easter sunday.

happy easter! (yesterday.) hope you had a beautiful easter sunday with your loved ones. here are a few photos from our day together below:


^^^ it was chilly out but not too chilly so mama went ahead and ditched her tights for the day (also code for I SHAVED MY LEGS!) and so in like-mother-like-daughter fashion, eleanor ditched her tights, too.^^^


^^^we gave samson a big head start on the easter egg hunt sunday morning and he surprised us by finding ALL the eggs in record time! but in eleanor’s defense, she mostly just wanted to play with things in her easter basket, which may have helped samson.^^^


^^^play-doh in E’s easter basket. which of course meant there was an impromptu tea party (see below) before opening any of the containers up and actually playing with the play-doh. ^^^


^^^…and bubbles!^^^


^^^this little guy and his suspenders. i cannot get enough.^^^



^^^while samson napped, eleanor helped papa make his colorful pancakes (a tradition we began last year) for our easter breakfast.^^^

bloge15 bloge5bloge17bloge20bloge21

^^^thanks to somebody’s tiny chubby toddler hands getting dye happy, they were a lot brighter than last years pretty pastel ones, but they were so so delicious! ^^^


^^^i stole one of eleanor’s hair clips so we could both wear purple flowers in our hair and be all matchy matchy. then we gave some eskimo kisses before heading off to church!^^^


^^^we went to church to celebrate Jesus Christ, the real reason behind the Easter holiday.^^^

bloge12 easterblog1

^^^our little ham!^^^

^^^the littles enjoyed a round 2 of checking out their easter stash and playing together after church before naps.^^^



^^^we enjoyed a beautiful easter dinner with friends in harlem who really know how to make the most of easter decor.^^^

happy easter!!

  1. Totally darling photos! You inspire me to capture ones of my daughter and son as well. Happy Easter… He is risen indeed!


    I love love love this blog!!!. Your daughter and your soon are preciouse. I love your house, your clothe….Congratulations, for me it’s mandatory read it once a week, at least!!! kisses from Spain ;-)

  3. Oh Eleanor’s shoes are adorable! I love the colorful pancakes!!! =)

    Seriously seeing the pictures of your beautiful family makes me can’t wait until the days where I’m a mom and can enjoy my own lil ones! =)

    Happy Easter!!

  4. Karishma

    Beautiful photos! Loving E’s cutie patootie shoes! And Samson’s intense face when looking for the eggs hahah!


  5. go samson, scooping all the eggs–and that is an easter explosion at your friends home! as always, am impressed with how much you get done before church—a whole pancake panoply before the day has even begun!

  6. WOW! you aren’t kidding about the easter decor! that’s incredible. easter is one of those holidays you just know gets better and better with little ones around. glad you had a beautiful sunday!


  7. AM

    Happy Easter! Looked like you had a lovely day!

  8. Rachael

    You are killing me with Samson’s suspenders! Oh the sweetness!

  9. Your photos always bring a smile to my face! It is truly refreshing to read your blog. I love it! I hate to be the first to ask, but where did you get your shoes from? I have been in search of a similar pair in orange.


  10. your kids seriously makes me melt! i love how your play room has such great big windows that gives to die for lighting. this looks like an amazing easter =)

  11. such perfect easter attire!


  12. so beautiful it doesn’t even seem real! you should let E control the dye process more often. The colors are gorgeous! Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing. =)

  13. Ida

    Oh my, the decoration is pretty enough to keep year round.

  14. Beautiful photos, what a wonderful family. Happy Easter x

  15. Tine

    Happy Easter! Where did you buy your beautiful shoes? :)

  16. marcell the shell!! haha love it.

    happy Easter to the Davis family! what a beautiful time of year and I’m glad the weather was warm(ish) for getting away with no tights… yay!!

    Manhattan temple!! That ones definitely on the list of temples to visit. Such a beautiful sanctuary in the middle of a city.


  17. Rachel

    Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter Sunday. The colors in this post are outstanding! Absolutely love all of your photos.

  18. those pancakes look too good to eat! love all your Easter getups :)

  19. Janice

    Wow! That decor is so lovely!!

  20. what beautiful pictures!!! looks like you had a fabulous easter!!

  21. SO much color! that’s the way to say “bring it on, spring!”

    cheers :)

  22. Sarah

    I love your blog!

    Please tell us where Josh got that amazing stripy bowtie from?

    Lots of love from London,


  23. Lo

    beautiful photographs. those suspenders are darling. and that decor at your friends!? wow- awesome.

