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well i wish i had fun and exciting things to come blog about right now but frankly, we are just trying to survive stupid january and all the colds and coughs and 24-hour bugs that keep being sent our way.  the littles and i spent most of our morning in mama’s bed cuddling and napping together as we are finally getting over our last *I’M NOT KIDDING THIS BETTER BE THE LAST* 24-hour stomach bug this month. this day just dragged on for eternity and i am glad to see it go….

the cold chills and shakes are especially exciting when you have workers coming through your apartment all afternoon because there is a bad pipe in the building (or something like that), and they’re tearing out walls behind the cabinets in your kitchen trying to find it.  you’re trying to keep your toddler out of said kitchen because they are leaving all these scary tools all over the floor and she’s ooohing and ahhhing over them and desperately wanting to run off with that heavy looking saw/knife thing that is making you incredibly uncomfortable. by six o’clock i was done. (i was done by 1 o’clock to be honest but i tried to put on a brave face and not text my husband a bunch of SOS’s until six.  sometimes i try to be brave and stuff. although today i feel like being brave is super overrated.)

but i can’t complain too much because my kids do sick really well. they are happy little cuddle bugs that appear pleasant in between barfing sessions (whaat?!?).  i mean, you’d think we are photoshopping this smile onto samson’s face! but if you know him in person, you know he never gives it a rest. and that’s quite nice because it helped me make it through today, january-longest-day-ever-24th, 2013.  i’m glad to see you go, day. please take all my chills and shakes with you!

  1. Jessica

    get well soon!

  2. That baby. He is really something.

    (Hope you’re all feeling better soon.)

  3. Emma

    such a happy face! i hope you all feel better soon and stay well! bugs begone!

  4. nadine

    aww. even though you’re not feeling well your updates give me a smile. i love your little quirky sayings and explanations. hope you’re all better by tomorrow!

  5. Kids are crazy that way. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if they’re actually sick cause so they’re so pleasant about the whole thing.

    Hope everyone is better soon!

  6. Jessica

    Ahhh the stupid flu bug! I left work feeling so crappy this evening & now I kind of want to die. Got the same thing as you but I don’t have two kids to take care of! Hats off to you. Your littles are the cutest.

  7. ashley

    Aww, it is the best having a smiley baby and both your little ones are certainly smiley ones. Hope you get better soon.

  8. It has been ridiculously cold in New York!! What is going on! I hope you and the little cuties finally get to feel better!! It’s supposed to warm up a little next week!! =)

  9. Get well soon!

  10. We FINALLY got over a month of stuffy noses and flus in this house so I can empathize with you! You always make me feel so much better when I know I’m not the only one about to pull my hair out and putting on that brave face :) Get well soon!


  11. teagan

    total bummer y’all are still sick!
    look, this may be a one-sided friendship and all, but i appreciate your blogging and really love your family spirit! so i am giving you some friendly words of wisdom to help alleviate this bothersome stream of illness that’s taking over your sweet family all month:
    first things first, stop eating out! i know it’s nyc, bubbling with delicious, convenient eateries, but it is the culprit of this incessant sickness!
    i know there is hardly time in the day with it comes to two littles under foot, i am a mama, too. so put that crock-pot back to work with soup! throw a bunch of veggies, meat, herbs and spices, pour some bone-broth on top, and voila! instant medicine! you know why chicken soup is always the sick-tonic? it’s the bone broth! the healing properties are magical. if you can make it through the greater part of the winter eating in, your bodies will love you for it.
    all my love!

  12. leah.

    my hat is off to you for caring for yourself and your two sick little ones, and managing to keep all of you so adorable and positive! my little one has been sick off and on over the past month – it really does just seem to make the days drag on. hope all of you are well soon.

  13. Ann

    That Samson! He’s one trooper ; )

  14. Being sick with babies is no fun at all. It’s okay to not be brave.

    And, that Samson has the best smile. I think that kid smiles more than any other baby on the internet.

  15. Aw feel better!! I myself am getting over a terrible head cold. Being sick in NYC during the winter is absolutely no fun at all :(


  16. Awwww! We have a bit of sickness in this house too. Hoping it disappears soon there… and here too!

  17. I know how you feel! Well, not the throwing up part, but definitely the being sick part. My nearly-2-year-old daughter and I have had bad cough/colds on and off all month! Hope you feel better soon!

  18. Alix

    Hope you are all feeling better soon! Samson always has the most adorable smile on his face! Glad to hear your kids take sickness well (as well as you can being sick!).

  19. Megan

    Samon looks so much like Eleanor in that pic, how cute! You have such a way with words Naomi, I love reading your blog. Have you ever thought of writing a children’s story?

