i am sure you already heard, but if you didn’t, it snowed all day and all night yesterday in new york city meaning we had a foot of snow this morning! they named the storm nemo. probably not after the pixar fish, but we’ve still been chanting the phrase, “shark bait ooo la la” nonstop anyway. the snow was beautiful and exciting at first, but sadly it’s just a big grey slushy mess outside now. sad how fast that pretty stuff turns black here in the city.

we spent the morning taking turns trying to sleep in (i took the first shift of handling our 6am alarm clocks, and josh took the second shift around 9am so we could both snooze a few hours longer.) here are a few photos from the AM:


^^^eleanor practiced some typing at a desk she assembled all by herself!^^^

blogcookies^^^we made cookies while papa slept (it’s the only thing that’s worth doing at 7am on a saturday in my opinion.)^^^


^^^we went out in the snow and played.^^^


^^^i pushed my stroller through lots of slush like this. it was funnnnnnn.^^^


^^^”papa! snow!^^^


^^^eleanor got her first taste of snow…literally.^^^


^^^still wearing my hat as i type this because i now have hat hair.^^^


^^^everything in smaller sizes is just cuter. especially shoes.^^^

i hope they name the next storm, dori. thanks for stopping by, nemo!

  1. …I now just want to speak in her famous whale language!! Great pics, as ever xx

  2. These photos are so cute! Your family is beautiful.

    Juliette Laura

  3. Brittany

    I have no idea how you all seem to be so well-kept and fashionable 24/7! But more importantly, the happiness and love is my favorite part of these posts. We can all count on the Davis family to not let any snow storm give them the grumpies!

  4. such adorable photos! I hate how the snow is such a mess now but it looked sooo magical last night.

    where are your sunglasses from btw? they are so cute!

  5. ahh know oh so well the juggling between parents you’re talking about. i just did a post on my blog about my husband and i both trying to go on a night out on a Saturday night separately. now the bargaining on who’s on the morning shift will begin!! lovely pics, Eleanor’s hunter are beyond adorable!

  6. jen

    so cute!! i love your hat too!

  7. Irela

    You take such beautiful photos! And wow- look at all that snow. I haven’t seen snow in years!

  8. Angelica

    that’s some crazy snow! it sure makes for some adorable pictures though :) you have the most adorable babies ever! love e’s boots.

  9. Anika

    What cuties! You look just like the actress that plays Mary from Downton Abbey in that photograph of you. So gorgeous!

  10. Between E’s precious little boots and your sunnies I think you might be Nemo’s most stylish ladies!

    Time Stand Still

  11. Anna

    You re so right, Naomi… EVERYTHING in smaller sizes is better… I once bought a pair of baby chuck taylors (with no actual baby to pair them with) but I just couldn’t resist!!!! They were adorable!!! Great pics as always, you re my family role model :)
    Anna from <3

  12. Briseidy

    we had lots of snow in Montreal too but we finally got out of the house today :) E looks so big in the typing pic!

  13. Lorene

    I LOVE how your pictures look! What setting are you using on your camera?

  14. We totally got stuck indoors as well, but we are in Boston and we got about 2 feet of snow! I love that you guys got out to play in the snow. We tried but our 2 year old was done after about 5 minutes!


  15. Lisa

    Looks like the sun came out after the storm. The white stuff is beautiful…

  16. Nicole

    I just wanted to finally stop in and say I love reading your blog! I was nervous when I started our blog (two southern lovebirds who packed up after school in search of “the dream” that is nyc) but then I read yours and realized I don’t have to just have a fashion blog or just have a food blog… I can just have an “us” blog.

    So thanks again! I’m a loyal follower!


  17. AM

    Looks fun… no snow day here in DC.. in fact it was pretty nice out today!

  18. Cory

    Ahh, I miss living on the East Coast with its snow days! Throw a snowball for me, ok? ; )

  19. Leah

    Where did you find hunter snow boots?

  20. sarah

    oh my. we do the same thing but it doesnt look so glorious lol. sleeping in and taking turns is THE best. and eating cookies at 7 am is also THE best. cutest little family. I follow on instagram and honestly didnt know you had two kids for the longest time, one is the other ones mini me! so cute, having two littles is the best!


  21. Ashton

    We got quite a bit of snow over here in Michigan too! It’s always so much fun to enjoy the day after the storm stops. And I must say that little Es boots are beyond adorable! :)

  22. I adore eleanor’s hunter boots. I want a pair. Im a size 6, maybe that’s still small enough to look cute?!

  23. Love these photos! And love snow (except when it turns into grey slush)

  24. alyssa

    eleanor’s shoes are too cute! may i ask where your beanies are from? love them! i can never find hats as cute as yours!

