giveaway with the honest company! *closed*


with christmas right around the corner, we have teamed up with our sponsor, the honest company, to give away three $200 gift cards!   we love the honest company at our home because their products (even household cleaners) are non toxic or natural and don’t use harsh chemicals. we especially like their hand sanitizer spray when we are on the go (it smells amazing and doesn’t sting!) and the kids actually love their toothpaste - which is a really big deal because that’s about the only thing they do like about brushing their teeth at our house right now.

to enter to win, please visit the honest company and come back here and tell us what you’d use your gift card towards.  a few of my favorites right now: this new collective limited edition utility tote, a children’s multi vitamin, new wooden toys and fun patterned diapers!

good luck! winners will be drawn at random and emailed directly next week.

also, get 25% off your very first honest order (excluding the collective) with the code LoveTaza25 at checkout!

  1. Becky

    My sister is going to have a baby and she loves the honest company :) I would love to win this for her!!! I think she would love all the pattern diapers and just all of the non toxic baby supplies for her sweet bundle of joy coming soon :) thanks for the giveaway!

  2. emily

    I love the honest company! I have used the laundry detergent and dryer sheets and love them! They don’t have any strong smell and don’t irritate my skin. I would use the gift card for more laundry supplies and would love to try the cleaning supplies!

  3. alice

    what a fabulous company! i would use the gift card for the lovely knit blanket and the health and wellness bundle and the bath and body bundle. that way i would get to try a whole bunch of products and who doesn’t love a soft knit blanket?

  4. i have heard nothing but great things about this company but have yet to try it! the wooden toys are awesome–and how great that it is such an eco-friendly company. need more of those!

  5. Jackie W

    I would get some wooden toys and cute diapers! Maybe even cleaning products!

  6. Ashley

    I would probably get the organic cotton baby carrier.

  7. Trish

    I would love to get the utility tote for my sister-in-law who is due next month!

  8. Dana

    haven’t tried their products yet but this would be a great chance to. love the cute diapers.

  9. blair

    we’re about to have our first baby in january. and i’ve heard that they’re laundry detergent is great for cloth diapers. so i’d probably be practical and stock up! :)

  10. Nancy

    I would buy the diapers and wipes bundle as we are preparing to welcome our baby girl in early April! :)

  11. Liz s.

    I would try both the kids toothpaste and multivitamins. For myself I would get some new cleaning products…and maybe some fun dipes for my baby! Horray!

  12. I’d have to get the bear hat and blanket, but any remaining money would go towards a baby shower gift for one of my expecting BFFs. Baby fever ’round here, y’all.

  13. Carrie M

    I would get some of those awesome diapers and would love to try their laundry detergent!

  14. ellen

    i’d love the utility tote, and some cleaning supplies! and the candles look amazing too.

  15. Lindsay

    I would love to try out those adorable anchor diapers!

  16. Marisa Moore

    I love the super cute diapers!!!

  17. Jessica

    I was given some honest diapers as a baby shower gift. I loved them! So I would probably use it towards diapers.

  18. Sara

    Stocking up on shampoo, conditioner and lotion!!

  19. Sheena

    Love the cute diapers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Renee M.

    I’d buy all their neat cleaning supplies!

  21. Maggie

    Hi Naomi! Thank you for this giveaway – what a great idea! I’d use the gift card to buy tons of fun patterned diapers! My coworker has a new baby girl on the way, and these are just too cute! Happy holidays, M

  22. Katelynn Roberts

    I would get some fun new wood toys for my little boy!

  23. Jess

    I would love to try the cleaning products!

  24. Jennifer M

    I would love some of their multi vitamin powder–such a great idea! Plus, I would also like to try the sanitizer spray you mentioned. We are not as good as we should be about washing our hands….

  25. Nicole

    Great giveaway! I think I would stock up on some vitamins — always getting sick from the nanny kids! — and perhaps the face lotion. Looking for a new, organic one! Thanks, again!

  26. Melissa

    I am absolutely obsessed with their healing balm, it is the only thing keeping my hands from cracking and falling apart right now (frequent diaper changes= frequent hand washing= very dry skin!) and I would definitely pick up some cute wooden toys for the baby. :)

  27. i love their natural cleaning products!

  28. Nicole

    What an awesome giveaway! I would spend this gift card on my sister who is having her first baby in about 5 weeks! I would love to start her new little guy out with honest products! They are the best! Thank you!

  29. Natalie

    Pick me! My 6 month old has Urticaria Pigmentosa so his skin can be easily irritated. I would love to try to see if a more natural (and so cute) diapers would help his little spots.

  30. christy

    I love their diapers. Affordable…and the patterns are so cute! Like really adorable. Thanks!

  31. Jennifer

    I used the Honest Company diapers with my son and loved them. Not only are the designs super cute, but its so nice having them delivered to the door! The Diaper rash balm was also amazing and I never had any issues with diaper rash with him as well. I would love the utility tote, its super cute.

  32. NC

    Yippee! I have been contemplating trying out their diapers for a while now, but I would also really like to get my 2 year old on a multi vitamin. I am very interested in their cleaning supplies as well. Whoop whoop!

  33. Elizabeth

    I love this company! We use the multipurpose cleaner and floor cleaner all the time!

  34. Kaitlin

    I would love to stock up on Essentials bundle – for my studio. Love this company!

  35. Aurora M

    Always love perusing the Honest website, but with a baby on the way in February, I’d definitely use this to try out their adorable diapers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Jeweli Oatley

    I would love to try their multi-vitatmins!

  37. kira

    I would go with the very awesome Utility Tote! It looks perfect!

  38. Caitlin

    I would love to win this for my friend who is pregnant :)

  39. James

    Great giveaway, and great company! I would love to win!

  40. alyssa

    My best friend just had a baby and I have been wondering what to give them for Christmas and as a baby gift! From the gift section I would go for the essentials gift bundle, I love the utility tote, I also think they would love the organic cotton baby carrier!
    Thanks taza!

  41. Kellie P

    I think I would spend it all on those cute diapers! I have an 8-week-old who goes through diapers like it’s her job. (Ok, it is her job!)

  42. Kimberlee

    I love all the wooden toys!

  43. Heather MK

    What a fun giveaway, Naomi! The Honest Company has such great swim diapers, bug spray, and bubble bath! Next, I would be excited to try out more of their cleaning products, multivitamins and the kiddo toothpaste (for my 3 year old “little man”) too! It seems like I’ve always got my eye on several items they have to offer. Thanks for this opportunity to win and happy holidays to you and yours. :)

  44. Krista Earl

    I would love to start out trying this brand with the essentials bundle!

  45. Evanda

    I would love to try the cleaning products! The Wooden Toys are adorable & I would love those as well!

  46. Kelsey

    I would purchase the wooden toys!

  47. Jenny

    I love that utility tote! I’d either get that or stick up on cleaning supplies! Love the honest company!

  48. Tara Riccio

    I would definitely start with the laundry detergent. I still havent found the perfect eco alternative. I also want to try their veggie wash! And i love their packaging. What a sweet brand!

  49. Kelly

    I would use the gc on the wooden toys and teether!

  50. Allison

    My best friend would love a haul of the natural cleaning products. I’d get her the essentials bundle.

  51. Christy

    I would love some of the fruit and veggie wash, and the household products smell great!

  52. maureen

    their wipes leave my little one’s bottom not red! and i have been wanting to try the toddler multivitamin powder and of course, the gray and white polka dot blanket is just too cute!

  53. Kristin

    I would get the essentials bundle , a couple organic swaddles for our second baby due this spring , and the wooden toys for our 8 month old !

  54. oh my!! I would use it for the organic cotton baby carrier!
    or the wooden toys! those are so darling!

  55. Chelsea

    I would love their multi-vitamins!

  56. Sky

    I just recently heard of this company – I would love the patterned diapers!

  57. Carmen

    I would love to try the cute diapers, and would get some wooden toys!

  58. Brad

    The floor cleaner!

  59. nicole

    I LOVE this giveaway! We are having our first baby this Spring, and have heard wonderful things about Honest. I love the organic cotton baby carrier, all of their fun patterned diapers, and all of the household cleaners, because they are safe for your home. We live in a small place, and we don’t like to use anything with harsh chemicals.

  60. sarah

    what wouldn’t i buy?? the patterned diapers and wooden toys kill me!

  61. Betsy

    I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about their company recently. I would love to try their sunscreen actually!

  62. Christina

    I’d definitely get the cleaning supplies and the hand sanitizer! I’m a teacher and could really use the help of products that have no chemicals!

  63. Maggie

    I’d be all over the hand sanitizer and that bag!

  64. Cait

    We have #2 due in February, and I’d love a stash of their diapers for my fresh newborn’s skin! They are so super cute too.

  65. Jamie

    Yes! I was just telling my hubby how it’s time we switch our cleaning products over to all natural one’s because of our little one. It’s important to us to keep our home safe (and smelling nice!) So, I would use the money to do just that! Thanks for the chance!

  66. Marit

    What a great giveaway! We are expecting our first little one in March and would love to wrap my baby girl in their organic cotton knit blanket. All their products are lovely though. Have a great day!

  67. Natalie

    I would love to try the healing balm for babies and their diaper service as I am expecting my first:)

  68. tara

    I love ALL the household products! I would also love to try the candles and vitamins.

  69. Kayde

    With a little lady running around who could say no to free diapers and toys?!?!

  70. Lorie

    My favorite is the organic baby carrier, love it… Need it.

  71. AnnCamille

    Hourra !! love this brand ! I’m a real fan of all the skin products, very cool to share with my baby girl too and so easy when we travel around the world to take only 2 or 3 products! Merci Taza, joyeux Noël de France!

  72. Alexandria Lucas

    Would love to buy that toothpaste and their diapers… super cute. It looks like they have all kinds of good stuff!

  73. Taylor L

    The cleaning products and the ability to get my little cousins a gift for Christmas they would like is why the honest company is so adorable!

  74. Jenn I.

    Jessica Alba has always been a mommy I admire and following her on instagram aswell as The Honest Co. is soemthing I look forward to everyday. Your recommendation of the utility tote is definitely what I need. I love how you can wear it as a backpack too! I am six months prego and finding those eco friendly diapers would make me and the hubby extremely happy!!!

  75. Kiki

    I’d put it toward my monthly diaper and cleaning bundle, but I’d also have to splurge on some of those cute wooden toys!

  76. Karen Walentek

    I would love to win the gift certificate!! I have been wanting to try the Honest house cleaning supplies for a while and this would give me the perfect opportunity!

  77. Danielle

    I have been wanting to try out the Honest Company products. I would start with the Essentials bundle, lip balm trio and bubble bath and probably a set of the wooden toys for a friend’s baby.

  78. rachel

    belly balm! looks amazing…i’ve been meaning to try out this company.

  79. Taylor

    I love the Honest Company & all of their products! They’re so gentle and they really do all smell delicious! I would use my gift card toward my monthly deliveries of their products. I mix-and-match with dish soap, washing detergent, and all of their cleaning products!


  80. Jeannette C.

    I love the diaper bundles! I would also like to try some of the household products.

  81. hazel

    love the utility tote! would also love the fruit wash you had in your previous post! looks like such a great product!

  82. Diapers, diapers, diapers ! Love the Honest Company.

  83. Jessica Coffey

    I would definitely stock up on cleaning supplies and wipes for my little ones!

  84. Lily

    Multivitamins for the new year!

  85. Summer

    The diaper and wipe bundle would be a perfect gift for my sister in law who just gave birth to my beautiful niece. I am so happy to finally be an aunt! Thanks for the giveaway! I love keeping track of your little family!

  86. Meredith N.

    Diapers, diapers, diapers! I’d also really like to try their cleaning products without harsh chemicals.

  87. i’m with you on that utility tote! I”m in need of a new diaper bag! I might also go boring and buy diapers, because…necessary.

  88. Tasneem

    The honest company has such cute diapers…I just got my sample package in the mail. I would use a gift card towards the natural cleaning products and to stock up on the healing balm to soothe my baby’s eczema.

  89. Katie Cheesman

    I would definitely buy the wooden toys (to. die. for.) and the essentials bundle! Crossing my fingers :)

  90. Melissa

    Oh goodness! There is so much I’d like to buy! I would love to try the sunscreen on my kiddos, along with the multi-vitamin. I’ve been looking for a more natural version.

    Thanks for the chance!

  91. Abbie

    I love the wooden toys and with out a doubt, I’d love to check out their cleaning products. I’ve heard such good word of mouth about this brand

  92. Olivia K

    What an amazing giveaway! I have my second son due in April I would love to win!

  93. ariel rivera

    i would buy diapers for my son who is due any day now!

  94. Sarah

    I would love to buy some diapers for my sweet girl. They are so cute! I would also buy some wooden toys. Love!

  95. Danielle

    A few friends recently had kids so I would definitely stock up on items for them. And definitely some bundles and bath/body items for myself :)

  96. Maddie

    I’d like to start with the cleaning and bath & body essentials bundles because I’m looking for ways to detox my home and lifestyle.

  97. Maroe

    I would use it towards wooden toys or a diapers and wipes bundle!

  98. Brooke

    I’m in love with the Honest Co. and I love all their products! First and foremost I would buy diapers! I just had a baby girl and I love the Honest Co. Diapers!

  99. Morgan Mackay

    Such an awesome company! I have a six month old who I would love to buy those wooden toys for. I’ve also been wanting to try the sanitizer!!

  100. jaida

    I would La La LOVE to get the bath and body line! wonder what it smells like though

  101. Jinny

    I’d get so many diapers! I have two babes under 2 years old (they’re 14 months apart) and they’re in the same size diapers right now. We go through them like crazy! I’d love to win a gift card, that’d be super helpful!

  102. Rachel

    I would love the baby carrier for my huge 3 month old!

  103. Brittany

    I’ve been dying to use these products but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I would love to switch all of my cleaning products out and try the honest companies products instead. I’m working to remove harsh chemicals from the house!

  104. Julie PG

    really like the utility tote!!
    such a great company!

  105. Haley Jolley

    I have been wanting to try these products for so long! I would especially love to try the cleaning bundle, kids multivitamin, and bath and body bundle. Thanks for the chance!

  106. Jaymi

    I would stock up on cleaning products and that awesome bear hat.

  107. caitlyn

    I would get the baby carrier and wooden toys. Thanks for the chance!

  108. Elizabeth

    would love to get the ultra-pure 2-in-1 hydrating hair & foaming body cleanser!

  109. That utility tote is amazing! So are the wooden toys! I also love the organic cotton baby carrier. I don’t have kids yet, but I’m stocking up for when I do :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  110. Trisha F

    I would put the giftcard towards the stroller- so cute!

  111. Rachel

    The Honest Co. is the best! I especially love the diapers in the anchor print – too cute!

  112. Katharine

    Lots of diapers for my baby due in 3 weeks!

  113. Michelle

    I would get the wooden toys for a friend who just had her baby girl…and I’d put the rest toward a diaper/wipes/baby shampoo and lotion package. She’s concerned about harsh chemicals in baby items and I don’t think she’s heard of the Honest Company (I hadn’t until recently). She’d love this!

  114. Brooke

    Oooh, so hard to choose! I’d probably go with something practical like diapers. Or maybe put it toward the City Mini GT!

  115. Heidi

    Both the utility tote and wooden toys would be on my list! So great!

  116. hanna

    I’d use it of diapers! -Hanna Lei

  117. Louise M.

    the cleaning essentials bundle and the fruit and veggie wash

  118. Sarah

    I would love to try their body products. And that tote bag looks great!

  119. Mary

    I’ve always wanted to try Honest products!! And the Organic Cotton Knit blanket looks so cozy, I wish it came in a larger size :)

  120. Taylor

    Oo I love the wooden toys, and the tooth paste and kids multivitamins sound great!

  121. Hillary

    I would love to try their sunscreen this summer!

  122. Sarah

    I would definitely purchase the diaper & wipes bundle for my friend who just recently had triplets!

  123. Ania

    I would get some adorable skull, ABC, and Comic Book diapers and the wooden toys!

  124. Angela

    The adorable diapers!!! My 6 month old would have the cutest little bottom this Christmas;)

  125. sally

    I’d love to try the laundry detergent – thanks!

  126. Traci M

    I live for the Honest Company! Right now we’re in the beginning stages of teething so the Teether ( would be so helpful!

  127. emilie

    LOVE this company. and adore the wooden toys and patterned diapers!

  128. Megan v

    oooo definitely their diapers and wipes since I am expecting a baby next year!

  129. Kara

    I would definitely buy the cotton baby carrier!

  130. Melissa T

    I’d love to diaper my sweet baby in their winter-themed diapers. Would also love any of their collective items!

  131. Chrissy Egan

    With my little one on the way in Feb I would love those wooden toys for her to play with as she grows!

  132. Danielle

    Wooden toys and bath products!

  133. whitney

    LOVE the honest company. Such great values! Definitely would buy all of the cleaning products. YAY for nontoxic!

  134. Kelsey Wiest

    it’s so hard to pick a favorite! I love their diapers, but those wooden toys might steal the show!

  135. Alicia

    I would love to try some of their diapers, and our baby carrier is out of commission after three kids, so I’d love a new one for #4!