  20. aww poor sweety. get well soon! all of you! it’s nice that samson is a happy cuddle bug. :)

  21. Megan

    *Oops, sorry I meant Samson!

  22. Amy Jo

    This photo of you three is so sweet. Watching little ones coughing, weak with fever is heartbreaking. Wishing you guys a nourishing recovery soon.

  23. Carie

    Oh no- I hope you all feel LOTS better soon. It’s no fun being sick yourself and trying to parent at the same time.

  24. Sarah

    Oh man, I am SO not coming out of my house until Spring!!! Glad it’s not TO terrible for you guys, but it doesn’t sound fun.

  25. Cheltz

    Tough times … Sickies plus workers in the house would be more than enough for anyone. Also sharp tools lying about?? Stressful :(.

  26. Ugh, that’s the worst! Everybody get better fast!

  27. Blakely

    Such a bummer. At least they are still happy as can be. Get better!

  28. Jessica

    On Ellen today she said that someone studied it, and today is the most depressing day of the year (very scientific don’t you think?). Anyways, I guess that means you’re not the only one who feels a little glum and I hope that it gets better for you guys. :)

    P.S. being sick at the same time as your babies really sucks!

  29. Adriane

    It’s not easy!! If they’re not sick is not an easy task, imagine if they’re sick… all the strength to you super mommy!

  30. gabriellerosealie

    aww, get will soon and drink some tea :)

  31. Jules

    I hope you and the family feel better! Samson just lit up my bad day. <3 Thanks!

  32. Oh my goodness I am SO sorry you all are sick, but you guys are the cutest sick family around :) The smile on the little man is just priceless. “Yay! We’re sick! And I get to cuddle with Mama!”

  33. Julie

    Oh, bummer. Hope you all feel better very soon!

  34. Roya

    I feel you. I feel you. I FEEL YOU! I really thought there was something odd about today (yesterday). I felt it once I woke up and then it hit me when my baby girl vomited her entire bottle on my shirt and couch. Fast forward past three more voms, 3 blow outs, and 4727372 wardrobe changes ( we finally just ended up going al fresco with just a diaper….the both of us), I finally get some relief when my hubs comes home from work early. I take TEN minutes to go to the pharmacy really quick, and what do I see as I pull into my driveway? My husband is standing outside with our baby, and there is smoke gushing from the house. Yes, he started a fire trying to fry chicken in a very old pan. Cue the emotional breakdown, yelling, crying, and just all around freak out. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. It was horrible. Horrible.

    So I feel you, girl. Here’s to a healthy and happy January 25th.

  35. Oh no! Seriously, how many bugs can one family get? At least they are just as adorable when they’re sick. You’re a champ ;)

  36. Okka

    Hope you all feel better very soon!!

  37. Oh you poor things! It’s so sweet that those two are kind to you, even when they are sick. That beautiful boys’ smile is wonderful! Get well soon x

  38. Morgane

    Pauvre de toi, et poor babies!!

  39. My favorite blogs are the honest ones: life isn’t perfect and we all have those moments/days/stretches of days/oh my!

    Thanks for keepin’ it real! (and i do hope you get better soon-hope you’ve asked josh to give y’all priesthood blessings!)


  40. annton

    you ARE superbrave, but sometimes things just get too big. tomorrow will be another day though, but you know that already. sending a little sun from berlin.

  41. Oh noooo, I hope all of you feel better soon! What a terrible thing to get so many times. I just detest throwing up. It instills such fear in my heart, that I end up crying half the time. Terrible. Weakling. I’m sending good health vibes to the 3 of you, and a lot of luck to your husband so he doesn’t get sick too!

  42. Hey!
    I follow you on instagram and have commented a couple times (@GottaHaveFaithaFaith) idk if you remember seeing my name but anyways I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how appreciative I am of your blog. It’s really fun to witness your life progress through your eyes and through your camera’s lense. Your blog is my favorite (the only one I take the time to read and return to too)

    Because of my love for your blog I wrote a post on my blog. If you have a moment to view it that would be great :)

  43. Anna

    we have the same kind of feeling these days here in Athens, although thank god we re safe and sound from bugs and flews… But the weather is, Oh! so miserable and all it makes me want is cuddle and cuddle. But, we have to work…
    Hope u are all feeling better soon !!!

  44. olya

    oh, get better. we just got done with our share… and absolutely nothing is worse when mama joins in with sick kids. i thought sick kids is bad, but when i got sick with them, it was 100 times worse. get better. sending you good vibes.


