celebrating a birthday over here…


i guess january isn’t entirely all bad, because my man has a birthday today! we started the celebrations over the weekend when i stole him away from work friday night and surprised him with a night away from the littles. we aren’t quite ready to leave the kids for more than one night, or go very far for that matter (wimpy new parents!), so we stayed in the city for the night at the ace hotel and enjoyed half of saturday together in the city without our babes (a major perk of finding the city’s best babysitter). it was really wonderful to be together just the two of us and also get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! been a couple of years for us both since that has happened….

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^^^we also finally caught the new (or should i say old considering today’s date) james bond movie, skyfall. yes, i know it came out in november but also, we have two kids and i can’t even remember the last time we went to a movie because, you know, two kids. also,  best bond movie ever, right? ^^^


happy birthday, josh davis! my goodness, i love you so.

dear samson.

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here’s the thing. two years ago this coming friday (STOP MOVING SO FAST TIME!), eleanor was born and my focus, my love, my entire being, it all shifted.  i fell hard for my baby girl and i often wondered as i spent all my moments by her side, how any other baby or child would ever fit into this picture.  i seriously wondered. and i worried, too. but dear samson, you made your entrance into this world in a way that made me feel like from the get-go, you were meant to be here. and every single day, i am more smitten than the last.  you, little mister, are killing it.  and we love you so, it hurts.  thank you for your constant smile, your calm attitude, your bright and beautiful spirit.  i love you.  — mama

sundays are for pancakes.

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blueberry pancakes, at our house. but it doesn’t really matter….puffed pancakes, banana pancakes, plain pancakes. any kind, really, and you are good to go.  make them at dinnertime, they will taste better. and eat them with bacon. but don’t tell us if you do because then we’ll just be jealous because we didn’t have any bacon with ours and that was a bummer. ;)


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well i wish i had fun and exciting things to come blog about right now but frankly, we are just trying to survive stupid january and all the colds and coughs and 24-hour bugs that keep being sent our way.  the littles and i spent most of our morning in mama’s bed cuddling and napping together as we are finally getting over our last *I’M NOT KIDDING THIS BETTER BE THE LAST* 24-hour stomach bug this month. this day just dragged on for eternity and i am glad to see it go….

the cold chills and shakes are especially exciting when you have workers coming through your apartment all afternoon because there is a bad pipe in the building (or something like that), and they’re tearing out walls behind the cabinets in your kitchen trying to find it.  you’re trying to keep your toddler out of said kitchen because they are leaving all these scary tools all over the floor and she’s ooohing and ahhhing over them and desperately wanting to run off with that heavy looking saw/knife thing that is making you incredibly uncomfortable. by six o’clock i was done. (i was done by 1 o’clock to be honest but i tried to put on a brave face and not text my husband a bunch of SOS’s until six.  sometimes i try to be brave and stuff. although today i feel like being brave is super overrated.)

but i can’t complain too much because my kids do sick really well. they are happy little cuddle bugs that appear pleasant in between barfing sessions (whaat?!?).  i mean, you’d think we are photoshopping this smile onto samson’s face! but if you know him in person, you know he never gives it a rest. and that’s quite nice because it helped me make it through today, january-longest-day-ever-24th, 2013.  i’m glad to see you go, day. please take all my chills and shakes with you!