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with mother’s day approaching this sunday, we have teamed up with our sponsor rebecca minkoff to giveaway a $500 store credit to one lucky reader to go shop away at!

while i think it’s safe to say most mama’s are happy with getting to sleep in come sunday (i mean!), who doesn’t love getting to pick out a little something for themselves, too?  in order to enter, please visit rebecca minkoff’s mother’s day shop, then come back to the blog and comment below telling us what you’d use your $500 store credit towards! the winner will be drawn this coming friday! good luck!

ps. HERE’s a little feature on the rebecca minkoff site about me being a mama and my mother’s day plans if you’d like to read. thanks for having me!

  1. Shannon C.

    I love the pink Dylan Tote!

  2. drea

    wee! it’s my first mother’s day this year :)

    i’d pick the baxter sunglasses & gold pave ID necklace for sure.


  3. Jay

    I was just perusing some Rebecca Minkoff bags – I’d love the Brett but everything is gorgeous!

  4. Definitely that gorgeous mint Andie Dome bag! Love your blog!

  5. Janice

    Oh! Would be much appreciated !

  6. Giselle

    The cupid bag would make the perfect day bag!

  7. Lisa

    I am also absolutely in love with the cupid bag!

  8. ashton

    id necklace!!

  9. Paige Gardner

    I LOVE the heart stack ring in gold. Loving everything on her site.

  10. I am in LOVE with the Lorimer sunglasses and Enamel Stud Earrings. Both are so gorgeous!

  11. Haley

    Pink Dylan Tote!!

  12. Preeti Choudhury

    My mom is retiring this year and she wants to go back to doing photography. The Collin Camera Bag would be the perfect gift for her!

  13. The Cupid bag in Rose Gold is gorgeous! Would absolutely be my top pick :)

  14. Samantha H.

    This is the best give away! I am currently planning my wedding and my sister has been my saving grace and right hand with getting many details done all while taking care of her family and little ones as well. I would love to spoil her with a new bag because I know she would never put herself first to buy one herself! Thank you!!

  15. Loving the Cupid Rose Gold. oh boy do I love it.


  16. Suzy

    That beautiful Cupid bag! All of her stuff is gorgeous.

  17. Tori

    Definitely LOVE the Andie tote and Lissa pouch.

  18. Would love love love to gift my momma with an RM Craig Camera Bag! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

    xo Meaghan

  19. Carly

    I’d get the pink Dylan tote and/or the Baxter sunglasses! So cute!

  20. Definitely the Cupid Rose Gold and the Lorrimer shades! Love!

  21. Jessica

    I’d use the store credit to gift the dylan tote to my hard working momma!

  22. The Mini M.A.C. is the perfect hands free bag! Obsessing over the Poppy Pink color!

  23. The Collin Camera Bag is pretty amazing, too though!

  24. Samantha M

    I would love to get my mom the Dylan tote! Totally classic just like her!

  25. Elyse G.

    My mom has been obsessing over my Nikki bag since I bought it back in 2005. I would love to treat her to one this mother’s day. *fingers crossed*

  26. Michelle

    I would buy the Mini Affair Diamond quilt purse in mint! Rebecca Minkoff bags are soooo cute! I can’t wait to see my mom on mother’s day! I just moved across the country and it has been months since I’ve seen her! I just bought her a ticket to come visit me and I’m so excited! Happy Mother’s Day!

  27. Maddie

    Love the M.A.C. clutch!

  28. Lucy

    Love the versatility of the Brett Brief! It’s ladylike but edgy and sure to coordinate with the black I wear almost daily :)

  29. Marina

    Everything is gorgeous, but i’m definitly in love with the mini m.a.c !

  30. Angie

    I love the pave id place necklace! Great giveaway Naomi :)

  31. My mom would love the mint Andie Dome, and the Baxter sunglasses for me :)

  32. i’m not a mom but i’d love to win. i’d get two of those big tote bags and give one to a friend. happy mother’s day!

  33. Ana Aaron

    the shoes!!!!

  34. Ryan

    The Dylan tote, for sure!

  35. Betsy

    I love the Andie dome bag in mint! I’m actually loving the whole mad about mint section in general!

  36. Amy

    I love the Dylan Tote. And the Baxter glasses. and the Heart Stacking rings. And basically just all of it!

  37. I have just discovered my love for heels (I am 5’10” and was always scared to wear them) so I would definitely grab a pair of her heels and some sunnies!

  38. Jaclyn

    My mum would love the Pave ID necklace!

  39. Lauren W.

    What a great giveaway! I just made my first Rebecca Minkoff purchase (a MAC bag) a few weeks ago and I literally have not stopped using it since. But since then, I’ve been oogling all the other goodness on the site – I’m loving the Fiona sandals and the Dylan tote – SO much!

  40. Megan

    Ah, love it all – def the tortoise shell lorimer sunnies and the andie dome mint bag!

  41. Selah

    Love the hot pink Dylan tote!

  42. Erica

    A bag. Maybe Cupid. Maybe a clutch. So many to choose from!

  43. Kathleen E

    The Cupid bag with Rose Gold Hardware

  44. ginny

    the Andie dome and studded id plate braclet!

  45. Kat

    That amazing Dylan tote and the silver Pave ID Plate necklace!

  46. Karolina

    I have been looking for the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses and gasped when I saw the “Lorimer’ pair on your site today! They’re perfect, but much too expensive for this mama. I would be so happy to win them! And the Bret Brief. I die.

  47. I love the purple craig camera bag. I am a freelance food photographer, and it would work great for on the go and photo shoots. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Ashley N.

    Wow! What an AWESOME giveaway!! I would use the store credit towards the Brett Brief. What a beautiful piece to look instantly put together. I’d love it with a crisp white oxford and a skirt! Crossing my fingers. :)

  49. The Baxter sunglasses and Brett Brief are oh so chic!

  50. Denise

    Pink Dylan tote and some of those Fiona sandals!!

  51. SCS

    I’d start with the Dylan Tote in hot pink and finish up with Lorimer sunglasses!

  52. alyssa

    I would get my hands on the Andie Dome in the mint green because it reminds me of mint ice cream I would get as a kid with my mom!

  53. Tyeler

    The Brett Brief for sure.

  54. Julie

    The pink Dylan tote all the way! Happy Mother’s Day! ;-)

  55. beth

    I love the MAB bag and the Becky jacket!!

  56. oh my! i’d get the mini box purse for myself, and snag another for my mom :) I’ve had my eye on it for a while now.

  57. Becki

    Ooh, I love the Cupid bag!

  58. Cortney

    I love the Brett brief and the Collin camera bag – I need to take my camera out more!

  59. Chelsea

    Definitely the tote and sunglasses!

  60. Olivia K

    The andie dome is calling my name, I always love everything rebecca minkoff, someone seriously lucky is going to win this one:)

  61. Anna G

    I think I would have to go with the Cupid handbag!!

  62. Lejla

    I would spend the credit on the Cornelia sunglasses and Ellie shoes..;)

  63. Jill

    Oooooo! I would definitely select the Brett Brief… I love the mix of materials and the studs give it just enough edge. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

  64. I think I would pick up those Bazzle flats among many other things.

  65. Alia

    That M.A.C clutch is fancy! I like that and the studded ID bracelet. I asked my little guy (he’s 5 months) what he was giving me for mothers day and he made a face that silently communicated the word “poop”.

  66. Sally Diguette

    The Mint Andie Dome bag! So cute. Love this giveaway!

  67. Brielle

    I would totally buy the Dylan Tote in Poppy Pink! It is a stunning, beautiful tote and the color is JUST right :)


  68. Michelle z

    I love the andie dome!

  69. I dont know what I love most, the ellie sandals or the craig camera bag!!

  70. Laura

    I would want the lorimer sunnies and the necklace! :)

  71. Katy

    Dylan tote in pink–perfect cheery carryall!

  72. Madison

    I love the mini M.A.C! I think it will be a perfect bag for summer and has is the perfect mixture of leather :)

  73. Jenni

    Everything in the shop is wonderful, but I am especially loving the Mini M.A.C. in almond! It’s adorable. Thanks for all your wonderful giveaways! :]

  74. sarah

    i’d love the mint MAC clutch!

  75. Kate

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to gift my mom with one of the M.A.C. clutches!

  76. Alyssa wolf

    I love the Bonnie sandals and heart & horn necklace.
    But really, I love it all ;)

  77. Erica

    I would DEFINITELY choose the Cupid – Rose Gold bag! WOW

  78. Alejandra

    I love the pink Dylan Tote

  79. I would love the COLLIN CAMERA BAG!!! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  80. stephanie

    The MAC Clutch or the Mini MAC for sure!

  81. Most definitely the Collin camera bag! It would make me take my big camera out of the house more with baby! :) I would love to be sporting those Fiona sandals in mint also! Such a fun giveaway! Thanks!!

  82. DEFINITELY the dylan tote!! or maybe a bunch of smaller things like the stackable rings, a phone case, some sandals……opening and admiring them all one by one would be a pleasure.

    happy mothers day to all the mamas!

  83. Laura

    Love Rebecca Minkoff and your blog! What a great combo here…strong mommies kicking butt all over the place. I would totally love the hot pink Dylan tote to use as a computer bag/diaper bag and pair it with the MAC Clutch for my stuff to toughen it up a bit. Carrying many bags is pretty typical as a working mom-workin’ it (as I like to say). Thanks for the consideration and Happy Mothers Day to you all!

  84. Janny

    I would buy my mom one of the totes! she always carries so much stuff around, and would really appreciate a chic one like the one on the site!

  85. Abbey

    The Cupid rose gold bag is gorgeous!

  86. Liz

    I’m gaga for that pink Dylan tote and the Lorimer sunglasses!

  87. Veronika

    I love Fiona and Andie Dome. Both in mint.

  88. Rebecca

    Oh oh, I lovvvve the Lorimer sunnies and/or the Cupid rose gold bag!

  89. mango

    I love love love the Lorimor sunnies and the Collins Camera Bag. So cute!

  90. Stephanie L.

    HI! This mama would love that Brett Brief to tote to work (and maybe slip some cheerios in on the weekend), and with the extra $$ the ID nameplate necklace too!

  91. Amanda B

    I’ve always loved the MAC mini clutches! I think this would be a great bag for me and my mama. :)

  92. Sarah Wagner

    Dylan Tote and Dome purse for my mama!

  93. Jill

    The pink Brett brief bag and the small enamel studded leather cuff…GORGEOUS

  94. kayleigh larkins

    I would definitely use it towards the cupid rose gold bag! Happy Mother’s Day!

  95. Stephanie

    This is my first Mother’s Day and since I’ll be celebrating with a newborn and taking LOTS of pictures, I would love to have the cute Collin camera bag!

  96. Seriously, how can I choose? I’d probably splurge on a Brett Brief. And some Fiona sandals. And that pyramid stud iPhone case…

  97. Agnes

    Mint Andie Dome bag!!! (Anything Rebecca Minkoff really!) But mint+purse+spring=FABULOUS!!

  98. Sada

    Hey Naomi! I’ve been eyeing a mini Mac bag for the longest time now for myself, so I’d get myself one in one of the neutral colors and I’d have to use the rest of the money on a mini Mac for my mom in her favorite color yellow as a surprise! She loves purses but never splurges on herself so I’d love to be able to get her one of those gorgeous bags for Mother’s Day!

  99. Alyssa

    I love the M.A.B. Mini!

  100. Shelby

    Oh….the Ellie Heels for sure!

  101. Angeli C

    I would bye my mom one of these beautiful handbags because she deserves it more than me! She is my best friend (besides my husband) and she has done sooo much for me, and still does!

  102. Vanessa

    I would probably split the gift card between my mom, sister and myself. For my choice, I would pick the Brett Brief handbag.

  103. Oh oh!! It’s my first mother’s day and I’m in desperate need of those Union red sunnies!! That’s what I would spend the money on most definitely…

  104. Amy

    Ah! The Cupid – Rose Gold would be perfect – but so many amazing options!

  105. Alyssa

    The black Cupid bag. Love.

  106. Kristi

    Baxter sunglasses and pave ID necklace!

  107. The cupid rose gold bag is awesome, the prefect bag!! And the flipped CZ & pave bracelet is cute too!

  108. My mom would love the Fiona sandals (and so would I – especially the green ones!)

  109. Lauri

    I would buy the Brett Brief Handbag in green, I love the color!

  110. Taylor

    Gah! The Andie Dome!

  111. Erin

    I love the Andie Dome purse!

  112. Marta

    What a great prize! I’d love a bag, please, count me in provided the prize is international. Thank you! Best regards from Barcelona, Marta

  113. Naomi

    I would love the Dylan tote in black. And maybe a Sylvie wallet to go with it.

  114. Jillian

    My photo loving mom would love the camera case!

  115. The Cupid with Rose Gold is so lovely!!!

  116. I would definitely get the rose gold cupid bag in black. yes please!

  117. Natalie S.

    I adore her bags, especially the Andie Dome and mini- affair :)

  118. Lucy

    I would LOVE the Dylan tote for my mama.

  119. amy

    The Dylan tote, I have been looking for something between a diaper bag and a purse, this is perfect!

  120. Michaela

    I love the rose gold cupid! So pretty.

  121. Emily

    i’d buy the Della Skirt!

  122. I would love the Nilson skirt!Or the Andie Dome purse! Both so lovely!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Nicole

    Lorimer sunglasses!

  124. Anna

    Well, I’d start with the Pink Dylan Tote – LOVE it!

  125. Lorie

    The Andie Dome tote in mint it’s calling my name! So beautiful.

  126. Jill

    The Dylan tote for stylishly hauling around all the kid stuff.

  127. Rebecca

    Love, love, love that pink Dylan tote!

  128. Alex

    Love the MAC Clutch!!

  129. Morgan

    Just got a new fancy pants camera, so I’d definitely go for the Collins Camera Bag! xo fingers crossed

  130. Amazing giveaway!! I am in pretty bad “need” of a summer purse – narrowing it down is so difficult! I seriously love them all

  131. Christine

    Wow, this would be a massive treat, mother’s day gifts are not in our budget over here these days with two small kids on one small income in NYC but I’m not complaining..or am I. It’s a tie for me between the heart stacking ring, Studded ID plate bracelet! or the baxter sunglasses (decisiveness is not my strong suit)

  132. Angie

    So many choices! Either the Andie Dome bag in mint or a bunch of accessories!

  133. Ashley B.

    The Dylan Tote would be a wonderful summer purse!

  134. Grace

    I would just give it to my mom and let pick out whatever she wants :) thanks so much for the giveaway!

  135. Kate

    I would love to rock the Andee dome bag and Lorimer sunglasses!!!

  136. Melike

    I’d definitely buy my mother the M.A.C Clutch!

  137. Thea

    I love the Andie Dome purse in blue! So cute!

  138. Kate

    The gray MAC clutch is calling my name!

  139. diana

    ohh, i would love to have the Cupid – Rose Gold bag and a pair of Fiona studded flip flops.

  140. Natasha

    Knowing my mom should would love the Brett Brief !

  141. Kelsey Clark

    Oh I love the Andie Dome purse in the mint green. Adorable. Congrats on your online bios this week Taza! You really are a rockstar mama!

  142. Sarah

    The Dylan Tote in Black is perfect.

  143. Rachael C

    I totally dig the cupid bag! What an awesome giveaway!

  144. Arlene

    My mother would adore the M.A.C. clutch!

  145. Holi

    Love the items in the punk shop. My favorite is the Flirty.

  146. Alessia

    The Lorimer sunglasses are to die for!

  147. I would definitely buy Collin Camera Bag, because there is always so much problem with carring the camera around but with this bag it would be super-easy! And my mom would love the Brett Brief!

  148. Kathryn

    I love the “my specs” sunglasses case! I’d get that for sure and M.A.C. clutch in mint for mama.

