rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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hey lovers of instagram, we have the perfect giveaway for you today from our sponsor, stickygram! sticky gram turns your instagram photos into magnets and they are giving away  3 sets of sticky grams (27 instagram photos) to one lucky reader!

we covered our big fridge back in dc and our not-so-big fridge here in new york city with stickygrams we have collected over the past year, so i was so happy when stickygram reached out to me a few months ago about being a sponsor for our site.  it’s always fun to pause in the kitchen and look at all of those tiny photos! it’s almost time to get another fridge just so we have another spot for our sticky grams. ;)

to enter to win, leave a comment below. the winner will be drawn at random this friday.  good luck!

  1. Dana

    this is great! thanks for the chance.

  2. Thanks for the change to win! <3

  3. rebekah

    I’m moving to NYC alone in May, and this would be the perfect way for me to remember all of my friends and family back home. Fingers crossed!!

  4. cara

    hope to win!

  5. Zita

    I love IG and Stickygrams! I would love to win! :)

  6. Audrey

    Great idea, I would love this : )

  7. Stephanie

    Thanks for this chance!

  8. Katie

    i love sticky gram! we have some on our fridge and would love even more! hope I win!

  9. alison

    Stickygrams! I love it

  10. Amy Hewes

    Such a lovely way to display photos! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. ryan

    we have a few on our fridge already but there’s always room for more!

  12. Rachel

    great giveaway! thanks, Taza!

  13. I love Stickygram! I used them for lots of Christmas presents this year! Thanks for organizing this :)

  14. Mary H

    Hopeful! I love these sticky grams!!

  15. Chloe S

    Oh man! That would be so lovely. I love magnets and their versatility — props to stickgram for coming with such a splendid idea.

  16. Connie

    I would love a way to display all my fun instagram photos, I too have a little city fridge that could use a little facelift. I live in Vancouver Canada, can I still enter or is the contest limited to the U.S.? Count me in, :-)

  17. sarah

    lovely lovely! what a fun way to relive special memories.
    Thank you for the fun stuff Naomi!

  18. andrea

    Love your blog! What a sweet family! And I love instagram!

  19. alison

    yeaah stickgrams!! :)

  20. Cyndi B.

    Yay Stickygram!!!! I totes need more!!!!

  21. Dana

    Stickygram is my favorite!!

  22. Laurie

    you have the coolest sponsors and the nicest giveaways Taza! how i hope to win this one :) xo

  23. Ashley

    Love! I would cover my fridge in pictures of my rabbits and cat!

  24. Allison

    Love love your blog and stickygrams! Pick me!

  25. Mary

    I would love to win!!!

  26. Michaela

    Sounds like an awesome way to jazz up the fridge!

  27. Kat

    i love love love stickygram! i’ve been wanting to buy a bunch for my fridge. great giveaway!!

  28. Lizzie Weldon

    Love stickygram! Brilliant giveaway!

  29. Kara

    how fun!

  30. Jennifer

    Love these!!

  31. Brittni S.

    Such a great give away! Love!

  32. Melissa Hansen

    What a great giveaway :) Fingers crossed!!!

  33. Akua

    Such a neat idea.

  34. Jona

    I’d love to win!

  35. Olivia

    I would love this! What a cute fridge y’all have!

  36. olya

    i am hoping that this random is me!!!

  37. Claire R

    Love reading your blog all the way from Australia! Not sure if the giveaway is only for U.S, but I would love to cover our little fridge with stickygram photos from the last year!

  38. Drake

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting to get some of these for a while now

  39. Laurie

    Such a fun giveaway! I would love to win Sticky Grams!

  40. I’d love to win these, so cute!

  41. Laura

    Great giveaway! <3

  42. Hailey

    Such a great idea! I would love to win!

  43. Susan Trotiner

    oh please! i’d love to make a set as a gift for my BF.

  44. Karla

    Yay for Instagram and sticky pics!

  45. Laurie

    I’ve always wanted some Stickygrams! Great giveaway. Crossing my fingers.

  46. Chelsea

    I would put them on my fridge just like you. Best spot!

  47. Lyss

    So cute!

  48. so cute! I would love to win!

  49. Caroline

    So cute! would be the perfect gift for my sister, who has two little ones at home

  50. Anna B.

    I’d love some! I’m getting a new ~fancy~ phone today, so I’ll be able to use Instagram and this would be so nice to have!