  24. Nicole

    It all looks like so much fun! Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter.
    Oh…Happy April Fool’s day!!!

  25. How cute are those pancakes? Such a great, kid-friendly way to make the holiday more exciting. Love it.

  26. Kelly

    There outfits are absolutely precious, I am OBSESSED with E’s shoes and S’s suspenders – when I have kids I am going to dress them exactly like this and I love the tradition of colored pancakes!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  27. Dani

    It’s like your family was made for Easter. All of the bright colors were absolutely lovely! I am so happy you had a beautiful holiday. Christ is the reason we celebrate.

  28. Sally

    Wow. So adorable! Loving the colorful pancakes and the Easter decor at your friend’s place. Ah! Getting all excited about celebrating Easter in New York next year!

  29. giulia

    these traditions are so perfect! as in they are super special but not impossible so you can still do them each year no matter what!

  30. Kelly Y

    Where did you find E’s dress? So colorful and beautiful!!!

  31. Nichole

    BEAUTIFUL. All of it. Simply lovely.

  32. That’s one of my favorite spots in New York (where church is). Glad you all had a wonderful Easter:)

  33. Wow to the easter decor, your friends are crafty! Your family has the absolute cutest traditions Naomi, I can’t wait to share these kinds of moments with my own brood some day!

    Kelsey @ Time Stand Still

  34. Jessica

    Looks like your family had a lovely Easter! I love both E’s and S’s Easter outfits, so perfect. And I think the colorful pancakes is a great tradition. Any April Foolery going on in your house today?!


  35. eeek! TOO CUTE! :) The mother/daughter shoe shot was just adorable. It’s probably so much fun now having the two littles and seeing them discovering things TOGETHER.

    And YES, baby boy suspenders! Everyone complains about baby boy clothes (in comparison to the girls stuff)…but I LOVE baby boy outfits. HELLO SUSPENDERS! :)

    Here’s my little man in his Easter besta: http://hennablossom.com/?p=1239 (and of COURSE that means SUSPENDERs, haha).

    As always thanks for sharing. I always leave your blog smiling.

  36. Looks like you guys had a perfect Easter! Love all the colors, those pancakes are such a fun tradition!

  37. Angie

    You all look great in your Easter best!

    I didn’t know you knew the Simmons! They are fabulous in every sense of the word. :)

  38. Oh my goodness! It looks like you guys had the most amazing Easter…and that shing dig in Harlem looks like so much fun

  39. Darling

    God bless your family….. I absolutely adore you guys. Very cute photos..,,, looks like an epic easter!!

  40. Stella

    I love the bright colors in all of these photos! The one of you & E giving eskimo kisses is my favorite.

  41. Ana

    Love your photos! The Easter decoration looks great and the pancakes look delicious!

  42. Hilary

    Your friends house looks amazing! Love the decorations! Eleanor’s dress is super cute and Samson is adorable in his suspenders and shorts!

  43. Cheltz

    I hope the guy with the shorts and a suit was a star at church! Or was that just his Easter brunch outfit?

  44. Lauren

    I’d also LOVE to know where Eleanor’s dress comes from! Such a sweet family day full of all the right things – worship, fun, rest, and a little playful color. Thanks for letting us “be” there!

    P.S. Eleanor is your twin in the “our little ham” pic (5th from the bottom). Doppleganger ;)

  45. jaclyn

    happy easter!!!
    i love the picture of cute little sampson reaching for the egg!!! they are so precious!!
    all of the bright colors in your pictures are gorgeous!!

  46. Lala

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us, they are all so lively and lovely. Your little guy and his suspenders are so precious! Miss E is looking all so cute in her colorful dress and shoes!
    Happy Easter to your family : )

  47. Is the church inside of the temple? So interesting! Cute post.

  48. Jessica

    WHat a beautiful Easter!

  49. Looks like you guys had the best Easter! I can’t believe how grownup Eleanor is looking these days – and such a great big sister. Happy Easter!

  50. Jenny

    My goodness, Samson is growing up so fast! Look at that full head of beautiful (slightly gingery hair)! Looks like a lovely day, thanks for sharing!


  51. Taylor

    Your family is precious!!!!!

  52. Alice

    Oh their outfits!! Too cute. And I love the coloured pancakes- my brother and I were going to make pancakes for everyone yesterday morning then realised we had no eggs. Disappointed would be the understatement of the century. xx

  53. Is it silly that I would totally wear those mustard yellow bow flats that your little girl has on? Adorable! Also, loving the rainbow colored pancakes. Yum!