  149. Héloïse

    I think I’d buy the Baxter sunglasses and Ellie shoes ;) So pretty..

  150. Meghan

    Maybe a mini mac and some of that lovely jewelry! :)

  151. Rebecca

    Love Andy dime in mint! Rwvanvoorhis@gmail . Com

  152. Briseida

    The Dylan Tote in that poppy pink…I want! Perfect for the summertime!

  153. Meg

    Cupid bag! Rose Gold! Love Taza and RM:)

  154. Emily

    I love the handbags! There is a mustard yellow one and a brown leather one that I would love to own :) one for me and one for my momma :)

  155. My mum would love (and totally deserves!) the black Dylan tote for her upcoming holiday. I’d also pop the cute silver ID necklace inside as a surprise! :)

  156. oh this would be a dream. The handbags have me hooked….I can’t decide between the mint or the green…..

  157. Clare Hill

    I would get the Lissa Pouch and Dylan Tote! Classic styles!

  158. Katy

    Those Jura sandals kill me!!!! But for sure something for my momma too!!! How fun would that beeeeee

  159. Neltje

    I love the pink Dylan Tote! So cute!

  160. Jennifer

    I would love to rock the Becky jacket and the Waverly sunnies!

  161. Kathleen

    I’m crazy for the Dylan tote and camera bag! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  162. i basically want every bag on there.. and just pretty much everything, really. such pretty things! i love love love the leather/metal bracelet, and the andie dome bag!

  163. Sarah Otis

    oh my, the brett brief in green. gorgeous!

  164. Nicole

    I love the skylar bag!

  165. Kylie

    I absolutely adore all the handbags! Especially the Cupid. What are great giveaway!

  166. Natalie

    The Jade Baby Bag!!!

  167. Oh man it has to be the Andie Dome bag in Mint! Gorgeous!

  168. Julia

    Would love to gift my precious mommala some fun spring jewels to accessorize and update her outfits.

  169. Love the pink Dylan Tote! and the Heart Stack Ring :)

  170. Amanda M

    The Andie Dome bag would be perfect for my mom for mother’s day – and of course a matching phone cover!

  171. I’d get my mom and sis some simple and fun jewelry.

  172. Kate Madden

    I heart the mini mac….though not super practical as a mom, it’s just adorable and classic (I won’t be carrying around diapers forever, right?!).

  173. EricaK

    I’d get a cute tote and sunglasses!

  174. melissa

    What a cool shop! I love your blog!

    I would choose the Andie Dome bag (quel couleur!)
    and some Lormier sunglasses. Tres chic!

  175. I adore the Collin Camera Bag and the Pave Id Plate Necklace (in silver!).

  176. The dylan tote would be perfect for all my stuff and I have a slight obsession with bar necklaces so the pave id plate necklace would be amazing!


  177. Morgan

    I’d HAVE to have those “Baxter” sunglasses, so glamorous!!

  178. Jenny

    I have got to have that Andie Dome tote in natural and those Bettina Sandals are to die for! what am I saying ALL of her collections are to die for!!

  179. Helmi

    I would love to have the M.A.C. Clutch and the Baxter sunglasses! Perfect combo!

  180. Meredith B.

    I love the Andie Dome bag in mint! Such a gorgeous bag!

  181. Pamela

    Oh! Baxter sunglasses!

  182. Sarah B

    Andie Dome bag!!!!! Ahhhh. Such a fabulous bag! Happy early moms day!

  183. love the mini m.a.c. purse

  184. Erin

    I think my mom would love the pink Dylan Tote for work. I’d love to surprise her with a great gift like this!

  185. Aina Y

    Black Dylan bag is so pretty! My mom would love it.

  186. Hayley

    Have always loved Rebecca Minkoff bags, and my mom would LOVE the M.A.C. Clutch!

  187. I love the Vincent Shorts!

  188. kirstie

    mac clutch please!

  189. Meghan Manfre

    I’d chose the Cupid – Rose Gold. Rose gold! Need I say more?!?!

  190. Lauren

    Love the Lorimer sunnies and just about all the bags! Such a fun giveaway!

  191. Emma

    Love the Andie Dome handbag and the Baxter sunnies!

  192. katie

    i love the craig camera bag! one for me and one for my mom!

  193. Monique Longval

    Since I’m not a mom myself yet, I would spend this gift on the woman who has given her gift of everlasting faith and timeless momma! She works long hours, so kicking back in the Fiona mint green sandals would be a plus. I would also get her the Lorimer sunnies for when it’s finally nice out in Boston!

  194. bri

    i’d have to go with the enamel studded earring and the heart stack rings! and i also love the hot pink dylan tote :)

  195. Kate

    Lorimer sunnies for mom & I!

  196. Hanny

    Love the Dylan Tote bag in pink and the Colin Camera Bag!

  197. Jordan

    The Pave ID necklace. Gold for mom. Silver for my sister and me. We all have matching heart necklaces from our birthdays 5 years ago. Love to continue the matching tradition! You have the cutest littles ever! Love E’s party hat today!

  198. Alexis

    The Lorimer sunglasses are stunning and perfect for summer days at the park :)

  199. My mother needs a new purse and would LOVE the mint ANDIE DOME bag!! I would buy that for her for sure! As well as one of the many beautiful gold necklaces. She is the best person and mother in the world and deserves far more than a purse and a necklace, but if I were to win the gift card I would use it to surprise her with these things.

  200. Emily

    I love the pave ID plate necklace, as well as the lissa pouch!

  201. Eva

    The Baxter sunnies and M.A.C. clutch would make my day!!!

  202. Ashley

    I love everything, but I adore the teal Cupid bag, also obsessed with the Jura sandals.

  203. I’d definitely pick a bag, but I’m having trouble narrowing it down! I love the tote, the dome, and the brief! It’d be a toss up!

  204. What a fantastic interview and generous giveaway! I’ve heard great reviews on YouTube about Rebecca Minkoff bags and I think if I were the lucky winner I would definitely have to choose between the Los Angeles Toki Tote, the Jade Baby Bag (don’t even have a baby but I love the bag!), or the Dylan Tote. Or…the M.A.B. Tote. Yikes!

    Thanks again for such a great giveaway!

  205. anilyn

    ao many good things! The terry or joshua dress. the nilson skirt? the waverly sunglasses? and/ or a couple rubber & cord bracelets for me, my sis & bffs!

  206. Katelynn Roberts

    I love the Cupid Rose Gold bag

  207. Amanda T.

    I love the Andie Dome bag and the Pave ID Plate necklace!

  208. Katelynn Roberts

    I love the rose gold bag

  209. Kate

    I’d love to get a M.A.B.

  210. Kristen

    i would love the andie dome!

  211. Melissa

    the dylan tote in pink!! :)

  212. Megan

    Love the Jura Sandals to traipse cross the city with my little handsome. That you for the fantastic giveaway, and Happy Mothers Day!

  213. Lacna Saythong

    I want a cupid bag and the mini mac!! And several dresses. :)

  214. Rebecca

    About to be a first time mom, so the shoulder strap on the Cupid – Rose Gold
    seems perfect!

  215. I’d def get that minto dohme bag! Or the camera bag. Everything is gorge!


  216. Becky S

    The Fiona flip flops are so cute! I’d love to buy all the colors!

  217. Libby

    I would definitely get the Lorimer shades for me, and the Andie Dome handbag for my lovely lovely mother. Thanks for the chance to win!

  218. What an awesome giveaway for all the wonderful mom’s out there! This will be my first mother’s day… even though my bun is still in the oven (it still counts right? :P)

    The Enamel Studded Earrings and the Fiona sandals would be wonderful additions to my closet ;)

    So excited!

  219. Paige

    Love the Andie Dome purse!!

  220. i love love love the cupid bag! <3

  221. Devin

    besides wanting everything for her site, I LOVE the Dylan tote! So practical and fun :)

  222. Madeline

    I’ve been looking for a new purse for a long time, but on a med student budget, haven’t been able to find anything I like. I LOVE the kelly green mini 5-zip! Stylish yet classic.

  223. Jennifer

    I really love the Coco Clutch!

  224. Tegan

    Baxter sunglasses and Dylan tote! Love your blog :)

  225. Emily

    Oh! I love the Dylan tote in classic black.

  226. Vanna

    I’d get the V stackable rings, the enamel studded earrings, and have enough left over for the Harley Mini in navy!!

  227. Anna

    Cupid in Pink is AMAZING!

  228. Annie

    Love the Andie Dome!

  229. Kate

    Oh boy – $500 to RM, it’s so hard to choose!! I love the shape of the Cupid bag and the new rose gold accents are right on point. But I also love the Mani Pedi Fund Cory Pouch (who could say no to bright pink for a gift for my mom) and I’ve been lusting over the Collin Camera Bag for my DSLR since I first saw it on bloggers during NYFW. So many cute items, so hard to choose, so little time.

    Thanks for sharing pics of your adorable littles as always! xx

  230. I would definitely get the Lorimer glasses for myself and perhaps a bag for my Mama! Thanks for sharing! This is AWESOME!


  231. Heather Hicks

    I love the Brett Brief bags and the Baxter sunnies!

  232. Katy

    The Pink Dylan Tote and Baxter sunglasses! SO great for summer!

  233. stefania

    The Dylan tote! So nice!

  234. the Brett bag (in green!) is so so amazing!! X happy early mother’s day!

  235. Erin

    I love the Dylan Tote in black!! Beautiful!

  236. Kathleen

    Dylan Tote, for sure! And love the Enamel studs :)

  237. Megan

    Love the sunglasses!!

  238. Mercedes

    Love the Brett Brief and the Pave ID Necklace! Happy Mother’s Day, Naomi! Your family is beautiful!

  239. Kelsey

    The Dylan tote would probably not discourage my mom’s overpacking tendency, but she’d love it for work&weekend trips <3 I'd snag the Lorimer shades in leopard print for myself – they'd be my first leopard print purchase!

  240. Rachel

    i love the mini macs/mac and also love the cheeky little pouches! thanks for the giveaway!

  241. Amber F

    Black Dylan tote and blue Fiona sandals- hello!!! <3

  242. Emily

    Definitely the Dylan tote!!

  243. Hanna

    Oh my it’s so hard to choose! I think I would go for the cupid bag, the rose gold detailing is gorgeous!

  244. Amy P.

    AH! I would LOVE the mint Andie Dome bag, and the stack rings just for good measure :)

  245. Jill Z.

    I’d get the Cupid with Rose Gold!

  246. Maggie

    the collin camera bag is gorgeous!

  247. Elise

    Love the cupid handbag in mint!

  248. Joanne

    the beautiful rose gold bag!!

  249. Sarah L.

    I would get the Cupid Rose Gold!

  250. MX

    I’d like to get a MAC clutch and one of those cute little pouches to keep the purse organized. :)

  251. Lisa C

    The cupid in rose gold. Love!

  252. Britni

    The Andie Dome tote is stunning! How adorable would that bag look strutting down the street?! I love it!

  253. I’d spoil my mom and pick out a new outfit and matching handbag for her to don when she’s out and about!

  254. Nathalie

    I would use it for the collin camera bag or the mac bag! love rebecca minkoff!

  255. Lauren

    adore the lorimer sunglasses- so, so cute!

  256. Margaret

    I would love the Cupid Bag with rose gold hardware… what a perfect bag!

  257. ari


  258. Megan

    Definitely the Vincent shorts and a great pair of sunnies to wear all summer long!

  259. Loving the Cupid bag in Mint. I agree with the sleep for Mother’s Day. A whole day in bed sounds like perfection.

  260. If I had $500 to spend at RM’s mothers day sale – i’d start with the HOT PINK Dylan tote and follow it up with the super cute Baxter sunglasses!! PICK ME PICK ME!

  261. Lindsey H

    My mama would look fabulous in those Lorimor sunglasses, so I’d love to gift those to her. And if I won, I’d have enough to buy the Baxter pair for myself! :)

  262. Anna

    The pink Dylan tote and pave ID necklace would be lovely!

  263. Cyrrene

    The Andie Dome bag in mint is just fabulous! And those sunglasses! In love!

  264. Allison

    I’d get the rose gold Cupid for my mom!

  265. Lena

    Love the Tote and the stackable rings!
    Happy Mother’s Day <3

  266. Ashley

    I love the Andie Dome bag, That mint color is adorable!

  267. Sweet Siapno

    I would use the store credit for the Pink Dylan Tote for my mother for mothers’ day.

  268. Maria

    The Lorimers and the black Dylan tote! Perfect!

  269. Allison

    I would love to give my mom the Cupid bag

  270. Jessica

    I love the andie dome in mint!

  271. The Knocked Up bag makes me laugh!

  272. Mary Stark

    It’s hard to say which purse I would put the credit towards but definitely a new purse. I will be a first time mommy in November. A gorgeous big hand bag might come in handy with extra baby gear I will have! ;)

  273. Alyssa

    I’d love to give my mother a new pair of sunglasses because she’s had the same pair through three kids, and 21 years! Thanks for this great giveaway, and happy Mother’s Day!

  274. Erin

    Oh wow what a fabulous giveaway! This momma is in desperate need of a new handbag. That Brett Breif has my heart!

  275. Angela

    I love the gold pave ID plate necklace and the M.A.C. clutch!

  276. Ashley B

    I would definitely buy the Andie Dome in Mint for my mom for Mother’s day! She’s been dying for a new handbag and that color is perfect!

  277. I love the black Dylan Tote and the Fiona flip flop!!!

  278. I would definitely have to buy the Dylan tote in black because I have used my other nice tote as a diaper bag for the past year (OOPS!!!) and those Baxter sunnies are amazing!!

  279. Megan Cochran

    I would spoil my hardworking momma with the mint green Andie Dome bag and those adorable matching Fiona flip flops!

  280. Marnay

    The Andie Dome Tote is stunning! I would love to give it to my mother on Mother’s Day and fill it with lots of little goodies! She would love the Frannie Wallet and Pave ID Plate Necklace, and I may steal the Heart Stack Rings for myself!

  281. Natasa Stojanovic

    deeply in love with the Rebecca Minkoff Brett Brief!!!
    it was love at first sight :))!!!

  282. Crystal

    I would so love the Brett Brief! Beautiful bag…Love her stuff!

  283. Zavannah

    I looove the Brett Brief, the Andie Dome and the Baxter sunnies!

  284. Zahra Abdulhusein

    This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to give my mom the Black Dylan Tote! It’s the perfect way to show her what an amazing role model, and sophisticated woman, she has been in my life.

  285. Annie

    I’d do the black Dylan tote and the Waverly sunnies. Soooo tight!

  286. Jessi Hernandez

    My mom is truly the greatest, and in true “Mom” form, NEVER spends time or money buying herself the things she deserves….she always focuses on her kids! I’d LOVE to get her the Dylan tote and Cory pouch because I know she loves them but would never spend the money on getting them for herself!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  287. I would love to win this! Rebecca Minkoff is so wonderful! Eep!

  288. April

    I’d love the andie dome in mint and the matching fiona sandals!

  289. So lovely of you to do this. I took my time and really chose out carefully what my $500 would go towards. And this was not an easy choice. I would distribute the giveaway by getting the Craig camera bag, Heart stack ring and studded plate bracelet. Everything is absolutely perfect and adorable.

  290. Audrey Crisp

    Fun!!! I’d get a cell phone case or bag!

  291. Lindsay

    I would us the money to buy myself a bag and some new sunglasses before my first trip away from my two babies in June. I can’t wait to be in NYC again! Your blog makes me oh so excited!!

  292. Jasmin

    I’m a few years away from being a mother (if all goes according to plan) but I would definitely treat my own wonderful mother with the Dylan tote, the Frannie wallet, the Pave ID Plate Necklace, and the Flipped CZ & Pave Bangle! She deserves it!