  136. Jamie P

    I would stock up on the Essentials bundle. That seems like such a good idea!

  137. Sylvie

    I would definitely get some diapers, wipes, and healing balm! I love everything that they have to offer!

  138. Courtney

    I’d love to get some of their cleaning products, and that hand sanitizing gel couldn’t hurt either;)

  139. Kimberly

    The Winter Survival Kit sounds like my jam! My current game plan is washing my hands compulsively and slathering every part of my skin with Aquaphor.

  140. Alyssa

    I would stock up on the adorable diapers!!

  141. Kate

    I’d buy an awesome diaper cake for my sister’s upcoming baby shower!

  142. Jessy Carlisle

    I’d buy DIAPERS!! They are adorable and I love the patterns!!

  143. Katherine

    I love this company so much. I would definitely use it towards diapers. I also love the utility bag they just came out with. So cute!

  144. kate

    i would definitely love to try the essentials bundle!

  145. ryan

    my babies have such sensitive skin but love bubble baths so i think that’s where i’d have to spend it :)

  146. Amy

    I just found out I’m pregnant, and I would LOVE to win some Honest diapers. I am committed to earth-friendly alternatives in my life, and that will be no different with my baby.

  147. MelissaR

    I’d love to try their hand soap and hand sanitizer!

  148. Arika

    I’d love to try their hand sanitzing spray!!

  149. I don’t think I could resist the diapers… I’ll have kids someday, right?! I’d also grab up some hand soap!


  150. Ellen

    Love the honest company! I would stock up on natural laundry and dish detergent and some wooden toys!

  151. Jessica

    I love the Honest Company. They have the cutest diapers!

  152. Cassidie

    I am pregnant with my first, so lots of diapers.

  153. Rikki

    I would love to stock up on bath and body essentials, all for my kiddos. Toothpaste, hand sanitizer, soap, etc.. It’s so great to have the opportunity to be so mindful of what we’re giving our children, and the ability to meet safer needs.

  154. Jill

    Definitely would get my nephew a bear hat- babies and bear hats are my favorite!

  155. Darcy

    We have a baby coming in March and I’ve been lusting after the City Mini GT Stroller…I would use the credit for diapers and wipes since we need to stock up!!

  156. Rose

    With a new baby coming in February, would love the utility tote and a diaper cake!

  157. grace

    I’ve heard such wonderful things about this company! I would love to try their cleaning supplies and those amazing candles. xx

  158. Molly McCracken

    I would buy diapers for my 11 month old daughter! thank you!

  159. Lila

    Nice giveway! I would probably invest in their cleaning supplies or get the bag!

    Thank you!

  160. Alyssa S

    LOVE the honest company! Their baby lotion smells oh so good! I’m loving the wooden toys and that utility tote too!

  161. Lindsay Hoyt

    I’m due with my first baby any minute and I would LOVE to win this gift card to dress my baby’s butt with the cutest diapers EVERRRR! As a new mom who doesn’t know what the “right” things are for baby or parenting, the Honest Company seems to have it goin’ on! Pick me and maybe this baby will be urged to make an appearance sooner! :)

  162. Christina

    Love the Honest Company – thanks for the giveaway! I’d start with the knit blanket for our baby due in Feb and then stock up on baby and cleaning supplies. PS: love your new hair!

  163. Sarah S.

    I would love to get a few things for my sister, who is pregnant with her first little one :) Maybe the cute little bear hat, and the wooden toys. And I love the cleaning products! Specifically, the multi-surface cleaner and the dish soap.

  164. Cassie

    I love Honest!! I would love a gift card to use toward diapers :)

  165. Katie F.

    Would love the chance to win. Thanks!

  166. Hilty

    I love Honest and use all their products! I would buy tons of wipes and bubble bath. My favorites.

  167. Elizabeth

    I love the utility tote!

  168. Amber

    Love the wooden toys!

  169. Danielle

    Gosh, EVERYTHING!? haha I would purchase diapers and wipes, hand sanatizer, and wooden toys.. really I would be happy with anything from this company they’re so amazing!

  170. Jenae H

    I actually have a handwritten list of things to order before baby gets here in April. A one month bundle of newborn diapers + wipes, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dishwasher liquid, and the bamboo suds up kit. I’d buy every cleaning product if I won a $200 gift card though! :)

  171. katie

    cleaning stuff is my weakness!! i love all of it!

  172. Hikari

    I use the honest company’s products and love them so much. Try their lavender mint chapstick. It’s AMAZING. I’d definitely go for the utility tote. I need a new diaper bag. But the wooden toys are adorable too.

  173. Kelly

    I am expecting my first baby in April so I need everything! I would definitely stock up on those precious diapers!

  174. Sarah

    I would give my gift card to my Sister in Law – she’s got 5 lil’ ones running around and I know would love the Honest Company and its goodies.

  175. Morgan Hymas

    I would use the giftcard for the knit blanket and for wooden toys! xoxoxo

  176. lucy

    I would give the gift of a month’s supply of Honest diapers and wipes!

  177. Ashley

    Wooden toys, definitely!!

  178. Courtney

    I would buy up all the household cleaners!


    I would love the utility tote. And the patterned diapers are so cute! Have heard great things but yet to try Honest Co.

  180. Naomi M

    I have wanted to try out the Honest Company for awhile now. I think I would start with their essential cleaning bundle. I love being able to use products that clean well without bothering my asthma!

  181. Bonnie

    The diapers and the wood toys and the dish brush from The Collective! Thank you!

  182. Lindsey

    Such a wonderful giveaway! I would use the giftcard to buy gifts for my brother’s family. I’d choose the bear hat for my sweet newborn niece, the diaper caddy for her mama, and the knit blanket for my brother to snuggle with his little lady.

  183. I’d buy some diapers and things for a pregnant friend. (She’s having twins!)

  184. Heidi

    We love the Honest Company’s body wash and I’ve been wanting to try their diapers!

  185. JB

    I loveeeeeee that all natural soap and am lusting after the candles. Such a great company.

  186. Sara

    I would love to buy some sunscreen! And some toys for my daughters.

  187. Katie

    I would love to try their shampoo and lotion!

  188. Chris

    New dad here. I would definitely roll with the Organic Cotton Baby Carrier.

  189. Emma

    I would love to get the multi-surface cleaner as well as laundry detergent and stain removers. I’ll be moving out on my own and would love to have these!

  190. Gina

    I love the utility bag, and would love to use their organic body care and cleaning products! Go green!

  191. Heather

    I really want to try their fruit + veggie wash. + their diapers would also come in handy in our house.

  192. Sarah c

    Their bubble bath is my absolute favorite and I would love to try their candles. The utility bag would be extra handy as well!

  193. Danielle

    I like the Diaper Caddy.

  194. abby

    I love the suds up ceramic dish and bamboo brush!

  195. Monica

    I would love to win their wooden toys for my twin girls’ first Christmas!

  196. Hannah

    I would love to try the multi-surface cleaner and fruit+veggie wash!

  197. Jill

    I would totally go for cleaning supplies and lotion. I have used their hand lotion and it’s wonderful!

  198. Britta

    i would get the bath and body essentials bundle!!

  199. oriane stewart

    I would use it to try new cleaning products and the baby diapers, and the new tote looks pretty cute and practical.
    I have tried several of their products and love them.
    Great giveaway!!

  200. brit

    I already love all of their products! I’m currently loving the new “collections” group!

  201. Laura

    Diapers! lots and lots of diapers:)

  202. ashley

    I have my 1st baby on the way and I would love to try out their laundry detergent, diapers and wipes!

  203. Danielle

    Oh my gosh, what a great company! I’d love to try the sunscreen and bug spray for next summer because those are two products that I know are always loaded with ingredients that are so bad for us.

    I’d also love to try the cleaning products. So good to know that they are safe!

  204. Jordan

    We have tried the diapers on my 2 month old and I love them! I would love some of those new winter prints!

  205. Nicole K.

    Oh my goodness, yet another reason to spoil my new niece! I’m all about those wooden toys and patterned diapers. Amazing products!

  206. Johnna

    Love the utility tote!

  207. Natalie

    My best friend just had a baby and I would love to send her some of those cute diapers (the skull print!), swim diapers (the whales!) and those wooden animal toys. What a great site!

  208. Annie

    I love everything from the Honest company but I’m really digging the Utility Tote. Now that my baby girl is getting bigger I don’t have to lug around much with me. This is the perfect size and all the strap options make it so versatile.

  209. lindsay

    laundry detergent!

  210. Emily

    How could you not go with those cute diapers?! I’ve never used any of their products, but I’ve heard great things! I’d stock up on some cleaning supplies too. :)

  211. I love the utility tote! Thanks for the opportunity!

  212. Katie

    I’d love to try their adorable diapers, and the bug spray, too.

  213. Jennifer

    I would get diapers, diapers diapers!!!

  214. Angela

    I would get all their baby stuff, including lots of those adorable diapers! Little one is due any day :)

  215. Vannesa

    I would love to get this for my cousin and her soon to be new born in a couple of days! She doesn’t have much. I would probably sneak in the vitamins and toothpaste for my own little one!(:

  216. The husband and I are currently trying to start our family :) We love all things organic, especially the organic cotton baby carrier! Would love to win! ;)

  217. Emily M

    I’d love to give their diapers a try. With baby #2 on the way, we’re going to need them!

  218. Emily Bickle

    I’m due with #2 in June, and will need to upsize my diaper bag! The utility tote seems like a great fit. Also, a set of the wooden toys to bring to the hospital as a gift from #2 to #1 !

  219. Savannah

    We are expecting our first in February! I would love to stock up on some diapers, cleaning products and maybe at least one of those cute wooden toys! Thank you! -Sav

  220. Definitely the bath and lotion products. There’s nothing better than a sweet smelling baby straight out of the bath! :)

  221. Jessie

    We could always use a new tote and hand sanitizer! Also, a few extra fun toys are always welcome to clutter our home.

  222. Lauren Jinkerson

    The Multipowder and vitamins as well as the hand sanitizer spray. Let’s be honest, I’d love every product they offer!

  223. signe

    What a great giveaway! So many things I would love to get – such as their cleaning products and lovely soy candles.

  224. Amanda

    I have heard such great things about the Honest Company. I would love to try out their cleaning line and laundry detergent! I’ve been wanting to make the switch for a while and this would be perfect timing!

  225. Bridget P.

    I love their diapers and their dish brush. And the bear hat!

  226. Jenn

    With toe littles under two I could really use them for diapers pretty please!! And hand sanitizer it’s my favorite and toddlers are so gross this season :) hehe

  227. Ginny

    We have a baby boy due in January and I would love to get him the wooden elephant and some diapers! Love the Honest Company!

  228. Melissa

    i would TOTALLY get that utility tote. i was on the hunt for something like that! i would also pick up a wooden toy and hand sanitizer! fingers crossed!!

  229. Brandy

    I’d love to try the diapers!

  230. Kristel

    Ooh! Would absolutely LOVE to win this! I would like to try their cleaning supplies, especially with moving into a new house in the next couple of weeks! I would also like to specifically try their hand sanitizer…always a little hesitant to use other hand sanitizers…one of my littles is a finger sucker. :-)

  231. Amy

    We are expecting our first in January so I could definetly make good use of this!

  232. Rebekah

    I’ve been wanting to try honest company diapers & wipes, kids multi vitamin, prenatal vitamin, hand sanitizing spray, & shampoo/body wash.

  233. kristen

    i would love some of the premium eco-friendly disposable diapers :)

  234. Kari

    We love the Honest Shampoo and Body Wash, so we would probably use it to try more bath and body products! Our son has eczema, and we have a hard time finding products that don’t irritate his skin. Their body wash is one of those products that works!

  235. Amy Ellis

    Diapers, diapers and more diapers… with a toy year old and a baby on the way… it’s nothing but diapers and other baby items!

  236. Lauren

    oodles of diapers, those adorable wooden toys, laundry detergent, and cleaning spray!!

  237. Katie

    I would love to try the hand sanitizer, toothpaste, those awesome printed diapers (I’m a mama-to-be: I can never get too many diapers!!), and the utility tote!

  238. Samira

    I love the lip balm, sunscreen, toothpaste, and the body oil!! i Have used the body oil before and it is amazing!!!!!!

  239. Whitney

    I have a brand new nephew and this would make such a fun present for his first Christmas! I know his mama would appreciate it!

  240. Lindsay

    I love Honest diapers, wipes & laundry soap. I would LOVE to try the multi-vitamins and hand sanitizer.

  241. Krista

    Awesome giveaway! I’d buy cleaning products to keep my new home clean and green!

  242. Jessica

    I love this company! I’ve used a few things in my home and for myself and baby. I really would like to order something special from their collective. The baby carrier catches my eye. Thanks for opportunity to win something!

  243. Becca

    I’m always on the hunt for new, fun smelling laundry detergent! So I would go with that plus all of their other household cleaning items. Love me a fresh smelling house!

  244. Jordan

    I’ve been wanting to try their lip balm trio! I just recently heard the wonders of their health & wellness bundle and can’t wait to try that, too.

  245. Lissa

    My son is due in March, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this site! That utility tote is a dream come true…I’d definitely pick that up, with either that organic knit blanket or the adorable wooden toys.

  246. Jes

    What a great giveaway!

    We’d love to get some more diapers and the amazing utility tote. Super cute Collective Line.

  247. meg

    I LOVE the Honest Company. I am due on the 29th of Dec. and we already are have a couple of their diaper bundles so we would use the gift card to offset the cost of future bundles. I feel so good about using their products!

  248. Amy L.

    Love the Honest Co. Diapers and have been wanting to try other products too!

  249. Caitlin

    I would love to try their cleaning supplies!

  250. Meegan

    I would definitely get some of the multi-surface cleaning spray and other cleaning items, prenatal multivitamins, and some of that hand sanitizer spray. They seem like a great company with quality products!

  251. Lindsay

    I would use it on some wooden toys and patterned diapers for my new baby boy! Love the honest co


  252. Justine

    I would like to try a few things. Particularly the laundry soap.

  253. brittany

    i’m due in april and from what i hear from every other mom out there is to get a baby carrier so i would probably start there. maybe add on wooden toy or two and perhaps the baby teether!

  254. Mia

    I would love to try their diapers and baby wash. With my newborn, she’s so sensitive and I’m looking for alternatives that won’t break the bank.

  255. Sarah Ann

    I would put it towards a knitted blanket and some wooden toys. Love this company!

  256. Stella

    I’m expecting my first baby, so I would stock up on diapers and wipes. Their patterns are so cute.

  257. I love their healing balm and use it whenever my son gets a little scrape or rash and now he tries to put it on his owies every night! I’d love to try the bubble bath too. :)

  258. I’m just about to have my first little one (due January 16!) and I’d probably get the Organic Cotton Baby Carrier, the Diaper Caddy, and that adorable bear hat!

  259. Lou

    We are pretty serious Dr. Bronner fans around here but I would like to try their stain remover and dishwashing pods. For the kids, conditioning mist (no parabins?), bubble bath and bug spray, as it is hard to find toxin free products, especially for these that are on their skin for much longer than soap.

  260. Sarah York

    I’ve never tried the Honest Company, but heard great things! I would love to give the hand sanitizer and cleaning products a try. Thanks!

  261. whitney

    The wooden toys are too cute!!!

  262. Chrissi H

    I would pick the organic cotton baby carrier.

  263. megan

    I love the honest company – we use their training pants at night for our 3 year old and used their diapers before. Now with a little one due in less than a week, I bought some newborn diapers and am excited to start with those. We love the hair detangler (lots of curls in our house) and I have been looking at the diaper caddy and the kids multi-vitamin.

  264. Allie P

    We already have some of the hand sanitizer, so I think I’d buy myself something special like one of those awesome bags!

  265. Rinda Romney

    Ooo that utility tote would definitely be on my list along with the veggie wash, the laundry detergent, and those adorable wooden toys. My one and only purse finally died last week so I could really use that tote to carry my stuff around along with my baby girl’s things!

  266. Patience

    Oh man. I like the company too but can’t quite fit it in our current budget. So I would stock up on my fav’s- the baby wash and diapers!

  267. Erin

    Wooden toys, utility bag and amazing cleaning products!!

  268. Ida Mae

    What an awesome site!!! I would love love to win the Utility Tote! So cute!

  269. sonya

    I would definitely put the gift card toward their amazing diapers!

  270. Whitney

    All the baby stuff! Baby sunscreen, lotion, shampoo, diapers….

  271. Ryan

    i love the Honest company! I would use the gift card on diapers! I have twins so we always need diapers!

  272. Erin O.

    I love the Honest Company! The utility tote couldn’t be any cuter! I would also love some of their fruit and veggie wash. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  273. Antonia Suzanne

    I’m expecting baby number 4! I would love the honest company diapers and wipes for our newest addition!

  274. Quyen

    I think the honest company is great. I would send over a bunch of diapers to my nephew in Washington D.C.

  275. Alison

    We use The Honest Company in our home and love them! As I’m getting ready to have baby #2, I would definitely use the gift towards our monthly diaper bundle.

  276. I’ve been wanting to try their house hold products. I’ve heard nothing but great things! Hope to win!

  277. Pam

    I’d love to try their bathroom cleaner, especially since baby girl loves to help me clean. I’d also never say no to those cute diapers!

