night in Chicago or San Francisco. What a great idea!

  277. sarah

    i’m dreaming of switzerland!

  278. Oh I would love to win this giveaway! My husband and I are still students and I have been begging him all week to take me somewhere warm during spring break before the baby comes!! It’s our last chance for vacation for a while! This would be so perfect:)

  279. Chantel

    My husband has been dreaming of a trip to Rome, and I’d love to surprise him with a getaway!

  280. Anne

    I was suppose to go to New York with my sister and mom during this easter, but due to personal and financial circumstances we have to cancel our plans. I am so sad and dissapointed that we are not going to New York this spring, however by participating in this contest perhaps I am lucky and will be able to go to New York after all. I will cross my fingers very much!

  281. maddy

    we are planning our wedding and honeymoon right now so the idea of a new york staycation actually sounds pretty luxe right now!

  282. Lauren

    I’d love to visit San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Such an interesting, artistic town and nice and sunny and warm!

  283. Anna Mae

    A beach right now sounds sooooo nice! This would be so much fun!

  284. Jordan

    I’d love to explore more of the U.S.A!

  285. Chrissy

    I am looking to go anywhere tropical right now! I need some warm weather and lots of sun. I would also like to go back to Paris….but not until the Spring!

  286. Michelle

    Oh….somewhere with hot sand and wonderful adventures. And good food, obviously.

  287. JP

    Miami beach for a balance of visiting grandma and having some time away from the busy work week!

  288. Holy moly.. I’ve always dreamt of getting on a jet plane to Italy and finding some quality gnocchi! However- I noticed HotelTonight has a spot in Zurich Switzerland.. Where my husband lived for two years :) I’d like to go there! Or a beach. Oh geez I need a vacation.

  289. Heather

    Heading to NY next month with the boy for a weekend getaway. This would be perfect.

    Dream vacation? Trying to go to England this year with a side trip to Prague.

  290. Maegan

    This app definitely fits my travel style :) I would like to defrost in Sugarland, TX.

  291. Tricia

    My husband and kids are trying to squeeze a New York trip in this year! I’ve never been!

  292. Lelia Shipp Wendel

    Greece…or Bermuda…or Italy…or all three!

  293. Kelly

    Living through my first Minnesota winter has me craving the warm sun. Mexico for me!

  294. Jennifer

    Just had a baby so anywhere would seem like a dream vacay thesedays! But somewhere in Europe would probably be on the top of my list!

  295. LJ

    Somewhere warm with a gorgeous beach! Spain?!

  296. Ewa

    So many places around the world I would love to visit… But for now-anywhere warm and sunny, And not far away… Canary Islands? Marocco?

  297. Brittany Rogers

    my husband and i didn’t really get to take much of a honeymoon (we got married in August but didn’t have much money or time to take one!).. our dream honeymoon was to go up to Maine during the summer though!

  298. Kaylan

    I think London would be a great place to visit using a gift card since it’s so expensive! A dream to go for sure :)

  299. kimberly Christiansen

    YAY!!! I would love to win this! thanks for setting this up!

  300. Ariel

    I’m dreaming of somewhere warm. I am ready to get out of the tundra of Minnesota and enjoy the beach!

  301. Donna Clegg

    I would love a credit for my trip out west in May! thanks love Taza!

  302. Emily Outcalt

    I’d love to take my mom to Napa. She’s never been, and it’d be a great trip to drink some wine and be together for!

  303. Sarah

    We would love to go to Dubai for our honeymoon! So much culture and history!

  304. I love HotelTonight!!! I’ve had it on my phone for forever and have been looking for an excuse to use it… $25 off might be it! My hubs and I are on a tight budget this year and $200 to help us book a first anniversary trip would be amazing. What a great giveaway!

  305. Rachel Kime

    Oooooo what an amazing giveaway! Yes please!!

  306. Kimberly

    My fiance and I just got engaged before Christmas! Our dream vacation is a honeymoon in Cabo!!

  307. Dawn

    I would love to win so that we could go on our 25th wedding anniversary a year late! Dreams can come true!

  308. Annette

    I’d probably go to Vail/Breckenridge!

  309. Aimee

    Oh, what a difficult decision! Maybe Portugal? But don’t make me choose!

  310. Courtney

    My dream vacation would be to Poland! Once it gets a bit warmer, of course!

  311. Noelle

    We recently moved to the Midwest and have been itching to visit Chicago. And get a hot dog. Ha!

  312. Christine

    I would love to take my husband to China or Japan. It’s one of his bucket list vacations and since I’ve already gotten to hit many of my bucket list cities I aim to make that happen for him one day! =)

  313. Erin D

    My dream vacation would be to Cape Town, South Africa!

  314. Harmony L.

    anywhere but here!
    9 degrees today ugh!

  315. Faith Frankenhauser

    It’s cracking me up that you are desiring the beach in this chilly weather, but you are choosing to try and send one of us random followers. It’s so kind! I would love to win, but this kindness is already blessing me!

    Hope you and your adorable family are staying warm and blessed his artic winter!

  316. Becki

    I am planning to accompany my husband on his next trip to Dublin this Spring. Would love to add an unplanned stop on that trip. Also, Santa Barbara has been calling my name. My wanderlust never stops.

  317. Anne-Marie

    I’d love to warm up in Puerto Vallarta!

  318. Sarah Spagnoli

    NYC! I live in Philly so it would be an easy, fun weekend trip!

  319. cathyv

    I think I would go somewhere warm. Maybe to a Carribean island.

  320. Paul

    I would love to go to Austin!. I have never been and want to experience the food truck scene!

  321. callie b.

    what a wonderful app and website! this is just what i need for my husband who is constantly having to book last minute hotels for interviews for med school. man oh man pretty please choose us! my husband has been gone on interviews for the last five months and this spring we are expecting our first baby! we would love to do a babymoon in cancun or costa rica! we’ve had our eye on a fabulous, warm beach! xo

  322. Sonia

    My dream vacation would actually be to get a hotel to have my parents visit me! Living in NYC it is tough to have people come see me (apartment barely fits me, hotels are an arm and a leg a night). I would also like to get out of the cold. Go somewhere a little more south and get a little less pale!

  323. Amy L.

    I would love to visit Ireland or Italy sometime very soon!

  324. Eva

    This January cold and dreariness is killing me. I’d use my credit to go somewhere warm!

  325. Charlene Styles

    Capetown, S Africa is at the top of my list, Especially in the dead of winter when I’m craving some warmth.

  326. Gosh so many places! If I could go anywhere I would go to Seychelles!

    But right now my husband has never been to Europe so Ireland is definitely up there too!

    Fingers crossed!




  327. cara

    austin tx, love it there! or, maybe venice :)

  328. Joey

    I’m dreaming of going on an adventure to Argentina and finally meeting my family there for the first time! Great giveaway!

  329. Megan S.

    I’ve always wanted to visit the East Coast, like Pennsylvania or Virginia or even NYC!

  330. Paige

    Oh my! I’d LOVE a trip to Palm Springs! On my bucket list for sure!

  331. Emily

    We are hoping to plan a trip back to NYC in April to stay with friends, but how fun would it be to have a couple of nights in a hotel instead! :) OR by that time a trip down south might be calling our names!

  332. Elsha

    OH San Francisco is always a dream. Clam chowder for daysss!

  333. Lisa

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve always dreamt of going to Hawaii and am currently outside of Europe for the first time in my life, in California, so I’m a lot closer to Hawaii and would love to have some initial credit to be able to go there!

  334. Sara

    I would love to use this towards my upcoming honeymoon planning! Somewhere like Iceland or Greece perhaps! :)

  335. Summer

    Amsterdam has always been a stop on my list of places to see but after seeing all your photos from your trip my wanderlust for Amsterdam is growing fast! What an awesome giveaway!

  336. Ellee

    I would absolutely LOVE to get away on a fun vacation! It’s just what my husband and I need- it could be our graduation present (we graduate from BYU in April).

  337. Laura

    Oh my gossssshhhhhh! I need a vacation so badly. I would go to California, for sure!!

  338. ITALY! My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy this fall for our 5 year anniversary and were going to stay in hostels so we’d LOVE to win this and stay somewhere nice on our anniversary!

  339. Mary

    Los Angeles! I’ve never been to the West Coast! :)

  340. Megan

    Right now the dream vacation is Seattle! My fella and I are moving closer to that area, and he’s always wanted to go! But with moving and buying new furniture taking the majority of our money, we’re a little strapped for cash. But we’d love to be able to get away for a weekend once things are bit more settled. :)

  341. Rhiannon

    I would go back to Florence for my honeymoon this fall. Swoon. :)

  342. Lauren

    I love HotelTonight! We live in the Bay Area, mecca of fantastic day trips, and are jonesing for a day or two on the Central Coast.

  343. Ignacia Simonetti

    Palm Springs or San Francisco!! Yesterday was my birthday and winning will be the perfect way to thank my husband for planning such a lovely day for me!!!

  344. Joyanna

    Syndey, Australia!

  345. Katie

    My dream vacation would be Paris. Our trip to Europe was tragically cut short 5 years ago so we never made it there.

  346. Taylor

    Europe is my dream!! Amsterdam or Madrid!

  347. Rachel Stahr

    Bora Bora! And stay in one of those villa’s on the water.

  348. Sarah

    I’d go to Thailand, definitely in need of a winter escape…and I live in Texas!

  349. Catherine

    South Korea. Because I’ve got Seoul. Obviously.

  350. Caitlin Doyle

    Would love to visit Santorini, Greece!

  351. Dana

    my dream vacation would just be to take my mom for a hotel spa trip right here in NYC…she deserves it!

  352. Claire McIntyre

    I’d love to go to Paris!!! xoxo

  353. i’m dreaming of warm beach sand, endless mocktails, and late-night swims with my husband in hawaii..send me there, taza!

  354. Delia R

    My dream vacation for my family would be to anywhere in Europe or Hawaii.
    Anywhere the four of us can explore and experience together would be great… Even a trip to NYC.

  355. allison

    In the U.S., I’m dying to check out Austin and Portland! Thanks!

  356. Linsey

    New Zealand for sure!

  357. Sarah

    We used HotelTonight to book rooms when we drove across the country in a Uhaul! It was awesome because each night we ended up stopping for the day in random unplanned cities! I’m dreaming of booking a hotel for a babymoon in Albany to go snowshoeing in the Adirondacks!

  358. Theresa

    I need to explore England, Scottland and Ireland!

  359. Camille

    It would be New York with my boyfriend! This is were I saw him for the first time about three years ago, and it would be awsome to go back there just the two of us. As we can’t see each other as much as we want, it would be the dream vacation for me !!

    Lots of love for you and your sweet family !

  360. Kelly

    Dream vacation!? Norway for sure! Not exactly the warmest place but I would give anything to see the northern lights there!

  361. Abigail Rogers

    I’d love to go to New Orleans or somewhere sunny and warm- Florida, CA, anywhere south!

  362. Contessa


  363. Molly

    I’ve been dreaming of going to Copenhagen for years!

  364. Maggie

    my dream vacation would be to the Virgin Islands!!!!! I have not been on a vacation in so so long. I would love to go with my sisters for some much needed away time. My boyfriend of 10 years just cheated on me and I left him. I could use a sunny getaway to help ward off my blues!

  365. Southern France is calling my name like a siren. I literally dreamed about its beachy shores and gelato last night!

  366. Megan

    Brussels THEN Paris!!

  367. While it wouldn’t necessarily be my “dream vacation” I would LOVE to use this for a hotel in Chicago! My sister lives there and I’d be thrilled to take my son to hear one of her orchestra concerts!

  368. Caitlin

    There are so many places I want to go to I can’t decide. Bring me to warm weather!