  293. Jena

    Love, love, love the M.A.C. clutch!

  294. Esther

    Cupid – Rose Gold bag is absolutely beautiful!

  295. Jessica

    I heart the I’d necklace and the gold rings anddd the purses. I would love to win :)

  296. Lauren

    I definitely would need the Skylar bag- a needed upgrade from my diaper bag for a night out with my main squeeze.

  297. Dafna

    i love your blog, i read it all the way in Israel, as a new mom i think the cupid bag cute be supercute as the ultimate rockstar dispor bag”:)

  298. Tahnee Gregory

    Frannie wallet & brett brief!

  299. I would love to give the Camera bag to my mom (and dad). They are taking their first trip to Europe later this month and it would be perfect for them! Happy Mother’s Day.

  300. Ali B

    Would definitely get a M.A.B. mini! It has been my dream bag for several years, but too pricey for this graduate student to afford :(

  301. rachel

    i would by the brett brief and the gold stacking rings. adorable! love everything in the shop!

  302. i LOVE the M.A.C clutch!

  303. Samantha Mee

    Absolutely adore the Vincent Minaudiere… perfect for a night out on the town!

  304. i love the MAC clutch in black and white or anything from the mint collection – holy moly, i love it alllllL!!!

  305. Sierra Maly

    ummm I think the question is what don’t I want! for sure the loramire glasses and that gorgeous big black tote! xo

  306. Amy

    I would love to surprise my mom with the black dylan tote! she’s always on the run and putting her family first, so this bag would be perfect – roomy enough to hold her essentials and take her from work to evening and beyond!

  307. Michaela

    Love love the Cupid bag! Fingers crossed!

  308. Nikki

    The Brett Brief! Oof!

  309. Reanna Desroches

    Ah! I love Rebecca Minkoff’s collection! It’s so colorful this season! If I were to win, I’d love to pick up the camera bag for my travels. It’s so cute! Love you and your littles!

  310. clare

    definitely the dylan tote and the lorimer glasses. both so cute!

  311. Abby

    I’ll take the cupid bag in black :)

  312. Katie Chan

    Absolutely would love the Andie Dome bag in mint for my mom! Such a perfect color for the summer!

  313. Candice williams

    I adore the Collin camera bag! Thanks for the chance!!

  314. Jenny

    Ohhh which to choose! The sunnies, heart stack ring set, enamel studded earrings and that hot pink tote!

  315. Becky

    I would pick one of the bags or necklaces…or both!

  316. Haley

    I would choose one of the Dylan totes and possibly a mini Mac!!! I love everything RM… :)

  317. Yasmin

    I would definitely go for the M.A.C. clutch + Baxter sunglasses!

  318. Kelly

    What a wonderful and generous giveaway! I would get my sister (who is a mother of 2 babes) something that she would never buy for herself. She rarely shops anyways so I’d love to surprise her with something sweet such as new sunnies or some comfy flats that will help her run after her children.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Taza and Rebecca Minkoff!

    Happy Early Mother’s day!! xx

  319. Kara!

    For sure it would be the hot pink Dylan tote! My daughther is now 3, so the days of diaper bags are behind us. But the days of lugging aroudn tons of stuff remain, so Mama needs something so swesomely stylish!

  320. Stephanie

    The Cupid bag is Amazing! Would be such a treat :)

  321. I love the Andie Dome tote. It’s so cute and the color is perfect for the summer!

  322. Aubrey

    I’d get my momma the Brett Brief. So cute!

  323. Erica

    OMG matching mint Andie Dome bags!!!

  324. Meg

    The Andie Dome and I are “mint” to be together!

  325. Lindsey

    Hello!!! The Cupid – Rose Gold bag would be perfect for stashing a day’s worth of necessities – treats, camera, phone, wallet, and whatever treasures are picked up along the way!

  326. Katie

    I would use it for the cupid rose gold bag. I’m in desprate need of a new bag to carry all the things to get me through my day and this would do it! What an incredible Mother’s Day giveaway! Thank you! Love your blog.

  327. Millie

    I would love the Cupid Purse! This mama is hoping she gets lucky!!!

  328. Abby K.

    I love the mint Andie Dome bag!

  329. Sarah

    I would give my mother the Brett Brief because it is chic and functional for everyday life. :)

    Thanks xx

  330. Fransiska Novieta

    I’m in love with M.A.C Clutch in black. A perfect sling back!

  331. Emily Williams

    love love love the dylan totes!

  332. Kinsey

    I would get one of those beautiful Dylan totes!

  333. Rachelle

    Love the Della skirt and baseball tee!! And everything really.

  334. Paty

    Ohhh this is totally AWESOME!!!!! Def every mommas dream ;)
    If I were to be this lucky, I would pick the Dylan tote in fuschia and the baxter sunglasses in black and silver. Im going to visit New York this june with my family and this would be amazing! Thank youu! :)

  335. Sarah

    I think the Cupid bag is amazing!

  336. Maggie

    Happy early Mother’s Day! I think I’d use the credit for an id necklace and the Brett Brief.

  337. Val M

    I’m loving the Charlotte jumpsuit!

  338. Sarah

    The Brett or Dylan, HOW GORGEOUS! Love them both <3

  339. Shannon

    I’m pretty sure the Andie Dome in mint is calling my name…

  340. Trish Bautista

    I’d get a Dylan Tote (filled with fresh flowers) for my momma and that Camera Bag for myself (for Mother’s Day brunch)

  341. Megan

    Oh my gosh, I love this shop! The only nice piece of jewelry I own is my wedding ring, so I think I’d have to splurge on the gold pave ID necklace and the heart stack ring. If only!!

  342. AM

    I love the collin camera bag – perfect for snapping family photos!

  343. I would love the Della skirtand the heart stack rings!! I love them!

  344. Ashley

    The Cupid Bag!!

  345. I would buy the baby mama diaper bag! Cutest ever.

  346. Jessica M

    If I was the lucky winner I would choose the rose gold Cupid Bag!!! Crossing my fingers – and making my kids cross theirs too ;))))

  347. Christina

    Definitely the Andie Dome Tote!

  348. Carmen Mendoza

    Fiona slippers.
    Baxter sunglasses.
    Dylan tote.
    All these things would be the perfect beach accessories! I’m surrounded by beaches(live in hawaii), so it’d be nice to visit it a little stylish instead of just in mommy shorts and a tshirt. I would love to win this giveaway, thanks for giving us mama’s a little something to look forward too!

    Fingers crossed.

  349. Nora

    I’ve been in love with the cupid forever…but I’d spend the money to get my mom a mini “purse-over” – a bunch of pouches and an ipad case and maybe a tote to help her re-organize when she retires this month :)

  350. Karen

    This is so nice :) I’d absolutely love the Cupid-Rose Gold bag; although the Baxter sunnies are also adorable.

  351. Val

    Adore your blog and your beautiful babies! My fave RM bag is the Dylan! It would be such a treat to win! Thank you :)

  352. Madison Shepley

    Defiantly the lavender purse and matching sandals!

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  354. Ashley Bland

    The Cupid bag with rose gold!

  355. Lana Rose

    Loving the masculinity of the Craig Camera Bag as well as the Lorimer sunglasses–the most retro shades I ever did see!

  356. Leah

    I would love to carry that “Brett Brief” around town!

  357. jennifer martinez

    The brett brief case is amazing! ♥♥♥♥

  358. Nicole Edwards

    I would love the Cupid-Rose Gold bag!!

  359. Sandy Bohanon

    Baxter glasses and Bonnie shoes make one happy mama!!

  360. Natalie Sterling

    It will take forever to figure out what I would pick! It’s all so great!

  361. Candice M.

    Oh wow, I could go crazy shopping here but some of my favs are the Aubrey Dress, Rae Shoes, Emerson Jacket, Skylar bag, Andie Dome, and Carmine glasses. LOL SOOOO MUCH good stuff! This would be the best Mothers day gift :)

  362. Goldie

    I loooove the Andie dome in mint

  363. Lesya

    how awesome, Id love to win the M.A.C Clutch {for my mother also} :)

  364. Jen Costello

    The Lissa pouch!

  365. Rachael

    love the Mac bag and the Dylan tote! Such beautiful bags and I would be so happy to own one!

  366. Mary Catherine Allen

    This year is my first Mother’s Day and I just graduated from college. I would love that mint bag in the Mother’s Day gift shop. So cute!

  367. sarah

    those baxter sunglasses plus the lissa pouch = amaaaaaazing!

  368. Loren

    The Andie Dom! Perfect combination of lady-like and edgy. Love the colors too, great for Spring and Summer.

  369. Jessica

    My favorite from the Mother’s Day Shop is the Cupid in Rose Gold, but I really love the Jealous in Almond. I am celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a mother this year!

  370. Svetlana

    The Baxter sunglasses, please!

  371. Jaana

    My mom would love the stacking ring and a pair of sunnies, I would love the Craig camera bag. But mom would get first pick ;)

  372. Bianca

    Oh my… Would be hard to be on the $500 budget… There are so many nice things! I would probably ending up speding more… For sure a handbag and a pair of shoes! The skyliner bag in mint is one of my choices. And the flat sandal in white and silver. Yes, those for sure would be my choices. :D

  373. Emily Winkelman

    I just had my wisdom teeth out this past Monday and my mother has been taking care of me since. If I was picked to win, I would get my mother the Andre bag for her as the biggest thank you for how well she has taken care of me this week.

  374. Steph

    The cupid-rose gold purse!!!! I have been trying desperately for years to try and convince my mom to by herself a high quality purse, but she never wants to spend the money on herself…this way she would have no choice!!

  375. Meghan Neureither

    The Andie Dome in mint and the mint Fiona sandals!!! The mint is the most amazing Spring color! Rebecca Minkoff!!! <3 #Imean

  376. Teddy Edwards

    I would get the Lorimer Sunnies and Collin Camera Bag for my sweet mama! She loves taking pictures of everyone in the family and would look stylish while she did it in these chic accessories!

  377. Posie

    Been lusting after the Cupid tote for so long!

  378. Kristin Robinson

    I love the Brett Brief in green. So fun!

  379. Silvia Castillo Gómez

    I love ANDIE CUPULA!!

  380. Loulou

    Wow, such gorgeous things to choose from. I’d be taking the black Dylan tote for sure!

  381. Kerry

    The Brett brief – my mother is always on the hunt for a structured black bag!

  382. Ashley Forti

    I would purchase both my amazing mom and I “mini-m.a.c.s”. She always loves my bags and it be so great if I get us BOTH one!!! We’re obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff handbags….and all her stuff for that matter, obviously!!

  383. Allyson lake

    Tortoise sunnies or that camera bag! Love, love!

  384. Chelsea

    The Cupid – rose gold!

  385. Gabrielle

    that cupid bag is the bag of my dreams! :)

  386. aryn

    I’ve been looking for a new tote for ages – that pink dylan would be perfect!

  387. Kari

    I would LOVE the Andie Dome Bag in Mint. I’ve been coveting it because it is the most adorable summer statement piece!!

  388. Heather Davis

    Love the Andie Dome Tote!!

  389. I would get the Andie Dome bag in either color. Way cute stuff. :)

  390. My mom would love some new sandals. Especially the Fionas! I would probably buy her every color!

  391. S. Morgan

    what would i do with $500 in this shop??? i have no idea! overwhelming! shoes are my weakness so i’d def get a pair or two ;)

  392. Devin

    I love love love the Cupid bag! So gorgeous

  393. Chelsie

    That Dylan Tote!!!

  394. I’ve wanted a M.A.C. clutch for years but that studded Andie Dome Bag made my heart flutter! And the stacking rings are adorable!

  395. nicole b

    lorimer sunglasses!

  396. Marita

    I love the Harley mini!

  397. jessie

    the becky jacket! it’s the perfect blazer, classy & edgy at the same time!

  398. Christine

    Thank you for the Mother’s Day giveaway! I love the bright pink Dylan tote and the Baxter sunglasses!

  399. Lisa

    The Cupid Bag or Lissa Pouch.

  400. alexa harrington

    I’d pick out the Cupid- Rose gold bag!

  401. TaeCee Miller

    My sweet mother loves pedicures. I would LOVE to get her the mani/pedi Cory purse and put the $500 gift card inside, how cute would that be?! SURPRISE!

  402. “Old or new, pricey or cheap;
    We can’t do without, our sunglasses in the heat
    Especially in the summer, but in the winter too
    Sunglasses keep us looking pretty and acting cool.”

    Lorimer sunglasses are calling my name!

    But if I were shopping for my loving mammasita, I’d have to go with the M.A.C. clutch. She has had the same purse for as long as I can remember. It might be nice to spice up her outfits a bit.

  403. Lauren

    OMG I love Rebecca Minkoff! My mom would SO rock that periwinkle Andie bag!

    And… I want the Patricia heels for myself :]

  404. Love those Cornelia sunglasses…wow!

  405. Anna

    Since my baby is turning 1 on Saturday I am retiring the diaper bag and would love to pick up a new handbag. The Andie Dome in mint is particularly lovely!

  406. Swooning over the bags and sunglasses! I’d take a pair of Baxter glasses and the craig camera bag!

  407. Oh my goodness! the Baxter sunnies and Black Dylan tote of course! although anything really would be amazing!

  408. I think I’d pick the Cupid bag…but there’s so much good stuff to choose from!

  409. Stefany

    I would love to have the ‘Dylan’ tote because its simple and chic and perfect for my mom’s work.

  410. Heather

    I would most definitely use the credit towards the Brett Brief – so classy and professional!

    Winning this would make me (and my mama!) incredibly happy! :)

  411. beka

    i love the brett brief!

  412. Brooke Burke

    so hard to narrow down. definitely the andie in natural. and shoes…

  413. Clio

    I’d pick that Andie Dome bag in the mint colour for definite! It’s gorgeous!

  414. Julia b

    I would use the gift certificate for the rose gold cupid bag in black, AND the lorimer sunglasses. Looks like ill just have to spend more than 500! Too many cute things.

  415. lisa

    I would get the heart stacked rings or the cupid rose gold bag! Thanks for the mothers day giveaway, I love your blog

  416. Holly D

    The mint Andie Dome purse is fab! I would definitely get that!

  417. Anna L.

    I love the black brett brief!

  418. Adri

    I would go directly to the punk shop and get the quilted patent mac clutch and the waverly sunnies! LOVE!

  419. Piro

    I love the Baxter sunglasses and the M.A.C. clutch :)

  420. Melody

    I would buy my mama the Brett brief because she has been the most incredible influence in my life, teaching me to lean in to my career the way she has while still being the most supporive and loving mother.

  421. I’d treat my mom to the Dylan tote. She’s a teacher and it’s perfect for lugging to school with her! I would love the Fiona sandals for keeping comfy around the city and at the beach!

  422. Becca

    I love the Dylan Tote for an upcoming beach vacation!

  423. Ashley

    I have my eye on the Cupid <3

  424. Zoe Clang

    I am in love with the Craig Camera Bag in Navy. Absolute favorite!

  425. Samantha Brookman

    The Brett Brief in black! My mom would absolutely love it, and she definitely needs to update her purses a bit. This purse is amazing!

  426. Gloria

    So excited about this giveaway! I would love to get the Dylan tote in black and the sylvie small zip wallet!!

  427. MMMMM!

    The Cornelia Shades
    The Brett Brief

    Perfect for summer!

  428. Victoria

    I’d use the money to buy my hardworking mother (of nine!) a pair of glamorous Lorimer sunnies and, of course, the Andre bag. She would DIE!

  429. Sammi

    Brett Brief and sunnies!!! I love my mac mini but would love a little bigger bag!!! Love Rebecca Minkoff

  430. Caitlin

    I would definitely get the Andie Dome purse!

  431. Ashley W

    The Collin Camera Bag is amazing! Happy Mother’s Day!

