photos from amsterdam, part I

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going through our photos from our time in amsterdam last month has been so much fun. i’m ready to go back! it was our first time in beautiful holland but that place climbed up to the tip top of my list of favorite places-have to return-WHEN ARE WE MOVING HERE?!-can’t stop dreaming about it- list. ¬†i always hear that if you’re going to visit amsterdam, you must visit in the spring… when the tulips are in full bloom and the weather is dreamy. ¬†since we were going in november, i prepared myself for cold weather and bare trees. and while it was cold, it wasn’t terribly cold like i anticipated. the temperatures were just right for november. chilly, but just the right amount. we were also able to see the last of those bright and beautiful autumn leaves and they were just beautiful. next best thing to tulips! ;)

we were invited to amsterdam by bugaboo (the company who makes our donkey stroller) to speak at their global company conference. ¬† it’s funny because before we spoke, we had to talk to a video camera for a few minutes and oh man i cannot do that without breaking into laughter and feeling like the biggest idiot. my nerves get the best of me talking to a video camera! but josh and i had a lot of fun getting on stage and presenting together. ¬†maybe it’s because of my dance background, but being on stage feels like home. so presenting was a lot of fun! we just talked about how my blog came to be, our experience working with the brands and sponsors we feel are a good fit for our lifestyle and our readership, and also a little bit about traveling with our kiddos. thank you so much for having us, bugaboo!

ps. i broke our amsterdam photos up into 3 posts because there were too many pictures i loved, i could only condense them so much. i hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

for those curious, my red coat was a vintage find. josh’s coat is from barbour and he found his boots on sale here. ¬†eleanor’s¬†sweater and¬†purple hat are from crewcuts. samson’s coat is mini rodini and his hat is a vintage one that used to be josh’s until it shrunk (oops. sorry, josh!) and my shoes, the comfiest shoes i have ever owned and can’t take off my feet i love them so, are jean-michel cazabats which you can find here but i bought them marked down on GILT several months ago.

and these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^tiny explorer. taking in the sites with his tiny binoculars.^^^


^^^we ate some of the best pancakes at pancake, amsterdam! we recommend the apple and bacon pancake if you go. one of the highlights of our trip, that pancake.^^^


^^^a few photos of us speaking at bugaboo headquarters. when they put those fancy mics on us backstage we totally had to break into song and dance and a little bit of jazz hands. but how can you not? isn’t that what those mics are made for? ;) and also, a miracle this all happened during our littles naptime. they were literally right backstage sleeping side by side each other in their stroller the entire time we were on stage. it was awesome and crazy (so rare they nap at the same time anymore) but definitely appreciated by mama. ps. ¬†these last¬†three photos are by photographer iris ooms.^^^


^^^we stopped by the van gogh museum the following day together. if you go, ask for a children’s packet at the front desk. it was so much fun to read to eleanor and have her work on while we looked at his paintings. josh and i found it to be really informative for us, too! even though it’s intended for tinier ones.^^^



^^^E and S left the museum as vincent van gogh specialists! ;) ^^^


^^^we took a boat ride on our first day in amsterdam and i regret not taking one every day that followed. it was a lot of fun to see the city along the canals. ^^^


^^^bikes, everywhere! and such beautiful bikes at that. ^^^

part II and III coming at you soon!

  1. Briseidy

    how awesome and magical! gorgeous photos!
    how lucky to have such generous sponsors! can we see a video of the conference?

  2. I love this post so much… while I college, everyone dreamed of going to Amsterdam for the (ahem) “things’ that were legal that are not legal in the US. but now, as a more mature adult with adult responsibilities and adult interests in mind, I see that it is SUCH a beautiful city that I MUST see one day. the old homes and canals just fascinate me so much!!


