oh so random. but look at my child with her finger up her nose!

eleanor and her nosemy dad is in town for a work thing so he flew in a few days early to spend the weekend with us! we ate a lot of pizza while he was here and laughed a lot at his stories. we have started potty training eleanor, and samson just learned how to drink from a straw so the adventures continue! i tweaked my back trying to carry our stroller up the subway stairs and it still hurts when i breath.  i ordered a massive amount of buttered-popcorn-flavored jelly belly’s because they are my favorite and it’s way cheaper to buy in bulk online than at the candy store down the street. i think it freaked my husband out a little bit when he saw all the popcorn-flavored jelly belly’s. but someone in this world has to eat them!

josh and i have been discussing ways we can refocus those few precious moments we have together at the end of the day, or those few moments throughout the day that we have alone.  often times we are so plugged into our phones in these moments– checking our email, instagram, twitter, and everything else that comes with phones these days. it’s a little bit strange how in this day and age we are always connected. while i am thankful for all this modern technology, sometimes i think it’s terribly frightening.  it’s a small step, but we have decided to put the phones away on sundays for a while (meaning not checking in with twitter or instagram or email) and focus on our family without the distraction of our devices.  we’re starting this sunday if you’d like to join us.  i am looking forward to it.  it’s a good step in the right direction.

oh yeah, and eleanor found her nose the other day. meaning, her finger is always in it. yay.

happy wednesday-almost-thursday! woo!

  1. Lauren

    I agree with all the social media and phone stuff. It can be way too much at times. Hooray on potty-training and straw-drinking! Love all these milestones. Cute picture! Ha!

  2. alice

    Tech Free Day! Love the idea. I was trying to implement it while I was working – staring at a screen all day and then coming home just to stare at my phone/ipad/tv etc… My husband wasn’t very good at it thanks to the NEED to check sports scores. Hope you guys have better luck!

  3. i hear you – if i’m with my family, i’m often times on a device during the weekend since the week is so go-go-go (although, i fall pray to the laptop in the evenings) – if i’m traveling, i’m on them too (which is why i love time on the plane – no one can reach me)

    we live in austria for several years a bit ago and on sundays, it’s actually very hard to engage in any commercial activity except for cafes and museums so that was great time for us to remind ourselves to put the day to day grind aside and just focus on things that matter. we miss that…we try to implement it here but its definitely harder.

  4. Mercedes

    Butter popcorn is my favorite, too! We can share the responsibility of eating them in too-large amounts! :)

  5. Hayley

    Such a good idea, I think it’s scary how easy it can be to miss your little ones growing up without even noticing. I always look forward to you new blog posts. Xx

  6. Jessie

    You just said what I’m feeling about technology these days. I’ve been making a concerted effort this week to spend MUCH less time in front of a screen and more with my babies. They’re growing too fast and I don’t want to miss it… or them miss me!

    Good luck potty training! We are coincidentally doing it too this week. So far, the score is something like floor: 17 toilet: 3.

  7. good on you! i was literally just talking about this. i hate how addicted i am to social media. i really feel like it’s an addiction (for me, for many). it’s like we can’t feel satisfied if we aren’t connected in some way to technology, whether it be instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. we feel left out, like we’re missing something important, when in reality, it doesn’t matter.

    personally i’ve concluded that it’s damaging–to my self-esteem, my tendency to judge others, my need to gossip, my jealousy, my need to compare–it feeds into it all. i’m hoping this year to eventually get it down to only instagram and my blog–and do away with facebook and twitter. my blog feels like an outlet for me, not a place to brag/complain like facebook and twitter. and instagram is a fun way to create photo memories and document the things i love in life.

    sorry for the extra-long post. i just have so many thoughts about this haha.

    good luck with your new sunday plan! rooting for you guys!


  8. I love this idea, I have noticed this same issue with husband & I. We recently decided to put our phones away during church so we could be more focused and engaged, I have gotten so much more out of it & feel blessed for the effort!

  9. Cheltz

    If anything will cure you of your love for popcorn flavored jelly bellies, buying them in bulk will. I’m still in denial about my addiction to devices, by which I mean, I don’t have an addiction, of course.

