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happy sixth birthday, blog! and thanks to all of you, our readers and friends, for helping us celebrate six years of blogging this week! as we wrap up all these giveaways, we wanted to share one more! our family really loves to travel (even with two small ones in tow) and so we’re giving away  three $500 hotel credits from hotel tonight!  hotel tonight is a new app where you can find last minute deals in over 100 destinations in 12 countries! (this is open to everyone around the world, and each winner can redeem their credits or the equivalent in Canadian dollars, British pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs or Mexican pesos.) this is the kind of thing that really makes sense for people like us who love to travel last minute and also stay flexible (or as we like to say…spontaneous?) with our travel accommodations as a family during trips. this is how we survived most of our trip to italy last year, and being flexible is one of the tips we shared in our post on traveling abroad with littles.

in addition to giving away the hotel credits, readers can also get $25 off their first hotel booking on the hotel tonight app with the promo code LOVETAZA


our family also loves to bike together! it’s our favorite ways to travel around in the city. we have enjoyed doing evening rides in central park and even going to brooklyn together for my birthday!  josh communtes to work on his bike most days. and while not sure if it’s realistic, i’m researching how to rig mine so i can carry both kids around on my bike by myself so we can go out for bike rides more often. ;) either way, biking is now a davis family pastime and that’s not changing any time soon!

so giving away a bike sounded right. and public bikes is helping us do just that! one reader will receive a PUBLIC C7 or PUBLIC V7 bike in the model and color of their choice!


to enter to win, please leave a comment below telling us about your favorite travel destination and also which bike model and color you’d like to win!

you can enter this giveaway a second time through instagram by posting a photo of your favorite travel destination or where you’d love to go bike riding and use the hashtag #lovetazatravel.

readers can live anywhere for the hotel tonight prizes, but the winner of the bike has to live or have the bike shipped in the continental United States.

the giveaway will close next friday, september 6th.

thanks for helping us celebrate six years of blogging this week! thanks for all your love and support and for reading along… have a great weekend!

  1. Brooke

    My favorite travel destination is no where exotic..it’s my college town, Gainesville, FL. It’s only been a year since I graduated but I miss it so.

  2. monika

    Hi Taza! I love the PUBLIC V7 in Red. :) And my favorite place to travel is Arches National Park. I love it there! But really, all the national parks are pretty sweet. This past weekend we went to King’s Canyon and it was amazing! God is the most talented creator of all things!

  3. Brittany

    Love the islands of south Georgia- but we are moving to Germany soon am are super excited to travel there!

  4. Kelly

    Public C7 in red is my kinda ride!

    Love to travel anywhere if my family is beside me. Little towns in Switzerland, covered in snow are a cozy and magical favorite!

  5. Jonathan

    I love driving around Yukon – I saw the northern lights for the first time in destruction bay last summer. Amazing and wonderful. I like the V7 in green :)
    Love the blog!

  6. Ella

    I fell in love with Paris when I went this Summer–so right now that’s at the top of my list!
    I have been searching desperately for a bike that I can afford…but have been lusting after all the public bikes…I would choose the public V7 in red!

  7. Katie

    My husband’s birthday is coming up–I’d love to give him the V7 (a great everyday bike for our very hilly city) or surprise him with a weekend trip to one of our favorite destinations, Portland, OR. Aside from its fantastic food and beer scene, I love it for its many historic hotels!

  8. Karolina

    In my memory Copenhagen is still a perfect place to visit and I’d love to go back. I hope it will happen soon !

  9. Kwendolyn

    OMG My favorite destination for traveling outside of the US is Mexico. Beautiful places such as Cabo would be so ideal. I would love to ride or own a public C7 model in powder blue. I hope to attach a toddler seat and take my little one for a ride in good ole Santa Ana!

  10. Amber G

    I am in love with Honduras, the beaches are to die for. I would love to own a Public C7 in powder blue. It’s dreamy.