  278. Emily

    Oh, anything! I’m a HUGE Honest fan. I’d love something from the collective, but otherwise, I’d LOVE to try the diapers!

  279. Amy

    Would def love all the cleaning products but mostly the laundry detergent, oxy boost and stain remover!!

  280. casey

    DIAPERS for our little one to come in 10 weeks. Love all their cute prints.

  281. i’d use it on fruit & veggie wash, just to name one!

  282. Amy

    I’m due with my first this Christmas and would love to buy diapers!!

  283. I would definitely use the gift card towards those adorable diapers (love the strawberry print!!), wipes and healing balm!! I’m due in January and can’t wait to use Honest products for our little girl!!


  284. Michelle

    Super excited! I have always wanted to try the products from the Honest company. I would love to get the diaper and wipe bundle, cleaning products bundle, the wooden toys, and baby teether for my 14 month daughter!

  285. Cathy

    I’d love to try their diapers for our baby due in April! Such cute prints.

  286. Gwyneth

    I would for sure invest in some of their cleaning supplies, since I’d love to have greener/healthier options for my home! The “Essentials Bundle” looks like it would be perfect!

  287. Heather

    I would definitely love to get one of the utility totes for my bestie that’s pregnant! ;)

  288. Kristen

    To be “honest” I’m about 9.5 months preggo and the cost of these adorable diapers overwhelms me, but I’ve heard such great thing about them. Hoping I could save some dough and keep my little girl looking stylish!

  289. Dana

    I would definitely go with cute diapers for my little and cleaning products!

  290. Veronika

    Always wanted to try Honest company – several of my friends say it’s the best.

  291. Alissa

    If go with the multi vitamins and household cleaners!

  292. Ashley

    I’m expecting in May! I’d love the 6 month supply of the Family Essentials Bundle!! Or the precious patterned diapers!!

  293. Rachel

    patterned diapers for my newborn (due in Jan), toothpaste for my 2-year-old… love their products!

  294. Kate

    This would be fantastic! We are expecting out first baby in Feb and I would definitely put it towards the diapers and wipes.

  295. Elicia

    My sister-in-law is about to have a little baby girl in January. I would love to win this for her!

  296. Victoria HM

    We’ve outgrown their diapers, but continue to love and use their cleaning products. I’d love to stock up on some clothing detergent!

  297. Jenny

    I would love to use the gift card for diapers for my baby. They look adorable! Merry Christmas!

  298. Amanda S.

    Love that collective tote! I would use it all the time! And their bubble bath is awesome! I just finished up a semester of grad school and would love to soak in one right now!

  299. min h

    i love the utility tote!

  300. tatoes

    I would love to spend them on some diapers! They’re the best!

  301. Dana

    I use the prenatal vitamins and am looking forward to using their diapers! The prenatal vitamins are gentle on my stomach and I appreciate the “honestly free” of labeling!

  302. Claudia

    Those diapers are adorable!!! I would get some diapers and wooden toys for my 1 year old baby girl!

  303. Jennifer

    I would give the giftcard to my lovely best friend who just had a baby and could use some of these awesome products. Mainly the diapers and cleaning products. Thanks!!

  304. Kary Feeley

    I love their diapers! I want to get their entire lineup cleaning supplies for our house

  305. jessica

    I would use it towards diapers for my baby girl coming in feb and I love their cleaning supplies so I could stock up then:)

  306. Mary

    sweet! i was just on their site last night looking at the powder vitamin supplements for babies and toddlers. i would definitely get a large order of that stuff.

  307. Lauren C.

    I love this company! I would use it for the utility tote, the lotion and those darling wooden toys!

  308. Julia Kay

    I have been looking into this company for a while but it’s always good to hear a recommendation. I would love to get some laundry detergent and fruit and veggie wash! Such essentials, but man does those prices add up.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  309. Colleen

    the essential bundle!

  310. marie

    I would definitely apply the gift cards to the bath & body / cleaning products.

  311. Christine

    I’d love the Utility Tote and Diaper Caddy!

  312. Ceridwen

    I love the honest company. We use their toothpaste, hand soap and laundry detergent.

  313. ashley byers

    I’m having my third baby in June, so I would start with the nipple and belly balm! My five year old has sensitive skin so I would love to try the healing balm on him.

  314. Genesis

    I would also love their cleaning products, such as their laundry detergent and their 4 in 1 laundry packs! But the organic cotton blanket and that adorable bear hat are what really caught my eye. :D

  315. Carolyn

    I’d definitely buy some cute diapers!

  316. Abigail

    I love their fun diapers!

  317. elaine

    the utility tote

  318. Alexandra Joye Warren

    We love The Honest Company products! I would definitely use the gift card for our diaper bundle and cleaning products!

  319. Amy

    I would definitely pick up some of the Honest Healing Balm. My baby’s tushy can be so sensitive at times. It can use lots of TLC.

  320. Ann

    Diapers. Diapers. And more diapers. Not terribly exciting, but totally necessary.

  321. mekelle bess

    i would get the housewarming cleaning gift set. and some of the soap and laundry detergent!

  322. Sarah

    I would also love the tote…and loads of diapers for my son!

  323. Arwen

    What a wonderful giveaway. With a little one in my house, I am constantly looking for eco friendly and green household supplies. I would love to give these a try.

  324. Tiffany

    Um…everything!!! I have a 15 month old so most of it would go towards diapers and laundry detergent :)

  325. Amritika

    My son would go crazy for those toys! I love that I don’t have to worry about the paint that was used, find batteries or put up with the constant noise a number of toys make.

  326. oh my gosh, i would get the pattern diapers (soooo cute!), bath products and lotions, the diaper caddy, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies or the baby carrier and a few things that add up.

  327. Anna

    I am in search of good green products and would love a chance to give these a try.

  328. Maggie

    I love the peacock patterned diapers for my little girl!

  329. Analise Martinez

    I would LOOVE the conditioning mist especially with curly hair! and eco-friendly cleaning supplies the best thing ever!

  330. Lexie Hanks

    Ooh I’ve been wanting to try their fruit and veggie spray, I would also get some diapers. Can’t ever have too many of those!

  331. betsy

    omg I just found out I’m expecting my first (!) so this would be wonderful! I love the Organic Cotton Baby carrier! :)
    Merry Christmas!

  332. Tracy

    I would love some delicious lotions or maybe a toy for my kiddos…I would be happy with anything!

  333. Karen

    The honest co. is great! I’d love the wooden toys for my little boy, Definitely some of the delicious smelling soy candles and diapers!

  334. Jessie

    I love the Honest Company! We are in the midst of potty training our first and will welcome our second in March, so I would probably spend a majority of the whole $200 on training pants (which we have yet to try) and diapers. I’m also interested in trying out the kids vitamins and would stock up on the laundry detergent.

  335. Jennifer F.

    They have the best prenatal vitamins!!

  336. I love the recycled fiber bear hats in the collective, but I’ve also wanted to try the essentials bundle or diapers bundle for a while now.

  337. Ashley

    Any of the bath & body products but especially the bug spray and belly balm!

  338. Jodi

    Would love to try their cleaning products and those wooden toys are pretty cute!

  339. karlee

    I love the utility tote and want to try the veggie spray!

  340. I have so many babies in my family right now! This would be put to great use! I love those wooden toys and the organic cotton knit blanket!

  341. Chelsea

    What a great giveaway! I would love to use some of the adorable patterned diapers and baby products for our little one that is due this month. The wooden toys are darling too!

  342. Katie Rose

    Oh my this would be so great! THank you for always doing giveaways:) I would absolutely try the toothpaste, diapers, cleaning products. Gosh it would be great to spend 200$ on thinks we need but have it be by such a nice brand:) Cheers!

  343. s.morrison

    I would love to try their bubble bath since I have a bathtub in my new house! And my new years resolution is to take vitamins so I would try one of their multi’s!!

  344. Flora

    I’d definitely go for the utility tote!

  345. Jess

    I love the utility tote and the adorable wooden toys as well! I am just about 9 weeks pregnant so I need to start thinking about these sorts of things!

  346. I’d love baby care products – my daughter has very sensitive skin and Honest Co products are gentle enough for her! And, their diapers are always great!

  347. Nichole

    I love Honest products. I would use the gift card to replenish my hand sanitizer and fruit/veggie wash spray. I have also been wanting to try our their diapers!

  348. Jill

    I would love to get some diapers and cleaning supplies!

  349. Meredith

    Love the toys and the tote!

  350. Kileen

    Would love to try out their cleaning products!

  351. Elizabeth

    Love those wooden toys! Everyone I know and their dog has been having babies lately, and these would make great gifts!

  352. Oh would love to win! I would stock up on the body wash and that teether–heaven knows I will need it! PS. Just love your blog!

  353. Kelly T

    I would get the floor cleaner, laundry soap, hand sanitizer, the list is endless lol

  354. Jenn Clark

    I absolutely love the patterned diapers!

  355. Emily S

    I would definitely get some wooden toys and cleaning products!

  356. Brooke

    We love the cleaning supplies, lip balm, baby shampoo, and laundry detergent! Would love to try the cute diapers! :) Great giveaway!

  357. Adreann

    I would love the utility tote what a darling bag! Would love to tote around a bunch of baby supplies in there!

  358. Emily

    I would spend it on diapers or maybe splurge on the utility tote!

  359. Hillary

    Our baby is due next month and, while I love them, all we’ve been given is a lot of newborn clothes, so I would definitely love the utility tote as well as their bio-based diapers.

  360. Cortney

    I would love to try their cleaning supplies!

  361. beka

    if i won the contest, i would buy all the bundles they have to try out!

  362. Necia

    I’m due on 12/31 so you KNOW I’d use the gift card to buy MAD diapers and wipes. :)

  363. Mayoli

    Last time I tried to get something from them, they did not ship to Canada so I am currently ecstatic! I would definitely get the Essentials bundle, their hand sanitizer and their hand soaps!

  364. Kendra

    Oh man, I love The Honest Company! I don’t even have kids but my own skin is quite sensitive so it’s been amazing to find a brand that I can actually trust to be free of those irritants. If I won I think I would get some of the “extras” that I’ve been eyeing.. like bubble bath and conditioning mist! Plus some of those adorable wooden toys for my friends who do have babies!

  365. Carla

    I love the utility tote, and I’d stuff it with sunscreen for my fair skinned babies! You can never be too cautious about skin protection.

  366. amy

    Oh so hard to choose! I like the giraffe roly wooden toy, hand sanitizer and cleaners!

  367. Anna

    I’d start with the adorable wooden toys, throw in some cleaning products and end with some bubble bath for me! :)

  368. Carly

    I am expecting a baby soon – so I would definitely spend a gift card on diapers, wipes, healing balm, and those adorable wooden toys!!

  369. Lluvia Aranda

    I’ve been eyeing the conditioning mist for my girl’s curls, veggie/fruit wash and that utility bag is so beautiful and looks practical. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I would love to win!!!

  370. Bonnie

    Diapers as well as the bubble bath and laundry detergent!

  371. Hailey

    We just got the free trial from the Honest Company and it’s great! We can’t afford it every month though so we had to cancel our membership! So it would be amazing to win! I would definitely buy lots of diapers for my baby girl and toddler boy! :)

  372. Jennifer

    I’d love to try their vitamins and also their baby shampoo and body wash!

  373. Alicia

    I’m due with my first child in April (super excited!) and would love to try out the diapers and wipes. What is appealing is that they are eco-friendly, extra soft, hypoallergenic,free of chlorine processing & risky additives

  374. Allison

    I love that utility bag. The vitamins interest me too. Expecting baby #4 around here soon so it would be fun to win!

  375. i’m gonna be a new mamma in less then 2 weeks! so i’m pretty sure i would use the gift card on baby bath & the hand sanitizer you’ve been raving about! thanks for the awesome giveaway & i cant wait to see more pictures of your hair!!!

  376. Heather

    Would love to try the kids’ toothpaste as my daughter refuses anything but that yucky fake fruit flavored kids toothpaste gel. Thanks!

  377. Vickie Palmer

    With my first grandbaby, I’m always looking for fun, new products. I’m loving the wooden toys, the diaper sets, and the hand sanitizer today!

  378. Kellie R.

    Just had a baby 3 weeks ago and there are a billion things I’d love to try from the honest company! Diapers, lotions, cleaning supplies, wooden toys, etc.

  379. Liz

    I love the diapers and wipes but that tote is sweet!

  380. Liz

    I love the diapers and wipes, but that tote looks sweet!

  381. Bethany

    Diapers, diapers and more diaper! And the wipes too :) Love the Honest Company

  382. Emily

    Definitely the soap, the giraffe wooden toy, and the toothpaste!

  383. Kirsten

    Diapers!! And also some hand sanitizer spray for all those diapers I change :)

  384. We’re moving (to the NYC area, actually!) in the next few weeks and this would be the perfect way to replenish all of the cleaning supplies you always have to buy right after you move and don’t feel like bringing along a lot of half empty bottles. This is such a great giveaway! It’s a long shot, but it would be so helpful to win this!

  385. Jade

    I would love to try their vitamins and cleaning products

  386. Amy

    Would get the toothpaste and multivitamins!!

  387. Hope Olszewski

    I think I would definitely use the gift card to buy some hand soap and that aromatic soy candle…sounds great! :)

  388. stella

    diapers all the way!!! and some cleaning products :)

  389. Bethany

    I would get baby products because we’re expecting our first child!

  390. Caiti

    I would get the diapers! Too cute.

  391. Thais

    The wooden toy!!! Beautiful!!! Thanks for this giveaway

  392. Katie Cauthen

    I have been wanting to try this company, so this would be the perfect reason! I would love to buy the healing balm, sunscreen, laundry detergent, dish washing soap, and I could go on and on.

  393. Alia

    I would get a new big bag to carry everything in and I’d love cleaning products. Anti bac stuff that doesn’t sting? Awesome

  394. Meg T

    I’ve got #4 coming in January and those cute diapers look like so much fun! Thanks!!

  395. Kathy

    I love it all and would try just about anything, but hearing about the toothpaste has really got me thinking we should try it. As well as the sunscreen, soap, toys, wipes, hand soap, conditioner… anything and everything that goes on my babies (and my) body!

  396. Emily

    I haven’t tried The Honest Company products but have been curious about them. I think I’d try a little bit of everything! Diapers, wipes, I’m loving the utility tote, and a teething toy for my poor little teething man. Thanks!

  397. Monika

    Love The Honest Company! Would love a gift card to purchase their prenatal vitamins & some diapers (I’m preggo), and also some non toxic cleaning supplies! :)

  398. My sister is expecting a baby in February and this would be the perfect gift for her struggling military family. I’d love to get her setup with a few diaper and wipe bundles to ease the financial stress on their family.

  399. Lauren

    If I were to win, I could use my credit towards the Honest lotion and the laundry detergent packs. The lotion is absolutely great! It smells wonderful, is great for sensitive skin, and never leaves your skin greasy feeling- the moisture sinks right in!

  400. nicole

    LOVE the honest company! I would use it towards their amazing shampoo & conditioner. I’d love to try their cleaning products!

  401. Mary Hamburg

    I am 6 months pregnant and would be soooo happy if I could use the certificate to purchase the organic cotton baby carrier!!! It looks perfect!

  402. marianne

    The diapers!!

  403. lisa

    i’ve been wanting to try their cleaning products for a long time!

  404. Jessica

    I love all the Honest company products that we’ve tried. I would stock up on wipes and bathroom cleaner. I would also get a soy candle for myself.

  405. Rae

    There are so many awesome things to choose from!! I’d pick the baby carrier!! I’d love to wear my little man all over the place!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  406. Jade

    Dipers and some of the cleaning products :) And maybe those adorable wooden toys too.

  407. Julia

    With my second baby due in 4 weeks I will be in need of diapers so I would get some of those adorable diapers. I also really like the dish scrub brush.

  408. kate

    Love the wooden toys. And the toothpaste if you say so! I have a 22 month old that loves to “brush” her teef!

  409. Angela

    My daughter would love the bubble bath. I would like to try the cleaning products,too!

  410. Jessica Alba has done a WONDERFUL job with this brand and her products.

    I would love to have anything, but if I had to pick, it would be the essentials bundle and laundry detergent.

  411. Shaunna

    I would get all the laundry stuff!!!

  412. david

    I would use it to buy some of the other Honest products that I haven’t tried yet such as their dish washing detergent.

  413. Inge

    I’m about to be a first time mom due in February! 2 months left, hooray!!! Since I’ve been hearing horror stories from friends about teething, I would definitely use the gift card towards the baby teether. I’m a super organized person so that diaper caddy looks perfect to store every diaper essential in it’s correct place, and the color matches the nursery too! I really like the idea of the essential’s bundle, I may even sign up for that now! Thanks for introducing me to these products :-). xx

  414. allison w

    definitely diapers! with soon to be 2 babies in diapers, that would be so awesome!

  415. Ida

    I would love the organic cotton knit blanketsnd the organic cotton baby carrier :)

  416. Annie

    I’ve been wanting to try their diapers!

  417. Jasmin

    I would treat a friend to some new goodies for her baby girl! And maybe keep the lip balm trio for myself. :)

  418. Melissa Maynard

    I’d load up on diapers for our two kids under 2!!!

