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this month marks six years since my first blog post! part of me cannot believe it. this little blog has documented so many moments and thoughts of mine over the last six years that i am incredibly thankful to have saved in this little corner of the internet. it has seen us through those first newly wed months in the city, through my last year and graduation at juilliard, through our adventures in dc and our move back to new york city. it’s seen our family grow… from trying to have a baby to actually having one. and then two.

we wanted to find a way to say thank you to all of you for your love and support along the way! we have the greatest readers, we really do. and we are so appreciative of this great blogging community! so to celebrate our six year anniversary of blogging, and say thanks, we have partnered with a few of our favorite sponsors to host a series of giveaways this week!


we thought it’d be nice to kick off the week by sharing a few of our favorite moments together as a family from the last six years and by hosting a giveaway for you around the theme of our growing family.


to start off, we’re giving away 3 prizes to more of me maternity! a $100, $250 and $500 credit for each winner to use to online! having experienced two pregnancies so far, i grew to love this brand and also the wonderful woman behind it. i had so much fun getting to know the founder, jessica, and working with her on their look book from last year. her dresses are some of my favorite.


we are also giving away 25 pairs of  freshly picked moccs! one winner will receive 5 pairs and 20 other readers will receive 1 pair each! the winners get to choose which sizes and colors they’d like!   these baby and toddler moccs are just darling and have been a staple around our house with both eleanor and samson. we are big fans (also, that yellow? i mean…)



and we’re giving away a bugaboo donkey stroller! the winner will choose which version of the double stroller they’d like, the mono, duo or twin. the winner will also choose the color of the tailored fabric sun canopies.  we sure do love our bugaboo donkey! we’ve traveled with ours everywhere (remember when we trekked in flooded venice with it and it somehow survived water past our knees?)  it makes our day to day life with two little ones in new york city so much easier. so glad a double stroller like this exists!


to enter our giveaway, simply leave a comment below sharing a special moment you have experienced with your own family.

we are also opening up this giveaway to our instagram following. for a second entry, post a photo on instagram of your family  and use the hashtag #lovetazafamily.

the giveaway will close next monday, september 2nd.

good luck! and thanks again for supporting and reading this blog of ours!

  1. Jessica

    Oh that stroller would be amazing!

  2. My best family moment was my wedding 8 months ago : )

  3. Lawyer mamma

    Happy blog anniversary!! Like your kids, mine loves hanging out in the kitchen with his mamma and daddy, including our weekly choc chip cookie baking sessions. Those cookies disappear fast, but the memories will last forever! :)

  4. Grace

    My favorite moment this year for our family was welcoming our baby boy after 6 years of praying and waiting for him!

  5. Oh my goodness! Happy Blog birthday! Hmmm. A special moment I had was after a very hectic day and I was feeling super frazzled. I was rocking my reluctant baby to sleep just ready for the day to be over. All of the sudden, she held very still and just looked at me. Gazed into my eyes and gave me the most beautiful smile. It was like she was saying, “yes, this can be hard sometimes, but I love you and we can do this together.” My heart burst into a million pieces then and I’ve tried to make every day special and wonderful for that sweet baby in my arms. Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing your life with me!

  6. This weekend has been a pretty nice moment…able to spend it with my husband who works in a different state!! Any of these prices would sure be nice, we are expecting a baby in November!

  7. Abby

    Happy blog birthday!
    My special family moment was marrying my husband two years ago in our gorgeous home city of San Francisco!

  8. Sera

    How sweet! Happy blog birthday! I’ve been reading since around the very beginning and it’s been so amazing to see your blog (and family) grow! One special moment with my family was buying our first home! We’ve been here about a year and a half now and I still sometimes look around and think, “This is all ours?!’

  9. Heather

    Pregnant with my first baby and due in January! So my current favorite moment was seeing my husband’s face at our first ultrasound! Excited to grow our little family! :)

  10. Jenna

    Our son was born Feb 2, 2011 – best day ever!

  11. MN

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’ve loved following your beautiful family over the years! This giveaway is such a great way to celebrate! :)

    My favorite family memory has to be my wedding in France, so many people came from all over the world to celebrate and it was the happiest I’ve ever been!

    Here’s to many more years of love taza!

  12. Sarah

    Happy Blog Birthday to the sweetest little blog around!!
    One of my favorite family moments actually took place this weekend. We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. We had a sweet little party with all of our friends and family under one roof, celebrating our dear Avery. It was so special :)

  13. Meg Sonnenberg

    Ah! Love this.. and love your blog. You know how long I have been following you.. even back to your Kingsley only kid days :) Your family is so sweet and thank you for sharing your journey with us! I would have to say my BIGGEST family moment as of late is.. finding out we are EXPECTING our first little baby early 2014! Obviously your giveaway made my heart swell.. so thank you for you offering all these goodies :) Happiest 6 Birthday Rock Star Diaries!

  14. Carley

    We took a trip to DC and NYC this month and fell in love with them both, but especially DC and Georgetown’s gorgeous row homes. I’m still day dreaming about moving our family into one.

  15. Anna

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I have enjoyed watching your family grow. My favorite family moment so far is watching my 2 year old son get excited for the arrival of his twin brothers. He puts his hands on my belly and tells them, “Hi brothers. I love you, brothers.” Brings a tear to my eyes every time.

  16. Bethany W

    Happy Blog-Aversary! I’m only now expecting my first little so my family is still just husband and me. But not for long!

    We found out last week that we’re expecting a baby girl. That evening, we were sitting and talking about what it will be like to have a daughter and my husband said, “I just can’t believe that one day I will walk her down the aisle.” I don’t know why that little tidbit struck me like it did, but it brought tears to my eyes. We’re so excited to start our family! :)

    Thanks for doing a celebratory giveaway!

  17. Lauren Lendman

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I stumbled across your blog about 4 months ago. Your outlook and your love of life is so refreshing and it brightens my day to read about. Espcially reading about your many adventures with your little ones. My husband and I are expecting our first child in February! So I espcially enjoy your mom perspectives about certain things.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my heart and congrats on 6 wonderful years!!

  18. Carly

    Happy blog birthday…6 years!! Such a wonderful accomplishment. My special moments with my little family are always our mornings. We just lay in bed snuggling and reading books. It makes it seem like it’s just us in the world. Pure joy! XO

  19. SUSAN

    Saturday morning cuddles with my 18 month old and French toast breakfasts are our special moments =)
    And we just found out we’re having a second child early next year!

  20. Gabrielle

    Happy blogiversary! You have such a wonderful blog, and I love reading about your fun life! My favorite moment was marrying my college sweetheart! We have gone through so much, and are excited for the wonderful moments to come.

  21. Mallory

    My favorite family moment is every evening when we snuggle with our baby girl. I guess I should mention that our baby is a retriever, but she’s very much part of our family! We hope to be adding a human baby soon too, so any of the above give aways would be amazing! Happy blog birthday!!

  22. vh

    happy blog birthday! I adore reading your blog posts and seeing those beautiful pictures!

    for our family, whenever there’s a thunderstorm, we will all gather together in a room and simply talk or sing together. for a family of 7, having every single family member in one room is a rare occasion, so these memories are definitely one of the best :)

  23. Jessica Rae Plater

    My family consists of my husband Joe, a schnauzer named Gertie, and a really fat cat named Kitty. My special family moment is when we are all together. Whether that is cuddled up in bed after a long day, or chilling on the couch while Kitty entertains us with her shenanigans. Love your blog hope I win!

  24. Sara O.

    I just started reading your blog this spring and love it! HBD :) This July my husband and I took our 1.5 year old to the coast of British Columbia, where I spent my summers as a little girl. My heart almost burst, as I watched my husband and son splash in the ocean together. What a joy to share my “happy place” with my two favorites.

  25. Alexa Lee

    My husband and I found out we were pregnant with baby #2 last June! My 13 month old has been very rough with me jumping on my stomach, until last night after his story time, he pulled up my shirt and kissed my belly. Now we’re all excited to meet baby #2 :)

  26. love love love your blog and have enjoyed following along all these years! my favorite family memories come in the day to day – seeing my husband get down on the floor and color/ build towers/ have tea parties with our sweet girls. Its in the snuggles and cuddles that happen all day long. In the awe and wonder I get to see when my girls experience something for the very first time!

  27. Well happy 6 years! Have loved seeing your family grow!
    Best moment of the summer for me was bringing Max into the world and introducing him to his brother and sister.
    Will never forget it:)

  28. Bernadette

    Congrats on your blog-iversary!! My favorite moments are the minutes I wake up before my family.. the days I get an extra second to watch them sleep just before they wake up. I feel overwhelmed with joy that they are mine. It’s a little reminder of how lucky I am! :)

  29. jane

    a sweet moment with our family is when our daughter was born and we officially became a family of three.

  30. MissPinkKate

    I love taking my son around the city with my husband- like dinner last night at Bareburger!

  31. Announcing baby #2 a couple weeks ago to my husband and one year old George was pretty exciting! Two under two!!

  32. Christine

    Happy birthday blog! We just grew our family this summer with our new baby boy. I love how his big sis calls him baby Jack :)

  33. Cynthia Sari

    Congratulations of the 6th year of your awesome blog! I love every entries you posted and your family!!
    I recently gave birth to a baby girl. And she’s been such a blessing to us. Every moments in mine and my husband’s is all about her. We also have a dog, Popo. We love it when all of us spend our Sunday relaxing at home and just enjoy each other companies :)

  34. BN

    Yay! for your blog. I’ve been following for several years and have always admired your little family. I’ll be welcoming my first child in December, and will be looking forward to making a whole host of new family memories and traditions. In the meantime, my favorite family moments are lazy saturday mornings making brunch and enjoying coffee with my husband and our chocolate lab.

  35. Courtney

    Six years! Time flies, I met my husband six years ago and now we’ve been married for 5. I still can’t believe it, especially since we just welcomed our first baby 4 short months ago. I will never forget how excited my husband was when our little boy arrived. He just kept saying “this is so cool” ” this was the best decision we ever made.” It made my heart swell to see him so happy.

  36. Jamie

    Celebrating our daughter’s first birthday a few months ago! I love the little person she is turning into and am so excited for all to come in the future! Thanks for the chance to win & happy blogiversary!

  37. Shifra

    Happy six years! I think I’ve been following you for at least four :)
    We just spent a week in Vermont as a family… brings a smile to my face just mentioning it!

  38. Congrats on 6 wonderful and colorful years! What a fun week. One of the most special moments we’ve had as a family this far has been bonding together snorkeling and watching dolphins this summer in Hawaii. It was so fun to see the kid go from scared (argh- I’m not going in that water) to delighted and excited (Oh my, do you see that Nemo fish?)!

  39. The little life we’re building in NYC is my favorite part of my family. Thank you for this wonderful blog, Naomi! Happy 6 years!

  40. Kristyn

    We had a very special moment just last night, when my husband put his hand on my belly and felt our baby boy kick for the first time. I’ll never forget the look on his face!

  41. kate

    Everyday is a special day with my family. But I especially enjoy the summers where we can be outdoors and enjoy what our small town in VA has to offer.

  42. JoAnna

    What a wonderful blog – so happy to celebrate it! My husband and I are currently expecting our first baby, and laying in bed the other night, my husband was able to feel baby boy kick for the first time! Both of us teared up, it was such a precious moment. One of our first as a family of 3! :)

  43. Joëlle

    I Just had my second child, a sweet little boy, and before leaving the hospital hé was waiting in his carseat and my 19 months daugther was sit tint right next to him and looking vers carefully at this étrange little animal called baby…

  44. alyssa

    Congrats Taza! I enjoy every Saturday with my family when we can spend all day together trying new activities and memories!

  45. Cait

    Happy blog Birthday!! A favorite memory for me is both times we found out we were expecting. #2 is coming in February, Lord willing :) And every time my daughter does something new, like kissing us or hugging us or blowing kisses, and those moments when she learns to show affection too.

  46. Jenny

    oh man, this would be awesome!!!!

    A special memory is….vacationing in Yellowstone National Park!

  47. Susan

    One of the happiest moments as an extended family was when my sister gave birth to her first child, a beautiful dark haired little boy with down syndrome. I loved him from the moment I saw him in a way that I did not know was possible. My husband and I are expecting our first child in a couple of months and I cannot wait to experience this gift from God.

  48. Mónica Bonal

    Felicidades desde España!.Mi dia favorito son dos en realidad,cuando nacieron mis dos hijos y por fin les vi la cara!.

  49. Candice

    Great giveaways! My favorite moment would be when my little boy was born.

  50. Sandra

    Feliz Cumpleanos Love Taza Blog! So many special moments I’ve had with my little family but I would have to say it has been watching my husband/best friend be a father to our 2 little boys. I can’t think of a better person for them to look up to and learn from. And my 2 little boys can’t get enough of their Daddy.

  51. Camara

    My oldest sister is pregnant with her first child, due in February, after three very long and difficult years of trying to get pregnant. Finally, after trying many different options, IVF worked for them. They will be amazing parents and I can’t wait to meet my little niece or nephew. These prizes would be perfect for my sister and I can’t think of anyone who deserves such wonderful things. I hope I win so I can give these to my sister.

  52. Jillian

    Would love to get a pair of the freshly picked moccasins! So adorable!


  53. Ann

    My favorite moments are the everyday ones, running in the morning while my husband rides a long side with the baby on the bike seat, or practicing our signs.

  54. Larisa Smyrnow

    Having my son smile when we heard for the first time our second child’s heard beat. HE knew he’s little sister was in the belly. Well that’s what I keep telling myself!

  55. Megan

    Getting to see our baby for the first time during a sonogram. Those 3D scans are amazing. Can’t wait to collect more memories when we finally meet our little one in January!

  56. Jordan Clayton

    My most memorable family moment was not only bringing my beautiful son into this world but seeing his wonderful smile for the first time light up the entire room. I love reading your blog and seeing the photos and memory’s of your beautiful family ! Thank you for sharing :)

  57. Karen

    My best family moment was seeing my one and only sister meet my daughter for the first time last month, when she was 14 months old! My sister had been serving a mission for our church and we were both SO impatient for them to meet! One really neat fact is that Emily was born on her Aunt Rachel’s birthday, which will give them a special connection for life. Congrats on six years!!

  58. Laura Barker

    I love it when we ( my husband and 10 month old) are snuggled up together in our bed I’m the mornings

  59. Maggie

    I feel like my husband and I only truly became a family when we welcomed our first son earlier this summer. We love taking long walks through our neighborhood and talking about the things we want to do as a family as d grows. Whether it be planning his first trip to the beach or his first snowball, its fun to think about all the little (and big) moments we’ll enjoy as a family.

  60. Buying our first house, so far the best feeling in the world. We can’t wait to make it our own! We move in less than a month!

  61. Laura G.

    Congrats on 6 years! A recent favorite family memory was seeing our daughter take her first steps. It’s so amazing to watch her learn and grow right before your eyes.

  62. Just this past January, my brother, who is twenty-four, and his girlfriend of four years had a gorgeous baby girl! My first niece (or nephew!) and the first grand-baby born to my parents. We were all a bit shocked to find out they were expecting as they are both young and financially unstable, but things turned around for the both of them. Emelia Katherine is absolutely a gift from God and I am so proud to be her Aunt Cassandra! My brother has shaped up fast and is making his way to a sound job. Emelia brought our family closer and we are blessed she is in our lives.

  63. Rebecca

    What an incredible giveaway! Thank you! I’ve been reading your blog for the last 4 years, and it has always been one of my favorites. This year is special for our family because we just welcomed the love of our life, our baby boy, Wilder, four months ago. Although every day is wonderful, one of my favorite moments was one evening a month ago when we were just hanging out together and Wilder suddenly noticed his feet and began lifting one leg up and down slowly, trying to get a good look at it. Babies are the best. :)

  64. Lindsay

    My best family moment was telling my husband we were expecting after trying for so many months. I will never forget the raw emotions from that day, now sitting a month and a half away from my due date I cannot wait to experience all new family moments with just the three of us.


  65. Elyse G.

    Meeting my niece the day that she was born. *fingers crossed*

  66. Aimee

    My husband and I just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. With being a military, it’s been a crazy, but very exciting five years! We have moved five times and welcomed our first child last April. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family! Your blog inspires me everyday to be a better wife and mother for my family. Happy 6 year anniversary!

  67. Emma

    Right now it is just me and my guy, plus a kitty named Newton. But we have lots of lovely little moments. Impromptu dance parties, dutch babies with berries nearly every weekend, and lots of laughter. Any of these things would be amazing though to tuck away for a day in the coming years. And my goodness, those moccasins!

  68. Antia Kwan

    Our very special moment was when my husband and I just recently found out on our 3rd wedding anniversary that we were going to be a family of 3!!

  69. Holly B.

    Our most special moment was the day we realized we were bringing our first little one into this world! I’ve have a couple miscarriages and have been patiently waiting for this special moment, so I am very excited for these giveaways because they are all things I would love to get in for this new stage of life!

  70. Stephanie

    Your blog has been a favorite read for a long time. It’s now a favorite in the middle of the night when I feed my newborn baby girl. Those quiet moments at 3am are the best, although exhausting.

  71. Ashley McGlamery

    Congratulations on your 6th Birthday of the blog!! I am an avid reader and love reading all of your day to day happenings.

    My family and I live in DC and I would say that on of my favorite memories is quite a simple one. We went and had dinner at We The Pizza, ate outside and then made our way over to the Capitol building. The night was beautiful and my daughter, who is 2.5, had and absolutely amazing time running around free in the beautiful plaza. My husband and I sat, talked, and watched our daughter playing and truly loving life.

    It is not a grand memory, but the best time we have had as a family enjoying the city that we love so dearly!

  72. sarah

    I have so many “favorite” family moments, but nothing can top the birth of our first child almost 2 years ago. Especially after 2 1/2 years of trying to conceive including several rounds of fertility treatments! He is the light of my heart and now we’re expecting #2! We couldn’t be more excited and would love the Bugaboo Donkey to help us navigate the world with 2 littles!

  73. Christina McClain

    A special moment for my family was this past Christmas. We were able to gather five generations of our family together. It doesn’t happen often, but it is pure joy for me to watch my grandfather enjoy my baby girl the way he used to enjoy watching my brother and I. :) Granparents have a way of reviving the feeling of how special and unique children are.

  74. Jen Lothamer

    Congratulations! The best moments for me are when my husband, 9 month old son, and I are dancing around the kitchen, cooking and cuddling. I love watching my boys together.

  75. Sara D.

    Awesome giveaway! My best memory is the birth of my daughter. She made our family more special than I could ever imagine.

  76. Caroline Luck

    Best family moment – hearing that my sister and her husband want to start a family of their own! (I can`t wait to be an auntie :-) )

  77. Leslie S.

    Happy Blog Birthday! I have been following your blog since the ‘ol days and its awesome to have been able to see a peek into your little family’s life these past six yrs. my special family moment happened 7 wks ago when my daughter was born…sitting in the hospital room nursing her for the first time with my husband looking on, totally mesmerized by her-I will never forget that special moment. Thank you for the opportunity Naomi!

  78. Sarah

    My current favorite family memory is when my husband and I saw our almost 3 yr old daughter burst into laughter when she first started playing with her 1 yr old brother. Almost like she had a revelation that her little 1 yr old brother is the coolest playmate ever =) Thanks for such an awesome giveaway <3

  79. Andrea

    Happy birthday blog! Our family’s favorite moment was when our daughter was born. My husband, son, and of course myself were all laying in the bed after she was born resting. My husband was holding our sleeping son, I was holding our newborn daughter, and we were holding hands. Our family was complete at that very moment! A family of four… and praying for more!

  80. Katherine

    We are a family of three right now. Best moment in our family was the day our son, Elliott was born (1/5/12). He has been filling our days with joy ever since. My favorite moment lately was a couple of weeks ago, I was rocking him to sleep after a particularlly difficult day, he reached up and grabed my face with both of his little hands, and looked deep in my eyes, and said “Hi Momma. I la you.” I just let the tears roll.

  81. Kristy B

    The nights our little girl busts out her princess dress and asks for a dance party. It is always such a treat after a long day to just relax and dance and smile together.

  82. Lacey S.

    So many good things! Some of our best moments are those times when my husband and I get to witness the friendships unfold between our three kids (5 and under). They hold hands when walking, look out for each other and play awesome rounds of imaginary games.

  83. Nicole L

    After a long time of trying, we are finally expecting our first. It brings me more happiness than I can explain.

  84. Taylor

    Our BEST family moment, by far, was welcoming our little girl into the world. Our wedding day was special, as was the day we found out we were expecting, but holding our little one for the first time made us a family.

  85. Katie R

    Spending the weekend mornings curled up in bed.

  86. I have loved watching you and your little family grow! My favorite memory with my little family was taking our little girl camping for the first time. Her love of nature and everything around her. It was fun to watch her soak in everything!

  87. robyn

    special moments – we try to have those as often as possible! just yesterday was Owen’s 2nd birthday party, and man was it fun! Thomas the Tank Engine themed because our little boy LOVES him some Thomas, and he just would stop and look at the decorations and scream “WOW!! YAYAYAYAYAY!” So great something that seems so small to us (some cheap decorations) meant so much to him!!

  88. Liz

    Congratulations on six years! I’ve been trying to remember when I started reading… I think when you were pregnant with Eleanor? With two little ones about the same ages as yours we have a lot of special moments but recently I would say the other night as we ate dinner and our two year old had my husband and me cry-laughing at what she was saying. We looked at each other and said man our life is awesome!

  89. Christina Allen

    My family has grown by one this year. My sweet daughter was born when I was just 26 weeks pregnant in January. Though it has been tough, since she has been home, we’ve had tons of family moments. This past weekend we took her swimming for the first time, and she loved it!

  90. Violet

    Getting married three months ago, starting our own little family soon!

  91. AlexaF

    My favorite moments are planning to make this duo a trio!

  92. Amanda Chesser

    What a generous giveaway! Our most special memory so far as a family of three is probably the night that my husband came home from deployment on Christmas Eve. The entire month of December was spent hoping and praying that he would make it home in time for Christmas and by the grace of God, he did!

  93. Ariadna


    One special moment was bringing our baby girl home from the hospital. Staying up that first night even while she slept for a few hours and just looking at her and holding her is something I’m sure my husband and I will never, ever forget.

  94. Melissa

    Some greatest family memories were created taking road trips down the Eastern coast of U.S and Canada…. From Maine to Newfoundland, it was just beautiful!

    Congrats on a successful 6 years!

  95. Sarah

    Happy Birthday to the blog! This year my husband and I were able to buy and completely renovate an old home. It was hard work, but their is nothing quite like sitting on the couch, in a newly carpeted room that we put so much work into, and just enjoying the view.

  96. Stacey

    My favorite moment was taking my little girl home from the NICU and the silence of our little house without beeping machines. She was finally ALL ours and not hooked up to tiny little wires.

  97. Trisha F

    The special moment we will always remember is when my water broke- I calmly went into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup.
    Meanwhile, the hubby is in the bedroom, the kitchen, the family room- panicking about everything, mostly about me being so calm.
    It made for an eventful two days until that boy decided to come and see us!

  98. Hanna

    I have really enjoyed following your little family’s journey. Happy birthday! I type this just as my little one is learning to crawl around the room!

  99. Henn

    Going on a cruise with four generations of wonderful ladies I am lucky to call family: my grandmother, my mother, my sister and my niece :)

  100. One of my favorite family moments is watching the love between my 16 month old daughter and my husband. Every morning when he leaves for work, she says bye bye and blows kisses to him, and then she’ll stand at the window and watch him walk to the car, all the while saying “Papa! Papa!” This little girl sure loves her papa, and it makes me melt every single day. :)

  101. Becca G.

    Happy 6th Blog Birthday! My favorite moment with my family was the first time by husband realized he could make our 3 month old daughter laugh – it’s now his daily goal and the look on his face when she does it makes me fall in love all over again with him, then her, then us.

  102. Chrissy

    Hi Taza! My husband and I have been trying for a year and a half to start a family of our own, and I recently got pregnant! We are so excited! Your give aways are exactly the sorts of things I am looking to purchase :) Thanks for doing this and writing this amazing blog for 6 years!

  103. Casey

    Buying our first house and really making it ours (through demo, rebuilding, paint, and decor) was one of the most special moments for my family. We look forward to growing into (and with) the house and creating new memories in it!

  104. Brittney

    Happy Blog Anniversary! What a fabulous giveaway! We’re excited about welcoming baby number 2 this January. Putting our first baby, Hudson in his Big Brother shirt for the first time was a memory I won’t forget!

  105. Victoria Byrne

    Best family moment? My little girl Norah kissing her baby brother Sammy and calling him ‘baby Saddy’

  106. Ashley

    Yay I would love to win any of these things! Best memories would be finding out I was pregnant and telling my husband. So fun!

  107. Abby Peterson

    I’m a new Mama of a 6 month little guy. There are too many favorites to pick from; little giggles, tickle time, long dreamy eye stares, to name just a few… But one unexpected thing I cherish are the long daily conversations I have with my hubby about our baby. We laugh at the silly things he did, we pride ourselves in his little tiny milestones, and we are in awe at how quickly he’s growing. Our baby has made our marriage stronger (and also challenged us a great deal) in ways I never considered.

  108. Kaitlin

    As my family is still growing, 30 weeks tomorrow, my husband and I have shared so many moments just loving on my growing belly, setting up the nursery, and being showered with love by our families. I would love to be a winner!

  109. Tai Presnell

    My best family moment was our elopement in Maui last September. It was just my husband and I (& our amazing photographer)! It was the most romantic moment of my life. I’m sure this will soon be topped with the birth of our first child, a son due September 5th!

  110. Jessie

    My husband is wonderful about taking our 2 year old down to the pool in our apartment complex. She loves it, but often asks “mommy pool too?” I’m 9 months pregnant and all too often would like to take that little time they’re down there as a break for myself.

    This weekend I joined them, and my daughter was so excited. She showed me all the progress Daddy has made with her swimming, showed off her tricks and her fearlessness in the water, and just frolicked around playfully. She is just the best. Can’t wait for her to be a big sister.

  111. lucy

    6 years…wow! i think i have been reading for about 5 of those years. i would love to win some moccasins for my niece and nephew! :)

  112. hannah

    ohh i couldn’t resist entering this one. i mean, lil ham needs to be outfitted with some moccs!

    as for a special moment with my family… one that stands out is when my siblings and i all got to be together after the birth of my sweet nephew who only lived for 11 days. when you’re all grown up and experiencing life at a different pace and scattered across the states it is hard to think of yourself as the family you grew up with, but coming together during that trial brought us all closer together and helped us really think hard about our family relationship.

    long and maybe too personal for a comment? haha. either way, happy bloggerversary! definitely worthy of celebration.

