on unplugging.


i mentioned in this post from the other week that  josh and i were planning to unplug from our phones on sundays. it’s just so easy to check in with twitter or instagram for a second and lose ten minutes on there… what a time suck!  well anyway,  it has been two sundays since that post, and you know something? best. two. sundays. ever.

during years and months past, i always felt like we were doing really well with this sort of thing. we have never had a tv in our home.  we aren’t into video games. josh hasn’t had a facebook account for years and i log into mine so rarely i always have to have them resend me my password because i forget.  but now there are all the social media sites we do use often and love (like twitter, or instagram or pinterest or the new vine app.) as a blogger, these sites are such a great way to stay connected with friends and readers alike.  and if you haven’t noticed by the amount of overgramming i tend to do, i sort of like social media a whole bunch.

in this day and age of always being connected, i swear all of this modern technology gets in the way of our living!  on a few occasions at the park, i’ve noticed someone pushing their child on the swing while being totally checked out and staring at their mobile device. and all i can think is, goodness i am so close to becoming that person.   between texting, social media apps, reading and responding to comments and questions on said social media apps, checking email, updating the ical… it’s like, well of course we are glued to this thing 24/7.  and also, how sad.

so sundays are becoming our slower day… away from technology… our day of rest.. it is the sabbath after all. and whether you’re religious or not, it’s nice to have a little breather. a time to unwind. to gather inspiration out in the world, away from your mobile device. to enjoy the people around you and your surroundings without refreshing any app to see who is eating what for brunch (i mean seriously!).

in addition, we’ve stopped bringing our phones to the table. when josh and i are out on a date away from the littles, the phones stay away, too.  and something we haven’t done yet but i keep hearing about and would love to try… charging phones at night in a room that is not the bedroom. i love this one. we need to buy a clock for our room so we can do this.

what do you do to stay sane and unplug?


photos by tim coulson.

  1. Delaney

    I’m in high school and I can totally attest to getting sucked in. It seems like every time there is a break in school it seems like everyone, including myself goes to their phones. I made the decision for no phones at meals. Especially lunch so I can have face to face conversation. Also when I babysit I only use my phone to take pictures of their cute little faces. Also when I hang out with my friends we leave our phones in our bags. When you are hanging out with friends, family and little ones you need to be present. I really love that you do this. I want to convince my family to try this on Sundays after church too!

  2. Oh my… A) I loved this. B) This must be a big issue. Because you, me, and my friend all blogged about this at about the same time tonight.

    Hahaha. Twins. Check it out! http://shelbylanece.blogspot.com/2013/02/taking-time-to-live.html

    I just have to leave it sometimes. Just straight up go places unattached. Sometimes even a camera limits how I experience something. It’s crazy!

  3. gaby

    I just blogged about this actually (http://thislittleport.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/keeping-up-with-social-media.html) and I’ve found a few things helpful: turning my iphone to airplane mode overnight so it’s just an alarm clock, deleting facebook and vine from my iphone, not putting my phone on the table when I’m with my husband or out with friends, and NOT checking the phone first thing in the morning. I think it’s something we’re all struggling to work out though…

  4. Cheltz

    Good for you! Your littles will thank you!

  5. Leslie

    So funny you suggest keeping the phone in another room and using a clock! I’ve been meaning to do that too…I got the clock, but now I just need to move the phone and charger. I was thinking of moving it to the bathroom since it’s the first place I go when I wake up and I can browse the internet while I brush my teeth.

  6. Tiff

    It’s nice to see popular bloggers stick up for Sunday in such a subtle way. Its a good reminder that *ahem* I need to too. xoxo

  7. Stefani

    I was totally thinking about this all week! I don’t want to be that person either!I need to unplug for one day too! Thanks for posting this! <3


  8. Danielle

    Being unplugged reminded me of Maude Apatow’s essay a few months ago: http://hellogiggles.com/falling-out-of-love-with-twitter

    She is a decade younger than me, yet I could relate to her trying to be creative but being stuck in the “twitter”/technology age. It really does hinder creativity or just plain living life.

  9. Im catholic so right now we’re in the beginning of Lent. I’ve given up Facebook for those 40 days and honestly, its the most relaxed and unglued to my phone I’ve been in years!
    Im now starting to consider giving Facebook for good!…..but i gotta have my Instagram still haha

  10. Great idea… especially doing it for one day. I often find myself checking my work and personal phones when I should be enjoying the time I have with my little one. It’s amazing how people think they are more ‘connected’ when if you really think about it, is so far from the truth.

  11. Natali

    Great post! I think that you’re doing something beneficial for both of you and your little family! Nowadays it’s so easy to loose a lot of time while being “connected” to everybody in the internet, while actually staying away from being connected with those closest to you.
    I think that having no phone Sundays is fabulous idea and I would like to start doing that too. In fact, I’ll start this Sunday :)


  12. lo

    i love this. recently I’ve given much thought to really taking sabbath as a sabbath and resting; spending time with family + in thankfulness to our savior, for giving us this day of rest!

  13. Dani

    You have inspired me to do the same thing! I love this idea. I think you will all grow so much closer together and you will be more in tune with the spirit. You have a beautiful like and a beautiful family. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. Jessica

    I love this.

    We have always made it a big point to eat a family dinner and never have phones at the table. Usually on vacation we are good at unplugging as well. It’s really hard when you’re self employed like I am to unplug. I feel like I might miss a business opportunity or miss out on a client because I didn’t pick up the phone to answer a quick question. I try to make it a point to make myself available during business hours and to put my phone down any other time.

  15. Nicole S

    This is why we have basic phones. I’m already checking out my social media sites too much on my tablet, why add a phone to the mix?!

  16. Amanda

    Amen to this. I am so guilty of being on my phone too much. A friend of mine used to “hate” iPhone people because they always had their faces in their phones and so when she was around, I’d purposely put it away! But, now, guess who has an iPhone and constantly has it in her face?? Haha, it’s so funny how easily technology can bring us closer together yet pull us further apart at the same time.

    One of my best friends is a 75 year old artist, and when she is around, I always put my phone away, mostly because every time it buzzes or I get a text, she thinks something is wrong or that there might be an emergency if someone is trying to contact me. I guess that’s how it should be, ya? Since I put my phone away around her, I’ve realized that time spent with her is so perfect and I walk away feeling so much love, and I can’t help but think it is partially to do with my being present with her 100% rather than the 75% I might give her if I had my phone out to check every 10 minutes!

    I think we all need a break!

    I love the idea of charging the phones in a different room… The first thing I do when I wake up is lay in bed and read read read scroll scroll scroll and before I know it, 45 minutes has gone by! Ah! I must break this habit.

    Thanks for this post.


  17. We have that rule (no phones in the bedroom) and love it. I feel I rest better when I don’t have a phone or computer near me to check. Feels like such a relief.

  18. Carrie

    This is something I spend a lot of time thinking about too. I remember when I first contemplated getting a cell phone years ago I kept telling people, ‘but I don’t want to be bothered with a call when I’m at the grocery store, it can wait til I get home’. The thing is, people start to rely on being able to get a hold of you anytime and when they can’t, they freak out (oh, is that just my family??). The times that I try to stay away from my phone a bit, I come back to zillions of texts and missed calls wondering why I’m ignoring said person. In addition to being so overly connected, we’ve also become really impatient.

