looking back at 2012…

naomi in snow

on saturday for about an hour or two, we finally had our snow storm in new york city with the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes! and it was beautiful and thrilling and so much fun because we happened to be out running errands as a family when it hit and got to walk home together in those big pretty flurries.  ...

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christmas, part II.

after christmas morning at the apartment, we skyped with family and then met up with our friend natalie for brunch in the village at AOC. by the way, the quiche lorraine is out of this world delicious! brunch also felt a bit like we were on vacation or something, as we scored with the babes alternating naps while we were out....

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christmas morning.

christmas morning at our house was a lot of fun with these two little ones! and it seems to get better each year as we keep adding another new baby each christmas (that was not an announcement though, fyi.) while E still doesn’t quite grasp the “santa” concept, i think we all had a good time opening a few gifts yesterday!  ...

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merry christmas {eve}


we’ve pulled out the air mattress and set up camp under the christmas tree for the night.   gonna sleep as a family under this big colorful tree  while we wait for christmas to get here!

have a very merry christmas!

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