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two words to describe yesterday : teething baby.

for anyone who doesn’t know much about what that entails (i didn’t. with eleanor we just saw two teeth appear one morning around six months and we were like, oh what? cool! wow! piece of cake, this teething thing!) but in samson’s case, it has  basically meant the opposite of that experience.

there was a high fever for almost 24 hours yesterday, with a very very sad but not-at-all cuddly mister samson who was inconsolable for nearly every minute of that time. there was a back rub at 4 in the morning, a few warm baths throughout the night to help calm him and aaaaaaaaalot of bouncing. a few calls with our pediatrician to ensure it was teething and nothing else, a lot of yawning from the rest of us, and a very sleepless night for everyone (possibly the neighbors, too. we’ll be making and delivering a lot of cookies this weekend. but probably dodging eye contact in the halls for a couple more days.)

we’re hoping a few new teeth are going to pop through any moment now (after all that, they’d better pop through!) and i’m so glad someone is back on their way to being their cute smiley self.  samson and his sister have been nothing but sweet and cuddly in mama’s bed so far this morning and josh just ran down to the corner store to grab me a hot chocolate!  with all the snow falling around us outside, today is already off to a better start than yesterday but just incase, wish us luck!


  1. laura

    Our pedi was pretty insistent that anything above 100.3 wasn’t teething it was illness. That is weird your pedi wasn’t concerned. We seemed to get ear infections along with new teeth in a sort of punishment from God kind of way so I totally feel your pain. poor little guy:(

    • TAZA

      no, our pediatrician was concerned. our pediatrician is great. sounds like you have a good one too! glad our babes are feeling better!

  2. Ugh I feel your pain. I had surgery yesterday to get my tonsils out. Talk about painful! Only we have no snow in NJ and I felt worse today, not better. Hopefully everyone will be feeling better by the weekend. Being miserable is no fun!! Sending good thoughts your way, poor Samson!

  3. Janice

    Your babies are very much starting to look like twins! Lovely.

  4. Lea

    In my opinion the best medicine is just keep being his sweet, loving mama! As a pediatric triage nurse you have my empathy. I have fielded so many calls similar to little Samson’s symptoms over the years, and the fevers are the worst.

  5. they look so angelic sleeping together, but poor samson having a rough go with the teething. a lucky boy to have such a thoughtful family doing everything you can to make him more comfortable. i’ve always found that water filled toys that you can freeze help so he can gnaw on something icy to help numb the pain. and some baby tylenol to help him sleep…here’s hoping its over soon.

  6. Abi

    Yikes! I have a 6 1/2 month old who is teething as well. It has been a brutal month. I feel your pain..and I’m sure my guy could empathize with Samson as well!

  7. Chelsea

    Oh I so very much feel your pain! We’ve been working through the first set of molars and the poor little guy has had a rough go of it. Good luck!

  8. Sounds like Samson is being a trooper through it all, and thankfully he has sister by his side for naps and entertainment. E just lucked out, and so did you as a first time Momma on that go around. Boys are different through and through (and I don’t mean with teething!), and he will definitely keep the ball rolling in an entirely fun new way than sister!! My little brother was a hoot as a babe and still is!! I remember my Mom always telling me HOW different and fun boys are, considering it was just the two of us keeping her busy all day. Enjoy every minute! Don’t we all just grow up too fast?!

  9. Kelsi

    I’ve been there. Luckily my 14 month old is just about done teething I think. She got her first tooth at 3 months, and has consistently been getting them ever since. It seems like the first few teeth were the hardest on her. Hope he feels better, and you get some rest! You have a beautiful family by the way. :)

  10. Jade

    This worked with my daughter and nephew, but I wouldn’t do it after his teeth are big enough to break a piece off – we gave her a peeled, cored, cold slice of apple to naw on. It worked better than teething toys.

  11. Jennifer

    teething is tough!! crazy, they used to lance their gums to “help” them pop through. hope you’re on the other side for a bit!

  12. Erin

    I hear your pain – my son (now 3.5) suffered so much with teething. Other babies seemed to sail through, but our poor little guy was miserable with every one. Hang in there. We found a cool washcloth for him to chomp the corner of helped, and when they’re eating solids, very cold cucumber sticks. Bright side? It’s over eventually!