  51. I’ve been wanting to purchases some sets of Stickygrams!! This would be a great addition to my home and kitchen. Not only do I think it’s a wonderful reminder of our beautiful life but a wonderful way to share our life memories with guests that come over!! Would love to win these :)

  52. tina

    love these!

  53. Beth

    Love your blog and would love to win this giveaway!

  54. Lacy Wagner

    wow fun! we ordered these for our 80 year old grandma for christmas! hope to start a collection to match yours one day! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Jenny Mc

    This I would really like give the state of my fridge with flyers, pictures, a Zebra and a magnetic chain holding most things in place, it’s amess.

  56. ChristyH

    LOVE instagram & instagram collages!!

  57. Angeli

    Oh…my fridge is soooooo empty and lonely… I’m sure my it would love to be decorate with stickygrams!
    Pick me…or my fridge!

  58. Louise

    Hey. What a great idea to get my photos into magnets. Would love to win

  59. Elisha

    I love this idea! I’m always amazed at the possibilities technology provides. Love it!

  60. Caitlin

    Obviously love Instagram! What a fun little giveaway!!

  61. Lynette

    My fridge is half covered. Aiming to cover it all too…

  62. Brooke McCurdy

    I want the stickygram! i do! i do!

  63. Nicolle

    Yay! I was looking for a way to decorate my empty fridge. I just moved, so this will be perfect to feeling love from home :) Thanks for the idea – as well as the chance to win!

  64. Stephanie

    Sticky grams are exactly what my fridge needs!

  65. Val

    I would love to win! Thank you for hosting!

  66. Eden

    love stickygrams! xo

  67. Maude Jomphe

    J’adore les stickygram!!!

  68. sabine

    I’d love to win! <3

  69. Janna

    This is Awesome! I am addicted to Instagram and your blog!!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  70. whitney

    I already have some on my fridge and LOVE them! Been wanting to add more for awhile so this would be great to win!

  71. becky

    omg i have been lusting over stickygram for months but cannot convince myself to spend the money. fingers crossed!!

  72. i love instagram! in fact i just instagrammed a picture of the oven puffed pancake i made today from the recipe you put on your blog a while ago. i ate the whole thing myself while my little one was napping. oops…

  73. Allison


  74. sarah

    love me some stickygrams! my fridge needs some love!

  75. Jenny

    I would love to win these!!!

  76. Samantha M

    Love Instagram and your blog! So much fun!

  77. Emily

    I love these! Would be so cool to put them all over our metal front door!

  78. Allison

    This is such an awesome giveaway! Stickygrams look so fun!

  79. Fingers Crossed! I hope I have a lucky Friday!!!

  80. Magda

    I am sticky with love for these!

  81. Alli

    Awesome! I have been eyeing these up for quite some time :)

  82. Kathy

    I am working on my frig too! I love LOVE love my stickygrams!

  83. Kaitlin Fitzgerald

    Such a cute idea to savor memories in the best gathering space of all… the kitchen!

  84. Lisa

    I love stickygrams…I think they are the perfect little present to sent to grandparents who live far away!

  85. alexandra

    my roommate would love to turn her instagrams into magnets! we just put up pictures last weekend & it’s the perfect time to decorate the refrigerator too. thanks for offering the chance! x

  86. Sarah B.

    Awesome giveaway!!!!!!

  87. Oh I’d love this! *fingers crossed*

  88. Selah

    Love the stickygrams!

  89. Susana

    I love stickygram and your blog!!

  90. Evie

    n’awww cute! I love stickygram! It helps when you’re also an instagram addict… hehe.

  91. isabelle

    pick me :)

  92. I just ordered my first set of stickygrams last week and received them yesterday! I absolutely LOVE them… & would love the chance to win some more :)

  93. Cayla Cieply

    Thanks for a chance, I love IG, and have always wanted to purchase Stickygams! This would add some fun to my kitchen!

  94. Elizabeth

    Love my instagram, so I’d love to win. (:

  95. Nuria

    It’s amazing!!
    Your blog is amazing!
    Nuria from barcelona

  96. mando

    I love Stickygrams! I ordered some for my mom and I a few months ago and I’ve been meaning to order up more

  97. Kathleen

    Hope to win!

  98. Marisol

    Not that I need more things on my fridge but perhaps photos in this manner will look a bit less cluttered. :)

  99. Oh, I’ve wanted to order some stickygrams… I’d LOVE to win this!! Thanks! ( :

  100. laura

    My one and 2 year old would love these! Pick us pick us! !