  113. Brittney Miracle

    One of the happiest moments for our family is when my husband came home from his 3rd deployment and our daughter ran up to him and started squealing and yelling she was so excited to have her daddy home. Makes me tear up just thinking about it but right then and there we were whole again and I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything! Yes deployments are long and hard and stressful but the minute your soldier steps off that bus and back into your arms and your little’s arms its almost all worth the sacrifices!

    p.s. we love you Taza family

  114. Jennifer Heise

    Taking our first family vacation to the beach…seeing the look on their tiny faces made the long drive worthwhile!!

  115. Ashley

    Celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary and deciding we are ready to start trying to have a baby!

  116. Lesley G.

    Happy blog anniversary! My favorite moment was celebrating our little man’s second birthday party this past weekend. i know it’s so cliche to say it, but time really does fly. I could just stare at him and watch him grow into the little dude that he is.

  117. Tracy

    congratulations! a favourite family moment of mine was getting to meet my husband’s entire extended family at their lake house for his grandmother’s birthday. i don’t have a large family, so seeing all these cousins and aunts and uncles was magic!

  118. Margaret

    Happy blog anniversary! One of my favorite weekly moments shared with my little family are the lazy weekend mornings where we linger extra long in bed. Another favorite is my wedding day! Almost 3 years ago.

  119. Cat

    Happy 6 years!! my favorite moment is hearing my daughter say MOMMA when I walk into her room in the morning to get her. Best way to start each day!

  120. nora

    the moment that comes to mind is being with my husband at the brian wilson concert a couple of weeks ago and deciding there that we are ready to start our own family : )

  121. Jennifer

    Welcoming a sweet new baby last may!

  122. Kristen

    i just love reading your blog! and, of course, i love sunday afternoons with my family.

  123. Christina

    Happy 6th year of blogging! You are so gracious to offer all these awesome prizes. So my special moments with my little family, it is hard to chose just one. But I have to say I love when my husband, my 14 month old and myself are laying in bed, snuggling and a giggle fest occurs! Someone tickles someone and the laughs become infectious. Memories that will last a lifetime!

  124. Claire

    Happy blog anniversary! We are expecting our first baby this December. My favorite moments lately are laying on the couch together and feeling her kick and daydreaming about what her personality will be like!

  125. Susan E

    So many wonderful moments of parenthood/family life… My absolute favorite are in those little moments of love, a big hug and an I love you from our little guy, the first time successfully going potty (seeing the pride on his face), him pretending to be a fireman and running around, cuddles in bed, the pure joy in experiencing something new through the eyes of my little guy.

  126. Emily

    My husband is active duty military and our little family just moved across the country… South Carolina to California… We spent a week in the car with an 8 month old! We stopped at some great places and ended our trip with a little vaca to the Grand Canyon… I will forever cherish that road trip.

  127. Holly

    Happy Blog Birthday! My favorite family moment as been buying our first home with my fiance! We will be married in 5 weeks and I can’t wait to fill our home with memories together!

  128. Dayle

    Happy Birthday Love Taza! I’m so happy I discovered your blog a few years ago. It’s my favourite. Thank you for sharing your family with us :)

    A current favourite special family moment of mine would have to be baking with my husband and 20 month old. I love baking and I love being able to have my son “help”. He mostly just loves trying to eat all the ingredients!

  129. Ashley McGuire

    Happy birthday, love taza! How exciting! I think one of the best moments our family had this year was navigating through the rainy days. In the south we arent to all this wet weather! Buying rainboots and just going for it brought along some very special memories.

  130. Renee

    My favorite family memory is the week we spend together in Michigan each year escaping Chicago for quality relaxation time. It’s my favorite week of every year. Xoxo

  131. erin

    Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy reading your blog. I always appreciate your positive spin on life! My favorite family memory is spending time in the kitchen. Talking, cooking, and laughing.

  132. Nicole h.

    Happy six years! I love your blog so much.
    My favorite moments with my family are usually the simple ones. Having time together on weekend, Sunday drives, family dinners and bed time with our two boys is always a favorite :) that’s usually their goofiest time of day

  133. beka

    I had a second-term miscarriage this past May. We have fertility issues and it was very hard to get pregnant with my 1st child. We were shocked when we surprisingly got pregnant again. We really wanted to have another child especially so that our son could be a big brother. He was so excited to be a big brother and could not wait to meet his baby brother. Unfortunately, I miscarried. The first night was the worst… leaving the hospital without a baby in my arms was more painful than I could have ever imagined. We picked up our son from a friend’s house and went home. As we crawled into bed all together at 3 am, my 3-year-old son somehow just knowing how desperately I needed him, whispered to me, “It’s okay mama. I’m going to sing to you.” He then proceeded to sing “I am a Child of God”. I cried and cried and my husband and my son held me in bed as I listened to my sweet boy sing to me and to our baby in Heaven. That memory will stay with me as one of my most precious moments. Families ARE Forever.

  134. sarah

    traveling the world together :)

  135. Grace

    Thanks for sharing these past 6 years.

    My favorite moment is snuggling in bed Saturday mornings with the hubs and my two kiddos.

  136. Jesscica

    My best family moment was actually this past week. I just graduated from BYU and both my family, and my husband’s family were able to attend. It amazes me how wonderfully our families get along. I had a moment to sit back and really appreciate the families that helped bring two people together; my husband and myself!.

    Happy Birthday to your blog! Been following since its inception :)

  137. Annadee

    Watching my kids being sweet to each other and loving each other when they don’t know anyone is watching. Seeing the love they have for each other makes my heart full.

  138. Emie

    One of my favorite memories I have of my family of 3 was our first trip to the ocean last summer.
    Our little man wasn’t even walking yet but he loved sitting on the sand and watching the waves. It was a low key trip with lots of evening strolls. I will never forget it.

  139. Leigh

    Happy blog anniversary. I’ve loved getting to know you and your family through your words and photos. You have amazing adventures and also cherish the little moments. Wonderful!

    My family of three is a month away from becoming a family of four. I’ve loved motherhood this far but I’m a little nervous about the upcoming transition. It just seems so big! My daughter brings me so much joy. My favorite moments are in the kitchen with her and my husband. We are running around, trying to cook or clean but then a great song comes on and we have a family dance. It’s truly living my dream!

    Thanks for the great give-aways and for sharing your life!

  140. Jessica

    My best family moment was actually this past week. I just graduated from BYU and both my family, and my husband’s family were able to attend. It amazes me how wonderfully our families get along. I had a moment to sit back and really appreciate the families that helped bring two people together; my husband and myself!.

    Happy Birthday to your blog! Been following since its inception :)

  141. Ashley

    Happy birthday, love taza! How exciting! I think one of the best moments our family has encountered so far this year is navigating through the rainy days. In the south – we arent to all this wet weather! Buying rainboots and just going for it brought along some very special memories.

  142. Bridget P.

    One of my favorite moments with my family is when we say a family prayer after we read Carter his bed time story. We make a “Carter sandwich” with kisses afterward. =)

  143. Leslie

    We are a new family of 4 and took a long road trip when our new baby was 7 weeks old, to Texas for my grandmother’s funeral. It was a hard trip (my oldest was 20 months), but it was so much fun and so magical to make so many memories as a foursome so soon after my youngest came along. And we made it!

  144. Crystal

    My best family moment was learning we were expecting baby #2 to complete our family!! P.S. Happy 6th birthday!

  145. Kate

    A special family moment occurred almost 2 weeks ago after the birth of my second son. My oldest boy burst into the hospital room so excited to meet “baby brother” That moment when he held the baby for the first time was so special. it makes my heart swell to see him interact with the new baby in such a sweet and tender way.
    congrats on the anniversary! i am so in love with your family and have loved reading your blog.

  146. Katie

    My little family of 2 has had an exciting year. A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, treated, recovered and now in remission. We just found out that our first attempt at IVF has worked! We are due with our first little one in January 2014. We can hardly wait! I’d love to win any of the giveaways since any would be so needed and appreciated. Happy 6 years! Thanks for sharing your life!

  147. Christy

    My favorite moment with my family of 3 was when we all three blew out the candle on my daughter’s 1st birthday cake!

  148. Jenn K.

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I have kept a blog too over the years, but have been slacking off lately. I recently went back and read through my blog archives from the last few years and was suddenly SO grateful that I had created and posted so many things on my little blog! SO many wonderful, sweet, and tender memories came flooding back and I was filled with a new sense of renewal to pick up blogging again so I can journal about my adventures with my husband and four sweet kids!

  149. Amanda

    Happy 6 years! I have enjoyed reading for the past 4-5. Thanks for sharing! My favorite was welcoming our sweet baby Sam to the family. We can’t get enough.

  150. Holly

    I thought the best day of my life was my wedding day, then the birth of our daughter but now, I’m understanding that each day that I get to spend with my family is the best day ever!

  151. zoey inda

    Hard to pick just one, but I’d say the birth of our daughter the day after last Christmas. Uh-may-zing!

  152. Shelley

    I’m due with my first in December. Husband and I tried so long to start a family and are so excited we were finally able to become pregnant! December 25th won’t just be Christmas anymore! :)

  153. Hannah

    Happy blog birthday! When you had just had Samson I had just found out I was pregnant with my second child. My little girl wasn’t even a year yet. And as a was starting to freak out about how will I do this, they’ll be so close in age, blah blah blah…. I found your blog. I read the post about how in those moments when both are crying, wanting to nurse, and sleep all at the same time, your pup HAS to go potty, you’re about to cry along with all of them and then bam! they’re asleep, so peacefully. And you wonder why you ever freaked out because they are so perfect. This moment hit me when we had our son in February and he met his sister for the first time. All my fears and worries flew out the window when I saw how much she loved him, and we loved him. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life!

  154. Angie

    thanks for sharing your blog, I love it! my favorite recent family moments are watching my 11 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter interact with their 1 yr old baby sister. They are like mini parents to her, its quite sweet and she loves them so much already.

  155. Rachel

    There have been too many special moments with my family, but an obvious one was when our lil dude Jack was born. He is already 7 months old and just learning to sit- which makes meal times THAT much more fun and exciting!

  156. Christine Trang

    Happy blog anniversary. My fondest moments are watching my 2 year old being meticulous about organizing and aligning his toy cars. Wish I could freeze time to preserve his innocence. Love your blog.

  157. Lauren

    Happy Blog Birthday! My favorite memory is watching my girls meet each other for the first time! I can’t wait for them to meet their new sibling in February.

  158. Pamela

    I’d say it’s pretty special now … about 7.5 months along and we can’t wait to meet our little one!

  159. Kathy

    My favorite family moments are just grabbing ice crem at our favorite DC spot on Sunday nights. Happy 6th birthday to your lovely blog!

  160. Jill

    Happy Birthday! Taking my nieces to feed fish on a farm was super fun!

  161. bryn

    Congrats! My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary yesterday and it was wonderful :)

  162. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    My favorite family memory was giving birth to my beautiful daughter in San Francisco, CA and graduating only eight days later from USF Master’s Program with a 4.0. I hope that will always inspire my daughter to have dedication and passion throughout life.

    I love dressing Zoe in freshly picked mocs and the stroller is amazing too!

    Thanks for the great give-a-way opportunity.

  163. Kate

    Congrats on your blogging anniversary! Such awesome giveaways – that double stroller looks amazing!!

  164. Kayla

    Experiencing the birth of my son with my husband six months ago was mind-blowing and earth-shattering, in the best possible ways. Easily my favorite memory experienced with my family, bar none.

  165. bri

    happy six years!
    a week ago we got a baby pool to fill up in our backyard. it’s been so fun to watch william splash around in it for hours. and it’s also nice for me to be able to put my ever-growing pregnant feet up for a while and just watch him play. i’m sure brining home baby charlotte at christmas and introducing her to william will top these fun summer moments though ;)

  166. Wow! 6 Years, what an incredible time to watch your family change and grow!

    My husband and I are celebrating 3 years of marriage this fall and some of my favorite memories we have are the trips we have taken. Portland, New York, Montana, Denver, and my favorite our 2 month trip to Africa serving together in orphanages and slums. Traveling together really bonds us in unique ways and invokes lots of deep conversations and special memories.

  167. maria

    Special moments.. they happen so often… it’s raining cats & dogs here in Toronto today.., my 6-month old baby boy and I laid in bed extra long this morning, cuddling under the sheets & playing peek-a-boo while the rain pittered outside our window. Family life is good! Thank you for your lovely blog, capturing the goodness of yours. xoxo Maria

  168. Becca

    Congratulations on 6 years of blogging – what a treasure to have all those memories in one place! My husband & I just celebrated 6 years of marriage yesterday & I sure wish I had been keeping a blog this whole time to document all of our special moments! We have an almost-3 y.o. little boy who loves to look at your blog with me. He will crawl up onto my lap when I have my computer out & will say, “I look at the silly babies?” which means he wants me to show him pics/videos from your blog! He loves playing & laughing with other kids & we are soo excited to finally be able to give him his own little playmate – a little brother due next week! I have to say, my heart did a little dance when I saw one of your giveaways was the Bugaboo Donkey! I’m so in love with that stroller & still haven’t gotten a double stroller yet. I read every little detail of your Italy posts (I served my mission there too!) & it is my dream to take my own little family there someday! Anyway, thank you for all the little ways you inspire my family through your blog!

  169. Casey

    Happy birthday!!! I’ve loved reading about your family. So far my favorite memory with my little family is my wedding last year :)

  170. Alyssa

    Your blog is so uplifting! Thanks for sharing! My favorite family moment of late was moving to a new home with my hubby and two little boys. We spent the first night sleeping on an air mattress with two kids on top of us…..worst nights sleep but we didn’t care because we were all together starting a new adventure!

  171. tracie

    WHAT AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! Seriously crossing my fingers for any of these! I have loved, loved reading your blog over the years! Thanks!!!

  172. What a wonderful giveaway! I’m due with my first in January, and winning this would be such a blessing.

    A special moment with my family recently was finding out that our little one is a boy. My husband and I decided that we wanted just the two of us to find out (no cake cutting or gender reveal parties), and it was such a sweet moment to experience that together.

  173. Natalie k

    What an awesome giveaway! Our favorite memories we are making right now are soaking up these last few months as a family of 3 including extra date nights and lots of extra cuddles with our daughter!

  174. Larissa

    There have been so many moments I will cherish that have occurred recently. First telling my husband we are expecting our first child, second, hearing that baby’s heart beat for the first time, and third holding my husband’s hand when we found out our baby is a boy and got to see his precious profile on the ultrasound. These are the moments I want to remember perfectly forever. This is an amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed, and congrats on six years!

  175. Avery

    My husband and I have been married for 3 years and we are hoping to start a family soon! I mainly wanted to enter for my many friends who are pregnant and expecting their first!

  176. Annie Huff

    My favorite moment that I had this year getting to go to Jiri, Nepal and work in a Children’s Home (Orphanage) and becoming a family member to them. By the end of my stay all the kids were calling me sister! It was crazy to think that in the span of a month I could have a family that lives across the world but I know loves me like there sister. It is crazy how your family can grow so much when you open your heart to it!

  177. Alma Wall

    Congratulations! Six lovely years of blogging!

    My Huxley has always loved music and he recently started Singing. I love going into his room first thing ever morning and bringing him to our bed. We have family snuggles and sing songs. It’s my absolute favorite time and its a wonderful way to start off our day : )

  178. Sara

    We took our son to his first (and mine!) drive-in experience this weekend. Playing games, catch, and chilling in the car while we waited for our double feature was pretty special. It was a great night celebrating a long-history of the importance of family and time together. Who wouldn’t love snuggling in blankets and watching movies under the stars?!

  179. Lauren

    best family moment was, without a doubt, finding out that we’re having our first baby boy in January! :)

  180. Caroline

    Happy 6th! We’ve just returned from the most magical family vacation on Hornby Island, BC, Canada. Every moment was special because it is such a beautiful, inspiring and adventurous place, and my family of 5 got to be together for 8 days straight!

  181. Mercer

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    One of my most fond family memories to date is when my little family packed up and moved ALLLL the way across the country last year. We put our most valuable belongings in a trailer, hitched it to our car, and drove almost the entire length of Interstate 10. Our cross country road trip was such an adventure, especially with a 10 month old baby in tow, but we have some of the greatest memories from that trip. And now we are making some amazing memories in our new home, but we sure do miss our family!

  182. christina

    Happy Birthday blog! I have been following your blog for about 4 years now and it was amazing to see your family grow. A special moment I have shared with my family is the day my niece was born. She has been brightening up our days ever since she came into our lives :)

  183. Jessie

    Yesterday we took our 11 month old son Søren to Disney and on It’s a Small World for the first time. He sat on the seat between his dad and I and held my hand super tight. The whole ride he didn’t move a muscle and squeezed my hand and took everything in. It just about killed his dad and I, he was so cute! It was such a great moment!

    Thanks! Happy anniversary!

  184. Katie Cheesman

    My husband and I got married about a year and a half ago, but are looking forward to having children of our own.. You and your family are a great example of what a family should be like. Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers :)

  185. molly

    My favorite family moment was the birth of my baby girl!

  186. Hey Taza!!
    I would LOVE to win some maternity clothes!! I found out I am pregnant a few months ago. I live in Sweden with my husband (who is swedish) away from my family in Utah!! A good time with my family here in Sweden was when I was with my mother-in-law when i found out I was pregnant!! It was a beautiful moment, and i am so glad I was able to share that moment with her, since she doesn’t have any daughters. :)

  187. Kirsten

    happy blog birthday!

    a favorite family memory of mine has been the monthly birthday dinners my in-laws have each month. it has been such a neat opportunity to get everyone together – the nieces and nephews playing together while everyone visits and laughs together. every month for 2 years we’ve had tacos and everyone brings a part of the dinner. i’m just so grateful to have in-laws with neat traditions!

  188. Jessica

    Awesome Giveaway!
    A recent special moment with my family was our vacation last week to Lake Tahoe. Our 1 year old had a blast at the beach and we had so much fun building sandcastles, eating sandy sandwiches, driving toy trucks, and dipping our toes in the lake. Such a great memory!

  189. Ash

    Happy 6 years! Oh, how I love this blog of yours!

    A favorite moment with my little family (hubby, me, and S – our little one-year-old) is when we traveled to San Fransisco Easter of 2012. Our little girl was only 8 months old at the time, and I was nervous about flying with her. But you had actually just posted about traveling to ITALY, and gotten back from a SF trip with both of your littles – so you gave us a little hope. = ) If you could do it with two, I mean, come on. ; ) We loved looking through your SF posts and getting some inspiration for our own trip!

    Thanks for blogging!

  190. Yanci Gonzalez

    My favorite family moment was the home birth of our third little girl, Alina. I think it was my favorite by far because my marriage has stood stronger than ever and we have dealt with so much and to finally be able to have a home in which love, respect, hope, and bliss is what matters meant so much. My husband has allowed me the pleasure of being a stay at home wife and mother to our children and I have seen all these moments that I didn’t experience before due to me returning to work and that meant so much to me. The reason that our homebirth meant so much is because we got closer, bonded in a level that is surreal and also because my husband caught the baby which meant everything to him. Ali united our family and has blessed our family with more hope than before.

    Thank you so much also because you have inspired me to do great things and new concepts on life and family. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family.

  191. Kelly

    First of all, happy blog birthday! Reading your blog has been a staple in my life over the past six years. It is always uplifting and inspiring. So, thank you. I think the most special family memory I have, is simply the fact that I have my own family. I grew up in some not-so-happy circumstances, whether it was struggling through my parents eight year divorce, coping with abuse after my mother decided to remarry, or wondering if we would eat dinner that night. I remember hiding in my bedroom, praying to get by, and the one thing that kept me going was a small promise in my heart that I would one day have a kind and loving family of my own. I started writing letters to my future husband at the ageof twelve as a coping mechanism. While most young girls dreamed of being a singer, actress, teacher, dancer, etc. , all I dreamed of was family. Today, as I sit here writing this, I am blessed with a loving husband, a sweet little 1 1/2 year old son, and another sweet baby due in January. My dreams have really become a reality. I’m so happy that I turned to prayer as a child, and channeled my stresses and fear through something positive. I am so lucky to have the happy family I always wanted to be a part of. The luckiest.

  192. Stefanie

    My favorite family moment has been watching my husband become a wonderful dad to our 1 year old son Jake. There is nothing more special than watching them interact together every day :)

  193. Kasey G

    Happy Anniversary! I have only been following your blog for about 2 years now but it is an absolute joy to read. One of my favorite family moments with my 2 bebes is when we took them to disneyland. Before we even got through those magical gates, my kids faces just showed pure joy and excitement. It was a moment I will never forget and something I will always cherish.

  194. Wow! Best giveaway ever! A favorite moment with my family…..
    Every night my husband and I read to Rae. We rock in her rocking chair, and she cuddles into our chest with her favorite blankie. We read a couple stories as a family, oftentimes skipping pages as she likes to turn the pages too fast, and then we get in some last minute cuddles and extra bedtime kisses. Before leaving her room, we fold our arms and thank God for the blessing of family. It’s our nightly ritual, and it is my favorite part of the day.

  195. Cole

    Happy Anniversary! My best family moment was when my husband was out of town for work and called me via Skype to say hello. As soon as our 4 month daughter old saw his face on the iPad screen, she started “talking” to him as if she was catching him up on what she did that day. Watching the special relationship between them has been amazing.

  196. Happy blog anniversary! I love the happiness and joy your blog brings to the interwebs. A special moment I’ve experienced with my family happened earlier this summer when I vacationed with my husband and little daughter. We found out soon after that I’m pregnant with our second, so it was wonderful to have a fun experience with just the three of us before we become four.

    Cheers, and thanks for the incredible giveaway! xo

  197. Tina

    my favorite family moments are watching my family grow! time passes all too quickly!

  198. Joy

    Wow, happy blogiversary! My husband is my family right now, and I’d say our most special moments are when we are just laughing together before we go to sleep. One of the sweetest parts of marriage. :) Thanks for all you do here, Naomi! I love your positivity and grateful attitude; you’re a good influence on me!

  199. Finding out we are having identical twin boys just 15 months after welcoming our first little boy! Busy…excited…very thankful.

    There are so many changes ahead for our growing family. Watching your family manage big changes with energy and positivity makes me so excited for the crazineess ahead.

  200. Karen

    Hi there , happy birthday blog! Congratulations on all your success I love reading and following along on Instagram.

    The most special memory I’ve recently shared with my family was the birth of my son Benjamin! He came into our lives 5 months ago and he has been such a blessing. He is such a happy healthy boy I couldn’t ask for more . I also have a darling daughter she is five years old and is so thrilled to be a big sissy.

  201. Jessica Fritz-Pifer

    Happy Anniversary!

    Families come in all shapes and sizes….and all are perfect. My family is of four: Mama (me), Papa (Jeremy), Penelope (4 years – we call her Pip) and Callum (9 months, called Cal or Huck). Life has gotten busy for us in the last few months. I’ve returned to work and am on the road two days a week. So when I get an opportunity to do something special with my kids, I jump at the chance. Last Friday, my daughter and I had a chance to go to an amusement park for the evening and swim & ride roller coasters (kid-appropriate roller coasters, of course). Naturally, we had a blast. But what struck me the most was this lovely little lady that I called my companion that night. We were standing in line for her favorite ride, and I looked down at her and was overcome with joy and love for this genuinely wonderful little girl. She is smart, she is polite, she is sooooo affectionate, she is silly, but most of all, she is full of life. I took a picture right at that moment and cried. To think that my husband and I created this lovely creature is truly awesome and overwhelming (in a great way).

    Now there are hundreds of moments that are special. But this one will truly stay with me forever – a special moment with my little girl.

    I will be tagging her photo on instagram, so you can see how her eyes sparkle.

    Happy Anniversary Taza! Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  202. Lily G.

    A very special moment I had with my family was during my wedding. My husband and I had our daughter before we had our wedding, so that day when we did was so special to me. It was not only the day my husband and I made a promise to each other, but also the day when we made a promise to our daughter that we would be the best and loving parent we could. It was really a day we celebrated family and love.

    P.s. I love your blog and so thankful there’s a blog out there like yours, where its all about family! I always look forward to reading more blog posts of yours! Thank you for such great giveaways opportunities!

  203. Leanne

    A special moment with my little family was on one of our evening walks when my daughter, Kenzie grabbed her Dad’s hand and refused to let go the whole walk home! Melted my heart! Can’t wait for our little boy Evrett to get here next month so that Kenzie has someone’s hand to hold during our day-time walks :-).

  204. whitney

    congrats on six years.

    it’s been a joy following you :)

    here’s to six more!!!

  205. Amy W

    Happy Blog Birthday! What a fantastic giveaway! A special moment with my family occurs fairly often, just when we are home together in the evenings and we are laughing until our bellies hurt. So fun to giggle with our little kiddos!

  206. caitlyn

    Weddings and babies are my favorite things to share with family.

  207. Melissa

    Congrats on the blogs birthday! Would love to win any if those giveaways! Thatnks for the opportunity to enter! Those moccs are my fave and the little one needs some ASAP!

  208. This year our little family of 4 made the scary/exciting decision to move to a state and town far away from family and all things familiar because we wanted to have a great adventure with our kids. What we didn’t expect was to get pregnant (surprise!) almost as soon as we got settled here! Now the adventure is even more scary exciting as we anticipate the arrival of a new sister in January! Thanks for sharing so much of your sweet family and honest musings for all these years, Naomi! My family loves your blog!

  209. Annie

    A happy family memory is taking out daughter Eleanor to dinner. She lives to go out and wave at all the other diners and is always so excited to sample new foods. Dog course, all that excitement about ratting usually ends up with her wearing a good bit of her dinner, but she’s always quite pleased with herself.

  210. Julie Florida

    I love waking up in the morning and being all snuggled up with my little one.

  211. Jill

    Happy birthday blog! You inspired me to start my own just a year ago :)
    Favorite family memories are just constant. Just yesterday I stored away the feeling of me and my son having the greatest and most relaxing summer day.

  212. sally

    Happy birthday to your blog and congrats to you!!! So much cuteness in one giveaway! :)

  213. kendall monroe

    Happy 6th birthday to your blog ! My favorite recent moment was the birth of our first baby! What an amazing 2 months it has been.

  214. Kelly M.

    Happiest of birthdays, Blog! One of my favorite reads! One of my favorite recent family moments…my nephew just turned 4 and we had a Star Wars party for him- my entire family gathered around, and me holding my 9 month old niece, while my little girl kicked away in my tummy! Such a fun moment!

  215. London George

    Happy birthday! Such great giveaways! A special family moment for my husband and I was having our little girl and then 16 months later finding out we are pregnant with baby #2! Having our little family grow and everything that comes along with it has been a wonderful experience!

  216. Melissa

    Oh shoot, special moment! i think they are all special, but since we have a 3 month old, those moments when we make him laugh at us really melt my heart!

  217. Rhianna

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, around the New Year so my favorite family moment has just been sharing this time with him preparing for baby and setting up the nursery. We can’t wait to be parents!

  218. Lindsay

    I loved introducing our new little daughter to her big brother – it is a joy to see them grow together – many adventures together in the future!

