a tea party with papa.

long before that day in the delivery room when josh announced “it’s a girl!”, i had images in my head of hosting tea parties in the playroom for my future little girl someday. i couldn’t wait for the day when we’d get dressed up and sit with her teddy bears and dolls and i’d pour her a tiny cup of tea as she sat ever so still. we’d giggle and chat and giggle some more while holding up our pinky fingers and snacking on tea sandwiches that of course would have no crust.  as eleanor has grown older and come into her own little person the past few months, i felt like that day wasn’t far off and i am not kidding, i have been talking about it nonstop to josh. 
but rewind to a few days ago, when 22 month old eleanor, who carries two containers of play-doh around the house with her everywhere these days like most do a doll, decided to have a tea party of her own, with play-doh tea cups and… papa. papa?!?!?! i don’t know but sometimes i just feel so robbed.  i mean, she “ching ching-ed” her play-doh cup with his and everything. 
^^^do you see that pinky finger right there? seriously. i could not take it. ^^^^
am i hurt that eleanor experienced her first tea party and didn’t invite me? no. well. ok maybe a little.  but the next best things to being invited to her tea party was getting to witness it, in my opinion.  and it seriously makes my day as her mother to see how much she loves her papa. because i know he loves her back so so much. and seeing them together? it’s perfect. simple as that. just perfect. 
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  2. Rhianne

    you're right, that last photo especially is perfect, I actually welled up a little :) E is one lucky girl to have you both! x

  3. So sweet that you got to catch these moments in pics! :)

  4. i'm 30…and i still love tea parties! ;)

  5. yes, it's simply perfection.

  6. I had to go back to work sooner than anticipated after number 2 was born and so I have always felt I missed out on many special moments. The good news is that little things have happened so that it seems that the universe has conspired to see that we spend more time together anyway. Even if that means a broken wrist. I so enjoy your blog, thank you! X

  7. so lovely :)

  8. P

    Yaeh!! I´m waitting for it too :P

  9. This is just – beyond lovely! I am (and always have been) a tea party kinda girl. This sort of thing reminds me of days with my Grandma and Grandad!!
    Oh to be little again!!!

  10. zezee

    just perfect.

  11. Ljubi

    E is a daddy's little girl, no doubt. Here, we have a mummy's little girl and I had the great honor to be the special guest of her first tea party (which was actually a soup party)! And daddy took the pictures! ;-)

  12. Alice

    This is the cutest post. That last picture makes my heart melt! There's something so special about a daddy-daughter bond. x

  13. this is probably one of the sweetest things i've ever seen :) seeing something like this in real life, i'd probably melt!
    xo, cheyenne

  14. Lyndsay

    Aw this is so adorable. Her little pinky sticking up in that picture is too cute!

  15. Loulou

    Does anything get any more cute than a play dough cup tea party? I think perhaps not.


  16. Kristina

    The last picture is so sweet!

  17. Lily

    You go mama! No one loves these two as much as you!

  18. Chelsea

    Gah, she loves him so much! It's too sweet for words.

  19. such a lovely post! the daddy-daughter bond is a beautiful thing! I love your blog, you have an adorable family.



  20. Laura

    Ok, maybe it's exhaustion from my own little girl waking me up at 5:30, but this post made me a little weepy. So precious.

  21. this is precious! embrace that bond they have, it is magical. i've learned that my daughter and i have our own special bond and she has a different one with her daddy ;) that's the wonderful thing about families. our little ones gather what they need from our different styles and manners.

  22. Such sweet photos! How wonderful to have these when she gets older. And I really love when you share the good AND the not-so-good with us, Naomi. Your blog is so lovely and it helps to remember that you're a real person with real issues, too. Thanks!

  23. Oh my goodness, this must be one of my favorite posts! Just too precious for words. My little girl just turned one and she's still in her Peekaboo and catch-me-if-you-can phase but I am certain her first tea party will be with her papa. And I'm sure that my seemingly macho husband will take part in it happily as well. There is something so special about the father-daughter bond. Thanks for sharing and yes, her raised pinky is so apparent in that photo!

  24. dan_nay

    So, so sweet! And when she is older (much, much older :P) she will look in the future for a man just like the one she fell in love with first.

