a travel film: to amsterdam!

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we made a little film last month with bugaboo while traveling to amsterdam to speak at their global company conference, sharing a bit about our experiences traveling together and why we like to take our stroller with us on trips.

last year, we shared some tips and tricks we learned while traveling abroad in this post, like packing light and being flexible with your itinerary. for this trip, we tried out the new donkey travel case, which is pretty great and especially handy when airlines require you to check your stroller right away. if you can get away with wheeling your stroller all the way through the airport and wheeling it down the gate (which is so helpful for keeping the family together and carrying everyone and everything!), then another option is checking it at the plane door. for this, we just use some extra strong extra large garbage bags that can do the trick of keeping your stroller clean while stored underneath the plane.

this film is in partnership with bugaboo.  filmed by jenner brown, of luminoux.

hope you enjoy the film! happy travels!

  1. Lauren Keranakis

    Absolutely beautiful video. You have such a sweet and pretty voice, Naomi. Your family is beautiful and you and Josh are such an amazing couple. Your blog is fabulous and I look forward to every new post!

  2. Ana

    “saving memories” in form of video and photographs is great. your kids will love to go back and remember travels like this one.

  3. Mariana

    First time I listen to your voice for so long! Haha how weird is that? When you get to know someone’s voices… awesome video, keep up the good work!

  4. this is perfect. i don’t even have children yet but this makes me want to buy a bugaboo stroller and save it for the future!
    inspiring to see how minimally you travel with four. :)


  5. megan

    Such a cute video of a cute family!!!

  6. Amanda M.

    This makes me want to have babies and buy this stroller. Serious baby hungry!!

  7. Zeynep

    I guess I falled in love with this little video. You two are amazing couple and parents. and yess I agree with the previous comment, I dont even have kids, but I want to buy a bugaboo stroller to travel with it.

    Love from Sarajevo

  8. Freya

    Ah! So cute! You guys are awesome on camera – and I love how you paint a realistic picture of traveling with kids. I mean, it’s not all just highlight shots, sometimes it’s just quietly walking around and taking the time to let them soak it all in. So many brands like to paint a glossy picture, and this just seemed so… normal! Love it.

  9. Anya

    What a sweet video!
    I’ve been following your blog for a year now and I get so inspired by it all the time. I know you get so many messages like this every day, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for being so open and willing to share bit and pieces of you life as a family.
    Also, how fun, I thought a while ago that it’d be interesting to hear and see you talk and ta-da! You have a very sweet voice.
    Also, you mentioned being partly ukrainian, so I was wondering who in your family is ukrainian? I’m from Belarus, it’s right up to the north from Ukraine.

    Anya xoxo

  10. Naomi, your voice is so sweet! You have a beautiful family! :)

    Kiss from Portugal!

  11. Kelly R.

    So lovely to see this stroller in action! I am expecting twins and it’s the one I have my heart set on. :) lovely video and family.

  12. Rayani

    Lovely video

  13. Caitlin

    i LOVE it! if i had children, i’d totally get a bugaboo ;)

  14. Heather

    What a lovely video! It’s so fun to hear your voice and your tips for traveling. Merry Christmas!

  15. maria

    Oddly enough, this video made me teary-eyed!

    I think it’s because in urban North America (I live in Toronto), children are too often seen as a burden & an end to all that is fun and exciting. My sweet 9-month old baby has taught me the opposite– I love my urban adventures with him, and the traveling with him that we’ve done so far.

    Bugaboo chose the right family for this promo. Thank you for being an inspiring family.

    PS – I think I’ll be trading in my Uppababy for a Bugaboo if we should be blessed with a #2!! I love how compact it becomes.

  16. Samson’s mittens???? Do tell! Good toddler mittens are SO hard to find. ;)

  17. Manoli

    Very nice video Naomi. You have a beautiful family.

  18. Anna

    oh! such a lovely film!! i loved it!!

  19. Leah

    You guys are such an inspiration. All things family and happiness shine through in your photos and videos and I love watching them! As does my little love, Noah. Keep up the good work!

  20. Monica

    hola… que lindo videooo… sois geniales !!

  21. Faith

    What a wonderful little film!! You and Josh are such an insipring couple.

    It was so lovely to see you in it (and hear you!) since you are so often behind the lense :)

    Merry Christmas from DC!

  22. Ally

    I loved the video! So great to hear you guys narrate your experiences and see how you travel. You two are naturals in front of the camera…obviously ;)

  23. Bugaboo Marketing team WIN! This is brilliant.

  24. loved this! that stroller is genius!

  25. karen

    It is lovely to finally put a voice to your beautiful face. You are an inspiration and now i feel like i can go around the globe with my little one :)

  26. Svannah

    So cute! I loved getting to actually hear your voices after reading your blog for so long. I think it’s a really good video that totally does what it needs to do….I want a bugaboo!