  13. Svannah

    I’m sure someone has mentioned or you already know but you could try an amber teething bracelet or necklace for the lil guy. It’s not meant for chewing on but the amber beads release something when warmed by the skin to help with inflammation and the pain of teething plus any kinda tummy ache and so on. There is better info on the web. :) I have one for my daughter but I’m still nervous for when she starts teething.

  14. Naomi

    MY 2.5 Ayala is just like Eleonore, no pain, just teeth popping, and my 7 month old Dafna is like Samson, big hot mess and lots of crying…It doesn’t last thank G-d and then they look uber cute with the new theth. I just hope next time this happens, 10 of them come out at once ;) BTW, how do you make them sleep like that together?? My girls would just play and keep each other awake!

  15. Watercolorsheep

    Oh my… Good luck!

  16. teething baba’s…those days have passed in our house…but i kinda miss it too… #broodyoverhere

  17. My babies are the same. With our first he suddenly had all his teeth. With our second (who’s now almost 18 months) he has his holy terror teething self and his lovely, cuddly regular self. It’s so challenging but i still cherish every minute of this crazy thing called motherhood!

  18. Meg G

    UGH! Teething is NO joke. Avery got 6 at once I thought we were all going to lose our minds. Even the pugs. She has been working on her 2 year old molars for weeks now. Prayers for you and your littles. This too shall pass, right?

  19. leah

    teething was the worst for us! my little always got a bad diaper rash to accompany any budding teeth… baby motrin and a bath seemed to help her get comfortable enough to rest at night, but those days are long ones!

    someone recently told me that giving them a frozen banana to gum on can be soothing and yummy for them (but also sounds really messy!)

  20. Oh Naomi, we are going through the exact same thing right now. Back molars coming through with gusto. Fever, crankiness, and A LOT of tears. My heart goes out to you guys… We’re in it together, my friend!

  21. No fun at all! I hope that tooth pierces through soon. My little boy is 3.5 months old now and I’m definitely not looking forward to this!
    Stay strong : )

  22. A couple weeks ago I was dealing with a horrible pain from my wisdom tooth coming in (it was infected, but that’s another story)..During the time I couldn’t stop thinking about how much it must hurt for a baby to be teething. So, I feel you Samson, I feel you…

  23. bridget

    what a poor little dude. : / i’m sure the cookies will help assuage any hard feelings in the hallway — and hopefully that hot chocolate will help you get through the day too. and i love your beautiful edit on this photo, naomi!

  24. ryan

    our little guy is only a bit older than yours and teething has been tough for us too. he only has his bottom two so far and i’m not looking forward to the rest. good luck!

    have you tried one of those amber necklaces?

  25. Becca

    Oh, what a sweet picture. I really hope your day goes better today.

  26. India

    You should definitely try an amber necklace! The baby I nanny for has one and I never really thought much about it until one day he didn’t have it on. He was so upset all day from his teething but before then he had been absolutely fine! It wouldn’t hurt to give it a go! Good luck x

  27. melissa

    pretty sure you and your family were put on this earth to ensure people keep having kids cuz that’s pretty much all you make me want to do (:

  28. poor Samson :( and poor you guys! we totally feel your pain, our son Caleb has been miserable with this particular teething bout. it’s horrible to watch them in pain, in the day you can at least try to distract them but we’ve found the nights a nightmare too. I don’t know if you can get ashton and parsons teething powders in the states, there herbal and seem to be the only thing that gives Caleb a few hours off from the teething. we highly recommend! that and lots of flannels soaked in water and then popped into the fridge ready for him to chew and suck on. hope Samson is over the worst of it!

  29. dayle

    You should look into getting him an amber teething necklace! My son was exactly how you described Samson before he broke his first tooth. After that we got him the necklace and seems to make a huge difference. For all we know it could just be coincidence, but, I’m all for anything natural :) Glad your babe is doing better hopefully it’s only up from here for all of yous!

  30. cortney

    aww. poor little thing. we just got our first tooth (at 13 months!) last week and the same thing happened at our house. 103.5 fever, sleepless night, pediatrician visit, and BOOM!! big old honkin tooth the next day. we’ve gotten two more teeth this week, minus the fever and sleepless night. maybe it’s just that initial tooth that threw him off a little bit. good luck today!
    frozen wash cloths for the babe and coffee for the mama!