  11. Heather M.

    the c7 in cream is the absolute cutest!! I really love to go anywhere abroad but my favorite is europe, specifically italy, which houses all my favorite foods in one country that’s full of history and adventure :)

  12. Whitney Porter

    I would love love love to go to India.

    Also, a V7 in Green would be lovely too! :)

  13. My favorite destination has been to Hawaii with my husband.

    I love the C7 in the powder blue. So adorable!

  14. Mai

    I love to travel across the state. I wish I have enough time to travel to every states in America and see every part of this beautiful country. My favorite bike would have to be the Public C7 in Orange! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  15. Bethany

    I can envision myself riding that red Public C7 through the streets of Ireland!

  16. Bria

    I would LOVE LOVE to win the PublicC7 in powder blue! I recently sold my mountain bike to make room for a city strolling friendly rider JUST like the Public bikes! I love to ride my bike around town to the store, to work, or just for pure pleasure. This would be a perfect match for me :) Thank you for doing this giveaway!


  17. Bria

    I would love to travel to Europe and do a walking tour of a few smaller cities in Italy, France and Spain. :)

  18. Hannah

    One of my favorite places I have ever biked is in Copenhagen. It is such a bike friendly place! It was incredible! I would love the
    PUBLIC V7 in red!

  19. chalalai

    happy 6th!

    I would love to take our daughter to Amsterdam, where my husband and I had the most wonderful time. It would be even better if we can tour the town with the publicC7 in orange!

  20. Kira Elliott

    Yay for 6! St. Lucia & Hawaii are my favorites, hands down!!! I like the C7 in the powder blue :)

  21. Sarah

    For the bike…public c7 in powder blue, gorgeous! As for travel: we’d love to visit Spain for the beauty and THE FOOD! Thanks!

  22. Christine

    What an amazing giveaway. My husband and I love to travel and ride bikes!! We have not done nearly as much since having our little girl. One of my favorite trips was to Cinque Terre in Italy…breathtaking! I’d love to ride the Public C7 in orange. So cute!

  23. Caroline Rae

    The blue C7 bike is so precious! It makes me wish I could pedal through some New England street, admiring cherry blossoms, and beautiful Colonial homes! I love it!

  24. Ashley G

    I love anywhere with a beach. To me, the ocean is so beautiful and calming and definitely my happy place. I’d love the Public C7 in red.

  25. Briton

    It’s hard to choose a favorite travel spot…I love Paris and NYC but also my grandpa’s land in the middle of Idaho. And Costa Rica and Hawaii. See? I can’t choose! My bike pick is the Public C7 in cream.

  26. Dolores Trif

    my favorite travel destination, so far, is the beloved hotel in playa mujeres, mexico. my husband and i went there for our honeymoon and we absolutely fell in love. the people, the food, scenery, everything. we can’t wait to go back!

    if i won a bike i would choose the public c7 in powder blue. SO cute. and it would be perfect for commuting around the city.

  27. what a fantastic giveaway…

    If I won, I would love to travel through/to Italy, specifically Rome or Florence. I love the culture, the deep history, and of course the food!

    If I won the bike, oh man that would be just insane. I would just love the public c7 in orange.

    Love love love the blog Naomi!

  28. Kristina

    We love Chicago & San Francisco. And that top right/red bike is my fave. Hope I win! :)


  29. Allie

    Favorite travel destination is a hard one! Top few are: NYC, Portugal, Greece and Hawaii. Love both bikes! The Public C7 in blue is so cute!

  30. Alyssa Frandsen

    So far my favorite travel destination has been Seattle. I loved the city life and the overall environment. I would love to come explore New York someday and visit the Metropolitan Art Museum and hopefully one day I’ll make it over seas to some exotic location.

    If I won a bike, the PUBLIC C7 would be perfect, in cream. It would be lovely for riding across campus at Iowa State. :)

  31. karina

    I love the publicV7 in green, my bike recently got stolen :( so this would totally make my..month! and favorite travel destination is hard to decide,just traveling and getting out of a routine for a while is always great, i recently got married so me and my husband just enjoy anywhere together! specially if there are mountains around :)

  32. Katie

    Favorite travel destination? Wish I could say I’ve traveled more. Loved NYC though! But I think LA has been my favorite so far. Or maybe the first time I drove into San Francisco. Magic.