  45. Sinead

    He looks so happy! Such a cute little face :-)

  46. I hope you all feel better, I saw this on instagram yesterday and was just struck by how pretty your little family is even when your sick!
    Have a healthy day!

  47. Meryl

    Oh no! Agreed, January is just the worst for constant sickness. I laugh reading that you hold out to send the SOS texts to your husband. I do the same thing. =) Feel better!

  48. Emily

    Thanks for keepin’ it real, here. More importantly, so, so sorry you & the lovelies are sick… sending good-health vibes your way!

  49. haha that smile never ceases! i’m sorry you all have been so sick–things aren’t much better here in florida, although i don’t have 2 little ones down with it too–kudos to you! brave mamma indeed, even if you don’t feel like it.

    aaand i think i need to mention that your expression in this picture looks exactly like the one eleanor always makes. twins! :)


  50. we know what it means … pneumonia has just hit Little Leo for second time (one month ago the first )……

    a big hug from Italy, big hug from Lelli Family

  51. Heather

    Get Better! You all are troopers, that nasty flu as been going round all month, I had it for an entire week, and it was god awful.

  52. Mellie

    I totally agree with Teagan – less eating out.

    And might I add: less coke. (not sure who drinks it, it’s always in the photos)

    I am studying to become a dietician, so this isn’t out of nowhere.

    Plant-based diets for optimal health!

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  53. Ashley

    I really love these type of posts too. It’s nice to know you’re not always so impressive :) I love the glimpses into your ‘normal’ life–although that boy’s smile is anything but normal! hope you feel better!

  54. Jess

    Its been a while since I last checked up on your blog – Samson looks the double of little miss E when she was that age! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  55. Fabiola

    I sympathise…looking after babies/toddlers is *such* hard work when you are unwell yourself! Our whole family went down with coughs and colds over Christmas….just about recovered & now I’m down with another cold today…ugh…

  56. Melissa

    You are not alone, we have been soooo sick this winter, no matter what I do every other week someone is sick. I feel for ya! Hope you are all feeling better soon!
    The Real McCoy(s)

  57. Jess

    Ugh. So sorry you’re all so sick! With workers tromping sheet-rock dust through your place. The worst!! Thank goodness for cuddly, smiley little sickies, though. Hope you’re all feeling all better very soon. xox

  58. I love the smile of your little boy, I have the same problem during the morning is so hard to get off bed because I can’t stop playing with my little daughter Sofia. She does some funny monster noises and I answer her back as a monster too and we end up laughing together and then I look at my watch and it’s already time to get ready for work! you have such a beautiful family.

    Vintage Inspired Indie Fashion for your little darling

  59. oh no :( sorry you are all sick at home!! this cold weather is bringing in all the flu buggies!! hope you are all feeling better before the weekend so you can go out and have some fun :)

  60. I love your little family, you are all so adorable, even when your sick. Hope you all feel better soon.

  61. Amie

    sending prayers for health your way. this pic is too sweet, samson is quite the little boy & eleanor passed out is too cute!

  62. Lindsay

    What a bummer. Sending healthy, happy vibes your way..

  63. Love Eleanor’s sleeping face! Hope you all are well soon. xo

  64. Emily

    Oh no! Hope everything gets much much better soon!
    Samson’s face is just heart warming!

    I take an Apple Cidar Vinegar tablet by mouth every day to help prevent that horrible sickness! So far so good.

  65. ryan

    Oy. I feel like the most common words out of my mouth these past few months have been, “Sick?! Again??” We’re in the same boat. Feel better! My lil guy is just a few weeks older than Samson and I know how tough it can be :(

  66. Caitlin

    Awwww, so sorry you guys are all sick! You ARE very brave :)

    Hope you all feel better, and have a restful and relaxing weekend!

  67. giulia

    feel better, please!
    ps- you three are adorable:)

  68. Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear that you and the family have come down with multiple 24-hour bugs. My husband and I came down with it once this month and barely survived! luckily, our two-month old didn’t get it and it whipped me back into pre-pregnancy weight over night ;)

  69. Margaret

    Hang in there! Mommies don’t get sick days, and it totally stinks. Least you look pretty :)

  70. Meghan

    I love your writing! My hubby and daughter are sick now, too. It sure is going around. Hang in there!

  71. Rachel

    Oh no!! I am so sorry you guys have been so sick!! :( Feel better soon! And yikes – I can totally see a little toddler wanting to make off with a giant hacksaw! Haha. Sorry you’ve got to deal with that, too. At least your babies are super cuddly. But throwing up is no fun :( Sending well wishes your way.

  72. Lea

    Illness and minimal access to your kitchen?! That reads like a recipe for sick disaster. We have been battling bugs here as well, and our teapot has never had such a workout. Hope you all heal quickly!