  219. Kat Gosney

    My best family memory is going to the beach after my wedding 3 years ago, All our family went and it was great to spend time together!

  220. Michelle

    My most memorable family experience was the birth of my daughter this past Tuesday. We are so in love already!

    I love reading your blog. Congrats on 6 years!

  221. Raluca

    Congrats! I love your blog and I admire your energy and enthusiasm :) our greatest memory of our family (until now…) was the birth of our daughter.

  222. Kaylan

    A pretty special day we had as a family was just yesterday when we took our sweet baby boy, Finley, on his first trip to the zoo! Thanks for being such an inspiring family, taza! xo

  223. megan

    my baby boy will be eight whole months this week. we went on a walk this summer while visiting family and fed him blackberries right off the bushes. walking in the sun; chubby tanned knees; and a juicy little smile…my favorite. thank you for the role model of motherhood you provide through your writing. to many more!

  224. Mindi

    Best family moment of mine…any moment watching my 11 month old little tot Everett and husband play together. The mutual adoration is pure bliss!

  225. BB

    My favorite family memory thus far happened just a month or so ago when my husband and I were crammed into a tiny space with an ultrasound tech. We were getting the normal full work up on our unborn baby (our first child). He is healthy, we are so happy and it was a magical half an hour.

  226. Megan

    Congrats! Our special moment today was walking my oldest to her first day of kindergarten. Goodbye hugs between big sis and little sis were so sweet.

  227. Eva

    six years?! congratulations! thanks for letting us have a little peek into your lives, and keep up the good work! I have two little ones myself and I know that there’s not much time for blogging when you’re running around with and after them all day! hoping to see more wee Davis babies and one more of our own as well soon!

  228. Fabi Suarez

    Congratulations! My husband and I have been able to share several special moments recently but last weekend was really fun! We purchased our crib and bedding and picked out a paint color for the nursery. We’re expecting our first child on December 26th and we’re looking forward to growing into a family of three.

  229. Candice Williams

    When my son was just 10 months old we took a trip to Disney world with my family. We had such an amazing time. I come from a crazy Disney loving family and have been many times in the past. This trip was the best though. Taking a trip with my baby, seeing everything new again through his eyes, was just amazing! I will cherish those memories that we all has together forever. Even if my son will never remember it :)

  230. Kathleen

    Congrats!! My favorite family memory (so far!) has been watching my husband hold our baby girl for the first time.

  231. Elizabeth W

    Oh my favorite moment would have to be the birth of our two boys. Never seen such love on my sweet husbands face. I’m a blessed lady! Congrats on 6 years!!

  232. Jesse

    I’m sure you don’t remember me but we used to dance together way back in the day. Jesse Dewey from Woodland Hills? I just think you are so adorable and such an inspiration to me. I have two kids of my own and you seem to give me more of a positive look on the hard times of motherhood. I’ve been dreaming of that stroller before I ever had kids ha! We have a cheap double stroller that just doesn’t do the trick. And the moccasins? Are they good for outdoors as well? I woul also love some new maternity clothing. My sister and sister in law and I pass around a maternity box between the three of us and could use some new additions to the collection! Anyway, thanks for your blog and your great example as a mormon mom living in NY.

  233. Hollie

    Our happiest moment is realizing we where ok with just one child and that my infertility would not define me as a women. I love reading your blog it gives me hope for tomorrow.

  234. Teresa Niño

    My best family moment really is everyday!

  235. Sarah

    Have always loved your blog :)
    Recently, our family of 4 spent a glorious weekend at the beach…best trip we’ve taken to date!

  236. Patty

    Happy blog birthday! One of my favorite memories with my daughter was experiencing Disney World for the first time together. It was a magical time and we both will treasure it forever!

  237. Amelia

    My son took his first steps a few days ago! Truly magical to watch my baby grow and learn.

  238. Mallory

    our best family moment was the birth of all three of our children. nothing has ever comapred to those moments of joy, happiness, and love i got to share with my spouse. happy birthday blog.

  239. Susanna

    This past year has been wonderful. We welcomed our sixth child a beautiful daughter. I love watching all my little children and all these little internet cuties grow and learn.

  240. Erica

    So hard to choose only one special family moment…. This past weekend hiking, celebrating a wedding, and picking delicious huckleberries together. Such a fun and memorable time!

  241. Dena

    How exciting! Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! A favourite moment of my little family happened recently when we took our new baby, Roman, to the beach for the first time. He loved every moment & we can’t wait to have more adventures with our sweet boy. xoxo

  242. Maggie

    Meeting our son; having the luxury of being home with him – these are the things I treasure. Xo

  243. Arabella

    I absolutely adore your blog. We are expecting our first baby in January 2014 and I would be thrilled to win any of these wonderful prizes. I am super happy and excited to be pregnant but it is also a challenging and interesting state. Thanks for your everyday support!

  244. Melissa Rosso

    Happy blog bday! Best family moment has got to be when we all snuggle up in bed late at night to read story books.

  245. claire

    My best family moment so far was taking our kids to the beach.

  246. Melanie

    We’ve had a lot of good memories with our little family of three, but this summer we got to spend two weeks in Brooklyn where our little was born. She could easily be a city kid. She loved walking, the parks, eating ice cream and making morning coffee/milk runs with Dad each morning. It will always be a special two weeks for us.

    Happy Birthday Love Taza!!

  247. Eva

    oh, and our special moment? seeing my 2year old’s first drawing of a person just days after her little brother was born: she drew me with him on my lap.

  248. My best family moment was when Avery, my 3 year old, taught my Eliza, 1 year old, how to walk. She was so encouraging! Love the blog, happy birthday!!

  249. Katy

    Happy 6th Birthday! I love reading your blog and keeping up with your sweet family.

    A favorite family moment was telling our little boy (age 2) that he’s getting a baby sister! He currently believes baby sister is in his belly and enjoys telling everyone so! We can’t wait to introduce him to little Arden. I know he’s going to be the best big brother.

  250. Alexis

    Happy 6 years! We are still a family of two (baby girl to arrive in November). My favorite family moments have been watching my husband’s face as he feels our little nugget kicking around.

  251. Heather

    Yay for family memories!! My favorite family memory is the moment we brought our little girl home from the hospital and my husband and I just stared at each other with her in our arms saying “oh my gosh! we’re parents!!” Then we cried out of fear and excitement haha.

  252. What has become one of my favorite moments ever is mine and my husband’s chance to spend lots of time this summer with my little brother. He’s leaving on an LDS mission (tomorrow! Eeks!) and it’s been SO fun to go on trips with him and make a lot of awesome memories this summer. :)

  253. Brittani

    This week has been especially sweet with my family, as i wait on a diagnosis for a lump found in my breast. Taking in every lovely moment.

  254. kristen

    I’d have to say nothing beats seeing my children meet their siblings for the first time! That moment makes my heart swell with love any time I think of it.

  255. Johanna

    I love this! We are expecting number 1, so our special moment (so far) was hearing this little one’s heartbeat for the first time!

  256. Jayme

    This is one amazing birthday blog giveaway, thank you! The most magical moment so far as a family was introducing my oldest to her baby sister. I remember her disbelief like it was yesterday. Se was in aww that mom as belly finally came to life! A magical moment!

  257. nanette

    Happy birthday blog! i have read your entire blog and I look forward to your posts! You have such a beautiful family!
    My favorite family moment has been giving birth to my two year old Sienna. It was so beautiful to see my husband become a father right before my eyes. The love i felt for my baby was unexplainable, but the love I felt for my husband that day I can’t ever describe. I fell in love with him that day all over again. :)
    Did I say I love your blog?! Hope you keep writing for many, many years!

  258. Awesome! Greatest family memory was when my husband and I said I do and started our lives together as a new little family

  259. Susan

    I was 20 weeks pregnant, going in for my ultrasound, and the doctor surprised us with the “how do you feel about twins?” question. My reply was, “are you joking?” We were shocked and excited! My husband and I couldn’t wait to tell our then 3 year old son Will, that not only was he going to have one younger sibling, but two! A brother and a sister! A special moment indeed!

  260. A special moment I have experienced with my family is snuggling in bed together. <3

    Happy blog birthday!

  261. Carly

    Every second of every day with my family is incredible. Watching my baby boy grow and learn each day is the most rewarding feeling. One of the most memorable moments was the first time he laughed. My husband and I just cried and laughed like crazy people, watching him in complete awe the whole time.

  262. Janet

    Your blog is adorable! Congrats to 6 years! My fave family moment: reading bedtime stories together. Our little one just learned to read and we love hearing her read stories to us for the first time!

  263. Meredith

    One favorite moment this year has been making our space unique to our life, doing things like this together are the best!

  264. Happy sixth to you!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! You are an incredible woman and I enjoy every last one of your posts. :) I think right now is a memorable time for us because we are hoping to get a bun in the oven soon ;) patience is a virtue! Thanks again for this amazing giveaway – we would love any of the above for our future little nuggets. Lots of love,

  265. Kristen

    Happy Anniversary!! Special moment for my family was finding out we’re expecting our first baby in December!! Can’t wait to start the adventures as a family of 3!!

  266. Danielle

    Have always loved following your blog but felt like I could relate when you got pregnant with Eleanor, I got pregnant around the same time so seeing your growing belly and waiting for her.

  267. Jen L

    Happy blog Birthday!!! And what an awesome giveaway!! My favorite family moment is when my daughter was born and we went from a family of two to being a family of three!

  268. Ann

    Our first camping trip as a family. Truth, I’m not a camper, but falling asleep under the stars together -hearing our baby sleep. Truly a special moment I’ve held close to my heart. Happy Birthday! Here’s to 6 more!

  269. Kristin

    My most special family moment so far was seeing our 9-week baby on the ultrasound. Even though I’d taken a million pregnancy tests, actually seeing it move and stretch those tiny arms and legs… it was insane! I instantly felt more bonded to my husband than ever.

  270. meghan

    happy birthday! i have so loved following along for the past 4 years!

    i am currently pregnant with our first child, so thus far, my favorite memory has been seeing the 2 pink lines! can’t wait for many more.

  271. Valerie Meehan

    Best family moment is when we are walking and our daughter wants to hold both of hands at the same time without us asking to hold one of our hands. Happy blog birthday!

  272. Anne Anderson

    we have done a lot of moving over the last6 years and really has brought my little family of 5 so close. we have a wonderful bond now…and i am hoping there are no more moves in our future!!

  273. Nicole F.

    Happy Anniversary! I check your blog daily. Your family is so, so beautiful.

    I guess a favorite family memory of mine would have to be the first time my husband and I took our then-5month-old daughter to the beach last year. We didn’t set up camp or anything. We just walked down to the water and let her take in the ocean for the first time. It was unbelievable.

  274. Heather E

    I have a two year old and a six month old. They both just sat holding hands and giggling with each other. It was a gorgeous moment!

  275. Cindy

    Congrats! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful family.

    Some of my favorite family moments are weekend afternoons with my husband and one year old having a picnic in the park.

  276. Katie

    This past weekend my 6-month-old son fell asleep in the Ergo, on my husband, after walking around our city all day. He hasn’t fallen asleep on us since he was 2-months-old. I couldn’t help but look at my two guys and think about how incredibly lucky I am to call them family. Albeit simple, it was one of our sweetest moments as a family of three.

  277. Victoria

    Congratulations on 6 years!! A favorite family moment was a long walk on the beach two weeks after our son was born. It was peaceful and rejuvenating.

  278. Cathy F

    Happy Birthday, Love Taza! Some of my favourite memories are just about to happen since I’m 38 weeks pregnant with my first. Right now, though, I love those moments of connecting with this little one and listening to my husband talk and sing to her.

  279. Heidi

    Families bring so much joy. My favorite family moment was watching my husband hold our baby girl for the first time in the hospital almost 4 months ago. The most pure and incredible love.

  280. Jessica

    For my daughters birthday I made a short video compiling a bunch of pictures from her first year. When he watched it for the first time he cried like a baby. He’s not a generally emotional guy and didn’t even cry when she was born so this moment was extra sweet to me.

  281. Randi

    Ahhhh! This giveaway! Fantastic!

    Our most special moment was the day our two little girls met each other. Our three year old held her new sister in her arms and asked us, “!!! Can we keep her?!” It’s been such a joy to watch their relationship blossom over the past 6 months. They are really something to watch together.

  282. Olivia K

    Truly an amazing giveaway! I think my recent favorite moment is finding out I’m pregnant with my second! Can’t wait for my three year old to become a big brother!

  283. Victoria

    Congratulations on six years!

  284. Sara

    Special family moment: reuniting and living under the same roof with my husband after spending the last year apart so that I could complete my masters and become a PA!

  285. Ashley

    My favorite family moment is actually every Christmas holiday. Getting together with relatives from all over the country and drinking hot chocolate and playing board games- just perfect! <3

  286. Bonnie

    Our best family moment was, hands down, the birth of our son!

  287. My favorite family memory was my husband coming home from a 13 month deployment! He hadn’t seen our son since he was 4 weeks old. When he got home, our baby could walk to him. It was pretty sweet!

  288. Angela

    Our little family gained a sweet baby in June. In the past weeks, some of my favorite moments have been when he’s woken up to nurse in the night. I sigh, roll over, and reach into his cradle to pick him up…and there lays my sweet baby, smiling and cooing at me. He can wake me up like that anytime!

  289. Erin

    Those first moments after having my son top the charts as a favorite family moment. Spending time, just the three of us, as a new little family was unforgettable.

  290. Laura

    A special moment our family had recently was telling our big two kids that they’re going to have a new sibling!

  291. Sheri

    My special moment with my family takes place nearly every night when we eat dinner together on the front porch of our house. My husband and I eat slowly while we watch our 8 month old play and gape at passers-by walking with children and dogs. The nights are cool now, so it’s even more pleasant and peaceful. Hoping for another little one soon!

  292. Joanna

    What a fantastic way to celebrate your blog! Happy birthday!

  293. Angela Grippo

    Happy 6th birthday!!! My best family memory so Far is the first time my little girl Emerie Walked up to her sister Adrianna and gave her the biggest hug. It seriously melted my heart. It’s amazing to see the love between siblings grow :)

  294. Happy 6th Blog Birthday, Naomi, Josh, Eleanor and Samson!
    My favorite family moment was early last month when my husband and I found out that we’re going to become a family of 3! Our little one is due in March and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

  295. Melissa

    It’s hard to pick one favorite family moment. We have been blessed to go on many adventures together covering both coasts, lived in three states, and have had two precious children. With that said, this past summer while spending a month traveling my daughter caught a stomach bug. Her being sick wasn’t a fond memory but watching how my son (her brother) pitched in to help take care of her with out us asking him to was a proud moment. While all the cool things we have done together are treasured memories, what speaks to me is when we can really pull together to be there and help each other in our time of need.

  296. Marci

    Congratulations Naomi! Exploring NYC and beyond with my husband. xo

  297. Cate

    Happy Birthday! Our family moments are still being created! Currently 12 weeks pregnant and dreaming about the times to come. First up, trying to sort out what to wear over my soon-to-be expanding belly.

  298. Elizabeth

    Happy six years! My best family moment was when our daughter was born. We are now expecting number two in a matter of weeks and I can hardly wait!

  299. kathleen

    i love when we prepare meals as a family – everyone in the kitchen, so wonderful!

  300. Kiira

    Happy birthday! :) There are so many favorite family moments, but I think the winners are the simple moments when we just get to be together. A Saturday all to ourselves. My husband, my two littles and myself lay on the couch, cook food together and relax, letting the day slip by without the hustle and bustle of work and things to do. My 2 year old will come snuggle and every once in awhile he’ll melt my heart by saying “I lub you mommy”. Can’t get much better than that in my book! <3

  301. Happy birthday to your blog! You inspire me as a mother every single day. It is the most amazing, hard, wonderful and exciting thing you could ever experience! My favorite time with my little family is right before bed. All three of us get to be together with no interruptions. We play in the tub for far too long, read stories and play hide and seek. These simple moments are the ones that make me so happy!

  302. Brianna Christensen

    Happy 6 years!!! Absolutey love reading your blog! You are such an inspiration to women all over the globe. A special moment for our little family was last week when we found out our little one on the way is a boy!

  303. Amy Ellis

    Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now two and keeps us on our toes. My favorite moments are weekend mornings—relaxing and laughing at our adorable daughter and her crazy antics.

  304. Shay

    Wow! Great giveaway!! Thanks for sharing your life with the world :) One of my most favorite things to do with my family (my oldest is 4) is to play hide-n-seek. My kids always tell us (my husband and I) where to hide and they are so excited when they find us. So cute! Thanks again for this giveaway!!

  305. Miriam

    With a family of 5 kids, the special moments are every single day, all day long!

  306. caroline

    the night my husband and i found out we were pregnant, three months ago. i told him before bed and we were too excited to sleep… we took a midnight stroll around our nyc hood!

  307. Casey

    Congrats on 6 years! I love all of the everyday moments with my family — whether it is evening walks, laughter at the dinner table, or getting a hug when you least expect it and need it the most.

  308. the first time my daughter ran on the beach and saw the waves. magical.

  309. Emily B

    Happy, happy birthday!

    One of my favorite memories is actually a daily ritual… bringing baby boy in bed with us each morning. I love waking up that way, and will miss it so much as I head back to work, tomorrow.

    Ps: I’m always undone by your Samson photos as he reminds me of my little one. ALL THAT HAIR. :)

  310. Alexis

    Hands down the most special moment experienced with my family was the day my husband and I became parents to our daughter Abigail.

  311. Kelly

    My favorite family moment was taking our son back to the university where my husband and I met. We had such a great time walking around campus on that snowy day showing him all of our favorite spots.

  312. What a sweet giveaway! My husband and I got married early this year and it’s so fun starting a new family together. There’s no better feeling than having the person who’ve you grown to love more than anything else officially become your family!

  313. Aubrey

    Besides my wedding (which is a dead giveaway), my favorite family moment was this last week. My husband’s mother passed away when he was a teenager, and I was able to visit her grave and meet more of her family and gain a better understanding of what she was like. It was so tender and sweet, I loved it!

  314. Emily

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win a pair of moccasins for my sister’s about-to-be-born new baby. A favorite memory I’ve been thinking about a lot lately in anticipation of the new arrival is supporting my sister during my nephew’s birth 4 years ago and getting to meet the little guy when he was brand new!

  315. Kristine

    The birth of our daughter 2 years ago was amazing. I am pregnant with twins now and I can’t wait till they can all play together! Sibling love! Any of those prizes would be AMAZING for our growing family!!

  316. My favorite memories are each year looking back and seeing how much we have grown as a family and how much more we have come to love one another.

  317. Amanda C

    After spending the last 13 years together as a family of 2, my husband and I just welcomed the sweetest baby boy. Our family has grown by one but our love has grown indefinitely.

  318. Ellen

    One of my favorite moments as a family was when we celebrated my daughters first birthday two days after giving birth to my son!

  319. Laura

    I love our family walks. Seeing my family interact and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings – it always makes even the crumiest of days seem extraordinary.

  320. Sara

    One of my favorite moments is watching my siblings play with my baby daughter. They are soooooo sweet with her.

  321. One of our most special moments was, ironically, also one of the most terrifying. Our 2 1/2 year old Jocelyn fell into a covered pool, and my husband jumped in and saved her. I will never forget those moments of heart-wrenching panic, and then the sweet rush of relief when she was o.k. He was always our hero, but now he officially bears that title.

    What an amazing giveaway and happy 6th! You have such a beautiful family, thanks for sharing your journey with us.


  322. Perry

    Happy anniversary Rockstar Diaries! My favourite moment this year is the day my baby boy was born. I was on the waiting list for IVF and told to try while i was waiting and not given much hope of conceiving naturally but after 7 months I discovered I was pregnant and we now have a 6 month old little rascal!

  323. This year his been incredible for our family! We were lucky to have had our second son this year. We were really worried our oldest son Recker, who is 3, would have a hard time adjusting to a new baby because he has Autism and typically doesn’t deal with change easily. Well happily we were so wrong and he loves his baby brother more than anything in this world. Because Recker has autism it has been difficult to ever get family pictures done, but we were finally able to get a few shots this year at my sisters wedding. We will love those forever!!

  324. Cailin

    My favorite moment with my family happened three days ago when two lines appeared on a pregnancy test. My husband and I have only been married for just two weeks, so this is a wedding night baby! We are so excited to add to our little family and meet our baby :)

  325. Anna

    My best family moment was seeing a heartbeat on our first ultrasound after trying to get pregnant for 3 years. I’m now 16 weeks pregnant!

  326. Claudia Boress

    I special moment for my family was being able to hold our baby girl after 6 years of trying to expand our family. And now God has blessed us with a second baby!

  327. kira

    what an awesome giveaway! i think the best family moments have been as each of our 3 kids have gotten to meet and get to know their siblings!

  328. Jessica Pearson

    Definitely the best family moments my husband and I have experiened were the birth of our 2 beautiful babies. There is nothing more amazing. :)

  329. Connie

    My wife and I travelled from the Uk for our civil partnership to New York in May after 5 years. This has by far been my perfect moment of 2013! we are now looking forward to starting our own family at the end of the year.
    We can’t wait to make our own memories. Travelling lots, loving each other and our children.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey.

  330. Kari

    Oh my goodness, we are so wanting some of those moccs! The stroller would be lovely too. :)

    Picking one moment is tough, but the one that started it all would probably be it. After a long journey, we welcomed our little boy into the world in a hospital room with his birth mom and birth grandma last November.

  331. Alexa

    this is fabulous! the birth of our daughter is one of my favorite family memories!

  332. Happy blog birthday!

  333. Samantha Walton

    Fave moment – morning weekend snuggles in bed as a family. Such a blessing to know such love!

  334. Geralynn

    This past Mother’s Day was a very special moment for my hubby and I. We found out we would receive an amazing blessing and gift in 9 months! They journey has been so magical. We find out the sex this week and couldn’t be more excited. Can’t wait to unwrap our present on January 17!

    Love your blog! The kids are totally adorbs!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday.

  335. Taryn

    My favorite moment from the past year was getting engaged! It was one year ago today and I remember the excitement like it was yesterday! can’t wait to start our growing family!

  336. Sarah

    My favorite family moment so far this year has been my husband and I eating dinner on our new house living room floor….we have killed ourselves working hard so we can have a house and hopefully a family soon and that little dinner on our own property was so awesome!

  337. Tiffanee

    Wow!! Well so far one of my favorite moments of being a family so far is the day our little Oliver rolled over! Our first baby (currently 5 months old) had been on the verge for months and finally with us cheering on his rolled from back to tummy and then tummy to back!! Such a proud moment! I’m just loving this mommy gig!!!

  338. Shannon

    Our daughter is two and our son is almost five months. There are years of special moments ahead of us, but so far, my favorite was seeing our son really look at his sister for the first time after we brought him home from the hospital. You could see that he instantly recognized that voice that he’d heard for all those months while I was pregnant, and it was love at first sight!

  339. Ly

    Happy Birthday Blog! Special moment this year for our family is finding out on April Fool’s day that our family of two will become a family of three later this year! :)

    Thanks for allowing us to follow in your journey!

  340. sophie

    Each day brings us a speacial moment…as our soon to be 2 year old says the cutest thing and my husband and I look at each other smiling as our hearts melt. Can’t wait for number two to arrive and expand and embrace the love even more.

  341. Kayleigh Larkins

    A special moment witg my own family was our first vacation as a family when my daughter was 8 months old. Seeing her play in the sand and feel the waves of the ocean and just enjoy traveling was so much fun! Amazing giveaway and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  342. Brooke

    Our favorite family memory is bringing our daughter Emerson into the world!

  343. Megan

    Happy Birthday Blog! My husband and I are just starting our own family, we are expecting a little girl at the end of October. So far the sweetest moments we have had as a family are the quiet time before bed when we lie in bed together feeling our little lady kick. We could not be more excited about her arrival! All the giveaway gifts are amazing!

  344. Andrea Mouritsen

    Introducing our 3 year old to her new baby brother this June was one of my most cherished family moments.

  345. nicole b

    Best family moment was marrying my best friend almost 8 months ago! Would love to get some things for starting our new family! And congrats on 6 years for your blog! I have been following for almost 2 years now, Love reading!

  346. Heidi

    my favorite memory is our first moments as a family of 3. after 5 years of hoping and wishing, we adopted our son in 2011.

  347. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE TAZA! Thanks for sharing great pieces of your life, your family is an inspiration.
    What I most love about my little family is no matter what we are there to each other, supporting and loving us, and our special moment definitely was the day we finally become parents and now we are planning baby two, reason why I’m so excited about this giveaway! ( fingers crossed)

  348. Jessica

    Happy Blogiversary! I have loved following you for years now and definitely been taking some of your style cues for my sons first birthday party next week! Would love to win something!

  349. Amy

    Happy blog birthday, Naomi and family! I have an 18-month old daughter and one of my happy moments is simply having a conversation with her even though I have no idea what she’s saying! My husband is really good at coming up with words that hers sound like so it can get pretty entertaining.

  350. mara

    oh this giveaway is practically screaming my name ;) i am currently 8 months pregnant, and all of these things would just be so lovely, i would cry. thanks for the great blog i get to read and this great giveaway! cheers to 6 more years!

    my favorite family moment? my husband feeling our sweet baby girl kick for the very first time. priceless.

  351. Lindsey

    Favourite family moments… our evening walks where we pile the kids into the double stroller and head to some green space. My three year old golfs while our one year old collects everything she can find. It sometimes includes frozen yogurt from the local coffee shop, a picnic snack or an unexpected detour to the splash pad leaving us soaked but happy.

  352. Clare

    Happy blog anniversary! Just recently my 14 month old daughter has started taking my brush and doing my hair for me! While I sit on the carpet, she climbs up on the couch behind me and (surprisingly very gently) brushes through my hair, jabbering the entire time. It’s sweet to see her mimic me, and my husband loves watching his two girls having a special moment.

  353. allison

    happy birthday to the blog! some of my favorite family memories have been when we are traveling. we love to explore new places together

  354. Cate

    My favorite family moments are always on the weekends when we all can be together, without having somewhere to go. To just be together and enjoy everyone’s company at once is such a joy for me. Congrats on all the success of your blog, it is an inspiration :)

  355. Katie

    My absolute favorite family moments have been watching my children play together, to see them teach each other, cheer each other on, and try to console each other when someone is sad. Remembering those precious moments makes even the hardest times easier and worth it.

    Have absolutely loved watching your family grow over the years! Coincidentally, this weekend was our six year anniversary as well :)

  356. Monica T

    Favorite family memory: surviving 5 moves in 6 years and having two amazing kiddos along the way. We’ve had so much fun exploring the country together.

  357. Colleen

    Welcoming our first baby in May. Little Maeve Margaret : )

  358. Katie

    Happy 6 years! Thanks for great posts and pics. One of our great family memories is our family bike rides. Like you, we love to bike. Thanks for sharing your rides too!! xx

  359. Sara

    One of the most special moments our little family has had is the birth of our daughter this past February. It has made both me and my husband better people; we’re more responsible, more caring, more compassionate. We live in a world today where children are thought to be nuisances, but it has turned out to be the one thing that has finally made me feel whole. YAY FOR BABIES!!