  419. Sue

    I love the honest co products! I would order some diaper bundles, the sweet vanilla shower gel and shampoo, and some laundry and dish soap! These products are great for mommy and baby!

  420. KB

    I would order the multivitamins, some soy candles, some of the hand sanitizer (which i already use and love!), sunscreen, and the adult and kids toothpastes! thanks for such a great giveaway naomi!

  421. oodie

    i would focus on baby supplies – the baby teether, diapers, wipes, healing balm, and maybe some organic belly balm for mommy!

  422. SB

    i love honest company and would be able to put this gift card to great use! i would buy a mix of things…i really love their cleaning supplies including dish soap, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, and i also would want to try the body oil, and the bubble bath…how luxurious! :-)

  423. susan

    i think the essentials bundle is the best! i would probably use the entire gift card toward a 6-month supply of these great products!

  424. kj

    i think i would focus on the diapers and baby products because i trust this brand for great baby stuff!

  425. Brittany Hartley

    I love the honest company! I would put the money towards diapers for my one year old.

  426. Angie

    Would love the cleaning products!!

  427. Romina

    I would probably get the organic cotton baby carrier :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  428. Starr

    The utility bag! Darling.

  429. Olivia

    We’re all diapers here, so I’d want to try that out but their City mini stroller is intriguing, too!

  430. boyd

    prenatal vitamin (maybe 1-2 bottles of those) and some cute things from the collective collection

  431. kyle

    organic cotton baby carrier – love it! :-)

  432. Caitie

    i’m going to have my baby any day now and could use everything, but definitely diapers and wipes!! thank you for the opportunity! i def hope i win!

  433. michelle

    Diapers diapers diapers!

  434. Karen

    What a wonderful company! I’d love the diaper caddy and the Utilitarian tote. I’d also love to try out that hand sanitizer and their soaps. Too many great choices. Thanks for the giveaway!

  435. Melissa

    I would love to purchase diapers, wipes, bubble bath, body oil, and the Healthy Child, Healthy World book!

  436. Zeinab

    I would like to try their cleaning products!

  437. Paula

    Those diapers. Oh, those diapers! I could easily spend the $200 on that alone…

  438. Amanda c

    I love the wooden toys! I’d love to try some of their products!

  439. kim

    Diapers, household cleaner or toothpaste! Thanks :)

  440. Laura T.

    I would love a few months of the diapers and wipes bundle – we are expecting a little one and it would be such a relief knowing all those great products were just going to appear at our door!

  441. esther

    the tote and the wooden toys! so cute!

  442. Holly

    I’m starting over with a newborn any day! I need everything, and those diapers would sure make us smile. Also, bath products and a wooden toy for the older sister.

  443. Sarah Kathryn

    Id use it on any of the cleaning stuff!!! Love it.

  444. skye

    we use and love the diapers in our house. if i won i’d love to try out any or all of the household products.

  445. Mary

    We love the Honest products. I especially love the bubble bath. If I won I’d stock up on the basic soap, etc and try the kids vitamins. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  446. Jamie

    I love the wooden toys! Honest Company Diapers are the best!

  447. I’m all about wooden toys! And would definitely stock up on diapers, baby number three is two days overdue:)

  448. Megan

    I’d love to get some of the cute diapers for my little girl!

  449. molly

    I would use it towards cleaning products! With our baby bram on solids now I am always nervous wiping up the tray on his high chair! I need to get some natural cleaning products. And some wooden toys because I think he would enjoy those more than cleaning products. Oh, and wipes – they are my husbands favorite!

  450. Kara Kieran

    I am expecting our first baby and would stock up on diapers!

  451. Jane

    I would put the money towards that great stroller.

  452. Alisha

    I absolutely love their shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer!

  453. Jessica S

    Love this company! I would definitely get some toiletries and wooden toys! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  454. Hi guys! :)
    Love that you are doing an Honest giveaway because I have been meaning to try them out. Currently expecting and have a toddler at home so it would be nice to use some non-toxic cleaning solutions. My toddler touches everything and soon we will have another little one around.

    I would also like to try the prenatal vitamins and the bath/body products. My son would love the wooden toys and the bubble bath!

    Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays,

    -Karina Love

  455. Kayla

    Oh jeeze! I just love those little wooden animals and their soap is my favorite!

  456. Laura

    Ooooh! we have a baby coming in the new year so I would love to use the gift card for baby things like diapers and wipes and some laundry supplies.


  457. Grace

    I would get some honest soaps! Gotta take care of that sensitive skin.

  458. Meg

    How wonderful! We would order the hand sanitizer for sure and maybe a few toys for stocking stuffers!

  459. erin

    i would love some diapers! #cantgetenough #thepoopdontstop

  460. Fanny

    I love honest diapers, I would put the 200 towards my monthly bundle and throw in a couple of the wooden toys!

  461. Maude Thiffault

    For my son: the Utility Tote, baby teether, travel wipes, swim diaper and healing balm. Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

  462. Jennifer Wilson

    I would love the utility tote and swim diapers for the summer! Such a cute website. Love the designs on the diapers too!

  463. Stina

    I’d stock up on Rocket and Truck pull-up diapers. It’s the only thing my son wants to wear.

  464. Kimberly J.

    I’d buy the cute wooden toys for my nephews and the household cleaners for myself.

  465. We love the Honest Company, we currently get the diaper bundle and it has been such a blessing to have the diapers delivered to the door…we never have to worry about running out! If I won this gift card I would use it buy the kids toothpaste and the clothes detergent, especially since we could wash all of our clothes in it instead of having to buy two separate kinds for us and the baby.
    Fingers crossed!!

  466. Mandi McCraw

    I already get their essential bundle every month but would love to try out their diapers!

  467. allison lundstrom

    That tote is AMAZING! so I agree. I would probably get that, and maybe some healing balm because I have been wanting to try some on my daughter’s face because she has pretty sensitive skin.

  468. I’m having my first this spring and I’ve been wanting to try some Honest Co products :) I love the Organic Cotton Knit Blanket and the little Wooden Toys from The Collective. And of course, my number one favorite is those diapers! Love the strawberry printed ones. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  469. Daisy V.

    What a great giveaway, i have been wanting to try their products.

  470. I would use the gift card to buy non-toxic cleaning supplies for my house and detergent for my clothes. I love these products and support their cause whole-heartily!

    - Jaime

  471. Maya

    Home products, I love their surface cleaner.

  472. Sarah Jo

    Hand Sanitizer and Bug spray…I hate the stuff that stings!

  473. kyndall

    i would love to try the detergent or diapers. expecting my first one in may.

  474. Carolyn A.

    I would love to try the laundry detergent, hand soap, diapers…. pretty much all of it, but definitely focus on household cleaners and baby stuff. :)

  475. Helen

    The toothpaste!

  476. Missy

    I would love to have the tote!!

  477. Brandy

    I would love to give the card to my best friend who is expecting her first in less than two weeks!!! There’s still so many things she needs before Logan gets here!!!!

  478. Tori

    I’d go NUTS with the health and wellness stuff. I’d get a lot of their shampoo/conditioner, body lotion, etc.. It all looks so amazing!

  479. Jess

    Love the tote and the wooden toys! I wouldn’t mind trying out their diapers as well.

  480. Pamela

    i just had my third (and last) little baby. i would love to win the beco carrier for the both of us, and i’d spend the rest on a few new wooden toys and clothes for her. not because she needs them (she has plenty of hand me downs), but because sometimes i dream of giving something new to her. thanks for the chance!

  481. Marie

    We really love Honest’s Shampoo/Body Wash. If I won a gift card, I’d also get some pretty diapers for baby shower gifts.

  482. Kat D.R.

    I love the wooden toys and the teether!

  483. Mari

    With a little one on the way, we would love to try some of the baby products!

  484. Cheryl

    I would definitely opt for their printed diapers (the little foxes are too cute!) & the baby wipes, etc. Then the toothpaste and cleaning products.

    Love the Honest Co!!!

  485. Ashley L

    I would use the gift card to purchase some diapers! Expecting our first in June and already in love with Honest products.

  486. I recently bought Jessica Albas book And i just love love love the whole concept. I do not have any kids myself but if I won I would give it to my cousin who has a little baby boy who i would love to have “honest” things.

  487. Courtney

    Hi there!! I’ve heard such amazing things about The Honest Company – I’d love to try some of their health & wellness products!! Shampoos are on the top of my list :)

  488. Cassidy

    Lots of diapers, they are adorable (:

  489. Jaci

    I would LOVE to use the gift card towards the essential bundle and their adorable diapers. I have recently been obsessing over The Honest Company and am awaiting my trial order to come in the mail. I’ll be a first time mom to a baby girl on March 3rd! Can’t wait to start using their products!!

  490. Aimee

    Would definitely use this for diapers! We have our first month from them already and this would be great for the next few months!

  491. I love Honest Co.! I would use the gift card toward diapers! It will save us for baby #2! ;)

  492. Jolee

    Hand sanitizer, wooden toys, and diapers!!

  493. Erica LaSpada

    Since I am expecting baby number 2 in February, this giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time!

    I would use the gift card towards diapers, wipes & the essentials bundle!

    Fingers crossed!

  494. Christina Gibson

    I’m always on the search for non-toxic, cruelty-free cleaning products!

  495. nicole L

    I definitely need some healing balm! Winter is killing my skin :( Cotton knit blanket. Cotton baby carrier! Would love to try the hand sanitizer spray!. SO many great options!


  496. Rachel

    I have my eye on the diaper caddy and the bubble bath!

  497. Sadye

    Those wooden toys would be great for my new nephew

  498. Morgan

    I’m having my first baby in march and have been searching for a diaper bag that is cute. i love the one they have on their website! and i love those cute little wooden toys!!



  499. Stephanie W

    so many great things to choose from. i love the wooden toys, the cute print diapers and i would love to try some of their cleaning products. i could easily spend $200!

  500. Candice williams

    There’s so much to choose from but I would love to try the multi vitamins, some of the cleaning products (especially the laundry detergent) and of course the diapers!!

  501. Diapers!!! Baby #2 is due in April.

  502. Meghan

    We just found out we’re expecting our first little one! Would definitely love to win the gift card to use any of the honest products, but i can see lots of diapers in our future :)

  503. Ali H.

    I would get the face and body lotion and some gifts for a new mommy in my life!

  504. mitzi

    i love the wooden toys too and the diapers. There’s a huge baby boom at my work place and would love to share the wealth with some future citizens of the earth!

  505. Allison

    Love the Honest Company so much – everything. I had a question about the No. 6 packaging that their kids toothpaste came in and the customer service lady knew what I was talking about and was able to explain everything.

  506. haley

    We love the Honest Company over here! I love the wooden toys and of course their diapers! I have been wanting to try their boy soaps and lotions. We would love to win this giveaway!

  507. gene d

    dipaers diapers diapers! diapers are expensive and id love to give back to some new mom’s and help out with their expenses. especially at this time of year

  508. Katie Goodrow

    I’ve wanted to try the honest company but we cloth diapered the first and make most of our own lotions and cleaning products. But since we will be having a newborn this spring we won’t have much time for those things! So we would love the opportunity to try the wellness bundle and stockpile some diapers !

  509. Sara

    I would love to try their soaps and lotions, they smell so good!

  510. Alanna C

    I would get some of those adorable patterned diapers and the wooden toys for my little man :)

    Thanks for the oportunity :)

  511. Megan

    That utility tote would be great as we are expecting our second little in may (16 months apart!), and I loathe the typical diaper bag. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  512. Shelby

    I would get the utility tote and their soaps and shampoos! I joined their website a month ago and I have been eyeing their products ever since!!
    LOVE your blog.

  513. Nadia

    If get some wooden toys, toddler vitamin powder. And what else but diapers!!

  514. jamie

    I’d get some cleaning products and those cute wooden toys!

  515. Andrea S.

    I would use the money towards our diaper bundles! With 2 in diapers, it adds up quickly! I would also love to try out the new utility tote from the ‘Collective!’

  516. Michelle Richardson

    I would love to try out the multi powder, what a great addition to our morning smoothie!

  517. Kristen

    I would load up on diapers! My new little love is almost ready for Suzette 1 and I have tried tons of organic diapers and nothing compares to
    The honest brand , plus nothing as cute ;)!
    I have all their cleaning products and they are amazing!!!

  518. Brittany Papke

    Already an honest family here!! We live them! And drooling over that tote and the wooden toys!!

  519. Jessica Mason

    I would LOVE to try the diapers…that’s been on my to do list for a long time! We go through so many and I hate to think of all the landfills..

  520. Elizabeth

    I’m preggo and I would buy a ton of their cute diapers, household cleaners, and the tote.

  521. Rach H.

    I’ve been eyeing the adorable diapers and the cleaning supplies!

  522. Vanessa

    I would use the gift card towards prenatal vitamins and diapers for my baby boy due in April. He deserves the best!

  523. Melinda

    I would use it to get the cute patterned diapers and lots of wipes! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting twins in March!

  524. Kristen

    * siZe not Suzette silly iPhone. This is what I get for not being dry good at multi tasking yet ;)

  525. Leah

    I’d purchase diapers and cleaning products!

  526. sally

    I would get more of their diapers and wipes. I love using those for my baby. I also would get more lotion!

  527. Natalia

    I’d be buying household cleaners and DIAPERS! Love the winter patterns!

  528. Jess Swenson

    I would LOVE to order the diapers for my little guy! And we are HUGE fans of wooden toys!

  529. Emily

    Cleaning products! I love their stuff. I didn’t know about their toothpaste for kiddos -that would definitely be on my list! And, wipes & diapers! Always need those!

  530. Mary Stark

    I’m a new mommy to a one month old. I would put it towards diapers and wipes! Boy do we go through those!! :-)

  531. I would have to say I would use the gift card towards diapers and household products. I love the look of the diapers and I am all about a earth friendly cleaner.

  532. Danielle

    We have a 10 month old so I’d love to try the wipes and the bath products:)

  533. Liz Adams

    I have been wanting to try honest products for a while now! I would definitely use it for the sunscreen to protect us from this Florida sun, laundry detergent and of course diapers!

  534. Becky

    I would love to get some of the household cleaners, especially the laundry detergent. Wit h a new baby in the house, we’re trying to be more aware of products with chemicals. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  535. Lauren

    I have a nine month old so I’m interested in the diapers and the cleaning products now that he spends all of his time scooting around on the floor!

  536. Jennifer Royle

    We are expecting our first baby January 1st and I would love to try the pattern diapers and wipes! I would also love to try the cleaning supplies!!

  537. Hana walker

    What an awesome giveaway!! Thank you! Like all of us mamas, we want the best for our sweet babies. I would use the money for their wonderful diapers! So wonderfully adorable.

  538. elease

    The real question is, what wouldn’t I get?! I’m expecting a little one next month and I can think of a million ways to use this gift card. I’m drooling over these fun baby pruducts! Thanks for the chance to win. Fingers crossed! xoxo

  539. Hope

    I love the utility tote! So nice to find some decent kids products. Thanks!!

  540. My toddler has been wearing Honest diapers for about a year now and we are about to pop out our second child. This gift card would be a great Christmas gift to us to help suddenly paying for diapers for two!

  541. Margaret Davis

    I’d spend it on diapers for my little one and cleaning products!

  542. Emma

    That utility bag is fabulous! I also like the cotton knot baby blanket.

  543. Becca O

    Love these products! I would grab diapers, wipes and vitamins for myself and my littles.

  544. jeri

    Our family loves the healing balm and bubble bath! I would love to try the multivitamins and get a baby carrier :)

  545. Allie

    I would love to try out the laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies!

  546. Janna Proud

    I would buy cleaning products, diapers and the teething toy!!!

  547. Aubrey Manning

    We are having a baby girl in April! So we would get lots of diapers and baby bath products. I just read Jessica Alba’s book, The Honest Life, and would love to get a head start on using the safe products for our little Lena Rose :)

  548. Hannah

    All the products look amazing! Could really use the baby and toddler multi vitamin pack for my picky toddler!

  549. Kristen

    I’d go for the winter edition diapers for my 18 month old, and also the wooden toys!

  550. Erica

    Hi Love Taza Family!! I am a self employed Nanny and Babysitter for 5 families. I try to bring crafts, games and treats everyday. But don’t have something nice to keep everything in. I’ve been looking for a nice tote, that all of the children would know it is the “special fun bag” just for them!! So they would know the difference between my purse, and the new “fun bag”!! So I would use the gift card for the Utility Tote! Thanks Love Taza!

  551. Emily Doud

    I have an eight week old baby girl and would love to try out the adorable patterned diapers and the multivitamins! I also love the utility tote! This would be such a great Christmas surprise!

  552. Hayley

    I just learned of the Honest Company and have fallen in love! I would definitely get some of the hand sanitizer spray. I have been looking for a good toddler friendly hand sanitizer for my son.

  553. Nevrous hasan

    I love this collection! I have the shampoo and baby oil. Would love to try more the of products from the Honest line!

    Hopefully I win!

    Good luck to the rest of you Mamas!

    Nevrous =*

  554. Melissa

    Well I’ve tried to be a fortunate winner on many of your giveaways before but it doesn’t hurt to try again!!