  10. I absolutely love the idea of putting phones away on Sundays. I feel like life is going way too quickly and it’s because I’m always spent looking down on my phone as the world passes me by! Thanks for the inspiration – I definitely hope to join in! xo

  11. oh my gosh, that delicious pizza puts my digiorno to shame- cause thats what we had tonight for dinner HA! ooh what i’d give for a ny pizza right now!

  12. ellen

    I loved hearing this idea. I am glad that I am not the only one that needs ideas to unplug once in awhile. Believe me…I love my social media. My slight obsessions with Twitter, Instagram, etc do keep me from some of those precious moments. My husband will be thrilled! Also…thanks for the reminder about the Jelly’s! Buttered Popcorn is also my husbands favorite and now I have time to get some for VDay!!!

  13. laven

    we have a no phones at all when we are around each other policy. we love it. we get to tell each other about our day and play with the children. i find trying to capture every moment on our phone/camera takes away from actually living the moment! there is a balance of course. glad you are on track to finding yours.

  14. I’m so glad y’all are doing this!! I decided do that a few years ago (I was 16) and I could really feel a difference… especially on Sundays.


  15. Laura

    Such a great idea! Last week I went to the beach and had no connection on my cell. It was so freeing!

  16. Abeer

    I totally agree with a day without technology.. How simple yet i think we all are in a great need of it. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Eleanor is love (even with her finger up her nose haha!)


  17. That’s such a lovely idea. My husband I were discussing how the tv is too much of a distraction and prevents us from having quality time together often so perhaps we will have no tv and no phone Sundays

  18. Marie

    You know the quote “We are spending more and more time on communications, but lesser and lesser time on communication.”?

    Well that’s certainly true in our society now. Technology is really addictive. :/


  19. Lynn

    Hey! I completely understand how you feel with the phone situation. You feel guilty even carrying it around with you even if you are just trying to take one cute picture. The kids grow up so fast mine are 20 months and 4 months old and I feel like they are growing up just a tad too fast

  20. popcorn flavored are the best! I bough tons of it when in NY :)
    now just realized I could order them online!!!yummie yummie!

    the picture is the cutest!

    love your blog:) hope your back gets better soon


  21. Claire

    Oh i hear you on the technology issue!! New rule for me is no blogging before bed, seriously i go to bed with my head buzzing and unable to switch off. Now to get my husband to do the same with twitter!
    The pic of eleanor, hilarious. I love that kids get away with these things and it still comes off cute, adults….different story!!


  22. It’s amazing how quickly Eleanor and Samsun are growing!
    This is such a lovely post, the photo is very funny, she was caught in the act of picking her nose! Ha :)
    Happy Thursday!!
    Kate xo

  23. Claire

    oh I hear you on the technology issue! new rule for me is no blogging before bad, seriously I go to bed with my head buzzing and unable to switch off! now to get my husband to do the same with twitter.
    the pic of Eleanor is hilarious. i love how kids get away with things like this and still look cute, adults on the other hand…….different story!!


  24. I am totally behind your decision to unplug. Great idea and I wish you much success!

  25. Mag

    Living without being addicted to technology is easy : erase your accounts, delete facebook, twitter and all these things that really are.. useless, when you think of it. If you can’t keep in touch with people without them, then the problem is somewhere else.
    After I did it, because spending my life on facebook was making me sick, I rediscovered I actually had plenty of time to do real stuff : make cakes, paint, play an instrument, grow plants, etc.
    As for the husband/boyfriend/family, we simply never use internet, etc, each on our side, while together. When it comes to chosing what we enjoy more, the choice is easy. But then I see you don’t own a TV, and while I’m not saying it’s THE thing to do and people who have a TV are bad, it does help with talking/playing together.. there is nothing else to do ! :)
    I read your articles, once, enjoy them, and that’s it. I like the topic though. But can you get rid of the addiction whilst being part of a blog community, I’m not sure. M.