  101. Fallon

    Love stickygrams! :)

  102. Melissa

    Ya Stickygrams!

  103. Jennifer

    My 2-year old daughter would love this! She’s a huge fan of anything sticky!

  104. Terrai

    I haven’t placed a Stickygram order before but I’ve thought about it lots. Winning one would be the perfect chance to try it out!!

  105. Amanda Kornazov

    A fridge-full of pictures of my baby!?!?! That would be awesome =)

  106. Courtney

    This is so great! I love instagram and hope to win stickygram!

  107. Ellie

    I’d love to win and decorate my fridge!

  108. Leah D.

    How cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. LOVE Instagram – and Stickygram rocks! Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers crossed!!


  110. Marni

    I’d love to win! I’ve been eyeing stickygrams for a long time now! Thanks for the chance :)

  111. christina

    I love! Stickygram!!Thanks for the giveaway, hope I win! :-)

  112. Brit

    Love stickygram! I’ve given them as gifts, but haven’t purchased any myself yet. Fun giveaway!

  113. jaewon

    i ordered some last week! excited to cover my own tiny fridge with them.

  114. zuzanna schwed

    I hope I win!

  115. Michelle

    How fun! I love Instagram

  116. Meg G

    I am 2 photos away from 1000 on IG. It would be so cool to be able to “bring some them to life” and enjoy them in my home, not just on my feed.

  117. Amy

    I love sticky grams!!!

  118. Ooh, just what my fridge needs :)
    Fingers crossed. Thanks lady!

  119. Lesley

    I have tons of pictures of my little guy, it would be great to have them on my fridge!

  120. Thanks for posting this giveaway! Here’s hoping I win. Stickygrams are a great way to decorate your home and share family photos.

  121. lindsay

    thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Jacki

    How fun, I was just noticing that I don’t actually have any magnets on my fridge, and Stickygrams would be a great start :)

  123. Kirsten

    Oh I love stickygram! fingers crossed!

  124. lindsay

    thanks! i’d love to decorate our fridge this way too

  125. Jennifer Ruppert

    I’m an Instagram addict! I’d love this!! :)

  126. melissa

    Awesome! got my fingers crossed! xx

  127. I have 4 stickygrams left on the fridge!! I want more!! :)

  128. Jordan

    Yay for Stickygrams!! Thanks, Naomi!

  129. Jaclyn

    I’d love to win these and decorate the fridge in my new apartment!

  130. Bianca

    I would absolutely love to win some stickygrams!!!

  131. Sophie

    Wicked x

  132. Sarah Francke

    Count me in! Love!


  133. julie

    such a cute idea for magnets!!!

  134. Jenn

    Oh my gosh I want sticky grams on my fridge!!

  135. JM

    This is such a great idea, i would LOVE to do this! I’m already thinking about which instagram pictures i would pick. :)

  136. christina g

    i love instagram and stickygrams! would love to win these!

  137. lisa d

    Sticky grams are so fun! We have a couple and both my girls love playing with/rearranging them. It’s especially cute when they hug and kiss the little pictures haha, Needless to say more would be quite popular here. thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  138. Becky

    Love sticky grams!

  139. isabelle

    i love stickygrams! would love to be entered, thanks!

  140. Jess, Milwaukee

    love this! I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw pics of your fridge in DC month ago :)

  141. hannah

    love this!! i’ve wanted to try stickygram for a good long while. thanks for the giveaway, naomi!

  142. Brooke

    We have a metal door in our apartment and covering it with Stickygrams would bring some life to our kitchen!

  143. This is great, of course I’d love to win :)

  144. Jessamyn

    Awesome! I love these!

  145. jackie

    I would love to do something like this with my favorite instagrams!

  146. Colleen

    Would love to use this for some pics of our 4 month old daughter!

  147. Rebecca

    My fridge door is so barren right now – this would be a great way to dress it up!

  148. Jessica

    Stickygrams have been on my wish list!

  149. Erin S.

    I love sticky grams. Instagrams. Tiny pictures. The ppl and events in those tiny pictures.

  150. Shannon

    Oh! I just love this…such a nice way to see your pictures everyday!

  151. Kylie

    I love Stickygrams! I have a few on my fridge and I’ve really been wanting to get some more! What a great giveaway. :)

  152. Catherine

    Love this! Hoping I win :)

  153. Jlynn

    Would love to win this!