  360. Blaire

    Just yesterday, my little man poked me in the eye and with a huge smile yelled ‘EYE!’! Everyday is full with my sweet family

  361. mia

    Happy six years to your blog … is a pleasure to see your posts! my favorite moment is every weekend with my husband at home.
    our daughter is the happiest!

  362. Patience

    a happy family moment for me was realizing that i actually like being a mom a lot more than i thought i would ;).

  363. My favorite moment this year has been being pregnant with our first child! My husband and I are thrilled to welcome this little peanut into our world this October (only 9 more weeks?!?) Getting everything ready has been such a joy/new experience. I honestly can’t wait to be a mom :)

  364. Ashley Kriegel

    Happy anniversary! I have been reading your blog since college and have absolutely loved keeping up with your growing family! I remember reading juliard posts! It’s so crazy to think of how much life has changed for you and your readers since those days! Since then I have met the love of my life and got married and moved from Oklahoma to Texas!my favorite family moment would be the morning that I took that glorious pregnancy test in February, my husband was out walking our dog that morning and I couldn’t wait any longer to take a test :) when he came in we cried and laughed all while I was still in my pjs. A morning I will never forget! My baby girl, Millie Ruth will be here on November 8th and I can’t wait for this little babe to forever change my life! Thank you for being such a good example of what a good mama should look like! <3

  365. This giveaway is amazing! We just recently told our kids we’re having another baby and it was so sweet to hear their reactions. They are all so excited for baby number 5!

  366. Faith Keating

    I absolutely love your blog!! My sweet mother grew up in New York
    And I always adored hearing her stories of life as a little girl in a big city. Seeing your sweet babes on the go makes me think of my mother at that age:) I would live there in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing your life with us-I’m sure it’s not easy at times- but I love seeing and hearing about y’all’s adventures! It’s inspiring!:) happy 6 years!

    My favorite family moment is every Saturday! I’m a stay at home mom so my husband works-ALOT! :/ every Saturday he’s off we have family day-wether its a quick trip to the lake house, a day at the park, picnic, etc. etc…. It doesn’t matter as long as all three of us are together! It’s truly a special day. :)

  367. Mindy Magaña

    Hi Josh and Naomi (and E and Samson),
    My best friend Emily of 17 years tuned me on to your blog 3 year ago with a warning: make sure you have a few hours…or the rest of your day to spend scolling through the posts that make up what has now become my go to place for a smile or a few tears as I watch your family go through all of lifes changes. With our busy lives Emily and I mostly talk on gchat at work..Our routine is, get in, check Love Taza and our other favorite blogs and then chat about what our nights were like. Something like, ‘Morning! Rockstar took my breath away today. How was your night?’
    We called each other immediately when you announced Samson’s name to share our excitement for you!
    So truth time: I am not married to my boyfriend and we have no kids of our own..BUT the same BFF who turned me onto this blog is now expecting her first little one. Its been SO exciting hearing the updates..this week its an olive, this week its a sweet potato! I would love more than anything to be able to give her one of these little gifts since this blog is something that is woven intricately throughout our days and now, our friendship.
    Thanks for sharing so honestly with all of us and or opening up your lives for us as your readers.

  368. Lori M.

    Happy Blog Birthday! My family is spread out in different states, so we really treasure the holidays where we can come together and spend time with each other.

  369. Danielle

    No family of my own, but my “nephew” (in quotes because we are not blood related but his parents and I have been friends for years) was born just 3 months ago in a different city and I miss him so much already.

  370. sarah louise

    a recent favorite was bringing our newborn son home to meet his big sister! can’t believe we are family of 4 now…

  371. Laura

    May 14 2012 our son was born, best day ever.

  372. Elizabeth

    Happy Blog Anniversary! Some of my favorite family moments are the simple ones, like walks around the neighborhood (Capitol Hill).

  373. Liss

    Such a joy following your blog! And would be such a joy to have a little help in starting our preparation for my husband and my newly growing family too!

  374. Colleen Johnson

    Happy Aniversary!!

    My favorite family moments always happen around the holidays. There is just something so magical when the weather starts to change and holiday decorations start popping up. But to experience Christmas through my daughter’s has been the greatest gift of them all.

  375. Yessenia Tolle

    Happy 6th Bday!
    My favorite family moment this year has been the day my 14 month old and 2 month old took a nap at the same time. I know it sounds weird, but the first time this happened I knew that everything was going to be okay. It was the third day after we had brought our adopted baby (2mo) home. It has been a blessing to see my girls bond and my family live life together.

  376. Erika

    Happy birthday blog! My favorite family memory so far would my 2 boys visiting me in the hospital to meet their baby sister. Both of them were so sweet and loved on her from the beginning. And still do. Great giveaway!

  377. Stephanie

    Happy Anniversary Rockstar Diaries! How I have loved watching your family grow.

    Perhaps my favorite family moment this year was when my family and I adopted a new cat. Geoffrey (what a name!) has brought all of us closer together with his wacky antics.

  378. Courtney

    Best family moment was holidays spent at my grandfather’s with all of my extended family.

  379. SandyW

    Gardening with my grandkids, ages three and one. Fun and a little messy too ;)

  380. A favorite memory is small, but at night when my husband and I finally get to talk with the whir of the dishwasher in the background and the house is still… Those are good moments.

  381. Sandee

    Happy 6th Birthday Blog!
    Our special family moment happened this month when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and sharing the news that we’re pregnant with my brother who is quadriplegic…the look on his face of becoming an uncle for the first time was and still is priceless!!

  382. Elvan

    expecting my first baby, 14weeks pregnant now. Stroller would be an amazing present for me :) and it is my favorite brand!
    I cannot forget the day when we saw or baby’s little toes and fingers on the screen during W13 ultrasound scan. Such a miracle!

  383. pamela

    wow, so much giving! and congratulations! i am thinking of yesterday, as we wait for the arrival any minute of this little one in my womb, when my two children held my hands as we walked the neighborhood and cuddled with me in the evening. it was as if they knew a change was upon us, as we were all savoring the way we are now.

  384. Megan

    My favorite family moment this year was finding out we’re expecting our first little one. I still can’t believe it’s really happening!

  385. Thanks! My favorite moments with my family are when we’re wrestling on the bed with my husband, my almost two year old daughter, and me : )

  386. gabby

    Happy birthday blog! :)
    Our favorite moment was finding out we are having another littles! Too excited to see how our first is going to react and grow with the new baby. So bittersweet watching him grow up and start becoming a “big” brother.

  387. Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already! I’ve loved seeing your family grow! My favorite family memory was when my niece, the first grandchild was born last September. She opened our hearts to a new kind of love and has filled our hearts with joy. None of us can imagine our life without her! Hoping to win this giveaway as my husband and I start a family of our own!

  388. Lindsay Conrad

    My husband and I have lived with people since we got married two years ago. A brother lived with us, we lived with some relatives, etc. We love our family. But it was time to be out on our own, with our sweet little boy. My very favorite memory with my little family is when we moved into our very own little house a month ago. Even though we have no furniture and no money, we’ve never been happier! I love my family!

  389. Kristen B.

    Happy anniversary! Love the blog! We are adding #2 to our family so are so very excited!! Trying to treasure every moment as a family of 3. I would LOVE any one of these prizes!

  390. oh my goodness. what a great giveway.
    I have loved following your blog.
    Special moment with my family would be that my husband and I are creating are new life together, building our home,. One moment I have loved is making dinner every night and creating those moments.
    thanks for sharing your life experiences with us!
    p.s. LOOOOOVE the stroller, and those cute baby shoes.

  391. Kristin

    Love you and your family! I like all the things you are giving away too and I have a baby shower coming up it would be super handy for! Family moment…sitting around eating delicious southern food and laughing and then asking if dessert is coming soon. xoxo

  392. Happy birthday to your blog, sweet rockstar family ! I’ve been reading it since 2 years and it’s always a lovely, colorful, happy and positive moment that I spend with you.
    As a family moment, I choose the end of each day, when my husband and me are feeling together the little kicks of our baby on the way, our first little one. Those moments are magic, and it seems that we’re already a family.
    Thanks for this giveway and again, happy birthday to your wonderfull blog !

  393. WOW! What a great giveaway! A special moment would have been why my husband and I got married. My daughter was already born (from a different father) and when we got married, it really solidified our family and the adventures to come.

  394. Holly

    Oh how I could use any of these prizes, as we’ll have our second baby this December. And there’s been so many special times with our first, now 17 months, how could I choose? But maybe her first Christmas, which we spent in Hawaii, was something I’ll never forget. :). Thanks so much!

  395. Holy crow, six years! I have been following along with you for the past three, and I can’t even believe how both of our families have changed so much! One perfect moment with my family was just on Saturday, when New York had the most perfect weather in the history of the world, and we had a picnic in Central Park. Watching my husband help my one year old toddle around the park, in my favorite city in the world, surrounded by other families doing the same thing, my heart just about burst out of my chest. I am praying praying praying that I win this thing because any of those prizes would be out of control (although let’s be real, that stroller would just make my life). Congrats, lovely lady!

  396. my happiest family moment was making the leap to move to nyc with my husband and six month old daughter. it’s had its’ share of challenges but we’ve never looked back and never regretted it for one single moment. which is why i need that bugaboo donkey- mono. the nyc streets have destroyed our poor stroller!

  397. Katie

    Some of my favorite moments are of my little girls interacting. I love the way the younger one cuddles up to her big sis when watching a show together. I hope they’re always good friends, even though they’re so different!

  398. Jessica

    One of my favorite recent memories with my family is when my husband and I got to introduce our first baby girl to her 3 older brothers. I love to see the tender love they have for their sister.

  399. Ashley

    One of our best family memories happened just yesterday. My husband and I are going through IVF and yesterday was our transfer – the day we “met” the two tiny bundles of cells which could become our children! It was such an amazing experience, as you can imagine. :)

  400. Alicia

    One of my favorite things to do with my little family is baking. My girls help me add ingredients and roll out dough, and I love seeing their tiny little faces dusted with flour. It makes my heart happy.

  401. Jm

    Happy 6 years to you and your blog :) This really is a wonderful blog and I know it has inspired so many people. As I have no children and probably won’t be having any for a little while I won’t take part in this particular give-away as I wouldn’t want to take something away from someone who really needs it.

    Nevertheless, I want to say that this is a wonderful idea and you can be so proud to be such a wonderful, happy blogger :)


  402. Fatima

    Dear Naomi, your blog is such an inspiration to me! I have discovered it last year and haven’t stopped reading it since! Your photos are absolutely fantastic and you always look like you’re having a lot of fun with your kiddos. You are also such an inspirational writer, I always enjoy to read what you have to say and I can relate to it although I am not a mother myself yet,
    My favorite family experience is when my husband and I traveled to Budapest and when we got there at 5 am we had to look for our hotel for two hours straight, but it was so much fun and totally worth it because we got engaged there.
    Happy birthday to your blog and may you have many more bright and happy posts.

  403. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday! This is quite the giveaway! With our second baby on the way, I have had my eye on the Bugaboo Donkey!! But also would appreciate any of these great prizes!! Thanks Naomi!

  404. pinja_p

    I experienced one, perfect moment yesterday: the whole family was eating the same sunday lunch together <3

  405. Kelsey Cole

    This might sound strange, but one of my favorite family memories recently is my grandpa’s funeral last year. He had lived a long beautiful life, and it was a really special experience to have our whole extended family come together to share favorite memories about him, talk about traditions he started, all of his funny stories… it was just so inspiring. It brought everyone so close to honor his life all together. Forever families are truly the most precious gift we will ever be given!

  406. Kate

    Recently finding out we are expecting our first :)

  407. melissa

    my favorite memories with my family are meals around our table. there’s nothing like getting everyone together for good food, conversations and laughs. last week i made your recipe for crepes!

  408. kyra

    those mocs. the best. i have been wanting a pair for my daughter!

  409. Elizabeth

    Oops, left out the most important part! My all time favorite family moment has to be the moment we welcomed our daughter into the world and the tears of joy in my husbands eyes. Still get chills just writing about it!

  410. Samantha Cabrera

    Happy 6th Birthday blog! I never win anything, but I am still excited to enter this giveaway, because it is amazing!

    I have 3 littles ages 5, 18 months, and 6 weeks. Bringing baby number 3 (our first girl) home was an overwhelming but wonderful experience. Our 18 month old son Julian was and is still nursing, and he is also very possessive so I was nervous for our daughter coming in and taking over that area. Julian is still a baby to us after all. To our shock and surprise Julian didn’t get angry at Penelope, but only wanted to nurse alongside her. So they have since become my “tandem” nursers. Julian now nurses more than he did before, but the plus side for me as a busy mama is that it is an experience that bonds them together, and has helped ease the transition and growing pains that come with bringing a new baby home.

  411. Katie

    my favorite moment with my three little ones would definitely have to be when we are all outside playing in the hose together. My baby boy runs around trying to spray everyone. its hilarious

  412. Jamie

    My favorite memories of my family are the magic moments that appear from nowhere: in our living room, walking down the street, getting ready for bed. Naked babies laughing, siblings actually loving on each other, and lots and lots of giggles. Congrats on your blog anniversary!

  413. Julie

    One of the sweetest family moments we’ve had is cliche, but the birth of our baby girl. Every birth & every child is so special, but we felt tremendously blessed to have her as we had a difficult journey. My husband is a cancer survivor and our doctors told us we would not be able to conceive naturally and to look at IVF. Despite our one in a million odds, we got pregnant on our own. Sadly, we lost that first baby, but were able to get pregnant again soon after. Our daughter’s name is also Eleanor ironically. She is the light of our lives and we feel blessed beyond measure to have her. I love reading about your Eleanor & Sampson too. Thanks for being such a positive voice for families and parenting! Congrats on 6 years!

  414. Alicia

    My favorite memory this year was welcoming our sweet daughter and watching our son become a big brother!

  415. steph

    my favorite family memory is when we found out we’re going to be a family of three!

  416. Jada

    Amazing giveaway~

    I swear I have a new favorite moment each day. I’ve got this super awesome 5 month old daughter, and she manages to light up my world every single second (:

    I particularly enjoy the big gummy smiles I get every morning when she wakes up!

  417. Happy Anniversary to the blog! So happy to have found it, I enjoy your stories and peeking in on your beautiful life. My favorite moment with my family this year has to be my son’s first birthday party. Just watching his face light up all day and being able to celebrate the joy that he is with close friends and family was a day my husband and I will never forget! Children are such wonderful blessings!

  418. Ashley Bland

    A special moment with my family – there are so many, and new ones all the time. My favorite moment lately is when my son and daughter want to hug and kiss my belly and their baby sister-to-be.

  419. Michelle W.

    The day our little man came into the world

  420. Kelly

    Favorite moment so far this year was finding out we were expecting #2- due in November! Like you, we have a daughter and can’t wait to meet our son and take on the joys/ challenges of babies 17 months apart!! This giveaway is awesome- love, love, love the MoM dress I already own and swoon over the new colored mocs. Total stroller envy with the Bugaboo!

  421. The best moment was knowing that we have a baby soon, and have your blog as inspiration in joy, happiness, style and the photographs!
    Many congratulations on the blog and the fantastic family! :)

  422. Mel

    I think one of my favorite moments was when my daughter came to meet her baby brother right after he was born. She looked down at him and said: “I like him.” It was wonderful. Thanks for the great blog!

  423. Amber Williamson

    Would love to win o e of your giveaways!!! Especially that awesome stroller.

  424. Kira

    Freshly Picked!! I’ve been wanting to get a pair for my little guy to try! live the yellow ones! happy blog b-day!

  425. Lauren

    Happy Anniversary!

    My favorite family moments are the new conversations between my husband and me about starting a family. These items would be a great way to start a little collection :)

  426. Karen

    Love your blog! Most recent favorite moment. Watching our 2 daughters come in to the hospital and meet their new baby sister. So sweet!

  427. Amber Miskowiec

    We made a fantastic memory today my 4 year old daughter meet her teacher for the first time.

  428. erin

    i love those mocs!so adaorable:) favorite family moment would have to be giving birth to my baby daughter in may, i still cannot believe how much sweetness she has added to our home!

  429. Sarah Q

    Congrats on 6 years!

    My favorite moments so far are waking up with our smiley 9 month old and listening to him jibber jabber like he’s telling us all about his dreams.

  430. Lacey Parr

    What an amazing giveaway! One of my favorite moments with my little family took place last fall. We took our little tiny one month old up Provo Canyon and got out on a ridge above Rock Canyon. The colors were blinding and I couldn’t have been more happy to share that moment with my sweet husband and perfect little baby. Love your blog Naomi! Thanks for sharing your sweet family moments!

  431. Gina

    This giveaway is awesome!

    A recent favorite family moment was when we told my oldest daughter we are expecting baby #3. The way her eyes lit up and her face broke into a huge smile was priceless!

  432. Abby

    My best family moment so far has been preparing for a little girl this November with my husband:)

  433. Alison Schroeder

    I would love to win a pair of these I give to my sister who just gave birth to her first child (a girl!) early yesterday morning. I went to visit the hospital and she is so sweet. My dad is the proudest grandpa and seeing photos of him holding her for the first time was just the most adorable thing ever.

  434. Amanda

    We’re currently trying to grow our family and I have so many favorite moments watching my Husband love and interact with children as we wait for our own.

  435. Celeste

    Telling my family that my husband and I are expecting their first grandchild, an event that will probably only be eclipsed by his arrival in November!

  436. kalipso

    Happy Anniversary to the blog!thnk you for all this great moments!

  437. Catie

    My favorite family moment was when my husband and I had just gotten married and were dirt poor, so our entertainment involved watching a lot of old movies we rented from the library!

  438. So grateful to be able to share your little piece of the internet pie as well, Happy blog anniversary to you!

    A favorite family moment of mine was our wedding day, the day that we officially became a family, it’s one I will never forget.

  439. Svannah

    Happy Blogversary!! :) Wish I could be as consistent with my blog. I do love following you and your family though. Your kids are cute, your husband is cute and you are cute!! :) Puts a lot of cute into my life when I see new photos.

    I’d say I have a few special moments with my little family but I’d have to say the time when my husband, daughter, and I all met my extended family on my father’s side back in March. This was the second time I have ever been around my dad since I was under a year old. I loved meeting all my family and seeing how awesome they are and it was even better to have my husband and daughter there. :)

    If I get a chance to win….those baby moccasins have been on my radar for a long time. The stroller would be awesome too. :)

  440. Shannon

    Happy blog birthday!!! This weekend my husband and I took our 5 year old to Disney World for our last vacation as a family of 3. We are due to welcome a sweet new babe in February, and wanted to take our princess out on a special trip. It was bittersweet, knowing after all this one on one time we’ve had with her will end soon; but we know our hearts will only grow bigger when the new baby comes. What a memorable time for all of us to savor the moments that go by in the blink of an eye.

  441. Amber Williamson

    Our memory is our Sunday walks and seeing my 2 1/2 year old pull my 18 month old in our red wagon. A good memory indeed.

  442. Kat

    we took my daughter to Tarpon Springs, a little Greek village in Florida, when she was about 10 months old and she went on her first boat ride! she loved it and it was such a fun day for us to spend together as a family

  443. Jenny


    A fun memory from this weekend (because there are too many fun memories) – On Saturday morning my husband and I woke up before our seven month old, Piper… we started whispering and she woke up. Before she opened her eyes, she started flailing her arms and legs and was so excited then when she opened her eyes she looked at both of us like it was the best.thing.ever. that we were all awake. Being a family is the besssst.

  444. Kira

    So little, but anytime my little guy breaks out dancing when he hears music. I hope his little spirit always stays them same! Love the moccs and have been wanting to get him some to try. happy blog b-day!

  445. Jenifer

    The birth of my second child after 8 years with my first. Watching him see his baby sister for the first time was really amazing!

  446. Kristin Kohler

    Congratulations Naomi!!! You rock!

  447. James Williamson

    Our memory is our Sunday walks and seeing my 2 1/2 year old pull my 18 month old in our red wagon. A good memory indeed.

  448. Ashley

    My family goes to Disney world every year & that week together in a world of magic watching my boys soak it all in? That’s my favorite! It’s life giving!

  449. Chelsea b.

    My special family moment is coming up when I get to meet my baby boy! Due date is in 3 weeks–my husband and I are so excited to meet him!

  450. elenast

    Dear Naomi! I hope your blog will grow as beautifully as your two adorable kids are growing and I hope you will continue to let us all in, in your daily NYC life! One of my favourite moments with my family was our trip to Switzerland last Christmas..it was magic! Hope I get to spend more fun times with these guys….Take care all of you…xx e

  451. Lena

    Oh goodness!!! I would die for one of these strollers.
    My little lady is 15 months old. The other day she say my belly/belly button, she pointed to it and said “baby”. I think she meant belly, but that stirred my ovaries:) husband and i have started talking about another little one. eek:)))

  452. Katherine

    Getting our puppy over a year ago has been one of the best memories my family has experienced!

  453. Emily

    My wedding in the mountains surrounded by my family and friends!

  454. Britta Zimmer

    Our family memory occurred on June 25th of this year when we became a family of three. Our little girl is now 2 months old already and we can’t believe it :)

  455. Allison

    Best. Family. Moment. Finding out I’m pregnant!

  456. Megan G

    We are recent Utah-to-NYC-suburbs transplants and I’d have to say my favorite moments so far have been as we get out of our comfort zone to show our two little ones the big City!! We are loving exploring and seeing the sights.

  457. Britta Robertson

    Congrats on the anniversary! I have a 2 year old girl and a baby boy on the way! Our daughter is so sweet and she knows just what to say to make me smile. The first few weeks of pregnancy were hard and I would come downstairs and lay on the couch and get her out some toys. She would give me her special blanket and her kitty. She would say ” it’s ok momma”. Sometimes she would sit next to me and rub my arms or my head. When ever I am having a tough day she knows just how to make me feel better and loved. There is nothing like your children telling you that they love you!

  458. Jordan Faeh

    What a wonderful and generous giveaway! Our family of 3 will become a family of 4 in January. One of my favorite moments was when my husband and I saw our first ultrasound of our second child. Our 8 month old daughter was with us and though she had NO idea what she was looking at, I felt so much gratitude and joy in that moment for the blessings we’ve been given. Thanks for the opportunity!

  459. Eve Lloyd

    Congratulations on six years! My favorite memories with my family are when my two boys were born. Nothing beats the spirit of the day when a new little one joins your family! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  460. Melanie

    A great and memorable family moment for me was when my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby! We are due in December and can’t wait to meet our little girl!

  461. Denise

    Our little Devon was recently in the hospital and she was such a trooper through out all the poking and prodding. She smiled and waved at all the nurses on the way out. :)

  462. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and so appreciate the “realness” of it, especially as a new mama. Happy 6 years on the blog! This giveaway looks amazing! One of my favourite family moments would have to be waking up to my {almost} four month old baby boy, Nate. I co-sleep with him and one morning I was fast asleep and I woke up to his tiny hands grasping my lips. And I woke up and he was just looking at my with the biggest smile on his face and would not let go of my lips! I love waking up to his smiling face every morning, but that day was especially cute & funny! :)

  463. Valerah

    My dearest family moment to date would have to be (so cliché, but….) driving our son home for the very first time on an unseasonably warm December day :) Happy blog bday!

  464. jill

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the stroller!

    Happy Birthday!!

    We were fortunate enough to spend 9 days in St. Maarten this summer. Spending quality time with my husband and our 4 girls was the highlight of my summer.

    Thanks for the chance!

  465. A special moment for our family was when we found out we were
    Expecting our first child, a boy! It was even more special on the day he was born wen we gave him a name… Hunter. He was named after my sweet brother who passed away 2 years to the day before our sons birth!
    He has continued to be a joy in our life! He lights up any room and we are reminded daily how thin the veil
    Is between little babies and the other side!
    We just know our little guy will make an AMAZING big brother in Feb!
    Happy 6years Taza and Family! Looking forward to many more years!
    <3 the Fords.

  466. Brittany

    One of my favorite family moments was telling our daughter she was going to be a big sister, the excitement in her little face was priceless!

  467. Lindsey

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Happy Blog Birthday!
    My best family memory was definitely when we found out that I was pregnant. Telling my husband was a special moment and we are about to welcome him sometime in the next 3 weeks!

  468. Natalie

    Wow! I would love to win any one of these prizes!

    Favourite family memory is more of a tradition – we go camping every year during the same weekend to the same beautiful ocean view spot and relax and enjoy each other’s company (and away from technology). It just so happens to be the weekend of our anniversary. :)

  469. marisa

    My favorite memories are our family camping trips to big sur with siblings and their families.. Love seeing all of the cousins together

  470. K.D. Brady

    Happy blog birthday!! I love the little moments with my little family. Out dance parties, snuggling in bed, playing in the dirt, going on walks… It’s all going by faster than I want it to, but I’m soaking up all the crazy and fun I can while it lasts!

  471. One of my favorite family moments; Just last night I walked in to ask the husband to help with some chores….but I found him playing with our baby Aiko. Dad’s are so much more important than chores. Loved it.

  472. Sisilia

    My favorite moment was April 1st of this year when I have birth to my second child. It was such a difficult pregnancy and to see her face to face healthy was a true blessing. But my favorite moment ever was when her big brother, my 2 year old son met his newborn sister. That moment was incredible and always brings me joy. I am so blessed by them.

  473. Kristen

    congrats! hands down, the favorite has to be the birth of our first child, Jameson. it was the most unexpected and crazy experience – but so, so worth it. baby #2 (a girl!) is arriving this christmas and we couldn’t be more excited with what’s to come!

  474. Kennedy Hansen

    There are so many special moments in families, but one of the ones seared onto my heart is seeing my little boy riding up on his daddy’s shoulders, both grinning from ear to ear and me soaking in their bond. :)

  475. Meghan Sawdon

    Happy blogiversary! My favorite times with my little family are in the morning when my daugther wakes up and I bring her into bed with us. She sits in the middle of the bed against a pillow, with a stack of books, and reads while mom & dad wake up a little more ;) Such tender moments that I’ll remember forever!

  476. Kimbelry Edwards

    My favourite family moment (besides feeling the first kick), was our drive across the country. Our daughter was so wonderful! We took the drive slow and enjoyed the whole country. Now we are excited to have made the decision to have a second child…I can’t wait to add that little nugget to all our family adventures here in Baltimore!

  477. codi

    A special moment our family will never forget, would be the birth of our 4th daughter. We were so excited for this little girl, who turned out to be a little baby BOY!!! Speachless parents! 3 unhappy older sisters!!! But, this little man has stollen all our heart’s!