  26. I think that’s such a great idea! Sometimes I catch me and my boyfriend ignoring each other, completely absorbed in our phones – and it makes me a little sad. Sometimes we wake up and aren’t sure whether the other is awake, and we’ll be facing away from each other, checking emails, twitter etc. As soon as I realise I slam my phone down and hug him because that’s the right start to the day! Good luck on Sunday, enjoy the time together!

  27. JM

    Ha, she’s going to be grateful for that picture when she’s older. I guess most kids go through that phase, they haven’t quite absorbed the social norms yet.

    It always good to figure out how to spend more time together. Do whatever works best for you guys. Although, i must admit i am impressed that you don’t own a tv, i’m not sure i could manage ;)


  28. Lisa

    Oh my gosh this post resonates so clearly with me. Sometimes my husband’s and mine’s “together” time involves staring at our computers together and not talking (but hey, we’re sitting next to each other, so that counts….right??) Good for you for taking a break from it all on sundays. I know you’ve inspired myself and many others to do the same. <3

  29. mau

    I recently felt like I was approaching burnout with social media, too. I just wrote about it last week! I’m trying to limit my checking of twitter, fb, instagram and emails to three times a day and stay away from them as much as possible at the weekend. I’m already feeling better for it!

  30. buttered popcorn has ALWAYS been my favorite. guess we don’t have to worry too much about someone eating them all before we get to them ;)

    (everyone ELSE is weird for NOT liking them :P)


  31. i think it is so important to unplug sometimes!
    and agreed that technology can get pretty scary.. especially thinking of our little ones.

  32. That is true, I think the number one enemy of real life relationships is social media networks. They are awesome but sometimes we do need to unplug, go back to the relationships that really matter.

    Haha, look at E! :P

  33. Carie

    It is so easy to find you’re spending more time with a phone than anything or anyone else so good for you for having a gadget free day. We have turn everything off nights during the week where we play board games and chat after Kitty goes to bed and they’re often my favourite nights of the week.

  34. What a wonderful idea. It is so easy to get wrapped up in social media that we forget to just live in the moment with the people that are around us. I might have to join you on this one!! Ps-that E can do anything and still be the cutest child ever! ;)

  35. Michelle

    Aww so cute :)

  36. copenhagen lady

    haha what a wonderful picture! Do you know the cool brand Finger in the Nose? Check it out, would look lovely on your kids :-) Btw. if you remember my comment about Ace hotel… I had a woooonderful stay! NYC was lovely even if sooo cold. xoxo

  37. bridget

    AMEN to the phone thing. i’ve started trying (not always but i’m getting there!) just shutting off my computer when i’m home after parker’s nap. it’s way less tempting to just ‘hop on and check!’ if it’s actually off.

    eleanor’s adorable. as always. finger in nose and all!

  38. Ashley

    I love your post today! We have been talking about “unplugging” ourselves as well. I actually gave my husband my Facebook account pw and had him change it. He signs me in at night after we are done putting the kids to bed. Funny thing is, when I do have that time available I don’t even really care to check it anymore. We also have found that setting a specific time to enjoy those sorts of things works really well. I have a “mommy night” and he has a “daddy night.” We can choose to do whatever we want and not worry about all the other tasks needing doing. You know, that plaguing mommy guilt we all get as the dishes pile up in the kitchen sink? Or that last load of laundry you can squeeze in before bed? We also have a “date night,” “grocery store night” and the other three nights are devoted to the family (we have two boys – ages 2 and 5.) It’s not a lot of time, but having the schedule really helps us focus and helps us feel so much better. Love your blog! You are awesome :)

  39. hannah

    i LOVE the idea of unplugging on a weekend day. thanks for the inspiration!

  40. my 14 month old is all of a sudden CONSTANTLY sticking his finger up his nose!!! lol! its hilarious! i dont even think he knows about picking yet, he just likes to put his finger up there, like a holding area for that pointer finger. its so damn cute! love your blog so much!!!

  41. Gianna

    I LOVE THIS. I can’t tell you how many times my boyfriend are sitting on the couch and there is absolutely no talking because of the phones. You know its gone too far when you tweet one another right next to each other.