  73. Kelly

    So sorry to hear you are all sick! I hope all three of you feel better and that the men in the kitchen figure out what is wrong soon!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  74. Ela

    Hi, I`m from Poland:) I have land on your blog by chance. And I decided to write to you. I saw all of 322 pages, it took 7 days:), It was very beautiful story of your love at those pages. I`m soo impressed (and little jelaous;) You are so positive and inspiring people. You look so happy, and your children too, they have beutiful and true smile:) It`s amazing how you and Josh change by those years, and new experience like having children:) Good Luck! and regards from Poland!

  75. Katie

    I think Samson looks so much like your sister Hannah. I hope you guys feel better soon!

  76. Hope you guys are on the mend soon! In the meantime, enjoy that little Samson smile!

  77. Oh my goodness! I can just see it in my head! —E oohing over the workers’ equipment. It’s probably only funny looking back at it, though! ;) xo

  78. Ali

    Awww hope you guys are feeling better really soon!!! And Samson has to be the cheeriest-looking sick person EVER ;) So cute!

    Ali xo

  79. Eli

    Days with children are always fun, laughter, taking mummy’s shoes and not giving them back, blowing bubbles in front of the mirror but there are days of tears and some days have sneezing shape and coughing tottering. Get well soon, Rockstars. xx


  80. cheyenne

    aw, hope you feel better soon!
    xo, cheyenne

  81. Ariel

    Oh no! The stomach bug is THE WORST! Seriously you guys are troopers. I get full blown panic attacks and cannot stop crying when I have the stomach flu. I hope you guys are all better soon! And may no more sickness strike you for the rest of the year for handling it so well! ;)

  82. Oh no, I’ve heard of so many people sick – I hope you and your babes get better way soon! Breeeeathe, girl!

  83. JM

    really sorry to hear you’re all feeling so lousy. I had the flu all of last week and it was horrible. the horrible thing about the flu is that you can’t even really sleep properly because everything feels achy and sore.. i hope you all feel better soon. sending you many many healing thoughts. give yourselves time to rest, don’t try and attempt too much too soon. it’s the best thing for you. at least you have those gorgeous faces to cheer you up! get well soon!


  84. Jaana

    I was SOOOOO depressed on Jan 24th. No good reason. Then someone told me Jan 24th is the most depressing day of the year! Don’t know if its true, but I went with it and had some chocolate to just get through it.


  85. Did you know that 24 hr stomach flus are often food poisoning? i mean if it happens this common you should really get your stuff checked out.

    stay healthy!

  86. Steph

    Hi Naomi,

    Totally off topic (was going to email but couldn’t find an email address) but did you know that a photo of you and Josh is being used by Moon Pig to promote their cards on a TV commercial here is Australia?

    They do custom greeting cards and mugs, that sort of stuff, and you and Josh are on one of the Valentine’s Cards and mugs on their TV ad!

    Website is moon pig dot com dot au if you need to follow up!

    Apologies if you already knew about this, just wanted to let you know in case they ‘borrowed’ the pic without asking! :)


  87. Michelle

    Hi Taza,

    I just have to say that I enjoy reading your blog and am glad there are things on the internet that are geared towards being positive and enjoying what life has to offer. I also have two under two so I can relate to you a lot in the craziness of parenting.

    I just wanted to tell you about a guy in my wards business. He is the creator of a web comic and a lot of times he has funny strips about parenting. His kids are a little older, but I still think it is super funny and enjoy checking it for some comic relief in my life. If you have a second, you should check it out!

    Keep on loving life and those kiddos!


  88. LB

    Hope you all feel better soon…

  89. Iwona

    Sweet photo:) I greet:)

  90. lalla

    Why do you write like a child, you sound retarded?

  91. Rachael

    i know how you feel! what is it about January days? so glad you are so happy &focus on what really matters in life… that sweet family of yours! enjoy them. :)

  92. This picture with the little one sound asleep next to you is too cute! I remember when my kids were that age and they would fall asleep next to me…love! (Now it’s like having another adult in the bed when the teenagers are there…but still sweet :)
    Good luck with the recovery.

  93. Shannon

    hope you guys get better in time for eleanor to turn two!

  94. Sheree H

    Just got over a bug myself! Although I only had to take care of myself, no littles around. I should count myself lucky!


  95. Megan

    I’m sorry you all were feeling so sick. I too wasn’t feeling too hot this day, but for a completely different reason. I was undergoing a C-Section and my beautiful baby girl was born! Your blog has helped me a lot in the last few months thinking/preparing to be a mommy. You’re an inspiration to me.

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