    And for the bike, would love the step through (I’m awkward) in cream :)

  33. Kate Wiener

    Gosh, hard to say my favorite travel destination. I studied abroad thru Semester at Sea and was able to see so many beautiful countries, all the while being able to call the ocean my home for 3 long months. It was a life changing experience. I must say the wine-lands in South Africa are breath taking. Not to mention the beaches of Mauritius. As for the bike, I just moved to Walnut Creek, CA and my husband also uses his bike to commute to BART stations. I would LOVE to have a bike myself so I can ride along side him and also tow around our 2 little girls! Cheers to six blogging years!

  34. Laura Leroy

    I’d love the powder blue C7 in the med-large size. Hard to pick a favourite travel destination…China, New Zealand and Amsterdam would all be near the top of my list- and all great places to bike!! Thanks!

  35. Katie Prestemon

    I want to travel anywhere/ everywhere! Right now, New York is my next goal! I love to travel.

    All of the PUBLIC bikes are so cute! I know that I would at least get a red one!

  36. Marianne

    Dying to go back to London after living there for 14 months!

    The Public C7 in power blue would be a beautiful bike to see the city from!

  37. Katie Contests

    My favorite place is upstate New York in the fall.

    I’d like the PUBLIC V7 in black!

  38. Shadia

    Love traveling back home to my country Panama. My favorite place there is an island called “Isla Grande”. You have to take a canoe there but it’s worth it! I live in Texas now and enjoy all the rivers and camp sites in the area. Would love to visit Marfa, TX. It’s 6 hours away from me and would be perfect to take the Public C-7 bike in orange with me. :) Thanks so much for the giveaway! and Happy Blog Anniversary! -Long time reader

  39. Elise-Suraya

    would love to win a bike!

  40. Alex

    my favorite place i have traveled is maui. i would love to go to europe in the near future though!

    if i won the bike i would love the public c7 in powder blue.

    thanks for the opportunity to win and happy anniversary on the blog!

  41. Becca C

    Cinque Terre! Favorite vacation spot ever!

    Public C7 Powder blue

  42. Mary Kate

    London. Love the V7 bike. Thanks for a great give-away!

  43. Tyler

    Travelling to Ireland would be amazing–V7 bike. Thanks, Taza!

  44. Kim

    Wow! Awesome giveaway!

    I love the orange bike. It is such a unique color.

    I love to go to the Pacific Northwest – mountains, oceans, just brilliant!

  45. Meredith

    I’d love the C7 in orange.
    My absolute favorite destination would be San Diego! I love to travel to new countries; however, San Diego is where my family is, so of course it is my favorite!

  46. Rosa

    I’m loving the Public V7 bike in red…so awesome! I can’t just pick one favorite city to travel to so here are my top three ~ Santa Ynez, CA; Rome, Italy; Munich, Germany.

  47. eliza goodpasture

    i’d love the public c7 in RED, and i’m always in love with italia <3

  48. Stacey

    The public C7 in pink! I’d ride this all around the Burke Gilman trail in Seattle when I move there in May :) But my favorite place that I’ve traveled to so far would be a tie between Ireland or Peru!

  49. Nikki

    My favorite place to travel destination is Greece. The beaches are beautiful and I love the food!

    I would also love to own the Public C7 in powder blue!

  50. naomy

    If there is sand and the ocean, I am in my happy place! Nothing beats laying out absorbing rays from the sun,breathing in the ocean air. Oh and those bikes are beautiful!

  51. Jessica

    I would love to bike through Amsterdam, with all those amazing bike lanes throughout the city! xo

  52. Sarah

    My favorite place to vacation has been Cinque Terre! Love the Public C7 Powder blue bike. Thanks for the great give aways!