    So good to see her daddy loving her so much and setting that example as a good first man in her life.

  25. This is just too cute! I'm sure she's planning an awesome over girly tea party for you :)



  26. Katie

    this is making me tear up, it is so precious.

  27. e_e_west

    When I had my first daughter I didn't expose her to all things pink or girly. But as she developed into her own little person, at 4.5 she is in love with all things pink, purple, gold, and glittery. She has tea parties and loves dolls and unicorns. There's something so fun seeing your little woman turn into her person all on her own.

  28. Oh my gosh, this melts my heart.

  29. That bottom photo is just the sweetest! I can't wait to see that happen (hopefully!) one day in our little house. I'm sorry you didn't get to clink your tea-cup with her, but you're right – at least you were at home (with camera!) to witness it x

  30. so sweet. I just found out we are having a boy (our first) and I am starting to have visions in my head too. So much fun.

    you had to be there

  31. this is so so so cute!little E such a sweetheart!

  32. how so very very sweet and how special that you have this moment documented. i have a feeling there will be plenty of tea parties to be had with you too :)

  33. Good JOB E!

    Daddy has to be invited to your first tea party!

    How does that song go, "My heart belongs to Daddy"!!

    Well, as evidenced above, I think some little girls heart definitely belongs to Daddy. I'm sure Josh is over the moon :)

  34. SH

    This is adorable! She will treasure these photos when she's older – as will you and your husband!

  35. RoselyC

    She is just the cutest. Beautiful post. What wonderful memories for when she gets older.

  36. Beth

    So adorable :)

    Kisses from Brazil.

  37. Erin

    That is the absolute cutest, Naomi!! Gosh I remember way back when you posted about the day Josh proposed & how you started out with a tea party at Alice's Tea Cup! What a sweet guy always sipping tea with his little ladies! :)

  38. that last picture is killing me. so cute!

  39. So adorable!! I love the pic where they are both drinking! =)

    I hope when I have kids my future hubby will play like this with my future daughter…I hope! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  40. Oh so sweet! Witnessing this precious moment will become such a great memory im sure

  41. JSL

    So sweet brought tears. You have a beautiful family!

  42. How sweet and adorable. You will treasure those pictures forever.

  43. I saw the first picture, and I could smell play-doh. I was so confused! Then my 2yo walked over with an open tube of carmex, and I realized that's what I'd been smelling. Just thought that was funny.

  44. besa

    That last photo is just LOVE.

  45. Jessica

    So precious!!!

    Little girls always have a special spot for their daddys… but nothing can replace a Mama-Daughter relationship either. :) That's special in it's own!


  46. Meg

    My 21 month old daughter had her first tea party with her daddy too! How is that fair? haha

  47. Right? Girls and their daddies. Too much.

    That's why I was praying for a momma's boy fierce this pregnancy… alas, we will have another little sugar and spice. But, sisters are the bees knees, so we're stoked for another little daddy's girl. The bond is really something to witness.

  48. kristyn

    you'll get your tea party :) she is such a doll. and the love they have for each other is so obvious and precious :) you are blessed to have such a great little family!


  49. Laura

    so precious!

  50. 2busy

    What a good daddy! He gets down on the floor and enjoys a tea party. He's a keeper.

  51. Way too cute!


  52. such a lovely & sweet moment. Thank you for sharing it

  53. such a lovely & sweet moment. Thank you for sharing it

  54. Leticia

    The play doh "tea cups" are hilarious! My oldest daughter loves pony rides with her daddy. She won't even ask me. :( But you got to love the bond these girls have with their daddy's!

  55. This makes me want to cry. I'm due with our first little girl in two weeks! I'm so excited for these moments. Thanks for sharing. :)

  56. Jessica

    Beautiful! I love the interaction between father and daughter. I teared up a bit looking at the last picture! So Sweet! :)

  57. The dad's just get all the fun… good thing we love them or we'd always be moping! :)

    xox Lilly

  58. awww. so cute! i love how you captured her with her little pinky up, it's adorable. i think boys bond more with mom and girls with dad. at least that's what it seems like with my little man. it all evens out in the end though… and they love us just as much. but more importantly, we love them! ^_~

  59. That little pinky! Adorable!


  60. that hug at the end is so sweet!

  61. this is wonderful!