  54. hanna

    Eleanor’s outfits are so cute. -Hanna

  55. chris

    Oh my…her dress is the cutest thing! :) Love your photos, always looking so happy :)

  56. Ashley R

    E’s shoes are adorable, I love the Manhattan Temple, and the decor from the Easter dinner looks like a setting out of a magazine. Perfection. Oh and I love the idea of colorful pancakes. We might need to borrow that for next year. Our kids would love it!

  57. Shanna

    Your blog post again turned my miserable day a happy one! love all the beautiful colours and positive vibe in your pictures xxx

  58. Rachel

    I can’t get over all of the cuteness of this post. Those super fun pancakes, the adorable tea party! And I love Josh’s bowtie. Oh, and those decorations at your friend’s Easter party?! Seriously? Holy cow – I want to be friends with them, too! Let’s just all be friends and have a big celebration of friendship so we can bust out those decorations again :)

  59. Absolutely gorgeous. All photos, all outfits, all pancakes HA

  60. Looks like you guys had an insanely fun (and colorful!) Easter! Eleanor’s shoes… too adorable!

  61. Lisa

    Wow those decorations are gorgeous! I would love to decorate my house like that one day!

    And the pancakes look delicious!


  62. shayla

    cutest shoes/babies :)

  63. Oh, such beautiful, bright colors! I am in love with the shoes, pancakes, and bowties! I miss and love NYC.

  64. emi

    a perfect easter! love the picture that you included of the church building…i love the NYC temple and building! XO

  65. alyssa

    beautiful photos! looks like you guys had a great easter. where did you get e’s yellow shoes? they are adorable!

  66. love love love the idea of colorful pancakes for Easter!

  67. Jamie

    is it just me or is samson growing super fast?! haha i mean really! all that hair! :-) you have a beautiful family, definitely blessed. and um, i personally love the brighter pancakes.. ;)

  68. Hanna

    The cutest Easter I have ever seen!

  69. what a fantastic easter! those baskets are adorable! love all your cute shoes and your mans awesome bow tie!

  70. Allison

    Could you share where Samson’s outfit is from? I want to put together something similar for baby’s baptism! Thank you.

  71. adorable and omg that looks exactly like my old harlem apartment on 116th street! i miss it so….

  72. E’s dress is GORGEOUS! And I love that you wore her little flour clip to match. I dressed my guy in a little bow tie and suspenders and it was the dang cutest thing ever.

  73. Where, oh, where???? Did you get those overalls!?! Sooo adorable!

  74. Yana

    Where did you get your shoes? I love them…

  75. bridget

    love posts like this. just day in the life sort of stuff. also, eleanor’s dress is amazing.

  76. hannah

    happy easter! you make me want to be a stay-at-home mommy one day– such a beautifully-orchestrated life you seem to lead :) such an inspiration. you definitely are one lucky girl!

  77. Marie

    Seems like a great Easter you had with your family! Your children are adorable, love their outfits! Btw I hope you’re feeling better now. :))


  78. this looks like SUCH great Easter fun! :) those pancakes are adorable, and so is the picture of Samson with the eggs in front of his eyes hehe. Yay for Easter! God is good :)


  79. Lisa

    love the colours in these pictures! I think you have the sweetest kids in the whole world :) ♥

  80. What a blessed day. You all look so adorable in your Easter Sunday Best. Between E’s shoes and S’s suspenders I am all gasped out! :) SO sweet! Happy Easter!

  81. Michelle

    The pictures don’t work, is any one else having this problem?

  82. Catie

    I just love the colored pancake tradition! How fun for the kids too! Beautiful pictures as always <3

  83. Ester Sparkles

    Hi Naomi!!
    It’s always a pleasure to discover a new post!I step by here everyday!
    So..I also had pancakes with my family, next time i have to try the colored ones!

    Thank you for sharing!

    : )

  84. Such lovely photos, the picture with Eleanor’s yellow shoes, too cute! Hope you had a lovely Easter :)

  85. Kassi

    E’s outfit is so fab! Those shoeeesss. I’ve gotta get some for my own baby girl!

  86. So much colour , I love it! Happy easter to you and yours

  87. Raya

    wow, awesome tradition. all the colours are so vibrant and beautiful. i’m definitely taking notes for when i have kids.

