sicilia, italia!

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here are a few (ok, more than a few) photos from our time in sicily (i posted a few while we were there, too.)  josh was a missionary for 2 years for our church in southern italy ten years ago, so it was extra special to get to see all the little towns and places where he lived.  we spent a little time in gela, palma di montechiaro, ragusa and syracusa (my favorite!) southern italy had such a different vibe and feel compared to the north where we spent the second week of our trip. it was very laid back, and josh says not much had changed at all since he lived there ten years ago.  i really loved it. the views were so beautiful. the food was delicious. the people were the sweetest. it is most certainly a very special place.

  1. Arti

    E and Samson are so cute!! Your trip looked like lots of fun :)

  2. It's all so beautiful! The envy of it all is welling up inside! I loved following the trip on instagram as well! Such adorable pictures.


  3. Jamie

    And…now I am DYING to go to Italy.

    Such wonderful photos!!

  4. so beautiful! my husband and i are planning on living in italy sometime in the next few years, and we are so excited. italy is such a scenic country!

  5. Looks like SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I would love to go to Italy with my husband one day :) It's one of my favorite places. Your pictures tell the perfect story and I love that. ♥Lindsay

  6. whitney

    I love the photo of Ms. E walking down the street like a little super model! Your family is so incredibly beautiful. You really are an inspiration, Naomi. Keep up the phenomenal work.


  7. Jackie

    What a beautiful and blessed family!

    P.s where are your boots from? ;)

  8. ABSOLUTLY beautiful, what a great place to visit. Def on my bucket list!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  9. love love love them all. Especially when E is just walking around being a little adult.

  10. Great pics! Italy is so beautiful and the food is magnifico!

  11. this is too cute! Hope you guys had fun! Blessings!

  12. The gelato AND sunglasses shot is a classic. She better love that photo when she's older because I know I wish I was that cool as a toddler!!
    -kelsey @ Time Stand Still

  13. Jessica

    What a fun trip! Love all your photos!

  14. Faith

    your pictures are amazing! looks like an incredible trip!

  15. amazing photos… thanks for a walk in Rome!
    one question to you: from where I can get such a hat like you have? its so cool! best regards to you and your sweet family ;*

  16. Skye

    So glad you got to take this trip with your family! You guys are so cute!

  17. I know I'm supposed to be focusing on your awesome trip to Italy and how cool it is that you went back to your husband's mission area with your family (That should be on every LDS girl's bucket list) but I'm just having a hard time taking my eyes off of your cute girl in her sunglesses and pigtails! Oh my gosh. Dying.

  18. aww your family is just TOO cute :)
    Question for you, did you bring the kiddos car seats along as well? for taxi rides and then when you returned back home?

  19. beautiful photos!! loved your boots!!!

  20. This is so gorgeous. I love that you are exposing your family to all this love and culture as children. I spent every summer of my life as a child in Italy (I live in CA) and I think it made me a much better, and well rounded person.


  21. Kristina

    beautiful photos! Love that peplum top. I still have anxiety thinking of bringing our toddler abroad.

  22. @jackie, boots are from FRYE.

    @i love… i wish, hat is from GILT, brand is hat attack.

    @Jaclyn, we didn't take car seats. we just held the kids on our laps on the plane/ taxis. they are used to it because you don't need a car seat in taxis in nyc, either. it worked out great!

  23. That pink peplum top is adorable. The sunglasses on E are tooooooo much to handle! What beautiful pics.

  24. Charming! And E's clothes fit her so well. Ev is miss skinny minnie over here, and her pants are always sagging – even her skinnies :)

  25. your kids are so sweeeet <3
    when i'm older, and i get kids, i want those tooo haha
    their smile is so cute:)

  26. Beautiful images Naomi! I am chopping at the bit to hear about the food, tell me you had some cannolis!

  27. how adorable are these photos!

  28. It looks like such a wonderful trip! E is just adorable – love that shot of her walking towards you! x

    Kate {Modette}

  29. Lovely! Thanks for sharing! I was lucky enough to once spend a summer traveling in Tuscany and Northern Italy, but I never made it to Sicily, and I've been wanting to go for years. Do you have any recommendations for where to stay/eat while there?

  30. your littles are just getting bigger and cuter every day!!
    what a fun trip.