  369. Carrie


  370. Yehudis

    Venice! or London. or Maldives? (I have a long list!)

  371. Autumn

    ever since your trip to amsterdam a few months back (and those photos of the canals) i’ve been dreaming of taking a trip there myself!

    you & your family are the cutest!

  372. kendra

    somewhere west. Either back home to San Diego, up to San Fran or Seattle!

  373. kim

    i would love to visit san francisco!

  374. Rachel A.

    My husband and I are missionaries to Kenya, so a stay during our layovers in Amsterdam or London would be such a nice break for our littles during the long journey :)

  375. Lauryn

    I would love to get away to San Diego. But really, anywhere with warmer temps is welcome in my book:)

  376. Kristie

    I would love to go to Tahiti!!

  377. I would love to go anywhere tropical!!

  378. Codee

    Paris. It’s a dream of mine. I would also love to visit cape cod.

  379. Erin

    We are finally getting married after being together 5 years, so I would love a European vaca for our honeymoon! ( Or ANY vaca for our honeymoon)

  380. maash

    San Francisco! I’ve never been but I’m sure I’ll love it. And the weather is the best for cool outfits. Always important.

  381. Sarah

    My fiancé & I absolutely adore Charleston, South Carolina. I would love some time around those beautiful homes & dear sunlight after all these chilly days we have had recently! (:

  382. Annie

    Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity, Naomi. I struggle with S.A.D each winter and a chance like this would be wonderful. My dream vacation is to Hawaii! I think good old Florida might just do the trick to kick the winter blues too. ;) Thanks again!!

  383. Gabriella Wilson

    Palm Springs Cali!!! I need some warm sun on my skin NOW!!! Also, I have the hotel tonight app on my phone, and I love it. I have used it a few times while in NYC.

  384. Jessica

    Honestly, anywhere tropical right now.

  385. Eleanor

    Italy! All the way. We’ve always wanted to visit Positano and the Amalfi coast.

  386. Kim v.

    I wouldn’t mind a weekend getaway to San Diego.

  387. Mikaela

    My dream vacation would be San Francisco or Austin! I can’t shake my wanderlust!

  388. Marjorie

    I would love to visit NYC, I’ve only visited once 10 years ago for 8 hours.

  389. Robin

    I am currently dreaming of California :) it is warm and i would love to see family

  390. Leaving footprints on the streets of London, Paris, Tuscany (or other European town) while holding the hand of my husband, taking in the sights and the foods of different culture – that’s my kind of vacay :)

  391. Claire

    Geez, what a handy app! My boyfriend has been in Africa for the past few months on sabbatical. It’s been hard to be apart, but we’re looking forward to travelling together soon after he returns. We’ve talked about an easy, beachy trip- maybe Mexico!?- and I would definitely use the Hotel Tonight app for that.

  392. Crystal

    I’m dreaming of Italy & Greece these days! What an awesome giveaway!

  393. Vicky L

    Dream = Maui!

  394. Adrienne

    I’d love to bike through France! Taste wine… stay in a different hotel every night… explore the countryside…

  395. Kendra

    I’d love a trip to Greece. The food, the music, the beautiful blue water … I can sense the relaxation already!

  396. Erin

    As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Caribbean, Iceland is on the top of my list. I love these teal waters, but boy am I dreaming of snow and ice! : )

  397. Colleen

    Oh this is lovely. My husband and I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. : )

  398. Marci


  399. Emily B

    My DREAM vacation would be to go to Mykonos, Greece!!

  400. Diana

    I would love to travel to the old colonial town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. It is so beautiful there.

  401. Heather

    Just used the $25 off to book a one night stay to surprise my husband after our date tonight, thank you!! And if I won, I would love a weekend in Chicago with my little family :)

  402. UtahGirl

    Probably not my all-time dream vacation, but I hope to make a trip to Florida and Harry Potter World soon!

  403. I’d LOVE to put these to work! I’d totally be San Francisco bound!

  404. Tamara

    Right now, anywhere with sun would be perfect!!

  405. Kristy M

    Somewhere beachy – Destin maybe?

  406. Casi

    Asheville, NC for a realistic getaway. Probably Cabo or Riveria Maya for a more dream vacation. Or Amsterdam… I can’t decide!

  407. Anna Leieritz

    My husband and I are looking to “babymoon” before we start having kids and it has always been my dream to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia!

  408. Nikki

    Hard to pick just one, but Japan is definitely at the top of my list!

  409. Katie Mac

    Dream vacation=Greek isles!!!

  410. L

    I would absolutely love to explore Japan.. Or even take a vacation where I live, just to get away!

  411. Brittany Smart

    I’ve been dying to go back to New York lately! It’s been too long without seeing the beautiful city. But I wouldn’t mind finding someplace warm too! Honestly a vacation of any sort would do:)

  412. Kara

    Las Vegas would be amazing!! I have always wanted to go see those bright lights and crazy excitement!!!!

  413. Sarah Louise

    Please pick me! ( a.k.a. Us, my husband told me to enter haha)

  414. Carly

    Iceland! I have been longing to go for the past year for its beauty and maybe to catch those gorgeous northern lights.

  415. We just got back from Panama City and I am dreaming of going back again! Would love to plan a trip back during my post-vacation depression :)

  416. Katie

    the French countryside! Or Greece!

  417. Jessica

    Some destinations I’m dreaming of: Estonia, Czech Republic, or Monaco!

  418. Molly

    would love to get back to my former temporary home of Florence, Italy! Or maybe hit up a b&b in the Tuscan hills.

  419. Kate

    Right now I would LOVE to go to Napa Valley! Warm weather and wine sound like perfection!

    Love this giveaway!


  420. Anna

    I’m living in France currently, but I’d love to be able to see the sights around us–mostly Switzerland!

  421. beka

    my dream vacation would be to go to the greek isles!

  422. Emili

    I love to travel, but it gets pricey as a single gal. I would love to go to Paris next year for my 30th birthday and that would be perfect!
    Love y’all!

  423. Michelle

    Anaheim for DISNEYLAND! Or NYC!

  424. Audrey

    Thanks! I am dying to get to Peru!

  425. Laurie

    My dream vacation would definite be Hawaii!

  426. Kiley draper

    My husband and I are planning a trip to LA next month and we were planning on just staying with relatives, but boy would it be fun to steal a couple of nights together alone. Oh taza thank you so much for this giveaway, it’s the best one I’ve seen yet!!

  427. Sarah Louise

    Oh ya we want to go to Hawaii with our babies!!

  428. Michelle

    Dream vacation would be somewhere with beautiful sandy beaches for me, and great waves for my sweetie!

  429. Dianne

    I just dream of a quiet nights sleep vacation. My 2 year old didn’t sleep for the first year and a half of his life and still hasn’t perfected it. A warm climate would be nice too, but I’m not picky. Lol!

  430. Laura

    I’ve been dying to go back to the Caribbean ever since I got my first peek last summer on a cruise!

  431. Lindsay Rondo

    I think a warm trip to Bali or a trip to France sounds really perfect right about now!

  432. Sarah Thaman

    Oh my goodness! My husband has never been to New York – I’d love to take him on a spontaneous getaway with HotelTonight!

  433. Kimmie M

    This looks great! I would love to go to Miami and escape this Chicago winter!

  434. Jessica

    dreaming of a trip to someplace warm… like Mexico!

  435. Andrea

    I would love to get to go to Greece!

  436. Makia

    I have wanderlust and am also freezing, so Maui sounds like heaven!

  437. Ryan

    Amsterdam all the way!

  438. kim pack

    My dream vacation is anywhere with a beach and some warm sunny air! Utah is just frozen this time of year! Hope I win!

  439. Heather

    I would love to visit my mom and sister in Florida so we could do some wedding planning together in the sunshine. Stuck in cold Chicago for now :(

  440. oodie

    I would absolutely love to go to Italy! What a dream that would be! <3

  441. Kate

    Somewhere – ANYWHERE – warm! Hawaii would be lovely.

  442. Erin M

    Being on the last leg of grad school, I’d go just about anywhere, but Iceland is one of my top travel destinations. A friend of mine just told me about this app and while I’m not the spontaneous type, it’s a great concept!

  443. susan

    I would go somewhere romantic of for our first wedding anniversary…like Paris!!

  444. jennifer

    I love hotel tonight! I’m in Southern California with 85 degree weather. I’m dying for a little snow. I’d go to Lake Tahoe!

  445. Gloria

    I’ve been dreaming of London for years!

  446. Hadley

    Currently planning a trip to Greece for my honeymoon, but I would absolutely use Hotel Tonight for a staycation in NYC — it would be a great way to bring a little bit of romance!

  447. Whitney

    Sunny San Diego!

  448. Nicole

    I’d love to take my student husband for a trip to London for a weekend. It’s a wee train ride but oh so needed for our little familia of three. Love!

  449. kb

    I would bring my wife to Hawaii..it’s her dream to go there!

  450. Kelly G

    I have been dreaming of Hawaii since I was little. It would also be a dream to visit the Amalfi Coast

  451. Claire

    i’d love to go to napa valley with my husband for our first anniversary!!

  452. Johannah

    Anywhere with my hubby, we love taking spontaneous trips. =)

  453. i’ll be in NYC in 1 month with friends {and have yet to book a hotel!} and this would be the cherry on top of a great trip!

  454. sue

    It would be amazing to spend some time in california, especially with the very cold temperatures in the northeast this winter!

  455. Betsy

    Dream vacation for me would be Paris – I’ve never been!

  456. mommathor

    Anyplace warm! Anyplace warm! Anyplace warm!

  457. plum


  458. kj

    My vote would be Venice or Rome!

  459. Kelsie

    The Sunshine State! Of course! Sunny California may be one of the few places that can cure January blues. Or Hawaii? That’s all I keep thinking and dreaming about. I’m downloading this app immediately. LOVE the idea, and I love that they offer hotels internationally!

  460. Natalie richardson

    I would love to take my step daughter on her dream birthday trip to Disneyland. It’s all she talks about and we can’t afford to take her right now. It would be a dream come true for us to be able to take her there and make all of her dreams come true.

  461. Ashley H

    My husband and I have been dreaming about visiting the bahamas. Winning this would help us out a ton!

  462. mc

    i dream of miami (lately)!

  463. Kaitlyn s

    A vacation anywhere sounds wonderful, but if I could I would love to go I Maui! Never been and always dreamed of going. And in my dreams I would live to go to bora bora!

  464. Abigail

    Switzerland would be a dream!!

  465. Corrine

    My dream destination would be Germany, to visit a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in mqny years, and I have never been to germany so it would be a wonderful experince. Fingers crossed!

  466. Kelly

    Spain all the way.

  467. Laura

    Great giveaway! I’m thinking somewhere on the west coast.

  468. Michelle L

    At the stage of life I am in right now (with littles of my own), I know it’s not realistic to take big exciting trips. Some destinations that are on my list of places to go are either Oregon or South Carolina. I’ve heard they are beautiful and would love to be able to experience seeing them.

  469. i’ve always wanted to make it to prague!

  470. Erin

    I would love to be somewhere warm and fun- Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, or the Florida Keys for a few nights of escaping NYC cold with my girlfriends!

  471. Taylor

    I am SO excited for this giveaway! I love Hotel Tonight and actually have used it once before when I had an “I need to get out of my house for a night” moment. I’m in that mood once again with all this snow and a small apartment can feel even tinier when you’re stuck in it for so long! Good luck to all!!!



  472. Estelle

    Definitely Cancun!! Thanks!

  473. Brittanny K

    I would LOVE to honeymoon in Hawaii :)

  474. sb

    I love to travel and would be happy to get a little break to just about anywhere…but hawaii or somewhere warm and gorgeous would probably top my list!