  478. Heather

    It’s hard to choose just one family moment – it seems we are constantly creating new favorite moments as our son grows and learns each day and we experience new things together. I’m looking forward to becoming a family of 4 in November, though, and can’t wait to see our son meet his sister.

  479. Émilie

    Happy birthday to the blog. Greetings from France

  480. Jenna W

    When my husband and I found out we were expecting this fall. We cannot wait!

  481. Sofie

    Congrats on you blogs 6th anniversary!
    My special moment was when my little niece to her first walk we me.

  482. Raquel

    Best family moment so far – meeting baby #2 with big brother.

  483. Marissa

    We had a family campout on our back deck under the stars! It was perfect with the little ones! Close enough to a bathroom and warm house in case it rained and still able to talk about and look up at the stars together.

  484. Megan Matsuyama

    A special moment I have had with my family is going on a 10 day road trip last summer with my husband and 6 month old baby. We took a group of college students to several different states and served inner city communities with acts of service and sharing about Jesus. My son Maddox did so well and just adapted everywhere we went! It was fun for the college students to love on a baby during the trip as well!:)

  485. Kaleen

    Happy Birthday! I love this giveaway today! I would be over the moon to win any one of these items b/c it just so happens that we found out we are having baby number ONE this past weekend! We are so excited!

  486. Kaylene

    Congrats on six years!

    I have really been treasuring my family’s trips to the Saturday morning farmers markets. Coffee, homemade pastries, fresh produce and quality conversation. I look forward to it every week.

  487. Jessica

    The dresses from the “More of Me” collection are all amazing!! I’m anticipating (God willing) being pregnant within the next year so stashing away a few key pieces now would be amazing!!

  488. Brittany grannell

    Happy birthday, blog!
    I stumbled upon this site about a year ago and have checked in on it almost every day since! I so look forward to seeing your beautiful children and fantastic family photographs! I can always count on creative inspiration in each and every post!

    I became a mama myself last April. My heart has never felt so full!! One of my favorite moments in the last year ( so many to choose from!) was when Noah finally got to meet his aunt, uncle, and cousins who live in England for the first time at 7 months old! It was instant love between my babe and theirs. I just melted!

  489. alexandra

    Hi Naomi, I just love reading your blog and hearing about your wonderful family. Even though I do nor have my own children, I do have a Hope chest that I have filled with clothes, books and blankets. I also have 2 nieces and a nephew that I just love spending time with. My niece Allayna is always asking “where’s Alex?” I can’t wait to have my own and dress them like you dress your babies. Happy 6 years to you and your precious family.

  490. Kara

    I love our family beach week once a year; such a great time for the siblings and cousins to spend quality time together. It is such a sweet time!

  491. Rachel

    Special moment in my little family is seeing the positive on the pregnancy test! I’m due with my first in March and my husband and I are so excited!

  492. Lyndsey

    Our best family moment was two weeks ago when we found out we are having a baby boy! It was at my 20 week ultrasound, my husband was holding my hand and we were both had tears in our eyes. We are one step closer to meeting our little prince and watching him kick and move was incredible!
    Thank you so much for giving us a glimps into you beautiful family!

  493. mary

    Right now its just me and my husband but I have a 8 month old niece and just yesterday on facetime she showed off her amazing new crawling skills! smiling and laughing to herself as she moved around her living room, clearly so pleased with her new found talent and freedom.

    happy blogging anniversary!

  494. Our family just grew to three and we love being parents. The adventure just keeps getting better and better. With every milestone we can’t believe how amazing our little baby can be. Tganks for posting the giveaway! I love your blog and how you make your family your top priority and your adventures encourage me to take my baby out and about more often. Thank you!

  495. Sarah

    Happy Birthday!

    We loved spending a big portion of the summer in Utah visiting both sides of family and also seeing my little girl point to my growing belly and say “bebe”!

  496. Jodi

    Congratulations on the big milestone and 6 more years of blog posts to come! Some of my favorite memories involve the whole family gathering in the kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner each year.

  497. Jessica

    A special moment moment out family has shared is finding out baby #2 will be joining us in February! Couldn’t be more excited :)

  498. Courtney Sanders

    My due date is today for our first baby! I’m looking forward to meeting our little guy!!!

  499. Nissa

    Family game night is the best. This summer we moved and it was such chaos. I can’t wait to feel settled and start that up again.

  500. Jolee

    Some of my favorite moments are when we got married, when my husband returned from Iraq, and of course when our sweet little Sam was born!

  501. Jessica

    I have seen these sweet little Mocs around the interwebs for ages now and have coveted a pair, or five, for just as long!! And I agree, the yellow are amazing.

  502. Sokun W.

    Congrats on your blog anniversary!
    My special family moments are taking our toddler son for evening walks around our Phoenix neighborhood. We welcome a new baby this coming January and can’t wait to take both kids on walks!

  503. becca

    my favorite time with my little family is when we first wake up in the morning. my baby boy is (usually) so happy and chatty and my husband and i get to enjoy our little man together before he (the big man) heads off to work. a sweet and gentle start to our day.

  504. Heather Flannery

    I have loved reading your blog and seeing so many similarities to our own little family. I was pregnant with my first when you were pregnant with little E… in fact we had the same due date and I came early and you went overdue! It was so fun to read along and follow your sweet family through your journey.

    One of my favorite moments with my little family was just the other night when we were saying our family prayers and my two year old son decided he wanted to say the prayer all by himself without any help from Mom or Dad. He said the most simple beautiful prayer and I felt like everything was complete and right in that moment. I can get so caught up in everyday things that sometimes I forget the big picture. Isn’t it nice to have little ones around to remind us of the important things?

    Thank you for this beautiful blog and the wonderful giveaways. I would be so grateful and blessed to win.

  505. Semra

    My favorite moment with my family was after a traumatic 17hr delivery and 16 hour nicu to hold my baby with my husband. I was in tears, the best moment in my life. Happy birthday, hope to run into you one day in NYC:))

  506. Michelle

    Happy Blog Birthday!! We love following your family!! We have a little boy named Chase Nicholas and a little brother on the way named Bryce Alexander :) they will be best buds at 18 months apart! One of our favorite times as a family is bedtime. After bath we play on the floor in our sons nursery, lots of milestones and laughs on that floor. I know those will always be fond memories when he is in college and Im missing him!!! Now we just need Bryce to get here to makes lots more memories with his brother!!

  507. Lluvia Aranda

    So hard to pick just one moment but one that stands out would have to be when they placed my baby girl on my chest right after she was born and her little hand fell on my cheeck. It looked like she was caressing my cheeck as if saying we’re going to be ok and we’re going to be a good team together. I have a pic of that moment that completely mets my heart. Thank you for the chance :) and congrats on your big 6

  508. Caitlin

    We found out we are pregnant with triplets! Special moment indeed!! We are first-time parents – currently 8 weeks pregnant :)

  509. Samantha

    Oh wow oh wow oh wow! If I could be the winner of your bugaboo donkey I would just cry with joy! I just (like, YESTERDAY) found out we’re expecting our second baby and with our son 1st birthday only days ago, I’m in a transportation jam! Like you, I cried a little bit when I found out, merely out of selfishness because the moments I’ve had with my son have been so wonderful that I just don’t know how my heart will love two. I’m sure it will all work out, it’s just overwhelming, you know? Plus, pregnancy hormones are a real joy!? Anyway, congrats on 6 years of your fabulous blog. Here’s to another 6 and then another 6….

  510. Abby Patterson

    Happy Anniversary! Meeting our son for the first time is my favorite family moment. Watching Lee show him off to the nurses I knew that this was what I had been searching for. The love we have for each other fills a room and I’m in my happy place.

  511. Julie

    It’s hard to pick just one special moment, there are so many. But my favorite time of day is just as the sun is setting. The kids are all full from dinner and we should be winding down, but somehow all seven of us (Daddy included) gravitate outside, find a skateboard and ride circles around our neighborhood while the sun slips away. It’s our families happy hour.

  512. marae

    what a great giveaway, and happy blog anniversary! family walks are some of my favorite moments.

  513. Meaghan

    Just being able to start a family and now expand it xoxo

  514. Erica England

    I’m having my third baby in October and after having two boys we are thrilled to find out we are expecting a girl! Some sweet moments I’ve had lately with my boys is watching them get so very excited for a sister! They have loved helping me pick out little pajamas and loved even more helping their dad put together the crib! They are just so very excited!

  515. jenny denysenko

    we are a family of five two girls and little boy and we have so much fun together, but most recently it has been our trips to the lake swimming and snacking on the shores, watching my girls learn to swim with their Daddy.

  516. hannyR

    The most recent special moment with my family is when we found out a month ago that we are expecting our first child! Would love to win this giveaway for my own expanding family!

  517. Danielle H.

    Our little girl is 8 months old and as cheesy as it may be, recently I feel like we have special family moments daily. She is growing and developing so fast and every day is a new adventure.

    Congratulations on 6 years of this great blog.

  518. Jessie

    Hurray for 6 years and many more to come! My favorite moment this year was the first time my daughter’s eyes lit up with excitement when my husband got home from work and she stumbled over to him as fast as her wobbly legs would take her. My husband completely melted and I’ll never forget how he beamed for the rest of the night. We also just found out we are expecting baby #2 so this giveaway is just perfect :)

  519. Rachel

    Happy birthday blog!

    My husband and I have countless memories of travel and excitement but we are most looking forward to our newest journey with our little girl coming in September.

  520. Nissa

    Love our day trips to the lake. Kayaking, swimming and no worries.

  521. Amy

    Congrats on 6 years! That is amazing.
    A special moment that has just started happening with my to little people Liam (5 1/2) and Maggie (3) is seeing their love and friendship grow for each other. Maggie will call for Liam in the AM for him to come in her room and get her up, or help her down from washing her hands. Their big long hugs and kisses to each other. And the amazing way they have started playing and making up games together (especially when they play mom & dad too cute) I can see that they are going to be best friends for life, which was something I worried about having a boy and girl. I wasn’t sure that they could have the same connection 2 brothers or 2 sisters (like me and my sister) could have. But it is there and I am so proud of them and my husband and I.

    Happy 6 years for boggling can’t wait to continue reading you journey.

  522. Audrey Crisp

    Congrats!! Fun giveaway!! My favorite family moment so far is blessing my newest baby.

  523. Leah LW

    A favorite family moment? Realizing with my honey that this is the first maternity/mama giveaway I am eligible for since we are expecting our first kiddo! Cool!

  524. Sokun W.

    My special family moments include evening family walks in our Phoenix neighborhood with my husband, toddler son and new baby (due in Jan). Love your blog!!

  525. mary

    Every night I do the hokey pokey with my husband and two year old daughter, Josie. I love watching her put her butt in and shake it around! It’s these little moments that add up and fill my cup.

  526. becca ramsey

    our favorite family moment is the little things, like playing outside with our dog and daughter. or reading books on the couch and getting her to do every animal sound possible. or tickle fights. or saying our prayers every night. i love all of it!
    would LOVE TO WIN this giveaway!

  527. Caitlyn

    Happy birthday, Love Taza Blog!

    My happy moment lately would have to be watching my little Noah man take his first steps and celebrating his 1st birthday!

    We have loved reading your blog!

  528. Amanda P.

    The best family moment (so far) was when we became a family of three less than a month ago. Our baby boy made us a family and it was an amazing experience.

  529. Sara Wolf

    Congrats on 6 years! Our happiest family moment so far has been the birth of our son in 2011!! We are looking forward to another amazing moment when we welcome our second son in October!

  530. Jennifer

    My husband and I were both active duty in the military when we met and fell in love. A month after our wedding, he left for 6 months of training and after graduation from that, moved across the country (and of course, we found out that we were pregnant shortly after he moved). I spent my entire pregnancy with just a few visits together. I had a very complicated pregnancy and he was able to fly in the night of our daughter’s early delivery. My favorite family memory is the moment that he held our daughter in his arms, knowing the difficult journey that we had come through to be together and start a family. We still spent another 8 months apart after she was born, but were able to finally live together for the first time as a family two years ago.

  531. Happy blog anniversary!!!! We’re expecting our first babe in January! This is a perfect giveaway for our stage were in!

  532. thea

    We’re expecting a little boy (our first child!) in January! We are so excited to start our family, and my husband is thrilled to have a little guy coming! :)

  533. mary-kevin

    happy blog birthday! we welcomed our daughter to the world in february…definitely the most special, amazing moment ever!

  534. after a few years of trying, we recently became pregnant! so this is a super exciting time in our lives and we are looking forward to a growing family. love all of these products!

  535. Sara

    Happy Blog-iversary! I absolutely love your blog!
    A special moment for my husband and I was when I told him we were having a baby and he then told me he was moving to day shift!! It was definitely a day to celebrate and one that I will never ever forget.

  536. Anna

    I love watching my husband wrestle and snuggle with our 18 month old. It’s the little moments like that that make me love being a mama. Or when she looks at me and smacks her lips for a big kiss!

  537. Allyn

    I just found your blog about 6 months ago, and I love it so much! You are such an inspiration as a mom of 2 littles. You guys have so much fun together! Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your life with us :)

  538. Amy Assante

    Pick me! Me and my husband and loving making memories with our 5 month old! We love hearing her laugh and watching her learn new things!

  539. Heather

    Our best family moment was welcoming our sweet little boy to the world almost 12 mos ago.

  540. Wow! Six years! Happy Blog Birthday. Our best family memory was welcoming our, now 15 month old, baby to our family in May 2012. It was amazing to grow closer as husband and wife while learning to grow together as parents. It’s also been fun reading your blog during this time since your little Samson is about the same age.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and reality of motherhood with us all.

  541. Amber

    I love your blog and reading all about your sweet family. My husband, 11-month-old daughter (also named Eleanor!) and I recently had a special family breakfast yesterday at a lodge overlooking the Atlantic. It was a beautiful view, the weather was crisp and cool (a hint of autumn) and it was so wonderful to put away the phones and just spend time together; my husband is usually away working on my days off, so this was a rare occasion where we were all had a day together. We loved watching our daughter eat her little cubes of melon while happily taking in all of the sights around her. Afterwards, we took turns on the swing set outside of the restaurant and realized that our little girl is getting BIG!

  542. Katja

    One of my best family moments was a simple but great lunch in this wonderful restaurant “Patria” in Andalusia. I think we both realized at this day, that to go for holidays with a toddler is very different than those relaxing holidays before. But it makes us much more happier :-)

    Congratulations to your inspiring blog!

    (from Germany)

  543. Liz Orea

    Happy Birthday, Tazablog! It has been truly inspirational. Little man is due in 2 weeks but our favorite family moment is bedtime. It’s the time of day he moves the most because daddy reads a bedtime story to my 37 week belly. He moves around like crazy because he loves hearing us together. Thank you for sharing so much with us!

    Hope we win. Love! xoxox

    Liz, Erick, and Baby Ethan!

  544. Teresa Gunnell

    My sweetest moment in my family was when we went to San Carlos Mexico for the first time as a family. Lets just say my heaven is gonna look like that place. You should go there, you won’t regret it.

  545. Casaundra Gossard

    At the beginning of the year my husband and I were given the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Palestine to teach basketball to young kids. We packed up ourselves and sweet one year old and headed over. Our time there was made even more special when we became pregnant with our second baby! The three months we spent overseas strengthened our little family, grew our little family, and deepened our faith. I am forever grateful for that sweet time and we just found out we are having a GIRL!!! She is due December 23rd.

  546. Katie

    This is so exciting! Happy 6th blog birthday to you, taza!! :) WOW! As for a special memory, I try to make special moments out of every day moments, and to see them each as something to cherish. Right now, it’s just my husband and me, but we’re hoping to have a big family, and SOON! We just celebrated our two year anniversary, so everyone keeps asking when babies are coming! ;) We went to a wedding this past weekend, and it was at the most beautiful location, overlooking lake tahoe. We just sat there, the two of us, enjoying the gorgeous view and talking about our life together. It was such a special moment that I will cherish forever. <3


  547. Michelle

    Happy blog anniversary! We have been blessed with so many great family moments. One of my favorites was celebrating my daughters 3rd birthday this month. She was able to help with the party planning and was so excited to celebrate. We must have sang “happy birthday” for the entire month of August.

  548. Samantha

    Happy Blog Birthday! It has been a joy reading and looking at your photos of your family, especially now having one child (almost 2) and another on the way. My most recent favorite moment is watching my daughter on the beach this summer with her cousins. Watching her run, laugh, swim and play in the sand will forever be captured In my mind eye. Thank you for sharing such intimate family time with all of your followers..

  549. Kelsey Curtis

    Great giveaways! My crazy 1 1/2 year old makes our family. Everyday with him is our sweet moments!

  550. Jessica

    My husband and I were just married 4 months ago, and while we’ve only been an official ‘family’ for a short while, and are still only in the planning phases of expanding, we’ve shared so many wonderful memories already! The most memorable being our wedding week, yes week!, in St John, US Virgin Islands where we were married. Destination wedding = vacationing with all of the people you love most. Our hearts were full that whole week seeing our family and friends enjoying themselves and celebrating us as a couple. Would love to get a head start on stocking up for baby with all of the amazing giveaways here!!

  551. kelly

    playing together outside in the early summer evenings:) what a generous giveaway!

  552. Rebecca

    After struggling through infertility and a miscarriage, the greatest moment I shared with my husband was hearing our baby’s heartbeat together for the first time. I am now 17 weeks and we can’t stop talking about our future and all that we hope it includes.

  553. Kate

    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and I’m glad you decided to start it 6 years ago :) We’re expecting our first baby this November! Hearing his little heartbeat for the first time with my husband right there holding my hand (and tearing up!) is definitely a favorite family moment :)

  554. Ashley King

    Our most special moment was seeing our little one for the 1st time. I have never been so filled with joy. It was a hard road to get pregnant and when we finally did I was in shock for months, I still marvel at my little miracle, who will be one (!) on Sunday, every single day.

  555. Dana

    happy blog birthday!!!

    I like to think everyday is special. even the days when they drive you nuts and you want to cry. all those moments are special as they make you stronger.

  556. Lisa

    Happy Birthday to my all time favorite blog. I have followed you from the beginning and look forward to reading your blog every week. A favorite family moment from this year has been the summer nights spent at our lake on the beach. Watching my littles play in the sand as the sun is setting feels like a slice of heaven on Earth. Makes my heart feel so full!

  557. Emilie

    happy blogiversary!! today was the first day of school and one of my favorite moments were the soccer games, brunches and late afternoon water fights in the yard with my family to mark the end of summer vacation!

  558. Brooke

    Our best moment as a family was buying and moving into our first home together. It brought us closer than we ever could have imagined. Happy Blogging Birthday!!

  559. Noemie

    Congrats on the 6 years ! Can’t believe I have been reading your blog for almost 4 years now !

    Our best family moment ( may sound cheesy I know lol ) was the birth of our sweet baby girl, Aria last april. Since that day, our lifes are perfectly perfect, and full of love and joy <3

  560. Maria

    Happy birthday and congratulations for your blog and your lovely family!!! My favorite family moment is the birth of our first daughter three months ago and our family walks by the beach during this summer sunsets ;)

  561. Lauren

    My 3 month old son smiled at my two year old daughter the other day and she squealed with excitement saying “he LIKES me!! look! he smiling at me!” My husband and I’s hearts melted…Makes the long nights worth it!

  562. Anne

    My favorite moment was at 7:33am on 2/22/12 when my little girl Aven was born!

  563. tessa

    Going to Disneyland!!! THE BEST!!

  564. Eryn McCauley

    My most special moment was when my cousin had her baby boy logan, he is six weeks old and so special to all of us. We have really struggled recently as he is being tested for Spina Bifida! She would love this stroller to take her son and nephew out together as she is constantly on buses and can struggle looking after them both to help her mum and dad out, would really love the look on her face if I were to tell her she got this♡

  565. carolina miller

    congrats on your 6 year birthday! my family and I share many special memories but the most special yet has got to be our most recent family reunion. It’s tough being away from family being in the military. but our whole family got to spend a week in a cabin in tennessee. so glad they all got to meet madison our 6 month old baby girl.

  566. Brittany

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! In love your blog! Would love to win any of these items!

    As f

  567. rachel

    sleeping on the dining room floor with an infant, a six year old, and a not-housetrained dog, just so said dog would not howl the night away.

  568. Jessica

    Happy 6 years! One of my favorite moments in our 5 years of marriage is when we found out we were expecting twins at our first prenatal appointment! My boys are turning 2 in just a couple weeks and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

  569. Ashley

    Special Moment happened this morning! Took my oldest to his first day of Kindergarten. Was lucky enough to share the moment with my husband and my youngest child. It was a family event for sure!

  570. Brittany

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! In love your blog! Would love to win any of these items!

    As for my favorite moment, I’m not sure if I have just one
    But I love nothing more than seeing my little boy asleep and just appreciating being his mom!!

  571. Carlie

    My favorite moment of family time happened just last night. As I sat on our outdoor patio swing and snuggled with my sweet new baby, I watched my other three children playing duck-duck-goose on the trampoline with their dad. The moment made my heart swell as I realized how wonderful my life is. Granted, I definitely have my moments when all I want to do is pull my hair out and lock myself in my bedroom. But oh how I love these children of mine!

  572. Julia

    I recently had my second daughter and I was SO nervous about how my first daughter would react to her. She hated it when I held other babies, so we were afraid we’d have some jealousy to deal with.

    When my second was born, my nearly two-year-old came into the hospital room and sat on the bed with me and looked at her new sister. She touched her toes, hands, tummy, etc, and it was like she knew that this baby was different from all of the other babies. Since then she asks for her sister first thing when she wakes up, holds her hand when she’s getting her diaper changed, and tenderly helps me bathe her. It is so sweet to see these little girls interact and to watch my oldest transition so smoothly into her big-sister role!

  573. Shana

    Happy blog birthday!!
    This week we bought my daughter her first pair of shoes!! Can’t believe my big girl is walking already! It was such a special moment for us realizing how far we all have come!

  574. Alex

    The day we were able to take our twins, William and Winston, home after being in the NICU for two months was such an incredible day! Nothing trumps that.

  575. I’d have to say backcountry camping with my family in the Sawtooths last week- so beautiful!

  576. Amanda

    Best moment ever was the birth of my daughter 16 months ago :) Happy anniversary!!

  577. Megan

    My little family that consists of just my husband and me found out that we are expecting our first little one this past March, due in November! That’s been my favorite part so far. :) What an awesome giveaway!

  578. Our family just celebrated our daughters 1st birthday. As sad as it is to see her grow up, it has been so fun to have a cute toddler running around!

  579. Alli

    My favorite moment is when my 20 month old daughter is sitting on the ground and pats the ground next to her so I will come join her on the floor – how can you not stop and just enjoy it all! It really is the small moments that are the best moments!

  580. Alyssa Smith

    I would love to win some pairs of moccs, they are so darling!
    A special family moment would just have to be all the times we are sitting around the dinner table and find ourselves laughing about nothing and just enjoying being with each other :)

  581. Sarah

    Congrats ! Brautiful blog- cheers me up every time !

  582. Jessy Carlisle

    My favorite family moment was just a few months ago when I found out I was pregnant. When my husband came home from school and I told him, he picked me up, kissed me, and we sat on the couch just in awe of how blessed we are!

    I am totally going to buy all these things even if I don’t win, but it sure would be fun to win, right??

    Happy Blog Birthday!!

  583. abby

    Love this blog. I think your blog and my favorite family memory go together. I love the every day. The coloring at our kitchen table, the laughing (screaming) in the car, the wonder when your child tastes something for the first time…those are the memories that I treasure the most.

  584. Megan

    My best family memory has to be the day my Mom graduated from college. After putting two of us through four years of undergrad, my Mom went back to school for her own business degree. Three years of night school later, and a 4.0 GPA (!!) later, her graduation day was such a hugely inspiring moment.

  585. Liz Ford

    Happy 6th birthday! A fav memory. Yeah there is like a million to pick from. But seeing my little mister play with his aunt and uncles always tops my list. We are a family of 2, just me and him. And all my siblings live up north. When we get to visit its the best thing ever. By the way you make me love New York threw your posts even though I have never been there. Congrats on 6 years!

  586. Meaghan

    Happy Birthday to your blog! I have really enjoyed reading your words and seeing all of your beautiful pictures. It is so cool that we have this way to connect to people.

    My special time with my little family of 4 is when we all go out to our front porch in the evening as the sun is setting. My husband and I cuddle up on our porch swing while our two boys(Maximus 3 & Jack 2) play in front of our house. Eventually the kids will come settle on our laps and we all watch the sunset together. It always feels like a nice calm moment where we breathe in and think of how lucky we really are.

  587. Abby

    And can I just say thank you for documenting it all for us to see! It’s been so fun to watch your family grow!

    As for this giveaway, my husband and I have been working 5 1/2 long years to have one of our own, and finally made the decision to move forward with IVF! Sweet baby will be born next Spring! Those maternity clothes will definitely be put to good use!

  588. Lauren earl

    best moment… the birth of our sweet baby Esther 4weeks ago!

  589. Kate

    Happy #6

    We are expecting #6. Yay!! Our family highlight of the past year was our sailing journey from Canada to the Bahamas! What an awesome adventure to experience with our children.

  590. Amanda

    How do I pick ONE? Our Millie will be 7 months old on the first (she has the same birthday as Eleanor!). Every day is my new favorite as I watch her grow and learn and discover the world around her. If I had to choose one special moment aside from her birth, it’d have to be her first little giggles. Happy b[log]irthday!

  591. MarcellA

    One of the most special moments I have with my family is on our wedding day, during our ring exchange, my husband walked up to my daughter and put a tiny ring on her finger too. He wanted her to feel just as special and important as I did on that day.
    It’s memory I will cherish forever and never forget! :)

  592. Probably the most special moment (besides our wedding) would have to be the recent birth of our first born! He in now a little over a month and we could not be more joyful :)

  593. Favorite moment: finding out baby #2 is a BOY!! We have a 15 month old little girl who we adore, and couldn’t me more excited to have these two babes! Love this giveaway!!

  594. Yessenia angulo

    Our best during this year has been going on holiday to Aguascalientes to visit grandpa bonding moments are the best, congratulations for these six years I follow I recently really like the blog, greetings from monterrey Mexico

  595. Christine

    We recently added a new daughter to our family, about 3 weeks ago. I love how her big brother wants to kiss “his baby” goodnight before he goes to bed.

  596. Kate

    My sister and her husband just found out they are expecting their first! As a soon-to-be new mom, she would so appreciate any of these family treats.I’d love to surprise her with moccasins or maternity clothes! Thanks for this darling giveaway! And happy six years!

  597. Courtney Carr

    My special family moment was bringing my little boy home from the nicu and his big sisters kissing all over him.

  598. I have been dying to get my 10 month old a pair of Freshly Picked mocs and I love th Bugaboo.

    Favorite family moment… oming home from the hospital after the both of our son, and looking at each other like “what now?”…rocking my baby to sleep…the 3 of us cuddling in bed on Sunday mornings…I could go on and on!