    I would definitely use all these products to give to my grandma in Brazil! My mother plans on visiting this January and I’d thought it would be sweet to haven’t grandma use these natural products that she has always wanted but cannot afford! It would be nice to give her a first Christmas present ☺️☺️

  555. We currently subscribe with a diaper bundle but I’d love to try out all the home products including the candle!

  556. Janice

    I’ve been using their diapers for a year now and I love it! Also, their bathroom cleaner works surprisingly well too!

  557. Shannen

    Honest! Looove them! I would definitely snag the utility tote and some of the diapers!!! xoxo

  558. Sam

    I would totally get the utility tote! Thanks Taza!

  559. Heather

    Love the new wooden toys, but I really want the all natural shampoo and body wash for my baby girl!

  560. Kala

    I would get that utility tote! But there are so many awesome things on that site! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  561. Paige

    Love all of the printed diapers … feathers is my favorite pattern!

  562. Sylvia

    I would love to get my 1 year old daughter the baby and toddler multi powder, bubble bath, hand sanitizer, Healthy Child Healthy World & wooden toys!

  563. Burtjin

    I have been wanting to try honest products for a long tome now. This is the great opportunity and thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I would like to try out: honest diapers, honest training pants, bear hat, swim diapers, honest life the book, healthy child healthy world the book, baby and toddler multi. Fingers crossed :)

  564. Samantha

    Honestly, I would spend a majority of the money on diapers. Haha hear me out… So we are expecting our second in July and my daughter (3 1/2) has been potty trained almost a year now, so it’s been awhile since I have had to think about diapers. Well now that we are expecting another little one (which I am ecstatic about) thinking about all the diaper changes I have ahead of me is daunting… I have to say though as much as I loathed diapers the cute designs from the Honest Company have me excited! Bring on the diaper changes and the newborn flour-sack cuddles! :)

  565. Chanel Kemp

    All of the cleaning products!

  566. Shayna B

    I would totally get a bunch of diapers.

  567. Nicole Brittingham

    I love the new wood collection and be new tote bag

  568. Miriam

    I would get the organic cotton baby carrier! I’m not a fan of strollers and this would be perfect right now, since he’s so little! :)

  569. Bethy

    I would love the skin products! Balms, shampoo, conditioner mist…I could find a lot:)

  570. Emily

    I would buy diapers, Honest Balm, and their bubble bath!

  571. Britt C

    We always need diapers around here, so I’d definitely try out their diapers!! I’ve always wanted to try them! The kid’s toothpaste also seems great, and I’d love to try their hand sanitizer! Thanks!

  572. Claire

    I would love the strawberry diapers and wipes bundle! Delivered. What luxury :)

  573. Vanessa

    The honest company is so amazing and I’ve been dying to try the products! Without a doubt I would get done adorable printed diapers + wipes. Then I don’t think I could pass up wooden toys! :)

  574. Clara

    I’m expecting my 1st child in a few months snd i would love to get the diapers, wipes and the cleaning products.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  575. Kelene

    With a two month old little boy I would definitely use it towards all the cute patterned diapers and since I’ve turned into a germ freak I would get all the awesome household cleaners! Yeah! We love honest at our house:)

  576. Nicole

    Diapers, diapers, diapers! And detergent :)

  577. Kelsey Theodoran

    I’m loving that limited utility tote!

  578. Katarina Davis

    I’d love anything from the Honest companies website but I also have my eye on that amazing tote, and of course their amazing diapers! Who doesn’t need more diapers?!

  579. Lizzie

    I would use it towards their fantastic diapers and wipes! We love the Honest Co.

  580. Shiloh

    Diapers!! Cute diapers make diaper changing so much better.

  581. Aisha Thabet

    I would love to use it on the honest diapers and wipes!!! Also cleaning products as I am looking to try an all natural cleaning solution! :))) hope I win! <3

  582. Ana Martins

    I love the honest company!! I would use it to buy their great healing balm, diapers and wipes! Our first baby is on her way and we will really need this stuff! ; )

  583. Ashley

    I would totally snag up a couple bear hats and that lovely utility bag! :-)

  584. Tara

    Would love to stock my kitchen/bathroom/laundry room with Honest cleaning supplies!

  585. ria

    I would LOVE to get the body wash as well as all of the cleaning products! Would be a great step towards feeling healthier while I clean my home!

  586. Spenser

    I would like to win this for my sister in law who is due in March. She really wants Honest products for Christmas, but I’m a first year teacher and can’t afford the things she wants. I saw this and thought she would live it because then she could by the Honest diapers that are #1 on her list!

    Happy Holidays!

  587. Kimberly Coleman

    I’m dying to try the kids toothpaste, multivitamins, cleaning products and of course the diapers!

  588. kristen

    I’d love to get a bundle for my best friend who is expecting. I love the honest products and can’t wait to share them with her!

  589. I would use it towards diapers and wooden toys! And I love their sunscreen.

  590. Rebecca

    Love the tote and the patterned diapers! Great giveaway!!

  591. Katie

    WOuld love to try the cleaning and bath and body products. The laundry detergent and floor cleaner specifically.

  592. Kristen M.

    I would stock up on wipes, detergent, and baby multivitamin powder.

  593. Emily

    How do you pick?! The organic cotton knit blanket, the diapers & the wipes, the wooden toys.. I’ll take it all please :)

  594. Lisa christine

    I am one of four girls & we recently found out that one of my beautiful sisters is expecting her first child, the first for all of us! I have already scoped out ideas of what I would purchase from the Honest Company & would start with the Health & Wellness bundle for my sister which includes prenatal vitamins. The Essentials Bundle includes all the necessaries her the baby’s germaphobe aunt (guilty!) with essential cleaning products! I would have to educate my sister by purchasing Jessica Alba’s book “The Honest Life” and of course, “Healthy Child Healthy World.”

  595. Chloe

    I love the honest company! My nine month old is crawling everywhere and I would love some non-toxic cleaning products to keep our home safe. Those wooden toys would be perfect for his stocking too! ;)

  596. Ashley M

    We LOVE their products in our home and subscribe to both their home and diaper monthly orders already. That said, I’d actually plan to use the $200 toward the new Collective line that recently came out. I love and have been eyeing the tote, the wooden baby toys and the organic knit blanket since they came out (they are on our Christmas lists this year)!

  597. Allison Sauceda

    The wooden toys would be perfect for my baby boy who is due in February!!

  598. Danielle Warner

    I’m pregnant with TWINS so this would definitely come in handy! I’d get the belly and nipple balms, some of those adorable diapers and wipes, and some wooden toysX2!

  599. Harmony

    Love the diapers!

  600. Missy

    My daughter loves to help clean so I’m always looking for cleaners that I don’t worry will irritate her skin. I would definitely go with the essentials bundle of cleaning products.

  601. Homero

    I would use gift card towards wooden toys and fun patterned diapers!

  602. Beth

    The wooden toys would be perfect for my little tot for Christmas !

  603. Abby

    I would buy a whole lotta diapers! I have a two month old, and their diapers are so cute!!!

  604. Myrna

    I love this company… I would use it on the wooden toys and maybe some bath stuff too.

  605. Kim

    Love the utility tote. Also love the shampoo/body wash, lotion, and lip balms.

  606. Nayeli

    I have five amazing sisters. My older sister about to give birth to our first baby nephew! We are too excited for words. I would love my nephew to be able to sport some honest diapers.


  607. Kylie

    Those wooden toys are gorgeous & that tote is PERFECT!
    What a lovely collection :D

  608. Nadine

    My sister has twins! I’d love to get her vitamins for the kiddies and the those adorable bear hats.

  609. Audrey Crisp

    I would get the anchor diapers and love those wooden toys!

  610. Lindy

    We’re expecting our first little one in March and I’d definitely love the wooden toys for his nursery. I’d also love to try their diapers!

  611. Meg

    Love the utility tote too! And diapers for #3 due in April.

  612. Stephanie Martinez

    I have two little girls (5 months and almost 3 year old). From the Honest company I would love to try so many items! For the baby I’d get the baby teether, patterned diapers, wipes, and the healing cream. I would also be delighted to try all the natural household cleaning products…this would great especially with kids!

  613. I’d try the cleaning supplies or maybe a wooden toy! We cloth diaper so don’t need those but this company has lots of great things to offer!

  614. Nardia

    What wouldn’t we get! Everything suits little Eli but def keeping our eye out on the multivitamin and you can never have too many diapers ;)

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  615. Rachel

    I would definitely be getting some wooden toys for my babe, as well as some cleaning products!

  616. Rachel Siemens

    Diapers, wipes, and cleaning products…we’re welcoming out first baby January 6th and this kinda dough would be a huge help towards making sure she has only the healthiest and best products on her fresh lil’ bod!

  617. Joan

    Would love to try out the cleaning and teething products!

  618. Lina

    My best friend (since we were 3!) is having a baby in a little over a month and I would LOVE to give this to her! : ) I’m all about non-toxic products, especially when it comes to little kiddos, so I’m super glad to hear about this company… Thanks! : )

  619. Amanda

    I’m currently using their diaper bundle and love it. I’ve been wanting to try some of the cleaning products and the toothpaste.

  620. Lauren

    I would love their cleaning products, and I especially love the scrubbing brush they make for dishes!

  621. Sarah

    Diapers and diaper bag for my new baby!

  622. Jean Miller

    I would love to try out the cleaning products! I also have a 7 month daughter, so the wipes and cute diapers would come in handy.

  623. Marissa

    I have been dying to try the diapers, laundry detergent and cleaning products!

  624. Bambi Heil

    I would love to get utility tote.

  625. Lisa Landers

    I’d love to win this one! If I won, I’d get the prenatal vitamins, cleaning products, and a few of the fun winter collection diapers! I’m so excited you’re doing this – I love the honest company but with 3 kids, can’t afford a subscription.

  626. Jessica

    I love the Honest Co!! I would use the $200 for prenatals and their adorable diapers :))

  627. Kaley M.

    I would purchase the chic diaper caddy, the adorable butterfly teether, and the laundry detergent.

  628. Hillary

    The laundry pods, bubble bath and soy candles!

  629. Jennifer

    I’m slowly transitioning my products to honest. We love them all. But I definitely need more floor cleaner ASAP. Chicago winter and a crawling/walking toddler=a rigorous floor cleaning momma. Contemplating making boots out of the diapers and she can help!

  630. Cynthia

    I love the utility tote!

  631. Lisa B.

    I LOVE the Organic Cotton Knit Blanket and would be thrilled to try out their household cleaners. Such a great giveaway! Thank you!

  632. charissa

    I’d love some of the cleaning products! I’m trying to rid my house of anything fake and chemical-filled!

  633. Kari Fr

    I just started cloth diapering my new baby and could definitely use more diapers & other cloth diapering supplies.

  634. Grace Khoma

    I wiuld use most of the card for diapers and maybe one of this adorable wooden toys!

  635. Hb

    I would buy $200 of laundry pods and oxy boost because we have a new baby and a toddler and they go through sooooo much laundry!

  636. jessica

    I would love to get the honest lotions and bath products, healing balm, and the omega vitamins!

  637. Lizzie M.

    Vitamins for my sweet boy and diapers for my baby girl coming in February!

  638. Valerie Shike

    Wood toys! We are SERIOUSLY lacking in the toy department over here!

  639. Matty

    Dipes and wipes! Can never have enough with a baby around the house

  640. Ashley G

    I’d stock up on diapers and cleaning products. A bit practical, but oh how I love those diapers.

  641. Claudia Boress

    I would love that new utility tote! I also love their laundry detergent!

  642. Whitney

    I love Honest Company’s wipes. They are my favorite and the super hero diapers are a must. I would like to try her other home products though.

  643. Amber

    Hi taza, I’m so excited about this giveaway! I am due in April with my first baby and can’t wait. Although I would love to try everything from the fun honest diapers to the cute wooden toys, I’m going to have to pick the city mini stroller. After so much debate about what stroller to get my husband and I finally decided on the GT and are so excited about our decision. And the I caught sight of the one from Honest. LOVE the color so much and would for sure use my gift card to buy it. Thanks so much for considering my entry!! Love your blog:)

  644. Emily

    In less than 3 months, we will have two little ones under two years old. I’d put this to good use and get adorably pattered diapers for their wee bums! Thanks!

  645. Leslie Castro

    I would buy diapers for my 8 month old daughter, wipes, and healing balm. I would also purchase there laundry detergent as I hear it is great. Maybe even a few wooden toys. Hope I win!

  646. lindsey

    i love all of their wooden toys.

  647. Casey

    I would LOVE her book! Or any of those cleaning supplies!

  648. my daughter would love their wooden toys!

  649. Cristina

    I would buy more of their super cute diapers for my twin boys!

  650. Kristin S.

    I would love any of the cleaning supplies! Such an awesome company!

  651. Juliea

    Ooo I want to try their multivitamins, diapers (I course), and their baby healing balm!

  652. I would love to try out some of their diapers and also their cleaning products!

  653. Samantha

    I would get some diapers and wipes as well as the hand sanitizer for my little. Plus some hair products for me! I’ve been wanting to try out the company for awhile. Fingers crossed!

  654. Ashley

    The wooden toys! The organic cotton knit blanket! The bear hat! The swim diapers! I can’t handle the cuteness and I want it all!!

  655. Jacqui

    I would stock up on their cleaning supplies!

  656. Emily

    Love the diaper caddy, organic cotton knit blanket, wooden toys and canvas tote. They also have the cutest diaper designs!

  657. Ursula

    I would use my gift card on the essentials bundle, diapers and on the wooden toys

  658. Rene

    I would use a gift card to try their laundry detergent, toothpaste, and bubble bath. My daughter LOVES bubble baths :)

  659. Keagan

    I think we would end up getting the amazing Honest diapers for our sweet baby due next week!

  660. Liz

    Since I have a three week old there is a ton of stuff I would like to get from the honest company! Would love to try their cleaning products and diapers!

  661. Melody

    I’d love to try the diapers and wipes!

  662. I would love to get the toothpaste…been looking for a great child’s toothpaste…and the cleaning essentials bundle. Love reading about other LDS moms daily adventures with their families :)

  663. Diana H

    I love their diapers!

  664. Ashley B.

    I would love to try out the tote and the wooden toys. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  665. It’s hard to choose just a few. I love the diapers and just about everything in the bath & body page. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  666. Kaleen

    I desperately want their stroller! I’m having a baby in May and I’ve got my eye on that particular stroller!

  667. Shannon Schultze

    I would use it on diapers, wipes and the shampoo. Maybe throw in some cleaning supplies! The multi surface is wonderful!

  668. Jess

    Diapers and wipes and multivitamins also.

  669. I really want to try their healing balm! Their liquid dish soap also looks nice.

  670. Maren watkin

    Ahhhh. Their toys are to die for. I’d LOVE to win this! Diapers, non-toxic cleaners, cute tote for sure!

  671. Larissa

    I’d love to use it for any of their cleaning or bath and body products – maybe even some baby stuff to give as gifts at baby showers!

  672. Vanessa

    I love their products, been using them for a few months now! I would totally spoil myself with the amazing utility tote, perfect when going out with the kiddos (especially my 4 months old!)

  673. Amanda

    I would like to try the Honest Company’s wipes, wooden toy, and I’ve heard great things about their cleaning products!

  674. Beth hale

    Ooh love to try some cleaning supplies bundles look like fun!

  675. Liz Ford

    Oh I want to try the toothpaste! It’s a fight twice a day to brush my sons teeth. Including screaming and kicking. I also would like to try the vitamins. Food base ones might prevent the constipation that not vitamins cause my son. P.S. love the blonde hair!

  676. Karlee

    My March baby could use some wooden toys and so many other goodies from their site.

  677. Sara

    I would love love love this gift card prize! I would use it mostly on diapers and wipes because my son has such sensitive skin and every other product irritates him!

  678. Taylor

    The Honest products all look amazing, but I think the cleaning products are what excite me most!

  679. Quiana

    I’d go for the adorable bear hat!

  680. Sarah

    Wow, I haven’t been on their website since they started up a few years ago and they’ve really expanded their product line. I’m not sure what I would spend it on. There are so many options. :)

  681. Amanda

    I would love to try the hand sanitizer, hand soap, laundry soap and cleaning products because I think they would be the most be official for our family. Oh and toothpaste because my son loves to brush his teeth! :) if we were fortunate enough to win a gift card and had something left I would add a pair of sunglasses.

  682. Caronda Wilson


    I would love to win a gift card! Even if I don’t I would still shop from this awesome company (when I have kiddies) However me and some friends are sponsoring families for Christmas. This would be perfect gifts for them. From cleaning supplies to the toys. I believe this would be perfect!! Again would love to have that opportunity!! Thanks!

  683. Trulie

    That tote is uber cute and tempting but I’d probably buy vitamins, cleaners, diapers. Ect. Everything I need and could use :)

  684. Lesslie Rodriguez

    I’d get a diaper bag! I’ve been searching high and low for an adorable chic looking one! I’m so excited to be a mommy, I’d take anything really! Pick me! Pick me!

  685. Gladys Mejia

    LOVE Honest cleaning products!!!:D xo

  686. Jordan Tennant

    We love honest multipurpose spray and the diapers of course!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  687. Rosalinda monroy

    Those candles and that swaddle/throw blanket!