  19. Just reading this made me feel panicked. UNPLUGGED!!?? YIKES… And yet, I’m always complaining that we’re losing our humanity and ability to connect with people normally – now it’s a device getting in the way.
    Whenever we have dinner parties, everyone puts their phones in a basket and whoever goes to check it throughout the night has to pay a fine. At the end of the month or few months, we give the money to charity!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  20. Laura

    I can’t live without my phone… although I have left it at home “accidentally” many times and I have survived but I feel naked when I don’t have it with me. One rule that my husband and I have is to leave the phones in the car when we go out to eat that way we can relax and talk without having to worry about anything… and I can tell you we have the best time when we do that!

  21. Marie

    I need to do this too! I use my phone all the time, especially before sleeping. Bad bedtime habit. :(


  22. Arti K.

    I would love to do this, but with work and school it seems nearly impossible. Even to limit it to just work-related emails is hard. If you’re already on your phone checking email, it’s too easy to jump over to instagram :P

  23. Hannah

    It was only fairly recently that I made the switch to a smart phone but already I am aware of how much time I spend on all the social media apps…we try to keep Saturdays as our Sabbath day (my husband is training to be a vicar so Sundays are very busy for him), it’s great to hear you promoting it!

  24. Great points made here. I am thinking of starting a technology free Sunday. It’s a great idea. We spend so much time starting at screens. But I am in your boat too. We don’t own a tv, play videogames or any of that other stuff. But we are smart phone/macbook pro addicts and on one hand it’s what I do (run an etsy shop and blog) but on the other I need to create a more rigid schedule to stick by (after all normal people get to leave work at work).

    Good luck with this, you’ve definitely inspired me. I am also considering deleting Facebook. It’s gotten quite lame and such a waste of time (the other stuff are way more fun).

  25. Tessa

    This is a great idea. Whenever I go out in the evenings with my Boy, we always leave our phones at home. Something we started doing because he has a short attention span haha.
    The reason I’m commenting though, without trying to bring down the mood, is to recommend against leaving your phones outside of your rooms at night.
    To be completely honest I was robbed once, a break in, and I had left my phone to charge in a different room… It caused many more problems than if I could have called the police immediately.
    Sorry if I have ruined the mood :(

  26. meg

    oh i love unplugging! but i am so addicted i literally have to go to a no-service area {like Idaho ;)} or constantly be with other people….but it feels soooo good to unplug and enjoy the ‘real’ world! thanks for the encouragement!

  27. jen

    this is such a good post. i think it was dateline that did a segment last year and interviewed a bunch of kids about how they felt about their parents and the resounding answer was their parents spent TONS of time on their phones! it is so important to the people in our lives to be present when we’re with them! we’ve recently made sundays a “no phone/computer” day too and i forgot what that was like, it’s really great! it will be harder to move the phones out of our bedroom too, but i am totally liking that idea :)

  28. Pamela

    Ahhh, this posts resonates well with me. In fact, I recently took an entire month of the internet just get away from it all for a while (I don’t own an iphone but do have a blog and a fb account). And I’ve made some changes since: I try to check the internet only at night after my kidlets are in bed–and I keep a list of things throughout the day that I need to do/check on when I do get on at night. It’s working great so far. I feel less distracted during the day and have been enjoying my daughters so much more since making these changes. Basically, in a nutshell, I’m trying to eliminate outside distractions that don’t *really matter*. Best of luck to you!!

  29. and kate

    This is such a great idea, it’s so easy to just waste time on social networking sites, time passes by so quick.
    Really lovely post, making me reconsider leaving my social networking sites alone for a day!
    Love Kate xo


  30. Lauren

    This has totally been on my mind!!! I am pregnant with my first baby and I have wondered what it will be like for her to see my husband and I on our phones. I don’t want her to see me staring at a screen all the time. I am an instagram and pinterest junkie too and I know I lose time on social media.

    It was kind of overwhelming to think about how to change this but I think I am going to take your example of choosing one day to start with where it’s off limits.

  31. It’s such a great rules! I think that we could spend time comunicating with people you love or with the man you live instead of keeping silence sitting near and pay attention only to your phones. It is so sad! I hope we can make rules and follow them like your family did!You are great guys!

  32. Linda

    I´m not that into social media, but my boyfriend and I are during the week more than busy so we try to go on every sunday on a little trip or a walk outside the city. Just the two of us and no work or housekeeping or stuff like this.

    By the way, your scarf is more than beautiful! Where did you get it? Maybe I can find it in Europe, too!

  33. Erin

    Good on you! Its so addictive “checking”everything isnt it? I especially think its important to be mindful of how often we have our phone in our face when around our children. Great post.

  34. OMG – do you really feel the need to be surgically attached to your smartphones? Doesn’t it destroy your conversation as a couple? I’ve never felt the urge to be constantly looking at a phone, but I am guilty of working 24/7 as is my hubby! Fortunately our 2 y.o. daughter eliminates the risk of becoming too attached to any device! She has 1 to 1 without devices!

    Zoe xxx

  35. this little house

    It’s so ironic that in order to stay connected with the people we are not with at that moment we end up neglecting the ones that are stood right in front of us! I think when this starts happening too much it’s a time to stop yourself and go back to basics. Good for you guys! My husband and i always try to make an effort so that we’re not slaves to technology. My weakness-blogs. My misters-twitter. The battles continues….


  36. Stephanie

    Totally agree! Yet I’m one who is a bit awkward and go to my phone as a rescue source to avoid being ‘bothered’ by anyone. I get anxiety when I go to the park and don’t know how I feel about chatting with other parents, so my anxieties take me to hide in my phone. I suppose I do need help with that!

  37. Loulou

    At the risk of sounding old fashioned I’ll admit to not having a cell phone at all. I had one for years and gave it up several years ago, and honestly I barely miss it. I know this simply isn’t an option for people with children, and I do borrow my husband’s on the rare occasion that I really need to have a phone on me. Anyway, this means no Instagram which I do think I miss out on. My New Years resolution was to open a twitter account, and so far, this has been a big fail.

    Anyway, this is all to say that when you pull yourself away, it’s not that hard to live without. I guess it’s like any habit.

    Good for you guys for unplugging on Sundays. I assume you still use your cameras though. Now that is one thing I really cannot live without, and carry mine everywhere!

  38. JM

    Great idea. Although for me my laptop is a far bigger problem. I have a really old phone that can’t do much so it’s doesn’t distract me really. But there are enough other electronic devices that do. Good on you for not having a tv, I am not sure I could do that. Sometimes at the end of the day it is just the best thing to do. But you seem to be going about the whole thing in the best way. Good luck!


  39. On days I want to unplug I tend to just leave my phone at home.. for the first few minutes I’ll keep checking my pocket for it subconsciously, but once I’m past that I always have such a good day.. all my focus goes into what I’m doing, who I’m with, what we’re talking about or seeing or eating, and none of it is sucked up by twitter/instagram/vine/blog comments. It’s bliss x

  40. This is so true! Going to give this a go now, and definitely love that idea of charging phones away from the bedroom. What a lovely idea!