  599. Nicole Saldivar

    Favorite moment with my family is every night before bed. We always read a book to our baby, say family prayers and have a big family hug!

  600. Ashley C.

    Just had our 3rd baby nearly a year ago this September and our most memorable family moment as new family of 5
    Is our journey from California to Louisiana. We are a military family and immediately had to move across country when our youngest was only 10 weeks old! Took us 4 days by car! It was crazy but it was our first big adventure being a party of 5 and for that we will never forget!

  601. K

    My fam is great and all, but I’d love to win this giveaway so that I can give to a friend of mine who’s set to have her baby next month!

  602. Katie Hosmer

    Here’s to the next 6 years! Happy blogging!

  603. Kelli Ditata

    A special moment my family recently shared was at an appointment with the doctor who delivered my daughter who is now 22 months old. We went to the appointment expecting him to confirm our pregnancy, but we came to find out that we were having TWINS!! We were so shocked, but excited at the same time. My daughter, Tenley, is beyond excited to be a big sister! We would love to win any of the giveaways, but my twins would loveeee that stroller!

    Love your blog, Taza!

  604. Colleen K

    Does surviving moving count? That moment you realize that the boxes are unpacked and the little one hasn’t eaten anything she shouldn’t have…or completely destroyed anything she shouldn’t have…and you can breath a sigh of relief? And, when you can actually sit on your couch and cuddle little one and husband and say “hooray!”

    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary! How wonderful!

  605. RRP

    Bedtime is definitely one of my favorites.

  606. victoria

    I was able to move in with my sister and her husband and become a part of their new family, as they just welcomed my nephew Connor. I can now share in all the little moments of him growing everyday. From his morning smiles, to his afternoon baths. I am so glad I’m not missing anything.

  607. Jade Seay

    Congratulations on 6 beautiful successful years! I’m not sure you understand the magnitude of your blog…how it reaches out to other moms in SO many ways, good and bad days we can all relate and sometimes it’s hard finding someone who is willing to share the honesty of motherhood. Not everyone can admit those tough moments but you’ve taught SO many that the good moments are the ones you’ll remember and that the tough moments come and go. We have one life to live and I can thank you, your blog, outlook, parenting, advice for allowing me to see the true meaning of life and that’s to make the most of EVERY moment. One very special moment our family experienced was when our daughter Olivia (2 years old) was having a little tantrum before bedtime. My husband and I were laying with her as she was tossing and turning in bed when she ended up laying sideways with her head on my belly (6 month preggo belly) and her feet on her daddy’s chest when all of the sudden her baby brother started kicking her (seemingly as hard as he could.) She was instantly silent/still, holding her breath almost when my husband looked at me somewhat confused. I mouthed to him that the baby was kicking her but neither one of us said a word-we wanted to see what she would do. The baby kicked again, even harder than before when she sat up turned around and slowly kissed my belly and fell fast asleep. My husband grabbed my hand and we laid there completely silent, holding back the sweet emotions we were experiencing, taking all of it in. It was truly beautiful and something I will ALWAYS remember. Thanks to you I’ve learned that every moment is beautiful and even if it’s seemingly a tough moment it will always turn out to be beautiful.

  608. Marcela

    My favorite family moments are the summer picnics in the park to live music.

  609. Happy 6th blog birthday !! Wish you cherish many more.
    Our favorite memories as a family are from traveling, as those times make us understand beauty in different ways (in addition to being elastic and let go of small annoying things)

  610. Our first Christmas together, my husband and I were working a lot and couldn’t find time to get our Christmas tree during the daylight hours. We ended up getting lost in the dark on our way to the tree farm as our GPS took us down some very minimal dirt roads. We finally made it and picked our tree and brought it home. Cliche as it sounds, the whole ordeal was quite magical.

  611. Andrea K

    happy blog birthday!

    we found out the gender of baby #2 today! we are over the moon!!!

  612. Lindsay

    What a great giveaway! Congrats on 6 years :) My favorite family moment so far has been the day my husband and I got to see our baby boy in 3D for the first time. My husband couldn’t stop smiling and it was the sweetest thing! We can’t wait to meet him in person sometimes in the next few weeks. ♥

  613. Emily

    Our most recent special moment was the birth of my second son! Seeing my older son being an amazing big brother and more love than I thought possible for our family!!

  614. Marci Bothwell

    This year has been the best yet! Finding out we are expecting our first baby, both of us graduating, moving out to Connecticut for residency, and then having a new little baby in time for Christmas! 2013 has been good to us.

  615. Laura

    Congrats & thanks for sharing the last 6 years with us! Family dance parties are some of my favorite family memories. Even our 9 month old starts bouncing to the beat. It fills my heart.

  616. Abbi

    We just welcomed our first baby in June- he is perfect! That stroller would be amazing to prep for our second!

  617. Natalie M

    Happy Blog Birthday!
    From mama of three – Will(5) Marie(2) and Jack(14 months)
    I also entered on IG – nataliemccance-
    All the best to you and your beautiful family!

  618. erica

    i will never forget the moment we became a family of three.
    i loved watching my two older girls meet their baby sister for the first time.

  619. I love your site!!! And would love to win a new bugga boo or moccasins like your cute kids!

  620. Katie

    What a great way to celebrate 6 years of blogging! My favorite family memories (cause there is two) when we were told we were going to be parents through adoption and the second is when I gave birth to our adorable twins a couple of months ago!

  621. Kristin

    Happy Anniversary!!! Your blog is one of my favorite daily reads!!
    As a first time mom of a five month old sweet boy there are so many special moments but one of the best is his smiling face when we walk in to his room to get him in the morning, it’s truly the best way to start our day!!!

  622. Katie Hosmer

    My special family would have to be the recent birth of our first baby! Babies are truly a blessing from God!

  623. Lexi

    I would love to win any of these. I am pregnant with my first child!

  624. GREAT giveaways! I think our favorite family moment lately was visiting friends in Nashville and just having a few days with nothing better to do but sip coffee on the porch and watch the kids play in the wet grass. Doesn’t get much better.

  625. Ashe-Monique Yap-Chung

    We recently took a trip to Toronto with our baby boy who was 11months at the time. We went to Canada’s Wonderland and love seeing his little precious face light up on all the rides he was able to go on. We went with my sister-in-law, her hubby and his two little cousins. We had an amazing day! Can’t wait for Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens when he’s older though and by then we hope to be a family of four! Thanks for this opportunity!

  626. Ashley G

    Congrats on the milestone!! We just bought our 3 1/2 year old his first real bike and I have LOVED watching him learn to ride it!!!! The first thing he wants to do in the morning is go on a bike ride. He even asks to park it in his room at night! It’s so fun to have kids and experience these “firsts” with them!!!

  627. Mara Gravelle

    Hi Naomi!

    Happy 6 years anniversary! I really love your blog…
    My favourite family moment pretty much happens everyday when I see our little 2 and a half year old Jude, surprise us with some new hilarious thing that he says or does. He keeps us constantly entertained. we are very excited to see how he will handle our soon to be newest addition too!
    And thanks for keeping me constantly entertained with your blog, love the memories you are making with your ridiculously beautiful family.


  628. Brittney Caban

    Taking our son to his very first Cardinals baseball game in St. Louis! I’d love love love to win!

  629. Megan

    Congrats on your beautiful blog (and family!!). It has been such a pleasure to follow you and Josh grow into a family of four. What a treat to peak in on all of your fun. Your love for your kids radiates so clearly, even on screen!

    Anyway, I have a hard time picking a favorite family moment! We welcomed our beautiful baby Finnegan just over a year ago and have loved *most* moments since then :) One that stands out to me though was early this year when we stayed in bed all Saturday morning, tucked away warmly in jammies, reading books to Finny and watching movies while the snow fell. It was one of those moments that I couldn’t stop looking at the faces next to me and thinking “wow… this is MY family? this is MY life? it is so beautiful!”

    Crossing my fingers for this giveaway and hoping that when I win ;) my body will be inspired to host baby #2.

  630. My favorite family memory this year is seeing my niece walk for the first time just this last week! She’d look adorable walking in some cute new moccasins :)

  631. Sarah

    Oh I would just love the little moccs for my two year old! My favorite moments are when our kids say funny things. The other day we were shopping as a family and we left the kids in the giant cart -that wouldn’t fit in the clothing section- so we were looking at the clothes and my 5 year old yelled, “uh guys it says here you aren’t allowed to leave your child unattended!” Our kids are just so fun to be with!

  632. Jessica

    Two weeks ago we became a family of four and my favorite memory is watching our son meet his new sister. His gentle kisses as he sat in my pal and held “his baby” were the most wonderful thing I have ever seen.

  633. Colleen

    Our little family took its first vacation just the four of us last fall and it was so fun to start traditions and enjoy a relaxed pace together for a few days.

  634. Brittany C.

    I love your blog and cute family! Happy six years! Most mornings before my husband leaves for the day we go lay on the rug in our son Dash’s nursery. When he sees us lay there he immediately drops whatever he’s doing and crawls over as fast as he can to be with us. It’s one of our favorite things in the world. Family dog piles in the mornings.

  635. Alex

    Hi! I just started following and absolutely LOVE reading about your cute lil fam and all of the color in your life! My husband and I are expecting our first in 2 short weeks (please come sooner little Silas!!!), so, many memories to come. My favorite so far has been watching my husband prepare to become a father, and experiencing the way he has loved me and encouraged me the whole way into motherhood. We are blessed!

    Congrats on 6 years… Wowza!


  636. Ashley

    Loved looking over your Italy post before we traveled with our 7-month old baby this June!

  637. israa

    Happy birthday to the best blog ever!
    there have been many special occasions with my family but the best one has to be when my eldest sister gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl.
    Holding he for the first time was so special and a very emotional experience for our whole family. Ever since, this little bundle of joy has enlightened every moment we have spent together as a family and is a constant reminder that sometimes the littlest of things brings out huge amounts of happiness!:)

  638. The best moment so far is when my son was born in January. I am a cancer survivor and it was pretty awesome to be able to add to our family after chemotherapy. Love reading you blog. Thanks!

  639. Jennifer Mowry

    happy blog birthday!! i have loved watching your family grow over these past six years and cannot wait to see what the future holds for your family!

  640. Leica

    Happy blog birthday!!! My special moments with my little family are always our mornings. Breakfast together is very nice!!

  641. Kayla

    Absolutely adore your blog!
    One of my favorite family moments is when we first came home from the hospital with our baby boy Holden, my husband and I sat on the couch and our lab mix Hazel came and layed her head on my lap and licked Holden’s little toes. It was the perfect way to start our new joyrney as a family.

  642. The most memoral experience my husband & I have shared is finding out we were pregnant right after having a miscarriage. Going through a miscarriage was the hardest thing we both ever endured. It grew stronger as a couple as well as grew stronger in the gospel, but it was still the hardest thing ever. Not even a month goes by that we find out that we’re expecting again & we have been on cloud nine ever since! When we both found out, we were just crying with excitement! Nothing is better than findin out that you are with child. I am half way there & cannot wait to meet my baby girl on Christmas Day!
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway ! Congrats on the amazing blog for the past 6years! I just live reading it! Thank you!

  643. Amber C

    My fave moments are the every days, watching my family change and grow and trying to cherish it all!!

  644. Caelin

    My favorite moment is this sweet anticipation waiting for the arrival of our first child. Our due date was yesterday so we are just bursting at the seams waiting! We can’t wait to meet the little guy or gal!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. Congrats on 6 years and many more come!

  645. Misty McKenna

    All three of our littles are adopted. One of my special memories is the day our oldest told us he wanted a “chocolate” baby brother. He was only three at the time and I just wrote it off as cute silly things three year olds say. 6 months later we brougt home our second adopted son who just happens to be full African American! The best part is when our oldest held him for the first time he leaned over to give him what I thought was a kiss on the check. Instead he licked him and then looks up at me and very soberly tells me “but mom, he doesn’t tasteless like chocolate”!

  646. Meghan

    Hi Naomi! Congrats on 6 years, your blog is one of my favorites. My husband and I just shared a really special family moment this morning,as we saw our first ultrasound of our first child! Pretty wild! We feel beyond blessed to become parents to a precious little one. And a giveaway for our family would be a perk! Thanks!

  647. lucie

    Félicitation on 6 years :)
    I have plenty of wonderful memories, but the BEST is the day my husband told me that he got a job in Paris. We had some amazing time there!
    We have been trying to make a mini us for a while now, can not wait till it’s our turn, you make it look so easy and happy ;)

    Thank you for the competition!

    Love From France

  648. Jessica

    My favorite family moment was when my son came to the hospital to meet his new baby sister. Our family was finally complete!
    Congrats on 6 years!!

  649. Lauren

    I’m 6 months pregnant and my family threw an awesome co-Ed baby shower for my hubby and I (and baby boy). Jam sessions, food and even a photo booth! So much love for our little guy already! I’m so grateful.

  650. Michelle

    My favorite moments with my family are Staurday mornings. My oldest daughter wakes up and asks, “is Daddy at work or is he home today?” I am so happy to tell her he is home, and we all pile into our bed and make plans for the day while cuddling. It’s the best feeling.

    Congrats on your blog anniversary!

  651. Jodi

    Since you are 6, I will give you 6 special moments..

    1. Potty training my 2 year old…no more diapers is a BIG deal!
    2. Watching my 9 month old taste her food… And enjoy it..even bacon..course who doesn’t like bacon!
    3. Seeing my little girls look at their dad with such love and admiration…pretty sweet.
    4. Hearing the girls giggle together and thinking about the best friends they will be.
    5. Having those moments where you say “how am I going to get through this?” and getting through…each day.
    6. Realizing the woman I have become…Through this adventure called motherhood.

    Happy Birthday Rockstar Diaries…thank you for sharing your life day in and day out! We are right there with you…each and every day…

  652. Em Hall

    My most special & treasured moment is really fresh. 3 weeks a go I have birth to our second daughter, Harriet. I will never forget the moment we introduced her to our 2 year old, Margot. She gently kissed her head, asked everyone to look at her ‘baba sissy’ and was so immensely proud and instantly in love with her. My heart broke into a million pie es just seeing our natural and unconditional sisterly love could be. I’ll never forget it. Em x

  653. Sarah

    Great giveaway ! And beautiful blog. Xx

  654. Jenna

    What amazing giveaways!!! My husband and I were lucky to welcome our first baby almost a year ago and we look forward to having another one soon! Some of our greatest memories are right now as our family is expanding. Congrats on the blog success

  655. Kristina

    My family’s special moment came right after the birth of our son. We knew what it meant to have your heart exist outside your body. <3

  656. Maribeth

    My husband and I are newly married and we love to catch up and chat about our day while we cook dinner. It’s the little things!

  657. amanda roberts

    love this giveaway on SO many levels.

    a special moment shared by our family was hearing our baby cry for the very first time.

    in the operating room, my husband anxiously waiting by my side as the doctors worked to get her out. we looked at each other for one last time, as a family of two. we said i love you. and then there she was, crying. we were then a family of three and couldn’t contain our happiness. we all cried. it was a beautiful moment.

    thank you for letting us share such amazing moments like this one.

    cheers to six years! .. and hopefully SO many more.

    love the roberts.

  658. What a fab giveaway! I have been reading your blog for years now, back when it was Rockstar Diaries! I love your little family! We are expecting our second little boy this November and the Donkey is number 1 on our wishlist! ;)

    A sweet family memory from this summer was when we found out we were having a second boy. My husband and my son (2.5yrs) were both in the sono room with me when we had the gender ultrasound. The tech went on to say (as she scanned over privates) “And I believe you’ve seen one of these before?” Me: “It’s a boy???” Her: “Yes ma’am!” And with tears in our eyes (happy tears!) we started teaching Coco to say “Baby Brother” and he has since been saying it all the time, pointing at my belly. I just think of all the fun times ahead and am so excited to raise my two sons.

    Thank you for the example you set and for sharing your life with us! You have a gorgeous family! Would love to win that Bugaboo!! :)

  659. The win of a lifetime! My favorite family experience has been the same since I was a little girl. Traveling together. Now that I have a family of my own, we make it a priority to travel together. These are memories that will last a lifetime.

  660. Hailey

    Many special times with family, but the best times are when we all get together (there are 8 of us kids, plus spouses) with all the nieces and nephews. The house is chaotic and crazy, but oh-so-fun!

  661. Katy Russell

    Just today we walked our oldest son to his first day of Kindergarten!When did this happen! He is still my baby. I love being a mother and watching my children grow..

  662. Maribeth

    My husband and I are newly married and we love chatting about our day and catching up while we cook dinner together. It’s the little things!

  663. Julie

    Congrats on your 6 year blog anniversary!! Absolutely love your blog and with you many more years of success. Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  664. Ruth from L.A.

    Best family moment:

    Seeing my only son (who happens to be adopted) hold his flesh & blood (my granddaughter) in his arms last December.

  665. Kathleen

    Our favorite family moment would be early mornings hanging out in our bed with our little one. Making funny faces & learning new sounds. We love these moments because our time with daddy is limited.

  666. Mirianthi Angel

    Honestly every moment spent with my son, Oliver, is a special moment. He is thirteen months, and has blessed me with a lifetime of happiness!

    Thank you Taza, Tiesandfries, and your beautiful littles for this awesome giveaway. I actually found you through Instagram, and I absolutely love your blog! Cheers to many more years.

  667. Sarah

    This giveaway couldn’t come at a better time for our little (growing) family. I am pregnant with TWINS. A favorite family memory of mine would be our drive up the PCH from LA to Portland with our son, Finn. We had a week straight of driving, bonding, sight seeing, and all out adventure. We cherish the things we’ve done together and strive to focus less on the things that won’t aid in our memory making. That being said, the Bugaboo Donkey, freshly picked moccs, or more of me maternity line would all aid us in our journeys in memory making!

  668. Kristen Oeltjen-Bruns

    My husband I recently returned from a beach vacation with my entire family. My parents, two brothers and their wives and my 2 nieces and 2 nephews. We don’t live close together so being able to have one whole week together was really special. Living apart from each other can be hard… we needed that week together to reconnect and share in new experiences. Congratulations on 6 years and thanks for letting me into your life!

  669. Cortney

    6 greats years for you! I was lucky enough to be able to share a family weekend (last weekend) in New York City with my parents, sisters, our husbands, and kids. It was a blessing for our widespread family to be able to meet in one place, together!

  670. Kelsey J

    Happy blog birthday! My husband and I just discovered we are having a baby! We can’t wait to become a family!

  671. Rebekah Borges

    My favorite time with my family is when we get my daughter in the morning and we have time together in our bed and my daughter is giving kisses. We are trying for another baby so this giveaway is perfect.

  672. Teresa

    My favorite family moment was meeting our baby girl for the first time and my husbands happy tears on his face..I’ll never forget it.

  673. Angie O

    My favorite memories with my family so far have just been really enjoying our everyday life! Nothing extraordinary, just watching my husband throw my son in the air and hearing his belly laughs!

  674. Maggie

    jaw dropped and then a squeal of excitement over the stroller! This is now my SEVENTH stroller giveaway ( i know, i’m a little persistent). So amazing, taza! All of the giveaways!!!

    But, I don’t have one favorite memory of my family. Giving birth to our first, there was continuous complications. Seeing my husband crying, holding my hand, worrying, tore me up quite a bit. He’s a pretty tough guy but he loves his family with everything he has. I guess my favorite memory was giving birth. Seeing the man I fell in love with become a mess over a little 8.7 lb baby boy. Seeing me learn the ways of breastfeeding, having our little sleep between us at night with his arms reaching out for us. Having my baby boy grow into this walking, talking, hilarious kid is amazing to me everyday. Him and his dad roll around on the floor together and just laugh and laugh, while I sit there with tears in my eyes. I’m so lucky to have them.
    My husband played football growing up, and he’ll go ‘1,2,3, HUT!’ and my little will crawl away as fast as he can before his dad tackles him with tickles. They just lie there laughing and laughing. Everyday is a memory.

    My baby just turned the big ONE on Saturday and I was a mess the whole day. Breastfeeding gives me my cuddle time with him, so I still get my little baby time. I love every moment with my family. I can’t just think of one. They’re all so special. I just cant wait till baby #2 comes into our life! Having a family of my own is my greatest memory, its my biggest accomplishment and my favorite job. Thanks for the amazing giveaway and happy birthday to your little corner of the internet!

    PS sorry this was so long, I just kept thinking of the good times!

  675. Emily S

    This is one of the most amazing moments of my life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQBZmnOZXSw

    My twins were born at 24w6d, and my older son wasn’t able to meet them until a week before their discharge because the NICU rules said that he had to be two to visit. He was only 18 months old when the twins were born. This moment was the first time for our family of 5 to be together!

    We would LOVE to win the stroller!!!

  676. Emily Beth

    This giveaway is amazing! And Happy Birthday to one of the best blogs around. Our little family is growing from 2 (Hubs and I) to 3! We are pregnant with our very first baby, and just found out a few weeks ago that it’s a girl! We are thrilled! Hubby is painting her room tonight! Winning any one of these amazing prizes would be killer, especially those tiny mocs! They are the cutest!

  677. Nela Zakula

    Our favourite time of the day is early morning when our son wakes us up( 7am sharp always :) and we cuddle until we hear our baby daughter who usually doesn’t wait much . My son who will turn 3 soon runs toward her room excited and screaming “Eva is awake!!!”
    Makes up for those times when they are both screaming for no reason :)

  678. Lucie

    Hi Naomi and the Lovely Davis Family,

    happy birthday to your amazing blog! And at least six more years! I really, really love it, thank you for sharing those moments (and your beautiful photos).

    Our best family moment so far was discovering a little + on the test… Cross your fingers for us, we certainly do cross them every minute.

    Happy birthday again!

  679. eliza

    I am pregnant with my first baby, due in October. I have to say my favorite moments with our little family thus far are when my husband is feeling the baby move around. He always gets this big dopey smile as he tries to guess what she’s doing in there and which part of her he is feeling.

  680. Happiest BLOG BIRTHDAY to you!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you (plus countless more thank yous!) for sharing snippets of your sweet life with us. Everyone has a story to tell, and you share yours with such beauty and grace. Although we have never met in person, I really feel like I know you from reading your blog for so long. I’m sure if we lived near each other, then we would be “real-life friends.” :) Your happy, vibrant pictures you post on Instagram and the sweet sentiments you write about here on your blog always make my heart smile. I know your life isn’t perfect and you have trials and tribulations just like everyone else, but I really appreciate the optimism and positivity in your posts. Thank you!


    And now my “special family moment”…
    05.12.03 when a cute boy asked me to by his girlfriend.
    08.13.05 when that same cute boy baptized me.
    09.02.06 when I married that cute boy for time and all eternity.
    05.25.11 when that cute boy helped me make a cute baby boy.
    01.31.13 when we added another cute baby boy to our family.
    And every day in between and every day to come because every day with my sweetheart is part of our happily ever after! :)

  681. My amazing husband and I come from large families with nieces and nephews totaling 32. We have been married for 3 years and want nothing More than to add to our families, however getting pregnant has been a challenge we never thought would happen to us, however through the process of getting our littles has brought my husband and myself even closer than we were. Things happen for a reason, and our journey to get our littles is a special memory to me we will always have. And I’m so thankful for the man I have by my side in the process! Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats on the blog! You have made my day from certain posts and I admire you and your little fam!

  682. Most recent family moment is getting to spend all weekend with the hubs, our soon to be 2 year old, Annie, and myself (8 months prego with #2). We attempted potty training and did a lot of organizing and getting ready for our new addition (gender is going to be a surprise!). AWESOME giveaway!!

  683. Chaya

    We love taking walks around our busy Brooklyn neighborhood. Our 19 month olds loves pointing out all the exciting (read emergency vehicles) things he sees. We have a bugaboo cameleon and its been incredible for the bumpy NY sidewalks but are soon looking to grow our family and the donkey would be a godsend. Love the blog!

  684. Audrey C.

    My favorite family moment this year was finding out I’m expecting my first baby! This giveaway is perfect!

  685. Jessica

    love this blog! love this giveaway! happy blog birthday!

  686. Brooke Goodman

    Love your blog, and love these giveaways!

    One of my favorite moments is seeing my 3 year old and 9 month old daughters playing and interacting. They love each other and that makes me happy!!

  687. Mom-to-be

    A special family moment was this weekend, when I found out that I’m pregnant! It would be awesome (and timely) to win one of these prizes!

  688. my family has always been very close! My parents own a beach condo and we’ve been saying things we should do at the beach for years (like kayak and fish and explore) but we tended to just take it easy and lay around at the beach most of the time. They recently decided to sell the place so this summer, we’ve been fitting in everything we said we would do! recently, we (my parents and husband) kayaked to a small island across the waterway, carried packed sandwich lunches and spent the afternoon exploring. I have to say, my parents are the coolest and honestly some of my greatest friends.

  689. Marie

    My favorite family moments have to be the days my son and daughter were born. Coincedentally, they are the same age as Eleanor and Samson! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog through your pregnancies and as you grow as a mother. Happy blogaversary! Thanks for the little spot of sunshine this blog provides!

  690. Chelsee

    There is a reason the moment your child is born is the biggest moment of your life. My heart has grown exponentially since that moment. My husband and my little man Charlie are truly my moon and stars.

  691. Heather Taylor

    So excited about these giveaways-Congrats on 6 years! My favorite family moment so far is every time we get to see our baby girl at our appointments! We are expecting our first this November and so the moments when my hubby is holding my hand and we are seeing her is priceless! Can’t wait to have family moments with her when she arrives!

  692. Monica Delgado

    I believe our best family moments are the ones where my husband and I look at each other after our son Lucas does/discovers/experiences something new. We never thought that moments like those would mean so much to us and those three adorable words,” I la u” would make our days ten times better. I hope we get the chance to win one of these great prizes and thank you Taza for sharing your wonderful and beautiful family with us, it makes us other mamas feel good to see that you go through the same things we do! Thanks and congrats!


  693. Jenn

    favorite family moment…. early mornings. fresh coffee in hand. watching the twins wake up. starting the day with love and joy.

    Happy 6th years & thank you for sharing your joy with us <3


  694. Ana Salazar

    I love you and your little family. Eleanor and Samson are just the cutest babies. They remind me of my crazy little ones. I love your blog and I wish you many years to come!

  695. Kenia

    Thiaggo is here!! He’s my third child and we are so blessed to have my dream boy. I have been dreaming with Thiaggo for weeks before I got pregnant with him. I had two other children, Abigail and Daniel, a girl and boy .. Perfect right? No! After dreaming with Thiaggo for so long I just couldn’t see myself as a mom of two anymore, I needed him to be part of our lives as soon as possible! I loved him already and he was not even formed in my womb yet, actually he was not in womb at all. He finally arrived three weeks ago and it’s magical, it kind felt like a Long distance relationship and we finally got to meet. He’s perfection! He’s my dream baby :)

  696. Happy 6 year anniversary!
    I have been following your blog for a couple years now and I enjoy watching your children grow up. They are my favorite babies on instagram! Thank you for allowing us to watch your family grow.
    I don’t have that many memories of my own personal family as I am currently pregnant with my first baby! I’m due in a couple of weeks. Even though my son isn’t here yet. I have loved the moments I’ve had with him in the womb. To the first, second, third postive pregnancy testt. To my ob confirming my pregnancy. To the first time we heard his heartbeat. To seeing him on the ultrasound for the first time. To the first kicks and movements. To when he smiled and waved at us in his 3d ultrasound.. so many beautiful moments ive had with my son and its only the start.. :) thank you for having these giveaways and once again happy anniversary!

