dancing with vampires.

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josh and i have been listening to vampire weekend and their new song, step, since it came out a few days ago.

i’m especially in love with the music video above since it’s all about new york city and you know, i just can’t shake my love for this place no matter how hard i try....

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snapshots from san francisco!

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we are back from san francisco and already missing it! we all came home with a little sun on our noses and cheeks which has been a nice reminder of what is around the corner (warm weather! we hope!)  since it snowed all night here in new york city.

this trip felt very quick. josh and i spent the majority of our time in meetings thursday and friday, but we still tried to see a few friends and do a few fun things as a family over the weekend....

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oh hello there…


it’s been a bit quiet on the blog this week as we’ve been spending all of our free moments (and sleep moments, to be quite honest) working together on a new project.  there has been an ongoing conversation and idea amongst us and friends for months now, and after many nights of staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning with josh and working along side him on said ideas, we are finally putting them into motion.  ...

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weekend hair.


how was your weekend? i decided to give my brush the weekend off and somehow my hair looked like this for most of ours.

eleanor tried to help me out by combing it with a hanger on sunday morning…

that mostly just resulted in the hanger getting stuck in my hair. that was fun. bless her....

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