  41. Ida

    I love this. Also, having your phones so close to your body, especially when sleeping, isn’t healthy at all (radiation and such)! I moved my charger to my work/living room and that’s when my social media day starts – when I sit down to work after breakfast. When I meet up with friends it’s understood that we all keep the interaction with our phones to a minimum. I can still pick up the phone when it’s important but there’s no need to check facebook while hanging out with loved ones!

  42. Sinead

    For years I would fall asleep with the phone under my pillow and then I started getting insanely bad headaches every day – wonder why! I now make the effort to turn off all devices every single night – scary how much of a difference it can make to your health!

  43. Tessems

    If you use your computer to watch television, it’s not really fair to say you “don’t have a television.” The access is still in your home.

    Similarly, video games are digital narratives-some with as much (or more) artistic and intellectual merit as books.

    Sorry to be so critical, but as a youth librarian those two points really irked me as they are very common misconceptions about technology.

  44. Jean

    my boyfriend doesn’t social network,, not even facebook. just emails. he doesn’t own a cell phone… my cell phone is only wifi… we have plenty hobbies to keep each other busy… =)

  45. Lorene

    You unplug day made me realise how dependant we are on tv in my home. That becomes quite over present, tv is almost always on and we keep zapping, we keep watching same things… And even if we have the impression to spend enough time with our daughter – after all she’s always with us if she is not sleeping – I realised on Friday that we may not enjoy each other as much. So I followed your example and decided to unplug our tv on Sundays. We started last Sunday and we had such a lovely day!! Such two hours later I already felt like we spent more quality time together. Definitely something I’m gonna keep doing and will probably try to go further with it – cos V put tv back as soon as C was in bed..

    Love your blog by the way :)


  46. seda

    .great idea..i will think on it..

  47. Miu

    I have no smartphone^^
    And the Internet on my mobile is sooo slow and expensive (I have no flat rate), so I can only be online at home.

  48. Courtney

    I”m totally with you!

    I’m a junior in college, and I kind of hate social media sometimes. There are some people who have really interesting posts, but I could do without those who post the most menial/negative things!

    Last spring break, I didn’t open my computer for ten days…and I loved it so much I didn’t use it for another two weeks when I got back to school! (And only because I had a paper due…)

    Right after that, I deleted facebook and I’m currently on a binge where I’ve deleted twitter from my phone + logged out on my computer. It’s such a habit to go to those websites, and it takes away so much productivity! And, I gotta say, I don’t miss seeing friends post on other friend’s walls and feeling left out!

    Congrats to you guys on unplugging!

  49. betsy

    I don’t have a smartphone…that’s how I stay sane :)

  50. beth

    But you did tweet last Sunday. Twice in fact, with vine attached. I know that your children are part of your business, so I do understand your need to market them. But I often wonder if you wouldn’t enjoy them even more if you just lived in the moment and didn’t document every single day of their lives? So instead of just having a non-tweeting, non-instagraming Sunday, why not try some outings (not even entire days) where you just keep your phone in your bag? And three cheers for no phones at the table! I’m the mother of 3 and 5 year old girls, so they are at the age now where we are deep into play dates and birthday parties. It’s sad to see how many parents are plugged in during our outings. No, I don’t have a photo a day like many other moms, but I have wonderful memories.

    • TAZA

      nope, that is not correct. i did not tweet or vine anything last sunday. the last vine i shared was saturday evening and not another one until mid week. perhaps you are in a different time zone, but we were (and plan to remain) unplugged on sundays. i also don’t look at marketing my children for a business. i have never looked at my blog or family that way. it’s great that you choose not to have a photo a day of your children, but there is nothing wrong with the next mother who chooses to archive her memories differently. we’re all in this together… whatever way we choose best for our circumstances and family.

  51. Michelle

    Great idea! It’s so easy to just check your phone for a few minutes and then much more time has passed…

  52. I’ve written several posts about the internet and how we can overuse it, but my blog is not as popular as yours so I’m very glad you wrote a post about this because it’s so important.

    Especially in this day and age.

    My husband & I are in our 40’s and we seem to have slowed down on the social networks. I love social media, and blogging, but I realized since my kids have become teens we have made rules when it comes to phones & the internet. I have written several posts on my blog regarding the internet and how we can find the courage to not let it control our lives. My favorite posts that I wrote are ‘Thoughts and Rules on the internet’, and ‘Love and hate on a mac’.

    I’m old school, and still do the snail mail, and phone calls. I didn’t have a lot growing up, and went to school to learn how to use dos, lotus 123, and wordperfect! So old school!!

    I’m grateful to be teaching the rules of the internet to our children in hopes that their posterity will do the same. Who knows what social networks will develop in the years between 2020 and 2040!

    As your kiddos grow older…you’ll get it even more!

    Glad to hear you are recognizing that these devices we have glued to our hand are not that important.

    Family time is.

    Take care!


    P.S. Your sister Rachel & brother in law Nelson are in my ward! Cutest couple ever!

  53. giulia

    i’ve never had a cool phone with internet connection, even though i’ve been asking my parents for one since i was twelve, haha. my family has been moving and because of phone contracts and stuff i’ve had to bear with the prehistoric nokia for a while. i’m finally getting an iphone next month, but i’m so used to being offline when i’m outside and my friends are so used to having to wait for so long for signs of life, it is going to be very strange

  54. Melissa

    How great! I need to unplug one day a week as it is so easy to get addicted to the phone

  55. Daphné

    I’ve been meaning to start “unplugging” for a few months … I haven’t quite managed to do it though (I’m a blogger too, which makes it even harder!). However, I’ll definitely try and start with your resolution of “no phone at the table”, it’s a good way to kick off this unplugging process ! Bisous from Paris !

  56. When I leave the office, I stay unplugged until my sweet girl is in bed. It is difficult to remain unplugged, but as you mentioned, checking one email can pull you into 10 minutes of email in a blink. And the last thing I want my sweet girl, my family or my friends, to ever think is that a device (regardless of how cool and FUNctional) replaces real-life…wait for it…facetime. (heehee) :)

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  58. I’m getting better about not being on my phone all the time (I think!), but the next thing I want to tackle is our computer time at home. My husband and I are both too prone to just getting on the laptops and working/surfing after dinner – we might need to place a 9:00 time limit or something! Thanks for the update :)


  59. Anne

    Being away from your mobile phone is the best you can do. You don’t have to do it all the time, but sometimes it is really a blessing.
    I for myself always unplug my phone at night. I have been doing this since I have a mobile phone. Most of my friends don’t do this and are wondering why, but I think it’s important to do this. It’s is really refreshing. Thanks for that post, I was really happy to read this! Go on like this.

  60. ryan

    I love your honesty about this. I have two little ones as well and I don’t want their memories of me to all include a phone in my hand! I try to physically separate myself from my phone when I’m home with them as much as I can so I’m not even tempted to grab it.

  61. Dana Landman

    Agree with you 100%. But be careful, I wouldn’t stay off the phone when you’re away from the kids in case they need something.

    • TAZA

      i should have been more clear, sorry! one of our phones is always on, but in a pocket or bag, out of sight!

  62. joana david

    I tottaly understand and agree with you! I only have a 3 months old baby and already felt the need to unplugged. In fact, I’ve talked about it with my husband and we are making an effort to leave the phones away at least 1-2 hours a day, mainly at night, when we are supposed to be togehter as a family. And it feels great! And phones on the table of course – thanks Mum, for teaching me that one!