  432. Anne

    I would love love love the KATYA V-NECK DRESS…hello summer :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway.


  433. I would choose the lorimer sunglasses and the Dylan tote.

  434. Molly

    My mom would look AMAZE in the tortoise Lorimer sunglasses! Or the Cupid bag, because it’s classy but a bit rock n’roll, just like her. :)

  435. Brooke

    Love me some RM! Pave ID Plate necklace and Lorimers are callin’ this mama’s name. xo

  436. Katrina

    I would get the Baxter sunglasses and the beige brief purse. Both are so beautiful!

  437. Katy

    I’m absolutely loving the Collin Camera bag!!

  438. jill

    I love the bags! Especially the mini M.A.C and the Skylar!!

  439. Maris

    Wonderful giveaway! The cupid bag is to die for, such a great twist on a classic!

  440. Sarah

    Love RM! I’m not a mother (yet!) but would love to get the black Dylan tote for my fiance’s sister who is expecting her first this year.

  441. Grace

    Absolutely LOVE the M.A.C clutch, or the Lorimer sunglasses…perfect for summertime.

  442. Kim

    LOVING the Baxter Sunnies and Fiona flip flops <3!

  443. Vivian

    i’m dying over the lorimer sunglasses and m.a.c. clutch!

  444. addtothebeauty

    I would get the Ascher!

  445. Donna

    love the cupid bag!

  446. Meri Simpson

    Larimer glasses and the Collin camera bag! It’s all so beautiful!

  447. Summer

    I would treat myself to the Baxter sunglasses. I’ve got a beautiful four week old who I’m obsessed with photographing so I’d probably put the rest towards the Collin camera bag.

  448. Kiley

    This is such a lovely offer @taza! If I won I would go for the lorimer sunglasses and Jura sandals.

  449. Ashley

    I’d pick the Brett Brief for my mom. She always forgoes spending any money on herself instead spending it on my sister and I so this Mother’s Day I’d love to pay it forward to her.

  450. Jamie

    My goodness! This giveaway is so exciting. Her online shop is beautiful (of course). I’d pick the Lorimer and Baxter Sunglasses and pretend to be a sixties Italian movie star all summer. XO.

  451. sarah

    definitely one of the MAC bags!

  452. Betsy

    The dylan tote would be the perfect mothers day gift!
    Alan’s dipers would fit perfectly!!!!!!!

  453. Lauren

    I’d get myself the Dylan tote in black! :)

  454. Emily

    Cupid in Rose-Gold! Wow!

    Love the feature about motherhood!

  455. Nicole

    The Cupid satchel is without a doubt the best — and those rose gold accents!

  456. Leizl Scott

    M.A.C clutch or Cupid rose-gold. Lately I’ve been Into bags that let me use them as a cross shoulder bag. Very necessary as a mother of 2 toddlers! ;)

  457. Nevrous Hasan

    Hey everyone! This will be my second Mothers Day as a mother but I always buy my mother something. If I were to win this gift card I’d buy my Mother the Pave ID Plate Necklace which is 118 and buy myself the Lorimer Sunglasses that are 220! Love these items. This is a very lovely giveaway you’re doing Naomi! Thank you

  458. Marcia

    I LOVE the Mini M.A.C clutch so would have to scoop up one of those. Those Hugo pants are also calling my name!

  459. OOh – I’d get the rose gold pave ID bracelet and the Andie Dome Tote in natural.

  460. Angela

    Although I am not due until July, I’d love to count this as my first mother’s day! If I won, I would get the pave circle earrings in gold, the jura sandals (in navy, I think), and the craig camera bag- so that I can always have my camera near to snap pictures of my new little one! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fabulous mothers out there! :)

  461. Laura

    Lorimer sunglasses and a pair of sandals!

  462. Olivia

    Love the “Cupid” bag!!!

  463. Kate

    A few bits of sunshine to match the sun that’s shining bright in Chicago! The Vincent minaudière for me, the heart stack ring to give out & the rest for my ma to choose her liking!!

  464. Carroll Kilty

    I would just love the Dylan tote bag and the Fiona sandals. Thank you so much!

  465. Lauren

    I would get my mother the cupid rose gold purse!!!!

  466. Campbell

    That Andie Dome is beautiful! I’d use that as I run all around the city!

  467. Lily

    The black Dylan tote!

  468. Alissa Woolery

    The Dylan tote for sure! Happy Mother’s Day!

  469. Bambi Heil

    The andie dome bag is gorgeous! I hope I win ms taza .

  470. Candace pennison

    ❤❤❤I would get my mom and I each a mini 5 zip bag!! She would love it and so would I!! ❤❤❤

  471. Elizabeth Parsons

    I love the idea of this Mothers Day give away. Any excuse to make yourself feel extra special. Well, as ever I totally overspent before actually having the funds, but once I had thought about it (practically, I am afraid), first off I would definitely have to choose the Dylan Tote as it looks just the right size to fit everything in for the day. The Baxter sunglasses are just to die for and as a total treat, the white enamel studded leather cuff would go down a storm, even with my practical head on as it will literally go with everything.
    You know what else? That was only looking at the Mothers Day Shop!

  472. Kristen

    I am 100% in love with the Jai sweater dress and Nilson Skirt.

    Thanks Taza!

  473. Oh my goodness, this is the best giveaway EVER. Honestly. If I won, I would get either the Mint Andie Dome or the Brett Brief! Or maybe both of them and give one to my mom!!
    Love this! and YOU!!


  474. The id necklace! I’ve been wanting one for a while.

  475. Kalyse

    This year my birthday is on mother’s day. I love the pave ID plate necklace and the Dylan tote!! Everything is so beautiful!

  476. Ashlee Rowatt

    I would love the Cupid bag! Happy Mother’s Day taza! I just adore your family and I’m constantly taking notes :)

  477. Alma

    Love, love, love the Brett brief!!!!!!

  478. Such a great giveaway! I would go for the mac clutch. It’s a style that my mom and I could share – we love to swap bags!

  479. I would get the Lorimer sunglasses because they’re a classic shape, so lovely! Plus my mum’s name is Lori so it works ;)

  480. Jessica

    I would choose the Cupid bag. I love me a structured purse!

  481. Marilyn Mach

    The Dylan tote, simple and beautiful! Happy mother’s day :)

  482. A

    I would love a Frannie wallet and a pair of Carmine shades!

  483. alyssa

    i absolutely love the dylan tote and the mac bag! so pretty.

  484. Jeanette

    I’d definately go for Cupid with rose gold hardware!

  485. Emma

    Definitely love the bright pink Dylan tote and those Lorimer sunnies! Rebecca Minkoff rocks!

  486. I have only dreamed about owning anything Rebecca Minkoff!

    How is a girl to choose?! I would have to have the black dylan tote for going to the library with my 2 year old boy to pick up garbage truck books, and the fiona own it sandals for tolerating the hot summers in Baltimore, and then the heart stacked rings in silver for my everday little bit of glam and lastly the frannie wallet cause the one I have needs to go :)

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway and Happy Mom’s day!

  487. Vanessa

    I’d love to swoop up the Lorimer, one for me and one for my mami!

  488. Hannah

    I would definitely get my mama the Andie Dome in lilac! She works hard and spent without limits on making sure her children receive great education and partake in extra curricular activities. Meanwhile, she’s carrying the same oi’ bag from a decade ago. Love my mom and would love to gift her extra fancy this mother’s day.

  489. amanda small

    the hot pink dylan tote is a beautiful bag AND so is the collin camera bag (and super functional as well to take along my camera)! this giveaway…!

  490. Oooo I’d go with the Baxter Sunglasses for sure!! I’ve been needing a new pair! Awesome giveaway! :)

  491. Stefanie

    The Cupid Rose Gold bag has my mom’s name all over it! Happy Mother’s Day, Naomi!

  492. Rachel Griffin

    I would DIE for the Lorimer sunnies and the M.A.C. clutch!

    LOVE your blog! Its one of my favorites!

  493. Anna V

    I love the Andie Dome bag in mint! so cute!!

  494. Julie

    The Colin camera bag and Bettina sandals. Beautiful!

  495. Zoë

    Love the mint ANDIE DOME purse! I think I could go to town with half the credit and give my mama the rest! Love so many things!!

  496. Sara Onufer

    Adore the Craig camera bag, Fiona shoes in blue and Frannie wallet! Happy Mother’s Day!

  497. Stephanie Hudson

    The Cupid bag in rose gold is a dream!! Would be my first choice for sure! Happy Mother’s Day to you Naomi! Xoxo

  498. Lo

    My mom is a hard worker and never has the heart to splurge on sunglasses, sandals much less a hand bag. That’s why I’d like to be able to give her the Craig camera bag and the lorimer glasses. She deserves it:)

  499. Abby

    Definitely the Colin Camera bag!! Wow it looks amazing perfect for those photography outings.

  500. Ryan

    I lovee the Cupid-Rose Gold purse! Although all her stuff is amazing!

  501. Lauren Conroy

    I love the mini M.A.C bag for my mom! She’s been looking for a cross body bag for a while and I’ve had Rebecca Minkoff in mind! It was such a happy accident that you did this! She also totally deserves to pamper herself with a little online shopping spree!

  502. Jessica

    Love the hot pink Dylan tote and the Lorimor sunglasses!

  503. Elena

    everything is gorgeous!

  504. Rachel Marie

    The heart stacked rings are adorable! What a great giveaway!

  505. Candice

    I love the stud earrings and sunglasses! I hope I win!

  506. SB

    My mom would LOVE the gold heart stacked rings! Thanks for the chance!!!

  507. Fiona Foley

    I love the MAC Clutch! So cute!

  508. Abbie

    I would pick the andie dome bag in mint for my mother! She is the most amazing woman and I love her so!

  509. Paige beckstrom

    I’d get my mom a new bag… She really needs one so i’d love to share this money for my mom for Mother’s Day!! This blog is so great!! Love it!!!

  510. Lauren Douglas

    I love the heart stacking rings

  511. Talia Green

    My mom just finished out going back to school to get her degree to be able to teach. She is now teaching full time while also taking care of my two younger siblings. I would buy my mom the Dylan tote and Fiona sandals because she would never splurge on a bag or sandals for herself and she deserves it more than anyone!

  512. Molly L.

    I love the Camera Bag….and everything else. ;)

  513. Emily

    I would definitely splurge on the fabulous Ragini heels!!! Love! Oh, and happy Momma’s Day!

  514. Avital

    Definitely the beautiful Lorimer sunglasses!!!

  515. Stephanie

    If i won i would definitely get the LORIMER sunglasses, PAVE ID NECKLACE in gold, The CORY mani pedi fund pouch (super cute) and the MAC clutch!! all so chic and perfect for summer!

  516. Al

    Dylan tote, pyramid stud iphone case and sylvie wallet would be my choice

  517. Jess

    what great bags! I’d get the blue craig camera bag to tote my cameras around in, and a mini m.a.c. bag for my mama.

  518. Carolyn

    That hot pink tote is amazing!

  519. Bekah

    My 3rd Mother’s day this year!! I love the Collin Camera Bag and would get my mom the black Dyan Tote.

  520. Bailey

    Gosh I am always trying to make my momma a little more glamorous. The thing she would love the most? Probably that little mani/pedi fund purse. Ha! of course it’s the least expensive thing.

  521. melanie

    i’d love the mini mac!

  522. Colleen

    I love Rebecca Minkoff! My mom would love the Dylan tote. She never buys nice things for herself and I’d love to get her something nice.

  523. sara

    I’m not a mother myself, but would gift the stunning gold Pave ID Plate necklace to both my moms. Both have a heart of gold – one being a gregarious 65 year old who is always helping others, and the other who quit her job to stay home to take care of her disabled son. Love them, and love Rebecca Minkoff!

  524. Kate

    I’d grab a Dylan tote and the Ellie heals for sure!

  525. shoshana

    The Cupid – Rose Gold bag! It’s beautiful!

  526. Tess Prescott

    I love the bags and iphone cases!! This would be the best mother’s day ever! :)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  527. Trisha

    I would buy my incredible mother te Lorimer Subglasses.

  528. Kristal W.

    Since this year will be my first Mother’s Day as a mom, I would love to get two of the Mini M.A.C. handbag! One for me & one for my beloved mother. :)

  529. MyLinh

    PERFECT TIMING! I have been searching for a bag near and far, and came across the Brett Brief, which is soo perfect!

  530. Elise

    I’ve always loved the mini mac clutches, cross body bags are so easy to wear! And my mom would love a camera bag.

  531. MB

    Hey There!
    Yay for mothers day. I love the hugo pants and any of these bags. I hope I win!


  532. Jamee

    The Lorimer sunglasses! Be still my heart.

  533. Sarah

    My oh my! I do love the Baxter sunnies in red, that Nilson skirt and the Jura shoes!

  534. Lauren B

    The cupid- rose gold bag is beautiful! Loving this giveaway!

  535. Rachel

    I would get my mama the Dylan black tote. She always, always generously spends her money on me and never treats herself to anything new. As a graduate student with plenty of loans, I’d love to spoil her back for once. I know it would make her day very special. Thank you

  536. Amy

    Loving the Baxter sunglasses.. what a splendid giveaway, thanks!

  537. Yvonne

    My mom would love everything but would absolutely adore the pink Dylan tote, the Frannie wallet and Fiona sandals!

  538. Makia

    The Andie Dome bag is so gorgeous I could cry! I would really love anything from Rebecca Minkoff though!

  539. Leah

    Skylar bag…omg need

  540. Mai

    loving the Dylan tote!

  541. I’d love the mint green Andie bag. And probably a pair of the Baxter sunglasses. Thanks for the great giveaway, and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  542. Melissa Khounphachansy

    This would be such an amazing Mama’s day gift!! Thank you sweet lady for such an awesome giveaway. I would love the Cupid-Rose gold bag! In LOVE.

  543. Morgan Paige

    it didn’t take me long to choose the andie dome in mint! ahhh love it

  544. Kate

    Love the M.A.C. clutch. Simple and sophisticated! Perfect for my trip to Paris next spring :)

  545. alexis

    i would buy the amazing lorimer sunglasses and dylan tote!!! we are expecting our first bundle any day now and i would love to be able to do something for myself right before he gets here. (i secretly hope he’s here by mother’s day:)

    thanks for the opportunity!


  546. Danienta

    Absolutely will get the cupid bag :)

  547. I love the Dylant Tote bag and Heart Stack Rings, golden one :)

  548. Jessica Togstad

    I would love the MAC in the cream with black harware! I love Rebecca Minkoff!

  549. Pauline

    Hello! I would definitely buy the Andie Dome bag in mint for my mommy! She would absolutely love it! With four kids on her mind, two in private school (including me) and two in college, I know she would love and cherish it so much.

  550. Pilar

    Love the Dylan tote – though I’ve always wanted the MAB mini!

  551. My, oh my! I just adore the Andie Dome bag in periwinkle and the Lissa pouch to match.

  552. Lisy

    Loving the Brett Brief or the pink Dylan tote.

  553. I think I might opt for the Collins Camera Bag! Or a pair of new shades…

  554. Margaret

    I would use it toward the hot pink Dylan tote–love it!

  555. Oh goodness. So many options! Either the Dylan tote or the Baxter sunnies. Such a nice giveaway!

  556. Samantha

    i’d buy my mama the mac, cause she would never spend that kind of money on herself, and she deserves something beautiful! happy mama’s day taza!

  557. Amy

    What an amazing giveaway! I love the Cupid bag in mint, and every color really. And the Baxter shades, Bettina sandals and heart and horn necklace! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  558. Olga R.

    so hard to pick just one thing, but I’d definitely get the i.d. necklace!

  559. Heather

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous, how do I choose!? I’m sure my mom would be over the moon if she got her hands on the hot pink Dylan bag and a pair of the animal print Lorimer sunglasses. Perfect for summer!