  31. Lottie

    I have all this to luck forward too. although my little girl has been way fussier than usual lately too and there has been a lot of bouncing over here–my legs will be so toned by summer ;)

  32. Bri

    we cut our first tooth last week and it was awful. four days of cranky, grumpy, sleepy william. other mamas kept saying ‘just give him baby tylenol!’ but i just can’t bring myself to medicate him like that :( so we suffered through it. now he’s got one giant chomper!

  33. Vivian

    I feel your pain! My LO’s molars are coming through, and it has been exhausting for the whole family! I’m drinking a very large coffee as I type this. Good luck with today!

  34. Oh sweetheart, I feel so bad for you! I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to comfort your little one while he’s in pain. Really hope it sorts itself out soon xx

  35. Lisa

    Four words: I’ll pray for you

  36. this picture is beautiful though.. sorry you’re going through this phase it’s no fun.. for us tylenol was very helpful. I was really against giving any medicine at first, but when I saw how much relief it would give our baby, I changed my mind. I still don’t use it often but when I do, it’s pretty much instant change of mood…

    it’s for the good cause though, a beautiful smile!!

  37. I am so sorry Samson has to go through pain and all you concerned. There shouldn’t be a worse feeling than having your baby in pain and not being able to do something. I wish you lots of luck and bright happy days to come soon :)

  38. Cheltz

    Wow! Sounds rough! Good luck, Samson! Hope those next teeth are easier on you (and everybody)! Isnt it funny how kids are so different? In my opinion, that’s the big lesson in having your second. I mean you know it already, in theory. But, you really learn it with your second :).

  39. Melissa

    We have teeth coming in and falling out like crazy right now. The baby has gotten four teeth in the last week. The ten year old has lost two molars. The eight year old finally lost a pre-molar that’s been wiggly for almost a month requiring nothing but milkshakes to be eaten :) The tooth fairy has officially been fired because she can’t remember to come. Stinkin tooth fairy.

    You can do it! This too shall pass. I swear after our first two, I’ve been able to survive on what feels like zero sleep. I think my body has just gotten used to it. Sad, sad times! lol!

  40. Your family is beautiful… even when the baby is teething. Poor little guy!

  41. Oh poor little Samson :( hope you’re all okay :)

  42. julie r

    no fun! i’ve never seen samson with a pacifier in your photos, but if he has one, try sticking it in the freezer every once in awhile. or something else cold for him to chew on. mine seemed to like that when teething. good luck! my 3 kids all had major teething issues, so i feel your pain…and sleep deprivation. :(

  43. Malisams

    I definitely second the previous recommendation for Hyland’s Teething Tablets…tiny homeopathic tablets you put under their tongue (it dissolves immediately). Really seems to help my little guy, and I”ve read lots of praise for it online from other mamas as well. Good luck! Hang in there.

  44. Good luck Naomi! Sleepless nights do not sound fun, I totally don’t function properly the next day. Wow. You guys are super heros.

  45. Jaclyn

    sending you, E, S, and J all lots of hugs!! Hope that these teeth pop out soon so everyone can relax again :) xoxo

  46. kelly andrews

    Ive heard hiland teething tablets work great we also used the nuby mesh holders where u put frozen blueberries in it and the baby can gnaw on the frozen blueberries without choking on them. The frozen cold will numb the gums worked liked a charm for my dtr.

  47. Marie

    my boy had high fever when he had teething too. There were sleepless nights and a lot of consoling for our little one. Do remember to get some teething materials, they really help to lessen the pain and irritation your baby is going through right now. :))

  48. Emily

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve named E’s little puppy Waldo. I’ve found that playing a quick game of “Where’s Waldo” in her pictures offers a nice contrast to my work day. haha. I love it when a kid becomes attached to an animal.

  49. JM

    Aw, good luck to your little man and his teething, hopefully the worst is over! Just want to add, as i would hate to see you waste your money, if the hyland teething tablets really are homoeopathic then don’t buy them. I am sorry, of course it is up to you as the parent, this is just my humble advice. I know a great deal about homoeopathy and it is a scam and it is not fair to expect good people such as yourselves to waste your money on it. Just my advice, I hope you don’t think I am being dogmatic or telling you what to do, feel free to tell me if it’s none of my business :) I have just found it sad for a while now that good willing people are being scammed into paying money for homeopathy when it has been proven to be ineffective as more than a placebo (and can thus be dangerous to use on infants as they have no understanding of the placebo effect). Just my two cents, I hope I am not stepping any toes here. All the very best to your little one :)

  50. Morgane

    Poor litlle baby!

