flower crowns with anthropologie!


a few weeks ago, i hosted a fun morning of flower crown making at anthropologie’s soho store. a couple of my girlfriend’s and i spent the early morning hours of saturday in the flower district picking out all sorts of beautiful flowers and greenery for the event. i don’t know how i haven’t spent more time down in the flower district until now, but i’m making it a point to go back again soon....

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finding my new york again.

to be honest, it really didn’t take too long. between seeking out some of my favorite treats, this unreal 70 degree weather we’ve been having and spending time with good friends and my tiny family, it sure does feel good to be back in this city. taking it day by day, and of course each day has a few hiccups, but today, i’m a happy girl....

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i hope you have a fantastic amazing wonderful lovely weekend!


what. your kitchen doesn’t look like this? ;)

the other day i was in the bathroom scrubbing muddy white shorts (who buys their kid white shorts? that’s my first problem) with a bleach pen when i decided i should probably scrub the bathroom tub while i was at it (that tub is always neglected when it comes to cleaning.)  5 minutes later i returned to the kitchen where eleanor and samson were playing with my pots and pans (best toys ever) to find them like this....

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a few more photos from our time in utah spent with family…

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^^^my baby brother isn’t really a baby anymore. he’s as tall as me and getting his learner’s permit for driving this month. oh my gosh that’s kind of freaking me out a lot.^^^

^^^my mom is always whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. this brownie cheesecake dish didn’t last long at the table.^^^

^^^utah and its amazing sunsets/ sunrises/ skies and now, pink clouds?...

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