  3. I used to work as an interpreter and everytime I had my headmicro on I felt like singing Express Yourself by Madonna ;)
    I have mentioned before in your comment section that I live just 300 km away from Amsterdam and never been there, but since you get thousands of comments and I truly believe it is a sin that I’ve never been to Amsterdam I’m going to mention it again: can’t you believe that I’ve never been to Amsterdam?
    On another note: I hope I have kids one day and take them to the Van Gogh Museum. I think your kids are really lucky to have you as a mother. You take them to such cool places and prepare lots of activities for them.
    Oh! And last but not least: I love your coat!!!

  4. Janis

    Awesome photos! Great to see kids experience new places and culture, even at such young ages! :)

  5. Carli

    What gorgeous pictures!! Sounds like a lovely trip!

  6. bri

    amsterdam is definitely on my we need to visit list. i’m always impressed at how well you seem to travel with littles. gives me hope for when our second arrives (next week? two weeks? ah!) that we can still explore and have fun!

  7. lucinda

    these photos are gorgeous and totally caputre the beauty of amsterdam – can you image how amazing it must be in the srping with all those tulips in bloom?!

  8. Lisa

    Love Amsterdam–especially the boat ride through the canals. Question: Who looked after your kids while you were working? I am planning my first family trip via plane and know that once I get wherever I go, I will want some adult time out-and-about. What to do? Who to trust?

    • TAZA

      we had our littles with us the entire trip actually. like i mentioned in the post, when we presented at bugaboo they were actually napping backstage in the stroller so it worked out great. good luck!

  9. Wow, such gorgeous photos! I have wanted to go to Amsterdam forever – we had a layover there on our honeymoon, but not long enough to leave the airport! It’s definitely on our list the next time we return to Europe.

  10. Michelle

    OMG I LOVE AMSTERDAM! Its been several years, but your pictures really took me back to some amazing memories there. I went with my girlfriends my senior year of college (9 years ago!?! man.) and we explored every nook and cranny. I loved the canals and the BIKES EVERYWHERE. Thanks for sharing! I want to goooooooooooo baaaaaaaaack!

  11. Brittany

    I want to go to amsterdam sooo bad! I am truly envious. Love how sweet your littles are!

  12. Ash

    I love seeing the places you visit through your beautiful photos! That photo with Josh and Samson by the water is great! I can’t wait to see the other ones so I can keep pretending I was there ;) Was there a lot of English spoken or was it mostly Dutch? I love to travel, but sometimes the language barrier makes me a little nervous.

    • TAZA

      everyone we met was very kind! and spoke english!

  13. Teresa

    these photos are incredible! i can’t believe you guys got a chance to visit. it looks like you had a blast. I hope to visit one day‚Ķ

  14. Cassie

    Looks like an amazing trip! Maybe you are already planning to for parts II and III, but do you have a video from your bugaboo presentation that you can post? I would love to hear the story of your blog! Hope all is well in NYC – we are getting our first snow here in Minneapolis today, it is beautiful.

  15. What lovely photos! They are really giving me the travel bug. And can we talk about those pancakes for a minute? Oh my gosh, they look amazing. I can’t wait to see the rest!!

  16. wonderful! this is likely our next international trip so i’m glad to hear you loved it. have you been catching ‘the getaway’? (i’m sure episodes are available online.) it’s fabulous, and seth + josh meyers just did an amsterdam episode!

  17. Hanneke

    Nice to see you had a great time here! :)

  18. bridget

    i really, really, really love that you just take the kids everywhere with you. steve and i think along those lines too and i’m sure a lot of people think it’s crazy. i’m sure eleanor and samson are pretty well-adjusted though, because they’ve been in all sorts of situations (while still being kids, of course). you’re inspiring me to do a trans-continental flight next :) beautiful pictures. what fun.

  19. One of my favorite cities. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  20. I love how josh is looking at you in the photos of you guys presenting, So sweet and so awesome your kids have had the opportunity to explore Europe at such a young age.

  21. apple bacon pancake?! WHAT?!

    also, in the photos of you and josh on stage, i love how he’s looking at you – he looks so proud and so in love.