  475. Magda

    Would love to visit Maui!

  476. Amelia

    anywhere warm! but I could go for a staycation in the DC area

  477. boyd

    napa valley, maui, southern california, a tropical island, europe – any of those would make me very happy!

  478. amanda


  479. Ali

    New York!! I haven’t been since I was a kid and am dying to go back and explore :)

  480. Zina

    I have used HotelTonight several times and each time it’s been great. I would love to get away with my husband for a long weekend to somewhere warm and sunny like LA or Palm Springs.

  481. Katrina C

    It would be a dream to travel to Hawaii or Mexico. I need someplace warmer than 20 degrees haha

  482. Danielle H

    Paris is my dream, but I would love a warm beach vacation right now too. Michigan is just so cold and dreary.

  483. Kirsten Hoxsie

    I’d love to spend a week in Italy;)

  484. Sarah

    My dream vacation would be to Ireland!

  485. Terri

    I would love to go to Europe and visit Germany and Hungary where my grandparents are fun. I would love to see where they grew up!

  486. Abby

    I would love to take my husband to Ireland!

  487. Sarah

    Shoot! Not to totally steal ^^Nicole’s wish but I’d love to treat my student boyfriend! Our ancestors are both from Switzerland and I’ve been wanting to visit my Swiss cousins for as long as I can remember. They’ve all been to visit us in West Virginia.

    Thanks for this giveaway possibility!

  488. brenna

    Amsterdam is next on my list! Fingers crossed for this year.

  489. Diane

    I would love to visit Hawaii or Los Angeles as a lovely trip when I graduate this May!! It would be an amazing gift.

  490. Nini Anderson

    Dreaming of Paris !

  491. Rachel

    My dream vacation would be New Zealand. Stunning landscapes and so many outdoor things to do!

  492. Katie

    Venice! 100% Venice! Oh how lovely that would be….

  493. Bre

    I’m dreaming of Hawaii…

  494. Melissa

    Absolutely anywhere with sunshine and a warm breeze sound incredible right now, but Hawaii would have to be the dream spot :)

  495. Lisa

    I would love to win this so my husband and I can have a little getaway before our first baby comes! My ideal vacation right now would be to stay the night in NYC with a good view of the city.

  496. My dream vacation would definitely be either The Bahamas or Cabo! I’ve never actually been south and the beaches look just absolutely beautiful!

  497. Holly

    Lovely app, I would pick Ireland, to see where my father’s family came from!

  498. Rosie Norman

    I would love to take my family to the South of France!

  499. Taylor-Mary

    been wanting to check out vancouver for a while now. thanks for the great give away! will spend the rest of my morning day dreaming.

  500. michelleeee

    I’ve been dreaming of Paris in the Spring for awhile now!

  501. Liz L

    Paris, always. Forever? Switzerland.

  502. Jenn

    Would love to visit Austin!

  503. Ashley Marie

    My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding now and this give-away would help oh so much! We have yet to decide on our honeymoon destination yet but with this we would have so much more wiggle room with our budget! Thanks! :)

  504. Namrita

    I dream of Spain… the food, the sights, the music, the people!

  505. Andrea

    A resort by the beach with my hubby and our sweet 18 month old boy.

  506. Cortney

    I have always wanted to visit Ireland so that would be my dream, but somewhere somewhat close and warm like Florida would also be nice!

  507. This is lovely! I have a bunch of upcoming trips with no hotel booked yet, so this is perfect. Also fun to daydream about more exotic trips in the future!

  508. Anne

    My dream is go to Paris. It’s on my bucket list. Fingers and toes crossed!

  509. Julia

    My husband and I dream of traveling around Italy together. He is a Latin and history teacher and has never been!

  510. Lauren P

    Barcelona, Spain is calling my name!!!

  511. Sammie Ellwood

    Oh my goodness anywhere warm and coastal. :)

  512. Grace

    I would love to surprise my boyfriend for a trip to Hawaii!

  513. Sarah

    NYC is always my first choice for a getaway- but not in January! I’d love to go back to Hawaii! Or somewhere like Bora Bora.

  514. Sonja

    Oh I can’t even choose! I would love to come back to NYC, but also wouldn’t mind SF! Or Rome or Paris, of course!

  515. Carrie M.

    The Florida Keys or maybe the coast of Maine!!

  516. Andrea Smith

    I would love go to Miami, FL so I can finally see my sister and her 3 kids who are living out there for the next 3 years. They don’t have enough room for us to stay in their tiny apartment, and I can’t afford both a flight AND a hotel. It would be great to bring my new baby girl with me (due in May), so she can meet her only cousins!

  517. Alex

    I would love to go on a trip to Paris!!! It has always been a dream of mine!

  518. Jennifer

    such a cool app! my dream vacay is to Iceland. I’m going to make it happen!!!

  519. s.montgomery

    This small town girl is longing for a few nights in LA or New York!

  520. Erika Friedlander

    As you well know, after this NYC winter my dream is to go somewhere WARM. I’d be pretty happy with going to the beach ANYWHERE right now

  521. Tana

    New Orleans!

  522. Sarah


  523. Sara Pogue

    My husband and I have been dreaming of a trip to Ireland! We are itching to travel after I finish school!

  524. Lucie

    Without a doubt… HAWAII!

  525. Kylee

    I am dreaming of going to Thailand! Thats the next destination on my bucket list. Or just a quick trip to Hawaii would be nice, pretty much anywhere with sun and sand!

  526. KC

    The Florida Keys. Dreamin’ of some sun!

  527. Caroline

    St. John!! Thanks for the chance! I will be dreaming about winning the rest of the day!

  528. Carla

    Dream vacation would be to Croatia and/or Italy. It’s been my dream since I was a child and I’ve never made it.
    Please pick me! =)

  529. Megan


  530. Nathalie

    I’d love to visit Thailand!

  531. Going to New York City would be AMAZING!!! I have been waiting to go back for years now!!

  532. Kristina

    My dream vacation would be Greece… I’ve always wanted to go!

  533. Jessica

    Definitely somewhere warm with a beach! It’s been way too cold in SD this winter so I’m thinking Florida would be perfect!

  534. I would love to go to Spain with my husband! We both studied there at different times and it is our dream to go back together.

  535. Emily

    I would go to the Carmel/Monterey/Big Sure area for our babymoon this spring. (:

  536. Mallory

    As I sit here freezing in Kansas, I think a trip to Palm Springs is in order!!

  537. Kathrin

    I’m from Germany and I’d love to go to NYC because I’ve wanted to go there since I was 16 ( now I’m 28 ;-)).

  538. Irene

    Would love to win! Planning a honeymoon :) love following you and your beautiful kiddies.

  539. Ellen

    My dream vacation would be to Paris with my whole family

  540. Maria Karlya

    Take me to New Orleans! My boyfriend lived there for years, and all we dream about are po ‘boys, those gorgeous Creole townhouses and some brassy jazz.

  541. Lindsey

    Portland Oregon is on our list for places to check out in 2014. : )

  542. Shelby

    I’d love to go to Marseille or Monaco!

  543. MFree

    Lately I’ve had Portugal on the mind so I’m going with Lisbon! Thanks!

  544. Michelle M.

    Right now I really need some R&R, so something all inclusive with some major spa treatments and beautiful scenery would be great! I think that Costa Rica would fit that bill!

  545. This is amazing! I browse this ap all the time dreaming! My husband and I have been married for over 2 years and are dying to do a honey-moon still.We have 3 littles so it is hard to justify spending the money on ourselves. This is just what could do the trick though and make the travel expenses reasonable. What a dream and sweet give away. Thanks for all you share and inspire.. Dreaming of warm weather in Portland, Maine as well!

  546. Ali

    I studied in Paris for a summer in college and I still miss it everyday. Would love to go back!

  547. Laura

    That would be Fort Lauderdale, FL! Copenhagen, Denmark is pretty gray and snowy at the moment, so a sunny get-a-away would be awesome!

  548. Sarah

    New Zealand would be so choice! The nature there looks beautiful…

  549. emily

    My white legs need some sun. San Diego, Palm Springs any place with sun would do..

  550. Kristen

    I literally daydream of taking a trip to Bali, every.single.day. It WILL happen! I am excited to try out this app, as I’m all about last minute getaways.

  551. naomi

    Riviera Maya– I want to be warm!

  552. Francy

    Rome…definitely and always Rome.

  553. Bonnie Bluth-Harkey

    Ahh–I would love to win and surprise the husband. He needs a get-away the most! Thank you for this fun, generous giveaway! Bonharkey52@yahoo.com.

  554. Holly

    we’ve always dreamed of india. and japan!

  555. Aly

    I’ve been daydreaming about going to New Orleans for sometime now and recently that dream seems to be within reach! This would make all the difference!

  556. Erina

    Somewhere in Europe!!

  557. I would hit up New York City! :)

  558. Rachel

    Beautiful Barcelona Spain

  559. Nicolle

    I would love a vacay with my closest girlfriends somewhere in the Caribbean. They are all so busy being married and having children (not me!), that I rarely get any time with them. Both sides are sad about it! So a quick trip to the beach would be perfect for some much needed girl time.

  560. Kelsey

    A Mexican vacation sounds incredible right now! Hotel Tonight would be perfect. I’m loving checking out the app!

  561. Rachel F.

    My dream vacation is Bora Bora! I’ve heard it’s the ultimate secluded island paradise. Oh, those teal waters!

  562. Jill

    I would dream of a fun trip to LA…. they seem to have the coolest hotels! Thanks for the opportunity, Taza!

  563. Jen

    I’ve heard wonderful things about the adventures you can have in Costa Rica, I’d love to have some memories from a trip there! Thank you for the opportunity x

  564. Alyssa

    I would love to visit Montreal! I know it is probably cold up there right now, but I have always wanted to visit! Thanks Taza!

  565. Maria

    Like I said on Instagram… I’m in my last semester of college and I’ve never had that classic college spring break on the beach… This would be a dream come true!

  566. Siina Yli-Suvanto

    First I have to say how much I enjoy reading your blog! You have such a beautiful family and amazing talent of showing your personality in your writings.

    Currently I’m dreaming of holiday in Italy. The sun, ice cream, pizza, architecture, fashion. . I just can’t wait to go there :)

  567. Trisha F

    My dream vacation at the moment would be Palm Springs- back to our honeymoon spot. Our original honeymoon was rained out. Even the tub leaked into our room so we spent a full day with workers in our room and no where to go because of the rain!

  568. kylie

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to go to the Caribbean for my upcoming honeymoon! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the January blues.

  569. Elizabeth

    I often play a game with my friends called the “You just got free plane tickets to anywhere in the world, where are you going?” I always say Israel. ALWAYS. I’ve got to go check it out – for obvious religious and spiritual reasons, but also to see what all the fuss is about. The history there is UNBELIEVABLE. And oh yeah, JESUS!!!!

  570. jen

    my dream locale would be Colorado! i need a dream snowboarding vacation :)

  571. Kerewin

    Anywhere outside of NY

  572. Lindsey

    My dream vacation is Ireland – my heritage :) with my two littles and husband.

  573. Meghan

    I would LOVE to visit Ireland. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  574. Christina

    NYC has been wearing on me recently as well. Right now, it would be so nice to just slow down and relax in the sunshine. I’ve never been anywhere tropical, so I would pack my things and head to Fiji or St. Lucia!

  575. this would be great for a trip we’re planning in june!

  576. Raquel

    I would love to go to California with my husband!

  577. Amanda c

    Somewhere warm and sunny! An island, perhaps.

  578. Kristen

    I would love to go to Europe…if only! My husband and I are celebrating 10 years this spring and I think it would be perfect to celebrate by going to Europe since neither of us have been before.