  154. anne-marie

    love stickygram! i have been meaning to print a bunch!

  155. Megan

    Fingers crossed – what a great idea! :)

  156. I would love some stickygrams :-) love your blog!

  157. Mariah

    yes please! i’ve been wanting some sticky grams!

  158. Janny Manasse

    How fun!!!I’d love to decorate my fridge too. :)

  159. Christine

    Yes, please!!

  160. Heather

    Those look so cute! Have a lovely day!

  161. Jasmin

    I’d love to win these! Some for our fridge, some for my med school locker, and some for my husband’s office!

  162. Stickygrams! Such a cute idea, I love instagram so this is perfect!

    Juliette Laura

  163. Bridget

    Oo what a great giveaway! I’m a total instagram fiend – I’d love to win this!x

  164. AM

    i love sticky grams! i remember them from one of your posts a while back – such a cute way to decorate your fridge!

  165. Sara

    Love it!

  166. Sarah F

    Thank you for the giveaway!! My fridge would greatly appreciate some flair!

  167. Heather

    These are so cool!! Love!!

  168. Anna

    Love the product! Hope I win!!

  169. Kerri Sudding

    I was introduced your blog in a lecture at University, I’m now HOOKED and I’m busy writing my own blog!! Would LOVE to win these to document special memories!

  170. Taylor

    LOVE!! Perfect for our new fridge! :)

  171. Kelly Martin

    Love this! Thanks for posting :)

  172. Lucy

    Ooo what a fab little giveaway! Fingers crossed :) xx

  173. Jen

    I would love to win! ;)

  174. I WANT SOME STICKYGRAMS! would make great gifts for friends & family!

  175. Helen

    What a great idea, thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Alissa

    Yay! What a wonderful idea! Hopefully I’m the lucky winner! ;)

  177. Jaime

    This is wonderful! Thank you for the chance to be able to win :) Just moved into a new place, so these would look great on my new fridge!

  178. Nathalie

    Great idea! I’d love these.

  179. I have ALL my toes and fingers crossed. Plus, if chosen, I will send you some imaginary virtual cookies. YEAH. ;)

  180. Bree

    I’ve had ‘order stickygram’ on my to-do list forever! *fingers crossed*

  181. Franziska

    and also from ‘far-away-germany’ thanks for the chance to win!!!

  182. Mallory

    I was just ordering a sheet of these for my hubs for Valentine’s Day! Perfect timing… if I win… ;)

  183. Chu

    ooh ooh ooh, this would be lovely!

  184. Lydia

    Oh Bruce allmighty how I want to win :o

    – L

  185. Kerianna

    Instagram? I’m a fan. :)

  186. I <3 stickygrams! Such a great giveaway!

  187. Kelsey

    Ah! I’ve loved these ever since I first saw them on your blog, so perfect for the fridge – good excuse to finally take down all those two year old Xmas cards we have on now =)

  188. Missy

    Yay! Stickygrams! Thanks for the chance to win!

  189. Kristen

    I love me some instagram!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  190. Kat G.

    Love instagram! Great giveaway!

  191. Gülcan

    Yay! good luck to everyone!

  192. olivia k

    The fridge is so cool man!

  193. Karine

    Even if it’s going to be tough to win with so many comments, I’m trying my luck! Thanks for the giveaway anyway!

  194. Addie

    so stinkin cute! thanks!!

  195. Everyone needs a little stickygrams in their life! :)

  196. Oh i would very much like to win

  197. Tricia S

    Rad blog! Would love to win the stickygrams!

  198. Lindsey Stu

    I love Stickygrams! I have a bunch on my fridge but could always use more to cover the space!

  199. Emmy

    Sweet giveaway! =)

  200. Mallory

    I would love some of these for my new apartment!!

  201. Meredith Shirley

    Stickygrams! So fun!

  202. Donna

    I love instagram and would love to fill my fridge with stickers!

  203. Allie

    What a great giveaway! :) Thanks!

  204. Laura

    Oh man I love fridge magnets AND I love instagram so this is a perfect mix for me!Whoo Stickygram!

  205. Andrea

    I would love to win this!! Regardless I will definitely be using Stickygram in the near future :)

  206. Cheryl

    Oh wow! I think I would be tempted to copy you and stick them all over the fridge.
    Fingers crossed!
    Cheryl x

  207. Katie H.

    I’d love to win this! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  208. Kelly

    LOVE these! Brings something extra personal and special to the kitchen! :) Seeing the one’s you love most when going to open the fridge (which, I happen to do lots of)!! hehe

  209. Jackie W

    I love stickgrams! Your fridge looks amazing!