  88. kaela d.

    are you kidding me with those easter decorations? that last picture looks straight out of a magazine!!!!! so beautiful. also, you create the happiest most photogenic children around. good work! happy easter. :)

  89. Kym

    Your children are always so well dressed, I adore their Easter outfits :) and you and Eleanor’s hair clips! Those pancakes almost look too pretty to eat (almost)… And that photo of josh and Samson? a frame-er for sure.

  90. Maggie

    I am jealous of E’s and Samson’s clothes! They are the CUTEST! Wish they came in adult sizes for me, yes, even the little suspenders! :) So adorable.

  91. Oh heavens! That one with Samson and his dad cheek to cheek is too much! So adorable!

  92. anilyn

    loved this post! very fun and happy!

  93. Beautiful pictures, as ever. Happy Easter to you and your clan, Naomi!

  94. This seriously looks like the MOST fun you can have at Easter!

  95. Kara

    ohh myy! baby suspenders! is anything cuter?

  96. What a beautiful and colorful Easter! You did a great job documenting this special day. Any way you could share resources for all the beautiful clothing your family was wearing??

  97. Chelsea

    Your babes and family are just so darling! And the decor at your friend’s home is styled perfectly! Looks like the perfect Easter with your family!

    Haute Child in the City

  98. Cristina

    What a sweet post!

    Would you and Josh kindly post the recipe for those pancakes? I’d love to try making them myself!

  99. I am in love with all the brightness and springy feel of these photos! Adorable. Looks like a beautiful holiday. Eleanor’s shoes are ridiculously cute and your friends sure know how to throw a party. Makes my Easter decor feel awfully lacking!! ha!

    Lynden Laundry

  100. Sharon

    I NEED children this size! Love your family xoxo

  101. A

    I love your blue and white loafers – I must have them! Can you let us know where you bought them?

  102. Fernanda

    1 im inloveeee with all the decorations for that dinner!!
    2. josh’s bow tie its AMAZINg!!

  103. Ummm, are my eyes deceiving me, or are you guys eating dinner with the Dickamores in that last photo?
    Aurora and I go way back!
    Small world!

    Oh…ya, JSYK..
    your family is lovely and I adore your blog.


  104. So precious… seeing Eleanor’s little Play-Dough tea party makes me believe in the magic that little children have; that sense of pure joy and beauty in everyday things.

  105. Jackie

    Eleanor’s shoes are the cutest! I wish they came in my size.

  106. Lori Bertosa

    Just beautiful!

  107. Rose

    Perfection! Love it all! xo

  108. Julie

    Your photos are always so colorful, beautiful and uplifting. And those pancakes…brilliant idea!! Happy Easter!

  109. wait wait why aren’t the bubbles in star shape??

  110. I am seriously in LOVE with your adorable home! It is so open and bright! I am so jealous.

    Okay… and seriously.. Eleanor’s little Easter dress.. ADORABLE! She has got to be the cutest dressed toddler I’ve seen! As well as snazzy little Samson.

    Your family is just too darn cute.



  111. Louise

    This easter I´ve realized, that these days would be much brighter with children. In our family we have no more little ones & I am 22 & feel much too young to be a good mum. But when I see your pictures from easter my heart melts. You are such a beautiful & perfect little family. And it seems that your kids are the happiest kids in the world. You are a fantastic mum. I hope I am able to be also such a great mother in a few years!

  112. I absolutely adore your home, Naomi! It’s so bright and open and it makes for such fabulous pictures!

    And seriously, Eleanor’s Easter dress… I just cannot handle all that cuteness. She has to be one of the most stylish little toddlers I’ve ever seen. And then there is snazzy little Samson with those dapper little suspenders.

    Too much cuteness. Too. Much.


  113. Such an adorable idea with the pancakes! Love your blog!

  114. yvi

    i really like your pics.
    seams you had a great time!
    your kids are so adorable…and they’re always happy…
    you must be very happy too.

  115. omg what adorable pictures! Happy Easter!

  116. Kenzie

    Hi Naomi!
    I have been following your blog for years and have always adored Eleanora little hair clips. I have a little girl on the way and have been searching everywhere for tiny ones like hers. Where did you find hers? Thanks! What a lovely Easter you shared with your family.

  117. Such a lovely bright and colourful Easter xx

  118. Marco Toledo

    I have question. How do you do to teach your children about God and everything? Because for me it’s very important to teach them about that and the values they need to have as they are growing up.
    Have a nice day! :)

  119. Dalia

    Love E’s yellow/mustard shoes! Soooo cute!
    & Samson’s smile on the pic with his daddy..
    You have a handsome family!

