an afternoon in brooklyn…


yesterday the littles and i took 5 billion different trains (not really, but it did feel that way at times) to brooklyn to visit one of our favorite people, the brilliant brunette bombshell, meg fee.  meg is one of my favorites because she has this way of always leaving me determined to be a better me. we have both come a long way since those first few years at juilliard together, but  i’ve watched meg grow and learn and evolve into one of the bravest and most brilliant women i know since those college days. i just adore her.

the day was a chilly one, but we still explored the neighborhood (carroll gardens, you are so cute!) we walked and talked, had delicious sandwiches at prime meats and of course a few cookies from momfuku milk bar (if there is one in the area, how do you say no?)

thank you for a wonderful afternoon, meg! and thank you for allowing eleanor to touch and handle practically every item and thing in your apartment all while being calm and kind. that ain’t easy. so thanks for not freaking out. we love you.


^^^cutest taxi driver in brooklyn, found!^^^


^^^ugh. momofuku milk bar. you make a girl who hates cornflakes crave them in all her cookies.^^^

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^^^oh hey, just proof that samson was here on this adventure, too.^^^ blogbrooklyn3blogbroolyn8blogbrooklyn26

blogbrooklyn28blogbrooklyn10 blogbrooklyn16blogbrooklyn14

love you, meg. and catch ya later, brooklyn!

stopping into the record store…


the day we were out with the coulsons, we stopped into bleeker street records to warm up a bit after eating pizza in the park. this is a spot josh knows very well, but i’d actually never been inside before.  it’s always fun to browse and hold and buy actual records and cd’s. i wonder what sort of music stores will be around when the kids are older. it’s so rare to even buy cd’s anymore!

there are also two fat cats that live at the record store, so eleanor was a happy girl. but be careful if you ever come across them, because only one of them is kind. the other cat is crazy. you were warned!


^^^will probably will be my favorite photo of my boys forever more. thank you, tim.^^^


^^^this child knows a good beat!^^^
60 61

^^^the nice cat!^^^


more photos HERE and HERE. all by tim coulson.

walking through the village to eat the best slice of pizza (in the world. in our opinion.)


here are more photos by tim coulson of our family together, which he took while we were out and about in the city with him and his sweet family a few weeks ago (more photos here…. and more to come too, because i just really love them so.)

looking through these photos rekindles my love for this fascinating city. it may be ridiculously cold here when it’s cold, or so humid your face is falling off when it’s hot… it may not be the most stroller friendly city around and it may have excessive amounts of bugs and rats and trash everywhere, but this place is straight up special. it keeps my eyes engaged and my mind constantly thinking.  it keeps me on my toes (and my hips in shape thanks to not being so stroller friendly.) it inspires me more than any other place in the world.  i am so proud to call new york city my home.

looking through these photos also reminds me just how blessed i am to have josh and these two sweet babes in my life.  i do not take them for granted. i think back often to one of the first conversations i ever had with my husband. it was one or two in the morning and i had just gotten back to my juilliard dorm room after being out at a party. i didn’t know josh at all yet, besides one or two brief conversations we had in passing. he called me that evening to express his disappointment in the fact that we were at the same party and didn’t have the chance to talk at all that evening but that he wanted to get to know me better at some point. it was late and i was kind of confused as to how he had even got my number, but somehow we kept on talking.  we talked at length, but it was only a matter of minutes before we were talking about families. our current families, our future families….   i will never forget thinking, “who is this guy? how does he know exactly what i want and how does he want the same thing?!”  i am so thankful to have found a man that values his family so much.  i absolutely adore him and these beautiful children we have been blessed with.

wow, this got so sappy so fast but you can’t get me started on my family without allowing me to go on for at least a minute or two about how much i love mine. i mean, have you ever read this blog? ;)

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thank you again to tim coulson. that man and his camera are something else.  and yes, the best slice around is joe’s in our book. we could find an excuse to visit the village every day for a chance to eat a slice.

at the MoMA…


last week i was out running some errands with the littles downtown when both fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.  i decided to test my luck and try to run by the MoMA since two sleeping babies meant i’d actually be able to stop and pause and stroll slowly through the museum all while enjoying it at my own pace. ;)

when i was a few blocks away, i decided to really test my luck and text josh to see if he wanted to take a long lunch and join me.  when he replied, “yes” it was like a dream! so we went to the MoMA with two sleeping babies and it was kind of like a date! then once we got inside the museum, the littles woke right up and they were like, “hahaha. we are crashing this date!”  so our time at the MoMA turned into more of a chaotic family outing. but they basically have an elephant on exhibit (douglas gordon’s playing dead), and i think eleanor about died she loved it so (here’s a vine video we made). it was also fun to watch samson take everything in. he gets so wide eyed and observant looking up at everything and everyone.  i forgot how much i adore this 9-10 month old baby stage. it’s definitely one of my favorites.

moma5moma03 moma8
moma05 moma6 moma9 moma10

see you later, MoMA!

on unplugging.


i mentioned in this post from the other week that  josh and i were planning to unplug from our phones on sundays. it’s just so easy to check in with twitter or instagram for a second and lose ten minutes on there… what a time suck!  well anyway,  it has been two sundays since that post, and you know something? best. two. sundays. ever.

during years and months past, i always felt like we were doing really well with this sort of thing. we have never had a tv in our home.  we aren’t into video games. josh hasn’t had a facebook account for years and i log into mine so rarely i always have to have them resend me my password because i forget.  but now there are all the social media sites we do use often and love (like twitter, or instagram or pinterest or the new vine app.) as a blogger, these sites are such a great way to stay connected with friends and readers alike.  and if you haven’t noticed by the amount of overgramming i tend to do, i sort of like social media a whole bunch.

in this day and age of always being connected, i swear all of this modern technology gets in the way of our living!  on a few occasions at the park, i’ve noticed someone pushing their child on the swing while being totally checked out and staring at their mobile device. and all i can think is, goodness i am so close to becoming that person.   between texting, social media apps, reading and responding to comments and questions on said social media apps, checking email, updating the ical… it’s like, well of course we are glued to this thing 24/7.  and also, how sad.

so sundays are becoming our slower day… away from technology… our day of rest.. it is the sabbath after all. and whether you’re religious or not, it’s nice to have a little breather. a time to unwind. to gather inspiration out in the world, away from your mobile device. to enjoy the people around you and your surroundings without refreshing any app to see who is eating what for brunch (i mean seriously!).

in addition, we’ve stopped bringing our phones to the table. when josh and i are out on a date away from the littles, the phones stay away, too.  and something we haven’t done yet but i keep hearing about and would love to try… charging phones at night in a room that is not the bedroom. i love this one. we need to buy a clock for our room so we can do this.

what do you do to stay sane and unplug?


photos by tim coulson.