  579. Kaitlyn

    My absolute dream vacation would be Paris! I’ve dreamed of it since I was a little girl.

  580. Kat

    I can’t stop dreaming of Mexico!

  581. Kerri

    My absolute dream vacation would be to London… it is one of my biggest dreams to visit that city. But, I have to say that right now I am being VERY drawn to Los Angeles thanks to this NYC winter weather! Laying by a pool would be beyond amazing right now!

  582. Kim

    I’ve been dreaming of a tropical vacation lately (being at home all day with two littles is so exhausting, I admire how well you do it!) I would love love love to go to Hawaii with my husband!

  583. Shannon

    Dreaming of a spa retreat anywhere

  584. Jazz

    Oh my goodness! Copenhagen Denmark for sure. I would just have to figure out how to get there ;)

  585. Marie

    My fiancé and I have been wanting to spend a weekend in San Francisco and this would be perfect!

  586. Jenni Diekneite

    I’d love to use Hotel Tonight in Paris!

  587. Krista

    I cannot wait to visit Europe someday.. But I think I’d head to Australia!

  588. Kayla

    I love the laid back island life, so my dream vacation would be Tahiti!

  589. Hilary Kenney

    Australia! Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi<3

  590. Bryan McKinnon

    Santa Barbara! I want to take a trip before our first baby is born in March!

  591. Jass

    We are expecting our first baby in May and would love to have vacation before that in Florida. Love the concept of Hotel Tonight and would like to try it.

  592. Alice

    Hawaii has been a dream forever. Would love to win this!

  593. Sara

    OH! I would take advantage of this winter wonderland and head up to Vail. So pretty this time of year!

  594. Morgan

    Inspired by your trip, so I’d have to say Paris!!

  595. kayla

    I would love to take my husband to London. It still feels like my home away from home, and he’s never been!

  596. Yaiza

    London & Firenze are for sure my dream cities! I love to go there when i have the chance to and every time i discover new places. I just keep loving those cities more and more!

  597. Lindsay Gossett

    Oh goodness, I would absolutely adore a trip to Amsterdam! It’s been at the top of my list for years.

  598. Jillian

    I would love to take a trip to Ireland!

  599. dana shanley

    i would love to go to athens, greece!

  600. Carissa Hester

    I would love to go to San Francisco or to a beach!

  601. Nikki

    I would love to go back to Puerto Rico right now… also struggling with January cold.

  602. katy

    Our dream vacation would be to head back to Italy together! My husband lived there for a year, but we’ve yet to be there as a married couple. Fingers crossed!

  603. paris, france is my dream! i need to see that beautiful eiffel tower!

  604. Jess Hemenwaay

    dying to see the fjords in norway

  605. I would love to escape to somewhere warm. Hawaii, Fiji, I’m not picky.

  606. Kayde

    I would love to go to San Francisco/Oakland area because that is where my husband and I got married! We could take our little one to see where we got married!

  607. Allison Wolfe

    Feeling lucky – Vegas!

  608. kristen

    Flagstaff, AZ to visit the Grand Canyon! I’d love to surprise my fiance with a trip for our honeymoon!

  609. Rosie

    Ooh – Paris and Amsterdam sound pretty perfect for me. How I’d love to be in France right now, where I actually enjoy the cold weather. Paris is perfect alllll the time!!

    Rosie xx

  610. Hilary

    Since we’re dreaming…I think I would just adore Marseilles, France!

  611. Becky

    A week in Paris and a week in Aix en Provence would be a dream vacation for me! The best of France :)

  612. Melissa

    My dream vacation would be to go to Italy to be able to experience the culture, fashion, and most importantly food!

  613. Alexandra S.

    My dream vacation right now is Argentina! I have a tentative plan of when I’d like to go and it’d be awesome to use this app!!

  614. Shawnna

    I’d love to go to Vancouver, BC for my fourth anniversary with the husband!

  615. Emily

    I would have to go with Berlin! Although, like you, maybe I’ll wait to go until its a little warmer. I’m guessing Berlin is just as frigid as Ohio right now!

  616. Grace

    My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip from NYC to Chicago this summer. This would be great for finding hotels along the way. I’ve already downloaded the app, the deals look great!

  617. Brigid

    I would love to head to South America to shake my winter chill!

  618. Heather C

    I could use a trip to Mexico right about now!

  619. Ashley Simcox

    I constantly day dream of soaking in the summer sun in this hills of Tuscany. Portofino, and the Almafi coast are also on the top of the list!

  620. Ashley

    I’d love to see Barcelona! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  621. Sarah

    What a cool app! I would love to go on a trip to Paris with my husband.

  622. Emily

    Oh my gosh I would sooooo take my mom to Hawaii! Eeeeek!

  623. Chloe

    Paris! :)

  624. Lauren O

    Somewhere tropical! The seasonal depression of Chicago is starting to sink in and I’m dreaming of somewhere warm! :)

  625. Jennifer Wilson

    I’d love to take my husband back to his home in Japan! We’ve been dying to go since we got married and it would be such a blast to go and bring our son and show him his heritage!

  626. Beth

    I just need a vacation !!! I don’t care where!

  627. geraldine

    I’m dying to go to Myrtle Beach!!!

  628. Sarah

    I would love to go visit San Francisco!

  629. Aina Yao

    Oh my I’d visit London with my boyfriend as a 4 year anniversary gift. :)

  630. Jo

    Mexico City! My in-laws live in DF and while I love visiting with family, it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to escape to another neighbourhood and explore other areas in this sprawling metropolis. Last visit we got lost with GPS and spent our last 3 hours in town trying to escape the windy roads on a small hillside haha! Perhaps a beach escape could also be arranged – I see that Hotel Tonight has options on the Mayan Riviera and in Cancun!

  631. Sarah

    I would LOVE to go to London! Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway.

  632. Lily

    I would love to head to Spain! I could use the sun in the middle of this NYC winter.

  633. Sarah

    My aunt, friend, and I are (fingers crossed) planning on going to the UK this upcoming summer. Would love to stop by Edinburgh for a few nights!

  634. Liz

    A train ride through Ireland!

  635. Jocelyn

    We love Hotel Tonight, it gets us last minute travelers some amazing deals and the app is tops! Our next adventure: San Francisco!

  636. Maya

    I would love to go to palm springs!

  637. Jenna Gillis

    I would love to go to California!

  638. Savannah

    I would love, love to go to Bora Bora it seems so beautiful!

  639. Jill

    Dreaming of anywhere with sun really – NW blues are getting to me. What an awesome giveaway!

  640. Shelby

    all i seem to be able to think about lately is some kind of trip to the mountains, or nature. i would love to just spend a week in Portland exploring the beautiful scenery it has to offer, and maybe taking a walk along the beach with my love :)

  641. Caitlin


  642. K

    Barcelona is my favorite place in the world – I’d love to go back!

  643. Nina

    I would love to go to New York City!

  644. Meridith

    Somewhere warm!!! Hawaii!? Mexico!? Fiji!?

  645. Nikki

    My dream vacation would be New York City. Thanks for the giveaway!


  646. Amanda U.

    A trip to Europe (almost anywhere in Europe) would be amazing!

  647. Brittany Winder

    We live within driving distance but have never been! Would love to visit!

  648. Brimley

    I would love to go somewhere with a beach!! Nothing sounds more lovely right now.

  649. Tegan

    Greece :). Pick me!

  650. Amanda

    Bordeaux (or anywhere in France) sounds dreamy :)

  651. katelyn

    would love to go anywhere warm!

  652. Esme

    There are so many places I want to go, but Hawaii has always been a dream of mine :) :)

  653. Tina

    Would love to explore London.

  654. Stefanie

    I would love to take my family to Ireland this spring when the flowers are all blooming!

  655. Kari

    Anywhere in South America…or maybe Europe…but I do love the Pacific Northwest…

  656. Sarah

    I would love to do a little trip to California wine country!

  657. Lindsay

    I’m in the market for a trip to KEY WEST!!

  658. Hanna

    Literally anywhere in Italy would be magic!

  659. Katelyn

    After a long year in 2013, I’m recharging my life in 2014! I would absolutely love to visit Bali! Yoga, naps, reflection, and taste-testing is a dream come true!

  660. Tanya

    So many places! I guess my dream vacay would be somewhere in Fiji or Bora Bora, though I wouldn’t turn down a nice stay in Paris, and right now with the weatherman talking about a polar vortex return I’d be happy to go just about anywhere warm.

  661. maureen

    italy! we’re crossing our fingers for a trip this year!

  662. Mallory Montano

    My husband and I are both still in school and nothing sounds better than a getaway!!

  663. Robin

    This winter has certainly been a cold one here in NJ; a bit unbearable at times. That said, I would probably use the credit towards a trip to Toronto, even though my frozen body is craving a much warmer destination!

  664. stephanie

    Hawaii would be a dream! We didn’t have a honeymoon so we need to take a babymoon.

  665. Theresa Allen

    I would love to go to Ireland and England! also, Hawaii :-)

  666. Lynn J

    I’ve been dreaming of Spain for years! Would love to check out Seville!

  667. My dream vacation would definitely be to the Cayman Islands for my honeymoon in August!

  668. Celeste

    Oh gosh, I have so many dream vacations that its hard to narrow it down!
    I think my boyfriend and I agree that Paris or Barcelona are at the top of our shared list. But personally I’d also add Mongolia, Tibet, and Japan to that list. My boy would love to go back to Argentina, and I’ve got friends in Croatia that I’d really like to see again.
    Oh, and lets throw in South Africa for kicks!
    In summation: where wouldn’t we like to go? haha

  669. Alexis

    I dream about going to Spain but Harbour Island in the Bahamas with it’s pink sand is calling to me right now!

  670. Marni

    I’d love to go to New Orleans, and eat lots of gumbo and beignets! I’ve been dreaming about going there for years!

  671. Felicia

    Definitely Paris or London! Last trip before Baby#2 arrives ;)

  672. ashley

    Right now all I can think about is a warm beach somewhere!

  673. Pamela

    I had a huge surgery to take my pancreas out so am somewhat limited. I live in Upstate NY-freezing-and would simply like to take a trip with my grown children. We haven’t been anywhere in almost 5 years besides Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins. I would appreciate the chance to sit somewhere outside and just be with my family.

  674. Larissa

    I would absolutely love to go to London!!!

  675. Jamie

    I’d love to take my husband and baby to Washington, D.C. before he applies for citizenship this year!

  676. laurajane h.

    I’m thinking Jamaica…warm and relaxing!

  677. Lindsey


  678. Jaime Johnson

    I think Bora Bora looks gorgeous!

  679. My husband and I are planning a trip to the east coast this summer, but still unsure if we will be able to afford it! So winning this giveaway for us and our two kiddos would be awesome!

  680. Lyndsey

    I’d love to go to Rome, Italy with the husband. A perfect little trip before we have our baby in May :)

  681. Ireland or Italy!

  682. Elizabeth

    We are dying to go to San Fran!

  683. Meghan

    My dream vacation right now would be anywhere! haha It’s been a long time since we actually took one! I used to live in philly and would love to take my baby boy there to experience all the history! We could take a weekend trip for his 1st birthday!

  684. Chelsey Baladad

    My best friend is doing her exchange in Strasbourg for a year and I would love to visit her.. But I’m a student and can’t afford, so this would be a dream! I pray I win! Xox

  685. Stacy

    any time i get to go to Vancouver I’m happy. even if its freezing haha

  686. Erin

    I would love to go to Hong Kong!

  687. Hannah

    With the weather recently on the East Coast? I wouldn’t say no to anywhere warm, but San José sounds particularly lovely right now!

  688. i would love to take a trip to new york to see shows and explore the crap out of NYC! something i have always wanted to do!

