dear samson.

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here’s the thing. two years ago this coming friday (STOP MOVING SO FAST TIME!), eleanor was born and my focus, my love, my entire being, it all shifted.  i fell hard for my baby girl and i often wondered as i spent all my moments by her side, how any other baby or child would ever fit into this picture.  i seriously wondered. and i worried, too. but dear samson, you made your entrance into this world in a way that made me feel like from the get-go, you were meant to be here. and every single day, i am more smitten than the last.  you, little mister, are killing it.  and we love you so, it hurts.  thank you for your constant smile, your calm attitude, your bright and beautiful spirit.  i love you.  — mama

  1. Nathalie

    Beautiful pictures! Your children always look so incredibly happy & joyous! So wonderful to see! XO

  2. Jenna

    OMG he’s sooo perfect! What a sweet post, Naomi!

  3. michelle

    oh my goodness, that center picture…my heart is melting! Samson you are so so cute!

  4. Love love love this! Naomi your family is truly an inspiration!

  5. Andrea

    Naomi!! How flipping adorable are your kids?! Seriously.


  6. heathe

    I really appreciate that you write about all the not-so-easy parts of parenting – but wow! – your kiddos always look like they’re loving life :) You are such an adorable mom. These posts are going to be such a treasure for your children to look back on and read some day!


  7. Courtney

    So sweet! We are about to have our first and I often wonder if I will be just as excited for the second… Sounds like I will.

  8. Jazmyn

    Every time I read his name I think of Regina Spektor lol. These photos are so adorable though! :)
    I always wonder how it will be with two kids instead of one.


  9. Such beautiful words for your baby boy! Your kids are very lucky to have all these photos and memories to look back on someday. x

  10. Rachel

    He’s beautiful and this post was so very sweet! I always wonder what life will be like with a second. You have a beautiful family!


  11. The pics are so adorable and cute! ♥

  12. What an absolutely beautiful post! That is wonderful that you are so happy! =)

  13. leah

    beautiful photos of you and that charming little man! his smile is so contagious!

  14. what a beautiful post!

    you hit the nail on the head about how i feel about my daughter and i worry just the same how i will feel when we have a second child. but reading this made me smile and excited for when that day comes.

  15. bridget

    this is one sweet post, naomi. so much joy. i only have had a little boy so i can’t speak to being a mama of a girl but man! i swear, parker and i have a little love affair going. boys are the best.

  16. Carmen

    Awww, omg Naomi! That is soooo sweet:’) Reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pictures ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Really love/adore your beautiful family a lot. Sometimes I wish my mom would have captured all these precious moments when I was younger:)
    Btw, may I know what photo editor you used for your pictures? It’s soo pretty.

  17. Patricia

    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures!

  18. bene

    With such a smile and probably a giggle to match it, it is understandable how you are smitten over him on a daily basis!

    P.s. his smile is soooo infectious it always brings a smile whenever i see it! you are most certainly one lucky lady. :) Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. :}

  19. Anissa

    Gorgeous photos! As a mama of one I have the same worries. Glad to see you had them too.

  20. it’s so funny because i’m a newlywed and the talk of when we’re going to have children comes up a lot. we have friends that had a little baby boy almost a year ago and my husband recently mentioned how he doesn’t even know how he could love another baby so much.. as much as he loves samuel (our friends’ son)… i just said oh.. you wait :)

  21. Honestly, tooooo cute. So happy for you and your beautiful family!

    Juliette Laura

  22. You managed to get a few tears swelling up in my eyes! That was a beautiful post and through all of your posts, it is so easy to see how much you love your family and how wonderful of a mother you are.

    I hope to be a mom just like you one day.

    xoxo, Caroline

  23. Pretty sure it’d be impossible for a kid to look any happier or cuter.

  24. Shelby LaNece

    Okay, yep. I am just sitting here crying.

    I LOVE the joy that shows in your family.

    Soooo happy. Makes me stoked to have my little ones, sometime in the distant future. (:

  25. anilyn

    just so lovely!!!!

  26. Tina

    Little Samson is seriously as cute as baby boys get. That smile!

  27. Hannah

    So, so adorable.

  28. Jessica

    I think if samson was not here E would be demanding a sibling! They fit together perfectly, I don’t know if it’s how she was raised or if she was born like it but she is needed to be a sister, she’s just too lovey.

    Samson’s smile makes me think of Tommy from Rugrats lol wide & gummy

  29. oh what a sweetheart! He truly does have the most incredible smile : )

  30. LB

    Such a beautiful post & Samson is such a happy and adorable baby!

  31. Anni

    What a perfect declaration of love – thank you for your words!