    Thanks for the giveway and Happy Mother’s Day! :)

  560. Rachel

    OMG – the Collin Camera Bag! I would happily tote that around while I snap pics of my sweet 2 year old :).

  561. I would use it towards the collin camera bag! thanks for this amazing giveaway =)

  562. Jess

    I love the mint andie dome bag! I love reading your blog and seeing your wonderfully done pictures and graphics!

  563. Gabrielle Piloto

    Definitely the MAC Clutch!!!- Love your Blog :)

  564. Vanessa

    The Cupid bag (rose gold) is pretty amazing….. SWOON.

  565. Britt

    What a generous giveaway! I definitely would want to get Lorimer sunglasses – they look so cool!

  566. Rachel D

    I love the Bonnie shoes and the mint Sawyer bag!

  567. Joyce Kang

    I love the M.A.C. clutch and Lorimer sunnies. Happy Mother’s Day Taza!

  568. Renee

    Definitely the Nilson skirt – it’s so beautiful!!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Have a most wonderful Mother’s Day – Taza!


  569. sheda

    i’d get the cupid in rose gold to use as my handbag-slash-diaper bag for my two year old! it’s sexy and stylish and big enough for the both of us :)

  570. elaine

    The Collin Camera Bag

  571. Naomi Laura

    The Cupid rose gold bag is too good! Same with the Baxter sunglasses and pave necklaces. So many goodies and such a good brand for stylish moms.

  572. Ashley movius

    Wow what a great giveaway! I love the Baxter sunglasses and the green andie dome tote!

  573. Holly

    Have a lovely Mother’s Day!
    I love the mani pedi pouch! Xoxo

  574. brooke

    the lorimer sunnies and craig camera bag!

  575. Jenny

    the baxter glasses for all the outdoor playing my daughter and i do and also the craig camera bag because i lug my fancy camera everywhere without a case right now.. woopsie ;)

  576. Rosa

    Summer cannot get here soon enough…so I’m loving the Jura and Bettina sandals.

  577. Diana

    I love the bright pink Dylan tote and the aqua cuff bracelet!

  578. Krissy

    I’m not sure what to pick, as everything is so lovely, but also because I’d be using $500 entirely for my mom; so she’ll be the one picking. Winning this would definitely be the cherry on top of my surprise brunch for my mama :)


  579. melissa

    i’d take my mom in to go on a mini (surprise) shopping spree :)

  580. Jams

    I want the Cupid bag!

  581. Chelsea

    Obsessed with the M.A.C. clutch!

  582. I’d get the Mini M.A.C. bag and the Zodiac Necklace!

  583. Abby

    This is a great giveaway for Mother’s Day, thank you!! If I won I would pick the dangle feather earrings, Maui top, and zodiac necklace; and I would feel like a rockstar wearing each item!!

  584. Brenna

    I cannot get enough of those M.A.C. clutches! I could take one in every color.

  585. Abbe

    The Baxter sunnies! Or maybe the Dylan tote to brighten up my spring wardrobe :)

  586. Michelle D.

    Hands down.. The Rose Gold bag!!
    Since the kids came.. Haven’t splurged on a beautiful bag like this

  587. Neus

    Wow, RM has so many pretty things! I would love having the HARLEY MINI… I also could use the BECKY JACKET – BLACK, it’s lovely! Thanks!

  588. Tina

    My mama would love the sunnies from here :)

  589. danielle w

    oh my gosh, my mother would love any of those flip flops or cuff bracelets!

  590. jess

    the brett brief or a mac clutch!

  591. Sarah

    I would buy the “Lorimer” sunnies! The perfect tortoise shell glasses for summer :) Adore!

  592. Dana Beth

    The Bettina sandals are so cute!

  593. Annabelle

    Oh man, everything about this giveaway is amazing! I’d love to surprise my mom with the Dylan tote and the Baxter sunnies for mother’s day!

  594. Julie Tukuafu

    Oh my gosh! BEST giveaway ever! I’m freaking obsessed! Well shoot where to start….the mint Andie Dome, the Brett Brief, the Lorimer sunnies, black Dylan tote,the list could literally go on…I love your blog and Rebecca Minkoff! I’d love to get my mom a new bag for mother’s day! Please PICK ME! xo

  595. Recently found out that my husband and I will be expecting our first little one later this year! So I am definitely going to take advantage of this Mother’s Day. I adore the Lorimer sunglasses and the Pave ID Plate Necklace! Perfect for an expectant mother like myself, Staple pieces that won’t overwhelm my growing belly. Fingers crossed!

  596. Rachel

    I like the Brett hangbag or Dylan tote. Wow, everything looks so fab!

  597. Elizabeth

    Dillan Tee and New York Toki Tote for this Mama! Gosh I could use some new digs!

  598. Dylan Lowe

    So in love with Andie Dome bag! Favorite color, and studs? What more you could you ask for?

  599. Elizabeth

    I love the Lorimer sunnies and small enamel studded cuff!

  600. I’d take the Andie Dome tote – perfect for summer and big enough to fit kids things too!

  601. Elisabeth

    What a great giveaway! I’d definitely use it towards the M.A.C. clutch & Baxter sunnies!

  602. Tara S.

    The Idelle shoes are super, and the feather drop earrings are fun. I really like so much. The Nilson skirt is beautiful too!!!!

  603. Candace

    There is so much to choose from, but if I won a gift voucher (and I would LOVE to win!) I would go for the Baxter sunglasses, a pair if the Fiona sandals, the pave name plate necklace, the heart stacking rings and (just one more?!) the iPhone case!

  604. I’ve been lusting over the Bellina sandles and I would definitely give my mom a new gift as well!

  605. Noel

    Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. mini is a must! Thank you Naomi, :)

  606. Laura

    I’d definitely go for the Brett brief and the Baxter sunglasses!

  607. Brittany Burgess

    I love the lorimer glasses and brett brief!

  608. Alison

    I love the andie dome! It’s such a great color for summer, with a hint of edge.
    AND the Baxter sunglasses would also be an amazing piece for my vacation with the in-laws!

  609. Sarah S.

    I would love the Cupid bag!

  610. I would LOVE to splurge on the Cupid- Rose Gold bag! I never get to spend that much money in one place (except the mortgage!), so this would be such a treat!

  611. Madison Spiegel

    This is my mom’s 17th mothers day! It also is my last mothers day with her before I go away to college.

    If I was chosen, I would get her the gold pave I.D necklace and the nude Fiona flip flops! My mom practically lives in flip flops (:

  612. Abbie

    If I were to win this gift card I would spend it on my mama. I don’t have much money this year and I want to get her something real special. My mom loves fashion and I think some earrings would be perfect!! My mom is so good to me and I want her to have a great Mother’s Day especially since she finally said we can redo my room for my 17th birthday!

  613. staciajackson4

    Oh my goodness…

    Definitely the MINI M.A.C.-MONOGRAM bag in Taupe…and the CORNELIA sunglasses. How chic :)

  614. The cupid bag in rose gold has won my heart! I’ve been swooning over a RM bag for a while and this would be the perfect first Mother’s Day gift!



  615. Patti

    I love those sandals with all the straps! I’m still rockin’ my $2.50 black Old Navy flip flops from my college years.

  616. jules

    i LOVE both the baxter and lorimer sunglasses for summer! happy mothers day!

  617. In love with the cupid bag!

  618. Angie O'Bryan

    I love the mint Andie Dome bag! Would love some Mother’s Day goodies!

  619. Brooklynista

    I’d get a new bag—they’re all lovely and I’m done with carrying a diaper bag around. I want to walk down the street with some style again.

  620. jaana

    the Baxtor sunglasses with the M.A.C. clutch?? oh brother, i’d love it!!

  621. Akua

    The black Dylan Tote!

  622. Stella

    Love the cupid handbag! (And the MAB Mini.)

  623. Hannah

    I’d get the Lorimer sunglasses for my Mom and the Baxter sunglasses for myself. I also love the enamel studded earring in gold and turquoise.

  624. I love the tortoise shell sunglasses! Like yourself I have little time in the am to get ready with little ones but there’s something about sunnies that instantly give you a make over

  625. Stacy

    That Collin camera bag… I need it! and since I’d have a little left over, why not the Mini M.A.C. too!?

  626. Kristina

    Wow! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I would have to say I would chose the Cornelia glasses in tortoise, and seeing that we just gave birth to our third baby 5 days ago, the Knocked Up Baby Bag would be out of this world exciting!!! So chic!

  627. Jamie Smith

    Would love a Dylan Tote for baby and I! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  628. Carrie

    I’m in dier need of a new purse and I love the Brett Brief bag in the bright pink!

  629. Courtney

    What a treat this would be. Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

    I just love the camera bag

  630. Vicky L

    Basketweave mab mini!

  631. Erica

    I love the Andie Dome in both Mint and Periwinkle! Don’t know if I could choose between the two colours!

  632. Paola haley

    Omg if I win this I will totally get the Andie Dome tote, love the color, looks chic and stylish and the Fiona saldals.

  633. I’d love to have the andie dome bag, they are so cute. I would just have to decide what color!

  634. Charlene Styles

    my mom is always needing a pair of good sandals AND sunglasses….. so i’d have to choose both of those! xoxo

  635. Helene

    I love the Cupid bag!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  636. Katrina

    I would love to get the Pave ID necklace!

  637. Juliana

    I would love the cupid rose gold satchel, i have been carrying around a wristlet for the past 9 months since the birth of my baby girl!

  638. Kelsie

    Love the pave ID necklaces and the black bag with rosé gold accents.

  639. Stephanie H

    Yowza! So hard to choose…but it would be the M.A.C. Clutch or the Brett Brief for me.

  640. Joan

    I think my mom would love the Cupid bag and the Pave ID Plate necklace. I know I’d love the Andie Dome bag and the Lorimer sunglasses for myself. And maybe the studded earrings too?

    Thanks Naomi!

  641. erika

    That M.A.C. Clutch and the Baxter Shades…LOVE!!!

  642. Jenna

    Bazzle sandals for my mom and me!

  643. Katriel

    The Aubrey Dress! Gorgeous!!!

  644. Courtney

    How do you decide I love it all!

  645. Alice

    I would love to get my mom the Dylan tote in black and Collin the camera bag. Dylan suits her style just oh so perfectly and would be great to bring to work. I’d love for her to have such a special bag for her camera so she can bring it everywhere and doesn’t miss any moments worth being captured.
    Thank you so much!

  646. Valeska

    Hello Taza,

    This mama would love nothing more than to carry a purse that isn’t a tote full of toys and diapers! Although Rebecca Minkoff’s totes are beautiful :)
    I’m really jonesin’ for that M.A.C. clutch!


  647. Elizabeth N.

    I’d use it toward a new bag. Problem is I love almost all of them. Maybe the Brett Brief bag?

  648. juliapags

    I’d pick the cupid bag, so cute!

  649. Alexandra Seward

    I think my Mom would love the Black Dylan tote. She would like the sleek look of the black that can go with anything in any season. Its also big enough to stick everything in! Also, I can share with her! That would be the best mothers day ever.


  650. Ji

    The dylan tote is to die for! Who wouldnt want to add some color in their life! Ha! Happy mothers day everyone!

  651. Carrie

    I am in desperate need of a new bag and am loving that Dylan pink tote!!!

  652. Susan Guest

    I’d get those cute Bazzle sandals. They look great for summer.

  653. Nickie

    Definitely the mint Andie Dome

  654. leah

    oh i love so many of the amazing pieces from rebecca minkoff – so hard to decide what i would pick… but i think the aubrey dress – it looks like it would be flattering and become a favorite in my closet!


  655. Tara

    The andie tote in mint-so gorgeous! Being a NYC mom, love love love your blog!

  656. callie

    i would definitely get some sunglasses since my little broke mine! :)

  657. Nicole

    It’s all in the details! Being a mom means you get to combine fashion with functionality. A pick like the Brett Brief, paired with a great pair of sunnies, or an accent piece of jewellery can make transition from a Mothers’ Day brunch to a day in the city easy! I can see it now!!!!!!
    Here’s to a fashion-forward summer full of fun! Fingers crossed!
    -xo Nicole

  658. Emily

    I LOVE the andie dome in mint! So pretty!

  659. I am loving all things coral and mint right now, so I’d probably snag the mint purse and sandals! Great giveaway, thanks!

  660. delaney

    I love everything, too hard to choose! I would probably share with my wonderful mama!

  661. Liz s.

    I love the mini m.a.c.!

  662. I love everything mint right now! I’d probably choose the purse and sandals in that color. Great giveaway!

  663. Zulma Rebeca

    I love my mother very much and personally I would love to give her anything and everything especially for what she is doing for me. Paying my tuition for school and struggling to support me financially,but capable to do so means the world to me. Her love is indescribable and seeing the Lormier and Baxter sunglasses would just look classy on my mother. Every mother should be lavished with jewelry, the flipped CZ and Pave bangle my momma would adore. The M.A.C. Clutch is to die for.

    Happy Mothers’ day to all the mothers’ and soon to be in the world and to you as well TAZA you are truly blessed with a beautiful family, God bless you and your family :)

  664. Katie

    I love the Dylan tote!

  665. Jessie Avila

    I love the Brett brief and the Cory pouch. Also the enamel studded earrings in turquoise!

  666. Taylor

    i love the camera bag and the dylan tote. i know my mom would love a camera bag of her own!

  667. Ckah

    STUDDED WATCH BAND BRACELET is perfect. I would love it

  668. Kaleigh

    I would get the Frannie wallet as I need a new wallet and it is so pretty! I love anything Rebecca Minkoff, and the Mother’s Day Collection doesn’t disappoint! xo

  669. Alex L.

    Andie Dome in mint and Fiona sandles in tan! Momma would love that as a gift!!

  670. jana

    This was tough! So many amazing things but the Quinn Bucket bag is just perfect, and it would comfortably fit my camera in. I also love the Bazzle sandals in black.

  671. Lauren

    I love the Cornelia sunglasses!!

  672. Sara

    I would totally love the mint Bettina sandals and Frannie wallet. I lost my wallet and replaced it with a clearance Target wallet a few months back, and it just has not been cutting it. A lovely mint one would be amazing!

  673. Sandra

    What a great giveaway! I would get the Lorimer sunglasses and Andie Dome bag. So pretty!

  674. Nicole

    Definitely the Cupid Rosegold bag!!! Great giveaway….thanks!

  675. Beth

    Those Ellie heels!! Stunning!!

  676. Arzoo

    So many choices! I’d definitely go for the Craig Camera Bag, the Pave ID Plate Necklace and/or the Bellina heels! All such beautiful pieces! Love your blog… you have the sweetest family! :)

  677. something minty– probably a bag to carry around all of my mama-goods in style! :)

  678. Jessie

    I’d get the Dylan tote for my boyfriend’s mom & a pair of sandals for my shoe-loving aunt who’s a super hardworking mom!

  679. Chloe

    I’ve been eyeing the Cornelia sunglasses, looking for a go to pair ;) love your blog and your sweet littles!
    P.S. I always wonder how you randomly pick your winners, I’ve never entered a give away on your blog before

  680. Dylan

    Well, I’d have to say the Dylan Tote… :) My girlfriend would wear it well, and of course it would remind her of me!

  681. Kacey B

    I saw the Nelson Skirt on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and about died! Then I saw the price & died again :( It would be awesome to win!!!thank you!

  682. Spencer Clark

    I would love to win this because I really want to get my mom something special this mother’s day. She’s been the best single mom in the world! I love and appreciate all she has done for me in my life. I think she would use the gift card for $500 towards the Baxter sunglasses and a cute bag! I think she needs this to boost her confidence about herself. Amazing accessories to go with an amazing woman.
    Thank you for this giveaway!!
    Happy mother’s day to all those wonderful mommys out there.
    Fingers crossed! Xo

  683. Megan

    The Andie Dome bag- for sure. It’s beautiful and I would feel so wonderful carrying that around (probably with some baby things thrown in) ;)

  684. Mickelle

    love the dylan tote. And really love the Ellie shoes!!