  697. Jenna

    Happy Blogiversary! I have enjoyed your blog for the past four years. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I have a little one who is the same age as Samson and we are working on creating another little one. I can’t think of one special moment to share from my family to yours as they all have been pretty special.


  698. darcy

    Happy Birthday! My husband and I are pregnant with our first…we had a very special moment last Friday when we heard the heartbeat for the first time! Any of these prizes would be perfect for our growing family :)

  699. Michelle

    Best family moment was the birth of our son.

  700. Megan

    When my 2 year old son said his baby brother’s name for the first time. “Ucas” (Lucas) never sounded so adorable!

  701. Laura

    My most recent favorite moment has been my daughter’s first birthday that we celebrated last month! It was so great to have so many of our friends and family together and celebrate not only her first year of life, but making it through the first year of parenthood with my husband! Her name is also Eleanor and I may or may not have been inspired by your sweet girl! :)

  702. Amanda

    As new parents after a long battle with infertility, every moment is the best for our growing family!!!

  703. Jackie

    Congrats on the blog-iversary!

    We are expecting our first in November; any of these giveaways would be so much help. My favorite family moment so far was the day we found out we are having a little boy, even though everyone was convinced it was a girl!

  704. lauren

    what an amazing giveaway! a great family memory was the day my son was born 3 year ago and changed all of our lives forever!

    thank you for always putting a smile on our faces! happy birthday blog!

  705. Happy six years! I have loved your blog throughout the years, I remember when you got pregnant with your first and reading about your sweet little family and longing to have one of my own. It’s neat, this Internet thing, that I’ve been sharing your family joys and now after many long years of waiting can finally share my joy. Our son Elijah Jay was born in April and every moment with him has been almost sacred. The waiting before has made this time almost “too deep for tears”. Last week we were visiting your beloved New York to see some plays and the last day we were there we were sitting on the benches outside of the Natural History Museum eating a Shake Shack burger and I was watching my husband play with our son and I realized that I could be anywhere in the world as long as I had my two guys with me. I love them so much it hurts a little. :) Thank you for sharing your joys with us, for being a real, relatable momma and for letting us now share with you! To another wonderful six years!

  706. Kellie Walters

    A special moment for us was after we had our fifth baby in seven years and feeling complete! : )

  707. kelly

    My daughter is just about 9 months old, and watching her discover something new about the world almost every day is the most precious thing to me. Congrats on your 7 year anniversary!

  708. Faith

    Congratulations Naomi and Family on 6 years! Thank you always for sharing snippets of your day to day and always putting a smile on our faces. Can’t wait for many more wonderful posts from you!


  709. Meg

    My favourite time with family is the simple things, like making a meal together and sharing lots of laughs. Love your blog! Happy anniversary!

  710. Verity

    My favourite moments are just living day-to-day with my gorgeous man, planning our wedding, our future and for our soon to be growing family :)
    Happy birthday love tarsa.com

  711. Laura

    Love your blog! Our daughter is 4 months and we have had some incredible moments with her. It’s hard to choose just one but I remember the first time she opened her eyes and looked at me. It was 3 in the morning, I was soooo tired, she was 4 days old, I was just trying to get the hang of nursing and feeling so overwhelmed. She opened hers beautiful blue eyes at stared at me. It brought tears to my eyes. And it does now just thinking about that moment!

  712. Naomi

    Happy Blog Birthday! How exciting! I love following your sweet family on all your fun adventures! My favorite family moments lately have been watching my 3 kids attack each other with hugs and kisses when they all wake up in the morning! It’s like their own little family reunion every day!

  713. Jessica

    Wow, these giveaways are amazing! My husband and i have been trying for almost a year to get pregnant with our first and I’m hopefully with all that’s in me it will happen soon. I’m already so eager to stock up on cute maternity clothes and baby gear though! Any of this stuff would be so awesome!

  714. Diana Bergquist

    Congratulations on your 6 year blog Anniversary! It’s our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary this week too! And honestly sitting in our bed and tickeling our 20month old son Krew is our absolute favorite thing ever…. So we spent our Anniversary doing just that! Love your blog, and your adorable family!

  715. Cassandra

    Congrats on the blog!!! You are an inspiration to Moms everywhere including myself!! Btw, I’m obsessed with both the Bugaboo donkey and the freshly picked moccs because of you!
    A precious moment for our family this year was when my daughter and son came to visit at the hospital after I gave birth to my third baby just this past May. Watching them hug, kiss and coo over their new baby sister was priceless!

  716. Ckah

    Well technically i don’t have a “family” of my own yet. But one of my favorite memories I have with my boyfriend is going to the Monterey bay aquarium. It was magical

  717. Mary

    My entire extended family (parents, sisters, nieces/nephews) gets together for a huge brunch on Christmas morning. It’s my favorite moment of the entire year, every year!

  718. Nicole Askew

    My favorite family moment would be my two kids, Rylan 1 years old and Karli 5 years, bonding over a snack, giving each other hugs and kisses and just being so happy that they have each other. I can’t wait for our third child, Parker to arrive and join in on the sibling bonding.
    -Nicole Askew : )

  719. Shannon

    How generous of you and these brands! Happy blog anniversary, that is quite a feat. My fave family memory so far has been telling my immediate family that my husband and I are expecting our first little babe. We told them on Mothers Day :)

  720. Lauren

    One of our favorite moments was when we found out we were pregnant just a few days before my birthday in June! Any of these giveaways would be used by our baby come February!

  721. Tara Middlemiss

    One of my favourite moments has been the day we brought our son home from the hospital and our sweet baby girl meet her brother for the first time. The look of awe and joy in her eyes was priceless and I will always hold that moment in my heart.

  722. johanna

    Two special moments – the birth of each of my daughters!

  723. Ahang

    Happy Birthday Blog! Love visiting the site everyday for family inspiration and beauty. I had a great weekend with my family this weekend traveling to McCall Idaho. It was great to be away from LA and take in the small town and enjoy the beauty of being in a small town. I had to pinch myself on how blessed I am to have such an amazing family.

  724. amanda

    seeing those photos reminds me of how long i’ve (delightfully) followed your blog! thanks for your sweet stories & photos! and what AWESOME prizes….:) not sure how to choose a moment, but i will say that there is NOTHING like the interaction between my kids- my little boy is just getting old enough to interact with his big sister, and watching their bond as they laugh & laugh & laugh makes my heart melt. these grand spirits are so much wiser & better than me- how was I chosen to be THEIR mother and raise them??? :) there’s nothing quite like family.

  725. sara

    happy blogiversary davis family! i have loved getting to know you and your family through your words and photos. you inspired me to start blogging myself four years ago!

    some of my favorite family moments thus far include meeting my future husband and now collecting little items here and there for our future little one. nothing excites me more than to dream about life with a family of three!

    thanks for always inspiring so many of us and for the awesome giveaway.

    xo, sara

  726. Kelsey

    Happy six years!

    Your blog and your family are so inspirational and beautiful. I love enjoying the precious moments with my babies every day- feeding them goldfish at church, brushing their tiny teeth before bed, snuggling their tiny bodies…I just can’t get enough of my sweet family!

  727. Iva

    Happy Birthday to the cutest family blog of the world!

    Ilive in Paris and i first learned about your blog on an article in the Glamour magazine. Ever since i havent stopped following it! I started checking out some of your readers blogs .. But for me the Davis family blog is the cutest and the sinceriest and i just love it! Wish you many many years of happy and colorfull blogging and all the best to your family!!

    And since i would like to win some cute moccs here is my favorite family moment: the first time that me and my husband heard the heartbeating of our baby (i’m 37 weeks prégnant right now). We had to make a very early ultrasound during the 6th week of pregnancy, our baby was a 5 mm spot with the heart that was already beating. It was the reachest emotional moment in my life, and it can only be replaced with the first time that i will have him in my arms :))

  728. Jessica

    (Recommenting only because I accidentally typed my email address in wrong the first time) Wow, these giveaways are amazing! My husband and i have been trying for almost a year to get pregnant with our first and I’m hopefully with all that’s in me it will happen soon. I’m already so eager to stock up on cute maternity clothes and baby gear though! Any of this stuff would be so awesome!

  729. Anna

    My favorite moment in our family was the second I gave birth to my daughter, Willow, over two years ago. It was the most life changing moment of my life and my husband and I are so blessed everyday to be her mother and father.

    I genuinely love your blog, Naomi. You inspire so many others to see the beauty that is FAMILY.
    I pray that God will continue to allow you the gift of blogging to keep on encouraging others.

  730. Marisa

    What a generous giveaway! Our special family moment was welcoming our first child — what a magical day. Hoping to expand our little family soon!

  731. Terrin Wright

    I love my little family! Themost special moment we have had is probably the moment our sweet Emerson made her grand entrance. It was a long road to get her here, but we never lost Hope and she is just perfect!

  732. anita k

    I love when my boys come crawl sleepily into our bed in the morning :) boy #4 Is almost here!!

  733. Guillaume

    My wife and I just found out she was pregnate a coulple most ago !
    Best first family moment !

  734. Lauren White

    Happy blog birthday! My favorite moment with my family is going to the park and having picnics!

  735. Emily

    I love mornings so my favourite family memories often involve unmade beds, second cups of coffee and lots of snuggles!

    Happy birthday to one of my favourite blogs! Love hearing about your sweet family!

  736. emily

    Mornings are my very favorite. I love greeting each bedhead baby in the quiet morning house. They all give the best hugs in the morning too. I think they are too tired to remember they are too cool for hugs. Love it

  737. CK

    One of our favorite things so far is our Saturday morning routine of sitting on our couch with coffee and a donut within reach, while reading the newspaper/ people watching out of our apartment window. In a couple of months, Saturday mornings will be less peaceful but more fun. Love your blog and how much you seem to love your family!

  738. shea

    congrats on six wonderful years! my very special family moment was the moment that we found out that we were pregnant with our first. at the positive pregnancy test, my husband looked at me and we both beamed huge smiles for the thought of what was to come. our little boy came in march and we love every inch of him!

  739. Rachel

    My best family moment happened last week when I found out my family of 2 will become a family of 3 soon!

  740. Tiffany

    When I told my husband I was pregnant! Happiest day for our little family because we knew that we were growing!

  741. Jill Brady

    It’s a long shot, but since I just found out we’re expecting our third (surprise! Oh and my oldest is just three. Yikes!) this giveaway is right up my alley!
    Thanks !

  742. Melisa Ramos

    Aloha from Hawaii! Our most recent & most exciting family moment was just this past week. Not only did my daughter catch her first wave but I found out I was pregnant with our second child. My husband was thrilled! His fingers are crossed for a boy although our daughter has made him a very proud man!

  743. Bethany

    My favorite moment with my family was just this past weekend at our wedding. My guy and I had our immediate families together for the whole week before the wedding and it was so much fun!

  744. Chelsey Peters-Elliott

    What a lovely giveaway wow! I’m 8+ months pregnant so I think I have a special moment every day with my husband. He texted me a minuet ago telling me how excited he was for our midwife appointment today. My heart melted.

    Thanks for giving us all the chance to win some lovely prizes!

  745. Jessi

    A special moment I’ll always remember was bringing home my now 8 month daughter Arizona with my husband to meet her almost two year old brother (: he hugged her and kissed her and kept pointing saying “baby!” with such a beautiful smile. it still makes my heart melt thinking about it <3

  746. My favorite family moment keeps changing… starting with my wedding when my husband and I became a family and then to-date, bringing in our first child into our world. He’s be a true source of joy. Now 7 months preg with baby #2, we can’t wait to expand our little family this Fall/Winter.

    Some of our favorite moments are simply just weekends together on a new adventure – trying out a new restaurant, going to the pool, a picnic, going to the Farmer’s Market, etc.

    Congrats on 6 years of blogging!

  747. We just had our second daughter (oldest is 2) 4 weeks ago. Things have been stressful in our home, I am recovering from a c-section and I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my girls like I wanted to. My toddler was always going crazy and I was on auto-pilot with my infant. Then, one day, my toddler woke up early from her nap, climbed into bed with me and the baby and fell asleep. We all napped together and when I woke up to my two, beautiful baby girls asleep next to me all I could do was cry. No matter what the stress, it’s worth it.

  748. My favorite family moment is when’s daughter was first born last August and the first few weeks of time that my husband and I had with her, figuring out how to be a new family together. It was such a sweet, sweet time and I feel nostalgic thinking back to those moments.

  749. Katie Lang

    Happy Birthday!!! My favorite moment was the birth of our son, Wes!

  750. Melissa

    I can’t believe it’s been 6 six years and I can’t believe I’ve been reading for 5! I would love to win any of them! I posted on Instagram too…but I have a private account. Love your cute family!

  751. Ellie

    Love seeing all the littles…siblings and cousins…loving each other well and playing together.

  752. love it! Great giveaway!!!

  753. Rachel

    Our best family moment this year has been finding out we are going to be blessed with baby boy #2 just before Christmas this year!

  754. Andrea

    My favorite moments are sitting on our porch in the evening and just enjoying each other.

  755. melissa anciaux

    Congrats Naomi & family! Im loyal reader, I love your blog! We just found out we are having a baby boy. Im 5 months pregnant and newly wed. Our favorite memory is when we saw the gender in the ultrasound, my hubby jumped for joy and was very excited! Also I made a banner with my babys name on it and he said ,its starting to feel more real now. We are on a budget and havnt purchased anything for our first baby so any of those giveaways would be great to receive. Thank you for the inspiration!

  756. Camille Livingston

    my favorite moment so far is the lazy days i get to lay in bed with our 17 month old, hudson. looking forward to him having another sibling in the near future!

  757. Tasha

    What an amazing giveaway! The most special family moment we’ve experienced so far has to be the birth of our daughter. And now that she is here and is such a perfect fit for us, I’m sure the birth of her brother will be so incredibly special as well!

  758. Mim

    What a generous giveaway! And a happy birthday to your wonderful blog! My special moment that I’ll always cherish is my husband and I saying our vows to each other at our wedding a year ago.. still gives me goosebumps thinking about it!

  759. Leah

    My best family moment was the moment I stood at the end of an aisle, looking down to the alter to see my future husband…

  760. Melissa M

    Just last week we welcomed our 2nd child! A daughter this time, Miss Elliette Louise.

  761. cortney

    Happy Happy 6th Birthday! Here’s to many many more Here’s a little snippet of what’s been going on at our house:

    I’ve been getting way emotional lately. My one and a half year old, Aurora, will do something sweet, like run up behind me and hug my legs really hard and say “awwww.” and I think to myself, “I’m going to remember this moment forever.” My heart feels sore and heavy because time keeps passing by. I want to memorize every moment. Every big toothed smile, every crocodile tear, every little thing.

    thanks so much for letting me share and for the outrageous giveaway.

  762. Erin

    We just found out we’re having our third boy! And in response my oldest (4 yrs) told me, “I hope God doesn’t give us another baby after this one. We need to talk to him about that because we’re all done.” Hilarous!! So looking forward to hearing these little brains process life!

  763. Olivia

    6 years! how exciting! a favorite family moment for my little family of two would be taking cooper to washington, D.C.! we spent the whole day outside which is his favorite place to be and ate lots of yummy food! Such a great giveaway, I would LOVE to win!

  764. Joyce

    My husband and I have been married for 6 years and are currently expecting our first child together. Everyone has had kids in our family except for us, because we were focused on college and building a stron family foundation. Since we shared the news our families have been over-the-moon with the arrival of our baby who is due in February next year. So I would have to say that my favorite family moment was our first ultrasound last week. We probably looked like a crazy family, but there was 12 of us packed in the room waiting anxiously to see the baby. Hearing the “awwws” and “oh my gods” as my baby kicked and turned and put on a show for the family who all love him/her so much warmed my heart and streamed tears down my eyes. My husband and I both come from tight-knit families, and seeing how much closer out baby has made us all puts me in a bliss every time. We are truly blessed.

  765. Jenna H

    Ohhh I would love ALL of this…duh! :) Although I think every moment with my cute fam is special…I’ll pick just one. :) It actually happened last week when me and my son were singing songs & rockin’ out to some music..and my hubby walked in the door from work. His eyes lit up & he started tearing up. It melted my heart to see him so happy. Then of course he joined in the fun! :) Love my fam of 3…soon to be 4!

  766. Kate

    We are getting ready to expect our first child in just 2 weeks. I cannot wait for her to get here so we can start our lives as a family of three :)

  767. Melisa Ramos

    Congratulations to all the mommies out there expecting!

  768. Gretchen

    Happy blogiversary!! This week at our house we are celebrating my husband and my 4th anniversary!

  769. Meri Erickson

    This year has been chalk full with momentous mile stones that it is hard to pick one. With his graduation from grad school this year (May), a move from our beloved Utah to Washington (July), starting our new careers, moving into our first home together (August), and now the anxiously awaited baby (November). It has been a momentous year of transition and change for our family. One I know I will always cherish. One filled with challenge, inevitable growth, blessings, closeness, and soon a baby boy. If I had to narrow it down to just one moment..My favorite moment with my family, was having our 20 week ultrasound and excitedly learning it was a baby boy!

  770. Courtney Sargent

    Happy Blog Birthday! Family truly is the greatest blessing in the world. Although my husband and I ended up growing our family somewhat unconventionally, we couldn’t be more thrilled with our gifts from above. Each is a treasure! Twins fostered then adopted at age 5 (now 16), an IVF miracle age 6, and twins (age 1)conceived through the loving gift of adopted donor embryos. We had a very special and tender moment a few years back when I was researching some of my husbands genealogy for an assignment, and discovered that he and my older twins are actually blood relatives. Their grandfathers are cousins and they share a 3*great grandfather!! Talk about meant to be!!! What an incredible and delightful journey it has been!We would love to take a family walk pushing the twin littles in that fancy-shmancy bugaboo!

  771. Lauren

    Happy Blog Birthday!!! Your blog is on my daily morning reads and I just love seeing how you balance your two little bundle of joys in the city so well!!

    A special moment we recently shared was with my 3 year old and my husband at our 2nd trimester sonogram!! We brought him with us to find out the sex of this little baby we’re expecting in January. While I wasn’t too sure how it would go with a three year old in the room, it was so special for him to see his little sister move around on the screen! He asked the sweetest questions and, though he was disappointed about finding out he’d be expecting a sister and not a brother, the way he called her “his baby” and said he was going to “teach her lots of things” made me even more excited for them to meet in under five short months!!

    Best wishes in your next six years of blogging!! :)

  772. Erin

    I would love to win any of these! 16 weeks pregnant with my second peanut. And nothing fits! Also in desperate need of a new stroller. So sort of perfect timing! I would love to be considered!

    Thank you for the chance!

  773. Jessica

    Happy Blog Birthday! I love following your blog, such a testament to family. You have a beautiful family!

  774. Sonya

    A family time means the most to me. This weekend my husband, son and I spent the entire weekend together, just quality time. Seeing my husband and son play together and chase each other, those are the memories I’ll always remember.

  775. Whitney

    Happy blog anniversary! I’ve enjoyed following your blog and watching your lovely family grow along with my own. One of my favorite memories with my family as of late is playing outside with my two 3 year olds as they rambunctiously sing “I’m going on a bear hunt”! Nothing makes this mommy happier than seeing her beautiful children having fun and just being kids :)

  776. Christa

    My special moment came this month when I heard our babies heart beat at our first ultrasound appointment. My husband and I are expecting our family of 2 to grow to 3 in March of 2014!!
    Happy happy 6 year blog birthday!

  777. CAIT

    HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Would love to win those moccs for a very special babe!

  778. María de Castro

    Happy birthday and congratulation for your lovely family.
    I just got married and I have so many favourite family moments with my man getting ready all the wedding things.

  779. Brooke

    Our family of three is small but beyond special is so many ways. Every night we play “tent” in “mamma & daddy’s bed” with our two year old son. He thinks it is so fun and my husband and I love to just soak up his laughter and the love that fills our house!

  780. Lexi

    My hubby and I found out were preggo with our first just a few weeks ago! We are beyond excited! We know we want the bugaboo donkey as that’s our top stroller pick for style, functionality,etc. winning it would make it 20x better! Or a pair moccs, as regardless of the gender of our lil miracle, ill be ordering every color! What a great giveaway! Happy birthday to your blog that continues to inspire me in fashion, motherhood, marriage and all of the above. Thanks Naomi! Keep doing what you’re doing! -Lexi

  781. Shay

    Seeing our baby via ultrasound and finding out it’ a boy!!!

  782. Robyn

    Happy 6 years! One of my favorite moments lately is first thing in the morning when my little family wakes up. We bring our baby (2months) into bed with us and she makes lots of noises and gives big smiles! It fills me with so much joy!

  783. Erykah

    A very special moment we had that we cherish us when we dedicated our son to our church and committed that we would raise him in a Godly Christian home each modeling Jesus in pursuit of drawing him closer to Christ.
    Such a special day for us.

  784. dana

    My favorite moment is the weekends with my son and husband. As full time working mother, the weekends can’t come fast enough. What a great giveaway!!

  785. Kate Daw

    Happy Bloggy Birthday! I love your blog, love your style, love your adorable family!

    My favorite family memory would be recently finding out after fertility treatments and IUI that we are pregnant… with TWINS! We are beyond excited for our family of 4 (2 fur babies) to expand to a family of 6! I’m a twin so I can’t wait to experience what my mom endured. Cheers to 2 of everything!

  786. Meredith

    I’ve adored your blog for four of these past six years!! Happy Blog Birthday!

  787. Chelsea fields

    This is an awesome giveaway and happy blog birthday. It has been fun watching your family grow through this blog. Your photos are so indpiring and I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog 4 years ago.

    This year has been a very special year for our family. We became parents for the first time and welcomed the cutest baby boy ever. (Can you telli am a little biased)! Now that baby is 6 months old, some of my favorite moments as a family are Saterday mornings. Jack wakes us up not by crying, but by talking. My husband, excited to be home with baby in the morning, gets jack from his room and brings him in our bedroom where we cuddle as a family in bed. We love our lazy morning together.

  788. Lauren Dawes

    It is hard picking one special moment, but I would have to say one at the top of the list is when our first born and second born met for the first time. Being two at the time, I’m not sure our oldest really knew what was going on, but as soon as he came in the hospital room and saw his new baby brother, he climbed right up onto the bed to give him a hug. We have the sweetest picture of our little baby in that plastic hospital baby bed thing and his older brother reaching in to hand him his binky. It was such a special moment to see that brotherly bond begin. I’m now pregnant with our third child and I’m so excited to see that sibling bond continue to grow and expand.

    Congrats on six great years of your blog!

  789. Brittny

    Congratulations! While I don’t yet have a family of my own, my sister is pregnant with her second baby, due October 1st. A very special moment was when my 3 year old niece talked to my sister’s stomach, telling her baby brother how excited she is to meet him.

  790. Congrats on 6 years of blogging! I’ve loved following your family’s adventures :) A special family moment for me this week has been my husband staying up with me half the night with a tub of ice cream talking about our baby’s arrival in two weeks time. We’re so excited!

  791. Kim Reeves

    Happy Birthday!! My favorite family memories are just being home together and being silly!

  792. Nancy

    Happy Blog Birthday!
    I love reading your blog every day! One of my favorite family memories is, after trying for a year and a half, telling my husband we are expecting next spring with our first baby! We couldn’t be more excited to start our new little family!

  793. Happy 6th Birthday to the sweetest family Blog around! Our favorite family moments would definitely be the day we brought our four daughter’s into this world! Each time was always as special as the first…I always enjoy reading your blog, and just love all of the pictures of you and your Beautiful family! Congrats from NC!!

  794. Betty

    I love remembering when my little Son was just one week old. There was a big storm that knocked the power out for miles. We live in a very knew we were in for a longer outage than most. We spent those three days snuggled under a heap of blankets staring and staring at our beautiful new baby. Admiring his hair, his little fingers and nose. It was so precious. My husband made several trips out to the marsh behind our house to get buckets of water to flush the toilet with, and we had to fire up the bbq to cook anything with. It was so hard at the time,being already terrified new parents, but is funny to look back on now, and will be a great memory to share with him when he is older.

  795. Clara

    Probably one of the most special moments was my husband and I reading a positive pregnancy test just over 3 months ago!

  796. Wendy

    The most special, unbelievable experience we had was the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Gianna! She’s 7 months and I remember like it was yesterday!! That day was the 1st time I heard my husband truly cry! It was amazing!!!!!

  797. Nicole M

    I think my favorite moment has to be when my husband comes home. The boy in my arms starts kicking wildly and my two year old girl acts as if she hasn’t seen him in weeks. She rushes to his arms as he throws her in the air. Then we walks over to me smiling, kisses his boy and then me. I love knowing we have the rest of eternity together.

  798. Erin

    I had a special moment at our Sunday dinner last night. I watched my 4-year old daughter attend to her baby brother’s every need: putting on bib, setting up the high chair, serving him food, wiping his mouth – all because she wanted to. Realized she is growing up!

  799. Heather

    My favorite special moment lately is watching my 15 month old daughter run down the hall into Daddy’s arms when he gets home from work everyday!

  800. Rachel

    WOW – best give away ever (especially for growing families) – congrats on 6 years! My recent favorite memory was when we told our 2 year old that she was going to have a new baby brother. She ran over to me, put her arms around my belly and kissed it all over. Sweetest ever!

  801. Jill

    Growing our family when we got our precious monster of a puppy a year ago. Can’t wait to grow more!

  802. Amanda

    My favorite moments with my family are after dinner when my daughter requests 3 songs to dance to. We all dance together in the family room – it’s my favorite part of every day.

  803. stephanie

    Congratulations on 6 years!! I’m so happy that I found your blog 4 years ago. It has been a staple in my day!

    I just came back from a family vacation on Cape Cod. I don’t get to see my family as much as I used to now that I’m working full time and traveling so much for work. It was great to spend an entire week with them and cook up some fun and silly adventures. The best was seeing my 4-year-old niece become a young lady and listening to the crazy things that she says!

    I don’t have any kids or a family of my own yet. But I know some family and friends that would love these gifts! Thank you for the giveaway!! xo

  804. Lana Cole

    I’m all about buying clothes for my baby girl that a future little brother could wear. I would love a pair of those moccasins! My favorite family moments are seeing my husband make our baby laugh. It does not get better than that.