  51. Karen

    We had the same experience every time Meadow got new teeth! The first time we went to A&E as she was so hot and distraught, but they can’t do much except try to get their temp down with calpol just like we would…..
    Good news is it does seem to be a 24 hour experience!
    It’s tough being a baby!

  52. Jenna P

    Our daughter was a great teether. Same as E. Two teeth showed up one day and it was so easy and wonderful. Our son though is like S. Oh my goodness you have my sympathy! Hope you all catch up on some sleep!

  53. Christina

    Aww…hope Samson is feeling better! The same happened with us where Sienna was an easy breezy teether and Daniel had a teething meltdown the first day if out trip to Disney! He only has 4 teeth so I am not looking forward to the rest coming in!

    Christina from life with les deux

  54. Sara

    Uffda! Hang in there, Mama!

  55. Ginny

    Hang in there, my little guy does the fever, inconsolable, chews everything including me, thing for every teething experience. With us it has proven that the fever comes weeks before any teeth pop in. He begins there and as the weeks pass, tries to get his hands on anything to chew and grind his jaw on. I try to stay on top of it with teething gel, and Motrin when its terrible. Hang in there, teething can be the pits!

  56. Meryl

    I’m so sorry! The fever combined with the pain just puts so much stress on their little systems. Sometimes the really bad teething pain is the pressure caused in the gums when the teeth are forming. The usual teethers, wet rags, Sophies, etc. don’t seem to help with this. I’m not sure if this is what has got your Samson down, but the only thing that worked for us (with our difficult teether, Paddy) was a regimen of homeopathic teething drops. I’m so sorry… for him, for you… for everyone involved. Hang in there!

  57. Good luck to you & your fambam! And soldier through, little mister Samson!

  58. Julie

    Sending lots of luck your way!

  59. Alice

    Oh the poor little thing! It must be awful for them. Hope he feels better soon! :) x

  60. Amy

    I found using a Baltic Amber necklace on my little girl helped. I also loved the Teething bonbon. Mainly because you can just throw it in the wash. But my little girl loved it too, really easy to hold onto. Good Luck!

  61. Carmen

    Hi Naomi, this is the first time that I leave a message for you, I also have a teething baby so I can relate ;) My daughter is 6 months old and none of her teeth have popped up yet…my little girl is miserable…I also tried the warm baths in the middle of the night…Anyway, good luck and have a nice weekend!
    Sorry for my writing, English is not my first language, as you probably have already noticed!

  62. Rebekah

    the BEST thing I ever tried for teething was to take a baby washcloth, get it damp and then roll it up into a tight cigar shape then stick it on the freezer for a few hours, till it turns into a solid frozen stick. When my boy was teething I would keep a bunch of these in the freezer because they really worked to sooth the gums without a mess from frozen popsicles.

  63. Eleonora

    Poor little our children! We use a homeopathic cream to the gums which gives much relief! Now he bites everything especially the fingers of mother Ahiahi! You are special! My usual excuse for the translation and a hug to the little man of the house!
    Eleonora Italy

  64. Antonia Suzanne

    Poor boy and poor mama too! I’ve spent a few nights just like those. And a few months with teething toys in my fridge waiting for biting gums. I love reading your blog and I just adore the way you capture sweet moments into photos!!!

  65. giulia

    aw, get better samson!

  66. Poor little guy! Wish he could feel all the good wishes being sent his way!

  67. Teething is SO hard! I agree that some kids are easier than others too – you just never know. Hang in there mama!

    Stephanie May*

  68. Leigh

    Aw poor Samson! I hope he feels better and you parents get some rest! Enjoy the snow :)

  69. Aww….poor mama! We didn’t really experience teething blues with our 17 month old little girl. My husband and I always wondered what the big deal was about teething, but now we often joke that God will hand it to us on our next baby ;) Hope today is much better for your little guy.

  70. Becca

    I’m sorry you two have had such a tough time! Hopefully samson will have a few little teeth soon :) If it’s any consolation, the two little ones look beyond adorable in the photo!