  27. Kieren

    Once again, I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me to be a better wife, better mom, and make life more beautiful. I’ve been reading your blog for years and you are more interesting, inspiring, beautiful, and wholesome than any other public figure I’ve come across. Thank you for being such a great role model. Merry Christmas!

  28. This video is the cutest thing EVER! Love you guys

  29. TJ

    I may have just watched this a few times. You guys are just the cutest! And I love seeing all the amazing adventures you get to go on in this life! :)
    xo TJ


  30. Taylor

    I love this film; it’s so precious. And it’s awesome that you have it as a memory. What kind of lens are you using on your camera?



  31. Sarah

    Love this!

  32. Elizabeth

    Very cute, very sweet, very well done.

    And brilliant marketing by Bugaboo to reframe what is literally a commercial for their product as a “travel film”. It’s interesting to see how social media and the reach of blogging has influenced changes in advertising and marketing. Just reading the comments on this post, their marketing team can declare success — young women without children want to buy a Bugaboo because they aspire to be like this family, to live the life portrayed in this video. Bravo to Bugaboo and the Davis family for smart business choices that showcase creativity and mutual benefit ($$ for Bugaboo, a sweet and beautifully-done memento for the family).

  33. I love it! That stroller looks amazing. I wish I had known about bugaboo strollers when we needed one like that.

    I have to ask, though. Where are your shoes from, Naomi? They look perfect for traveling.

  34. absolutely loved this. you 4, what a dream!

  35. Tracy

    I don’t have a need for the stroller…I feel like we have learned to work with what we have got at this point (my kids are 16 months apart too, and just a little older. My daughter will be two next month and my son is three. Anyhow, I really loved the diversibility. Seriously I kinda wish I would have know about this when I really needed it. I can see it being of major use in a city. Oh, and the video was darling too!

  36. Johanne

    I’m only 16 years old, but every time I read one of your post, I just want to grow up and start a Family :)
    I live in Denmark and my English isn’t good, but I just wanted to say, that you have a very beautiful voice, and I love your blog.

    I think that Samson and Eleanor is going to appreciate all the Work that you and Josh puts in this blog when they get older. I know I would :)

  37. Such a fun little video – so colorful! And all the baby Hunter boots… I die!

  38. ana

    I’m just asking myself: are you travelling with a cera team all the time? Do you also have some time just as a family? That must be a hard job then (more like a business trip, less like a nice family vacation). We also have the donkey, our kiddos are the exact same age difference as yours except one year younger (and two girls :). All best from Berlin

  39. ana

    sorry, i meant: camera team (post just right before)

  40. tRiSh

    Such a great video: very useful and so lovely to see Amsterdam-dam-dam again! :)

  41. tRiSh

    oh and your voices! it’s funny that when you follow people on the internet, you don’t actually really see them as real people sometimes (though obviously everyone is!) but hearing your voices makes it more realistic. you know what i mean?

  42. Kim

    I don’t have kids yet, nor am I married…but dang, that looks like a pretty awesome stroller.

  43. Barret

    it’s a lovely film and the stroller looks amazing BUT how often do you travel with kids that age and NOT have car seats? I have two boys roughly the same age as your littles and travel means eventually having to ride in a car (not a cab…) and strap them up. So it would mean that giant bag for a stroller PLUS two car seats. Sigh. Staycations it is!

  44. Korin

    I love this :) Is it weird to say that your voice is not what I imagined?

  45. Julie

    I’ve been reading for years and have never heard your voice! Lovely video, but those strollers are a little too pricey for most moms :(

  46. Christine

    At the end when you said your names it kinda sounded like an “I’m a Mormon” commercial. :)

  47. Katelyn

    Such a sweet video. Naomi, you have such a lovely voice. Your littles are getting so big! I love seeing your family’s travels!

  48. McKayla Beardall

    This video was incredible! What I loved most was hearing your voice to be honest! I’ve never heared it before. It sounds different from your Vines. :) Now I can read your posts with your actual voice in my head!!!

  49. Gemma

    Amazing stroller. So versatile, was lovely hearing your voices. Nice to put a voice to the blog xx

  50. This is such a cool buggie! I want to have one for myself and I don’t even have littles yet! Also, it’s exciting hearing your voices! Yeah, I know, it’s nerdy.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  51. i could watch your videos over and over. so fun!
    i will for sure look into getting one of those buggies when i have my first
    little one. you always know of the best stuff!