  22. Great pictures! I so want to go there one of these days. I think it’s so amazing that you travel so effortlessly with your kids. Good for you! I think my wild little boys would be out on that stage break dancing while we tried to talk :-)

  23. Jess.

    Amsterdam! Now we know. I hope someone from Bugaboo was backstage taking pictures of your sweet little ones, snoozing in their invention. :) E & S are the perfect advert.

  24. Heather

    The photograph of Samson and the binoculars- priceless!
    Quick question, I know you posted before about traveling with littles. Have you ever flown by plane with them by yourself? Any advice? I’m flying with my almost four month old next week and am so nervous! He definitely does not like being confined or having to be held for an extended period. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      i flew by myself to chicago with them last spring (and have flown with E by myself before S was born) but i don’t think i have much more advice besides taking your stroller all the way to the gate and trying to find a flight that is during their naptime or a redeye so they can sleep. good luck!

  25. What an amazing trip and such a blessed family!

    How beautiful are Van Gogh’s in person? Not sure if you’ve done the Getty while in LA, but they have a gem there.



  26. Love your photos! What a fun trip with your kiddos–love the way your family makes memories. What software do you use to edit your photos? And seconding a few above, is there an online transcript of your talk? Now I want to go to Amsterdam! :)

  27. faith

    As always, breathtaking photographs Naomi! Europe is such a magical place! I’ve travelled through Europe quite a bit but have never made it to Amsterdam. I would LOVE to though, especially after seeing your photos.

    Can’t wait for parts II and III!!

  28. Ann Langlois

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been to AMS twice, and have always dreamed of living there. It is, by far, one of my all time fave cities in the world.

  29. Yay for my old hometown! Nice to see you enjoyed yourself so much here, Holland rocks ;-) if I may say so myself as Dutchie LOL

  30. Amelia

    love these!! i thought amsterdam was so beautiful. sad that I didn’t make it to the Van Gogh museum but I wasn’t traveling with art lovers.

    ps. where is your yellow hat from? thanks! :)

  31. what a beautiful and fun trip! thanks for sharing the photos. i hope to go to Amsterdam too soon! those pancakes look amazing!

  32. Jm

    Looks like you had an amazing time. Amsterdam is on my list of places to visit when I finally have some money :) I think it’s great that you travel with your kids. My parents travelled with me and my brother and it was always great fun.

  33. Beautiful photos!! Looks like such a fun trip!

  34. Looks like such a lovely trip. Even more special that you guys got to take your littles. Memories for days!!! :)

  35. hanna

    This trip looks amazing. -Hanna Lei

  36. Your photos make me so happy. I LOVE seeing a young family traveling and I’m always so inspired by the life you guys have and are creating for those littles!

    Darn that I can’t just go pick up your red coat. Love it! Nice find!

    It’s so funny, this summer we were also doing some travel with our toddler in Europe and there were a few cities in particular that I was literally asking people about schools and parks because I was ready to MOVE! :)

    Thanks for sharing as always!!


  37. oh boy. reminded me how much i adore that beautiful city. it looks gorgeous in november! but how could it not be gorgeous in all seasons? those canals, those buildings, all the bikes, the trees…

  38. Brooke H.

    I went to Amsterdam in high school and constantly dream about going back. I love it so much there. Looking forward to part 2 and 3.

  39. Robyn

    Amsterdam is such a photogenic city! Great city and family photos …makes me want to be right there this very second!

  40. Lucile

    You look like a french actress… zo√© F√©lix!

  41. My best friend and I are studying abroad at Oxford for the winter and are deciding on a trip between either Amsterdam or Barcelona for a weekend… you are making a strong case for Amsterdam here!! And as per usual, you guys are one heckuva good looking family! :)

  42. amanda

    yesssss, I’ve been waiting for these! looks like a seriously rad trip. Amsterdam is way up there on my bucket list… can’t wait for round 2 and 3.

  43. Quyen

    I love Amsterdam. After traveling to 10 countries in Europe during my study abroad in Madrid, I can easily say that Amsterdam is one of my favorites! I love biking around the city and the fresh flowers!