    B x

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  71. Corinne

    Aw. Sorry for you and little mr. What a rough time. That little snuggly photo makes me feel badly for both of you. After having three girls in a row, and then my cute little guy, I’ve been wondering if its a boy thing (?). Not to be sexist here, but my little boys had a much harder time with teething than my girls (or ear infections or any pain for that matter). Maybe its just personality. But it makes me wonder. :) Still gotta feel so badly for the little guys. I hope you’re all through it.

  72. Carie

    Oh poor wee baby – and poor you! I’d also recommend the amber for a teething baby having a hard time; I used it for Kitty and it was brilliant for reducing her hot swollen little cheeks.

  73. Lacey

    Amber necklace! :D

  74. Amy Jo

    Those sweet little babies look so peaceful.

  75. Amanda

    Teething has to be THE worst thing. It brings back all those sleepless nights from the newborn stage. But thankfully it doesn’t last too long. Glad he is feeling better =)

  76. hanna

    Teething is awful. Its too bad that it happens. They look so cute in the picture. -Hanna

  77. Poor babe! And by babe, I mean each and every one of you, haha!

  78. Kim

    Oh boy. This sounds rough! I have a 9 month old boy as well and teething has been so hard on him! It was not this way with my first son! His would just appear too! I hope things get going better for all of you. I just have to say, I’ve been reading your blog for years and there have been so many posts (especially now that we’re both juggling life with 2 kids) that I felt I was experiencing the exact same thing as you. At times, this has been really comforting to know that I’m not in this alone. Being a mom is hard! Luckily though, it is so wonderful and rewarding and eventually, the kids go to sleep! And now, we’ve been living on Long Island for almost 2 years so I can even relate to your weather woes!

    And small world, your husband’s parents are next door neighbors to my parents in Provo!

    Good luck with those two cute kiddos!

  79. M&K

    Well your babies are so cute! Good luck with the teething. Hope he gets to feeling better. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  80. Kristin

    Seven years ago I remember my little Ava just getting her first teeth and now we are all waiting for her first wiggly tooth to pop out! During her troublesome teething days we definitely used the Hylands tablets and bounced on our yoga ball endlessly…good luck waiting for those little chiclet teeth to arrive and before you know it they will be headed to the tooth fairy:( Good Luck!

  81. My Maggie is 15 months with only 4 teeth. I am so scared they are all going to come all at once. We only have one molar left with my 2.5 year old and luckily have had no problems but we’ve all had those nights and that pic of your kids passed out in a big bed after a night of illness is something we have experienced too. This is one time to throw out the baby books and use your love and instincts.

  82. Sameemah

    Shame man.. we had the same case with our first one… we barely knew he was teething at times… our 9 month old has started teething now… we had sleepless couple of nights last week.. now seems the tooth is on hold.. half way out and doesn’t seem to be moving.. lol.. poor kids… good luck with samson… all the way from South Africa!

  83. Diana


    Popsicles always seemed to help – mama and papa have to hold them and make sure that they don’t get a big chunk, Oh boy, it sure does help. They just rub their sore aching gums on them, and they like the flavor. You can buy natural pops at Whole Foods or other natural grocers.

    Sometimes too, I would get those soft terry cloth baby wash cloths, wet a corner and pop them in the freezer (in a zip lock). Same thing – the cool eased the ache. Sending good thoughts.

    Diana from San Francisco

  84. Jessica

    Teething has been so horrible with my second babe. I don’t remember it being as bad with my first but sometimes I think my mind has blocked out some of the less happy times. I got my son an amber teething necklace from Inspired by Finn and it’s helped a lot. He’s worn it from 3months on and there are very few occasions where I actually have to give him any teething tablets. He’s 10 months now with 6 teeth.

    Good luck!

    jessica /

  85. Babooshka

    Our lil’ guy got his first teeth quite early at around 3 months old; he has almost a full set now at 16 months. We had a troublesome time on-off so I really do sympathise…

    On another note, Naomi, I’m just curious from your various posts/pics if you often co-sleep with your kiddies?? Over here across the pond, bed-sharing and letting an infant sleep under adult duvet etc is regarded as a no-no. Our son has only ever slept in his cot but he’s at an age when it would be quite nice to curl up together for naps but to no avail, he’ll only drift off in his cot!

  86. Awww, bless ‘em. I hope little Samson feels better soon, and that your weekend starts looking up! x

  87. My sweet girl is just over 2…and maybe every morning and every night we are brushing teeth together I think, “Man oh man, we worked hard for each and every one of those teeth.” Each. And. Every. One. I hope Samson is not the same, perhaps just the first will be this way. And the pic above? Bliss. Sweet, sweet love. Happy Friday!!!