  689. Jessie

    Dying to see Europe, although I’d take anywhere warm as sunny right now!

  690. Barret

    Right now with two small kids going to Target feels like a huge trip! But it would be so dreamy to go to somewhere like Hawaii with warm water the whole family can splash around in. We haven’t been on a vacation since…um…I can’t even remember. It gets so expensive when you have to actually BUY your tiny child a seat on the plane. Fingers crossed!

  691. Lea

    We have been hunting for our next long weekend trip, and I anticipate that hoteltonight is a great find! Let the search continue…

  692. Quyen

    What a great app! I love apps that make travel easier, and cheaper! I would love to go to Prague!

  693. My dream get away would be Los Angeles! The city of angels xo

  694. Gillian

    The Midwest (where I live) is still in the throes of this polar vortex-
    So my dream vacation is anywhere warmer! Xoxo

  695. kim imai

    new york city!! seriously. we’re moving to europe in the spring, but i’ve never been to nyc!

  696. Kristen

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Copenhagen Denmark :)

  697. Marissa

    I would love to win!

  698. Maren

    I would go back to Bologna, Italy (where I studied abroad!)

  699. melissa

    oooooo My dream vacation would be to visit Greece. As a History Teacher, it would be so amazing to see the ancient sites and bring those experiences back to my classroom =)

  700. Aubrey

    My dream is to visit Italy!!! I’ve never been to Europe and Italy is the top of my list.

  701. Kristen

    Ohh, yes please! I think right now it’d be a mountain getaway for sure.

  702. Katelynn

    We have been day dreaming of London for years!

  703. Emily

    Beautiful London!

  704. Claire Hawkes

    My husband and I were lucky enough to have free tickets to Paris for our honeymoon. However, our luck ran out because, as full time students, we had a negative balance in our bank accounts and had to turn them down! We have been married almost nine years and every year we dream about going on the honeymoon we never got. I would love to go to Paris!

  705. Émilie cheminais

    I would want to go to Montreal!!! Awesome giveaway :)

  706. Pepa

    I have so many dream vacations on my list, I don’t even know where to start. But visiting NY is on my near future plans!

  707. Jana G

    I’d love to visit my family in California! My husband & I have never been to the East coast & we’ve been waiting for the right time financially to finally make that happen!

  708. Sooz

    Berlin! Perfect excuse for a romantic little getaway in the city right in between both our home towns. Though, weather-wise, Barcelona would be kiinda perfect as well hihi

  709. Kara Markle

    I want to go to Ireland!

  710. hanna

    My dream vacation ins Hawaii. -Hanna Lei

  711. Lara

    San Diego would be so great!!! The beaches are the best. Also anywhere in Hawaii… :)

  712. Julie

    Paris please!!!

  713. Katey

    I would love to visit Ireland. Exploring and meeting family we still have there!

  714. Katie

    My goal is to visit all of Hawaii’s islands, and with a husband who really doesn’t like to travel, it’s become difficult to convince him to take me back, this time to Maui.. For Mai Tai’s and hula skirts! I love Hawaii!

  715. Lisa B.

    My dream trip would be going to Italy! :)

  716. Emily

    I would love to visit Rome. I’ve been once quite a few years ago and it have the most beautiful memories. I think it’s such a romantic city and I would love to travel there with my boyfriend.

  717. Hayley

    My husband and I haven’t gone on a trip in nearly 7 years! This would just be the most amazing thing for us. I dream of Maui all the time! To visit there would be a dream come true!

  718. Ali

    AMSTERDAM. Gouda, roller skaters in Vodelpark, Poffertjes with Grand Marnier, Fries with Mayo!


    AUSTIN, BBQ, swimming holes, live music, a margarita or two.

  719. Olivia

    Australia is a dream.

  720. Sarah P

    Oh I have got to get to Paris before I die, its my dream vacation!

  721. melanie

    I’d love to lazily lay off a secluded hut in the middle of Maldives. *swoons*

  722. *Love* hoteltonight! I used the app on an NYC trip last year, and it didn’t disappoint. I think our dream destination would be Paris!

  723. Analise Martinez

    I would LOOOVE to go see the beautiful city of Dublin. All of Ireland really but Dublin looks so gorgeous and so full of history!!

  724. Joni

    Vienna Austria please – that would be a dreammmmm

  725. Lindsay Fisher

    my dream vacation right now is Paris!

  726. Madeline Martin

    The Philippines! I’ve been dying to go forever :)

  727. Danielle

    My dream trip would be to San Diego!

  728. Justine

    I’ve been trying to convince my husband for YEARS that we need to visit NYC as I’ve always been in love with the city and he’s never been. His reasoning is because it’s “too expensive” so this would be PERFECT for our anniversary that’s coming up!!

  729. Megan Adams

    My dream vacation would be to Madrid, Spain!

  730. Chrissy Egan

    I sure do love Park City, UT!

  731. Marcelle

    My fiance and I would love to honeymoon in Costa Rica! It would be our dream.

  732. Kari

    Anywhere in South America…or Europe…but I do love the Pacific Northwest….

  733. jaclyn

    A trip to Hawaii for the winter! and to celebrate my lil’s bday :) would be so fun to go to the beach and run through the sand :)

  734. Jasmin

    Our current dream vacation is France & Italy…2 weeks of good food and relaxation (plus a little bit of sightseeing). We’re hoping to do this during my “flex” time during my fourth year of medical school right before graduation. *fingers crossed* We’ll be sure to keep HotelTonight in mind while planning our vacation!

  735. Laura

    I’m going to Amsterdam in March to see the tulips-still haven’t booked a hotel so this would definitely help!!

  736. Amy

    London is next on my list! Fingers crossed!

  737. Tory L

    My absolute dream has always been Bora Bora or Greece!

  738. Jamie

    What a wonderful site! I’ve been daydreaming about a trip through Spain for years.

  739. Katie F.

    Anywhere and everywhere. But I’d take anywhere in Scandinavia!

  740. Jessica spicer

    Hello!! I would love to travel to Costa Rica with my husband and stay at HotelTonight! Crossing my fingers :)

  741. Chyna Moss

    I would LOVE to either get back to Chicago with my hubby and littles or take a trip to Florida!!!

  742. My husband and I have been dying to get back to London!

  743. Jill


  744. Kimberlee

    Getting ready to head to Palm Springs for a tennis tournament–this would be awesome!

  745. Alli

    Bali sounds nice right now… but I’d like to be there without the hassle of flying!

  746. Margaret

    San Diego! Planning a few days at disneyland and making a side trip to san diego for a few days before hand would be great.

  747. Lauren

    I’d love to go to NYC or Boston. I’ve only flown through and never gotten to see the sights!! I’ve been everywhere but the east coast!

  748. Natalie

    Nice, France!!

  749. Lo Gonzalez

    Some where fun to take my sister for her 21st!

  750. Susan Tower

    Scotland is my current dream vacation for sure!

  751. Alli

    I would love to go to Italy!!

  752. Dreaming of going to BRAZIL with my love!!! Or a tropical getaway to hawaii <3


  753. Kelsey

    San Diego or Honolulu would be a DREAM! how fun! thanks for sharing this company, looking forward to using it in the future! would LOVE to win this!

  754. Bekah

    Would love to take my family to Australia! It’s summer there. Oh to be warm. :-)

  755. Hannah

    Would love to visit Nicaragua (where my mom is from) and take my soon to be husband for our honeymoon! Two college kids will take all the help we can get!

  756. Ana

    In 2007 I studied in Amsterdam for a semester and I would love to go back with my two kids. After 7 years I’m a different person, but I think I’ll enjoy that beautiful city still.

  757. Wendi R

    oh how cool!!!! I would LOVE to get up to San Fransisco!! there is sooo much to do there!

  758. Chelsea

    my next travel destination is my honeymoon in June! Sunny California <3

  759. Grace

    Used HotelTonight on a couple of occasions before and it was wonderful!
    Like you Taza trying to get over the January winter blue…would love to escape to somewhere warm. Dreaming about Turks & Caicos for sure!!!

  760. Christine

    What a great business idea!

    My husband and I are traveling to Europe in October and are so, so excited! We just booked our flights and are now planning a (loose) itinerary. The HotelTonight app – and the giveaway – would be perfect for us!

  761. Jocelyn Vande Velde

    Husband’s back in school to be a Nurse. He needs the warmth on his skin (so do I as we live in Wisconsin). Tulum, Mexico. No contest :)

  762. Jordan C,

    In the midst of winter, I would take anywhere warm!

  763. shahira

    anywhere in europe! or just hawaii with my husband of just 7 months! :))

  764. jess

    nyc or somewhere in europe.

  765. Paris

    For obvious reasons, I would visit my namesake: Paris!

  766. erin o.

    Maui or Italy!

  767. Kelly W

    It’s so hard to pick a single dream vacation! I’d have to say Ireland, to learn more about my heritage.

  768. Robyn

    London! I’ve been wanting to go all my life!

  769. Erin

    I’ve been dying to go to Amsterdam!!

  770. Brittany

    Zurich, Venice, Prague … where wouldn’t I go! Too many places on the travel bucket list!

  771. Kiki

    Dream vacation? Maybe a small island in Greece. In reality, if I won this giveaway? A single night away a short drive from home with my husband – it would be our first without our toddler and baby!

  772. Jessica W

    ITALY. I’ve dreamt of going there for years and have not had the opportunity yet. What a dream come true it would be to go in 2014!

  773. raylan


  774. Meredith

    I’d love to go to Whistler for a ski vacation, and Copenhagen has been on the top of my list for a while. Looks like a very cool app!

  775. Neeley

    I would love to go anywhere warm! I’m freezing in Chicago!

  776. Jessica Fu

    I would love to go to Iceland!

  777. Absolute dream vacation would be several days in the UK. I might never come back to the states if I made that vacation happen!

  778. Ginny

    Right now my dream would be to take my mom on a celebratory trip to Hawaii – she just got a clean scan and is breast cancer free!

  779. Marla

    A night in Charleston sounds delightful..

  780. Kayla

    I would love to use my Hotel Tonight credit on a beautiful place in Paris!!!

  781. Bridget P.

    I would love to visit Italy!

  782. Rachel


  783. Kellie

    My husband have been dreaming of a Seattle getaway for his birthday in August! I hear that’s the best time to go!

  784. sonja

    TOo many dream locations but lately i’ve been thinking a lot about san francisco, I’d love to visit in may when my thesis is done :o)

  785. My dream vacation would be to Vienna, Austria.

  786. Rene

    Someplace hot and sunny… Mexico

  787. Lori M.


  788. cait

    hi taza,

    thank you very much for this opportunity! my dream vacation would be to return to a place i know and love… sardinia!


  789. Jamie

    Somewhere warm and NOT ohio!

  790. Amanda

    ITALY!! I’m a pizza fiend and love all things cheese and garlic. Would absolutely love to eat my way through that country!.

  791. bridget

    my dream vaycay changes all the time based on the time of year! right now, someplace warm and not too far… the virgin islands!

    (i’ll take greece too.)

  792. Susan

    Ireland or Hawaii!

  793. Elizabeth

    Right now, anywhere warm would be awesome!

  794. Whitney

    Dreaming of Hawaii!

  795. amynicole

    What a great app! I’m dreaming of Europe and Australia!

  796. Kim W.

    Paris with my wonderful husband!

  797. Alyssa

    Winning this would certainly justify a trip I want to take to NYC next month to see a friend’s brand new baby!!

  798. Natalie

    Berlin, baby!

  799. Cheryl

    I’d really love to go to Paris!!

  800. charlotte

    amsterdam!! the pictures from your trip made me want to go visit even more than before!