  52. You are such an adorable and inspiring family! Thanks for sharing a peek at your life with us. :)

  53. NeLy

    Me encanto eL video, sin duda ustedes son una famiLia admirabLe me gusta mucho su estiLo de vida y La manera en educan y Le muestran eL mundo a ELeanor y Samson… FeLicidades!!! ;)

  54. Mou

    Please, dear people who comment. This video is NOT a family film. it’s a commercial. It’s well done, it’s really pretty, with a person in it whose life we follow, but it’s still a commercial. At least question a bit what you’re given to see! I used to love this blog, now I come here only as I would watch some TV.. but I can’t help feeling sad, as the images of those children are being used to make money. I’m also a little sad to see the comments above, taking a commercial for sweet family memories. Anyway…

  55. Ana

    i think this post from before where you talk about this stranger taking a picture of you now seems really strange. You had a full camera team with you! Why asking a stranger to take a snapshot? I actually ask myself how your children will react in 10 years when they see themselves in a commercial visible for everybody in the world wide web, while they were seing themselves just in a family vacation. But probably at that time they will be so used to cameras that they din’t even mind anymore. A life as a performance. Like a full time commercial. Interesting, but not for me.

  56. Heather

    What a fun film! As your kids get older, I’m sure you all will cherish it. Your travel tips definitely have helped me! It’s great when moms share experiences and ideas where we all can learn from each other and raise wonderful kids!


  57. Marta

    Gosh, my heart just melted a little :-) Beautiful video and you are a living proof that having small children doesn’t necessarily have to restrict you in any way! Thanks for sharing :-)

  58. Stella

    I’ve been following your blog for years, but don’t think I’ve ever heard your voice before. Different from what I imagined, but definitely sweet and totally fits you. Josh’s voice on the other hand sounded exactly like I would have expected. Weird, huh??

    We’re expecting our first and I wish a Bugaboo was in our budget, but unfortunately not. If I lived in a city and it was my main mode of transit maybe I could justify the cost. Your littles look like they love it so much! And so cozy!

  59. hanna

    What an awesome video! -Hanna Lei

  60. Nina

    This video is so wonderful, you are such an inspiring family and the relationship you have is so beautiful. Also, it doesn’t matter if this video is a commercial, the memories captured are real an advert cannot fully show the bond this family have.

  61. Meghan

    Your family is beyond sweet. I am pregnant with our first child and I love that you said parenting is fun and you love seeing life through your children’s eyes. This is so refreshing, compared to some who complain non-stop about how debilitating life with kids is. Thank you!

  62. Holly

    Beautiful. So funny how I’m so used to reading your words that hearing your voices is exciting!

  63. manon

    samson is so funny in the puddle!!

  64. SIHEME

    I loved that video! and my son Noah loved it too, especially the moment when Samson jumps with his boots in the water ;-)
    God bless you,m Happy Holidays!


  65. Lolly

    That’s like a James Bond stroller!
    Kudos to everyone associated with this video….perfectly edited and produced..and the talent did a great job too! Charming and effective in reaching its target audience.

  66. Randi

    What an awesome opportunity Amsterdam was for you guys! And kids surely do put things into perspective!

  67. sadie

    Thanks for sharing! How neat to put voices, faces and actions to your words I read daily! :)

  68. Jill

    I am so sorry to do this – I know you get bombarded all the time… But – I am IN LOVE with the baby blue Hunter lace ups and have not been able to find anything like that for my boy. Help… please!!! :)

  69. Katrina

    This has got to be the cutest thing! I ejoyed watching that short film and I envy how well you document your time with the kids. Looking forward for more!


  70. Danielle

    You sounded fantastic in the video! Do more ads and I’d buy whatever you were selling.

    I tried shazaming the song but nothing popped up. Guessing it was made for the video?

  71. Taza, I always enjoy these videos. You have a precious family.

  72. rachel simmons

    you guys dont sound ANYTHING like i thoguht you would :)

  73. Samantha

    What a beautiful film. It doesn’t even feel sponsored. So natural and lovely.

  74. rachel

    way too cute. loved the video!

  75. I love this video, your adorable family and that stroller! I wish I’d had one for my kids, but can’t wait for Grandkids now!

  76. Annika (of New Zealand)

    Constantly looking at pictures of you all has made me imagine what you sound like so it’s nice to actually hear your voices! xo

  77. G.

    I love it!. Your voice is so good and cute. I like the fact that it doesn’t sound childish, it’s a very mature voice.

    Anyway, great marketing, I want a Bugaboo Donkey and I don’t even have kids! I hope someday to have two kids close in age to buy the Donkey haha. ;)

  78. Chyme

    Very nice video. I love to watch it over and over.

  79. Lucie

    Hi the Davis Family,

    it’s lovely to see you move and talk! Thanks Bugaboo for this amazing video. Right now, I am just hesitating between the Cam and the Buffalo, Donkey maybe later :).

    Have a great day.

  80. Luisa

    Excellent video, point accross, gorgeous family! WHere is the music from?