  53. Heather W.

    So many places I love, but I have ALWAYS wanted to return to Barcelona. Absolutely beautiful, lively. I will go with my family one day. =)

  54. Amy Stephenson

    My favorite travel destination is Cape Town, South Africa! A giant washtub of cultures, color and sound! 2nd is of course, Paris.

    But right now a great destination would be the new Farmer’s Market Store in my little town on a new Public C7 in Powder Blue!


  55. Haley

    Would love to visit NYC again! And love the look of the Public C7 in Red!! Thanks for the giveaways!

  56. Taylor

    I’m loving these give-aways not because of the chance to win something (though that would be nice) but because everyone who sponsor you has such cool stuff!! Stuff I may not have known about but now I do! Just like your blog, which I only discovered a few months ago and have grown to love!
    I recently studied abroad in Barcelona and traveled through much of Spain and Europe. It was the best 4 months of my life and I hope to continue traveling and exploring. Barcelona will always be in my heart and has to be my favorite travel destination.
    The bicycles are so amazing!! I live in the suburbs and I still prefer to ride my bike when I can. It brings back a childish joy that never gets old for me. The red C7 is actually the cutest bike ever!! It’s the kind of bike I dream of but can’t realistically splurge on. I’d love the chance to cruise on that beauty!

  57. Danielle

    I recently traveled to London for the first time for a study abroad program! It was amazing! And the Public V7 bike in black would be perfect for commuting to my classes this semester!

  58. Marci

    Never been to a more magical place than Kauai- the Na Pali coast is stunning and breathtaking. And id love that red bike so very much!!!

  59. jen

    we can’t wait to take our little ones to nyc someday! and i’m pretty much in love with that powder blue c7 bike!! i would love biking near the beaches we have here on the west coast.

  60. Anne

    The joys of 2 wheels are endless! You are in control of your destiny and can cruise to whereever place tickles your fancy. I would like to ride to the beach on the weekends and spend all day surfing the waves, reading a good book and picnic-ing with my beloved and dog, That is my idea of heaven on a hot summer’s day! Relaxing and enjoying the sunshine without a care in the world.

    This is not really related, but having rediscovered the fun of bike riding as an adult, I also stumbled across a good quote from Ernest Hemmingway, a passage actually titled “Bicycle = Good”:
    It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best. Since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.

    I cannot wait to take bike riding more seriously and discover things I normally wouldn’t in my city!

    (Oh and I’ll love to have the Public C7 in in powder blue!) Thanks for all the smiles that your blog brings to me!

  61. MILLY

    Our favorite place to go is a quaint little town called Hudson, QC and is an hour from Montreal. It’s beautiful there and has a special place in our hearts. Also has the creamiest soft serve ice cream I’d ever had :)

    I’d love to win the Public V7 in Green for my husband because he doesn’t have a bike yet! It’d be absolutely wonderful to explore our city together!

    Thank you for the love :)

  62. Monet

    Hmm, so far i think Playa del Carmen, Mexico was one of the best family vacations. Hard to beat floating down a river in a rainforest to the sound of little monkeys swinging in trees above you. :)
    I would love the V7 in black!! Thank you!

  63. Geraldine

    My favourite travel place to date would definitely be Rome, Italy. A city filled so rich in history and culture. To be able to step foot into the Colosseum, the Vatican City – after hearing so much about them on documentary and reading up on them in travel magazine – was truly an experience of a lifetime. & Tucking in to gastronomical delight even at any random street restaurant was such a joy. And to have my loved one share this experience with me definitely made this trip my top favourite place i’ve been to.

  64. Karen

    Barcelona is my favourite travel place. I grew up there so going back every now and then brings back great memories and seeing my childhood friends is always refreshing.

    White or red would be my bike colour!

  65. Jess Latour

    I LOOOOVE going to Hawaii. It’s my favorite place in the world right now. It’s lush and beautiful and I die for the sunsets.

    I would love the Public c7 in powder blue!

  66. kate

    I’d like to bike across Japan one day and this bike would help me do that, especially the red V7!