  801. Jen

    Even though we’re right in the middle of winter, I think a trip to Switzerland sounds so sweet — skiing the Alps and hiking around the Matterhorn!

  802. Stephanie H

    I’d love to take my nine year old daughter to Hawaii. I haven’t been back since college and i’d love to share this special place with her.

  803. Meghan

    My dream vacation would be Paris and then Venice with my husband. He’s never been abroad and would love to show him!

  804. Leslie

    I’d love to go to new york again!

  805. Jan

    I downloaded the app based on your recommendation and it’s great!
    I would definitely go somewhere warm. I’m thinking Caribbean.

  806. Lorena

    I would love to travel to Vietnam, Greece or Istanbul. I’m from Venezuela and I’m now studying in Dublin, Ireland. So, I think those places are not impossible for me anymore! xD …let’s see!

  807. Keli

    I got to spend 24 hours in Barcelona and would love to return to fully explore the city. I’d like to see more of Spain as well.

  808. Jamie

    Ireland! The hubby and I would love to go to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! Thanks for the chance!

  809. Robynne Carter

    I’ve always wanted to travel to Venice, and my husband has always wanted to go to China!

  810. Torri

    My dream getaway?? The fresh air and villages of NEW ZEALAND!

  811. Annadee

    This would be amazing! My husband and I are in the process of planning our 10 year anniversary trip in May. I am dreaming of beautiful beaches and sunshine. I was hoping Maui or the bahamas, but since we have 3 little ones, we don’t want to go too far without them. Now we are thinking Cabo, where we honeymooned 10 years ago!

  812. sarah

    :) thank you for always keeping me optimistic

  813. Erin


  814. Heather

    Dream vacation would to spend a month in Sunny Spain (in the spring months of course)

  815. Heather

    Paris! Greece! Anywhere in Europe with my husband who has never left the country.

  816. Dana

    I would love, love, love to do a big trip to Africa. I want to start in Morrocco, and hit up Kenya and Tanzania, and end in South Africa.

  817. Melissa

    I would love to go to Florence, Italy! But we would most likely do something more local like New York or D.C.

  818. Heidi

    This is awesome! My dream vacation would be Paris-it looks so magical!

  819. Becky

    We are planning our dream vacation right now for London/Paris and we’d love to use Hoteltonight to help us on our journey! Thanks for the chance to win!

  820. Svetlana

    I would love a nice, relaxing vacation in Maui!

  821. Cat

    Love to go to Berlin!

  822. Quiana

    My dream trip would be to S. Africa – I just saw another blogger arrange a home stay with a similar company there and it was an outstanding apartment!

  823. AMANDA

    I have two:

    One is to go to Sweden (Stockholm and Gothenburg specifically) via Icelandair and stop over in Iceland for a week.

    Two is to go to Japan and travel all over the country for 2-3 weeks, maybe even longer with my husband, eating at Jiro’s sushi restaurant, going to the anime museum, etc.

  824. Amy

    Budapest or San Miguel de Allende would be my top two choices.

  825. Laura Nolan

    San Francisco, of course!

  826. Amanda

    I would absolutely love to go and travel Spain for a month. Or even just go down to Miami and spend a few days on the beach away from school and work!!

  827. Holly

    Italy in the Summer would be amazing!

  828. Lauren

    My dream trip would be to PARIS!

  829. A dream trip would be to somewhere like Fiji or Turks and Cacos or Hawaii even! Thanks for another great giveaway, Naomi :)

  830. Katherine I.

    I have always wanted to go to Hawaii! Boy would that be a dream come true! Thanks for the giveaway!

  831. BriAnne

    Not my dream vacation per say, but we’re taking our little ones to Disneyland. It will be greag!

  832. Jordan

    I’d love to use this to go to Charleston! I’ve been wanting to go for ages, and it’d be wonderful to escape NYC in winter.

  833. jess

    sunny palm springs! :) fingers crossed!

  834. my dream vacation would be in bali with my baby and husband, where we would explore and adventure together. thank you so much for this giveaway, it is truly so kind! xxo

  835. Amanda

    Ooh, Cabo or the Mayan Riviera sounds wonderful in the middle of winter!

  836. Grace

    My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip from NYC to Chicago this summer. This will be really helpful along the way. I already downloaded the app, and the deals look great!

  837. Amy

    Somewhere sunny, warm, & kid friendly… a beach in Florida!?

  838. Bristol

    I go to school in New York and it would honestly just be perfect to get away for a weekend to handful of cities in the east that we could get to by train or bus!

  839. rachel c.

    today i woke up thinking about traveling to paris this summer… not sure if it was a dream or reality, but it’s so funny that this blog was posted today! I would LOVE to go to paris. make my dream a reality! thanks! :)

  840. Jessica

    Dream vacation: Holland. I’d love to see where my family is from

  841. Rachel smith

    HT saved our hides in Philly, and we would LOVE to use it again in ROME…the Josh hotel Rome looks perfect :)

  842. Kacey

    Take me to VANCOUVER!!

  843. Kelly

    My next dream vacation would have to be Palm Beach!

  844. hannah

    dream trip would be to italy!

  845. Kellie

    Amazing! I would go to Hawaii! My boyfriend and I desperately need to escape the freezing NYC weather and relax post moving apartments (never fun).

    xx Kellie

  846. I would love to go just about anywhere the wind blows if blessed with the opportunity. However, I would have to say that Italy may top the list for a dream vacation!

  847. Jessica


  848. Em

    Domestic: San Fran
    Abroad: Paris
    Bar none!

  849. Ruthie

    NYC or Paris would be my dream :)

  850. Myrna

    I would love to go to Iceland and see the Northern lights. That’s my dream vacation!

  851. Lisa

    Hi Naomi! Thanks for sharing this. My husband and I love to travel. Our favorite vacation was to Thailand where we found great deals on hotels. My next dream vacation would have to be somewhere warm like the Turks and Caicos. xxx

  852. Laurel L. King

    I need warmth right now. I’d take San Diego about now.

  853. Kaitlin

    Great app! It will definitely be used for family coming in to town! In this gross winter weather, I would love to go back to Hawaii or to southern Europe!

  854. Shayna Hochstetler

    Give me warm weather and a beach and I’m sold! Chicago, you have been too cold for me this year :)

  855. Amber

    I am dreaming of Mexico… sunshine, guacamole and margaritas!

  856. My husband and I have been trying to plan a little getaway sans baby. We are talking either NYC or Washington DC!

  857. Stella

    I’m dreaming of somewhere tropical right now! Would be so fun to go on a babymoon with my husband before our little one arrives this summer.

  858. Grace

    San Fran!!! love the city!

  859. Kristy Golden

    My boyfriend and I are going to Europe this summer and it would be helpful to have this kind of help! <3


  860. Laurel Johnson

    I would love to use the giveaway credit to celebrate my husband and I graduating college in April! We would visit San Francisco or somewhere fun and close by!

  861. Hannah Marr

    Oh, I’d love to visit Australia with my husband. We’re approaching our very first wedding anniversary on April 6th. It would be a dream to celebrate our first sweet, blissful year by scaling the beaches while enjoying some incredible Aussie BBQ.

  862. Shea

    I will be graduating in May and would love to finally bring my mom on our dream vacation to IRELAND!! We have been dying to go and it would be such a special mother-daughter trip :)

  863. Kristin

    Anywhere warm and with my family! :}

  864. Kimallsup

    I want Costa Rica warm sun on my face

  865. Amy

    I would love to travel to Bordeux, France!

  866. casey

    right now…Hawaii!:) We’re from WI and from Oct.-April…all we want is WARMTH:):)

  867. Autumn

    Paris, please!

  868. Joan

    I would love to go to Europe but with this cold weather makes me dream of Turks and Caicos!

  869. Allison

    I live in Boston, my sister lives in LA, I want to go visit her!! :) We’d have a fun girls night!

  870. Jinnie

    What a fantastic app to have on your phone! My hubs and I are going to Miami next weekend … we have the flight booked but no hotel yet! Would love to win this :)

  871. Erin

    Hawaii would be amazing!

  872. lena

    I’ve been living in SF for years, but we’ve never done an overnight in Napa or Sonoma–I’d take my sweetheart and have a slumber party in wine country!

  873. Kelsi

    I dream of going to Japan. My husband would love to go to Ireland. We both want a warm beach right now, so if we can’t have Japan and Ireland, we’ll take Florida!

  874. Max

    Nothing quite like some sweet sun to start the new year!

  875. Marcie P.

    Anaheim! We’ve been dying to see Disneyland!

  876. Jay

    I just bought tickets to Italy and would love some spare hotel money :)

  877. Jennie

    I’ve been dreaming about Laguna Beach (literally) since November. In my dreams, I’d go to Barcelona!

  878. Lena


  879. Elise

    Mexico or Hawaii… Anywhere with sunshine and the beach!

  880. Liz

    I’d love to be able to stay in a San Fran hotel for a few nights of our upcoming trip!

  881. Laurel

    Puerto Vallarta sounds lovely right now!

  882. Jessica

    I would use to get a room in the city for my roommates bday! sometimes you just gotta get out of that studio apartment…

  883. hanalei

    Anything to get me away from these January blues! Count me in!

  884. tesa

    Park City, Utah!!

  885. Lindsay

    I really really want to go to England!

  886. verity

    definitely somewhere warmer and sunnier! cancun, mexico sounds preeetttyyy nice!

  887. hanalei

    oh yeah.. and my dream vacay would be to Ireland! awesome app, will totally share this!

  888. we want to visit my husband’s mission in canada!

  889. Megan

    What an amazing concept! My boyfriend and I met while studying abroad in Barcelona and have been dying to go back. I’m currently a graduate student so funds are tight…this would be so amazingly helpful! Xo


  890. Jolee

    Anywhere sounds wonderful. I would love to go back to Cabo!

  891. Katie

    A Tahiti Overwater Bungalow…to be exact! ahhh!

  892. Becca

    Oh boy, I have been DYING to go to Thailand! I just dream about that place all the time and I have never been. Hope this is my big opportunity!! :)

  893. Rachael

    Oh boy… Maybe Paris?! I’m having our second baby next month so maybe somewhere a little closer like…. Boston might be the perfect getaway!

  894. Suzanne

    I would absolutely LOVE to go back to Corsica–one of my favorite places in the world!

  895. Kortni

    So glad you shared this! I look forward to using the app as we travel around italy, this will be perfect for our last minute backpacking extravaganza.

  896. Amy

    I would go back to Napa Valley. I love that place. I’m not a drinker and I *still* love that place. Holy prettiness!

  897. Turks and Caicos Islands would be my dream vacation of choice.

  898. Jessica

    Hawaii…always Hawaii.

  899. whitney

    W want to get out of the cold and into San Fran!

  900. Esther

    A whirlwind trip to the beautiful city of lights (Paris)!

  901. Rosie

    I would love to go anywhere on that list but would love to visit San Diego and head to the beach with 3 kiddos, a husband, and a great book in tow.

  902. What a lovely giveaway! My husband and I have been tentatively planning to visit dear friends in Chicago for forever and are hoping to go this year! This would be the perfect excuse {not that we really need another excuse besides amazing friends but things always seem to come up} to finally make this happen! We love this app! xx -K

  903. Kelly Ann

    we’re in the process of planning our honeymoon and would love to use this in London, Scotland, or Ireland!

  904. Cecilia

    I would love to go to Naples, Italy!

  905. This would be perfect for our upcoming vacation! My husband and I are traveling to San Francisco on February 9th (from the DC area where we live) and are planning on driving down the coast of California! We weren’t sure of our exact itinerary yet and wanted to leave it as a kind of “let’s see which way the wind blows us’ (which has me nervous but oh so excited!)! Loved getting to see your Amsterdam and Paris photos and love that you and your beautiful family keep adventuring and traveling! <3

  906. julia

    I’m dreaming of a summer Roman holiday with my love!