  42. Anna

    Hello there. As a mother, the social media craze has me very nervous. Lately, when at functions with children, I’ve noticed that all the children are in the same room but are on their devices (my oldest is in 5th grade, doesn’t have one, so she often is by herself in a sea of children!). I’m worried that this is going to alter the course of things for our children. How are they going to learn interpersonal skills? Or delayed gratification? Or responsibility for actions when you can say mean things anonymously?

    Anyway, I think you are so smart to begin to think of this now, while your children are very young because it’s only going to ramp up as they get older and older. And of course, they take their cues from us, don’t they?

  43. Erin

    I support this — I got internet-free on the weekends and I think it’s so healthy.

  44. Erin

    I *go internet-free on the weekends.

  45. abby

    sunday-phone-away?? i love it! sometimes i wonder if my husband and i get any real ‘together’ time . . . it seems like the phones are out, even at dinner time! maybe we should join you too. not sure if i can convince him, tho ;)

  46. I agree 100%! I realized I needed a readjustment when I started thinking of adventures in terms of instagram pictures :). It’s definitely been good to step back a little bit – I even have time to read tons of books now (which makes this bookworm very happy)!


  47. your idea of unplugging is absolutely great and something you’ll start to look forward to, i imagine. when i was working in malawi, africa a few years ago, the organization i worked with would have us completely unplug one day of the week for “a time of solitude” where there was no music, no socializing, no technology—just you and nature/a notebook/book—for a few hours…and i’ll never forget the impact of those times on me. while that is an extreme version of what might sound feasible now, your idea of putting phones and such away for a few hours on sunday definitely brushes on the same idea, which is awesome—thanks for sharing!

  48. Hello

    Yes, I try not to take the phone into our bedroom at night and rely on my children for an early wake up but as they get older they sleep longer maybe I should buy an alarm clock rather than using my phone because I end up surfing through lots of time wasting crap before going to sleep.

    I am reading from the South Coast of the UK, I noticed in late January that you and your husbands face appeared on television here. Your picture features in a ‘moonpig’ commercial for Valentines Day Cards. recognised your smile and wondered if you knew about it?!
    I am pretty sure it is you although it might not be a recent photo.
    Thank you ever so much for sharing it is a pleasure to read.
    Regards CM

  49. Court

    I wish E’s leggings/tights came in adult sizes! ADORABLE.

    ps. you are totally right with the unplugging stuff. so important. Let us know how it turns out for you guys!!

  50. allison

    This is an incredibly inspiring post. Cheers to veering off of technology a little bit at a time. Sounds like you’re having a fun time with your dad!

    p.s. I never thought a girl picking her nose could be so freaking adorable :)

  51. Michele

    My husband and I are having the same discussions. It’s so hard to disconnect from technology these days. Such an addiction. Good on you for taking the steps! Sounds fun.

    Love the pic of Eleanor. My little one is learning where things our on her face right now, and that’s how she points to her nose too. I may actually ask her to do it sometimes just because I need a giggle.


  52. Yishy

    I was forced to ‘put away’ my phone for a few days recently.. well because someone nicked it when I was having lunch.

    Although it was depressing AT FIRST.. I found it really LIBERATING after that! It was so good to not feel like I had to photograph everything that went on in my life.

    BUT I admit.. now that I have replaced it, I find myself still rather..erm.. addicted to it……….. SO I must try your Sunday idea :)


  53. olya

    hahaha – you talking about Josh’s reaction made me roll. but, yeah,you are right – someone got to eat ‘em. where do you order? i am curious. love jelly belly’s but hardly every buy them, because they are pricey.

    you are so right about phones, internet and such. we were talking with justin just about on the same topic too – we all are SO connected to everything now. it seems like every 5 minutes we need to check something. if we need to reach a person, we go about it 100 different ways now. and i , personally, freak out if when i call/text he doesn’t answer. and to think about it – i grew up in a country where there were NO cell phones OR answering machines and some people didn’t even have a land line. if you called and someone didn’t answer, that meant they weren’t home, or couldn’t talk. i had no computer or anything until i came to US at 18, and we only got cell phone AFTER we got married ( but that was 10 years ago :) :) :) ), and even then, it was just a phone – i didn’t really text, it was for calling purposes. facebook wasn’t really there, and twitter was not known to me. it’s crazy how in such a short time our lives have changes so drastically. i think it is a wonderful thing that you , guys, are doing and we are so joining in! do you mind if i link your post to my blog tomorrow on this subject?