  120. we had the same Easter basket as E! And your friends really took Easter decor to a different level – LOVE the celebration!

  121. I simply adore this post. I love the reminder of why we celebrate Easter. I love all of the vibrant color you shared. I love your sweet family. Thanks for posting this!

  122. Morgan

    We had so much fun celebrating Easter (and Passover) with the kids this year too! http://happilyeverpresent.net/
    Your photos are always so inspiring. Thank you.

  123. Carri

    Where are your adorable shoes from?! I LOVE them!

  124. Jaclyn

    Happy Easter!! These pictures are adorable! Love your colored pancake tradition! SO FUN :)

  125. It looks like you had such a beautiful and colourful Easter.
    And that photo of the two boys together smiling at the camera is just amazing. Totally heart melting. x

  126. angela

    You are probably way too busy to answer to all these comments, but I really want to know where you shop for your kids. I love E’s dress, actually I love them all.

  127. alex

    I love everything about this!! I would love to know where E’s yellow bow shoes and purple flower clips are from! I would love to have them for my own little :)

  128. Chinta

    These pics are just so precious. I love how you always beautifully capture the moments of your lovely family. ..and Samson’s outfit is just too cute!

    I don’t mean to be a total copycat but I have been trying to find something similar for my son for his first birthday party (he’s just a few weeks after Samson :))..but haven’t been successful. If you don’t mind, can you please share where you got it from? I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU.

    Keep on rocking!

  129. Cait

    Your kids are SO stinkin’ cute! (though I’m sure you already knew that)

  130. Sofia V

    beautiful pictures. Hoped you had a great one, well it seems like you did. You’re awesome Taza!!!

  131. Landen

    Is that dinner at Jeff and Aurora’s? I love that you know them! They are wonderful, both of them! I love your Easter photos! Darling dress that Eleanor is wearing! Happy Easter!

  132. Mae

    The joy, laughter and color of this day makes me smile so much!

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  133. Tanja

    My little babyboy (15 month) has exactly the same suspender shorts. Zara, I guess? :o) Crazy that we wear the same things all over the world…

  134. I would love to share the recipe for those amazing pancakes on my own blog! Would you care to share the recipe, please?

  135. Tina

    Your Easter looks like it was so much fun! But also, when did Marcel the Shell with Shoes On become a book?!

  136. Silvia

    Loved the pictures of E & S looking for easter eggs + playing with their gifts. You take such colourful photographs. Always a treat for the eye.

  137. Bianca

    Your friends really know how to decorate what a beautiful living space! So glad you had a wonderful Easter xx

  138. Erin

    Love E’s shoes and Samson’s precious Easter outfit! Thank you for sharing your sweet family!


  139. Ria

    Eleanor’s dress and shoes are too cute.
    Where are the from?

  140. Anne

    Loving the Easter decor your friends did! And of course all these photos- so great! What a bright happy Easter you had :)

  141. Carie

    Happy Easter to you too! It looks as though you had a wonderful day and I love your friends’ Easter decorating, it’s so gorgeously over the top!

  142. Stacey

    I wish you could get Eleanor’s in adult sizes. So sweet!

  143. Looks like a wonderful time for everyone! Love the idea of Easter coloured pancakes. I have a feeling those may will be making an appearance at my house someday! Thanks for sharing. You have a lovely family.

  144. Lettie

    So incredibly beautiful… all of it! :)

  145. Dani

    I love this easter day! The color added to the pancakes is such a great idea and makes the morning feel special (even if it may be really easy to do!) Love love love.


  146. Mun

    Your Easter Sunday’s perfect! And i’m speechless over eleanor’s cute shoes!

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  148. I’ve watched this blog for a while but never commented, your babies look so happy and healthy and wear better clothes than I do. I can’t believe how much hair Sam has!


  149. April

    Hi! I want to know where you got your husbands bowtie. I love it. I need it!

  150. cami

    I have to ask, Where is your husband’s bow tie from? And your mixing bowls? I NEEED them! :)

  151. Gigi

    Ooh I do wish you could tell us where your sweet girls dress and shoes are from? I just have to recreate that dress myself if you don’t !!! And I can’t even sew!

    Thank you !!!

  152. Maria

    Any chance you could give us more details on how they did the Easter decor? Would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday!


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  154. Judith Eden

    I love E’s shoes, can I ask where they are from? SO CUTE!! Lovely post.