  32. Natalie

    Aww we love him too! Seriously the happiest smiley baby I’ve ever seen. Definitely gets cutest baby of the year…Eleanor gets cutest todler ;) ♥

  33. What a happy little boy!!! Thanks for making me smile on this monday!


  34. Crystal

    Oh how I love this post! I have a four year old daughter and a 7 month old son. I can completely relate to your post and wish I could put the feelings into writing as eloquently as you did for Samson!

  35. crissy

    so cute! such a beautiful post!

  36. Chinta are always the highlight of every picture you are in and I love looking at your pictures. Such a beautiful, happy child you <3

  37. Beautifully said! i couldn’t agree more how fast the time flies, or how amazing the love is for a little one you didn’t think you could love as much as the first!! We seriously are living the same life :)

  38. Michelle

    Such a lovely post and Samson looks adorable :)

  39. Ah! i have two littles with the same age gap and I know exactly how it feels to worry whether you can possibly love the second as much. And yet, you do.

    And now they are 2 and eight months and they play together and they sit on my knee to read before bed and I wonder how I could ever have worried about anything so silly.

  40. I’m sure you, Josh, E, S will live loooong looooong lives with so many laughs serving each other daily. Seriously, how cute and smiling is Samson? You are a beautiful happy family :)

  41. Nanu

    That smile <3 what a little sunshine <3

  42. Carolina

    Your children are the cutest!

  43. Austin

    Such a sweet post! Do you mind if I ask where your glasses are from? I’m loving them!

  44. AM

    he is such a cutie! this was a beautiful post!

  45. Carie

    What beautiful pictures of a lovely boy and his Mama, you must have amazing light in your home. From a gloomy English winter I’m terribly envious!

  46. so sweet, made me tear up! so happy for you and your family :) both he and eleanor look like little joys :)


  47. Sarah

    oh my heavens.

    there’s my heart. in a puddle.
    so SO SOOOOO sweet.


  48. Sheree H

    Beautiful photos! Happy upcoming birthday to E!


  49. Hilary

    Love his smile! So sweet!

  50. his joy is so contagious. to spread light and smiles to the world is a beautiful thing. thanks, samson.

  51. brittney

    These pictures make me want to have a happy squishy little baby, like, right now….

  52. Gosh, that smile, it KILLS me.

  53. megan

    there isn’t a sweeter smile than samson’s!

    where is your shirt from taza????? it’s so bright and fun! loving your glasses too!

  54. Hsini

    He’s always smiling. It’s heartwarming xx


  55. so is it samson’s birthday or not? regardless those are some beautiful photos.

  56. Izabela

    You are so sweet. He’s such a lucky boy :)

  57. Ann

    Oh Naomi, you had nothing to worry about all along! He was truly meant to be in your family : )

  58. how do you have just the cutest little bundles? samson and e have the same sweet face, and what a smile he has!

  59. Ariel

    Samson’s smile is the sunshine I needed. Kind of having a rough day, you are lucky to have him to make things brighter. ;) He’s beautiful.

  60. Anne

    He just seems like the happiest baby! So sweet

  61. Inna

    That was so real and beautiful. I’m not yet a mom, but I imagine that I will love all my children as much as you do.
    Xo Inna

  62. Jess

    Cutest three photos EVER!!

  63. Julie

    What a happy little man! ALSO Naomi you are gorgeous! Where did you get that top? It would be THE perfect V-day top. :)

  64. Beautiful photographs & beautiful words x

  65. Rhianne

    I think he is so adorable and I only see your photos, I can’t imagine how much love you must feel for him… though looking at these, I think he’s just as smitten with you too :) so cute!

  66. Anna

    Oh my gosh !!!! these are the cutest pictures i´ve ever seen !!!!!!!!!! ( greets from Austria )

  67. Karishma

    How beautiful! I adore your family and you guys are such an inspiration for me. Both Samson & Eleanor are beautiful little spirits with beautiful, happy smiles!

    Lots of love from the UK :)

  68. such a cute and heart-touching post! love it.

  69. JM

    What an utterly precious little boy you have. I remember my parents saying the same, that when they had my brother they couldn’t imagine it was possible to love another child that much. Then they had me their second and realised the endless capacity of parental love. I can’t wait until I get to experience that too.

  70. Maja

    You are my favourite family in the whole world, and i dont even know you:)

  71. Marco Toledo Larín

    Love it! definitely those words came from the bottom of your heart.
    Thanks God you are blessed with such a wonderful family!…. love to get the chance to follow you people. BEST WISHES! and BE HAPPY!

  72. marie

    Soooo cute!!! :)
    your little familly is just sooo adorable! I hope mine will be this cute… one day ;)

    Just a quick message to let you know you’re on the Glitter Guide tumblr ;)

    xxx from Belgium

  73. Cassie M

    aaaw!this is such a beautiful post :-) Samson and Elenor are so sweet and gorgeous, you are so lucky and so are they!
    i never wanted to have kids but i dont know seeing your little family kind of makes me want to have them too (sometimes) :)

  74. Emma

    Thank you for cheering me up! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby. And am finding it difficult to deal with the constant stares and silly/personal questions that work colleagues (female and childless) ask me. I love how you embrace your life so positively with such happiness. Thank you so much for being so inspiring and uplifting x

  75. Rachael

    how ADORABLE are you two?!?! i think little boys are the most perfect. :) I may be a little biased tho. Thank you for this post; I know many others have had those feelings after falling completely in love with their first!