  63. joana david

    By the way: I love your leather jacket. I’m looking for a specific one for ages but hasn’t found it yet. Can you tell where is it from? Thanks.

    • TAZA

      it is from zara.

  64. Leticia

    I’m totally with you on this. But also want to say about the lady at the playground that you don’t want to turn into, she could be doing important things on there. Looking for a new apartment, checking restraint reservations, paying an account online, etc. although I agree 100% with pulling ourselves away and choosing better times to get on our phones in order to really be there for our kids. I also feel it very important to not judge the lady at the playground who may be checking her phone because you just never really know what she’s actually doing. We can’t possibly know her circumstances. I love your blog and enjoy reading about your sweet family!

    • TAZA

      you are right. i wasn’t trying to pass judgment! it is just something i am observing more and more around the city… everyone is always glued to some device or gadget. i’m just trying to be better at not being glued to mine all the time. even when i’m not with my littles, it’s nice to just sit away from the iphone or computer and DO something. :)

  65. brittany

    wow, the comments are really lengthy and passionate on this post—can you tell you’re not alone in this? i am constantly monitoring myself about this because instagram/blogging/facebook really sucks me in! my husband has major technology addiction too.

    screens are taking over society. i mean, i could write my senior thesis on this topic. it affects every facet of modern living, in ways that may surprise us. i’ll keep it at that and save everybody some scroll space.

    -britt (zealouslyzika.com)

  66. allison

    I’m feeling really inspired by this post. It sounds like everything just goes a little bit more smooth on the days when the phones are put away. Thanks for the push to be less dependent on technology!

  67. I think this is such a good idea. The creep, creep, creep into our lives of so much technology is hard to resist. It’s good to draw a line.

    The thing I’m most scared of is my children emulating us when they’re old enough to own their own phones. We won’t have any recourse if they’ve watched us glued to ours for the whole of their childhoods.

    Scary stuff.

  68. Carolina

    Thanks Taza! You have inspired me to do the same. My hubby and I spent last Sunday away from the computer and phone. But I am tempted to try one day of the week as well! You’re right, one minute to catch up on Instagram or FB turns into much longer!

  69. Rachael

    My husband just got his first cell phone last year (no, not kidding) but we never brought our phones into the bedroom at night. It’s always REAL books that we are reading before bed. We both work full time staring at computers all day. That just can’t be good for your eyes!

    I told my husband about your sunday unplugged day and he commented that it was a great idea….but we haven’t done it yet! HAHAHA

  70. Rachael

    My husband just got his first cell phone last year (no, not kidding) but we never brought our phones into the bedroom at night. It’s always REAL books that we are reading before bed. We both work full time staring at computers all day. That just can’t be good for your eyes!

    I told my husband about your sunday unplugged day and he commented that it was a great idea….but we haven’t done it yet! HAHAHA

  71. Catie

    I have given up all those social media sites for Lent because I too am guilty of always being plugged in and tuning out my family. It’s pretty bad when even your children are competing for your attention against a phone!!! So far it hasn’t been hard to keep away, and I’ve already had a lot more physical interactions with my family that I’ve been missing out on all this time in the part week and a half. So good for you for unplugging on Sundays, keep some time sacred for your children and husband – it’s more important to live life to the fullest instead of documenting everything.

  72. My boyfriend and I try to not use our phones when we are together unless it is pertinent to the situation at hand. I really need an unplug day!! Thanks for the motivation!! =)

  73. Kassi

    So true! Seems like I’m always connected somehow. And now my baby girl is obsessed with my iphone/ipad/laptop! She can’t get enough. I just hope she’s the next Mark Zuckerberg (minus the backstabbing) and makes mama and daddy rich some day! ;)

    But in all seriousness, the hubby and I do make concerted efforts to shut it all off at night and just hang out together. Makes such a difference, Not to mention a good example for the babe too!


  74. Hannah

    So true!

    Growing up, my parents never let us work or do homework on Sundays, but when I got to the end of high-school, it was my decision. My father did tell me something that still sticks with me. “The Sabbath was a gift from God to protect us from stress and to remind us what is important. But a shield only works if you hold it.” Since then, I have made it through college, working, a MA and now working on PhD while respecting the Sabbath. It’s a day for holding your family close, taking walks, cooking food for friends, and remembering that we were created for that — not just work. My husband does it to, and as he works a demanding govt job, it’s also our special day for each other. Keep it up!

  75. Nicole

    Great post! I completely agree, unplugging is so hard, yet it feels so good. We plug our cell phones in out in the living room, and have purchased an alarm clock. We don’t have children yet, so sometimes I justify it, by the fact that I’m not ignoring anyone, but the truth of the matter is, I am.
    Thanks for the post. Keep unplugging!

  76. Amie

    FABULOUS! & that last pic is priceless!!

  77. My husband and I need to arrange something like this, I really do think. I agree- you get sucked in and one minute becomes 30 minutes. I just switched locations for work and I barely get a signal on my cell phone and facebook is blocked on our computers, so this has actually been a blessing. It is weaning me off my facebook, too. :)

    Life is a lot better when our phone batteries die and we have to be unplugged. We barely watch tv, but those phones are another story!

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  79. Lisette

    I think it is important to pick what is most important to you. Since I enjoying blogging I do not use Facebook or Twitter. By setting boundaries for myself I am not consumed with keeping up on what everyone else is doing because truth be told it really does not matter.

  80. my bf and I try to do this all the time and it is the best and most freeing thing ever. Yes I have moments where I want to take some pictures (for the blog of course) but I’d rather enjoy the moment I’m with, with the people I love. It’s the best decision I ever made!xo


  81. Jaclyn

    This is a huge issue in our house, as hubs is always with his phone and I’m the one who can’t find hers! I love your no phone sundays! I’m going to try this rule in our house too :)


  82. Lisa

    I have to say that I find it funny that we are bloggers and reading blogs, yet we crave unplugging. Just struck me as funny. Anyway, I totally like the idea of no cells at the table and turning them off on Sunday. I’ve been trying to unplug after 7:00. I just want to be more present.

  83. I didn’t realize how bad I was about my phone until my husband asked me to leave it at home before a date because he wanted to spend time with ME not my social media. I love the idea of charging phones in a different rooms, we are going to have to try that!

  84. mara

    i decided awhile ago that i hated always being online somehow/somewhere. so i, too, very rarely even have my phone on my on the weekends (especially sundays), much less am i on it on those days. i am usually with my hubby, which is who i should be with, and i don’t find that i need much else, including my phone :)

    i also decided i don’t even want to get started with pinterest (although my hubby has an acct….weird ha!), instagram, or twitter. so i don’t. don’t have accounts, and don’t miss them! it’s so much nicer. fb and blogs are the only internet things i do, and they’re more than enough web time for me!

  85. Sarah

    :) this is an ongoing discussion at my house. i cringe when my husband says, “OP, gotta INSTAGRAM this” as I pull out my phone… i don’t take my phone or ipad to church like everyone and their dog seem to do. i’m consulting the hub about charging the phones downstairs instead of the bedroom – great idea! we’ve already found that getting out of bed to turn off the alarm clock that’s across the room is 100x better than reaching over to hit snooze on your phone, while still in bed.