  805. Kieren

    Congratulations, Davis Family! I’m not into celebrities and don’t read anymore blogs… except yours! You are such an inspiration to me as a wife, mother, and woman. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

    I would love any of these prizes! One of my favorite family memories was camping on the beach with my husband, my 23 month old daughter, and my 2 month son. My heart was just bursting with love. Everything that mattered most to me was bundled up on an air mattress in that tent. :)

  806. Kristen

    The simple moments are the best: a meal together or a snuggle on the couch. Congratulations on your blog and your beautiful family!

  807. Porsha C.

    My best moment with my family might be strange but we were on a family cruise my boyfriend & I. And while we were cruising to Mexico our tiny apartment got robbed, they took everything we had. Coming home from our cruise to an empty apartment wasn’t the best experience but it bonded us. While on the cruise my boyfriend proposed to me after 6 years of dating. And when we got back home cleaning our apartment experiencing all these emotions together about the robbery + engagment brought us closer together. A few days into cleaning I became ill & come to find out I am 4 weeks pregnate. Now we are gearing up for the best time in our lives & putting the robbery behind us I can’t wait to start our new little family.

  808. Nicole J.

    My husband and I have been hoping and trying to start a family for awhile now, and are struggling with infertility. As stressful as it has been, we might finally be getting some answers and are staying hopeful that we will get the chance to be parents soon. How wonderful it would be to win a stroller for our future family!

  809. Amy Frandsen

    I just love any family vacation! Especially now that I have nieces and nephews! I don’t have any babies of my own, but I would LOVE to be able to win these things for them!

  810. Kimber

    Happy Anniversary! Our family has grown from two to three in this past year and my favorite memory, without a doubt, is the birth of my son 11 months ago today! Cheers to amazing memories already made and many more to come!

  811. tara haaz

    i’m expecting my first babe exactly 2 months from today! our most special family moment in this process has been sharing the news with family and friends – we live across the country from our families but a perfectly timed family vacation about 10 weeks in allowed us to share the news in person and was honestly one of the best moments of my life. lots of cheering and hugs and love. since, we’ve just loved planning for this little lady and we can’t wait for her to get here!

  812. Lorena

    My favourite family time is everytime we’re all together and I realise how lucky we are!

  813. Monica

    Best moment would be finding out that we are starting our own little family! Our first baby boy is due in November, and we couldn’t be more excited :)

  814. Hannah

    A special moment for me was holding my nephew for the first time! He would look absolutely adorable in those moccasins!

  815. Lauren

    Congrats on the blogaversary!

    My special moment is when my now husband proposed before dinner at our favorite restaurant at our favorite vacation spot. It was quite the surprise!

  816. Suzanna

    This giveaway is fantastic. I am 5 months pregnant right now and could use any number of these prizes.

    My favorite memory of my little family so far is my wedding day. I met my husband at the courthouse wearing a sweet little white lace dress, and we got married. And it was perfect.

  817. Flor

    Happy six years!!! I just started following your blog, you have a beautiful family!I have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl and the best moment(besides every moment spent with her)was finding out, to our surprise, that she was on her way! That moment of insatant consuming, overwhelming love you feel for your child when told you’re pregnant, its was simply a beautiful moment! I can’t wait to experience it again :)

  818. Cassie

    What an incredible giveaway! Those moccs!!! A special moment I had with my family is we have been vacationing this summer to see our parents on both sides in Canada and New Hampshire. As sad as it is to leave my parents, there is nothing quite like coming home to our own house, laying the baby in his own crib and sleeping in your own bed realizing THIS is now my family, our little fam of 3 is all mine and it felt good to be home!

  819. Ana F

    I really love the everyday moments we have together. Just going to the park, helping our daughter go down the slide, watching her play in the sand and explore new things. Now with another one on the way, my husband and I cannot wait to do it all over again.

  820. Abbie

    Happy 6th birthday blog! I have enjoyed watching your family grow over the years. My happy family moment was marrying my best friend two years ago!

  821. Cams

    Oh, exiting! Happy 6th blog birthday, mama! :) I have been inspired by you since I started blogging…about 2 years ago. Rock on.

    We just had a special moment as a family two weekends ago- was a simple walk that was supposed to be a short one, but turned into a couple hour one. We were just enjoying each other and taking the time to breathe together…I haven’t had such a good time in a while. It’s the little things :).

    Cheers…and thanks for the awesome giveaways! I would love to dawn some More of Me this pregnancy.

  822. Amanda June

    What lovely prizes?

    A top favorite was welcoming our daughter into the world earlier this summer and watching our first sunset together the night she was born.


  823. Lana Cole

    I am all about buying clothing for my baby girl that a future little brother could wear. I love those moccasins! My favorite moments are seeing my husband make our baby girl laugh. It doesn’t get better than that.

  824. Mallory Johansen

    Watching my 2 year old hold our newest little baby for the first time!

  825. Denise

    I think the best family moments for me and my family are just those times we’re all together, laughing or smiling, or just watching our baby girl do something (anything) for the first time. Last night, her dad was walking with her and she was looking over her shoulder at me and just kept laughing hysterically when I would move out of her line of vision and jump up. We kept doing it, and laughing, and it just feels so warm and peaceful to be together, enjoying our time.

  826. Alyssa Stiglets

    My husband and I found out we were expecting right after the new year. Baby boy should be making his grand entrance any day now! Pregnancy has been a very special time with family, and I know the best is still to come!

  827. McCall

    Some of my favorite family moments are when we can get away and go for a hike in our beautiful mountains. I love letting my little ones run around and teaching them to appreceate this beautiful place that we live in. It is so refreshing to get away from the business that sometimes consume our lives!

  828. Alexandra

    My husband and I are expecting out first child in feb and we have wanted this bugaboo for so long!!!! We absolutely love it and it would be perfect!! HAPPY SIX YEARS!!!!!!

  829. Fona

    My best family moment was meeting my beautiful baby girl for the first time!

  830. Becky

    My favorite moments are family trips for which the car is packed and overflowing with any and all possible items. The planning, and preparation is all part of the fun, but the simple fact that we are all headed to one place at one time is a miracle!

  831. Angie

    Happy 6 years!

    What a great giveaway! My memory I’d like to share is my husband and me taking our son to our favorite place when he was just 5 months old. We took him to the north shore of Minnesota! :)

  832. I have LOTS of great family memories, but here’s a recent one (I actually blogged about it a few days ago): My son turned one a couple weeks ago. The night before his birthday, I was sitting in bed remembering that night when we held him for the first time. And the tears started flowing! That first moment of holding my little baby, I didn’t know him yet! But looking back on the past year, I can’t imagine life without my little one (well, actually I *can* and it looks like many mornings of sleeping in, but yannow what I mean;)

  833. Belén

    Im expecting my second son (Daniel) in november. My son Oscar is 2 like E. My sons are the best family moments. Felicidades Naomi!

  834. Meenah

    Happy blogiversary!

    My favorite family moments have been our lazy Saturday mornings – making pancakes together or strolling around the farmer’s market.

  835. Porsha C.

    My best moment with my family might be strange but we were on a family cruise my boyfriend & I. And while we were cruising to Mexico our tiny apartment got robbed, they took everything we had. Coming home from our cruise to an empty apartment wasn’t the best experience but it bonded us. While on the cruise my boyfriend proposed to me after 6 years of dating. And when we got back home cleaning our apartment experiencing all these emotions together about the robbery + engagment brought us closer together. A few days into cleaning I became ill & come to find out I am 4 weeks pregnate. Now we are gearing up for the best time in our lives & putting the robbery behind us I can’t wait to start our new little family. Congrats on the 6 years Naomi + family I’ve been reading since I was 17 I’m 23 now! ;-)

  836. Karley

    My favourite family moment was in the nurses room when we told her we had finally had a positive test. She got the little menstrual wheel out of her draw and asked me about my last cycle. As she sat and adjusted it my other half and I sat in excitement. He gave my hand a squeeze. “Estimated Due date is September 26th” said the nurse. I tuned to my partner and knew what I’d see. A huge smile on his face with a teary look. “My birthday” he said! We walked out of the Doctor surgery and just sat in the car. Smiling at each other. Thinking about how this was the start of our own little family. I’m the happiest, luckiest woman alive! It’s nearly Daddy’s birthday so we will just have to see if he he gets the gift he’s been hoping for on that day!

  837. Rori

    We recently just had our first baby, a girl. One of my favorite family memories is that when you first have a baby there are lots of sleepless nights, love, grogginess, lack of time, and although wonderful, can get kind of blurry. But, recently before our baby’s bedtime the three of us were just laying on the floor together, cooing and kicking and staring at each other and I thought, ‘this is the good stuff’. It was a very special moment for me.

  838. Anna

    Congratulations on 6 years!!! We just had a baby girl and are loving every minute of it.

  839. cathy

    Wow, congratulations on 6 years! We will have an awesome family moment this weekend when all 3 “kids” come home for the Labor Day weekend. Does not happen very often!

  840. A special moment we have had with out family is when we took our first trip to Disney! It was a lot of work with a one and two year old, but the memories are endless!

  841. Melissa

    Ahhhh!!! Best. Giveaway. Ever!! Thank you so much! My all time favorite family memory was our Europe trio 2 years ago. I never knew I could see and stand in front of such beautiful things. And to see it all next to my husband was a treasure ill hold close always. The bugaboo stroller and the mocs would be such an incredible win!!

  842. Nanette

    We go on family walks every evening.it is our family bonding time!

  843. Katy

    My family and I shared a special moment this past weekend they cheered me on at my first volleyball game since becoming pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago. I was so special to have them there watching me :)

  844. Maria Lane

    I live in the DC area and some our most memorable family moments have been at Yards Park, which I found out about on this blog. So, thank you!!!
    Love the blog and the sweet family behind it.

  845. one of many special moments with my family…. quiet mornings where my husband & i get to lay in bed & snuggle our sweet baby boy between us. in the peacefulness of the morning light, listening to his giggles, my heart smiles & all my worries fade away.

    happy 6th blog bday. thanks for sharing your adorable family with us, you always make my morning coffee a little bit sweeter.

  846. shawn

    Greatest family moment this far was the birth of our son last year. This year, he’ll get a sister! Congrats on 6 years, Taza!

  847. Dasha

    My favorite moments are the little quiet ones with my husband and our one-year-old boy. Things like playing in the yard outside with the dogs or going out for ice cream all together. It’s rare that we can spend time with just the three of us and no distractions so I really treasure those times.

  848. My favorite family moment was last Thursday(8/22 – our 16month wedding anniversary). After over a year of trying, and multiple rounds of fertility treatments, we are expecting our first child!!!!

  849. Simone

    The best memory I have with my family is everyday when the deadbolt unlocks and my husband walks through the door. Nothing else matters in the world except who can rush into his arms the fastest. That is a feeling we should be able to bottle up. :)

  850. francyface

    A special family moment for me was on one of those random 70+ days here in February in SC…I got off work and my husband and I went outside with our sweet 4 month old girl and laid a blanket on the grass and we just spent just time hanging out and pointing to the clouds and touching the grass and marveling at everything with our sweet girl.

  851. Lillian

    My favorite family moment was the day we took our baby home from the hospital, and I realized this was the start of our own family!

  852. christina

    it’s been four years since my husband and i said ‘i do,’ and each moment has been sweeter. so grateful for a partner, best friend, and confidante such as him.

  853. Andrea Gosse

    Happy Anniversary! I keep thinking your going to make a pregnancy
    Announcement every time your post on your blog;)
    My special memory is very recent when my daughter Molly was
    Born this past May. We all settled on my hospital bed for a picture and my Heart almost burst with love. I remember thinking; this is it, these are my people, my number 1’s and look at how wonderful they all are and how healthy and kind they are. It was such a moment if gratitude and true love! That picture is posted on my IG…. andiebg. It’s also on my wall at home and my screen saver on my phone. Xoxoxo

  854. Maureen

    My favorite family moment was when we all went swimming at my parents’ lake home. The calm of the water, giggles, shrieks of joy–so much happiness!

  855. Nikki

    Happy 6th! It’s fun reading your blog as my own baby girl grows up! She is just 5 months old and we are trying for another. Our favorite special moments have to be when she does something NEW! Anything from her first laugh to her first attempt at crawling, we are always running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find the camera! Haha.

  856. Melissa

    I have been following your blog for about two years. You were my inspiration to start my own blog. Mainly to keep our family updated on our current events.
    I recently got married and starting our family is number on our to do list. Experiencing the man you love talk about his future family is something completely magical on its own. I can’t wait til the day we officially find out we’re expecting.
    Thank you for sharing your family and inspiring so many of us to enjoy the little things in life.

  857. Amanda

    Some of my favorite times with my tiny family are when we are laughing together. Doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, those are the times I love.

  858. Sara

    so many favorite family moments. Getting my daughter out of bed today was pretty awesome.

  859. Karissa

    We just had our first baby 4 days ago. His birth day was the most amazing day of our lives

  860. Jess

    Congrats on 6 years! Your blog is so lovely and fun to visit – thanks for posting and sharing your life with us!

    My current favorite family moment is when my husband, 22 month old daughter, and I are all in the car and she is in her car-seat in the back being silly or making funny noises on purpose trying to make us laugh. When we’re all laughing all at once (I LOVE her toddler giggles)I just want to bottle that moment up and save it forever. =)

  861. Karen

    Our special family moment was hearing baby #2’s heartbeat for the first time. My daughter was in awe!

  862. Elle

    My favorite family moment was the day I married the love of my life and of course after trying forever….. FINALLY getting pregnant! We are beyond thrilled for this little one to arrive! xoxo

  863. Laura

    Watching my 8 month old grow up has been amazing!
    Happy Birthday!!

  864. Happy blog anniversary! SIX YEARS!! The most special moment I have shared with my family is a recent one. A couple weeks ago, my husband and I found out we are expecting our first child!! It was the tenderest of moments, once the stick revealed we were pregnant we both shouted for joy! I will always cherish that big smile on his face and how tightly he hugged me. Yay for families!

  865. cathyv

    Well, dang! First try on comment failed. Must be Monday. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary of blogging. My three children will all be home for the Labor Day weekend. Makes me smile to think about it.

  866. Anastasia Bertola

    My favorite moment this year was going to the beach for the first time as a family. We were in the waves and our kids building sand castles, watching them was so peaceful : )

  867. Sarah B.

    Congratulations! A special moment for our family was the birth of our first baby. That feeling of instant, overwhelming love was something I will never forget. Becoming a parent is pretty amazing. :)

  868. Allie

    Happy 6th Birthday to the blog. I so enjoy reading about your adventures!

    An amazing memory with my family was this summer when we took our son to Sesame Place. Watching his eyes light up at the sight of his favorite characters brought tears to our eyes! Also, my (shy) husband was chosen by Grover for the “Daddy Dance Off” and watching him dance around with the characters while his son looked on with pride was a moment I will never forget!

  869. Happy Birthday to you! I adore your instagram feed and how you make living in NY with children seem effortless :) We are expecting triplets in December and would LOVE a bugaboo donkey stroller to scoot around two of our three little people-to-be. A favorite moment of our soon-to-be family so far is telling our parents our news! There is a video on our tumblr account if interested in having a look :) ps: September 2nd must be a lucky day as it is my birthday!!

  870. Lianna Grimes

    A special moment I recently share with my family was a vacation to North Carolina for a family reunion. It was the first time many of them met our son Henry and it was very special to have 9 days of relaxing and playing with Henry and everyone else.

  871. Julie

    Congratulations on 6 years! We have two young babies and one on the way and my favorite family moments are our slow weekend mornings when daddy is home. We stay in bed late and cuddle and laugh. We can forget about all of our stress during those moments and just enjoy each other.

  872. Emma

    Happy sixth Birthday to the blog! It’s so exciting :) I just found out that I am going to be an auntie in the spring! I would love to bless my sister and brother in law with this wonderful stroller.

  873. Jodi

    Wow! So wonderful. My daughter is 5.5 months old, and I’d say the most amazing thing thus far has been hearing her belly laugh for the first time!

  874. Blair

    Our special moment is the birth of our new baby girl! We couldn’t be happier getting to watch her learn and grown and become her own little person!

  875. Nicole J.

    My favorite memory to date is our wedding day. It was such a magical day and it just makes my heart smile thinking about the memories from that summer.

    My husband and I have been hoping and trying to start a family for awhile now, but unfortunately we have been struggling with infertility. As stressful as it has been, we are finally starting to get some answers and are staying hopeful that we will get the chance to be parents soon. How wonderful it would be to win a stroller or other goodies for our future family!

  876. Erin

    A special moment…. We have been trying to have a baby now for 3 years and are finally soon some fertility treatments. I know it’s a little weird but I really love at night talking to my husband and dreaming about what our future family will be like and where we will take them and all of the fun things we have to look forward to!

  877. Happy 6th Taza! 6 is my lucky number, fingers crossed I might finally snag a giveaway! Been dying for some Freshly Picked Moccs for my future babe foreverrrrr ;) xo

  878. Ashley Hansen

    Happy 6 years. My best memory with my husband is a night spent in a cheap motel room eating in-n-out and watching family guy. It seems uneventful but it was nice just to get away and do nothing for once!

  879. I’ve loved watching my husband become an amazing father, and seeing the pride our families have in this adorable little boy of ours. Can’t wait to add another to our family and watch Baby #1 become a big brother!

  880. Jaime

    The birthday of my two sweet boys!

  881. Anna

    Congratulations on 6 years!!! We recently had a baby girl and are loving every minute!

  882. Hello Taza,

    We welcomed our first ” little bean” almost a month ago. Since the day he was born the most precious thing we have experienced is the magical bond formed when he is nursing. Looking down at his heavenly face, watching his eyes get heavy, his hand tightly holding my nursing bra, staring up at me as he fights his sleep. Those are the very moments I live for. He’s my little dream come true.


  883. Maria

    I live in the DC area and some our most memorable family moments have been at Yards Park, which I found out about on this blog. So, thank you!!!
    Love the blog and the sweet family behind it.

  884. Alyse

    All of those look like amazing things to win! A special family moment is every night when my husband reads books to our almost-one-year-old. I love watching them together.

  885. Carlie Thompson

    I love being a stay at home mom, I feel like I have 100 best moments every week. Probably my most rewarding is watching my two babies learn to interact with eachother. We also recently went to the Iowa State Fair and camped out. Loved it. We could sure use that darn Bugaboo!! My husband is an eternal student and we are so stinking poor. ha ha ha…Poor but happy!!

  886. Leticia

    Yay! Happy Blog Birthday! I’ve been a happy blog follower for 5 yrs.! Some of my favorite and most special moments with my kiddos is when they have met their new siblings for the first time.(I have four, #5 on the way!) The immediate bonding and closeness, the look of awe in their eyes, the automatic love for someone they’ve just met. It’s almost as if they truly know that new little person already. I guess that could go for being a parent too! ;)

  887. Becca

    Congrats on 6years of the blog! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family moments with us! My best family moment would have to be when my husband and I heard our baby boy,Oliver’s, first cries this past June. It was everything we hoped for and so much more. It was the moment we became a family!

  888. Sara

    So many favorite family memories. Getting my daughter out of bed this morning was pretty awesome

  889. Madison

    Our son is 16 months old and we would love to add to our family sometime soon, though with infertility issues it isnt always that easy. We travel so often for my boyfriends professional motocross, winter training and use a stroller often around towns and cities on our travel, that our stroller is pretty roached, having been on dozens of flights, motorhome storage areas, truck beds, etc – we probably should have bought something better! I am addicted to freshly picked moccs but my sons feet just grow so fast! I love keeping up on your blog because my child is smack dab around yours and I may even start a little blog myself :) thanks for the giveaways Taz & sponsors!

  890. Heather

    Happy blog-iversary! My little guy is 3 years old and I just feel super blessed to have him and my amazing husband in my life. We are trying for a sibling, and I have watched your family grow with such happiness! I hope ours, does, as well!

    My favorite family moment? Honestly, we eat dinner together at the dinner table as much as we can, and talk about our days. Little Man is getting so adept at asking our our days at work! I love it!

  891. Lendy

    Your blog is phenomenal! I just discovered you and I’m already loving reading all about you and your family! Happy Anniversary! As a new blogger and new mom to an almost 7 month old– it’s great to have inspiration! I am gaga over the mocs!! My lil Luna’s feetsies belong in those mocs!! Haha!

  892. Piia

    Congratulations, your blog is my daily faves! Cheers! Beautiful moments happen when my family is actually together, life is getting busier and we have less and less time for each-other. Taking time to be together, enjoying the now- always something special happens.

  893. cal

    Recently announcing our first pregnancy and receiving an overwhelming amount of love, definitely something I was to remember. And would love to start preparing for the baby with some of these give away items:)

  894. Katie

    Just absolutely love your perspective and openness about motherhood. I thought dancing at Juilliard was a rush- nothing compared to hearing my baby boy giggle. I have never been happier than I am as a mama. So many moments I hold close to my heart- one of my favorite things in the world is creeping into the nursery with my husband to peer over the rails of the crib at peacefully sleeping son feeling so in love and so grateful. here’s to families!

  895. Kendra

    Congrats on 6 years! I haven’t been with your the entire time but I’m proud to say I have been following for over 3 years now- time sure does fly!

    We’ve recently started a new bedtime tradition of reading books in mommy and daddy’s bed before bedtime instead of sitting in the rocking chair. It’s now a family event where we each get to pick a book and cuddle up as a family. LOVE IT!

  896. Kiki

    Blackberry picking yesterday with my 3month old snuggled in her Ergo, my nearly three year old happily filling his container (and belly) with sweet fruit at the same farm we visited when I was pregnant with my first. Happy birthday to this happy blog!

  897. Danielle

    So far my favorite family moment is marrying my husband and finding out we are pregnant! 7 weeks tmrw! All of these items would be amazing!
    Happy anniversary :)

  898. My special moment was seeing our baby on the ultrasound for the first time. After trying for a year and having a miscarriage, it was the first time I could honestly believe we could be having a baby! Now I’m entering my third trimester and heaven knows I could use some clothes and goodies. Thanks taz taz!

  899. Lindsey

    my husband and i are expecting out first baby at the end of november and one of our favorite family experiences we have had together was seeing our little one kick its little legs and move its tiny arms around (i say “it” because we are not finding out the gender) at our 20 week ultrasound. it was one of those moments where we both looked at each other and thought, “you and i, we made this little little one!” we both loved each other even more in that moment. it was very special.

    congrats on 6 years and here’s to many more!

  900. jen

    thanks for sharing your last 6 years with us! a recent favorite family moment is finding out we are expecting our second baby in february! and there’s a very good chance s/he will be born on the same day as me and our first son! :)

  901. My husband and I are due TOMORROW with our first baby – a girl! One of the best things during our pregnancy is talking and reading to our baby, he whispers secret things to her under the covers and we take turns reading stories, talking, and singing to her. Can’t wait until she is here and we can enjoy these moments as a family.

  902. Rachel

    My son brought me a daisy the other day as I was getting ready. My husband had given it to him to give to me. Pretty much melted my heart!

  903. Clarissa Esquivel


    My best family moment was welcoming our BabyGirl into this world- Giving my 2 year old his best friend! ❤ They light up my world!

  904. Marie

    Congratulations! I love your blog. My favorite family memories are the lazy weekend mornings we spend in bed together, giggling and goofing around and snuggling.

  905. Annie

    Has it really been six years?!

    We have a two year old little girl and we’re expecting another one in a couple months (the Bugaboo Donkey would be PERFECT for us!). The day we found out we are having another girl, my husband and I sat in the waiting room at our doctor’s office. Our little one was standing on the chair between us, dancing her heart out to “Call Me Maybe.” It made me very excited for another girl. :)

  906. Katherine

    Happy 6th Birthday!! Our best family moment for me and my husband happened just about 13 weeks ago when we found out we are going to be a family of 3 in February!!

  907. Danielle

    One of my favorite family moments would be teaching our 14 month old son to pray! There is no better gift to give him then to teach him about Jesus! Those little clasped hands and his little “aaa-men!” after the prayer melts my heart!! Congrats on 6 years! Love your sweet little family!

  908. Natalie

    Happy Birthday to your Blog! It is my favorite blog by far, your family is adorable, I love your style, and I really appreciate the positive and spiritual message that you share.
    My top family moment this year would have to be when my husband and I welcomed our first child, our daughter Nola Michelle into the world on Jan. 10. We will never be the same!

  909. Just one month ago my two sweet babies (Sophie & Lincoln) joined our family. Making a family of two, grow to a family of four. Brother was born just two minutes before sister but weighed a whole two pounds more! Our most special moment was the first night sitting in the bed as a family for the first time, being completely mesmerized by this new life we had. We could not be more in love.

  910. Jessica

    We took my 18 month old son to Walt Disney World this summer and had the best time! Watching him experience it all for the first time was amazing and we can’t wait for baby #2 (coming in feb(: )
    I love your blog!

  911. Peggy

    Happy blog anniversary! My favorite memory this year was when our family grew to three and we welcomed our baby girl Scarlett to our family!

  912. laura

    We just experienced the miracle of our son’s birth on august 3!! He is little brother to our Avery Eleanor – our children are by far our most precious and humbling experience as a married couple!

  913. Amber P.

    Slobbery baby kisses, inside jokes between my husband and I, funny things my kids say each day, watching my middle son call his little sister “my baby”, and the way all 3 of my kids run and jump onto my husband when he walks into the door each day are probably my best moments…and they all happen all the time. Lucky me :)

  914. Karrie

    Happy Blog Birthday! My favorite memory is happening right now, pregnant with our second child and enjoying these last few weeks with my baby girl as an only child. We are a military family stationed in Fort Carson Colorado and just bought our first home, this next year will bring much change for us but we are so excited to do it all together!

  915. Denae

    Best recent family moment – seeing my husband play with our one-year-old daughter.

  916. Liz

    Love this!

    Sharing the news of our 4th with our older girls and toddler son – the girls (6&8) are ecstatic, while our youngest, doesn’t quite get it, yet! He has until November to figure it out though!

  917. Kelsey

    My favorite family moment was seeing my baby for the first time in March.

  918. First I want to thank you for such an amazing giveaway opportunity!! I would feel so blessed to win any of the three! I have so enjoyed reading your blog the last several years and just love seeing your beautiful family grow :) We welcomed our first baby, Joanna, this past March and have enjoyed every minute of her. We would feel so blessed and excited to add another little love to our family in the next year! I’ve always wanted to have my babies close so they could play and grow up together.

    One of my favorite family moments was when we took Joanna to the Farmers market for the first time this summer. I was nervous because it meant that we would interrupt her nap. (New mom worries haha) well that day she ended up skipping two of her three naps because she didn’t want to miss a moment of the action. Instead of being grumpy and fussy, she was happy and loving the whole day. Giggling more than she’s ever giggled before and showing such amazing curiosity. It was such a learning experience for me as a new mom….it’s okay to throw the whole routine out the window. She will be okay and we will live an amazing life in the process if we allow ourselves to. Being a mommy is just so amazing. What a blessing!!