  688. Jamey

    Wow! So hard to decide! I’m expecting my first baby in June so I would stock up on diapers and baby supplies.

  689. Jodi F

    Face and body lotion + the bear hat.

  690. Christine

    With my Babygirl Maisy due in March, I would use the gift cards on all necessities for her & her big brother Lyric! Diapers, wipes, laundry detergent (for the massive loads of laundry I’ll be tackling), hand sanitizer and vitamins! Gotta keep my littles healthy!

  691. Hannah

    Love their bath soap! And diapers! And basically everything!

  692. Rachel T

    We love honest products at our house! I would definitely purchase more of their awesome cleaning supplies with that $200.

  693. Meredith

    I would love to snag some of their diapers!!!!

  694. Lauren

    I would love to get the utility tote, lip balms, wooden toys, and hand sanitizer.

  695. Neeley

    I love the Honest company! I have a 3 month old and I order from them all the time. Their Healing Balm is amazing & not just for a diaper rash. We have tried and love so many of their products. I would definitely use a gift card towards stocking up on diapers, but I’d love to get my hands on a few of those adorable wooden toys. Great company and awesome products.

  696. dawn

    My son is 5 and every time I buy shampoo and body wash I try something new – I’ve yet to find one I love (that’s actually not terrible for him). I’d definitely stock up on hair + body wash… and can you ever have enough hand sanitizer??

  697. Jenny

    I love their diapers!

  698. Brittany

    I would love cleaning supplies and diapers!!

  699. Tori

    I’d snag their new wooden toys and their organic knit blanket! So pretty :)

  700. Linda

    Ooh, I do like that tote! But I have to say what I’m really loving from them these days is the leave in conditioner spray. So good for your hair and all natural- what more could I want?!

  701. Meredith W.

    That utility tote looks great!

  702. Jennifer

    Oooh-I am also loving that Utility Tote! And Honest cleaning products have been on my must buy list for a while now.

  703. Shyla

    I’m eager to try some of their products, especially the detergent.. but honestly (I crack myself up sometimes) I’d give some things away as gifts because my step mama and sister love the products!

  704. Ashley

    Love the wooden toys. Would like to try the lip balm too! Thanks..

  705. Maggie

    I would get $200 worth of cute and great diapers for my 2 month old, Cora!

  706. Clara Aquino

    As a first time mama to be (due in 3 weeks) I have recently been hearing great things about The Honest Company from fellow moms and received some little goodies like diapers, hand sanitizers, and lotion as baby shower gifts that I cannot wait to use with my little girl. Products I would purchase with my gift car include the organic cotton baby carrier, the canvas tote, and The Honest Life book!

  707. Stefanie B

    I am pregnant with my first child, a baby girl, and am due on 1/8/14. I would use the 200.00 to buy diapers, wipes, healing balm and laundry detergent. :)

  708. Abby

    Multivitamins and cleaning products!

  709. Ashley Marie

    A good friend of mine is due in April so I would definitely use this gift card to purchase some useful items for her that she doesn’t already have!

  710. O my gosh! What an amazing giveaway! I had to read the post a couple times just to make sure I was reading it right ;) If I won I would stock up on the hand sanitizer, and get pretty much every cleaning supply. I hate the smell of chemically cleaners, yuck. I would also get those cute printed diapers, the foxes! Amazing. I really hope I win! :) :) :)

  711. Jordyn S

    I love using the honest diapers and wipes. My fiance just left this week for 4 months to basic training and spending the extra money on their diapers will be hard for us. I love the chemical free diapers and how well the wipes work! I also use the healing balm on our son Julian’s eczema for the extra moisture, and I always carry the hand sanitizer in my diaper bag! I would love to win this giveaway as it would help buy diapers while my fiancé is away. Please consider us! <3

  712. Rachel B.

    I’d love to try the diapers on my new little love and their baby bath products!

  713. Steph Davis

    I would buy um…everything? Yes everything seems like an acceptable answer! Lot’s of love to you and your family.

  714. Lindsay

    The toothpaste and sanitizer sound great for my little bud!

  715. hanna

    i would buy stuff for my expectant sister and sister in-law! the honest diapers are so cute.

  716. Angela

    I would buy diapers, bubble bath, wipes, laundry detergent! I love their products!

  717. Ashley

    I like the utility tote!

  718. Dacy

    I’m expecting, so I’d use it to stock up on those adorable diapers!!

  719. Sara

    I’d go for the limited edition tote! Gorgeous!

  720. Katie voorhees

    I would spend the gift card on diapers, detergent and the wooden toys! I love the company and what they stand for!

  721. Emily

    I love this! I didn’t even know they sold this much stuff. I looked at the website and am super interested in the baby and toddler multi powder. Also the prenatal vitamins, fruit and veggie wash, body lotion, lip balm and diapers!

  722. Noelle

    Cleaning while wearing my babe always makes me nervous. I’d love some gentle cleansers and wooden push toys are just what the teether ordered.

  723. Michelle m.

    My husband and I just bought our first house and I’d love to stock it with safe cleaners from honest!

  724. Ashley N.

    I have been wanting to try Honest products for so long. I’m actually in the middle of reading The Honest Life now. :) The Utility Tote is adorable! I’d love to try the cleaners as well, my mom just renovated her whole first floor and I’d love to have her try some of the products as well,

  725. Mallorie

    With one in diapers already and a second on the way, diapers! And safe cleaners! Nesting mode!

  726. Elizabeth

    Wooden toys, non-toxic cleaners (all of them, can’t choose just one!), THAT sunscreen and vitamins for my girlies.

  727. Jessica Meeks

    I will be welcoming a new baby next year, so I would definitely like to use Honest products for the 1st time since I’ve heard & read good things about it. Products I would like to use are the diapers, hand sanitizer, wooden toys, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent.

  728. Emma

    I would stock up on cleaning supplies!

  729. Ashley

    I love thier moisturizers, tooth paste, and cleaning products… What’s not to love?! Great brand, great service! Love honest.

  730. Kate

    I would probably get some of the cleaning products.

  731. Teri

    new (and first!) grandson (living in NY)=lots of things to clean! thanks for the giveaway!

  732. Jen

    My little girl would love a wooden toy, some of the adorable winter fox diapers, and sunscreen for our sunny California weather! Fingers crossed…

  733. Lindsey Poggemeyer

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity! I’m expecting my first little one and would definitely use it on their diapers and wooden toys! How cute!

  734. Shelley Johnson

    Wipes and cleaning supplies!

  735. Sandra

    I would buy diapers, wipes, shampoo and the wooden toys for my little one. I would also love to get some cleaning products too! I just love all their products!

  736. I love the skull and cross bone little diapers so much. Little Noah got a sample pack from them and I didn’t want to put clothes on him the rest of the day. Love Honest Co! They do a great job with their products. I’m a huge proponent of natural ingredients–great giveaway!

  737. I would get their face & body lotion and their bubble bath foam. I love all of their products though!

  738. Carly Reid

    I would like to try the hand sanitizer!

  739. Aubrey

    I would love their amazing cleaning products and that beautiful tote (swoon)

  740. Tiffany

    Hi Taza,
    I adore the honest co! Any excuse to go to their website is a good one but what I love the most are their super cute diapers–whose prints change with the season and that are so gentle on babies skin. Would love to try their cleaning products as well!

  741. Marguerite

    I’m 6 months pregnant, so diapers, diapers, diapers!

  742. Lindsey

    I have heard such great things about the honest company and have been wanting to try their products! I would love to try some of their bath and body products (like the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash). I would try some of the cleaning products too!

  743. Susan

    my friend is having a baby in the spring — I’d love to make her a diaper cake with the honest company diapers, wipes, and healing balm! maybe pick up some of the cleaning products for myself too ;)

  744. jenny b

    I’d love to try the fruit and veggie wash.. and some of the baby care items because my son has extremely sensitive skin! Have wanted to try these products for so long!

  745. Sarah

    I would get the cleaning products!

  746. Deanna

    We would love to try out the baby products!

  747. Jane R.

    I would get some wooden toys for my grandkids!

  748. Alesha

    Honestly (haha) I would love anything from Honest Company! What sticks out most to me is their fruit/veggie wash, spray sanitizer, and bubble bath for my sweet girl’s sensitive skin!

  749. Deneane

    Essesntials Bundle and knit blanket! Love Honest Co!

  750. Jessica

    $200 in diapers would be so nice for my two babes!

  751. Lamia

    I would get their diaper bundle!

  752. Emily

    I’m due in a week with my 2nd little one & I’d love to win a gift card!! It would be hard to choose but I’d pick a new wooden toy, stock up on bath & body products and some cute pattern diapers!

  753. Fo

    I would love the utility bag and the bear hat!! And the diapers and shampoo and cleaning supplies and most everything!

  754. Natasha

    I adore the honest company, and love that you are showcasing them on your blog! What I would look forward to getting the most would be the wooden toys from the collective and the canvas reusable tote.

  755. Stephanie Dos Reis

    I love the honest and reading your blogs but I would buy the diaper totes vitamins for me and the kids the shampoo and body wash and some of the cleaning products thanks for the giveaway your awesome :D

  756. TDG

    Diaper, of course! ❤️

  757. Jenn Matthews

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby in June! I would love the chance to win a gift card to such a great company! I can’t resist those cute little bear hats and of course, the printed diapers!!

  758. Kristen

    I’d love to gift some diapers to my family, and could use just about all of their cleaning products! (I react badly to the normal chemical-laden stuff.)

  759. Megan H.

    I’d get LOTS of their cleaning products!

  760. Melissa

    I would really really love to win this gift card!
    I would get every household cleaner because I have trouble using regular cleaners around my toddler. Also they’re diapers because my daughter gets a rash with most diapers and these I know are natural. It would really help my family!! :)

  761. Sara P

    so much cleaning! laundry detergent would be #1 on my list :)

  762. Meli

    The tote and the cute cute diapers !!!!

  763. Maggie

    I love that tote! I saw it last week and wanted to buy it- then I saw the price. I would probably do a little bit of everything instead. More bang for my buck. I’d love to get some cleaning products, baby items and those children’s vitamins look amazing!

  764. Carley Sullivan

    I love Honest!!!! I would have a hard time choosing what to use it for but probably some baby soap, hand sanitizing spray, a diaper bundle for the baby and a little wooden elephant and maybe some chap stick for me…oh, and some toothpaste…love the fluoride free tooth paste.

  765. melanie

    i’d love the household cleaners!

  766. Samantha

    What a great giveaway! I think I’d have to splurge on that utility tote as well! I love all the customization that went into it. Given that it’s also Christmas, I was hoping to snag one of those adorable Collective knit beanies for my nephew! :)

  767. Molly

    I would love a supply of the home cleaning products as well as the organic cotton knit blanket.

  768. My nephew just arrived this week. Would love to gift honest products like the diapers or animal wooden toys. Both baby and parents would appreciate it!

  769. I would love to win some cleaning supplies! I have only heard good things and this would be a great way to try them out.

  770. Candace

    We LOVE the Honest Co! I love the new baby carrier and the wooden toys! I’d also love to stock up on the amazing healing balm, body lotion, and super cute diapers for my girls!

  771. Ashley L.

    Absolutely the diapers and baby products. I’m pregnant with my first and husband and I are adement about nontoxic products. I can’t wait to try tier diapers!

  772. I have been wanting to try Honest for sometime now, but keep putting it off. I’d love to try their stuff before spending money on it.
    I love the diapers/wipes- love the diaper prints.
    I also love the Organic Cotton Baby Carrier!!!

    Ashley O.

  773. Cheyenne

    I would love to try the Honest prenatal vitamins and cleaning products! We are expecting our first baby in March and I would love to clean our new home without all the harsh chemicals!

  774. Shandell P

    I’ve been wanting to try their body wash for my kiddos!

  775. Breanne

    Prenatal Vitamins, diapers and cleaning products!

  776. Ruth

    I just ordered a bundle as a gift. Thanks for the discount :) I’d love to try the body oil for myself and the toothpaste for my little girl!

  777. Brannon

    I’d love to try their diapers. Can I put my little boy in the peacock ones? ;) Too cute!

  778. Amelia

    We cloth diaper, but I love their wipes for on the go! I’d also like to try out the multi vitamins :)

  779. Trisha

    We’ve used honest diapers for some time now, but we’d love to try the vitamins next!

  780. Jinii Boren

    I would grab some of the belly butter and diapers for my son.

  781. Magda

    Would love to try the cleaning products!

  782. Sarah Mark

    We have our very first little on the way and I have been hoping for months to use only honest diapers! This would really help us get started on our diaper loot and would make for a very merry Christmas for this stressed (but excited!!) momma :)

  783. Gloria Garcia

    I love the utility tote and the kids sunglasses. I would love to win especially with the holidays around the corner.

  784. Courtney DeCicco

    I would LOVE to use this for my godson/nephew’s christmas gift. I know my sister would love to use natural safe cleaning products with her first child but has not yet heard of the honest company. I think the detergents and diapers would be great as well! Her son is 6 months old and could definitely use all of these products. I would love to win!

  785. Sarah Ortiz

    Oh, I know EXACTLY what it is that I’d buy with my gift card…lots and lots of those cute patterned diapers!

  786. Erin

    This giveaway is awesome because I actually was planning on giving my brother and sister in law a gift card for Christmas. If I won I would definitely give the gift to them because they recently had their first baby last month and they only use honest co diapers. We all know how expensive that is. {it’s a boy and his name is Beckett!!} Yay for being an auntie :) They love the honest co. and use dozens of their products including shampoo, veggie wash, hand sanitizer (which I love too) and of course the super cute diapers!! I know that they would be grateful for this gift because they are very cautious about keeping their home and bodies free from harsh chemicals.

  787. Amy

    I would buy some of the diapers, as well as the laundry detergent, Such a great company! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  788. Miriam

    Diapers and cleaning products!

  789. Theresa

    I would love to have this for some diapers! I really like their diapers but they currently don’t offer free shipping to Alaska so it’s pretty cost prohibitive right now. This would make it all worthwhile!!

  790. Ashley Sager

    All the bath and body products and the cleaning products!

  791. Ashley R

    Those wooden toys are adorable and I’ve been dying to try all of their skin care products. My babies both have dry skin thanks to Utah’s wonderful weather and I bet the Honest Company’s products would work wonders for them!

  792. Sarah

    I would love to win some Honest products! I would love to try their household cleaning supplies and their adorable new line of cute hats for kids, along with the tote!!’

  793. Michaela

    Would love, LOVE the utility tote and wooden toys!

  794. Molly

    I would love the skull diapers for my son.

  795. Mindy B

    fun giveaway! i would love to try the baby/toddler multi vitamins!

  796. Katie

    I would love to try the laundry detergent, and the wooden toys are so cute!

  797. Sarah B.

    I’ve had my eye on their sunscreen and hand sanitizer for a while now. We’d love the chance to test them out!

  798. Jane

    I would use the gift card to buy some items for my sister-in-law and her new baby boy!

  799. Becky J.

    I would stock up on the essentials and throw in a few “wants” as well like the adorable wooden toys! (Who invented plastic anyways?! Boo!) Wood & cloth toys all the way at our house!

  800. Carla

    I love honest!!! I would get the new wooden toys and the new stroller!!

  801. Jackie

    I would want to try out all the cleaning products. My daughter is 3 and she’s really into helping out especially when I’m cleaning but I worry that her handling some of the toxic products we have under the sink is a bad idea so for now it’s a squirty bottle with water. It would be super nice to actually let her help and not have to worry about the toxic factor.

  802. Alesya

    I would use it for those adorable new wooden toys they have, and those diapers for my two kids under two years of age! Also their detergents I love and stock up on shampoos and lotions! This would be such a gift to be drawn!! Xoxo

  803. Alexa Parker

    I would use the gift card money to purchase the cleaning products! I especially loved the laundry detergent in the trial package I got a few weeks ago.

  804. Kara

    The absolutely amazing diapers!! I’m in love with all the fun patterns and prints!

  805. Natasha

    We love the new winter diaper patterns. We use the wipes already would put money toward that. I’ve always wanted to try the hand washes and healing balm

  806. Echo

    Would love love to get sunblocks and diapers! Thx for the giveaway!

  807. Hang Nguyen

    I have a dear friend who is using G-diapers for her baby. I am trying to introduce the honest diapers to her. I would love to win this gift card to supply ger a whole month of diapers. I love the concept of The Honest Company: Go Green,Yay.

  808. Lisa R

    The patterns on those diapers are to die for! And I’d love to try their cleaning products!

  809. Anna

    I have been wanting to try these peoducts for awhile now & this would be a great way to try a bunch at once!…I just. Know I would love the hair mist conditioner, the body lotion & the utility tote! What a great giveaway. :)

  810. michelle

    I love their wipes, hand soap, and lip balm. I’d like to try the balm for stretch marks.

  811. Katherine B

    I would use the giftcard to buy diapers for my baby boy who is due in March! My husband and I will both be going to school full time to finish up our programs so every free diaper will help us a ton. I love that the honest company diapers have less chemicals than most! Merry Christmas!