  86. Sarah

    oh – ALSO – vacations to remote cabins where there is NO internet is WONDERFUL!!!

  87. Alicia

    I love the idea of sunday-free-phone-day.

    I do a lot of freelance work so my phone a lot times = work.

    Travelling is always refreshing and it feels extra good when your going somewhere you have to turn your phone off otherwise your bill will rack up soooooo high!

    Phone free days or even just afternoons or evenings should happen more often!

  88. Conny

    I have noticed this to be an issue of my own for days now, yet i put taking an action to stop it in the back seat… what a great idea it is to fully unplug for a day or two.

  89. Margaret

    Thanks for your blog, this was great!

  90. Abby

    I have a regular cell phone, not a smart phone, and boy, it makes a difference. I can’t check email or Facebook when I’m away from my computer, and since I’m not big on social media (aside from blogging), I’m happy to keep in touch via texts or phone calls. I do get sucked into the internet when I’m on my computer, though, and then I need to unplug. Going for walks with just myself and my camera helps a lot. It’s tough, though!

  91. Ana

    I started doing social media free weekends and at first, I thought it was more than I could handle. But you’re very right – those are the best days ever! Sometimes you just need to get away for a while.

  92. Ally b

    This is post 80 something, but even so I thought I would share. We had a tv above our fireplace in the kitchen/ living area and our mornings and meal time were becoming tv time. I had my husband take it down. The last month my children’s imaginations have gone wild just from the one small step of making our main living area tv free. Personally I quit Facebook, went back to a flip phone and only blog once a week. I’ve enjoyed my children and gotten so many projects and personal goals done and met. I love technology as much as the next person but I realized family quality time is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

  93. Haha, love this. My husband is such a nerd gamer. Always something tech and same with my father. I always feel like I am never going to get away from it. But recently my husband and I heard a little “game” that my father would play with some of his co workers when they went out for dinner. It is something that me and my husband now play.

    So essentially we take our phones and place them in the middle of the table. And the must stay there untouched all through dinner. If one of us fails and grabs our phone for whatever reason we make each other drive home, or do dishes or whatever chore still is lacking that day. And I absolutely love it, because it makes us stop and look at each other and not just have a get away when we get bored or you know…when your married just those days.

    I love it.

  94. I love this post! I’m so often caught somewhere on the slippery slope of technology/social media. On the one hand, it’s great in that it is interesting, keeps us all connected and updated and able to maintain friendships that otherwise would’ve been harder to keep. But on the other hand… it’s time-sucking! I think it’s really great to unplug at certain times to keep us balanced…

    My friends and I try out this new thing sometimes where we all put our phones in a basket on the side of the table or something and the first person who checks their phone has to pay for the whole meal. And if no one does – split check! :)

  95. Natalia

    Great post with this idea. And I sometimes don’t use phone to find somebody for ex. in trade center when we discussed a place to meet. It’s like a game: find friend without call.

  96. Lauren

    so nice that you do this… its so true that social media can be a time sucker but its so tempting when you want to stay connected and be interactive with your readers. good for you guys! xo

  97. kendall

    thanks for sharing your thoughts on unplugging! it’s definitely addicting & hard to get away from! i love the idea of charging your phone in a different room at night.


  98. beth

    Check your twitter feed. February 17th was a Sunday. 2 tweets. And the only reason I noticed was because you announced you would not be tweeting.

    • TAZA

      hi! ok, so i just checked my twitter for you. please click on both tweets individually to expand them. they will show you the real time and date stamp of the tweet. both tweets you are talking about (that say feb 17th) actually list the detailed stamp of the tweet in the expanded version (one being february 16th 10:05pm and the other being february 16th 9:58pm.) i’m not sure why twitter is rounding it out as feb 17 when it clearly shows the real time and date once the tweet is expanded for more info.

      but there you go!

  99. caitlin

    I can definitely relate to this and understand what it’s like to get sucked in. I don’t necessarily have a fear of missing out, but I genuinely get paranoid that something is going to happen and a loved one won’t be able to get a hold of me if I don’t always have my phone on. Ahhh well..

  100. Carli

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Love blogs and social media. Love how they connect so many of us and how they provide us with alternate communities and learning we might not encounter if we didn’t engage in a digital world from time to time. That said, there is a time and a place. Our family and loved ones are right here, right in front of us. And while documenting them is so important and lovely, enjoying them just as they are, right where they are … well it’s just so darn important too. I’m planning on unplugging a bit more too. Thanks for sharing these encouraging words and your own positive experience!

  101. Steffany

    You have inspired me to do the same! I am only a college student, but I’m sure it will make a huge difference in my life as well!!!! Thank you!

  102. jenny

    who won the stickygram giveaway?

    • TAZA

      hi! the winner was emailed friday after the giveaway closed. i don’t announce them here on the blog anymore… just email the winner directly. :)

  103. Madison

    This is so inspiring. I am a high school student, and in my house it has always been the rule to have phones on our “charger base” in the kitchen during homework and when we go to bed at night. Although it can be kind of frustrating when I am not ready to finish a conversation with someone yet, it really helps to focus without a device in front of your face. We also aren’t allowed to have any TV during school days. I plan to continue this when I grow up and have kids of my own, but the idea of a whole day without anything seems like a great idea, too. After all, we only have so much time in a day to spend with those that we care about.

  104. Li-Sha

    This is literally what I’ve been thinking about! I especially want to try the no phone in bedroom thing. I was reading my scriptures in bed with my phone laying next to me and I thought “Hey I should check Instagram…” And then I mentally slapped myself. Do I have that little control when it comes to social media? Ha, time to probably go delete my social media from my phone :) Thanks for the wonderful post. It’s time to implement new electronics rules in my house! :)

  105. Teresa

    You r so right!!

  106. Patricia

    Random question: Where did you get that scarf? I could unplug more often! Thanks for the inspiration!

  107. Kelly

    I love the idea of charging your phone in a different room and no phone dinners are so great! Glad the sunday thing is working for you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  108. Cassie

    I am the worst at this! My husband is constantly telling me to get off my phone, which used to bug me since I would never be on it during conversations or anything important. But then I thought, if it matters that much to him, why not? And he’s right. It’s so nice. Since I’m not a stay at home mama (yet!) I try not to use my phone very much at home at all. Obviously your situation is different from mine! But I so admire you guys for doing the Sunday thing. I might have to try that one. Love your blog and your little family. Sometimes I read comments from others and it makes me sad that they feel the need to question and/or argue things you do. Your family is beautiful and I think you guys are doin’ just fine :)

  109. Z

    I had a friend in high school whose parents required all the kids to toss their phones into a basket before they got their food for dinner. Then, everyone had to be finished with their meal before everyone could get up and reconnect. When I went over, I had to toss my phone in too, and initially thought “This will be SO. BORING.” It was actually one of the nicest dinners ever. I was forced to stay engaged and really listen to everyone’s thoughts, which is something I didn’t even realize I had been neglecting! Great reflection post. :]]]

  110. Jade

    What a great idea! And such lovely photos, you guys are amazing together


  111. Antonia Suzanne

    I love this idea. Love love love it. I am glued to my iPhone and I try not to especially at the grocery store or at the park with my babes. I think I can put my phone away for one day and just be in the moment with my family. Thanks for this post!!!