  54. Lisa

    Ah, kids and their noses. Next thing you know she’s going to have a buttered popcorn flavored jelly belly up there. Just sayin’…it happens. I love the idea of an unplugged Sunday…Yes, definitely a step in the right direction. I’ll be there right along side you…in Idaho anyway.

  55. Anne

    I think that’s a wonderful idea! Sunday is the perfect day for it as well. It always makes me sad when I see people checking their facebook in the chapel at chuch- crazy!

  56. That’s such a great idea and Sunday’s are perfect days for this experiment! Also, I’m laughing… that pizza is nearly as big as Eleanor. Precious.

  57. Gonna do it!!!! Justin and I are both in school and while we don’t have any kids of our own yet, we are constantly checking our social media or playing games. We barely get time as it is together so this will be perfect. Thanks for the challenge!



  58. Going without technology is so important! I got rid of my facebook and refuse to get a twitter for those exact reasons! I don’t feel so guilty about “wasting time” blogging because I think of my blog as my journal. But spending time on facebook and twitter… not necessarily productive in any way, I’d rather be present with the people I am with in person.


  59. allison

    hi…love, love, love your blog!! just curious…is little samson boy drinking his milk out of a straw or does he drink other things? i always feel behind the eight ball with starting new things with my littles. ha!

    • TAZA

      he just drinks water from a cup with a straw. not milk! just nursing or else bottle feeding breast milk!

  60. Erica

    We are in!
    I have been saying to my husband for years that by keeping his nose in front of his smart phone, he is missing unique moments of his little baby girl growing up. Now that we have our number 2 little one on the way we have also decided to make a change and focus less on social media/ on our phones and more on our beautiful family. Although I love my blogging, I have set aside specific momma time that does not interrupt with family time.
    Lets rock this revolution sister!
    I remember when my now 3 year old girly girl found her nose, i was a bit grossed out but also found it hilarious (although I tried to hide my laughing).

  61. Carrie

    Hooray for y’all! Social media has been on my mind a lot lately too- I was outside with my daughter yesterday and caught myself checking my phone for things that could WAIT instead of enjoying her. It’s funny how we’re SO connected via technology, but often so disconnected with the folks right in front of us. Wishing you success, it’s gonna be a hard habit to break!

  62. Jenny Druyon

    My husband and I decided a few years ago to turn off all electronics on Sundays including the tv. Im talking no Oscars, no Super Bowel no nothin. It was hard at first but now I love it. My kids connect more with each other on Sundays than any other day. It is nice and peaceful.

  63. Kelsey

    I adore the popcorn Jelly Bellies as well! It was one of the first things my husband and I realized we loved about eachother when we first started dating…a mutual adoration for buttered popcorn jelly beans. He gave me a big bag of them on our wedding day so I was on a wedding high and a sugar one!

  64. Kendall

    Good luck with going electronics-free on Sundays! My husband and I have a “no smartphones or laptops in the bedroom” rule, and I love it. Especially on days when we’re exhausted with work, it’s great to know that we have that time every night right before bed to talk.

    That rule also means that when I wake up, I don’t grab my smartphone very first thing. Having just a few moments in the morning to center myself and organize my day without a bunch of emails to attend to makes such a big difference.

  65. Jaclyn

    Love the no phone day on Sundays :) Wish I could get my DH to participate!! He is always attached to his phone :(
    E with her finger up her nose.. awesome! I joke with the daycare teachers that they taught my Lil one and all his friends to pick their noses cause they all have found how to do it…

    have a great thursday! xoxo


  66. Ha! I have photo that my mum took of me as a kid and I’m doing exactly the same thing with my finger!!

    I love the idea of going phone free but the thought actually gives me a wee panic attack. How tragic is that??


  67. Irela

    I think that’s a wonderful idea. I’ve been trying to spend less time “plugged-in” myself. There is so much to do around this city and so many places to discover. It’s now or never ♥

  68. Kate

    Intentional “Unplugging”is something I have been thinking about quite a bit recently. I think your decision is a wise and admirable one!