  67. McCall

    My husband and our little family haven’t had much of a chance to travel yet but we’d love to travel to Africa, Ireland, and Egypt one day. Our very favorite place we have traveled as a family is sandiego!
    C7-is my pick in orange :)

  68. Janice

    My fave destination is anywhere that involves a beach and my family.

    And a Public C7 would be perfect for cruising the boardwalk!!

  69. Hayley

    To this day, my favorite vacation is the trip I took with my mom to Italy. It’s been exactly ten years (in August) since we went, and I would LOVE to go back… although, I would love to go and explore somewhere new. And I would love the Public C7 in Powder Blue… My last new bike was a Christmas gift in FOURTH GRADE so I could definitely use a new model!

    Congratulations on 6 years!

  70. L N Smittle

    St. Augustine…where my sweetie and I traveled together for our first get away. Twenty one years ago. Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun:) congrats on 6 years!

  71. Katie Durr

    My favorite vacation spot is Isla Mujeres, Mexico for it’s laid-back vibe, incredible food, beautiful scenery and lovely locals. I’d love to take the PUBLIC C7 – 2013 in Powder Blue for a ride on the island!

  72. genevieve!

    my time in barcelona was so so wonderful, so perhaps that’s one of those european places i’d like to go back to most. also, that public v7 in green is beautiful!


  73. Jackie A.

    My favorite travel will always be trips to Seattle to visit our close friends. Every trip is memorable in it’s own way. I’d love to take the PUBLIC C7 – 2013 in Powder Blue for a ride on the city!

  74. Katey

    The PUBLIC C7 in orange please. My mom was born in Paris and later lived in Italy as a child. I would love to travel there and explore for a month or more.

  75. randa

    we are still hoping to see new zealand one day! we currently love just driving up the pacific coast highway and stopping at all the little beach towns along the way. i’d love to give my husband the c7!

  76. Betsy

    Choosing my favorite travel destination might be impossible. In general, anywhere I can go to see my family or friends is right the top. If I can combine that with a beach, it’s heaven. Especially the Outer Banks. For BIG trips, anywhere in Europe really but I’ll lean towards Italy. Send me to Cinque Terre please. :)

    i would choose the Public C7 and I’m torn between light blue and red.

  77. Ashley

    My favorite travel experience was Cancun… I went there with my boyfriend the 1st year we were dating. It was a big trip for us… we really splurged and stayed in a nice & fancy hotel! It was a week of love & happiness… and now, 3 years later… we are planning our wedding! Being able to travel together is key!
    Thanks for the giveaway… I like the C7 in light blue! Thanks!

  78. Ashley

    Oh man! thats a tough one! I think my favorite travel destination is Germany – my moms home. Every time I have the opportunity to visit I catch myself taking continuous deep breaths – it smells soooo good – I cant help it! :)

    I like the PUBLIC C7 bike in delicious creme!

  79. megan

    c7 for sure! pretty pretty!

    the beach! i love to watch my little girl try to eat the sand and cleaning it out of all her rolls later always cracks me up too! plus she takes the best naps at the beach in my arms because, the ocean is like a white noise machine! ha

  80. Samantha

    Oh my! What a good looking bicycle. I live in Philadelphia and would love to cruise around our bike friendly streets on the Orange Public C7. My dream destination though would be to go back to Amsterdam on a bike and ride with the hoards of cyclists there. Xo.

  81. Rachel Fray

    It’s a tie between St Lucia where I had a magical experience on honeymoon and Santa Cruz, CA which is like a second home and we would vacation there every year growing up. It would have to be the red bike!

  82. Katie

    I would want the public C7 in orange. We just moved to a very pedestrian community and it kills me that I don’t have a bike. I love this one! Chicago is one of my favorite travel destinations.

  83. Charlotte

    My favorite place I’ve visited is Copenhagen, Denmark. The people there are so nice! And I would choose the C7 in the powder blue. I’ve had my eye on a public bike for quite some time but haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

  84. Joanna Wochnick

    I dream of someday going to Australia. I would love to win the Public C7 in Powder Blue.

  85. melissa

    Public V7 – cute bike. In need of a new bike. We love to travel anywhere!