  25. The Egg

    Shark bait, ohh ha ha!

  26. Josie

    Love your blog, what bran is e’S jacket?

  27. Brittany

    those mini hunters! ah! absolutely adorable. i am actually jealous of the snow… there is not much of that here in phoenix! give it some love for me :)


  28. Bea

    I love soooo much snow!
    Everything is magic!
    Buona domenica!

  29. Carie

    I’m glad you had such fun with the snow before it went all slushy and horrible; slushy plus anything on wheels is no fun at all. When we had snow here recently it was impossible to push the pram anywhere so we ended up with one in the soft sling and the other on Daddy’s back – perfect parental work out!

  30. Alice

    Ohhh her little Hunters are adorable!! And I definitely like the idea of 7am cookie making, best snowday breakfast ever!! x

  31. Jackie

    Everything definitely is cuter when it’s smaller.

  32. Laura

    Oh my goodness! Those tiny hunter boots are adorable! Great photos by the way, you make the snow look like a colourful rainbow!

  33. Jade

    You guys in NYC get much better snow than us in London. As an Aussie expat who hardly ever experiences it – I’m totally jealous! Hope you four have a wonderful Sunday too.

  34. leah.

    such a beautiful day with such magical photos! i am a little bit jealous of your snow – we hardly got any here in philly!

  35. sini

    Cute photos, once again! You always have so bright colors in your life, love it! I’m used to for the hat hair, half of the year is winter and i prefer keeping me warm than having pretty hair;)

  36. Ariel

    Can I be part of your family? You guys are the cutest. ;) xo

  37. When I was young we lived in CT, USA and I loved the snow. Although I am now bringing up my family in London, UK, we still get some snow and I always imagined playing with my babies in the snow.
    Only problem is, they hate it! We have so many pictures of me frolicking around while the babies shriek and try to go back inside that I’ve now given up! Maybe when they are a little older??

    Cute photos!

  38. JM

    Wow, that is a lot of snow! Glad to see you have all stayed safe and seem to have not lost power. Hopefully the grey slush will clear soon :)

  39. Shark bait ooo la la! Ha ha, now you have me saying it but it’s probably not a good idea for me to say it during the day because I spend my lazy Australian summer days at the beach. So refreshing to see cool white powder where you are, in contrast to the creamy sand and glistening blue I see across the road from our beach shack.
    Bella @ Sea and Salt

  40. Love that her puppy is acting as secretary at her office!!

  41. Michelle

    Lovely pictures, Eleanor’s boots are so cute :)

  42. Julia

    Haha, the last comment! :-))
    You guys are great and a constant source of inspiration to me (lifestyle, housing, clothing, kids raising…).
    Greetings from an almost equally snowy Germany!

  43. christian

    You guys are the cutest family! Families of 4 are awesome, we have two littles too! Where did you find those amazing tiny hunter snow boots? And your hat? I love the color and it looks like it fits good! I have a small head so good hats are hard for me To Find! I love Your Blog, i get excited About New post! Yay!

  44. Bianca

    holy cuteness! those baby hunter boots slay me!

  45. Love the way you dress Eleanor. It’ll be an inspiration for my future children :)

  46. Cute you had beautiful Saturday beautiful family

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  47. Alessandra

    I just love how your photos and posts. What a lovely family! I have noticed a lot of the blogs I love to read share the same link “we believe”… Very interesting… :).

  48. Jessica

    Your hat is adorable Naomi!!
    And these photos are gorgeous. The colour is unbelievable!


  49. looks like a fun saturday!! E is just too cute at her makeshift desk! you always have her dressed so well, love it! inspires me for outfits for my daughter {although she is much younger}.

  50. ana costa

    you are the cuttest family ever :D


  51. Heidi

    What a great Saturday – I really love that you took turns sleeping-in, reminds me of the time when we used to that when our babies were that little! :)

  52. Eleanor’s Hunter boots are so cute!!! Cannot get over them! And, her little desk is adorable. She reminds me of my cousin’s little girl…always using her imagination :)


  53. Lindsay

    Your kids are so beautiful! What fun pictures (and a fun way to celebrate a snowstorm). :)

  54. Taylor

    Oh, so adorable!!!!