  685. Philly De Piante

    The Cupid…. Words cannot describe how much I love it!!!

  686. April

    The Andie Domie bag is To. Die. For!! I’ve also been drooling over the Nilson skirt… RB is so chic and classy!

  687. Gabriela

    I am LOVING the Cupid bag. The rose gold accent is gorg.

  688. Amy

    I would love the Dylan tote! Thanks xx

  689. Becca

    Oh goodness! All fun stuff! I would love to own the turquoise Cupid bag one day. This will be my first Mother’s Day since my son will be born in mid June. We can’t wait to meet him!

  690. Sarabeth

    Definitely the Andie Dome in Natural with some Fiona sandals on the side! Happy Mother’s Day!

  691. Lori P.

    Wow! So many pretty things. Love that Cupid bag in rose gold!

  692. Melis

    Oh.. the Brett Brief for sure and whatever else I could get my hands on!
    Happy Mama’s Day to all you mamas !!

  693. Oh my gosh, how to choose! I am in love with the Collin Camera Bag in Cerulean. The Baxter sunglasses in Red/Silver are gorgeous. :)

  694. Nicole

    I love the Baxter sunglasses!

  695. Chloe G.

    I would love the mac bag and the fiona sandals! Gorgeous stuff!

  696. Emily

    I am in school and trying to start a business. All of my funds go straight to the bills(like many others I’s sure ;) ) my wardrobe needs a little help at the moment…but my dearest girlfriend is also expecting her first baby. I’d maybe invest the $ in one of the totes for her and a pretty pair or sandals for me. Thank you Taza and Rebecca Minkoff for the giveaway.

  697. Meg T

    The Fiona sandals are the perfect way to usher in summer! Thanks!

  698. hanna

    I think I’d pick the cupid bag Hanna

  699. Raya

    I have my eye on that gorgeous cupid rose gold bag. Awesome giveaway!

  700. Sydney

    Oh man is kill for this amazing giveaway!!! I would def get a purse. Not sure which one though. I looove her stuff!!

  701. Jessica

    I would LOVE the Andie dome in mint!

  702. Oh my goodness! I would looove to win this! This busy mama of a 4 year old little boy and two year old boy/girl twins rarely gets to splurge on herself. I have been wanting some new sunglasses for the summer and I love the Lorimers. I am also a photographer and in need of a camera bag. I love the Collin camera bags. Its been hard finding a cute and stylish camera bag and the Collin is perfect!! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  703. Laura

    The Lorimer sunglasses are perfect!

  704. Rory

    I would definitely go for the M.A.B. mini bag. It’s gorgeous.

  705. Jessica

    I’d carry around the M.A.B mini in soft gray until FOREVER

  706. Hana K

    The unlined becky jacket is so nice!

  707. ria

    Love, love, love the Andie Dome and Fiona sandals. Perfect color combo for the summer.

  708. katie

    The Andie Dome bag in that pretty periwinkle would be a great gift for my momma.

  709. Sarah Ortega

    I’d use it to spoil myself with new goodies. Just had my second baby while daddy is deployed! It’ll take the sting out of not being able to sleep in (:

  710. Jinnie

    The Skylar bag or the Owen envelope in the Mint are both lovely :)

  711. Hannah

    The Brett Brief! It is so adorable!!

  712. I like the Lorimer Shades but really it would be hard to pick!

  713. jenny v

    i am loving the cupid rose gold bag! so beautiful! thanks for the chance to win!



  715. Jessica

    The Becky Jacket in black would be lovely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  716. Bronwyn

    The Cupid for sure! And maybe a pair of sandals…

  717. kate n

    I love those FIONA sandals. and luckily $500 would buy them in every color so I wouldn’t have to choose! xo kate happy mother’s day!

  718. Kelly

    oh how i love the m.a.c.clutch.


    I would kill for the Cupid Rose Gold Handbag. Really cute stuff.

  720. Ooooh the Cupid is perfect! I am ready to trade in my diaper bag for something a little more trendy ;)

  721. anne

    I absolutely love the Dylan tote!

  722. Kelsey

    i am totally diggin’ the andie dome bag AND enamel studded earrings! happy mother’s day, naomi!

  723. Traci

    Easy Easy Easy – hot pink Dylan tote – love to wear it this summer in Atlanta with white jeans or my ripped/worn in jeans!

  724. Ally Rasmusen

    If I were to win I would buy my mom the Cupid Rose Gold bag in black! She loves Rebecca Minkoff. She is my idol and inspiration, she deserves it :)

  725. Amanda Jean

    L O V E the hot pink Dylan tote. Also need the Lorimer sunglasses. Gimme!

  726. kat

    I am absolutely loving the sunglasses and pink bag. I would love to have a wardrobe like yours Taza…I love your clothes.

  727. Lluvia Aranda

    I love the Andy Dome tote and the matching Fiona flip flops. Help this mama get rid of her diaper bag :) thanks for the opportunity!

  728. Caroline Fernandes

    I would love the Collin Camera Bag!! THANKS!

  729. DeeDee

    Oh, I’d have to get a pretty bag or two!!!

  730. Cupid-Rose Gold bag and Lorimer Sunglasses FOR SURE!!!! So pretty and fun:) The bag would be perfect for a diaper bag with my 2nd daughter coming in august!

  731. Betty Pauly

    First off thank you so much for the giveaway! And how fitting to have a RM giveaway the day after the Punk’d-out Met Gala last night.
    With $500 to spend in honor of Mother’s Day I would purchase a Dylan tote for my sister who is a mama-to-be, and a pair of the Fiona sandals in nude for myself!!


  732. Katie

    The jura sandals for sure!

  733. Kylie

    I love the studded id plate bracelet!

  734. Kate

    I’d just go all out and blow the whole lot on the CUPID – ROSE GOLD!

  735. Leigh

    the Pave ID plate necklace is so nice! reminds me of my mom’s wedding ring. she would love it!

  736. Misha

    I’m in love with the block heeled shoes. omg

  737. Teresa M

    How do you even choose? It would go towards the M.A.B! Thanks ;)

  738. Naomi Weddle

    Without a doubt the Andie Dome handbag

  739. Ashley

    I would pick the pink Dylan tote. As a mommy of a 1 year old and a 3 year old, there is always so much to take with us. The pink tote would certainly glam up our outings.

  740. Fiona

    I would want to just spend it all on one thing, and I feel that bags are always such investment pieces, that it would be the Cupid in rose gold for me. I am temped by the Fiona sandals though who doesn’t want shoes named after themselves.

  741. Ooh I think I’d have to pick the Collin Camera bag to go with my new camera and lens! I think that would be The perfect mothers day gift on my 6th official mothers day!!

  742. Chelsea

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Isn’t it just the greatest thing to be apart of. If I won the giveaway I would spend it on Collin camera bag and a pair of the Lorimer sunglasses for my mom. She would never spend money on herself for a good pair of sunglasses. I would love to surprise her. Hope that I get the special treat for my mom and I.

  743. Erin

    I adore the Cupid-Rose Gold. What a perfect bag!

  744. lauren b.

    andie dome in mint—sign me up! xx

  745. KL

    Definitely the pink Dylan bag!!

  746. Ariana

    I love your blog and I love Rebecca Minkoff! what a wonderful collaboration :) Definitely hard to choose but I’d have to pick those Lorimer sunnies and the Craig camera bag!

  747. Kari

    I love the Andie Dome or Cupid bag, they’re beautiful! Anything really.

  748. Jeanna

    I love the MAB Mini Bombe! Also, the Idelle flats look like the most perfect pair of funky everyday flats. So cute!

  749. Jacquie McKee

    This would be so so amazing to win! Love you Taza!

  750. i would love love love a pair of Joplin sandals and a mint Skylar bag! or maybe a pair of Waverly sunglasses!

  751. Melissa Rosso

    The baxter shades and studs are both pretty awesome.

  752. Stephanie

    The Floyd dress is my favorite! Perfect for summer in Austin :)

  753. Susanna

    I’d love the Cupid Bag and the PAve ID necklace.

  754. meghan

    i just love the blonde tortoise/gold lorimer glasses! happy early mother’s day, taza! :)

  755. Kristin J

    I love the Pave ID Plate necklace and the Craig Camera bag!!

  756. Gracie J

    I love the hot pink Dylan tote! But everything is so dang cute!

  757. Shannon Buckley

    Oh gosh, I’d get my mom the Cupid – Rose Gold bag! She needs a new (and more stylish) camera bag as a photographer, but this would be perfect since it could double as a purse. So beautiful! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  758. Anna

    Hi, i really like everything, but the most special for me is the CollinCameraBag the big one :)

  759. frances

    The Luis dress for sure!

  760. katie

    Oh how I would love this mother’s day gift- I think my mother’s day might consist of yard work ;) Definitely the turquoise fiona sandals and lorimer glasses. (either pair really!) What a lovely giveaway.

  761. Camille

    The Enamel Studded Earrings re the perfect mix of summer and glam!

  762. frances

    The Nilson skirt is absolutely heavenly!What a brilliant use of colors.

  763. oo my mom and mother in law would like the dylan bag!

  764. Kelli DeGrazier

    I would buy the black Dylan Tote! Its so classic :) I love it!

  765. Kelly

    I love the Cupid Rose gold bag. It’s the perfect balance of utility and fashion.

  766. Sarah Schimidt

    The Enamel studed earing in blue and gold, the Lorimer in tortoise shell and the Andie Dome in mint (all soooo precious for spring and summer!)

  767. I”d love the Craig Camera Bag & Dylan Tote!! Love.

  768. Lesley Geivett

    Oh rebecca minkoff i love everything…but top of the list would be the Cory pouch to put in the Brett Brief! Perfect gifts for such a stylish mommy! Happy mother’s day!

  769. jenny k

    The Cupid bag is just gorgeous! Would definitely be a great gift :)

  770. I would love the Collin Camera bag!

  771. holly

    woah! what a giveaway. id use my five hundy towards the baxter sunnies and skylar bag in almond.

  772. nadya

    I like the Skylar mini in mint. Thanks for doing this!

  773. I love the mini affair diamond quilt in mint! How I love mint!

  774. Danielle wright

    Ah! Everything makes my heart swoon! I would definitely go for the Collin camera bag (my mom has been lugging hers around free bird) and the heart stacked rings!

  775. Meredith

    I love the andie dome bag, and it’s my mom’s favorite color! :)

  776. Yanna Leskiv

    Hi! :) I would absolutely love to buy the gorgeous ANDIE DOME in blue and the heart stack rings! :):) I would love to win! Thank you! :)

  777. Alexis

    I love love the Dylan Tote in black and the Baha Sandals and/or the Uma Flats in Pink/Brick!

  778. Mai

    Hi TAZA,

    I would use my $500.00 gift to buy two of RM’s Dylan TOTEs. The reason why I choose these two are because they are big and beautiful to carry diapers and baby things in. Thank you for the opportunity!!! :)

  779. Amanda U.

    I LOVE the Cupid bag!

  780. Bethany

    I would use it all on the stunning rose gold cupid bag!

  781. Lisa

    As a recent graduate entering the working world I’m in dire need of a good tote bag…loving the MAB Tote.

  782. Cami

    I am not a mother, but I definitely have a new found respect for moms! I recently started nannying for my brother who’s wife is deployed and its just one 18 month old and, man, that child gets up EARLY. (early morning seminary trained me for that….but that was years ago…).

    Happy Mother’s day to you and to every mom, aunt, sister who takes care of someone like a mom, man-you all deserve it.

  783. Megan

    One Dylan Tote in pink please!
    Fabulous giveaway, Naomi. So excited for Mother’s day now!

  784. Morgan

    I would immediately purchase the wonderful Andie Dome bag in periwinkle…my mom’s eye color!

  785. Lorene

    The pink Dylan Tote – that would give a bit of colour to my lately quiet dark clothes xD – , one pair between the two pair of sunglasses, and the rings :)

  786. Meghan

    I would die to buy the ANDIE DOME purse in the mint color, its gorgeous!

  787. Evelyn Louangsithideth

    If I won the $500 credit ! I would love that “Andie Dome” purse plus a cool Iphone case to go with! :D

  788. Rachel

    Andy Dome would be mine!

  789. I would definitely go for the black dylan tote! Stunning!

  790. Maura

    While my favorite “accessory” recently is my three month old baby girl, I’d absolutely adore and appreciate some of these beauties. I would have to pick the Andie Dome bag in mint and the Fiona’s to match ; )

  791. Lorene

    I would actually probably go for the Camera bag instead of the tote or sunglasses :P

  792. hanners

    I LOVE LOVE the Cupid – Rose Gold bag and the black Dylan Tote.

    Love the blog by the way!

  793. Ashley Seng

    I’ve always wanted a mac mini!!

  794. I would get the gorgeous tortoise shell sunglasses for my mother. She has never owned a pair of truly special sunglasses and I would love to be the one to gift them to her.

  795. Grace

    I would buy a Collin Camera Bag for my mom! She needs a stylish purse for camera rather than her enormous backpack.

  796. Laura

    I love the Becky jacket in Flax and the Bettina sandals!

  797. Hannah

    Oh my starry eyes, what a glorious giveaway! I fell in love with the skirt you posted & the collins camera bag!

  798. Andi

    The pink tote!

  799. Heather M

    I would pick out something for all of the Mom’s in my life. My Mom would love the Dylan tote. Great giveaway!

  800. This would be SO wonderful to gift to my grandmother. She has always done so much to make our lives wonderful and safe. I would love to give her a little luxury to say thank you.

  801. Stephanie

    I just had my second baby 6 weeks ago so I would defintely get the Baxter sunglasses to cover up the bags and dark circles under my eyes, and the Collin camera bag which would work as my camera bag and diaper bag combined!

  802. Meredith S.

    The Cupid tote in Rose Gold is amazing! Perfect for day or night!

  803. Imogen Posa

    Hi there,

    For my mum who has given me everything under the sun, sent me away to boarding school to receive an first class education i would love to give her the lorimer glasses and the Dylan tote to thank her for being the best mum!

  804. Amanda

    In love!! I would definitely pick out the Baxter glasses and the Andie Dome Tote in Mint!! Or maybe the Cupid Rose Gold bag!! Ahh too many beautiful things, can’t decide.

  805. daniela

    i’d totally go for the pave id nameplate necklace and the collin camera bag – so adorable!

  806. Suzanne

    The Becky jacket in red would be stunning!

  807. Nina

    Brett Brief for my mama!

  808. Alyssa C

    I would definitely choose the Cupid Rose Gold bag! That hardware is TO DIE FOR!

  809. Janet Ingalls

    I love the Small Enamel Studded Leather Cuff and the classic MAC clutch!

  810. Megan

    oh my gosh, i have been wanting some new sunglasses just like rebecca minkoff’s!

  811. Melanie

    The rose gold pave ID necklace. It’s just the right amount of sparkle to brighten up my sleep deprived new mama face!

  812. Ann Dinh

    The Cupid Rose Gold Bag is SO cute. I would love to have that!!

  813. Lindsay

    The hot pink Dylan Tote for sure! I love the look of a structured bag and that color is so gorgeous!

  814. Meagan Briggs

    Shoes and accessories!!!

  815. Megan

    The Brett Brief bag is incredible! Love and shop and love her blog!

  816. Katie Turner

    The strap on my favorite bag just broke so the pink Dylan tote is calling my name, though I wouldn’t say no to the Lorimer sunnies either! Thanks!!