  31. Rebecca


  32. ezrazoe

    funny I think I met your husband and other missionaries 10 years ago in Naples! Is that possible? As him if he remembers a tourist setting fire to his clothes accidentally (on a candle) in the catacombs?
    ti amo italia!

  33. where is that stinkin' cute pink peplum top from?

  34. i'm loving the bowties!! i can't get enough of them! kudos to josh for rocking them so well ;)

  35. Your family kills me with how stylish and cute you all are! Looks like SO much fun. I went to Italy last year and now I'm dying to go back.

    Also, your shirt is to die for! Where did you get it!?

  36. Where did you get your pink shirt?! I LOVE it! Yall look awesome, as usual…what sweet kids! My cousin's husband is from Sicily…amazing place!

  37. holtkamp

    looks like an amazing trip! i wanted to be called to italy on my mission just for the food :) i ended up serving in guatemala where the food is to die for!

  38. oh jus looking at your photographs makes me miss Italia so much.. i was in southern italy over the summer visiting family and just absolutely love it xo

    Gina | pebbz notebook

  39. Jealous!!! Your pictures are all beautiful and your family is just beyond adorable!

  40. emily o.

    So beautiful! My extended family are from Sicily, I would love to visit some day!

  41. Awesome blog! what camera and lens do you use for traveling?

  42. Awesome blog! what camera and lens do you use for traveling?

  43. kharrisf

    where did you get your hat?!

  44. Teresa

    Bellissime queste foto!!!!! Isn't southern Italy great? Life is simple..I feel like when people go to Italy they always just visit the north. Anyway thanks for sharing these great shots! Bringing back memories of childhood.

  45. we were in sicilia a few years ago and absolutely loved it. this brings back so many wonderful memories…

    you have such a beautiful family!

  46. I've never been to Southern Italy before, apart from Rome. I HAVE been to Malta though and it looks very similar!

  47. KateK

    I have never been to Italy or even Europe and would love to go! These photos are so inspiring, because I always feel that I'll have to go before I get married and have children, but you and Josh show it's possible to go with kids! Lovely photos!

  48. i spent a weekend on the west coast of sicily and loved loved it. need to make it to syracusa!

  49. Paige

    You are the cutest little family EVER! And side note, I'm LOVING your pink peplum sweater, I'm kind of obsessed with peplum lately!

  50. Camille

    you all are too amazing! can i switch lives?

    italy is one of my favorite places to be. right now I am nostalgically thinking of how I walked the streets, ate that food…mmmm…and heard the millions of car horns (constantly). haha.

    your top is lovely!


  51. Amy

    My husband served in the same mission from 2005-2007! He was also in Ragusa and Syracusa. His favorite was Cosenza. He doesn't follow blogs, but I'm sure he'll be happy to see this post.

    We're saving our pennies and hoping we can go in the next couple of years!

    I'm looking forward to your post about traveling abroad with little ones because we already have a 9 month old and we may just have another before we can make it over there. :)

  52. Bev

    Beautiful pics as usual!! This makes me long for Italia! My grandpa is from northern Italy, so any chance i get to go, i go to that magical place!

    ~ Bev

  53. ava

    Okay, l Love your blog. I don't usually comment on blogs. But I love love love the hats that you wear. Where do you get them? I would love to know. Thank you so much!!! Ava

  54. Aissa

    As usual, your pictures are gorgeous! You may have answered this before, but what camera do you use, and what lens?

  55. Jenny

    Gosh, it really does look beautiful there. I can't wait to visit in the future. Also the picture of E striding purposefully with a determined look on her face makes me crack up! xo

  56. picture perfect family! your babies are growing so fast and are so beautiful!!!

  57. Julia

    oh look at that cheese!

  58. HE SPEAKS ITALIAN TOO? Just when I thought your husband couldn't be more perfect. :)

    What a gorgeous place! I'm aching to go.

  59. so beautiful – you and your family! you must post where you bought your shirt! i adore it!

  60. Oh Italy, you are so on my bucket list!! I might have to make it must go to Southern Italy now! Looks beautiful!! Your little ones are too cute!!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  61. my sister is serving in taranto right now! can't wait for her to take me back. and eleanor has got to be one of the cutest children on earth; that one with her in the sunglasses is a keeper!