  112. Jill

    Love this idea! My fiance and I are terrible for always being “plugged” in – I just suggested this for our upcoming date night on Saturday, and he was all in! Hopefully we too can eventually get a full days’ worth technology free – start small, right? :)

  113. sara

    SUCH a great idea. And btw, I love your scarf. SO much. Where did you get it?

  114. Bea

    This is such a great idea, I love it! I’ve been on holidays for the last couple of weeks and my phone didn’t work at all. At first I felt actual panic at not being able to text (how ridiculous!) but then it was so freeing to be disconnected. I could actually enjoy the moment without feeling the need to text, email or facebook about it. Definitely something I want to keep up, at least once a week.
    Bea x

  115. Adriana

    Great post!

    Sometimes we forget that we are the ones that make life happen by being present.



  116. Claire R

    I think this is a great idea and my little family has made big ‘little’ changes in the last 6 months to connect to each other without the use of technology all the time. We do have a TV, but I have absolutely limited the use during the day. It really only goes on when it’s raining outside, which is perfect for a Disney movie and a snuggle so I find I’m still connecting with my son. We have made an effort to have dinner every night at the dining room table as a family unless I’m at work (I’m a Registered Nurse part time, so without me hubby still does this) with no phones allowed at all! One night a week, my husband and I have date night at home, with no TV or phones allowed. We play board games, read together or tackle a home project of some sort. At home, I leave my mobile on the charger in another room so I’m not as tempted to keep picking it up and checking everything. Out and about, especially lunch with friends I’ve asked my friends (unless they are expecting an important phone call etc) that we leave our phones on silent and place in handbags on the floor, so that we can actually talk to each other instead if having two people sitting at a table looking at their phones. I have found these small changes are making a big impact on our happiness.

  117. Annie

    Always an inspiration, Miss Taza.

  118. This is such a good thought. Occasionally, at dinner both my boyfriend and I will be checking our phones at the same time and it really bothers me. It’s almost embarrassing like we dont have more important things to say to each other (which we obviously do!). I’ve been attempting to enforce a little rule about it but I break it just as much as he does. Maybe it’s time to make a real effort! :)

  119. VW

    There was a great article in the NY Times relating to the need to unplug. Check it out–Pico Iyer’s, “The Joy of Quiet”

  120. Love this! I love that you guys are taking a day away from it all. I don;t have a cell phone (rare, I know) – but after watching people miss the world around them and the people they’re with day in and day out, I don;t want one. When I’m away from a computer (which I’m on a lot for work), the last thing I want to do is stare at another screen! When I’m not sitting at a screen, I’m unplugged. It’s pretty awesome. I feel like I enjoy a lot of the little things people are starting to miss, day to day, now – like what’s going on outside the bus and what phase the moon is in, :)

  121. Amen, girl! we have a tv, just not cable. we plan to have this for the rest of our lives. we love tv and movies, just not really for our children. {when we receive children} of coarse we will have movie nights as a family, but no tv during the day or evening.

    i just recently closed my facebook account. it has been WONDERFUL. facebook would stress me out, by pissing me off. i was always on there, and when i was i was getting mad at other peoples status updates. i thought “why torture myself?” AND i needed to spend my time better. i closed it and it was life changing!

    now i spend an hour on checking emails and my favorite blogs. then i get the heck off. it has been a really great thing.

    i have ALWAYS charged my phone in another room. i silence that thing at night and use the “old fashion waking up to an alarm clock.” you will love it!

    i think i need to follow you in being unplugged on sundays. that is just a wonderful idea!


  122. Helen

    BF and I do the same thing you are doing – one day a week, and mostly on Sundays, we don’t touch our laptops or phones. (I don’t actually even have a cell so that part is easy for me.) We have found it has made us much more creative in the time we spend one on one, we play fun games or go for a walk or make something or go see a film or go to the pub and do a crossword. Best thing we’ve done is unplug. Enjoy!

  123. Janice

    Snazzy blazer!

  124. Christina

    As a new blogger I need to learn to unplug….I am an iPhone ADDICT and it’s getting pretty bad! I think I may try the phones away from table and charging in different rooms…those seem like great starts!


  125. Kay

    Wonderful topic! My husband and I have a no phones and no computer rule once our son goes to bed, evenings are our time to unplugged.

    Also, on a side note, I have always appreciated your grace when responding to unkind comments.

  126. Shannon

    That is such a great idea! I’m going to start implementing this into my Sunday routine and see how it works out!


  127. Deila

    I love the unplug idea — and try to limit opening any email on my Sabbath. But I keep it by my bed at night — once you get teenagers you need to know where they are. I seem to be the one that keeps the watch, cuz my hubby will hear it beep a text message and say, “hey, that woke me up.” But I can’t rest until I know they’re home :)

  128. Randi

    I leave my phone at home a LOT lately…. but it could be because I’m 9 months pregnant and hate answering the question, “how are you feeling??” Ack. I mean, I love my well-meaning people dearly, but I don’t love how I’m feeling… so… you know.

    But, no matter what the reason that my phone is staying tucked away, the break is nice. :-)

    • TAZA

      you are brave to be 9 months pregnant and leaving the phone at home! i’d be so afraid i’d go into labor and be stranded! good luck to you lady!

      ps. that question was always one of my favorites. ;)

  129. jamie

    growing up my family had a rule… no television, no computer (cell phones weren’t big then, but it would have been on there) on sundays. we would break that every now and again and watch a special that night after dinner together. but mostly the day was for us to be imaginative. we had to create our own entertainment, whether it be board games or legos. looking back…. i loved it!! it brought my family so much closer together. i plan on continuing that with my future family. to let sundays be the day or relaxation and enjoying each others company!

  130. Naomi,

    This is so timely. And clearly struck a chord. My husband and I talk about this all the time. We only recently dove into the smartphone pool last April and I never thought I’d rely on it as much as I do. And that makes me sad. I agree with your sentiment about technology-free days. We’ve had “unplugged” weekends and those are among the best and most special times. Last weekend, we went ice skating, hiking, sea glass hunting, and read (real physical books! I abhor eReaders) all night in bed munching on banana pancakes. Those are the things that matter to me. Not pictures of what someone else ate or what new c/o item someone was gifted.

    I feel like we, as a general public, are always looking at screens: at work on computers, at home on computers, phones, tablets, eReaders, iPod’s, tv’s, etc. I still don’t get those people with tv’s in their cars. I feel like all this “connection” can ultimately be superficial and often lonely. I prefer real people, real adventures, and real memories. And to get lost within my own ideas, thoughts, and creativity. I confess I am a bit snap happy, but am trying to be more in the moment and scale back on my “documenting” of life.



  131. Michelle

    The biggest thing for me was just to get a watch. With a little, so much is on a schedule: nap time, time btw feedings, etc. I had this excuse to keep the phone around to tell the time, but putting a watch on did away with that excuse!

    • TAZA

      a watch is the best idea ever. i need to wear mine cause i always just use my phone to tell the time as well. thanks! gonna try that.

  132. Louise

    this is so true. It´s sad that a time will come where we can´t see Instagram pictures from your cute family. For example on sundays. But I absolutely understand! We must also be able to live without these things. Life is especially outside of these things.