  817. Christina Gibson

    The Brett brief is amazing! To be honest, I would probably keep it for myself. I’m gonna be a mom someday ;)

  818. Emma

    I would easily buy both pairs of sunglasses (Baxter and Lorimer!) I love expanding my sunglasses wardrobe!

  819. I’m in love with the Collin Camera bag!

  820. Stephanie

    Oh!! I’d buy the Lorimer Sunglasses, gold heart stack rings, studded ID plate bracelet, and the black enamel studded earrings!

  821. Katiemac

    Cupid!!! <3

  822. Courtni C

    My mother never splurges on herself. I would use it towards a new purse she can throw everything in! And I would include the gift certificate for a haircut/color that she’ll be getting for Mother’s Day!

  823. Beth

    I love the M.A.C Clutch, such a beautiful handbag! What an amazing giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  824. Erin P.

    I’ve been looking for a new bag and the Cupid-Rose Gold is gorgeous!

  825. lacey

    oooh! i love rebecca minkoff! i’d love the frannie wallet or the quinn bucket bag. but really, anything she makes is welcome in my closet! c;

  826. eeny

    the silver heart stack rings are just too cute so i’d definitely pick these. and maybe the andie dome in mint and the fiona flip flops in mint too. but i also wouldn’t say no to the cupid bag in sea green. i have an eye on that one for whenever i saw it first. love at first sight for sure.

  827. Kyndell

    So hard to choose but I think I’d get the Skylar bag for myself and let my mother choose something too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  828. Meg S

    I love the Brett brief!

  829. Claire

    I love all of it!! I am just so happy that I have found a community of Mums who haven’t sacrificed style in having kids. I am hoping to have babies, God willing, in the next year or two and I can’t tell you how excited it has made me to find this blog and see that motherhood can be fun, creative and stylish as well as all the other things I have been worrying about :)

  830. Megan Triplett

    I would definitely get the baxter sunglasses and the Dylan tote. It would be so nice to have something lovely to carry my things in, that isn’t a diaper bag ;).

  831. Jada

    So excited, this year is my first Mother’s Day!

    And swoon, I LOVE Rebecca Minkoff

    I’d put the gift card towards the Cupid-Rose Gold satchel :)

  832. Katherine

    I would love the Hugo pant! One for me, and one for my mama :)

  833. Kat

    The Dylan Tote! So cute and perfect for stashing all my stuff!

  834. I would love the Dylan tote in pink & the Lorimer sunnies!

  835. Jill O'Shaughnessy

    I’d put the gift card towards the black Dylan tote. That is such a classic and beautiful bag!

  836. I love the Andi Dome in mint or the sandals. So fun!

  837. Brittany B

    I love the heart stack rings, and the Fiona flip flops! Definitely good presents for mom and me :)

  838. anna

    I’d like to win the BRETT BRIEF bag!! Adorable!!

  839. Jenn I.

    I love following you and @rebeccaminkoff on instagram. Both of you are a great inspiration. I have two step babies and one of my own on the way. They are 11 & 12 and we have them full time. I just invested in a nikon camera, So the Collin camera bag would be fantastic!

  840. leonie

    hi taza, i definitely would choose the pink dylan tote and the little cory pouch! i always wanted a pink leather bag ;)
    love from chicago,

  841. kate

    Love the Lerimer sunglasses :)

  842. Emi

    I love the Andie Dome bag in mint! Xo

  843. Lyndsi J.

    I would use this gift card to buy the Collin Camera Bag! I absolutely love taking my camera everywhere, but I hate having to tote around my huge camera bag!

  844. Yehudis

    The Rose Gold Cupid bag- so cute!

  845. Susan Tower

    I’d love the M.A.B. mini in Sea Green. So gorgeous!

  846. I would definitely get the gold banded BAZZLE shoes!
    What an awesome giveaway. Thanks for sharing! :D

  847. Kelli

    Oooohhh I have to cast my vote for the Dylan tote!

  848. what a sweet giveaway! i would choose the brett brief…equal parts business and party (:

  849. Sephina

    Pink Dylan tote, fiona sandal and Lorimer sunglasses. I guess i need to chip in a bit..;)

  850. Kwin Khieng

    the skylar mini and mac mini are perfect for a mother/ daughter combo! I think my mom will love the purple or periwinkle color. Happy mother’s day to all!

  851. Christi S.

    My heart has been struck by the Cupid bag! Thanks Taza & Rebecca!

  852. Hello !

    I would purchase the “Dylan Tote” in Poppy Pink and the “Studded ID Plate Bracelet” for good measure. hehe

    Love your blog!

  853. Karinna

    I would love the Becky Jacket and/or the MAC mini bag!

  854. Virginia

    I love the Collin Camera bag and the MAB Tote!!!

  855. Sarah Spagnoli

    What a nice giveaway! It would be hard to choose, but the Pave ID necklace in gold would definitely be one of my picks!

  856. Chinwe Uwalaka

    I die for the rose gold CUPID bag!! This lowly med student could definitely use it!

  857. Jessica Pease

    I would love some hot new shoes!! I havent bought a new pair of shoes in years! That would be the best mothers day gift ever:)

  858. Lauren

    I’d use it towards the Brett brief bag. I have wanted a new bag for quite some time now and now would be the perfect time to finally do it. :)

  859. Alisha

    oh how beautiful! I’d buy a Collin camera bag, some jewellery, and a necklace for a friend who is doing an amazing job as a new mum xx

  860. Young

    Definitely the pink dylan tote. Perfect ‘throw everything in’ mamma tote.

  861. Jamie

    Love the Andie Dome in mint! Great give away! Happy Mother’s Day :)

  862. Vilanda

    This will be my first mother’s day. I would totally love the cupid bad. I can just envision myself carrying it.

  863. Emerald

    I’d want to get the Dylan tote in pink and the Frannie wallet. So awesome.. And I could fit a lot of toys and snacks in it!

  864. That cupid satchel in mint!? Are you freaking kidding me!? MUST HAVE!

  865. Bree

    My sister and I are both new to motherhood! Like, sisterhood it is all about sharing & supporting each other. I would buy two items to share with each other the M.A.C. Clutch & the Andie Dome. We would wear them like a badge of honor:)

  866. Kate

    I love the Cupid bag in rose gold! Although I have always had my eye on her MAC bag! Gorgeous stuff!

  867. Hello Taza,

    I love your blog!!! I would purchase the Dylan Tote bag and the Camera bag :)

  868. Leah

    I would be all over that Affair Diamond Quilt purse. Beautiful!

  869. this momma-to-the-cutest-14mo would LOVE to have the black Dylan tote, the Lorimer sunnies, and some enamel stud earrings. nothing like accessories to make a mama feel fresh and pretty! xox

  870. I would love an Andie Dome bag! The purple is lovely. Happy Mother’s Day, Naomi!

  871. Rachel

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’m so grateful for mothers! I love my mom and I can’t wait to be a mother someday. (everyone has a mom or mom like figure in their life).

    I would definitely get the Andie Dome in mint OR the Cupid Rose Gold, I’m leaning more towards the cupid but I love em both!

    Thanks Rebecca and Taza!

  872. Ali H.

    I love the Nilson Skirt and the Clarissa Dress!! Rebecca Minkoff is great!

  873. Jen

    I love the heart ring stack, Lorimer shades and the M.A.C clutch!

  874. Hannah G

    So excited celebrate my first Mother’s Day this year with my little bun in the oven! I love the pink Dylan Tote and the Lorimer sunglasses. So cute!

  875. Maggie R

    I love the pave id plate necklace!

  876. Jena Harper

    I’d LOVE the mint handbag or any of those flip flops!

  877. linny

    The collette pant! so cool!

  878. Lindsey

    Oh my, I want one of everything! But really, those baxter sunnies are fabulous and then I’d take any of the bags

  879. Elizabeth P

    I would pick the Brett Brief and the Baxter Sunglasses. Mothers day is the bees knees!

  880. Katie

    I’d definitely get the black Dylan Tote!!

  881. Claudia Boress

    I am totally loving the Cupid- Rose Gold purse.

  882. Suzanne

    I love that Cupid Rose Gold bag!!

  883. Abbey Brewer

    If I had $500 to spend on Rebecca Minkoff I would get the Studded ID Plate Bracelet, the Pave ID Plate necklace, the Pyramid Stud iPhone Case, and the black Dylan Tote.

  884. the cupid rosegold bag is right up my alley, mama!

  885. Martha

    RM Jealous Satchel in Almond! Hope Taza and family have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  886. Hanna Lopez

    I’d buy the Cupid bag so I can go on interviews! Just recently unemployed and a mother of a 4 month old baby boy!

  887. The Fiona sandals are amazing!

  888. Jessie

    My first mothers day this year! The bright pink bag.. maybe sunglasses

  889. Belle

    A pair of summer flat sandals!

  890. Joey

    I would like to get my mom the MAC clutch or the Colin Camera bag! Hope you and your family have a wonderful mother’s day!

  891. Jessie

    the sunglasses… been looking for a pair

  892. Melissa

    LOVING the accessories! I’d definitely snag a pair of the Pave Circle Earrings.. and then maybe one of the super cute iPhone cases. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  893. Jessica Ruvalcaba

    I recently found out I was pregnant with my second child and was looking into Rebecca Minkoff diaper bags that are simply amazing, but that cupid bag can fit everything I need for baby #2 and toddler supplies. This is an amazing giveaway.

  894. Lizzie Zeilstra

    The mint bag and sunglasses! Absolutely perfect for summer

  895. Amanda

    Andie dome bag !!! Love it

  896. Erika

    Definitely the pink dylan tote! So cute!

  897. océane

    Probably some Baxter sunglasses and a camera bag to enjoy summer in Shanghai! Sush a great giveaway, thanks!

  898. Sadye

    The purses are all great!

  899. Christine

    I would get the Brett bag in the cream. I am in desperate need of a new purse.

  900. Sarah

    Shoes ! And the M.A.C Clutch and or Skylar Mini.

    Soooo fun !

  901. Tara

    LOVE the Andie Dome in mint green! Heart stack rings are pretty awesome too….(Your kids are beyond adorable)

  902. Oooh definitely a bag. The Andie Dome in mint I think!

  903. Claire

    I’d definitely have to say the Cupid bag! so cute and simple and i think my mummy would looove it :)

  904. Oooh, Tough decision, but I’m going to pick the Collin camera bag. I tend to tote my DSLR around unprotected, and this would give me a chic way to do that!

  905. Jacqui

    I have been wanting the Mini M.A.C. for sooo long, so I would def get that!! And throw in some other things as well :-)

  906. karlee

    I would LOVE the pink tote! It will be my first Mother’s long as baby comes on time!

  907. Ling Ling

    my mama would love the black dylan tote! :) thank you naomi for hosting this giveaway!

  908. Emma Murphy

    The M.A.B tote, pretty please!
    Perfect to stash all the things a mama needs :)
    Thank you!

  909. Rachel

    The Collin Camera Bag!

  910. lisa

    the andie dome purse and studded id bracelet. beautiful!

  911. Hollie

    I love the Mac Clutch.

  912. Halie

    I would love to get the Bettina Sandals and the V Stackable Rings! I love your blog, too!

  913. pj

    One of the very lovely bags! Thanks for the chance!

  914. Summer

    I’d definitely go with the Lorimer Sunglasses and the Dylan tote in Poppy Pink- just gorgeous!

  915. Hollie

    I love the M.A.C. Clutch. So adorable.

  916. Nerea

    I love the bag Cupid – Rose Gold ♥

  917. Emilie Tourigny

    I just love the M.A.C. handbag. It is so perfect.

  918. Nicole

    I have always loved her “MOB” bags!
    Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow mamas!


  919. Kelly LeBrasseur

    Definitely the Cupid bag! Great giveaway and great blog! xo

  920. Jordyn

    I desperately need a new bag and all of RM’s are beautiful! Thank you!

  921. Angela

    I would love to get my momma one of the Brett Briefs along with one of the sunglasses! :)

  922. Talia is my wife

    I would love that cupid rose gold bag… mama hasn’t gone shopping since baby 1! And having them back to back (1 y/old & 1 month old) can be a little hectic at the mall.

    :) happy mama’s day to all!

  923. Mallory Johansen

    I love the Dylan tote. And something on top of that for my mom would be great!

  924. Nina

    I would buy things for my mom with this gift card. She really needs a new stylish wallet and nice quality purse, so those would be two things I would buy her. I would get her the M.A.B tote and the Frannie Wallet.
    So many cute things she would love!

  925. Adrienne K.

    Love the pink dylan tote!

  926. I love the Dylan Tote in black and the Lorimer sunglasses! I’m always looking for a chic pair of sunglasses for the summer!

  927. Tess

    Love the Cupid Handbag and also the Andie (in both colors)!

  928. jennifer

    love the lorimer sunglasses!

  929. Chloe S

    I love, love, love the Ragini shoes. Utterly amazing.

  930. Nikki

    Love the M.A.B. tote!

  931. Meghan

    I’d love the aiden bag and bettina sandals! This will be my first mother’s day!

  932. Claire

    Dying for that brett brief!!!!

  933. Ericka

    Honestly I’d be thankful for anything !! I’ve never owned anything designer, so it’d be a nice treat! If I could pick I’d take a bag since all I carry is a diaper bag these days or sunglasses since mine are little $6 ones! Haha

  934. Natalie

    I would love to have Ellie in my closet! What a gorgeous pair of shoes! Also the M.A.C. clutch :)

  935. Emily Hulen

    I’m really hoping I’ll have the privilege of celebrating Mother’s Day next year! In the meantime I’d love to have the BRETT BRIEF in my arms!

  936. jenna

    i like the m.a.b tote to hold my laptop

  937. Lynda

    cupid – rose gold, bag

  938. Emma

    I know my mom would LOVE the Baxter sunglasses in black/silver, and a matching pair for me wouldn’t hurt either!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway, I seriously love your blog.

  939. Jess

    MAC clutch for sure!!!

  940. i LOVE the mint Andie Dome! Oh my goodness, so cute.

  941. sara

    love the dylan tote in hot pink and the lorimer sunglasses

  942. Lauren

    I think my mom would really like the M.A.B. tote and the tablet case!

  943. nancy lili

    It’s my first mother’s day! I have a little one month old. With this, I’d treat myself to the Cupid Rose Gold purse.

  944. Maddie Barnhart

    Definitely the Dylan tote in hot pink, sooooo cute!! Would go great with a cute black mini dress and flats!

  945. Emily G

    I totally would snatch up the Cornelia Shades & the yellow Mini M.A.C back!

  946. Emily

    Hooray! It’s my first “official” Mother’s Day! (We cheated and celebrated last year, as I was pregnant.) The Becky jacket in clay is really gorgeous – I’d wear it to work all summer! Thanks, Mama!

  947. Jordan C.

    I love the Andie Dome tote in Mint!

  948. Tuanyt

    I love the Cupid bag!

  949. Alisha

    I love this! I would totally get the Andie Dome in mint or those adorable Lorimer sunglasses,

  950. Amanda

    The Dylan tote for my Mama and the Mini 5-Zip for me!

  951. nicole

    I’m loving the Collin Camera Bag! :)

  952. Jordan

    I love the studded green earrings and the Cupid rose gold bag!

  953. katie

    OOHH the options…I’d get the Andie Dome Tote in Mint and the Enamel studded earrings!

  954. smorrison

    I love the Mint Andi dome and the frannie wallet…i would keep one and give one to my Mum!

  955. Cherie Gilderbloom

    I would squeeeeeeeal with delight if I could win a Colin Camera Bag! {weeeeeeeeeeeeee!} ;)

  956. Dana

    Oh my goodness, I would be all over that 33 jacket! xoxox

  957. Annie

    Too many cute things to choose from, but I love the M.A.B. mini and the Knocked Up baby bag.