  62. Stella

    Lovely pictures! How fun that you got to see some of the places were Josh served. I can't wait to take my husband to Romania where I served, and he can't wait to take me to Ukraine! Also, I love your pink sweater. Can't wait for more pictures.

  63. Eeny

    amazing pictures. italy is beautiful. and little miss e walking the streets of sicily is most certainly the cutest thing ever.

    italy, i need to pay you a visit pretty soon. good thing you are not that far from here.

  64. naomi, amazing photos!! we're hoping to get to europe soon with our little ones….this makes me excited.

  65. These photographs are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time.

  66. Roisin

    I love your sweater! Where did you get it?

  67. looks amazing! i've only been to Roma and would love to explore some of the other towns/cities. glad you guys had a fun safe trip and hope the jet lag is getting a bit easier…

  68. Oh i love the photos! E is so sassy in these pictures haha!

  69. anna K.

    That one picture of E…the cutest little nugget walking down the street with such purpose! haha Too cute. Glad y'all had a fun and safe trip.

  70. RoselyC

    These pictures just make my Italy fever go higher. I want to go there so badly, the place looks magical.

  71. Mariana

    These photos are wonderful!!
    And Eleanor is too cute in these jeans! :)

  72. Adorable pictures!

  73. Laura

    looks like you've had an amazing time! x

  74. So want to go back to Italy! Oh, and love men who rock a bow tie!

  75. Natalie

    Where are your boots from (in pic #1)?

  76. Carolyn

    Little Eleanor and Sampson just melt my heart!!

  77. My brother served his mission in Sciliy and Palermo and loved it! Looks so beautiful, I never went.

  78. Beautiful pictures! How special for Josh to be able to take his wife and beautiful children to where he served.

  79. naomi, i feel like i'm constantly leaving comments on your blog that say, "that photo of you & e is my favorite to date!" aaaand you've outdone yourself again, because that one at the very top is as cute as they come. how blessed you are to have that little one as your sweet baby girl. : ) she's all yours & you can always see it on her happy face.

    p.s. your peplum top is killin' me. i have to know where you found it!

  80. mandy

    Love the photos!

  81. this is giving me a serious case of wanderlust!!

  82. My grandfather immigrated to America from Gela, Sicilia! I am so very, very jealous. And that prosciutto looks delicious! :]

  83. Beautiful photos! Looks like an incredible trip. I especially love the photos of you and your daughter – you two are so precious!

  84. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go to Italy like yesterday!

    Dreamy photos.

  85. LEIGH

    Looks like you all had such a wonderful time! You have some really cute framable photos in there!

  86. Such lovely pictures! What an amazing part of the world. Your family is so beautiful!

  87. Jessica

    Cutest kids! E is so stylish in her shades. I'm loving that scooter- it's the perfect shade of mint : )

  88. Please post where you got the pink peplum top from!!!!! Love it!

  89. Theresa

    So beautiful! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love eleanor in those sunglasses, already a fashion icon! I love it!


  90. naomi,
    I have to ask you where you got your blue (maybe black) and white waffle looking long sleeve shirt? you are wearing it in one of your pictures on your trip :)
    I am obsessed with it!
    thanks love!

  91. Qué lindas fotos! Me encantaría conocer Italia.
    Dios bendiga a tu familia, es maravillosa

    Saludos desde Chile

  92. thanks guys! the pink shirt is from REISS.


  93. Great photos – i'm loving all of the details of your trip. i'm so happy y'all had a great time

  94. love this post! such great photos and i am dying over your cute pink peplum shirt! mind sharing where you found it?!

  95. Such great photos

  96. You are great, guys!!! Italy through your lens is increadibly beautiful!

  97. tinajo

    Looks just fab! :-)

  98. Dimitra

    What a gorgeus family! you must had a marvellous time! next time, we are waiting next by….in Greece:)

  99. Lew

    Beautiful beautiful pictures at my favorite place on earth!! What is that gorgeous pink lipstick you're wearing? It looks so good on you!

  100. Marie

    Love Eleanor's jeans! where did u get it from? :) all of you seemed to have a great time together. Beautiful photos.

  101. Absolutely lovely pictures! Your kid are cute! Love Italy!

  102. Love the pictures! Love your babies!
    Looks fabulous!
    Italia e molto bella!


  103. Dana

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  104. Dana

    Where are your boots in the first picture from? They are adorable!!