  86. elissa

    My favorite travel experience happened just last week! My boyfriend and I went to Tokyo. It was my absolute favorite place ever. That’s what I love about travelling…you never know when you are going to fall in love with a place, culture, food, etc. until you are in it. You can look at photos or research it on the internet, but it takes being immersed to actually understand how it feels. I would love to be able to travel more, and this hotel credit would be super helpful. Additionally, I really like the PUBLIC C7i…it would be perfect for getting around Denver!

  87. erika

    Getting in just under the wire…my favorite destination to visit these days is Brooklyn, NY….my sister and her family live there. I love to watch the little cousins play. As for the bike…the public C7 is gorgeous…red is the color! Great giveaway. Love your blog.

  88. Kimberly

    Paris paris paris! I love the Public C7 Powder Blue option!

  89. Diana Dillon

    My favorite place to travel to is Bali. So serene and beautiful. The PUBLIC C7 in Power Blue would be fun.

  90. Sara

    I love traveling, and I’ve visited many cities, states and countries but I’d have to say my favorite destination has been Tahiti because that’s where my husband and I spent our honeymoon!!! I love the orange bike with the basket in front.

  91. Ashley Blanco

    My most recent favorite place of travel is Costa Rica! The small towns within are so unique with so many stories behind them! I would love the Public C7 in powder blue. Love you blog!!!!

  92. Kayla

    Happy 6 years! I have been following your blog for a couple years now and it never ceases to inspire me and brighten my day. So, thank you! Traveling and being out of my comfort zone is probably my favorite thing. I recently visited Tucson, AZ and loved the people and the downtown area. Plus, it’s one of the best biking cities in the US (sweet)! I love the artsy, historic homes and the vibrant colors all over the city. And may I add, Tucson has the best Mexican food I have ever had. Good food is key to happiness. I also went to the Festival en el Barrio and Calexico played just at sunset…amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    I love the cream colored M8i. It would help me and my broken bike sitch oh so well. Thanks!

  93. Sonal

    I traveled to Greece this year for my honeymoon. It was so beautiful and romantic!

    I like the Public C7 bike in red.

  94. Mini

    My favourite destination is Santorini Greece,so beautiful! C7 in cream color would be my choice :)

  95. Sherri

    Aspen Colorado is my favorite destination. Love the powder blue C7!

  96. Sarah

    The most beautiful place I have traveled to is Lake Bled, Slovenia. There is a quaint church on an island in the middle where new grooms brave the 100 steps carrying their new brides as an old tradition. There is a castle atop of a cliff overlooking the lake, and it is all based at with a clear view of the towering julianne alps. There is so much in this world to see! I love to experience and travel anywhere new.

    Our family loves their bikes! I am the only one without one!
    I would love the V7 bike, it is pictured in orange on this blog’s post which I would love or I would absolutely adore the British racer green. Thanks Taza for this weeks giveaways. It is fun to dream :)

  97. My favorite travel destination is Iceland and I love the Public V7 !

  98. Emilie

    Last December I travelled to Australia for the first time. I was supposed to visit a friend and celebrate Christmas with her. However she cancelled last minute and I didn’t really know what to do being on the other side of the planet alone during the ultimate family month. It ended up being the best trip of my life. I travelled up the east coast and met so many wonderful people who made the trip amazing and made sure Australia will always have a special place in my heart. Christmas Eve I snorkelled with sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef and Christmas day I spent in Cairns eating amazing food and drinking beer in the pool with new friends.

    I love the Public C7 Powder Blue bike and I think it’ll suit me very well! Thank you for a great blog! :)

  99. Kristi Keese

    It’s hard to choose just one favorite travel destination, but one of my favorites that I went to this past summer is Cinque Terre, Italy. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely go! It is breathtakingly beautiful! And I would absolutely love to win the PUBLIC C7 in powder blue!

  100. Alexandra Cosgrove

    My favorite place to travel to is Cape Cod – so many great memories there! I love both models of bikes, but I’d have to choose the V7 in green :)