  210. Jordan

    These are great – thanks for offering this giveaway!

  211. lori

    love stickgrams!

  212. Lizzie

    i would love to decorate my fridge with these! pick me :)

  213. Dawn

    I ordered my first (and definitely not last) batch of stickygrams for Christmas. I love them!! My goal it to cover my fridge like yours!

  214. Becky S

    I love instagram..and would LOVE to have my instaphotos on my fridge!

  215. Dot

    Oh, I love stickygram! I’d love a fridge full of these.

  216. Noelle

    I have been wanting to get some!

  217. tcm

    My six year old daughter would love this. What a beautiful way to showcase special moments. My recent separation has been tough on her so we try to capture every joyous moment we get as mum and daughter.

    Awesome giveaway!!


  218. Andrea

    Your fridge is adorable! My kitchen could use some of this cheer.

  219. Megan

    What a neat idea! I’ve been looking for ways to gussy up my refrigerator! :)

  220. Kathryn Hager

    Yeah! Our fridge needs some life!

  221. I have wanted to cover my fridge in IG of my puppy!! x

  222. Ixtchell

    Hi LoveTaza! I´d love to win!

  223. Melissa

    I love stickygrams! Have some and ALWAYS want more!!

  224. Tricia

    Would love to make some of these of my new baby! Love them!

  225. Meaghan

    love this idea! such a fun giveaway! thanks taza :)

    xo Meaghan

  226. Lauren

    Love decorating the house with instagram photos!

  227. Sara

    These are so cute! Love it!

  228. Taylor a.

    I’ve been wanting to order these for so long! Pick me!!

  229. Sarah

    The perfect thing for a college student like myself! They would fit perfectly on my fridge right next to my chalkboard wall! In love with these Stickygrams!

  230. Rocio

    Thanks for the opportunity :) Muchas gracias :)

  231. Maggie Leak

    Would love to give these to my sister for her birthday.

  232. christie rogers

    thank you to both for the chance to win!

  233. Danielle

    OOOOOOH, that would be perfect. so sad when good pictures just sit in instagram!

  234. Kayla

    This is amazing! I’ve been looking for an easier way to show off my instagrams in real life, and these would look amazing in my kitchen! :)

  235. Rachel

    I have several sheets of stickygrams in my shopping cart, but have yet to purchase! Thanks for this chance to win and I adore your blog!

  236. Jill

    I would love to win, what a great giveaway! So cute :)

  237. Betsy

    Oh I love these! I bought some after you posted about them last time, and I am in love. It would be great to get some more!

  238. Lindsay

    Yes! I’d love to win! It’d be nice to showcase my Instagram photos (and have a great reason to lose the pizza place magnets…)

  239. Gabriela

    I would LOVE to have some magnets for my fridge!

  240. Devin

    I love instagram and so of course i’m obsessed with stickygram and all it’s greatness, I’d just love to win this!

  241. So fun! Thanks!

  242. aria

    I need more stickygrams!

  243. Oh lovely lovely. I want them! xoxo

  244. Cassie

    This sounds amazing! Fingers crossed!

  245. Trisha

    I loveeee instagram!i’d love to win so I can finally showcase my photos! :)

  246. an

    I adore these! Would love to win this contest!

  247. Brianna

    What a fun giveaway! My little one would love this!

  248. Sara W

    Such a great way to actually use your instagram pics!

  249. Kirstie

    Me please!!

  250. Jess

    I actually just joined Instagram a month ago – what a cute idea to turn your photos into little magnets. I would love to fill my fridge with these!

  251. Colby

    I’d love to re-do our fridge with sticky grams of our little family!

  252. Greetings and thanks from Finland :)

  253. These are so adorable! Might get some even if I don’t win ;)

  254. Elise

    Hi from Canada! Don’t know if this is international, but I love stickygrams!

  255. Becky

    What a great giveaway!

  256. lyza

    So cute! Love these!

  257. Mallory

    I just started collecting stickygrams, I love them! I hope I can add more to my collection!

  258. Elizabeth

    I love Sticky Grams! I gifted a few sets of these to friends this year for Christmas but never purchased any for myself! Fingers are crossed!

  259. Bridget Jewell

    OBSESSED with Stickygrams… would love to win!