    Much love

  133. Ester Sparkles

    Hi Taza (&husband),

    I totally agree with you!I don’ t like also when I’m with friends and the’re all the time checking their phones…i mean, we are together, leave your phone for 30 minutes please!

    By the way, I would like to let you know that I discovered your blog about a month ago and I totally love it!I love your style and your posts are always so inspiring, with beatifull pictures and you guys always have a smile on your faces, so…thank you!

    P.S: Please excuse my english, i’m a spanish girl living in France so…you know..spanish, french, english…i’m a mess!!!

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  135. Georgia

    I love this idea, but right now my boyfriend lives in Greece, so I do everything I can to STAY plugged in, unfortunately. That being said, I LOVE this idea and when/if we get married we both want to try and do something like this. Spending a day a week reading books or going outside and exploring would be my personal remedy. thanks for sharing your lovely life on this blog :)

  136. Jax

    This is a topic near and dear to my heart, Taza! My husband and I have avoided smart phones entirely. This helps quite a bit with staying disconnected (and saves us quite a bit each month). I have rarely found myself thinking that I need a smart phone. Want, maybe, but not need. In those times when you think, “Shoot, I forgot to look up XXX” or “What’s the name of that song??” invariably someone around you has a smart phone and will look it up. Maybe I’m using my friends a little. :)

    But if you’re committed to the smart phone, your ideas of keeping it out of site are really the best way to avoid being sucked in. I do the same with my stupid phone and, although it sometimes annoys my mother that she can’t reach me, it has proven to be immeasurably helpful with encouraging me to truly be present when spending time with my husband, friends or family. My phone is often in a purse or coat pocket when I am trying to give people my undivided attention.

    Good luck in your effort to unplug! It’s a difficult but noble cause indeed.

  137. http://lenaephotography.wordpress.com/

    I agree, but like you we live far away from our families, so it’s good to stay a little connected. Just last night we were on the couch, both on our phones, and my Josh said “are we actually doing this?”
    Haha phones in another room after 5?! Good idea!

  138. CC

    Where is that fabulous scarf from?!

  139. Annie Richardson

    So this is off topic, but I just came across this shop (dresses for moms/women) and it reminded me of you. Thought you would like it and so I thought I would pass it on to you. :)

  140. Sarah P.

    Hi Naomi! I love these photos! Love love pictures taken on subways (metros, els, underground, etc.)! Also funny to take pics of innocent bystanders who wonder what on earth you are doing.

    My husband is attached to his iPad, iPhone and all manners of gadgets. Last night, instead of watching movies/tv and fiddling with devices, we did yoga together! So that was cool because we tuned out everything for like 30 minutes. Totally recommend.

  141. Adrienne

    I was just talking about this last night. In our house, I was on my cell phone texting someone, my roommate was on her laptop, and her boyfriend was on his cell phone playing a game. While 3 of us were together, we weren’t talking to each other. 2013 could use some slowing down.

  142. Meryl

    Smart move! Yes, these little gadgets keep us too plugged in some times. I noticed a young couple on their phones over the course of an entire dinner. And it was V day. I try to limit blogging/checking blogs/pinteresting for after the kids’ bedtime. But when it comes down to it, I think social media is great b/c it keeps you connected to people you care about. We live across the world from our family, so it keeps us from feeling so separated. But like everything, moderation is key. Great post.

  143. Found your blog today through ADR’s “loves” :) I love your site!

    I so wish my husband and I could implement this, but at the moment it feels impossible. He has to be available almost all the time (or at least able to check email) and I find myself needing to stay “connected” to get anything in my life accomplished! And yet… I know it would be good for us. Even for one evening. :)

  144. Joanne

    I definitely need to make an effort to unplug more, especially when I’m with my children.

    I don’t want to look back in 10 years and realise how many of the little moments I missed.

    Thank you for the reminder to just be present sometimes :)

  145. Allison

    LOVE this post and LOVE your phone case. ;)

    Where did you get it?

  146. Ashley

    Gosh, I just really love your blog. I’m an avid follower. Love keeping up with you guys!

    My husband and I live in Southern California and are taking our little 6 month old to San Francisco a few days after Easter (one of your favorite cities!). I know it won’t be super cold there, BUT we aren’t really used to dressing for colder – ok – cooler weather at all. I’m looking for a nice thick beanie that will keep my little one’s ears covered and warm. I always love Eleanor and Samson’s beanies. Do you have any recommendations as to where I should look for one? I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for something she’ll just wear for one trip.

    I’d appreciate the help!

  147. you are seriously preaching to me right here. i’m going to implement all of these things starting this sunday.

    charging the phone in another room is genius.

  148. SUCH a good idea, I hate how everyone is constantly on their phones nowadays!

  149. Julie

    I absolutely love this! Over the summer, I unplugged for a full 24 hours once a week and it felt glorious! I was a little jittery at first without my phone but totally felt more relaxed afterwards. I’ve got to get back to doing this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  150. Vilanda

    I really love the baby carrier you used back in oct/november posted. Wondering where I can buy it? I am currently using the baby bjorn one but it is killing my back. The one you used is so cute. Can I use it to carry around my 6 month old and older? SOrrry tried to post my question in that posting but it was unavailable.

    • TAZA

      we use an ergo carrier (the black one) and a stokke carrier (the red one). not sure which one you are referring to, but we like both a lot!

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  152. This topic has been on my mind…well for years now, really. As a Mom, I find myself distracted constantly by the lure of LCD’s. My daughter has to compete with screens for attention, and it seems to be a vicious cycle. It has to, in some senses I think, be treated like any other addiction. Which at the end of the day, is what it boils down to. I’d be so quick to point to a smoker and say “just stop, already.” But take away my internet for a day, and I’d be lost. Craving and desperate for my next “fix.”
    I suspect this will only be a topic that we revisit more and more frequently in the coming years.

    Kudo’s, too, on not having a TV in your home. We have two, but they are never on during the day, and I remember fondly my Aunt and Uncle who have never (EVER) owned a TV. I think it’s downright awesome and so refreshing. Their kids were not always so happy about the arrangement (at the time), but we all recognize now, how instrumental the lack of screen-time was in establishing their tight-knit family.

    I wrote a little something on the topic on my blog today (I’ve had it saved as a draft for weeks, and your post spurred my on!)

  153. Leslie

    I love this! So important to unplug. You never realize how freeing it is so be off of social media and whatnot until you CHOOSE to take a break from it for awhile.

  154. We don’t take our phones to the table, and I try not to blog on the weekends (too much), but it’s so hard disconnect. Especially now that I am addicted to Words With Friends. Gah!

  155. Just make sure your family is always first. Even thought I have to be connected most of the time specially during the past few days I always have a no technology day. One day that I will not go to my computer or any gadget and dedicate my time completely to my little girl and husband. What a nice post :)

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

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  157. You I know I had been feeling a little stressed out with social media, blogs (i have 2), internet, etc. and just kept saying to myself “something has got to change before in unplug and never replug!” I’ve decided to stop blogging on the weekends and actually enjoy them for a change. Use them as a catch up day to really unwind. I like your suggestions too though I don’t know if I can cut everything out cold turkey on the weekends… but may unplug totally on Sundays might do the trick! -jb.