    Ps. Eleanor’s “right” and “left” scribbles on her knees are too cute!

  69. Also meant to say this photo makes it look like she is the hippest, raddest child of the 80s ever ;-) Adorable.

  70. Melissa

    We have felt the same way about the phone distractions. Love the Sunday idea and we will definitely be joining you. We also have “no device dates” as often as possible. The Real McCoy(s)

  71. Holland

    I love this idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  72. Andrea


    My husband Jace and I have a rule that when we go OUT (dinner/movie/museum/artwalk) our phones are OFF. Actually we just leave them in the car at dinner so we arent tempted.
    Jace has no attention span if there are distractions (phones, tvs)–we’ve been doing this for a few months now and its SO nice to have our attention focused on each other!

    I think maybe i’ll bring it up for Sundays too. Eleanor is a doll, even with that finger up her nose :) When you’re a beauty its hard not to look fabulous. Happy Thursday!!!

    ps. I am beyond jealous of that pizza and i’m now craving it in a bad way!


  73. What a great challenge! Although…I can’t participate just yet. My husband is on a 13 month deployment and I always have my phone strapped to some part of my body JUST IN CASE he calls. You never do know with those pesky deployments. When he’s home in May, we’ll join in!

  74. Gisela

    Oh i loooooove buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies. I have to check immediately if I can order them online in Germany! I never thought about it! Thank you for the hint!


  75. Claire

    My husband and I have found ourselves connected to our phones way too much as well! I think the Sunday break sounds like a fantastic idea, thanks!!
    P.s. I love Eleanor’s leggings, so cute!

  76. Mali

    Love this idea! Love your little Miss E’s pants/leggings, too! Can I ask where you got them!?! Please and thank you! :)

  77. MissM

    This is a great idea, my husband and me are definately on our phones to much so I just suggested a tech free sunday! We are on board! :-)

  78. Jesse

    great idea. i am so addicted to my stupid/lovely phone it makes my husband crazy. i do better if i put it upstairs in our bedroom after we put atticus to bed. feels SO good to unplug.

  79. Not many people can get away with a finger up the nose, but Eleonor is as cute as ever :)

  80. Krista

    Love, love, love the idea of being device-free on Sundays. For us, even without work/studying/whatever our Sundays are still busy! I think this idea will help my husband and I connect better on one of the few days we don’t need devices to connect to one another. Gotta love Sundays!

  81. lisa

    Love the idea !

  82. LOVE the idea of unplugging…when you work in front of a computer and try to participate in social media, that is just way too much screen time for a human being. We’re going on a last-minute little trip this weekend, and I’m so excited to have a break from the screen. Wait, a camera lens doesn’t count as a screen, right?

  83. Kelsey

    I love that idea and I have been wanting to do it for awhile. Very difficult… which is scary!

  84. Amie

    Absolutely, phones are off after a certain time of day in my house..well usually! haha! but, absolutely, the tech stuff needs to be turned off & human interaction needs to come back! hooray for you & your fam!!

    & just think the fun you’ll have whilst Eleanor gets to know her nose!! hehehehe!!!

  85. Cory

    My daughter recently found her nose too! They think because the finger fits it must be where it belongs haha ; )

  86. Alice

    Oh that picture is the sweetest thing ever! I think the idea of putting your phones etc away on a Sunday, I am thinking of doing something similar during Lent- I am far too attached to my phone and laptop! x

  87. Theresa

    E is too funny! I love it! I’ve been thinking about doing a day or two without any of my vices. There are too many distractions that take me away from family time. I commend you for actually going through with it.


  88. Kieren

    Taza, finally something that I don’t love about you: buttered popcorn jellie bellies! Ew! But you’re right, someone has to eat them! :)

    And I love the no-tech on Sundays. We have been doing no-tech between dinner and putting our toddler to sleep. It has been wonderful.

  89. vivian

    how funny! i just signed up for twitter (i know, finally) and vine, and i wrote a blog post mentioning trying to be able to balance it and not always being on my phone. i’m going to try to join along with you guys!