  260. brianna

    My first baby is due in 6 weeks! I’m going to be instagramming and hopefully stickygramming like crazy ;)

  261. Sarah

    I’ve always wanted some stickygrams! Crossing my fingers…

  262. Sarah

    So cute! I’d love to try it out!

  263. freya

    i love your fridge and would looove to win!

  264. Ashley S.

    I love sticky grams! Would love to have more!

  265. Maria

    These are adorable! I would love to have some instagram photos of my family in my kitchen!

  266. Paula

    We Love Taza and Sticlygrams in Spain too!! :)

  267. Lindsay McLellan

    Woohoo!! I have sheets as Christmas presents but want some for myself!

  268. holly

    so cute! i’ve been wanting to try these!

  269. Jen clowdus

    i need the instastickys!

  270. Anna

    Amazing!! I am obsessed with instagram and would looove some stickies to showcase them on my fridge!! :)

  271. Blanca

    Yay! They look awesome

  272. Byanka

    My fridge and I would luv to win! Thanks!

  273. Diana

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love those stickgrams and have always wanted to order some.

  274. Katie

    I’ve wanted to get StickyGrams for forever! I would love to win (and so would my very plain fridge)!

  275. Frk. Vægt

    They are so nice :D

  276. Jess

    I love sticky gram! Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  277. şeyda

    can I want from Turkey?( my country)

  278. Alexis

    I’ve been wanting some of these! Crossing my fingers and toes!

  279. this is such a cool idea!

  280. Sara

    Yay! One can NEVER have too many stickygrams!

  281. A.

    Oh, goodness. What a great giveaway! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  282. Colleen

    i LOVE instagram and these lovely stickygrams would look wonderful on the fridge in my dorm room :)

  283. Candice

    I need these!! I am an instagram nerd and my fridge is really ugly.. WIN WIN!!!

  284. Amy Ellis

    Fingers crossed. I am new Instagram lover!

  285. Meredith

    I would love to give this to my sister and brother-in-law for their birthdays coming up. Fill their fridge with sweet pictures of their one year old son!

  286. Jenn

    LOVE THIS!! Great giveaway!

  287. Casi

    Love this!

  288. Kate

    Your covered fridge is so fun! I would love to try to do the same with mine!
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  289. zay

    OMG I want to win please please!!!

  290. Paige Gardner

    love those! thanks!

  291. Katy

    I love stickygrams!

  292. Elissa

    Stickygrams are the best. They are so cute. Have some on my frig too, and just mailed some as a gift to my sister today as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

  293. katie

    These are so neat! I’d love to try them! :)

  294. Nina M

    No waaaay!!! thta’s super cool, I have been looking into buying some stickygrams, but a chance to win some would be even better :D

  295. Suzanna

    I’ve been wanting some of these!

  296. Leticia

    Fingers crossed!

  297. Kaitlin

    Love these! They’re my new go-to gift for my family.

  298. Jess C.

    Would love to win!

  299. Mary

    I’d love to win this <3

  300. Laura

    Oh my goodness, this would be amazing! I’d love to go StickyGram crazy with our honeymoon photos :)

  301. Milly

    Awesome giveaway! I hope I get the chance to win!!

  302. Meetali

    I’d love to have more stickygrams ;)

  303. these would be awesome for our fridge! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  304. Megan

    I love stickygrams! They are my go to gift for family members!

  305. Jodi

    Love these!

  306. Emily

    Such fun!

  307. How to choose just 27 of my favorite instagrams if I win?!

  308. Olivia

    So much fun! Love them!

  309. Cynthia

    Here’s to hoping! xx

  310. latisha

    I love stickygrams but haven’t had the chance to buy them. Love your blog. Can’t wait to have littles of my own.

  311. Katy

    Ah! I’d love this, but I’d be so torn trying to pick the photos worthy of a stickygram……..

  312. Lauren Passauer

    I would love to win this giveaway! I love finding new and different ways to showcase my iPhone photos!

  313. I have about six of these and I love them. Every morning I look at my fridge and think about how I should just order more. But, you know, when you have a million things to do any pay for, magnets seem silly. I would love to win this and showcase my fav. IG’s!!! Xo Jenna

  314. Svannah

    I’d love to give these to my mom of her new grand baby. It would make a great gift!

  315. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I LOVE pictures and they’d especially brighten up my drab dorm room!

  316. Maggie

    i have told everyone i know about stickygrams–i’m obsessed!! if you haven’t ordered from them yet, i highly recommend that you do!