  158. Joanne

    Love the multi-coloured floral scarf you are wearing? Where from??? Kart Space I am guessing??


  159. I lurve this idea! I’d have to make my unplugging day a different one to Sunday though – currently Sunday is the only day I have to catch up with everything online! I might go for … hmm, Monday!

  160. Ria

    I absolutely adore your scarf!
    Where can I buy it?

    And – I am considering letting go of social media all together… It’s such a time stealer, it sometimes feels like I’m missing my own life!

  161. Alex

    Please please please write where did you get this gorgeous scarf?I love it!bests from snowy Finland:)

  162. Diana

    I’m Catholic and I just gave up using my iphone during the day (unless, i actually use it to make a phone call, ha! or take pictures) until 8 PM or when the babies go to sleep everyday…for the next 40 days. From the very first day, it was so liberating!! I may very well continue past my 40 days. :) Love that you are unplugging as well…and spending those extra precious minutes during the day to be present to your family.

  163. Bobbi

    at night when I charge my phone, I turn it on airplane mode so that I can still use my alarm but I’m not tempted to check my Instagram or whatnot! also, if I have something I need to get done and I find myself getting distracted by my phone, I turn the volume on incase someone needs to get ahold of me, and I set a timer for an hour and a half; when the timer goes off I can quickly check my phone and then put it away again! :)

  164. Sammy

    What a great idea!

  165. Maria

    I just need to say this, you are so inspiring and beautiful, I adore your precious family, keep on being awesome! :)

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  167. Lauren

    just a quick note to say that i LOVE this idea and am completely inspired, not only for my sake but for the boy too!! my boyfriend lives on his computer. also loving another bloggers comment on getting a watch, and of course investing in an alarm clock. i’m on the bandwagon of bringing back traditional social etiquette!
    ps. adore your blog :D

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  169. Hannah

    great idea. my hubby and i may have to implement that on sundays…or at least the no phone at dinner rule. time to reconnect! thanks for the inspiration. enjoy your sundays!

  170. Oh I just love this idea! I know it’s so annoying then this happens, my boy just gets really anxious or starts checking his phone as well, and here we are, siting in the romantic restaurant, not even talking to each other :D

  171. Wyatte

    One time, my husband and I were walking around the Salt Lake City airport, trying to find our terminal. The ENTIRE time, he was glued to his phone, not even paying attention to where he was going or who he might be walking into. It made me so mad that I actually hid around a corner to see if he’d notice, and he didn’t! He just kept on walking, playing his stupid poker app. It was kind of disgusting. Needless to say, we don’t take our phones on dates anymore. When I’m with my husband, I want to be WITH him. Spending time WITH the people you love will benefit you far more than staying updated with any social media app. Good choice! :)


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  173. Sabbas

    We have a rule in our house that all electronic devices are turned off and left on the landing. Works a treat and we all get a nice 8 hours sleep or there abouts without ANY disturbances. LOVE IT.

    I have to admit that i was a little freaked out when i looked at your twitter/instagram the other week, maybe it’s me being a reserved Brit but it’s almost as you have your life on public view. You’re a very brave lady to do this. definately not something i could do, my life is something i want to keep to myself and my close friends and family not the world.

  174. ohhhh CONGRATS and I hope you guys keep it up! every sunday that is such a commitment and an achievement!! I’m very proud of you and I hope we can soon do the same.

    We only did a whole week with no screen after 6pm at home (I wrote about it here)

    And I indeed bought an alarm clock months ago to avoid checking on my iphone before bedtime, and waking up. I realised that checking my social media was the first and last thing I was doing in my days and it was insane. Under the excuse of connecting to life, friends and family, as I am a preacher for, I was actually disconnected from my real life, my husband and my baby.

    So anyway. it’s really tough, but I think we are this first generation of Social Media babies, and we are learning little by little, from each others!

    Time to go to bed now :) It was lovely to read you as always.



  175. Sally

    Loving this idea! Recently I feel like I’ve just been treading water, so this would be an ideal way to just… take a breath. Thank you so much for sharing! Really.

  176. lILILILI

    I don’t understand why people have so much trouble when it comes to not using technology. I’m in my early twenties. The main things I use the computer for is writing, artwork, listening to music, and talking with my family through email. I don’t use social networking sites. I don’t really watch TV. I only watch Supernatural and certain movies(mostly Korean) The only other thing I do is play video games, which are quit fun in my opinion. I don’t play online often (usually only Uncharted or if games have online achievements that I want to earn to get 100% game compilation) I mostly play single player games with a good story line. Its kind of like a movie but you control the character.
    There are more important things to do then be online all of the time. I really enjoy being outside and walking/playing with my dog. I have fourteen budgies(parakeets) that I enjoy taking care of and playing with. I also love spending time with my boyfriend and talking with him. We also play video games together. Even though we’re playing a game we are still spending time together.

  177. What a beautiful idea, Taza! Thanks so much for sharing, you’ve inspired me to make some positive changes. Also, just wanted to encourage you, cause reading through some of these comments, it seems like some people are just out to bring you down, and I can’t even imagine how hard that must be! I’ve been following this blog since just after Eleanor was born, and love you and your family to bits! Keep doing what you’re doing, cause I think you’re pretty amazing. xx

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  180. Ela

    Where did you buy this scarf?? It`s beautiful!

  181. Olivia

    I think this is a brilliant idea. the boy and i always TALK about unplugging. especially me.. but we (I) never seem to get around to it… and i definitely dont try to enforce it.
    it’s time for a change. most definitely.

  182. I have just raised this as an issue with myself too! This past weekend I switched off all WiFi and 3G capabilities on Friday night and didn’t switch them back on until Sunday afternoon. It was marvelous.

    I didn’t sit checking my phone every 5 minutes. I didn’t even notice if it was in the same room as me! Now, I just need to convince my husband to do the same thing as I am. I’m starting out a weekend free of technology once a month to see how I go.

    It is amazing to think we are all struggling so much with this. It is just a phone. And the internet. We will survive, but for some unknown reason we just can’t switch off.

    I also commute to and from work for roughly 2.5hrs a day. I was using that time to check instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, bloglovin – you name it, I’m checking it. But I figured there is probably much better ways I could be using this time. So now, I’m trying to read books again instead. Connect with characters and stories rather than fill my brain up with more social media. Lets hope I can continue on with this!
    I feel it is much better for my soul!

  183. Linda H

    I love the idea of unplugging! I try to spend my free time busy with books, art, or writing, but sadly my phone is always next to me. Any message or sound that comes from it, demands my immediate attention. So, just like yourselves and many other of your readers, I will also start unplugging on Sunday. Also, I’m a new blogger, if you can in your extremely busy lives, can you please give some advice on what I can do to better my blog? There’s so much to do with it, haha ☺ Thank you!

  184. Esther


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  188. Annie

    I love this! I have always had a no computer policy for the entire weekend and I don’t use my phone to do anything but make necessary texts/calls. I also LOVE to leave my phone at home when my husband and I go out and about for the day. It’s hard to believe that this used to be the norm – that you couldn’t be reach unless you were at home.. I truly miss those days! There is certainly great value to a sabbath whether you are religious or not ;)

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