  90. Lea Anne

    It is so refreshing to know my husband and I are not the only ones with this technology problem, seriously. It totally scares me as well how much time we spend on our phones, computers, ipads, etc these days. Definitely going to follow suit and schedule time each day to put them away!

  91. Meghan

    haha! she’s still adorable, even with the finger up her nose! good luck with that. :)

  92. I LOVE this! My husband travels on the road singing for a living, so we only get about 3 days a week together during a tour season! I feel like we have this same type of discussion every month. It is so easy to use those days to get caught up on house stuff and what not, but then we realize we probably could have used our three days better some weeks, and not busy ourselves so much! Sometimes its nice to just sit and stare at each other ;) ha!

    P.S. Our daughter is almost 17 months and has discovered her nose as well! Good luck! :)

  93. Bonnie

    oh em gee! Those pants!


  94. Peter Schmalz

    I’m sorry but that picture made my day. She is so cute and Samson too

  95. Chelsea

    I love the idea of no technology Sundays. We have the conversation frequently about being present for our son and for each other – it can be a hard task with everything at our fingertips. And speaking of fingertips, Eleanor is simply precious – even with her finger up her nose.

  96. Cathy

    In the first picture he reminds me of my little sister she used to do that all the time when she was little :) what a great picture it brought some memories back to me

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  97. Cheryl

    Ah, unplugging…..why are we always so reluctant to do it [myself included!]?

    I giggled out loud when I read that you’re going to try to unplug on Sundays. Just a few weeks ago my husband suggested that we impose ‘tech free Sundays’.

    Our daughter, Ryan and I scoffed at him……but now I’m wondering if a day off from checking Facebook, Twitter + Instagram wouldn’t be nice.

    Live in the moment. And simply enjoy it.

    Tech free Sunday, we might be seeing you soon.

    Great post!

  98. Even with her finger up her nose, she’s still precious! Good luck with no-tech-Sundays, it sounds like a step in a positive direction.

  99. woah can’t believe you’re starting potty training! i should probably get on that too with my toddler…

    and i love that idea about a tech-free day. it’s so unhealthy how “plugged in” we always are. i’m sure it would be hard at first but once you get used to it it’s so much better for the family and marriage!

  100. juliet

    i remember when my nephew found his nose. of course, the minute we all freaked out about how gross it was he made a point to do it even more.

  101. Rachel

    I love this whole post. :)

  102. Jen

    I think that is fantastic! There is something to be said for good old fashioned time together and not being connected to everything all the time! we’re working on setting tech free times in our home as well :)

  103. Morganne

    E. is cute but…huuuuuuummmmm….the pizza!!!

  104. That pizza…. oh my daaaaays.

    Lucy xo

  105. Abigail

    Love the tech free time on Sundays; great way to take a sabbath! I might incorporate that goal into my life too… Good luck on the potty training! Fun times!

  106. kirsten

    adorable leggings on eleanor!

  107. HA! it’s pretty far up there! AND HOLY PIZZA HANGING OFF THE COUNTER!! haha hope your back feels better : ( REST as much as you can. I did that once lifting my huge bag of camera stuff, REST and lots of massages from JOSH : )

  108. ah, social meda and the phone. such a double edged sword. and hooray for fun new things with your sweet baby!

  109. Melanie

    That’s really exciting that y’all are doing the no-tech thing once a week. Totally commend you guys! I love that family and staying connected to each other is always your top priority : )

  110. Ha, love it! Where did you get E’s pants?! Too cute!

    • TAZA

      thanks! i bought them last week from Hello Apparel!

  111. lauren

    where are E’s pants from…. love them!

  112. Dawn

    I so agree that being connected is great and also terrifying… so easy to disconnect with the person standing right beside us. Hands Free Mama writes an amazing blog on how she’s committed to being hands free while her littles are around… so very inspirational – maybe you’ll love it too: http://www.handsfreemama.com/. Happy nose-picking days!

  113. Shardae

    I’ve been saying similar things about technology to my husband. I’ve suggested that we put them away every night while we watch a movie, etc. just a little time together without technology. We’re not very good at it; we need to work on it! And I need to be better about it around my sweet little boy.