  907. Trish B

    Somewhere exotic with awesome beaches for me & great scuba diving for my guy – Costa Rica fits all of these criteria!

  908. Lauren S

    I would love to go to Prague and Vienna! I hope I win! Great giveaway.

  909. Heather

    My dream trip is definitely to go to Ireland/Scotland/Great Britain one day with our two kiddos. In the meantime, though, I’d gladly settle for the West Coast (where my mom is) and so my two munchkins can see the ocean for the first time!

  910. we’d love to do hawaii. you guys are so adventurous travelling with littles, but i feel like for our first family vacation i would just want a beautiful beach and hotel :)


  911. Stephanie

    I would love to go to Paris for the fashion and for the beautiful history it has :)

  912. Kate

    This is awesome! My husband and I are going on a trip to California in a month, and we’re planning on using Hotel Tonight while we’re on our trip!

  913. Kate

    My dream trip at the moment is Belize with two of my best girlfriends from college!

  914. Kirsten

    I would absolutely love a trip to London. I have never been overseas before and it has always been a dream of mine. The photos I’ve seen of London look so amazing!


  915. ryan

    my husband and are talking about paris for our 10 year anniversary :)

  916. Kate

    St. Lucia!!!!!!

  917. Krista Barry

    The south of France, near Lyon, would be an absolute dream!

  918. Katie H

    I’d looove to go to Paris!

  919. Brandy

    Our kids have been asking to go to Japan for as long as they knew where to find their favorite foods ;)

  920. Erin

    Aloha Naomi! Dreaming of a trip to Hawaii… :)

  921. melissa

    dream trip would be in the countryside somewhere in France!

  922. Jennifer F

    I would love even just a quick getaway- probably Monterey or Tahoe since they’re close. But I’ve been dreaming about Lisbon since I talked with another mama who told me how kid friendly the city is, and that there is so much to do and see. And their bridge looks just like ours! :)

  923. Erica

    Caribbean for my 10 year wedding anniversary.

  924. Whitney Masten

    I would love to take a quick trip to San Francisco, it’s long overdue!

  925. Jes

    We have always wanted to trek to Japan, we’re thinking next year maybe the year!

  926. Right now my dream vacation would be Paris for our honeymoon! Starting to plan wedding is no joke. Already looking forward to the honeymoon HA!

  927. Alexis

    The furthest away i can go, i would love rural asia. Get me some rice patties! This app will be handy my upcoming trip out east…

  928. I would absolutely LOVE to go to Greece, Venice, Paris, Hawaii, Bora Bora…the list goes on. But honestly, right now the location doesn’t matter as long as there is a beach and a frozen drink! That’s how I want to spend my 30th this June and a $200 credit would be the icing on the cake! :)

  929. Nicole

    My dream is to travel Europe (especially Italy), but for now I am planning a trip to NYC, and would love to use this for my stay!

  930. we’re planning a trip with my parents to belgium and the czech republic next spring…this is a great option for hotels!

  931. Jen F

    I would go someplace cold. I’m living in San Diego and we’re having a heat wave. I miss winter!

  932. carrie marvin

    Montreal or Paris would be a dream come true!!!


  933. Barbara

    BRAZIL! My husband served a mission there and I’m dying to see it, and he’s dying to go back.

  934. Sarah Kathryn

    EEk! well, dream trio and reality are one thing… dream vacation would be Ireland.. reality would be driving to Atlanta or Nashville to spend the weekend! :)

  935. Michaela

    Definitely a warm location by the ocean.. I’ve always wanted to go to Bali!

  936. Amelia

    Would love to go to Charleston for my brother’s graduation! :)

  937. Kellie P

    Hawaii baby!

  938. Anna

    A trip to Paris would be amazing!

  939. Kim

    Hawaii…dreamy, tropical and warm!

  940. I use hotel tonight for every vacation I go on! They have found us some of the most amazingly beautiful hotels for a low cost! I am wanting to make it out to Bali at some point this year. Beautiful beaches and culture galore! Thanks Naomi, so much fun!

  941. My dream vacation would be in Italy and this app would be the perfect way for us to book hotels all around!

  942. Setarra

    My dream would be to go Paris or Barcelona! I’ve never been to Europe before and these two cities seem so romantic and fun with good cuisine and desserts all in one… Hmmmm I’m already day dreaming away :)

  943. Raquel

    I would love to visit Lake Como, Italy!

  944. Katelyn

    I want to walk the cobbled streets of San Miguel de Allende! What an experience!

  945. Nina G

    i <3 London

  946. Rebecca

    OMG what a dream and just as you said it, quite a genius app! Downloading it ASAP. If I won I would use the credit towards a trip to the East Coast to visit dear friends from college in NYC or Boston :)

  947. Sandy

    oh gosh! normally i would dream of white sand and far away places, today i would gift my giveaway to a friend that yesterday found out she has incurable cancer and should focus, instead of treatment, on quality of life. fingers crossed!

  948. Glory

    My dream vacation would be Australia. I have always been fond of anything Aussie. Plus, I have never been out of the country so it would be great to have that experience at least once.

  949. Julia

    I’d like to go to Victoria, BC!

  950. Megan

    I would totally go to the Bahamas!! Or somewhere on an island…. I’m not too picky ;)

  951. susan

    would love to go to vancouver!

  952. Larissa

    anywhere warm and sunny! or just anywhere! : )

  953. Beth

    I would love to go to Fiji! Fingers crossed x

  954. rachel

    I want to go to New Zealand so much!

  955. Lindsay Davis

    I have traveled all over the United States as well as Western Europe, but I’ve never traveled south of the States. I’d love to take time off to visit Mexico or a similar tropical loction.

    Good luck, everyone : )

  956. something warm and tropical would be perfect.

  957. Kristin

    Looking forward to a honeymoon this year – dreaming of Costa Rica!!

  958. Xanthe

    My family’s dream vacation is to go to Florence and then travel around the Italian countryside! I personally would also love to visit Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Canada, and about a million other places!

  959. Sandra

    I would love to go to Turks and Caicos!!

  960. Lindsey

    I’d love to have a get away with the hubby someplace really warm! I can see it now toes in the sand… book in hand…

  961. Megan

    My dream vacation at this moment would be Marrakech, Morocco!

    Realistically though? Maybe NYC.

  962. Mishel

    I’m dreaming of Barcelona & SF (well Napa, actually) :-) Super cool app!

  963. Natalie

    Definitely somewhere warm and tropical, like St. Martin. Or Italy! Or NYC! I can never decide, anywhere!

  964. Janny

    would love to go to somewhere in europe! paris?!

  965. Caitlin

    My dream vacation would be California! I need some sunshine ;) Thank You!

  966. Raya

    I would love to go to Anaheim — haven’t been there since I was born. It just happens to be around the area I was born.

  967. Laura

    Italy….Tuscany and Florence and Rome!!!!

  968. Karalyn

    My dream vacation would be somewhere along the CA coastline this spring! Maybe Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Santa Barbara for a quick getaway!

  969. Cara

    Right now, any place with a beach sounds delightful! Although, I do love me some San Miguel de Allende.

  970. Rachel

    Dream vacation would definitely be somewhere in Europe… Spain, Greece, Switzerland ?!

  971. Elle

    Big Sur, California. My hubby and I never had an official honeymoon and it’s the perfect setting since we’re both nature lovers.

  972. Zack

    I would love to visit Seattle. I surprised my girlfriend by taking her on a spur of the moment trip there right when we started dating and I think it would be so fun to be able to take her back.

  973. Rachel Siemens

    I know it’s totally cliche, but I would love to go to Hawaii or some place tropical with my main man. My husband and I opted for an around the country road trip for our honeymoon, and while it was wonderful, it was less than relaxing. Though, I have to admit, we are now pros at conflict resolution and accepting each others body hair and natural scent.

  974. Beth

    What a great idea! I would definitely go somewhere warm…Hawaii!

  975. Allison

    I would LOVE to go to France!!

  976. Katie


  977. Ariel

    I have been dreaming of a beach too! Utah is just too cold right now. My dream would definitely be to go to Spain or Switzerland!

  978. Hannah

    I’m actually planning a trip to NYC soon, so a little help with a hotel there would be awesome! Thanks!

  979. Alison

    We are currently planning a trip to London and Paris for this summer, would LOVE the help! We want to add a third city, but are on a tight budget. This would let us relax a little bit and see more sights, eat more delicious food, and really enjoy our vacation. THANKS!

  980. Rebecca Jones


  981. My dream vacation would be to get back to Paris…but seeing as I am 5 months pregnant (and have a two year old), a nice little driving getaway to Napa would be divine right now!

  982. Jen

    My dream vacation would be traveling Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries and France. But if I won we would probably use it for a mini staycation in Florida before we become a family of 5!

  983. Nicola

    Christchurch, New Zealand! Never been to that side of the world.

  984. pamela

    st. lucia! i need some island beach time!

  985. Lauren

    Polar vortex has also got me down so anywhere warm and sunny sounds amazing! Would love to visit Aruba or the Bahamas!

  986. My husband and I are trying to go on a trip to New York in a few months with our little babe. We’d love to use Hotel Tonight!

  987. my husband & I use hotel tonight ALL. THE. TIME. not only does it have great hotels, but we love the thrill of a last minute FANtastic deal. plus we get to see cool hotels we maybe wouldn’t have booked otherwise. I’d love to go to southern california to see some of their cool hotels there!! this is an awesome giveaway, thanks!

  988. Trixie

    the UK to visit some dear friends!!

  989. Sindhu

    Vegas/any where in California would be a dream. Never been to the west coast and with school not a lot of money for traveling. This would be amazing

  990. Elisha

    jamaican’ me crazy taza!
    a babymoon in jamaica would be SPLENDID!
    due in July and hubby and i haven’t been away since we got married almost 2 year ago!
    good luck to the lucy winner! :)

  991. Alexis

    I would love to go to London!!

  992. Great giveaway! My dream vacation would be to Spain (Barcelona in particular) – my friends and I are going for Spring Break, and it’d be lovely to use this while we’re there!

  993. Samantha Francesconi

    HotelTonight is awesome!! Definitely London!

  994. Julia

    The Florida Keys sound idyllic this time of year. I’d love to go down there and escape this wintery weather!

  995. Carri

    My dream vacation right now would have to be Cabo San Lucas, Mexico… Nothing sounds better than laying on the beach and getting a little tan!

  996. Erica

    Without a doubt Hawaii — with my boyfriend and dog. One of my favorite places, with two of my favorites would be bliss.

  997. Thais

    Prague! Yes!

  998. Meredith

    A tour of Europe would be amazing, but I’d settle for just a trip to France or Italy…

  999. Rachel

    Milian, Italy! I would LOVE to go there someday! thanks so much for sharing your awesome adventures and for creating this giveaway!

  1000. Hana K


  1001. Heather

    I’ve been dreaming of a weekend in Iceland for 2 years! This would give me an excuse.

  1002. maloy

    i would really love to take a trip with my husband anywhere really! we havent had the opportunity to travel much together, but as long as We’re together any place would be beautiful!

  1003. Carrie

    My friend and I have been dying to go away for a weekend! The ideal trip would be somewhere warm, California or Hawaii although I love the idea of Paris too!!

  1004. Sam

    I would love to go to Palm Springs and just relax!

  1005. aislinn sweeney

    Paris or Greece would be an absolute dream! i have always wanted to visit!

  1006. Anna

    My dream vacation would be in Bora Bora!

  1007. Ryan

    I would love to take my wife to Paris.

  1008. jen

    i’m so dreaming of somewhere warm and sunny right now too! i’m ready for hawaii!