  105. kristyn

    Eleanor in her sunglasses–so cute! italy looks gorgeous and a lot of fun :)


  106. Holy beautiful! I think my favorite picture is of miss big girl E strutting down the street with that smirk on her face! Too cute!

  107. Victoria

    Your photos make me want to visit! Hoping to go to Italy for the first time next year.x

  108. Mat

    you guys look like such a nice family, having loads of fun times together. nice one.

    glad you like the instagram magnets so much, they rock!

  109. Evelyn

    You all always look so put together. Its adorable.

  110. LOVE the pic of E pointing and you can tell your husband is looking at whatever she's talking about. priceless!!!!!!

  111. Gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a magical trip and what a great experience for your little kiddos!

  112. Marie

    Just watched your chat and I loved it! Both of u should collaborate and do it again. :)
    Picked up a few tips & advice on blogging, motherhood and life. Thank you!

  113. ali

    it seems so fitting for josh to be wearing bow ties in italy. where did he get those from? i could certainly see a bow tie or two in my husbands christmas stocking this year. please do tell!

  114. The beauty of these pictures hurts and you know it lady !! I was expecting to see beautiful moments of you 4 and you didn't disappoint me :) I think I have asked you again, but it would be great to make a post about packing for 1/2 week long trips with 1/2 children and flights. You must have some valuable experience that would be helpful for everyone ;)

  115. @Lisa | happy by… thanks! i am almost done writing my post on packing and traveling with littles. it was interesting… but we got everything into two carry ons and i still cant believe it!

    @ali, i think the bow ties are from brooks brothers.

    @dana, boots are from frye.

    @marie, her jeans are from baby gap.


  116. @jessie ann, the pink shirt is from Reiss.

    @lew, that's actually really nice of you to say because i am not wearing any lipstick. ha!

  117. What style boot from Frye? Your style is so effortless chic!

  118. Alix

    Looks like you guys had lots of fun in Italy! Both of your kids are seriously adorable. It's so fun to watch them grow up! Hoping my future children are as cute as yours! :)

  119. xgirl

    You flew with the Donkey! Wow, I'm impressed :-) And the airline didn't mangle it?

  120. Mr. Davis wore shirt and bowtie during vacation?? awesome.. :D
    and yeah, E is definitely getting cooler everyday ;)

  121. emily

    i love it. you guys are so cute.

  122. PSchmalz

    You guys are one of the cutest families I have ever seen

  123. I love your blog! I just discovered it while reading Joy's book Blog, Inc. and so happy to have had the chance to find it. I'm a lifestyle blogger as well. Great pictures and such a beautiful family. I went to Italy on a family vacation and Siena was by far my favorite (my dad is from there).Looking forward to more posts!

  124. that first photograph is a magazine cover for sure! xx

  125. Corinne

    You look so beautiful as usual. Glad Josh speaks Italian– when we visited Italy we wielded our already crappy Spanish on everyone. They laughed, but usually understood what we meant. :)

  126. Could you do a post on packing for a trip? I'm always stuck on what/how much to pack……I'm a terrible over-packer and would love to know how much you brought!

  127. lovely pictures! i wouldn't mind being there right now, instead of my freezing apartment!
    xo, cheyenne

  128. i love this! looks like your family had an amazing time

  129. Such a beautiful place and family! I can't wait to go there someday

  130. Coryann

    Eleanor looks like she's having a blast exploring Italy!

  131. Your family never ceases to make me happy! You all are so beautiful. Thankful for a memorable trip!

  132. yesss.. that's the food i miss since i 've been living in the north of italy…. almond sweets, mozzarella and prosciutto with milk bread and dried tomatoes…
    E is gorgeous and so at her ease.

    LOve these photos, can't wait to see rome and venice pics too.

  133. Sarah

    Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit. Thank you so much for sharing the bits and pieces of your life.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and your family. Best wishes! xo

  134. These images are amazing. So much fun. I'm glad you took your babies. Wouldnt have been a vacation without them.

  135. Heather

    Beautiful photos! My husband served his mission there too- although it would have been a few years before yours was there. I'm hoping to go there with him someday soon!

  136. Marissa

    Your pictures are always so beautiful !what kind of camera do you use? Your my inspiration of what I want my family to be like. Your kids are so adorable and it looks like you and your husband are really in love!