  62. a daughters relationship with her father is so important and it's clear already she has a good one :)

  63. kwistin

    goodness, this is one of my favorite posts of yours recently. it's such a beautiful sweet experience captured: where fantasy meets reality, with observations from both realms. from the somewhat disheartening reality that this memory was supposed to include you in a more prominent way to acceptance and paradigm shift that you decided to give way to a greater gratitude of a family (YOUR family) who loves each other, which overshadowed your first (and completely justified!) initial disappointment.

    i just analyzed it somewhat clumsily and in a super sterile way (sorry, i think i was trying to figure out why i liked the post so much) — but the whole point is that it's beautiful because it's not sterile at all: it's a completely human, warm and lovely moment. :)

  64. Tell Elanor, I would like an invite next time, too! xo

  65. I love the pinky and her cute little face!! She's adorable!! The best thing is to play tea parties with little girls:) I play it with my little cousins all the time and it is my favorite!! You're such an adorable family and that little boy of yours is too cute for words:)

  66. Haley K

    My little Ava is only 9 months…and seeing Eleanor sip "tea" with her sweet Papa gets me excited to see her have an imaginary tea party when she's older! What a cherished moment you captured! And I'm sure you and E will share many more cups of tea (or play-do;) together. <3

  67. Mariana

    oh, so sweet. :)

  68. Oh my gosh, so sweet. My mom doesn't live near me, but one of my favorite things to do lately is have high tea with my MIL once a month. Maybe you and E can establish such a tradition. <3

  69. Becca

    Nope, I'm sorry, this is too cute. That little pinky in the air just did it for me!! x

  70. t.

    that is adorable!

  71. Kelle

    not gonna lie, my eyes watered up a little with that last picture. these are the memories that will be really special as e grows up. love the playdough cups and that darn pinky just kills me with it's cuteness! :)

  72. Teresa

    What is it about little girls and their daddies? Love these pictures!

  73. Aww! I would feel a little robbed too, but these photos are just so sweet! She really is adorable. You two do an amazing job with her, and Samson.

    <3 Josephine

  74. My heart can't take it…

  75. Ann

    What a precious moment just between them too! But, don't worry mama, you'll have plenty of those too ; )

  76. Oh gosh, my heart melted a little! Look at that pinky finger! Dying!!!!! ;)
    xo TJ

  77. Mandee

    Oh my. This made me cry a little. So sweet. I can't wait to someday have a baby girl and watch my husband have a tea party with her. And that pinky! Ohhhh so cute!

  78. kaela

    this makes my heart skip. so darn sweet.

  79. Claire

    So sweet!

  80. Jessica

    Such cuties! Loving the little pinkie! I'm sure she'll be inviting you for tea in no time!

  81. rtkce

    I literally just started crying.

    So sweet. Thank you for sharing your moments with us!


  82. So so sweet, seriously, and you captured those moments perfectly, with both words and photos!

  83. Marie

    Aaawwww love the photos! Esp the pink finger one. Too cute :)

  84. You've got yourself a little miss already! She is too cute to be true!And well, it is known that girls bond to their fathers more!Can't say why.

  85. Lola

    I love read your blog! I hope that someday I will have so wonderful family too :)

  86. What a sweet pair! I mean really that tiny pinky finger. And seeing your baby girl with her papa is so sweet. My heart swells when my little one does the same thing.

  87. I honestly got teary-eyed reading this. So so sweet!

  88. I honestly got teary-eyed reading this. So so sweet!

  89. Kristin

    so precious! i think it's good that she's comfortable engaging in such activities with her dad, but i would definitely be a little jealous if i had to be the one taking pictures of the scene!

  90. i want my little girl to have such a relationship with her daddy :)

  91. Haha too stinkin' cute!

  92. that is the cutest thing..

  93. I feel your pain, I was looking forward to playing dress up with my daughter once she was big enough and instead she asked Daddy. He is such a trooper he wore a Tutu and everything.

  94. beautiful!

  95. beautiful!

  96. this post melted my heart! there's nothing sweeter than the bond between a papa and his daughter. even if us mama's get left out every now and then :)

  97. I hope to have this one day :) Your family is inspiring!

  98. Bravissima! Kiss from Italy!

  99. So cute!

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