  958. Look at all of those beautiful bags!

  959. smorrison

    I love the andi dome purse in mint and the frannie wallet!!! I would keep one and share one with my Mum!

  960. Colleen Nyborg

    Love the pink Dylan tote! The Lorimer sunglasses are fantastic as well.

  961. A Mehta

    Enamel studded earrings! Or whatever my mom would like to buy!

  962. Oh that Andie Dome in mint would SO be mine! :)

  963. Erin C

    I would spend part of it on the Andie Dome purse in that gorgeous mint color. Thanks for the opportunity!

  964. Angela

    Brett brief and a pair of flip flops. :)

  965. Becca A.

    What a treat this would be! I would choose the Cupid tote! Fingers crossed

  966. Mindy

    I would trade in my diaper bag for the beautiful Cupid Rose Gold bag!

  967. Liz

    The Cupid bag is my favorite! I’m sad that gorgeous skirt that you mentioned wasn’t one of the options, though!

  968. Helen

    Harley mini for sure… wow!

  969. Cherie Gilderbloom

    I would squeeeeeeeeeeeeal with delight if I could win the Collin Camera Bag! {weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!} ;)

  970. Nikki U

    Oooh I love that M.A.C clutch!

  971. Heidi

    My mom would love the turquoise cuff and I love the MAC clutch in Cream! Thank you!

  972. Grecia

    So difficult to choose! Everything is so gorgeous! but defintely I will spend some of the credit on the loely jelly bean mint bag <3

  973. Andie Dome in Mint! Wow! Such a great give away!

  974. Lauren

    I love your blog AND I love Rebecca Minkoff!!! I would go for the Andie Dome in periwinkle..too cute! Hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day!!

  975. Valeria Dominguez

    I’d get the black sunglasses and the white cuff!!! Happy mothers day! :o)

  976. Jessica

    I would get that Andie Dome tote for my mother!

  977. Liz

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love the MAC Clutch in black and white and the Joplin sandals! My best friend and new momma would love the enamel studded earrings for a pop of color to brighten those tired newborn days!

    Have a great Mother’s Day!

  978. Nora

    Oh wow I would love to win some new sunglasses!!!!

  979. Britan Mills

    The Andie Dome is STINKIN ADORABLE!

  980. Lauren Suarez

    Love! Would definitely use toward the Lorimer glasses!

  981. Grecia

    Too many cute things! but i will use it to buy the Jelly Bean bag in mint for myself and the bettina sandals for my mother!!!!

  982. The Bazzle shoes.

  983. Tana

    the Brett brief would be a perfect gift for my mama! as well as the Lorimer glasses.

  984. Megan

    baxter sunglasses and pave id plate necklace.

    thank you!

  985. Skyler Marr

    Definitely the Brett!

  986. Daniela Meza

    OMG don’t laugh but now that I’m a mom I can’t use any of my fabulous handbags! With a wild 18 month old, it’s hard to manage him, diaper bag, and large handbag! So I decided to get a fabulous cross body! I would totally get several 5zip minis! I have one in mint and in obsessed!

  987. Hadley

    I’m like you and I love the Nilson skirt and the Collin Camera bag.

  988. Natalie T

    I would get my mother the lorimer sunglasses and the small enamel leather cuff! Such cute stuff at Rebecca Minkoff!!

  989. Alexandra

    The Nilson ombre skirt for sure! It is so stunning. and the Bettina Sandals on sale :) x

  990. Madi

    i absolutely adore the dylan tote! that would be on the top of my list for sure. The lorimer sunglasses are also to die for! to win this would be the best gift a mother could get! i would also love to point out how much i adore your blog. The way you and your husband are with your children is beautiful, i just long to live in New York!

  991. I would love to get a MAC Mini Clutch and some jewelry!

  992. Tess M

    Love the Cupid Bag!!

  993. Lins

    love the brett brief!

  994. Sarah Baker

    SO many adorable options, but to narrow it down I think I’d go with the Baxter Sunglasses and the Brett Brief….I love myslef some retro gear!!

  995. Ali

    I love the black Dylan tote, such a lovely classic piece!

  996. Abigail

    Love the heart sack rings and the pave circle earrings!

  997. Meredith

    I would LOVE the Craig camera bag and Baxter sunglasses! I’m a working mama with a husband in school/possibly moving to DC. I NEED to upgrade my style after all my kiddo stains! :)

  998. Katelyn Baker

    Hmmm, I’d say Brett Brief and the Baxter Sunglasses!

  999. Kat

    Feeling blessed to have my first Mother’s Day this year :)

    I would choose the Craig camera bag, Baxter sunnies, M.A.C. clutch or the Dylan tote! So hard to choose!

  1000. Martha R

    I’d use my 500 credit to buy the lorimer sunglasses for my mom! Love them!

  1001. Anna

    I’ve been looking for a chic camera bag EVERYWHERE. the Collin bag is perfect!

  1002. Amy L.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Would love that Cupid bag. But really, sleeping in is nice too.

  1003. Stacey

    Being my first Mother’s Day, I would love to have some something special to remember it by! I would choose the Baxter sunnies, and the pave iD necklace :) Thanks for such a great giveaway- and for being such a wonderful inspiration for other mama’s.

  1004. Caroline

    I would get those beautiful Lorimer Sunglasses! Then I would get my mother and boyfriends mother the heart stack rings to let them know how much I love them.

  1005. Leah

    My mom would love the Andie some tote!

  1006. ADK

    The jade baby bag!! A present to myself as a soon to be Mom :)

  1007. Leah

    My mom would love the Andie dome tote!

  1008. Sara

    The Cupid bag in Rose Gold is gorgeous!

  1009. Joelle

    cupid bag for sure… so beautiful!! great giveaway =)

  1010. Maia

    Matching Lorimer shades for mom and me… adorable!

  1011. Lisa

    I’d want the Dylan tote because a purse and diaper bag are just too much to carry and the Dylan tote looks like it could fit both our things. Then I would want to get the mint green Fiona flop flops and the Frannie wallet…And if there is any money left, the gold heart stacking rings :)

  1012. Elyse

    I would get the black cupid back with rose gold detail! Have one Rebecca Minkoff bag and am OBSESSED! Would love to have one to give to my mom on mothers day!!!! She deserves it!

  1013. Kelly

    Love the Collin camera bag!!!!

  1014. Stacy

    The Dylan Tote… it is simply calling out to me. :)

  1015. I would spend the giftcard on the Lorimer glasses and the Dylan Tote in pink. I would give both to my amazing mother! She loves Rebecca Minkoff!!

  1016. Rachael

    I would definitely get the Dylan tote bag. So chic! It would hold all of my things quite well.

  1017. Dina

    The Dylan Tote and the Frannie Wallet

  1018. Alissa

    I’m loving the Pave ID Plate Necklace and the Andie Dome bag!

  1019. Alexa B

    I’m swooning over the LORIMER sunnies. They would be absolutely perfect for the warmer weather. I can see myself wearing them with a top bun and red red lipstick. :-)

  1020. Karen

    I would love to get the Mac mini clutch and a pair of shoes :)

  1021. Jessica

    That Collin camera bag! Love!

  1022. heidi

    I love the Morning After Bag!!

  1023. Gigi

    Love the not so basic black of the Cupid – Rose Gold bag!

  1024. Jessica

    Anything! From the Fiona Flip Flops to the Jai Sweater Dress and any of the beautiful hand bags would be wonderful.

  1025. My mom has always sacrificed her style and love of fashion for her kids and dressed us so very perfectly when we were kids. Now that we’re a bit older I’d love to return the favor to her and treat her to some awesome, trendy RM bags and accessories. Happy Mama’s Day!

  1026. Rebecca

    Great giveaway! I’m a huge fan of Minkoff’s bags, I would definitely be getting the Cupid with Rose gold if I won!

  1027. Dyan

    Love the dylan tote! in pink, so girly! but pretty much everything listed, so so pretty!!

  1028. courtney

    mac purse for sure! i have loved that bag for a while!

  1029. Hannah Neser

    If I were to win I would buy my cute mama the Andie Dome bag in mint! She is in need of a new bag and mint is so her color! My mama is a total rockstar!

  1030. JV

    Gold stack rings!

  1031. The mint andie done bag, teal enamel stud earrings, and those Baxter sunglasses are amazing!! My birthday is Saturday ;) crossing my fingers?!

  1032. Emily donner

    The Bazzle sandals, HELLO! So cute!

  1033. Danielle H

    I live the Dylan Tote! I think I would use it as a diaper bag/purse. So cute and springy in the hot pink.

  1034. Veronica

    I would definitely use this prize to get myself a fashionista treat!!! Candy, candy for mama!!! ;)

  1035. I would get my mom the cupid rose gold, I am getting married this year and not only is she helping financially but she is spending so much time making sure I enjoy the process of planning a wedding. She is my role model and I hope one day I am so lucky to have the same relationship with my daughter.

  1036. jODI F

    I think I’d have to buy my mom a nice new pair of sunnies plus the sunglass pouch…so cute.

  1037. Liv

    The Nilson skirt is breathtaking! I could envision a lot of borrowing of it going on in my family!

  1038. Stefanie

    Love the M.A.C. clutch and the pave ID bracelet!!

  1039. I would love to have the Dylan tote, one for me and one for my momma

  1040. Jenn Bo

    Okay… I’m crushing on many things:
    Favorites from the entire site: M.A.C. Clutch in soft grey & Bazzle (black 6.5)
    Mother’s day page: PAVE ID Necklace (silver), Flipped CZ/Pave Bangle & Hot Pink Dylan Tote
    Thanks for sharing the link for some window shopping. =)

  1041. Katelyn H

    The Andie Dome tote in mint and the enamel studded earrings in turquoise would look lovely together! So pretty for my first Mothers’ Day as a mama.

  1042. Grace G.

    PAVE ID necklace… GORGEOUS!

  1043. Natalie

    The Andi Dome in Mint is speaking to me! It is perfect!

  1044. noelle

    would love a MAC bag!!!

  1045. sarah

    I think I would buy the Cupid bag in rose gold. love your blog and the pics of your cute little ones!

  1046. How Fun!! The Collin camera bag, new sunglasses, heart and horn necklace and enamel earrings are just a few of the goodies that caught my eye.

  1047. Brooke

    I love the pave ID necklace and the Lissa pouch. This is my first Mother’s Day as a mom – I’m so excited!

  1048. Lauren

    I think I’d have to go for the Lorimer sunnies! They’re gorgeous, and they have the power to hide all those sleepless nights that we as mothers know- am I right?

  1049. Lauren

    Morning After Bag cross-body clutch… drool! :)

  1050. Mallory

    My mama just had her appendix out so I’d use the $500 and get the MAB Tote to cheer her up!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas out there!

  1051. Vanessa

    I really really like the Andie Dome bag in mint and the Bettina sandals :)

  1052. Jen P

    The Brett Brief or the Mab MINI!

  1053. Allie

    I love the Dylan Tote in pink!

  1054. kimber

    quinn bucket bag and waverly shades…fingers crossed!

  1055. Candice B.

    Obsessed with the hot pink carry-all Dylan tote! Would be so awesome so have such a roomy bag for getting around the city that’s also really punchy. That color is amazing!

    Love everything in that collection though!!


  1056. Kelly

    Thank you so much! I would love the BASKETWEAVE M.A.B. MINI in Black with the Royal Zipper. It would be perfect for heading to work and my daily life out and about in NYC!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  1057. Tracy

    I would use it to buy one of their adorable pairs of cat eye sunglasses!

  1058. Julie

    I would love some of the geometric Idelle flats, but I really need some beautiful sunglasses as well!

    This would be so fun to win!

  1059. Michelle Junco

    I would love to get her the Cupid- Rose Gold bag! It’s gorgeous and I bet she would love it!

  1060. Melissa Hirschi

    I love the Cupid bag.

  1061. Masha

    The pink Dylan tote and the Lorimer sunglasses! My mom would look so cool in both.

  1062. Julie Bynum

    LOVE the Dylan tote in hot pink!! Such a great basic in a surprising color!

    LOVE your blog too, by the way :)

  1063. Jo

    OMG I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the M.A.C. Clutch in cream or the Lissa Pouch in periwinkle (my FAVE color)!!! I love your blog and RM!

  1064. mirel

    i would love to get the Dylan Tote and Baxter shades!

    winning would be AMAZING!!!

  1065. Samantha Jones

    I’d love to gift my mom the craig collin’s camera bag! I just started a new job so funds are limited and to top it off now my family is moving across the country from me! So I’ll no longer be able to see my mommy on a daily basis (this coming from a 24 daughter who’s best friend is definitely her mom!) I’d love to give her the camera bag so she can keep it on her to take lots of pictures of her and my little brothers. This way we can keep in touch like you do with your family!

    Thanks ;)

  1066. Julianne

    That Collin Camera Bag is perfect. Fun shop!

  1067. I love the lorimer sunglasses and the gold pave id plate necklace! Perfection!

  1068. The cupid’s perfect.

  1069. KP

    LOVE the MAB Mini!

  1070. Arielle

    I would love to get the M.A.C clutch or any of the beautiful sunglasses!!

    ps. may be going to shake shack on my school break in the hopes to see you and the littles!!!

  1071. Ooo the Brett Brief case or anything mint colored! Thanks for the giveaway!

  1072. Sarah

    I would love the Cupid black and rose gold handbag. Also love the Floyd dress and Baxter sunglasses and mint Skylar mini! Too many to choose;)

  1073. Monica A

    That ever-so colorful skirt ^ ^ above is to die for! How giddy I would be to have it, or really anything from this gorgeous line. :)

  1074. noelle

    would love a MAC bag!!

  1075. Samirah

    I would get the Collin camera bag! :)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  1076. lilla

    a mini mac (:

  1077. Oh! I dig the Lorimer Glasses and Pave ID Plate Necklace! Too cute! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  1078. Avni

    I love the Cupid in rose gold! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1079. The Cayman shirt & San Diego jacket are gorgeous. Sigh, they are so dreamy. I can’t even imagine how pretty and lovely and fancy I would feel! :)

    Ohh! Same initials… RM! :)

  1080. Eugenia

    Absolutely love the Andie Dome Tote in mint and the Lorimer sunglasses!!

  1081. Alex Webb

    i would pick that GORGEOUS andie dome mint bag! so pretty.

  1082. Lizzie k

    Ohhh I love the tortoise glasses and the Dylan tote in pink! Happy Mother’s Day!

  1083. Courtney Rohde

    Absolutely love the Cupid Rose Gold bag! Happy Mothers’ Day to all the beautiful moms out there!

  1084. Marina

    The Affair Qualited Purse is to die for! So chic! My fingers are crossed!

  1085. Brittany

    Would love the Cupid Bag in Rose Gold!

  1086. Jamie Garfield

    The LORIMER SUNGLASSES!! and other stuff too, but those first and foremost.

  1087. Tiffany

    Would love to own the Dylan tote!

  1088. I like the camera bag and the tag necklace.

  1089. Melissa

    I would love to use it towards the mint Andie Dome bag! So cute for spring!

  1090. Janae

    I would love the Andie Dome bag, this momma could you use a little bag to spice up her style.

  1091. Whitney

    I would love the Lorimer sunglasses or the Craig Camera bag. Both are lovely!

  1092. Kelsie Rae

    I love the rose gold cupid bag! Happy mama’s day!

  1093. jessica

    I love the Pave Circle earrings, the Bazzle shoes-beautiful & functional-and the heart stack rings!

  1094. Michelle

    I’ve been eye-ing the MAC for so long – would love to win one!

  1095. Kat

    Dylan Tote! Dylan Tote! Dylan Tote!

  1096. That black Dylan tote looks like a perfect bag for the summer! When I’m running around during the day from counseling summer camps, to going out with friends, and then to a yoga class, I need a bag that will fit it all! Plus since I’m getting it near mother’s day I’ll le