  114. I think it’s really admirable that you are coming out and addressing the abundance of technology in our every day life. I think that technology allows us all to be storytellers but this can really ruin those intimate moments! I am happy that you and your family have made this decision, and that you are inviting others to join you. Our digital lives are exciting but there is also life happening when we are on our phones! I wish you luck. Take Care :)

  115. Tess

    Hi Taza and Josh,

    I am a huge fan of your blog and the beautiful pictures you take and things you write about your gorgeous family! I have never commented on the blog however am a longtime reader :)

    The reason for my comment is that I live in Australia and was watching TV tonight when an advertisement for an Australian website came on. It was advertising personalised valentines day cards and other gifts and I noticed one of the cards they were showing as a template used a picture of the two of you..

    I just thought I should let you know because I didn’t think it was a situation where you would have given written consent, like your copyright notice says, particularly as it is being used for commercial means!! The website/company is http://www.moonpig.com.au for you to take a look at if this bothers you.

    Big hugs and lots of love being sent from the other side of the world. You and josh are incredible parents to such enchanting kids :)

    Xx Tess

    • TAZA

      Thanks for making us aware! A few readers have also let us know. The photo is from a stock photography shoot we helped a friend out with many years ago so those photos can be purchased through that stock site. It’s been fun seeing where the photos end up. Totally crazy sometimes the places they go…

  116. Kelly

    That is such a great idea, you will have to make sure to tell us how the no phone Sunday goes – I do the no phone dinner when out with my friends and it definitely improves the quality of our conversation and the time we have to spend together.

    Sparkles and Shoes

  117. where did you get Eleanor’s right and left leggings? they are adorable!

    • TAZA

      thanks! i bought them from Hello Apparel.

  118. christina

    i love the initiative you and josh are taking. it is almost heartbreaking to think about how attached (myself: guilty) we are to our phones. the realness of life can get lost while we’re trying to capture it for our twitter/instagram/facebook.

    that pizza looks like perfection and your baby girl is amazing.


  119. Emily

    It makes me so happy to know that you’re taking a day for the family. I’m a bit ashamed at how long it took me to realize how much work goes on behind the scenes in the blogging world. I don’t think people realize that your IG and Twitter are extensions of your blog, and therefore when you use them it’s like you’re working. So if you use them over the weekend you’re essentially not taking a day off. And especially for you, logging into IG isn’t *just* posting a picture, you also have to worry about the unanswered comments in your previous pictures. I have horrible insomnia and scroll through your comments on occasion, I’m always in awe at the repeat comments, or the people that get upset that you don’t answer. But I’m most in awe with you, you handle the comments with such grace and you’re very good at responding to the 700 questions about your nail polish.

    Anyway. I hope you and your family enjoy your technology free day and I think it’s amazing that you guys are focusing on what’s important.

  120. liz

    I just wrote a similar post about “cleansing the soul.” I’ve decided to slow it down when it comes to social media. Yes, for my relationship and those few moments I have with my hubbie, but also for my children. I refuse to be “that” mom at the park who plays with her kids bu talso has her phone with her at all times. I see that happen so often and it makes me kinda sad. Some moments are meant for children and parents only. Children deserve 100% attention. Nothing less.

    enjoy those sundays!

  121. christine

    no cell phone sunday was a success at our household! thanks for the awesome idea!

  122. Anila

    This pizza looks so delicious! What is the name of the restaurant? I’m always on the hunt while in NYC for good pizza! This is a hilarious picture of E!

  123. traceyp.

    We started this a year ago and my (now) 11 year old son still complains and finds ways to try to get past it….. ” oh, i didn’t think you meant i couldn’t watch t.v. while i ate”. nice try. better your starting now than later!

  124. Too funny…I love the honesty of parenting. Fingers up noses and all, so glamorous!

    Love your idea of no technology Sunday. I wouldn’t say I’m so plugged in during the week (here I am just catching up on blogs that I like – I’m always so behind), but Instagram is an addiction I’ve had to learn to cut back on. Sundays, to me are the perfect days for baking and laughing and being present as a family together.