  81. Luisa

    …but you need a new globe :-) It says “Yugoslavia” where Croatia, Slovenia, etc. are… :-)

  82. Phuong Beard

    You have a lovely family.

  83. Kayla

    This video is so sweet, looks like everyone had a great time in Amsterdam!

  84. this video was so perfect! i loved hearing y’alls voices, too! lol and i seriously wish i could afford that bugaboo donkey! it looks so easy to load on a plane and is so versatile! when my husband is finished with medical school. we HAVE to purchase one!

  85. This is some wonderful marketing. Seeing that thing fold up like that, and all of its different permutations is pretty cool.

  86. That’s the cutest video! I love your family :)

  87. That stroller is awesome! I would love one. Great video, beautiful family!

  88. Yana

    Wonderful video

  89. Becs

    Great video! I have an Uppa Baby and love it, but the Donkey does look very practical for two kids. I also find your blog fresh and inspiring, and if there were more like yours I would never get ANYTHING done because I would be online all the time when my son was sleeping.

    I think it’s great that you’re travelling the world and supporting your family with help from sponsors, and to the commenters who don’t like seeing children on video, you probably don’t watch any movies, TV shows, documentaries or new stories with kids in them either, right?

    Have a fantastic holiday with your family!

  90. Loved this little video of you and your sweet family! I’m always hesitant when my husband and I talk about having kids and it’s almost always due to the worry that I won’t be able to travel and see the world the way that I want to once we have children… But this video (and your blog/lifestyle) really make me so happy and assure me that having kids will only mean that there are so many adventures that lie ahead and traveling is included in those adventures! <3

  91. Carie

    It looks like it was a fun trip, and it’s a sweet advert for Bugaboo.

  92. Emily

    At the end, I totally expected to hear, “…and I’m a Mormon.”

    The video was beautiful!

  93. nikki

    it’s so cool to hear your voice! you guys are an incredible family, seems like a great trip. you make me excited for a family of my own one day



  94. Victoria

    Your family is beautiful❤️ I have a question, where did you get that stroller? I’ve never seen one like that before! :)

  95. absolutely beautiful video! :)

  96. PatyH

    Beautiful video as well as your family!! after loving your blog for years I feel like i already know you, and its nice to match a voice to the face ;) An inspiration as always! lots of love,

  97. Mary

    Lovely video!
    Please, you need to travel with car seats!!!!!!!

  98. Greta

    It was so nice to see you in motion and to hear your voices :). Also, how on Earth do you guys manage to travel so light? Seriously, hats off to you!

  99. Rachael

    SO ADORABLE!! i adore your little family. <3 <3

  100. cheyenne

    great video! and yay, stroopwafels!
    xo, cheyenne

  101. Tiffany L.

    You guys rock as a family. I love your pictures and videos and follow you on instagram. I also live in NYC area and have a 3 year old and whenever I feel like I cant live a normal life because I am a mommy now I watch your video and see your pics and realize that its all about perspective and making an effort and that I can still have fun being a parent. Its just a different kind of fun. Though having an awesome stroller also makes a huge difference in the traveling. xoxo

  102. Nicole McNeff

    I just wanted to say that it is lovely to hear your voice. It’s one thing to read what you write, but it’s fun to hear how you sound too.

  103. Raechel

    Hi. I love this. You and your family are such an inspiration. Can you tell us who the song is by? Thanks so much :)

  104. AHH! So fun to hear your voice! I also love your thoughts on traveling with littles and seriously YES! We had no idea having a little guy could be so fun. I can’t wait to watch him grow and adventure with us around the world. XO

  105. Isabella

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMG!! Taza I see your blog since you was pregnant (I think maybe before that).. I’m from Brazil and neeeveer commented here but in all this time (it may seem strange) I had curiosity to hear yours and Josh’s voice anddd OMGGGG!! LOVED SO SO SO MUCH!! You can’t even imagine how much I love and care about you and someday I’ll raise my children in NYC just like you because is the best city in the world! Brazil wins in some points but I still love ny!! Kisses and take care!! Bye!

  106. Courtney

    It’s so funny to actually hear your voice. As a reader I hear it from across the page often but to hear it aloud is a wonderful thing!

    Thank you for all of the time you take away form your loves to share a little happiness with the world and your readers

    So much love,

  107. Dear Davis Family, this is the first time I see a live video where you talk and enjoy. You were already an inspiration for me and my future family, but now even more. Thank you for sharing your point of view of life and inspiring me every time again when I read your blog. All the best to you! Greetings and love from Holland, Lotte

  108. Lexie

    Hi Naomi! Your blog is absolutely adorable! I have one question though. When you were in Amsterdam, was it easy for you to communicate with others in English? Do Dutch know it well and are they friendly toward English-speaking fellas?