  88. Gemma

    Awh glad he is feeling more cheery. Bless him x

  89. Eeeek! Teething! So nervous for when that day comes! Glad Mr. Samson is feeling better the little cutie :)

  90. Heather

    We’ve been dealing with a teething 10 month old as well… definitely not fun and it’s hard when they’re pretty much inconsolable. We have an amber teething necklace that we try to put on our kiddo when we remember. I’m not sure how much it helps since he can’t wear it all the time (day care kiddo), but it’s something you could consider trying for the future!

  91. Hannah

    My mother made us all elderberry stem necklaces which helped ENORMOUSLY. Cut up elderberry stems into tiny beads, and sew them into a choker so that Samson can’t actually CHEW on them; they just sit around his neck. Not sure how it works, but it does!

  92. poor baby :(…and poor mama, too. teething is worst. such torture for such tiny little people. hope he’s feeling much better today and hope you see some pearly whites breaking through soon!

  93. Anne

    oh man good luck mama!

  94. Ariel

    Oh poor Samson! I feel his pain. My wisdom teeth are giving me grief this week (swollen gums, how fun!) Poor little baby. Hope those little buggers come through and he’s feeling better soon!

    The picture is just darling by the way. xo

  95. Maura

    We just discovered Teething Tablets (got them at Whole Foods) and I was skeptical, but they work. All natural and dissolves under their tongue. Someone else told me about Amber necklaces, but we haven’t tried that yet…Good luck.

  96. hayley

    I love this post! This is what I’ve missed about your blog… The honesty that offsets the posititivty and silver lining. I had alot of lectures to listen to for school this weekend so I decided to go through some of my favorite blogs archives. As I was going through yours, I started to remember why I fell in love with your blog. It wasn’t the pretty pictures, nice clothes or where you lived but your sweet, honest but positive and, at times, slightly self deprecating tone that really made me feel like I could relate to you. You werent just some girl with a blog; i felt like i actually knew you or at least saw some of myself in you. I’ve missed that lately. Your pictures are pretty and you have a beautiful life but I’ve missed your input and ‘two cents’ on everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. Though I can’t really relate to this post because I’m a single teenage college student, my heart still goes out to you. I’m glad things are looking up! Praying for you cute little baby and family

  97. ene

    Sending lots of positive energy to you all especially little Samson. Growing pains is all it is. Wishing you peace today and always :)

  98. Elisa

    In France we’re using iris root as a natural pain killer for teeth you should try it.

  99. andy

    4 to 5 drops of clove oil mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil – live saver!!

  100. andy

    I should of mentioned, I just dip my finger in the oil mixure & rub on their sore little gums. Hope those teeth come through soon!

  101. Henna

    Poor Little Samson man! Hope he’s feeling himself again. We just went through some of this. We had it so lucky until molars. Same as Eleanor, except it was at three months! The teeth just kept on popping out and Mateo didn’t seem to blink. Looks like molars will be different. We had a night of high fever and wakings followed by a day of drooling…but luckily that was the worst of it.

    Hmm, I’m reading all of your comments. Very savvy readers you have there. I think I’m going to take note of some of these tips! ;)


  102. Ruby

    I love the arrow earrings! And so many cute blouses!

  103. An absolute delicious picture. We’re in the middle of the teething phase too. Having as much fun as you! :)

  104. I think my daughter may have her teeth coming in – and I’m scared!

    I’m already baffled by what causes her to cry half the time. I don’t want another factor making her upset that I can barely control.

  105. Jamie

    As a mama to five, including two little dudes who are 1.5 and almost 2… I can totally relate… The pain they feel when those teeth decide to bud translates into some intense mommy/daddy agony as well in trying to comfort them…

  106. Katrina

    Hi! I am a new reader and I love your space and style and words and pictures! I was wondering how I ‘follow’ or subscribe to your blog??

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  108. Piper

    I totally understand, Naomi! Zoey, our 3 year old, never experienced any pain it seemed when she was teething. But our 15 month old, Nathan, had it really bad. He had 8 teeth before he turned 7 months old, which probably explained why he was waking up every 1.5 hours at night the entire first 7 months of his life. Hang in there! It will be over sooner than you think :)