  812. Morgan Dill

    I’ve heard absolute amazing things about the honest products, I just haven’t been able to afford any yet! But, I’m expecting a beautiful blessing in April so I would probably use the gift card on the diaper cakes or the organic baby holder!!

  813. Oooh yes! I’d love to try their new wooden toys, but I can always use more diapers for my 3 month old! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  814. Tara Middlemiss

    I have ordered from The a Honest Company before and I love their vegetable/fruit spray along with all their cleaning products. I would live to order more of everything!

  815. Johanna

    I pretty much love all of Honest’s products, but if I was happy enough to win a gift card I would splurge on one of those super cute bear hats and at least one of the sweet wooden toys for my nine month old son. Then I would also like to try the orange vanilla aromatic soy candle. Thanks!

  816. Marissa

    I adore that utility tote! Definitely #1 on my (long) Honest Co. Wish list!

  817. Tara Williams

    I want the cute diapers!

  818. Elspeth

    DIIIIIAPERS!!!! Would love to try all the bath and body products too! :)

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  819. Callie B.

    I absolutely adore Honest…love everything they stand for! Expecting my first in may and I would just love to snag the organic cotton baby carrier, the diaper caddie and those darling print diapers! Love! Crossing my fingers! xo

  820. Oh what a tricky one, there are so many amazing
    Things if love to try. I’m pregnant at the moment so would like to try prenatal vitamins and belly cream. But I would also love to get the fruit and vegetable wash because I hate how much is living on our fresh produce!

  821. Mandy

    Wow! I love that cozy knit blanket!

  822. Katie

    Seriously, so many of the products look amazing but I for sure would want to try out several of the cleaning products. Fun stuff!!

  823. Maja

    Great giveaway, Since it is very cold here now I would take winter survival collection, toothpaste and diaper caddy :) Best of luck to all and happy holidays from Croatia to all readers!

  824. Gosh, this is a great giveaway! I love the Honest Co! With #2 (boy!) due in a few months, and tightening budget, we could really use this.

    I love their cute diapers, wipes (they smell so good!), cleaning products, and especially their produce spray!

    I haven’t tried their baby care products, but would love to with #2!

  825. Jenni Bonilla

    I would love to win!!!! I’m having my first baby I’m due January 29 .. I would love to try these products!!

  826. Jenna Rouge

    I would use the giftcard to buy diapers for my baby boy who is due in January!!! My husband is the only one that works at the moment and I will be going back to every free diaper will help us a ton. I love that the honest company diapers have less chemicals than most!i would love to win!!!!

  827. Jordan Faeh

    I would definitely be interested in the lovely patterned diapers and the safe hand sanitizer!

  828. lizz

    i would sign up for regular delivery of the essentials bundles!

  829. Katie D

    Would definitely go for the essentials bundle..
    This is a great company!

  830. Christy M

    What wouldn’t I buy! I love their products. I would buy months worth of prenatal vitamins :-)

  831. Natalie

    I would love the pattern diapers!

  832. MFree

    Diapers, diapers, and then some more diapers. :)

  833. Stephanie Hensley

    For my infant and toddler we could definitely use some Honest products around here! I’d get the diaper tote, dish soap, patterned diapers, wooden toys (so cute)…would love a cleaning bundle to try!

  834. Mel

    I’d use the gc towards their awesome cleaning products.

  835. Nellie Noel

    I love the honest company! There is so many products that are bad for us on the market. I would buy all the personal care and home cleaning products! :)

  836. I would use it on the wooden toys and diapers for our little baby girl who is due this February!

  837. Kathy

    I love The Honest Company! I’d use a gift card to get some baby supplies and diapers for my new niece and to stock up on some fruit and veggie wash and lip balm for me!

  838. Lisa

    I’m expecting my first soon so anything and everything baby I would like to try. The diapers are super cute but I would really like to try all the creams and things for the baby.

  839. Sarah Nolan

    These products sound amazing!! I’d get several body lotions, hand sanitiZer sprays, shampoo, conditioner, household cleaning sprays and dish soap. I also love the tote you posted!

  840. Lindsay H

    Since we are expecting, I would probably save it for some adorable diapers!

  841. Amy

    I’d love to try their diapers and the healing balm for my little girl :)

  842. Jennifer

    We would use it for our little Sweet Pea, due in May 2014! We love The Honest Company and Love Taza!

  843. Terri

    I would love to get all those wooden toys; they are adorable!

  844. lindsay

    yay!! we are expecting baby #2 and going to try cloth diapers this time. I would love to get some of those cute patterned diapers and some hand sanitizer for my 2 yr old!! thanks taza!

  845. Chelsea

    I have a 5 month old, and I’d love to try out some of Honest Co’s products!!! The spray hand sanitizer and diapers would be perfect!

  846. Meg

    I would buy everything I need for a newborn. My first baby’s due in June!

  847. d

    The diapers!!!

  848. Heather McDonald

    I love their toys, especially the wooden ones!!! Adorable.

  849. Annadee

    I would definitely use it for some household cleaners and laundry soap. I have 3 littles and I am very conscious about what they come in contact with, so these products make a mama happy!

  850. Danielle D.

    So many choices! I have heard of the company recently, but have yet to order from them. I’d try the face and body lotion, the healing balm, and sunscreen. I like to fish, but the bug sprays seem so harsh, I would try the bug spray since it seems less harsh.

    Even though my face is the combo type, it’s still pretty sensitive. I also have eczema,so be careful about what I use. The more simple the ingredients, the better, As I was browsing, I noticed, and liked, how they weren’t any harsh chemicals and I knew what the ingredients were.

  851. ariel

    the utility tote and one of those adorable bear hats! all great stuff over there. crossing fingers!

  852. alanah

    I love love that utility tote and all their cleaning products!

  853. Beatriz

    I love their diapers and the new wooden toys! Perfect Christmas presents for my children!

  854. Elizabeth

    Id love to try out the cleaning products and the toothpaste! I hear such great things about the products! And those diapers are too cute, would be perfect for my 9 month old

  855. Amanda

    I’ve been wanting some swim diapers for our daughter! And she just got her first two teeth… So toothpaste!!!

  856. Shannon

    Gosh I’ve been wanting to purchase from The Honest Company for a long time! Seems like now is the perfect opportunity! I’d love their hand soap, organic lip balm, laundry detergent, dish soap, fruit and veggie wash, dishwasher packs…basically everything!

  857. Jen Gordon

    New follower over here! You have such a beautiful family!! I love the honest company and would use tk toward their wood toys for my 16 month old little man! Fingers crossed! :)

  858. Liz

    I would use the gift card to buy diapers! I am due with my first in July!

  859. melissa

    I love this company, I adoringly stare at their site- but have not yet purchased anything. I would splurge and get the prenatal vitamins,the kids multi, the healing balm, some of their adorable diapers and some dryer sheets. Such a wonderful idea behind the products.

  860. Kayla

    Wooden toys! They are so hard to find with good quality. I’ve wanted them for my baby for months now.

  861. Hannah Groombridge

    I love how cute and fun their diapers are! Makes changing a diaper just a bit more fun! I would definitely grab a huge order of the diapers and wipes and the wooden toys are just the cutest!

  862. Maura

    I have been using honest diapers since my daughter was first born, and I love them. So I would buy more of those, and add some household cleaners and one of those really really cute wooden toys. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  863. Casey

    I’d go with the cleaning supplies this time around! Loving the diapers but my house is a disaster;)

  864. Brittany Anne

    We’ve used Honest diapers for my seven-month-old since he was born! They’re great for his sensitive skin!

    $200 could buy a lot of diapers. ;)

  865. Anna

    I absolutely love the wooden toys for my baby boy. And the baby carrier is also amazing :)

  866. Sarah B.

    I would have to put all the money toward the city mini! With 2 toddlers and a brand new little one, our old stroller has taken a beating!

  867. Meghan

    Bought their diapers on Gilt a while back for my baby boy and loved them! I would use the GC to buy diapers in the winter fox and chipmunk print! So cute!

  868. Julia

    With 9 month old twins I’d get diapers, wipes, and wooden toys….and maybe some toothpaste for their almost 3 big sister!

  869. Jessica Walker

    I would buy the animal hat for my 19 month old, and the awesome scarf for me! Plus, those winter fox diapers are the cutest, and will fit in well out here in wintery Wyoming! Thanks Taza :)

  870. Kelly R.

    What an AMAZING opportunity! I am currently (unexpectedly!) expecting TWINS! It’s our first pregnancy, and we need all the help we can get, so one of these gift cards would be such a blessing. I would use it towards diapers (since I know we are going to need a LOT). I also would get some of the cleaning products as well, since I know I will have a lot of laundry coming my way.

  871. Tina Lovely

    We love the honest company and use so many of their products. The diapers are and have been a lifesaver as they are the best fit out there for our daughter. So we would love the diapers, kiddos toothpaste and really just about anything that they sell!

  872. Lynda

    i would love their fun patterned diapers!!

  873. Laura

    I would get all of the Essential Bundle of cleaning products. I am always looking for smart products that will not harm me or my family. I love the Honest Company!

  874. celeste

    I would love to win this for my friend Kelly who is expecting any day! the wooden toys are perfect!

  875. Tanya

    I would get some of the cleaning products and stock up on wipes and diapers for the baby I’ll be having this summer :)

  876. Megan

    i’d definitely have to purchase the hand sanitizer and diapers! we’ve got a 10 month old who finally started to crawl last week and who knows where those hands have been ;)

  877. Amanda T.

    WOW!!! they have so many more styles of diapers than even a year ago when my little was born! I LOVE love LOVE the woodcut print! ♥

  878. Colleen

    I would start with the body wash and shampoo and conditioner, along with the healing balm. My little girl gets eczema this time of year and I wonder if using more natural products would help!

  879. Jen

    I would get the bundle of cleaning products! I have heard great things about the Honest Company, and would love to try their products!

  880. melissa

    i’d love the essentials bundle!

  881. Christie J

    I love everything from Honest! The wood toys are great but the patterned diapers are so cute! Since the budget is so tight as a new SAHM I’d most likely use it all on diapers. Love it!!!

  882. Tayler Gunn

    I would love to win so I can buy tons of non-toxic diapers and wipes for my little coming in February!

  883. Jennette

    I would for sure get all of those adorable wooden toys. Adorable.

  884. Liz c

    My daughter has really bad eczema so I would love to try out The Honest Company’s skin care line and detergent!


    Perfect giveaway for my baby girl.. i would love to try some diapers, wipes and kids toothpaste..


  886. Richelle Kala

    Who can ignore those adorable patterned diapers?! I’d also love the laundry detergent for the little ones sensitive skin!!

  887. Annie

    I’d get the essentials bundle, hand sanitizer, dryer sheets, and fruit and veggie wash.

  888. Marisa

    Their body wash and lotion are fantastic! Would love to win this gift card!

  889. Lexi B.

    The utility tote, definitely!

  890. Abby

    I love Honest things! I would love more of the very cute baby diapers. Love them so much!

  891. Alex

    Love those wooden toys! And the whole philosophy behind Honest!

  892. Sarah

    Definitely biodegradable diapers with foxes or the alphabet printed all over them!

  893. natalia

    I would use it towards the diaper caddy and the rest to buy some diapers! We are expecting our first baby next year and I am really looking forward to test their products :)

  894. Hey Taza!! first; I love the hair! And Happy Holidays to your beautiful family. E and Samson are getting cuter everyday!
    Onto the giveaway; My sister is a new mommy and I am a new auntie and with the Holidays around I am dying to shower baby Jeremy with lots of love and my sister with lots of help. If I win I’ll probably just let her decide what she needs, but I love the wooden toys for his room and the Organic cotton baby carrier.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Much love.

  895. Molly

    The Honest Company is so awesome, I am so happy to hear that you love them as much as I do! I have been eyeing the Tangerine Dream bubble bath :)

  896. Emi

    i would get vitamins// the wellness package! thanks! xo

  897. Heidi

    Would love some of their bath products for baby!

  898. Stacie G

    I recently found out I am pregnant and would love to use the gift card on chemical free cleaning products and cute diapers!

  899. Emily

    I am having my third boy in April and I would love to use the non-toxic cleaning supplies now and always and I would love the new baby bath products and lotions. Everything looks amazing!

  900. Elisa

    I LOVE the prints for honest’s diapers. We use them for backup for our cloth diapers – and I’m curious to try to the cleaning stuff too!

  901. Michelle

    Would love to try their veggie wash, new foaming hand soap and their wood toys are adorable!! Already use their laundry detergent for my little boy’s clothes and swear by it :)

  902. Carey

    Well, there are so many cute things, but I’d probably use it for diapers! What can you do?!

  903. Mae

    I would love to try the diapers. Thanks.

  904. Leona

    I’d use my gift card towards their cleaning and bath and body products, like the cleaning essentials bundle

  905. Erin K.

    The wooden toys are super cute! I was also checking out the utility tote. I also would replace some of my cleaning supplies with the safer/greener choices.

  906. Natalie

    I would but the bear hat for sure! It is just too sweet. I would also try the Bath time Collection! Love trying different types of shampoo!

  907. i love the organic cotton knit blanket and the aromatic soy candle and the baby wipes!

  908. Amy Lettau

    I definitely would get the baby carrier and maybe a canvas tote! Crossing my fingers :)

  909. Emily

    I love the Honest Company!! I would definitely stock up on the natural cleaning products to make my home a safe and clean environment! ;)

  910. Danielle

    I’ve heard such great things about this company. If I won, I’d probably try a few of the collections so I’d get to sample everything and see what I truly love for future purchases. Crossing my fingers!

  911. Ashley W

    I would love to try some household essentials like laundry detergent, soy candles and cleaning supplies!!

  912. Altinay

    I’d stock up on diapers for by baby toothpaste for my toddler.

  913. emma

    i definitely would go for the cleaning products, they look great! also the bubble bath. my boy loves bubbles but his skin is so sensitive so we have yet to find a good natural bubble bath. great giveaway!


  914. Jessica Cherry

    I would definitely stock up on those cute diapers!

  915. sarah r.

    patterned diapers, they are SO CUTE!

  916. Laura

    I would send diapers to a new mama friend!

  917. kaylea

    that toothpaste for sure! brushing my 2 yr olds teeth is the WORST.

  918. Sachi

    Would love to get my nieces and nephew something cuddly for the winter!! :)

  919. Molly

    I would use it for all those adorable diapers! I’ve heard wonderful things about their diapers and can’t wait to give them a try when our babe arrives soon :)

  920. Sunnie

    I’m almost done my first trimester and also a first time mom! I’m really interested in the honest company so I would def use this gift card well! I’d buy the diapers and wipes especially :D :D

  921. Janette

    I’d love the tote bag!!! And I’m also interested in their cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

  922. sharon

    the cleaning products! i love their products and they dont kill my hands whenever i’m cleaning

  923. Beth

    I really hope I win! I would give the card to my friend who is having a baby in March and will also be a single mom. I’d love to shower her with lots of new things for baby and herself. Fingers crossed xxx

  924. Jessie

    I’ve heard a lot about honest company. Would love to try it.

  925. Caroline

    I love their soaps and shampoos!

  926. We’re expecting our first bebe, so I would definitely use this for diapers!

  927. Jessica

    I’m gonna go with…diapers and wipes! Twins due in the spring! I’d also love to try their kids toothpaste for my older son and probably a toy or two for the new babes. Fun giveaway!

  928. Rachel

    I have two friends about to have their first baby :) I would love to spoil each of them with a diaper cake!

  929. Amanda

    I like the cotton baby carrier, and the tote! So great, and the colors are nice soft grey too!

  930. Kerewin

    Love Honest. Id stock up on their non-toxic cleaning supplies

  931. Jane

    Little Xavi would be really happy with some wooden toys and some lotion for his dry skin. The heat is always on here in chilly Boston so we struggle keeping his skin soft and smooth with all the dry air. And the toys would be fun for us both!!!

  932. Sarah

    I would love to try the cleaning products and the vegetable wash.

  933. elizabeth h.

    i would like to try their multi-surface cleaner!

  934. rachel

    i love wooden toys!
    and all things non toxic.

  935. claire

    i would stock up on some safe cleaning supplies!

  936. Kate

    I have a four-week old baby, so this would be an amazing thing to win! I’d like to try the diapers and baby skincare products. Thanks!

  937. michaela

    Love the manny and simon wooden toys!

  938. Breanna Richison

    I’ve been using Honest stuff and love their dryer sheets, and body oil. Also I’d get that tote bag it’s adorable!

  939. elena

    the prenatal vitamins, some toys and that Honest grey tote that is out of stock please!

  940. lindsey

    I just want to pick out some treats for my future nephew!

  941. B

    I would stock up on diapers

  942. Anne

    Love their wood toys!

  943. Allison

    I would load up on cleaning supplies and cute diapers!

  944. Cassie A.

    I would get some cleaning supplies!!

  945. Doris

    I would love the utility tote for myself! I just gave birth and it would be awesome.

  946. Jordan

    I just joined The Honest Company a few weeks ago, and I’m a huge fan! I get the essentials bundle, but soon I’ll be needing the diaper bundle as well! ;) I also love their new collaborations; especially the giraffe and zebra wooden toys. So cute.

  947. heather

    diapers and more diapers! + some bubble bath, because we’ve been out for weeks and i have yet to remember it when we grocery shop…

  948. Ali

    Love all of their cleaning supplies and their shampoo!