  44. Jessica

    I would absolutely love to visit Amsterdam someday. So many inspiring photo opportunities and the way all the buildings are so close together make me swoon!
    Glad you had such a great time with you and your family.

  45. Anne

    Love living vicariously through your photos! What an amazing trip! I want that pancake!

    The Hills Are Alive

  46. Emma

    Lovely pictures! I love Amsterdam, and the Van Gogh museum is brilliant – I also really enjoyed the Rijksmuseum.

    You’re channeling Steve Jobs a bit in that black poloneck – looks right at home on the stage!

  47. Sinead

    The pics of the kids in the museum are just the cutest :-)

  48. Katie

    What a fun trip!! Makes me want to go to Amsterdam even more now! Gorgeous place :) And I love that little packet for kids at the Van Gogh museum!! And E’s serious face, studying it well ;)


  49. Nicole

    Naomi, Where are your shoes from?!?! I love them SO much!

  50. maggie

    These are lovely! My sister is actually in Amsterdam right now and I am SO jealous!

  51. Amsterdam looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see more photos!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  52. Anna

    Oh gosh.. you are making me homesick now! Amsterdam is amazing, i’ll go talk my husband into moving back right now :)

  53. TJ

    This place is a dream! And what a beautiful place to have the opportunity to travel to and share your gifts and talents. Your littles are adorable, as always :)
    xo TJ

  54. nicole

    Taza! Your trip looks amazing. Your family is a beautiful one. I always love your photography. I am so curious do you use a specific program to edit your photos. I love how your photos pop!

  55. Taylor


    First of all, absolutely GORGEOUS pictures! I’ve never really considered going to Amsterdam for a vacation, but after the way you talk about it, I’m definitely convinced!

    Also, I shoot with a Canon 6D too, but every time I try to use it on the video setting, the camera will only record a few seconds before it stops recording. Have you ever had problems like this with your Canon? I just can’t seem to figure it out!


  56. RoselyC

    What a beautiful place to visit.

  57. Carla

    Looks like you all had a great time! We’re looking for a family friendly place to travel to, I never would have thought of Amsterdam, but this looks like it could work for us :)

  58. As always, beautiful photos. your family is so precious! i’m so happy you all had this opportunity.

  59. Kristen

    Looks like an amazing trip! Question, I have the donkey but it seems so big to travel with… How do you gate check it? Do you have a bag it fits into to protect it? Thanks!

  60. it’s crazy to think that during my six months abroad in italy, i didn’t add amsterdam to my list of weekend excursions… it’s clearly one of the most beautiful and adorable places in all of europe! i will have to keep that in mind for next time :)



  61. Ali

    I live and blog from Amsterdam, and was excited a few weeks back when I saw you were en route. You have such a beautiful way of looking at the world, I couldn’t wait to see how you portrayed this fairytale city. Really, come back any time! :)

    An Amsterdam Adventure Blog:

  62. amber

    so fun to see your family enjoying Amsterdam this much! i am from holland and i know it as a awesome country but i am used to all the great things we have going on!
    i love the blog! and you have a great fashionstyle, specialy the kids are looking great!
    love from a fashionstudent from Rotterdam

  63. Amanda

    Oh how I love Amsterdam. I visited there over the summer and also ate the bacon pancakes at Pancakes! They were downright amazing and we loved them so much that we even went twice while we were there. Very lovely photos.. Can’t wait to see the rest! :)

  64. Lucy

    Hi Naomi/Taza,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am an avid follower of your blog. Your positive outlook on life, commitment to your family, and love of food is uplifting and inspirational. Now I totally want to go to Amsterdam! Thank you for bringing so much light into the blogging world/universe.
    P.S. I come from a family of dancers, so I love the dance references. Nothing better than making up pas de deux moves in your living room!