  317. Peggy

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    What a fun giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try out stickygrams.

    Here’s hoping I win! :)

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    my husband and i just moved to michigan, and this would be such a great way to be reminded of all of our family and friends far away. yay for stickygrams!!

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    Oo, would be great to win this! Our lil old’ fridge could definitely do with some prettying up!

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    alissa b

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    i love instagram! your stickygrammed fridge is so much fun. what a great way to look at your favorite memories every day, several times a day! i go to the fridge a lot, so…. :)

  348. Teresa

    This is such a great giveaway! thanks so much for partnering with Stickygram and letting us be a part of it! xoxoxox

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    My boyfriend and I just moved in together and those would be a great way to start decorating our kitchen! :) I’ve always been jealous of your way of covering your home in pictures of friends and family!

  366. RL

    This would be perfect to have as a newlywed (wedding is this August). Would be great to show pictures from our wedding and honeymoon! Always love your blog!

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  375. MJ

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    PS: Stop by my blog if you like polka dots, cat print dresses, thrifting, floral crowns, and lace! Plus, I have a giveaway coming soon!

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    Wow!!! How cool is that. Would love to win those…

    I also would like to say that your blog is fantastic. I first saw your pictures on instagram, and I simply couldn’t do any other thing but to follow both instagram and here. Your pictures are amazing and it makes me smile and warm my heart when I see nothing but love on your pictures. It’s something. Anyways… I just wanted to tell you that. And I wish you the best of all.

    Hugs from Denmark.

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    doesn’t work quite as well as stickygrams would.

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    I love Instagram! I’m also moving away from my family for the first time in my life this year to go to school, so it would be so comforting to come home and see all my little pictures of them on my mini fridge.

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    Fingers crossed!

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    I absolutely love your blog, Taza, and watching the progression of your children as they grow!

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    will be fun for our new family!

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  521. Lynnette Fucci

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  572. Kisses from Spain!

  573. Sarah

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  575. alayna

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  576. Kristen

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  601. Super duper awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance :)

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  603. Lindsay

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  605. Sarah Wan

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  606. Nicas

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  607. Paula h a

    I have just discovered stickygram and already got my first 9 sitckers. My two littles love playing with them, it would be fun to have the fridge door covered by our family memories!

  608. Zoe

    I have been wondering where you had those made! I am addicted to instagram and love hanging all my photos around the house and my office.

  609. Yay! Love keeping up with this blog and love me some insta!

  610. emily

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  614. Erin Kes

    As Peace Corps Volunteers in the Dominican Republic but having electricity all the time (and a small fridge!), my husband and I would LOVE Stickygrams. A perfect way to celebrate our new life together!

  615. Yasemin

    stickgrams such an adorable name and fitting for an adorable family’s giveaway!!

  616. Alison Wong

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  617. Paige

    Instagram is one of my favorite things, I would just love to win! :)

  618. Sophie


  619. Laura

    Hi! What a great, grand idea! I’d like to say a preemptive thank you on behalf of whoever wins this giveaway, because they will be so happy!

  620. Sarah Reed

    I think that if I were to cover my fridge with my IG pictures then my fridge would just be covered in food. Does that make me a hipster. Because I’m not. I just really like food. A lot.

  621. Kipin

    I used these as stocking stuffers this year, they were a hit!

  622. My goal is to cover my whole fridge, so this will help!

  623. Jackie

    I’ve been meaning to check them out! I love the instagram fridge look.

  624. Kayla Lauriano

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  749. Jennifer

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  750. Manon

    I juste came back from NYC and it would be the perfect occasion to “print” my holiday pictures from instagram!
    By the way i really like your blog!

  751. Meeshel

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    Thank you for this opportunity to win this brilliant idea.
    Have a nice day/night!

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    soraya dot benson at gmail dot com

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  790. Chris

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  791. McKenna Koford

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    I hope I get a chance, if I won id do a dance.
    Your blog is the bomb, shout out to

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  820. Lauren

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  821. I have yet to print out any of my Instagram photos…and would love to do so! Currently my fridge is filled with photos held up by broken magnets…photos that ARE magnets are the perfect solution.

  822. Sarah B.

    Love these – I bought a set at the end of last year, and I can’t help but smile every time I see the photos on our fridge! Thanks for the giveaway!

  823. Alexandra

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  824. Katy

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    P.S This blog makes my days.