  55. Adorable :) You have the talent to turn any small moment into a gorgeous captured memory, Miss Taza.

  56. B.

    Looking at these pictures makes me smile! You have such a lovely daughter :)

    Breathe Me

  57. Grace

    Adorable photos, I admire you for taking your kids out everyday!

  58. Dani

    Ahhh! so much snow! love love E’s baby hunters, what a sweet girl. By the way I am in love with your hat, please tell me where you got it! XOXO

  59. lovely photos! looks like a wonderful weekend :) saw you met up with bloggers as well this weekend, how nice!


  60. Chelsea

    Looks like your family weathered the storm beautifully! And for the record, you are absolutely spot on with the only thing worth doing at 7 am is baking cookies – I’m all for it! Stay warm!

  61. 1 foot of snow in new york? wow, that must not happen a lot. it’s nice to have a day inside once in a while, but here, when there is snow aaaalllll winter, i get bummed out pretty quick. :S

    i haven’t baked cookies in a while, i should do that soon, it’s so much fun to do. (:

    E looks so cute at her little computer table. ahah. couches are useful! xD

    totally random but my son has that same soft book (the find a bone for the dog book), the one in the background in the first picture; he loves it!

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  62. Meghan

    we totally do shifts like that on the weekends. it’s the only way you get to sleep in when you have little ones! our 14-month-old gets up at 6am, too!

  63. Your family is just the cutest! Could you do a post on photography & Photoshop? I would love to get some new tips, especially since I adore all the images on your blog. Cheers & stay warm!

  64. Morgane

    E. is really adorable!!

  65. yvi

    those hunter shoes are so cute.



  66. emily

    quite jealous looking at these pictures …wish Nemo would pay a visit to LA :)

  67. KATHY

    i wished it snowed back here in melbourne. i love how you capture the photos at the right moment :D and samson looks so full of life in the first photo, his such a jolly kid.

  68. allison

    Looks like E wants to start a blog, too :) Snow days inside are the best! And I’m dying over the mini hunter’s that E has!

  69. Anne

    my goodness those mini hunters are adorable!

  70. Amie

    Such a fun post. Glad the snow has ended for y’all, & “Dori” would be so appropriate! Your babies are the cutest. Thanks for sharing such sweet times.

  71. Dalia

    You do have the cutest family. I also love E’s outfits :) so colorful and cute! May Heavenly Father bless your sweet family always.

  72. Baby smiles – the very best! :) Glad to see you guys are making the best of this – hope you’re staying warm!

  73. Blakely

    Oh my! Cutest little snowy girl! Love the mini hunters and her darling smile in the snow. NYC is magical after a snowstorm

  74. I’m surprised you found clean snow!! We made homemade donuts yesterday, and I was thinking the whole time, ” this is SO something Naomi and Josh would do ” ; ) Have a great start to your week!

  75. hallo naomi!
    so much snow you had in new york!

    your saturday cookies look delicious!
    do you have a recipe for these?

    thank you!
    have a beautiful new week!

  76. Shannon

    Loving everything about those little hunter boots!

  77. Catherine

    What is the recipe for these cookies? They look delish.

  78. olya

    those boots are cuuuute!!! we got snowed in here too :)

  79. I love Eleanor’s skirt and boots! And by that I mean that I would wear them! So cute!!!! :)

  80. Vicky

    I love your blog soooo much.
    I have a tough life right now, but your articles and photos always make me smile and feel refresh.
    Thank you and I hope one day I can have such a loving family as you have.
    Take care and wish you all the best!

  81. Stephanie

    Where’d you get that hat….. love it.

  82. Nicole

    I love your red beanie! Who makes it?

  83. Carly

    Look at all of you in your beanies!

    And Samson looks just like Eleanor!

  84. Louise

    absolutely fabulous pictures! Snow in NY how great!

    Much love

  85. I love the way you are able to stay fit, chic, and have so much fun while running around with 2 kids. Im pregnant with my first baby in our second trimester and cant wait to see what life is like once this little one is here! Thanks for being an inspriation (: Check out my blog for yummy healthy recipees, pregnancy updates, and family fun in southern california:

  86. Sarah

    You inspire me to find the joy in everyday life. Thank you for that. Xx

  87. April

    I love these photos! The little light blue snow boots are way too cute!

  88. Stephanie

    Y’all just may be the cutest family ever!

    And I love e’s skirt. Where is it from? My two tea party lovin girlies would love it!

  89. Mun

    Those teeny weeny hunter boots are super adorable! So is your family :)