  65. JAZZ HANDS!! Yes! I love it. Congrats on the talk abroad – you guys are some serious rock stars.

  66. Kelly

    This looks like such an amazing city and it sounds like you had a great time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  67. Lindsay

    Beautiful! I’ve been once but would like to go back with family. I love Samson’s yellow turtleneck/funnel neck shirt…where is that from?? Need one for chilly winters for my boy

  68. Linda from Holland

    No! Amsterdam is not filled with tullips in spring! Yes, the flowermarket will be filled with them. You should take a trip or rent a car. Then you kan see whole fields of tullips.

    Everybody tries to speak English in the Netherlands. Very bad most of the time. We switch when we hear someone is speaking English. That’s why it is hard to learn Dutch.

  69. Joana

    Nice pictures!! But if you think Amsterdam is gorgeous, I would recommend you visit Ghent and Bruges in Belgium. Both a little smaller than Amsterdam and (in my opinion) much prettier. The food there is also excellent (Dame Blanche, Cuberdons, Vlaamse Stoverij!). Best wishes from Germany :)

  70. Bea

    I know…Amsterdam is something magical!!!!
    I’m going to visit it this spring!With tulips!!!
    Love it!
    Buona giornata cara Naomi!

  71. Romee

    Lovely!! I live in Amsterdam. It’s so nice to see those pictures
    And yes.. bikes are everywhere (:

  72. I feel the same way about Amsterdam. I’m constantly scheming to move there :) It’s so beautiful and eclectic and fun. So much more than the Red Light District and the coffeeshops. I even wrote my thesis on Amsterdam’s tourism industry!

    Great photos!

  73. amy

    are you going to tell us what that bugaboo speech was all about? i’m very nosy and need to know!!

  74. taylor

    Oh I love these pictures! so beautiful. can’t wait to see part two!

  75. The Van Gogh museum looks amazing! I may have to add Amsterdam to my travel wish list…

  76. Maryse

    WHEN ARE WE MOVING HERE?! Haha, That’s what we say about NYC on a daily basis.. Next time you visit the Netherlands you should come visit The Hague. Love your blog

  77. Emma

    I love travel. And this trip reminds me of when I got to go to Spain back in 2007 for a whole month! I’ve been dancing flamenco for 11 years, and when i went to Spain, I actually stayed with a professional and her son–speaking nothing but “sign language Spanish”! hahaha My boyfriend and I have made the decision to spend our money–not on material possessions–but on travel! Thanks for the nostalgic post!

  78. Anja

    I have been ready your blog for a couple of years now – without ever leaving a comment, how embarrassing is that!

    I live in The Netherlands (though being a Dane), so it is great to see that you actually came to tiny Holland! :)

  79. Anja

    Reading, not ready ;)

  80. These picture are so gorgeous! My dads side of the family is Dutch and I have always wanted to visit Holland!

  81. Crystal

    Amsterdam is so beautiful! Mind you, finding a place to go to the washroom is difficult. We went five years ago with our first babe when she was 11 months old and discovered we were pregnant with our second babe while there. Zwanger!!! There are so many amazing places and it is awesome to see other families enjoying the city. I do hope you made it to Sarah’s pancake house. And to see Van Gogh first hand. Priceless


    Crystal Grier

  82. Beautiful pictures! Love your family and your blog! :) x

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  84. AG

    you made a great shoot! I enjoy every pictures in your blog. Amsterdam such a nice place to visit

  85. Daria

    Hi Naomi,

    where did Josh get his boots from? They look great!

    Thank you :)


  86. Nicola

    Heading to Amsterdam + Paris in February! This post just made me really excited.

  87. Marian

    Amsterdam is a really beautiful city and your pictures certainly do it justice!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, lucky things! :)

  88. Queenie

    Those apple and bacon pancakes look lush! x

  89. lovely pictures! My sister was there in Amsterdam and said she got to hear you and your husband speak! She works at bugaboo :)

  90. Marie

    I love your shoes! Can you tell me where you bought them and what brand they are? Please

  91. John

    I live in Amsterdam! And you once commented on my blog; how fun to see that you visited this past December. Greets from AMS! John