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    Greetings from Germany

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  855. kendall

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  859. Jessica

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  860. Bethany Jane

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  861. Christina Lovely

    These are so fun, I have a 15 month old who is obsessed with looking at photos so this would to totally awesome to have on our fridge! Hooray stickygram

  862. Rochelle

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  863. Leeanne

    Love this. It’s a really cute idea. It would be a great gift to give.

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  865. I’ve always wanted some stickygrams!

  866. Kirsten

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  867. sarah

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  879. Rebecca

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  881. Carly

    Love the way you’ve covered your fridge with stickygrams!
    And love your blog!

  882. Jackie

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  883. ESTHER

    Thanks for the opportunity…glad to see your beautiful children growing with big smiles.

  884. I’d love to win!!! It would be fun to look back at all the instagrams me and my husband have taken. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  885. I have wanted to get stickygrams ever since I saw you post them on your blog! I LOVE Instagram pictures with all my heart!! and I would LOVE to win! Thank you!!

  886. Esther

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  887. Katriel

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  888. Ashley Rose

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  889. Wendy

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  890. Best giveaway!

  891. KATIE

    Love em’ Just got married and have a ton of pictures in mind…

  892. Lindsey

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  893. Melissa Dunsmoor

    Fun idea Taza!!!

  894. rae

    This is the perfect way to display precious moments! LOVE!

  895. jessica

    I would love to win this! I am an instagram junkie and these would be so cute on our fridge!

  896. Amy

    I always enter in contests but never win.. But this time I’m feeling lucky! Mainly because I love instagram and instagram loves me back. PICK ME!

  897. Karolina

    Love this idea! Hope to win!

  898. Alice

    Hi Taza I discovered your blog last year and I’ve been checking it every day since then ( not kidding !) your family is lovely btw :)

    I showed your blog to my best friend and she’s addicted too ! She loves instragram and can’t live your her iphone, so I figured this giveway would be a crazy gift for her !

    thanks for the chance, and best of luck with your family life, you are amazing !

    Bye from France !!!


  899. Alice

    can’t live without her iphone*

  900. Danielle

    Oh my gosh, these are so adorable! I would absolutely love to win. Thanks for the opportunity! :]

  901. Libby

    These are so cute! I love photos :)

  902. Chelsea H.

    I recently purchased my own Sticky Grams and some for a friend. I think this would be a great way to help other friends decorate their refrigerators too! Thanks for this chance and love your blog.

  903. kristen

    What fun!

  904. Lyndsi J.

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway! thanks taza!

  905. Veronica

    Love ur blog!!! Absolutely fun modern and hip !! You guys have made parenthood seem like its a lot of fun !! Good job on that :)

  906. Jamie

    I want to cover my fridge with love!!

  907. jesse

    oh need these! so many cute pics i need to see on the regular.

  908. Maggie

    Awesome :) I love looking at your Instagram, I ‘like’ almost every photo!

  909. Ali B

    Can already think of which IG photos I would use! :)

  910. Michelle E

    Awesome, these would look great on my fridge!

  911. Jamey

    What a fun way to be reminded of all those sweet memories!

  912. Lonnie

    love these…such a great way to display memories…!!

  913. VJ

    Oooooooh! I love stickygram. Thanks!

  914. Miranda

    Such a neat, creative idea! Thanks for the chance at some free stickygrams!

  915. Kc

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  916. suzanne

    I love stickygram! Such a great present for people too! Fingers crossed………

  917. Jennah

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  918. de la Vega

    Best contest ever! I want my fridge covered in photos. :)

  919. cait

    thank you for this opportunity! Your family is to die for cute!!

  920. Sarah

    love ‘em!

  921. callie

    i’d love to win some stickygrams of my sweet baby boy!

  922. Sydnie

    I’ve been thinking about getting some of these for our fridge. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  923. anna almeida

    love stickygrams!

  924. Nicole

    My husband and I just bought our first home and I’m over the moon thinking of making it “us”. These hanging on our fridge door would make our kitchen look so cute and lively!

  925. Meredith

    Love instagram and these magnets would look great on my fridge!

  926. Amber

    fun product!

  927. Carrie

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  928. krista

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  929. Taylor

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  930. Alina

    That would be the perfect giveaway for me (; I’m pretty sure.

  931. Kylee

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  1070. Sticky Gram Sticky Gram won’tcha cover my fridge! Sticky Gram Sticky Gram photos to give! YAY! I’d love to win guys!

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