  1009. Briana

    My dream vacation would be Italy or Prague!
    One day I will make it there! =]

  1010. Christie Nelson

    I’d love to see Nicaragua! Or actually, I’d I’ve to go anywhere that isn’t my living room!

  1011. carla

    would love to visit italy during the summer!

  1012. Becca

    My current dream vacation is Ireland. I would love to see the beautiful countryside greenery. Last year I went to Scotland but didn’t get to the outskirts, just the main cities, so I want to see some of that loveliness! My boyfriend of 5.5 years and I have been talking about our trip to Ireland since we very first started dating and I’m hoping to make it work soon.

  1013. Monica

    My husband and I would love to go to Greece or Italy!

  1014. Sarah Jo

    I would love to be able to take my parents to Costa Rica or Hawaii….they deserve it :)

  1015. Kate

    i have wanted to visit greece for quite some time. perfect combination of beaches, relaxation and history!

  1016. Caty

    My dream vacation would be to a country I’ve never been before, where I don’t know the language! I’m thinking Paris? I’ve never been to Europe, so I would love to visit someday soon.


  1017. Amanda E

    My husband and I are in the midst of infertility treatments and with that are in the desperate need of a vacation – which we can’t afford since IVF is $$$$. Would love to be able to visit family in NYC or FL without having to worry about a HUGE hotel bill.

  1018. Rachel Gonzales

    Oh my, a vacation to Portland would be so relaxing and beautiful. I wish I wish!….

  1019. Leah

    My husband and I would love to get away for a babymoon pre-June! I think the ideal trip at this point would be somewhere that’s been on my bucket list for a long time – Spain!

  1020. Lindsay

    My roommates and I have been dreaming of a warm getaway from our snowy college town! What a dream it would be to travel to Nice, France. What a fun graduation gift!

  1021. Meagan

    My husband and I are still in school so we try to get out and travel as often as possible! Our absolute dream trip would be to Italy. I’ve traveled to Europe once and fell in love with it. I have never been to Italy though and can only imagine how beautiful it is… not to mention how good the food is!

  1022. abigail

    I would love to visit new york city with my friends!

  1023. kristin lloyd

    The hubs and I have always wanted to go to Perth, Australia (:

  1024. Bailley

    I would be thrilled to go to any beach!!

  1025. Emi

    Love this! Portugal for sure. Thanks!

  1026. Malisams

    I was just complaining on Facebook the other day that it’s only mid-January…nowhere near spring, let alone summer, here in Oregon, where the rain and gray lingers until May or June sometimes… So this is perfect timing. :)

    I’d definitely hightail it immediately to someplace — anyplace — sunny and warm. Maybe Mexico, since we’re already on the West Coast and it’d be a quick, hopefully inexpensive flight? Also, margaritas. Maybe a little Maya Riviera… Yeah. I’m definitely going with Mexico.

  1027. Kelly Eberle

    My boyfriend really wants to attend a video game music scoring conference happening in San Francisco, and seeing as we’re both music students at Berklee in Boston, we could use a break from the bitter New England cold this January! I’d love to get a place to stay out near San Francisco so I could surprise him with tickets this spring!

  1028. Steffany

    My husband and I have dreamed of going to NYC. We’re poor newlyweds in college so this could be amazing! :)

  1029. mindy

    i dream about going to spain & greece! someday….. :)

  1030. Stephanie Raygoza

    My fiance & I are planning to spend our honeymoon in Canada next year. A trip to Montreal or Victoria would be a dream come true!

  1031. Liz

    I’d love to go to Madrid! And if it’s stateside, then Napa, CA!

  1032. Kenzie

    I want a weekend with my husband… anywhere!

  1033. Becky Johnson

    I would love to go to Ireland!! Keeping it close to home, Destin, FL, is always a small slice of paradise. I love reading your blog and seeing all the adventures you and your children go on. I have two who are very close in age to yours and it’s amazing just how much children improve life!

  1034. Paige

    I am headed to London and Paris for an internship abroad. This would be invaluable!

  1035. Matt Gamboa

    My dream vacation would be Japan. I was born there, but have never been back since and it’d be great to see where I used to live and experience the culture.

  1036. Erica

    there are so many places I would love to go but like you I’m dreaming of a warm vacation. I would love to visit the Mediterranean area. Greece, Crete, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, etc.

  1037. My dream vacation spot would be in Italy. I’ve always wanted to see & explore there.

  1038. Jen

    My dream vacation is Iceland!

  1039. Sarah

    I’ve never been to Vegas and want to go now that I’m 21!

  1040. Zach

    Have dreamed of Visiting London my whole life. I use HT all the time…best way to avoid worrying about public transportation schedules or having a place to sleep right downtown with friends no matter which city. Now that I moved to the west coast, HT is perfect for weekend getaways.

  1041. Joanne Pierre-Louis

    Paris would be amazing! I would give it to my mom. She just retired after 32 years of being an ICU nurse at children’s hospital

  1042. Ashley


  1043. Kelsey Clark

    The boyfriend and I have been dying to explore our new coast with a trip to New England and another to NYC!! (We’re recent West-coast transplants in DC and would love the time – and extra cash!- to adventure in new places!)

  1044. Nick C

    Awesome blog. Great promo w/ HT too.

    Would love a chance to get in the mix for some credits!

  1045. Kasey Clark

    My dream vacay right now would have to be a trip to Venice! My husband and I have wanting to enjoy a honeymoon for some time now. I have even been learning Italian in anticipation of this “someday” excursion.

  1046. Leah

    I’d love to go to Paris, but I’d take a weekend in Napa :)

  1047. Ali

    At the risk of sounding somewhat familiar, I would go to paris ;) I live in Amsterdam and have only been to Paris for work meetings. I’ve never been in the city for more than a few hours, and I would love to drag my fiancee with me, under the eiffel tower & to lock our love on a bridge. Sounds like a dream holiday to me :)


  1048. Tara

    anywhere warm! probably California though :)

  1049. kim

    Somewhere warm. Perhaps Costa Rica or somewhere in South America! Great giveaway! Happy weekend to you!

  1050. Jamie Klingler

    Heading to Paris from Feb8-10th…to reunite after having been away for 6 weeks and would love a romantic place to stay

  1051. Lucie

    New York City — dream to live there but trying to vacation there as much as I can afford (which is basically never — being a University student is rough). Thanks! :)

  1052. What a brilliant app. My dream vacation would be to go to London or Paris. Never been and always wanted to. But really, any vacation would be wonderful!

  1053. Kathy

    Italia! Please get me there! ;) dream honeymoon/vacation ! Xo

  1054. Jessica

    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon at the moment. We’ll be staying a few days in Paris before leaving for Tuscany for a week. After, we’ll spend a few days in Cinque Terre! We’ve been pinching ourselves and are SO looking forward to our trip!!

  1055. Lizzie

    I would love to go back to Germany! But a weekend escape in Florida would be great too!

  1056. Elisabeth

    My dream vacation is definitely Costa Rica. I’ve been wanting to go for years!

  1057. Hi, I would really really really love to go to Iceland, it just seems so magical.

  1058. My dream vacation would be to go to Greece (Corfu), but going absolutely anywhere with my friends would be amazing.

  1059. oui oui! France of course!!

  1060. Flor

    I’m dreaming of a beach, as well! Here in Utah, we weren’t too affected by the polar vortex, but it’s still too cold! I would love to go to Kauai (Hawaii). Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  1061. Francesca Wolfe

    Been dreaming of visiting Marseilles for several years now ~ perhaps this is my lucky chance! :-)

  1062. Amber

    My boyfriend and I are currently planning a short trip to London, so this would be an amazing opportunity to have a great time without money cocerns (we’re both studying)! Awesome app, might come in handy on our trip.

  1063. Ashley

    i’ve always wanted to go to Europe, there would be so much to do and see!

  1064. Sarah

    My boyfriend and I are long distance between the Netherlands and DC, so I barely get to see him, especially on our student budgets. My dream vacation would be to go with him to somewhere warm and tropical, like Hawaii or Mexico.

  1065. angela

    south africa!!!

  1066. Emmaline

    San Francisco!!! I’d love to go explore that beautiful city! Fingers crossed!!! xoxx

  1067. Mary

    Tahiti would be wonderful right about now!!!

  1068. rachel

    while i’d love to pick europe or south america, i am a simple girl and would be completely happy with california. ahh, the beach!

  1069. Sarah

    Right now we are planning our honeymoon so dream vacation would definitely be the Greek Isles!

  1070. Heather

    We would love to head to New Zealand!

  1071. Becca R

    Would love to get southern California for some relaxation!

  1072. Jodi F

    Iceland…to see the Northern Lights.

  1073. Katie

    A trip to Europe sounds divine!

  1074. erica

    eeek!! this contest couldn’t come at a better time… literally *just* booked myself a flight to Paris for my 30th birthday this spring(:

  1075. Mireille

    Dream vacation? Canary Islands, Croatia, Greece or Italy!

  1076. Rachel

    I would love to go somewhere in Europe! Thanks for the chance to win!

  1077. Jessica

    Anywhere in Europe, hands down!


  1078. Michelle

    I’ve been dying to take a trip to Sweden ever since i was a little girl. My family is from Sweden, and it would finally allow me to visit!

  1079. Rachel

    I would use this for a much wanted (needed) getaway before my surgery in February. What a lovely giveaway Taza!

  1080. Samantha

    I’ve been working and wishing and saving for a dream trip to Croatia and Italy. This would help out so much!! Thanks for putting this together to give all your lovely readers a reason to daydream = )

  1081. Bethani

    Dream vacation would be Ireland or back to NYC for more exploring!

  1082. Amy

    My absolute dream would be Prague. A girl can dream!!

  1083. Breelyn


  1084. Lisa

    I would love to go to Tokyo! My husband lived there for 2 years and I would love to go see the places he lived and visited.

  1085. megan

    it’s simple, but my husband and i are dying for a little southern ca sun during our dreary northwest winter and would loooooove to take a babymoon together before #2 arrives in the spring. thank you for the adventurous giveaway!

  1086. Nina

    I would love to go visit some friends in England and Ireland!

  1087. My husband and I have dreamt of visiting his mission land of Bavaria Germany and Vienna Austria. It makes my heart flutter just thinking of that trip we will take someday and seeing him glow when he shows me all of his favorite areas. :)

  1088. Lindsey

    No doubt about it: I’d head straight to Napa for a romantic weekend!!!

  1089. Maureen

    I’d love to vacation in Brazil–what a beautiful country!

  1090. Sarah B.

    Hawaii… real origional, I know, but I’ve never been and the beach is right up my alley!

  1091. Abra

    I would LOVE to go to Germany! My boyfriend and I have been dying to visit for Oktoberfest :)

  1092. Alissa

    I’d love to visit Paris or Amsterdam or Canada!

  1093. Lindsey N.

    I’m dreaming of a getaway to Switzerland with my husband! the mountains, the lakes, the architecture, the beauty! we’ve never been, but it is at the top of our list!

  1094. Aileen

    I would love to go to Barcelona and see the Sagrada familia!

  1095. Erin

    Ohhhh….. please send me to Hawaii :) Somewhere sunny and 75!

  1096. Elizabeth N.

    My dream vacation would be to Greece, but since we are in Hawaii, we might try and make it to New Zealand this year.

  1097. Emily

    Definitely somewhere warm!! I would love to visit San Francisco sometime. It looks amazing!

  1098. Katherine Hutchins

    My dream vacation would be to go to London! I’ve never been to England(or out of the country for that matter), and would love to visit my friends in Torquey England as well!

  1099. colby

    I’d love to spend a few days in the Maldives soaking up the sun and beautiful water!!