  949. Eric

    My kids would love the wooden toys! The craftmanship is pretty cool!

  950. Linda

    With a newborn and a toddler, I always need diapers and pull ups!

  951. Wade

    I like their cleaning materials!

  952. Mariam

    I would love to get a few toys for my grandkids! Thanks for the chance!

  953. Jess G.

    I’ve been wanting to try their cleaning products for a while now. I’d go for the fruit & veggie wash, for sure. And the laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner, stain remover… actually I’d like to try it all!

  954. Jennifer Collver

    With 3 small kids and the endless messes they make – I’d use the gift card for CLEANING SUPPLIES!! :)

  955. Meghan

    I would definitely try their cleaning products or bath & body. I would really like to try their bathroom cleaner, laundry detergent, and bubble bath!

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  956. Norah

    Wow, I’ve seen reviews for this company before but I had no idea they carried such a range of products! I’d love the organic cotton knit blanket and the sunscreen. I’ve been doing some research on sunscreens lately and I’m very interested in trying something with zinc oxide (a physical block as opposed to a chemical block).

  957. Holly

    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! If I win, I’d love to get their Organic Cotton Baby Carrier and some of their cleaning supplies. I love the variety of items they have!

  958. Jana

    Love that utility tote! But I’m really interested in the cleaning supplies.

  959. Careena Dudic

    Skull diapers!!!

  960. Amanda

    I would go for the sunscreen and/or prenatal vitamins

  961. Ju

    I would choose the organic cotton baby carrier or try the cute diapers! :)

  962. Geneviève

    The utility tote surely look nice!

  963. Allison Sparrow

    I would use it toward a diaper and wipe subscription and the nipple balm…it is to die for!

  964. Heather

    I’m digging that tote and all of the cleaning supplies.

  965. Crystal

    This is an amazing giveaway! I have three babes (5,3 and 15 months so all of the products are exciting me in every way. The diapers are a must. Having a safe product on my babes bottom is paramount. I don’t want them absorbing chemicals. The bath and body section is awesome as well. I would stock up on sanitizer for on the go, bar soap, the lip trio (my babes love to put on lip balm like mama) and hand soap. As a little bonus I would indulge in the Collective Collection and get my babes a wooden toy.

    Thanks so much for such a great giveaway close to Christmas!

    Xoxoxo Crystal

  966. Rebecca

    I would definitely use the healing balm. Dry skin is so hard to heal in the winter!

  967. Courtney

    I would use the gift card on their hand soap, sunscreen, floor cleaner, lip balm, and I’d like to try their toothpaste and spray hand sanitizer.

  968. Yuki M

    I would love to try their fruit and veggie wash, sunblock and the cute diapers!

  969. Erica W.

    This Honest Co. giveaway gift card would go towards multivitamins, wooden toys and sanitation products. It would be an awesome and much needed win!

  970. Megan

    I would love to get some cleaning products for our new house and lots of cute cute diapers for my little boy! What a great give away!!!

  971. Jessica

    I definitely would buy her book! It looks so fun and interesting. I would also buy lotion and candles!

  972. Awesome giveaway! We’re expecting a baby in early February and I’d love to stock up on diapers and other baby supplies.

  973. Sheridan

    I would spend it on any of the baby products I loved them all! How cute are those diapers!?!

  974. Laura

    I would use a gift card from the Honest Company to purchase some great baby gifts for my sister-in-law and her new baby girl! All of the Honest products look great-I might buy some products for myself too!

  975. Devon

    I’d love to get some of the toys for my new nephew and the sanitizer for my classroom and niece!

  976. Jessa

    We discovered Honest Co when our second was born 9 months ago and have been loving it ever since! I am about ready for another batch of cleaning products so $200 would be Merry Christmas to mama for sure :)

  977. Michelle W.

    I almost bought a diaper caddy two days ago, so one of those for sure and the wood toys.

  978. Mama D

    I’d get the dishcloths and that cute bamboo scrubber!

  979. Jill

    diapers,skin care, cleaning products

  980. Hilary

    Ok so i want everything! What an amazing site! The utility tote is a definite MUST-gotta-have it like right now. Its at the top of my list! Also, those wooden toys are darling! And hey of course diapers and wipes, hand sanitizer. You can never have too much of those items!

  981. Anne

    Bubble bath for my suds loving little lady.

  982. shayna a.

    I love their cute diapers!

  983. Michelle Johnson

    I’d love the laundry detergent for my cloth diapers!

  984. Haley

    Oooo I really like the baby carrier. Love that it’s all cotton. Also, the wood toys are really adorable. If I wasn’t cloth diapering, I’d definitely go for their diapers too.

  985. Mooka

    We love the honest company! The diapers are super adorable and I’m totally digging the wooden toy selection!! Hope I win!! :)

  986. Taras

    I’m totally for the funky diapers – the skull and crossbones are my favourite!

  987. Kirsten Redding

    I’m a first time mommy so there are soooo many things I could use from Honest Company. I especially love the cure designs in the diapers and knowing that all the products are safe is huge for me!!

  988. Susan

    I would enjoy the cleaning supplies. A clean home is a happy home:)

  989. julie

    the health and wellness bundle looks amazing!!!

  990. Jessica

    I’d love to try some of their cleaning and baby products.

  991. Ashley

    I’d like to try the Essentials Cleaning Bundle.

  992. Jess S

    Really liking all I see on their website! The things that caught my eye the most were the organic healing balm, hand sanitizer spray, diaper baby (my first baby is due in January!), laundry detergent, and utility tote. Thanks for the giveaway!

  993. Melanie

    I’m expecting my first baby next year, so I’d use any of their baby products…honestly!

  994. Kristin

    Love this company! I would stock up on laundry and cleaning products and treat myself to some sweet scented candles!

  995. Allison Jaeger

    Love this company! I would get the utility tote/ and or diapers. So cute!

  996. Chelsea

    I lve their diapers! Have been using them w my fourth and so wish I would have found them sooner!

  997. Kimberly

    I’d use my giftcard towards the Bath Time Collection – it all looks so great!

  998. I already know what I want! The Organic Cotton Knit Blanket and the Suds Up!

  999. Jessica V

    Oh wow! This company is amazing…would love the utility tote and some detergent. With two littles in tow these days those are a must!

  1000. Diana

    I would definitely get the bath & body bundle!

  1001. Vikki

    This is such a generous giveaway! would love to win this! love all their products!

  1002. Jessica Knoodle

    I would definitely use it for the adorable diapers! We have a 20 month old still in diapers and a baby on the way! That would come in handy, AND they are so cute to top it off!! :)

  1003. Yen Azzaro

    With baby in tow, I’d love to try their diapers and wipes. And the wooden animals are so cute! **I’d treat myself with some of their hair and body products too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  1004. chloe

    I would put the $200 towards our diaper bundles … I also love the wooden toys that are a part of the Collective.

  1005. jen

    ooh we love the honest co too! i would definitely splurge on some of those adorable wooden toys, and stock up on our faves like the healing balm, bubble bath, and toothpaste!

  1006. christina Travis

    body care products!!

  1007. Sudzy

    We’re expecting our first baby soon and all the diaper research out there was becoming very overwhelming. When I stumbled on the Honest Company’s website through your blog, I felt so relieved! If I win, we would use the gift card towards the monthly bundles of diapers :D

  1008. Ali

    I love this company. I would definitely get some diapers, laundry detergent, kids multi vitamin, and several body products! Crossing my fingers :)

  1009. Mollie

    I would love the vitamins, the toothpaste and of course the Honest Life Book!

  1010. Aura

    I could really use their training pants for my little guy who is being trained through the night. I would also like to try the fruit and veggie wash

  1011. Casey

    I would love all the pattern diapers and just all of the non toxic baby supplies.

  1012. Erin V.

    DIAPERS!!! With a 3 month old, I need all the diapers I can get!

  1013. Gretchen

    Whoohooo!! I am excited to try so many wonderful things….I think the toothpaste would be a great start, my kiddos love brushing and I am on the lookout for a safe and natural brand. There was also an awesome diaper cake and that would be a great gift for the baby shower I am going to next month. Thanks!!

  1014. Rachel

    First and foremost, I would get diapers!!

  1015. Kristin

    I’d love anything from the bath & body or cleaning products!

  1016. Angie

    I would love to try the cleaning products! I would also get some wooden toys.

  1017. Piia

    I would get skin care and cleaning products. Thanks of the opportunity! Love it!

  1018. Eugenia garcia

    Hi Naomi,
    I loved the bubble bath, the healing balm and the hand sanitizer.
    Hope I win!!

  1019. Morgan

    Love honest company! I would buy wooden toys, utility tote, and cleaning products!

  1020. Hatsuho

    I would get the utility tote, diapers, and wipes! Thanks so much!

  1021. Anna

    I love their fun diapers for our little one arriving in june

  1022. We’re always using hand sanitizer, so I’d love to try the spray sanitizer. I’m also a clean freak, so I’d love to try their cleaning products.

  1023. Layla

    All of their products sound and look amazing. I would love to pamper my new mom gf’s with new diapers and baby care products. And. I’d love to give the cleaning products a try. How fun!

  1024. Livs

    Love that utility tote, and a woman can never have enough fruit+ veggie wash.

  1025. I’m looking for some great baby shampoo!

  1026. Amanda

    I’ve been dying to give these products a try – especially the bath and hand soaps. Any holy cow, those wooden toys!

  1027. Flora

    I’ve been wanting to try their stain remover, household cleaners, vitamins, hand sanitizer and diapers.

  1028. Alysia

    I would stock up on the detergent because it is one of the only ones I’ve used that actually cleans cloth diapers so well…and the utility tote, having a baby makes you carry around everything and the kitchen sink!

  1029. Jesse

    What a great giveaway! I love the wooden toys, the kitchen and bathroom cleaner, and of course those darling diapers!!

  1030. Alisa

    I would definitely try the soy candle, as well as, find somebody to give that adorable bear hat too:)

  1031. Trystan McManus

    I don’t have any children, but I know a couple of families that could really use this, so I would buy gift bundles for them. Honest company is exactly that and I love them!

  1032. Megan

    Diaper caddy!

  1033. Thanks for doing this giveaway. If I won a gift card, I’d use it to get the diaper bundle and essential bundle sent to my cousin’s house. She is having her first child in February.

  1034. Ashley

    I love the Honest Company! I would use the gift card for wooden toys and those adorable diapers for sure, but I also love their cleaning products! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  1035. I love what this company stands for. Also really enjoyed Jessica’s book!
    So, if I won :) here’s what I’ve been eyeing:
    1. the utility tote
    2. the wooden toys
    3. the prenatal vitamins

  1036. Emily s h

    The essentials bundle!

  1037. Elizabeth

    I’m expecting my first and would love to go wild on The Honest Company website! Between the diapers and the one-stop-shopping for natural cleaning products, what more could you ask for!

  1038. amy

    hand sanitizer, toothpaste, vitamins!

  1039. Bayley

    I love the diapers. Cute bums make happy moms.

  1040. Anne

    I would love to win some wooden toys for my little girl. I’d also get the blanket; would make for a great new texture for some tummy time. What a great company!

  1041. Katie

    With two under two, diapers, diapers, and more diapers! And wipes too!

  1042. wry

    I know my chances of winning are going to end up being something like 1 in 500, but it would really, REALLY help our family during a crazy time. I’m crossing my fingers. Love their diapers and non-toxic laundry detergent. Thanks, Taza and Honest Co.!

  1043. katie

    i’ve never heard of the honest company before, but i’m all about natural goodies! love the modern looking diaper caddy & would love to try the cleaning supplies and laundry detergents!

  1044. Jessica B

    I would go for the soy candle, the fruit/veggie wash, and the toothpaste!

  1045. Ruth M.

    Def. the wooden toys… lots of baby nephews!

  1046. Julia

    We just had twin girls and we love the honest diapers and are going through them like crazy…could definitely use a few more :) the little strawberry pattern is so adorable!!

  1047. Lendy

    I love the utility tote and all the diapers (and everything else Honest)!!

  1048. Blair Barone

    I would stock up on all sots of cleaning gear. Dish and hand soap, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, etc. I live in a small New York City apartment, but I will find room for all of these great products! Thanks for the giveaway.

  1049. Nisha

    My husband and I are having our first child this summer so I would value being able to use the gift card for wipes, sanitizer, diapers, nipple rub, and so many more key items for the baby. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity! <3

  1050. Kim

    I would love to stock up on cleaning products!

  1051. Megan

    I’d stock up on diapers and cleaning supplies!

  1052. Cailin

    With my first baby on the way, I definitely want to try the diapers! I have heard good things! Basically I would use this on anything baby!

  1053. tessa

    i looooooove honest company patterned diapers! i also would love to try their baby wash on my little 4 month old. We aere all about natural products over here! xo

  1054. Lindsey

    I would get the utility tote too!

  1055. Michaela

    I’d definitely stock up on some of those adorable printed diapers, prenatal vitamins, and natural cleaning products!

  1056. Beth Chu

    I would love to try the essentials bundle!

  1057. carrie w

    I would buy the wooden toys or the utility tote. So cute!

  1058. Lauren

    I am due in two weeks and have been obsessing over the honest website trying to calculate if I can afford some of those amazing products for my baby,with out feeling guilty for “splurging”. Needless to say I was excited for this giveaway! If I were to win I would probably start with the necessities and get a monthly supply of diapers and wipes for myself and also for my sister-in-law who just had a baby. Then if I had anything leftover I would probably spend it on the teether. After watching my sweet little niece teeth it would be nice to have something to make that a little easier that I don’t have to worry about what it’s made of or if it’s safe for my baby. Thank you for doing this!

  1059. nicole

    No babies of my own yet – but I would LOVE to gift my best friend with those adorable printed diapers. the chipmunks are my fav :)

  1060. Nyema

    I would definitely grab the utility tote!

  1061. Lori P

    I would use the gift card on the hand soap, lip balm, hand sanitizer, toothpaste – kids & adult, household cleaner.

  1062. Emily Tighe

    I would LOVE to try the Honest Company cleaning products! Especially the bathroom ( and their Healthy Child Healthy World Book! Plus the kid’s toothpaste (for my 2.5 year old, bubble bath, hand soap…. so, basically all of their products!!

  1063. Aurora Mota

    I’d use it for the diapers and the diaper bag for my sisters! One is having twins and the other is having her first!

  1064. Andrea Webb

    lotion, soap, baby diapers. all that fun stuff!!

  1065. Elise

    The baby carrier for sure!

  1066. My husband and I are always looking for super safe bathtime products. We’d love the bath bundle!!!

  1067. Brittany

    I would LOVE to get all of their cleaning products! I really need to stock up!

  1068. Leslie

    I’d love to try the whole line of bath and body products. I’m especially looking forward to trying the lip balm and shampoo/conditioner. What a nice giveaway!

  1069. Jenelle

    The health & wellness bundle vitamins, laundry detergent and soaps!

  1070. Melissa S.

    love the swim diapers, utility bag and training diapers!!

  1071. Starlyn

    We just had our first baby & it’s made rethink EVERYTHING! I’ve been saving my pennies to make the switch to all honest cleaning products! We received the baby wash & lotion as a gift & I LOVE it!!

  1072. Melanie Stykalo

    I’d order their healing balm.,

  1073. Annette

    I’d go for the cleaning products, specifically laundry detergent. I like to have a large stockpile of that.

  1074. Irina

    We are big fans and have tried pretty much everything. I would order the new toys and more of what we are already getting — the cleaning products, diapers, vitamins and wipes.

  1075. Sue

    I would love the soft knit blanket and wooden toys for my son. The diaper caddy looks like something I could use too!

  1076. Jen

    I am pregnant with my first and have been wanting to try Honest!!! I would get the cute infant patterned diapers and some of the non toxic cleaning supplies…and the laundry detergent! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  1077. Tori

    I’ve always wanted to try their products and now we are expecting our first baby on December 23rd! I would love the diaper cake, and to try the bath time products!

  1078. Heather Ruddock

    Definitely a lot of diaper! Also vitamins (not took by options locally that don’t have added junk) and toothpaste and laundry detergent!

  1079. Kerri Bonner

    The Honest company rocks! I have sensitive skin and would use the gc towards the laundry detergent and dryer sheets. eek!! Can’t wait!

  1080. Lindsey

    I would love to stock up on those multivitamins. Love it!!

  1081. Um, awesome!! I’ve been looking around for vegan products and eco-friendly household cleaners (made my own and they’re all right but not amazing). I’d love love that vegan shampoo/body wash!

  1082. Alyson Sharette

    What we really need is diapers and wipes but I would probably put it towards the tote and wooden toy!

  1083. Lindsay

    Easy! The Essentials bundle. I’ve wanted to “clean up” the products we use (which is becoming more and more important now that my husband and I are talking babies.) It’d be fantastic to get some bath and body products, too!

  1084. Lindsey H

    I would love to try a lot of their products! I’m especially interested in the wipes, hand sanitizer and soaps!

  1085. I LOVE the diaper cakes, wooden toys, diapers, stroller, pretty much everything! We’re trying to get pregnant right now and I just love all of the Honest company’s merchandise! Please pick me!