  76. Lydia

    Oh lord how beautiful! Hope I can get such joy spreaders in my life in the future too :D

    – L

  77. Amie

    too love people so much it hurts…it’s amazing how far your heart can stretch without bursting!!! love your sweet pics!

  78. : ) He is so happy all the time, I just adore watching them both grow up! I can’t wait until E can write and starts having her own little posts! ; )

  79. He is so precious – love that he’s always laughing in pictures… what a fun little man! :)

  80. Mady

    You have the most precious family. Your blog is so inspiring. I dream that the future family I build with my now fiance will be as adorable and loving as yours :)

    Please share where you got your shirt and glasses! I love them both!

    Happy early b-day to Eleanor :)


  81. Petra

    You look just like actress Sophia Bush in these pics!

  82. The bottom (third, last, final) photograph… the BEST! Oh. Little. Man! If emotion could permeate through a photograph … it just did!

  83. This warms my heart so much…. no need for hot chocolate today. :)


  84. Elyse

    A beautiful post – and such a handsome boy! As readers, we can feel the love for your children radiating off of every word written. It’s beautiful.

  85. Teresa

    These pictures are so beautiful are so are your words..

  86. Etheline

    How cute?!?? I love writing messages to my kids. I’ve been doing it a lot lately too– I too felt that there was no way on earth I could make room in my heart for any more babies after my first. the only easy I can explain it when asked is that it’s like a chamber of my heart that I didn’t know existed was unlocked when my next baby came. Plenty of love for all<33

  87. Jenni

    Oh my! Such a sweet post, and so refreshing to hear that a concern of mine was also a concern of yours. We have one little baby girl right now ( 16 months), and I truly can’t imagine throwing another baby into the mix. I have heard all to often that it is the same great infatuation with the next one though! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  88. amanda

    i love this! Samson is so adorable!

  89. such a sweet love letter to Samson! I often wonder if I could ever love any other baby as much as I love my daughter, but this is proof that a mother’s love is infinite!

  90. Jenna

    So sweet.

    And I love your glasses. Where are they from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! bonlook.

  91. Zoe

    Both of your kids have your smile! So adorable!

  92. TJ

    He’s such a smiley baby, I think all of us are smitten.
    xo TJ

  93. Maysam


    • TAZA

      thank you! from madewell.

  94. isyana

    i totally can relate to this, i hesitate to have a second baby because i’m afraid sali (my daughter) would take all the shine. but seeing samson and you and e, definitely changes the views, every baby is shine in their own way.. :)

  95. Wow Taza I just realized you redid your whole blog! I love it! Such an improvement! Keep it up :)

    xx Olivia

    Olivia’s choice

  96. Every post is so positive and your children are so adorable. Love your posts!

  97. Jessie

    You have a way with words; always said so perfectly with the cutest pictures.

  98. Adriane

    I’m absolutely positive that Samson is the happiest little boy I know… you guys are doing a great job!

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  100. and kate

    What a wonderful message to your little boy, Samson. He is absolutely adorable – you are such a lucky mama with two bundles of joy!
    Kate xo

  101. Nadine

    Little E already is the cutest little person with such a joyful and bright spirit, but for me, Samson tops it all off. You are so blessed to have such a personality in your family – I adore him, only from what I see and read around here. :)

    May your life always be so happy.
    Love, Nadine

  102. rachel

    Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes. I agree one thousand percent. It’s so amazing how you can just make more love for each and every one of these beautiful little souls.

  103. Erica

    He is seriously one of the happiest babies ever! Always has that amazing smile on his face ; )

  104. Bianca

    Seriously his smile slays me! You have the some beautiful babes :)

  105. Jasmine

    This is just too adorable! Samson’s smile can make anybody smile if they are having a bad day. This just made my day :)

  106. Liesl

    I think you might just have the cutest kids I have ever seen in my life and what a wonderful family…just makes me smile! :)

  107. BeUtifil, you re my inspiration. I love read your blog, almoust every day;) your photos are so beautiful, so nice, so colourfull.
    Kisses from cracow

  108. is there any moment that this sweet little face
    doesn’t smile? : ) i wish there won’t be any!

    your words are so warm!

  109. Lisa

    I love your glasses! What kind are they? :)

  110. Totally teared up after reading this!

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  112. Sonia

    You guys are so lucky, I wish I had a family like yours.
    Keep what you have it’s important ;)